Dr. Byram Bridle, Associate Professor Viral Immunology

  • Who is Dr. Bridle and why did he say COVID Shots are a mistake?
  • What is inside the COVID Shots that are a Toxin to the body?
  • Why is the Doctor getting Death Threats for speaking out?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to provide a transcription of a short interview of a Canadian Virologist and Immunologist, Dr. Byram Bridle. In the interview by On Point with Alex Pierson, he stated that he had done research on the effects of the Experimental mRNA COVID-19 Injections. In the information he and his Colleagues acquired, they concluded that the Spike Proteins made by the body as instructed by the coded mRNA is actually a Toxin. Worse, is that this Toxin is being injected into Non High Risk Populations like Children. And that the accumulation of the Toxin that showed to be then released into the Blood concentrate in the Ovaries that will render People sterile.

Dr. Bride is from the University of Guelph, but probably not for long if he continues in this line of ‘Forbidden Science’ review or interpretation not in sync to the ‘Official Scientific Narrative’. According to Dr. McCullough, he and his Children have been physically threatened to the point that Dr. Bridle has ‘shut down’. Dr. Bridle had written an article in March of 2021 titled, ‘A Year of COVID-19 Lockdown is putting Kids at Risk of Allergies, Asthma and Autoimmune Diseases’. This is where it all started for him and is now targeted for such ‘Disinformation’

He claimed that Side Effects such as Heart Inflammation, and other serious issues may occur in those who have been taken the mRNA injections. His conclusion from the interview was that this Mass Vaccination Program, worldwide is. ‘A big mistake.’ Already the false Fact Checkers have produced a website using his specific name. So, when People look up his name to read his research, one will be led directly to the Fact Checkers website instead. It has a demeaning picture of a duck as to suggest the good Doctor is a ‘Quack’ However, other Scientists vehemently contradict his statements. But the issue is which Science one will be ‘trusting’, putting one’s ‘hope’ in and ‘believing’. As it has been argued, Science is the new Religion.

In the Corona crisis, it was emphasized again and again that a return to ‘Normalcy’ was only possible through ‘Mass Vaccination’ One point that one would like to comment on is that this Doctor innocently attributes the increasing Side Effects on Doctors not ‘knowing’ or realizing such a dire consequence. This could be nothing farther than the truth. The point of this study and research since the plandemic was initiated was that it was a deliberate undertaking. This has been the plan all along, damage, infertility, fear, misery, death, etc.  Increasingly, other Medical Professionals are now expressing doubts about the safety of the mRNA Injections. Unsurprisingly, the Immunologist was harshly criticized by other Scientists for his statements on Social Media.

For example, University of Toronto Epidemiologist David Fisman pointed out that some statements are not based on current data. Other Twitter users, such as the University of Guelph, Medical Doctor Glen Pyle, pointed out to him that he had allegedly misinterpreted some studies. It is believed currently that, the concentration of the Spike Proteins formed by the vaccination is far too low to bind to the ACE-2 Receptors. This is the prerequisite for the Spike Proteins to cause damage. The concentration for this must be 5 orders of magnitude higher. There are also studies that show that the vaccine is not transmitted through breast milk. But Transmission from Mother to Infant is occurring.

Fisman also referred to the questionable website that subjects Bridle's statements to a so-called Fact Check. According to the Powers-that-by, Bridle is spreading ‘Disinformation’ about COVID-19 Vaccines. Mind you, he was tasked by the Canadian Government to come-up with a COVID-19 injection. But this should be no surprise as he clearly states in the interview that he is Pro-Vax. Now his University is distancing itself from the Immunologist in saying that he allegedly misinterpreted some Studies and that the statement that the Spike Protein was ‘Toxic’ is incorrect. In addition, the Biodistribution Study mentioned at the beginning deals with the distribution of the Liposome Nanoparticles and not with the distribution of the Spike Protein.

