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  • Why are the Stars of Leo in the Revelation 12 Sign?
  • How does the Leo Constelaltion factor into the Sign?
  • Does the Sign of Virgo have 12 Stars in the Head?

by Luis B. Vega
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The Original Revelation 12 Sign, Astronomically configured on September 23, 2017 was surmised to have had the Sun ‘clothing’ the Woman, the Moon at her Feet and a Crown of 12 Stars in her Head, and about to give Birth to a Man-Child, etc. That is what is depicted from the Book of Revelation 12. However the Sign back in 2017 was shown to have the 12 Stars as the Crown by going off from the Sign Motif itself. The Images incorporated the 9 Primary Stars of the Constellation of Leo, + the 3 Planet Alignment of Venus, Mars and Mercury that Conjoined the Sign.

One would agree that this ‘other’ Astronomical was and is Significant as it added Composition to the entire Astronomical Array. However, one argued then, as now, that the Virgo Sign was and is ‘Self-Contained’. Meaning that the Crown of 12 Stars around her ‘Head’ were there all along and are. To that Point, one here presents the Configuration of the 12 Main Stars of Virgo in the Head Region. It so happens that there are 12 ‘Vir’ Stars named there and one has Approximated their Position in the Head or ‘Face’ of Virgo, etc. It is rather striking and Prophetic as one has argued that this Sign does pertain, primarily to the Motif associated with Israel and the 12 Tribes.

Also realize that the Constellation of Virgo is made-up of 12 Stars. As one 1st started to Prophetically Interpret the Sign, one was aware of a Multi-Layer Level of Meaning. Primarily, it can be attributed to Mary herself that Birthed the Messiah and was taken to Heaven where He, Jesus is Seated at the Right Hand of the Father until He Returns to Rule the Nations with that Iron Rod, etc. Then, the Motif is that of Israel with the 12 Stars that connote the 12 Tribes of Israel. It is, as they say, a ‘No-Brainer’. The Constellation echoes the Old Testament Patriarch of Jacob who had 12 Sons and later became ‘Israel’, etc.

However, one of his Sons, Joseph, is the one that specifically had a Dream given to him in which the Sun, the Moon and 12 Stars all ‘bowed-down’ to him. Of course, if one knows the Story of Joseph, he is the Type of Jesus and how he was incognito until the very End and then He was Revealed to ‘Israel’. Such will be the case with Jesus and His Brethren that Rejected Him and Sold Him for Silver, think and left for Dead at the Cross of Calvary. In Prophetic Retrospect, Joseph’s Vision was of the Revelation 12 Sign. It was a Precursor with Echoes of the Bride of Christ too. It is in so much as the Church Age has its Foundations set upon the 12 Apostles, etc. But then as one started to study the Acts 2 Pentecost being the Feast of Wine, the Prophetic Associations also inferred by the Romance between Boaz and Ruth was considered. As Ruth was in the White Wheat Wedding Season, one added Ruth as a Type as well. Why?

1st Sign of Prophecy
The Virgo Sign has 2 Primary Elements held in each Hand. On the 1st Hand, denoted by the Primary Star of Spica, she is holding a Branch, which is the Old Testament Prophetic Name of the Messiah. On the 2nd Hand, she is holding a Basket, full of the Grain, as in Wheat. Realize that the Artistic Motif used by Stellarium has these 2 Aspects incorrect.

For example, if one looks-up a Constellation Map, one will see that on Virgo’s Right Hand, Astronomically, it is where from Earth’s Vantage Point, one sees one of the most concentrated areas of Space that has Billions of Galaxies clustered together, as if as in a Virgo carrying or as in Ruth carried that Bushel of Grain back to her House, given to her by Boaz, the Kinsman-Redeemer.

It also Seeks of the Harvest of Souls, of all those 153 Fish to be Caught in the Gospel Net during this particular Church Age, the Age of the White Wheat Wedding Pentecost Dispensation. And it is soon to come to its fruition or Harvesting. The Question and Theory one poses, is that as the Pentecost New Wine Started the Harvest of Souls, to go to the Non-Jews, i.e., the Gentiles, will that same Summer Season, Day conclude the Retraining of the Holy Spirit as it is taken up in those Vessels indwelt from off the Face of the Earth?