But this might have been oversimplified in an attempt to explain the Virological Processes to the common Listeners and Readers. The design and presentation of the Fact Checking website to which Fisman refers is more than questionable: In the version of May 29, 2021, instead of an imprint there is only ‘A concerned Scientist’ as a reference to the website author. Oddly enough, the name Bridles itself was used as a domain name, as mentioned. Who would go to such lengths to discredit an ‘medical opinion’ or alternative research? He and his Colleagues had the access to Pfizer’s Biodistribution Study previously unseen before.

It demonstrated that the assumption was that the mRNA in the vaccines would primarily remain in and around the vaccination site. Pfizer’s data, however, shows that the mRNA and subsequent Spike Protein are widely distributed in the body within hours. Well, it is that important to the Power-that-be but make sure no such level of Scientific Dissension is allowed. The empirical evidence in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic is coming to light that indeed, it is a bioweapon scamdemic with the intention of Mass Vaccination the entire World. But 1st start with the USA and Europe. Why?

With 70% of the population of the USA now vaccinated as of Summer 2021 with an mRNA Chinese Bio-Weapon. This is the Death Shot. It would make for an ideal pre-emptive strike if ever another country wanted to invade or destroy the USA, for example. It is a simple Operating System waiting for a more sophisticated downloads with self-replicating Spike Protein that as it builds up in the body over time. And also to consider that the Nano-Particles will be the ‘Building Blocks’ to construct this ‘Human Biometric Scaffolding’ inside the body. The agenda is to inject to both kill, maim, have delayed injuries. It is to create Infertility in both Females as targeted and Males is becoming very clear. Add to this the further goal of Health ‘Passports’ as the introduction of the loss of Bodily Autonomy.

And the placing of all humans on a Blockchain where all information about each individual can be aggregated for the complete control of each individual and by extension leaving every aspect of society open to reconfiguration as desired. Humanity stands at an Existential Crossroads based in Trans-Humanism and Eugenics abusing Science to the point one does not know what is a ‘fact’ anymore. The Fact Checking website also apparently tried to discredit the radio presenter by referring to some of her earlier work. Some of this information is missing in a more recent version of the website, which has been updated in an attempt to appear more reputable. The following is the transcribed interview. Some portions will be highlighted, colored or capitalized. Numbers from 1-10 will be numerated for emphasis.


Let us bring in Dr. Byron Bridal. He is an Associate Professor of Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph. Doctor you've been very…you know, very open on this whole issue. And you know, you're not an Anti-Vaxxer by any stretch. But what do you think about this Inflammation in the Heart? And is it an actual threat?

Dr. Bridle

Yeah. Thanks for having me on Alex. Yeah. As you said, I’m very much Pro-Vaccine but always making sure that the Science is done properly. And that we follow the Science carefully before going into, you know Public Rollout of vaccines. I hope you'll let me run with this a little bit Alex. I’ll provide…I can…I’ll forewarn you and your Listeners that the story I’m about to tell is a bit of a scary. One, this is Cutting-Edge Science. There's a couple of key pieces of Scientific Information that have become privy to just within the past few days that has made the final link. So, we understand now, myself and some key International Collaborators.

We understand exactly why these problems are happening. And many others associate these vaccines. And the story is a bit of a scary one so, just to brace you for this. But I’m going to walk you through this the Science that I’m going to be talking about. I don't have the time here to describe exactly the Scientific Data. But let me assure you that everything that I’m stating here, that I’m gonna state right now is completely backed-up by Peer-Reviewed Scientific Publications, in well-known and well-respected Scientific Journals. I have all of this information in hand. I’m in the process of mildly trying to put it all into a document that I can hopefully circulate widely. So, your Listeners are going to be the 1st to hear the public release of this conclusion. And I’ll I can…



Dr. Bridle

So, this is what it is. The SARS Corona Virus-2 has a Spike Protein on its surface. That Spike Protein is what it allows it to infect our bodies. That is why we've been using the Spike Protein in our vaccines. The vaccines we're using, get our cells in our body to manufacture that Protein. If we can mount an Immune Response against that Protein, in theory we can prevent this virus from infecting the body. That's the theory behind the vaccine. However, when studying the disease, severe COVID-19, everything that you've just described heart problems, lots of problems with the Cardiovascular System, Bleeding and Clotting is all associated with severe COVID-19.

And looking and doing that research, what has been discovered by Scientific Community is the Spike Protein on its own is almost entirely responsible for the damage to Cardiovascular System. If it gets into Circulation. Indeed, if you inject the purified Spike Protein into the blood of Research Animals, they get all kinds of damage to Cardiovascular System. It can cross a Blood-Brain Barrier and cause damage to the Brain. Now, at first glance, that doesn't seem too concerning because we're injecting these vaccines into the Shoulder Muscle.

The assumption, all up until now has been, that these vaccines behave like all of our ‘Traditional Vaccines’. That they don't go anywhere other than the injection site. So, they stay in our shoulder. Some of the Protein will go to the Local Draining Lymph Node in order to activate the Immune System. However, this is where the Cutting-Edge Science is coming. This is where it gets scary. Through a Request for Information from the Japanese Regulatory Agency, myself and several International Collaborators have been able to get access to what's called a Biodistribution Study.

It's the 1st time ever, that Scientists have been privy to seeing where these Messenger RNA vaccines go after vaccination. In other words, is it a safe assumption, that it stays in the Shoulder Muscle? The short answer is absolutely not. It's very disconcerting. The Spike Protein gets into the Blood; circulates through the Blood in individuals. Over several days, post-vaccination, it accumulates once against the Blood. It accumulates in a number of Tissues, such as the Spleen the Bone Marrow the Liver the Adrenal Glands. One that's of particular concern for me is it accumulates at quite high concentrations in the Ovaries. And then also a publication that was just accepted for a Scientific Paper.

Just accepted for publication that backs this up, looked at 13 young Healthcare Workers that had received the Moderna Vaccine, which is the other Messenger RNA based vaccine we have in Canada. And they confirm this. They found the Spike Protein in Circulation. So, in the Blood, of 11 of those 13 Health Care Workers that had received the vaccine. What this means, is so we have known for a long time. That the Spike Protein is a Pathogenic Protein. It is a Toxin. It can cause damage in our body if it gets into Circulation. Now we have clear-cut evidence that the vaccines that make our bodies, are the muscles or the cells in our Deltoid Muscles…manufacture this Protein…that the vaccine itself plus the Protein gets into Blood Circulation.

When in Circulation, the Spike Protein can bind to the Receptors that are on our Platelets. And the cells that line our Blood Vessels. When that happens, it can do one of 2 things. It can either cause Platelets to ‘clump’. And that can lead to Clotting. That's exactly why we've been seeing Clotting Disorders associated with these vaccines. It can also lead to Bleeding. And of course, the Heart's involved. It's actually part of the Cardiovascular System. That's why we're seeing Heart Problems. The Protein? It can also cross the Blood-Brain Barrier and cause Neurological Damage. That's why also in the fatal cases of Blood Clots, many times it's seen in the Brain.

And also, of concern is there's also evidence of a Study. This has not yet been accepted for Publication yet, this one. They were trying to show that the Antibodies from the vaccine get transferred through Breast Milk. And the idea was, this may be a good thing because it…could confer some Passive Protection to Babies. However, what they found inadvertently was that the vaccines and Messenger Vaccines actually get transferred through the Breast Milk. So, delivering the Vaccine Vector itself into Infants that are Breastfeeding. Also, with this, now we know Spike Protein gets into Circulation. Any Proteins in the Blood will get concentrated in Breast Milk. Looking into the Adverse Event Database in the United States, we have found evidence of Suckling Infants experiencing Bleeding Disorders in the Gastrointestinal Tract. So…


OK, let me pause you there because I’ve only got about 45 seconds left. I mean the bottom line this is scaring a lot of People. This will freak a lot of People out.

Dr. Bridle

Yes, so this has implications for Blood Donation. Right now, ‘Clean Blood’, Cleaning Blood Services is saying People …who have been vaccinated can donate. We don't want Transfer…of these Pathogenic Spike Proteins to Fragile Patients; that are being transfused with that Blood. This has implications for Infants that are suckling. And this this has serious implications for People for whom SARS Corona Virus-2 is not a High-Risk Pathogen and that includes all our Children. In short, the conclusion is, we made a big mistake! We didn't realize it until now. We thought the Spike Protein was a Great Target Antigen. We never knew the Spike Protein itself was a Toxin and was a Pathogenic Protein.

So, by vaccinating People, we are inadvertently inoculating them with a Toxin. In some people this gets into Circulation. And when that happens, in some people it can cause damage, especially the Cardiovascular System. And I have many other… I don't have time but many other legitimate questions about the Long-Term Safety there for this vaccine. For example, with it accumulating in the Ovaries, one of my questions is, ‘Will we be rendering Young People infertile?’ Some of them infertile? We’ll stop there. I know it's heavy heading but yeah well…


I’m up against the clock. I need like an hour when I talk to you. Because you have so much information and of course your one opinion of many. But you know it's interesting because you have a different look at it. And certainly, the time will tell on this. But we'll have you on again because I always get an interesting and different perspective from you. Doctor, thank you.

Dr. Bridle
All right, it was my pleasure. Take care.


That is a Dr. Bridal who a lot of you…like and like to hear. And again…that's his findings. Again, we get lots of different Medical Opinions…that'll scare a lot of People. But there are a lot of People already who don't trust the vaccines given this information.


Main Sources


On Point with Alex Pierson


A Year of COVID-19 Lockdown is putting Kids at Risk of Allergies, Asthma and Autoimmune Diseases.

Fake Fact Checkers

Attempt to Discredit Doctor’s Research


Dr. Bridle being threatened and his child


Dr. Bridle ‘A Conversation with Dr. Byram Bridle’ about COVID-19
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1WLkbd6RZY (Will be taken down by YouTube)

Interview translated into French



Laissez-nous faire venir le Dr Byron Bridle. Il est professeur agrégé d'immunologie virale à l'Université de Guelph. Docteur, vous avez été très… vous savez, très ouvert sur toute cette question. Et vous savez, vous n'êtes pas du tout un Anti-Vaxxer. Mais que pensez-vous de cette Inflammation du Cœur ? Et est-ce une menace réelle ?

Dr. Bridle

Ouais. Merci de m'avoir sur Alex. Oui. Comme vous l'avez dit, je suis très pro-vaccin mais je m'assure toujours que la science est bien faite. Et que nous suivons attentivement la Science avant d'entrer dans, vous savez Déploiement public des vaccins. J'espère que tu me laisseras courir un peu avec ça Alex. Je fournirai… je peux… je vous préviendrai, vous et vos auditeurs, que l'histoire que je m'apprête à raconter est un peu effrayante. Premièrement, c'est la science de pointe.

Il y a quelques éléments clés de l'information scientifique qui sont devenus au courant juste au cours des derniers jours qui ont fait le lien final. Donc, nous comprenons maintenant, moi-même et certains collaborateurs internationaux clés. Nous comprenons exactement pourquoi ces problèmes surviennent. Et bien d'autres associent ces vaccins. Et l'histoire est un peu effrayante donc, juste pour vous préparer à ça. Mais je vais vous guider à travers cette science dont je vais parler. Je n'ai pas le temps ici de décrire exactement les données scientifiques.

Mais permettez-moi de vous assurer que tout ce que je dis ici, que je vais dire maintenant, est entièrement étayé par des publications scientifiques à comité de lecture, dans des revues scientifiques bien connues et respectées. J'ai toutes ces informations en main. Je suis en train d'essayer modérément de tout mettre dans un document que je peux, je l'espère, diffuser largement. Vos auditeurs seront donc les premiers à entendre la sortie publique de cette conclusion. Et je vais pouvoir…



Dr. Bridle

Alors, c'est ce que c'est. Le SRAS Corona Virus-2 a une protéine de pointe à sa surface. Cette protéine de pointe est ce qu'elle lui permet d'infecter notre corps. C'est pourquoi nous utilisons la protéine de pointe dans nos vaccins. Les vaccins que nous utilisons amènent nos cellules dans notre corps à fabriquer cette protéine. Si nous pouvons mettre en place une réponse immunitaire contre cette protéine, en théorie, nous pouvons empêcher ce virus d'infecter le corps. C'est la théorie derrière le vaccin. Cependant, lorsque vous étudiez la maladie, le COVID-19 sévère, tout ce que vous venez de décrire des problèmes cardiaques, de nombreux problèmes avec le système cardiovasculaire, les saignements et la coagulation sont tous associés à un COVID-19 sévère.

Et en regardant et en faisant cette recherche, quoi a été découvert par la communauté scientifique est que la protéine de pointe à elle seule est presque entièrement responsable des dommages au système cardiovasculaire. S'il entre en circulation. En effet, si vous injectez la protéine de pointe purifiée dans le sang des animaux de recherche, ils subissent toutes sortes de dommages au système cardiovasculaire. Il peut traverser une barrière hémato-encéphalique et causer des dommages au cerveau. Maintenant, à première vue, cela ne semble pas trop préoccupant car nous injectons ces vaccins dans le muscle de l'épaule. L'hypothèse, jusqu'à présent, était que ces vaccins se comportent comme tous nos « vaccins traditionnels ».

Qu'ils ne vont nulle part ailleurs que sur le site d'injection. Donc, ils restent dans notre épaule. Une partie de la protéine ira au ganglion lymphatique drainant local afin d'activer le système immunitaire. Cependant, c'est là que la science de pointe arrive. C'est là que ça fait peur. Grâce à une demande d'informations de l'agence de réglementation japonaise, plusieurs collaborateurs internationaux et moi-même avons pu accéder à ce qu'on appelle une étude de biodistribution. C'est la première fois que les scientifiques sont au courant de la destination de ces vaccins à ARN messager après la vaccination. En d'autres termes, est-ce une hypothèse sûre, qu'il reste dans le muscle de l'épaule ? La réponse courte est absolument pas.

C'est très déconcertant. La protéine de pointe pénètre dans le sang ; circule à travers le Sang chez les individus. Sur plusieurs jours, post-vaccination, il s'accumule une fois contre le Sang. Il s'accumule dans un certain nombre de tissus, tels que la rate, la moelle osseuse, le foie et les glandes surrénales. L'un qui me préoccupe particulièrement est qu'il s'accumule à des concentrations assez élevées dans les ovaires. Et puis aussi une publication qui vient d'être acceptée pour un article scientifique. Juste accepté pour publication qui étaye cela, a examiné 13 jeunes travailleurs de la santé qui avaient reçu le vaccin Moderna, qui est l'autre vaccin à base d'ARN messager que nous avons au Canada.

Et ils le confirment. Ils ont trouvé la protéine de pointe dans la circulation. Donc, dans le sang, de 11 de ces 13 travailleurs de la santé qui avaient reçu le vaccin. Ce que cela signifie, c'est que nous le savons depuis longtemps. Que la protéine de pointe est une protéine pathogène. C'est une toxine. Il peut causer des dommages dans notre corps s'il entre dans la circulation. Maintenant, nous avons des preuves claires que les vaccins qui fabriquent notre corps, sont les muscles ou les cellules de nos muscles deltoïdes… fabriquent cette protéine… que le vaccin lui-même et la protéine pénètrent dans la circulation sanguine.

Lorsqu'elle est en circulation, la protéine de pointe peut se lier aux récepteurs qui se trouvent sur nos plaquettes. Et les cellules qui tapissent nos vaisseaux sanguins. Lorsque cela se produit, il peut faire l'une des deux choses suivantes. Cela peut provoquer l'agrégation des plaquettes. Et cela peut conduire à la coagulation. C'est exactement pourquoi nous voyons des troubles de la coagulation associés à ces vaccins. Cela peut également entraîner des saignements.

Et bien sûr, le Cœur est impliqué. Il fait en fait partie du système cardiovasculaire. C'est pourquoi nous voyons des problèmes cardiaques. La protéine ? Il peut également traverser la barrière hémato-encéphalique et causer des dommages neurologiques. C'est pourquoi également dans les cas mortels de caillots sanguins, il est souvent observé dans le cerveau. Et aussi, ce qui est préoccupant, c'est qu'il y a aussi des preuves d'une étude. Cela n'a pas encore été accepté pour publication, celui-ci. Ils essayaient de montrer que les anticorps du vaccin sont transférés par le lait maternel.

Et l'idée était que cela pourrait être une bonne chose car cela… pourrait conférer une certaine protection passive aux bébés. Cependant, ce qu'ils ont découvert par inadvertance, c'est que les vaccins et les vaccins Messenger sont effectivement transférés par le lait maternel. Ainsi, administrer le vecteur de vaccin lui-même aux nourrissons qui allaitent.

De plus, avec cela, nous savons maintenant que la protéine de pointe entre en circulation. Toutes les protéines dans le sang seront concentrées dans le lait maternel. En examinant la base de données sur les événements indésirables aux États-Unis, nous avons trouvé des preuves que les nourrissons allaités souffrent de troubles de la coagulation dans le tractus gastro-intestinal. Donc…


OK, laissez-moi vous interrompre car il ne me reste que 45 secondes environ. Je veux dire en fin de compte, cela fait peur à beaucoup de gens. Cela va effrayer beaucoup de gens.

Dr. Bridle

Oui, cela a donc des implications pour le don de sang. À l'heure actuelle, « Clean Blood », Cleaning Blood Services dit que les personnes… qui ont été vaccinées peuvent faire un don. Nous ne voulons pas de transfert… de ces protéines de pointe pathogènes à des patients fragiles ; qui sont transfusés avec ce Sang.

Cela a des implications pour les nourrissons qui tètent. Et cela a de sérieuses implications pour les personnes pour qui le SRAS Corona Virus-2 n'est pas un agent pathogène à haut risque et cela inclut tous nos enfants. Bref, la conclusion est que nous avons fait une grosse erreur ! On ne s'en rendait pas compte jusqu'à maintenant. Nous pensions que la protéine de pointe était un excellent antigène cible. Nous n'avons jamais su que la protéine de pointe elle-même était une toxine et était une protéine pathogène.

Ainsi, en vaccinant des personnes, nous les inoculons par inadvertance avec une toxine. Chez certaines personnes, cela entre dans la circulation. Et lorsque cela se produit, chez certaines personnes, cela peut causer des dommages, en particulier le système cardiovasculaire. Et j'ai beaucoup d'autres… Je n'ai pas le temps mais beaucoup d'autres questions légitimes sur la sécurité à long terme de ce vaccin.

Par exemple, avec son accumulation dans les ovaires, l'une de mes questions est : « Allons-nous rendre les jeunes infertiles ? » Certains d'entre eux sont infertiles ? On va s'arrêter là. Je sais que le cap est lourd mais ouais bon…


Je suis contre la montre. J'ai besoin d'une heure pour te parler. Parce que vous avez tellement d'informations et bien sûr votre seule opinion parmi tant d'autres. Mais vous savez que c'est intéressant parce que vous le regardez différemment. Et certainement, le temps nous le dira. Mais nous vous inviterons à nouveau parce que j'obtiens toujours une perspective intéressante et différente de votre part. Docteur, merci.

Dr. Bridle

D'accord, c'était mon plaisir. Prends soin. Interviewer C'est un Dr. Bridal que beaucoup d'entre vous… aiment et aiment entendre. Et encore… ce sont ses découvertes. Encore une fois, nous recevons beaucoup d'opinions médicales différentes… qui vont effrayer beaucoup de gens. Mais il y a déjà beaucoup de gens qui ne font pas confiance aux vaccins compte tenu de cette information.

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