This is why the Revelation 12 Sign is still Prophetically Significant. And the Brethren like Patrick at Hourly Watch, Brother Bob Barker, Robert Breaker, Paul Dawson, have picked-up on it. Although, as one has Critiqued, one is of the Assessment that the 2023 Iteration is the Churches’ 1 Year Warning. Regarding Brother Aaron’s Video on those 3 Asteroids. This is what one wrote to Brother Aaron at God a Minute YouTube Channel.

This Remark below pertains to 1 of his Video about the various Asteroids, he has Identified and spoke about. However, the Graphic used regarding those Asteroids were not occurring when the ‘Revelation 12 Sign’ had the Sun in the Head ‘Shoulder area, nor the Moon at the Feet Area. The Point is that the Image suggested that it was. He had originally commented by adding a ‘Heart Like’ Emoji to one’s comment. But then later the Reply was taken down.

Titus 2:13 Written In The Stars! Looking For That Blessed Hope!

‘Brother. Thanks for the Run-Down of these 3 Asteroid Names that you mentioned/stated 'Occur on Trumpets'. Although the Asteroids are presently in the Virgo Constellation, the Graphic you chose to use, depicting the Approximate Revelation 12 Sign does not have the Moon at the Feet Area of Virgo on Trumpets. Thus, all that to say that on Trumpets or that which is overlapping to occur on Rosh HaShanah, September 15, 2023, the Moon is way near what would constitute the 'True Revelation 12 Sign'. Just an Observation and to suggest a more accurate Astronomical Depiction. Blessings. Luis Vega’

Confirmation of Rapture based on 7 Heads and 10 Crowns
Now as such Videos are shared about the Revelation 12 Sign, they are presented in the Public Forum, where they are Publicly Discussed, if the Creator of the Content allows for Honest Debate. One does appreciate all those that do as the Church Body needs to see ‘All That’ to Evaluate, Critique, ‘Test the Spirits’ and Reply to. And as those that propose such Information from those Videos, they are just sharing their Understanding and Interpretation. But in a lot of cases, they are directly relating their ‘Finds’ to how it ‘Matches’ the Revelation 12 Sign Iteration, that it is then that the Rapture will occur because of it, as ‘Confirmed’. This is the case with another Brother from Worship and Watch YouTube Channel.

Behold ANOTHER WONDER!! Revelation 12:3!!! HOLY SPIRIT outpouring! Share to all watchmen! Rapture

As one puts the Statements and Interpretations through one’s ‘Logic and Reason’ Grid for a Critique, one also realizes that our GOD does not always go by ‘Reason and Logic’, as we know that the Supernatural is really what the Church and Individuals ought to be living be. One was struck by the Thought of just how this Church Age is so Amazing from prior ones. It is that there is a Living Corporate Body of Christ on Earth that had never existed before. And that within that Living Body, that is of Christ’s own Life and Being, Individuals have the Indwelling of the GOD, the Holy Spirit. And?

Imagine if every Believer in Jesus was Obedient and Faithful to their Calling and Gifts? This World would be a different place. Anyway, all that to say that Brethren like Aaron, from God a Minute does it ‘Right’, in one’s Opinion of how to present this Interpretation of the Revelation Astronomy that is Possibly Related to the Timing of the Rapture. He, like Brother Tyler at Generation 2434 and Dr. Awe give a Disclaimer in saying, ‘This could be it’ or there is a ‘Possibility’. But in the case of our Brother from Worship and Watch, it would have been just the same. Again, just critiquing the Video shared for consideration.

In his case, he is making the following Declaration of a Confirmation of what is then pegged to Brother Patrick at Hourly Watch. No Problem. But here is the Problem, as one often says of such ‘Confirmations’. He based the ‘Confirmation’ of the Rapture at the Feast of Trumpets, presuming, based on how he identified the 10 Horns and the 7 Crowns. Scripture states that the Red Dragon has 7 Heads and 10 Crowns. But the 7 Heads have 10 Horns. And? If most Beasts that do have Horns come in Pairs, that would naturally be 7 Heads x 2 Horns per Head = 14 Horns, not 10. So, evidently, not all of the 7 Heads of this Red Dragon have Pairs of Horns. This is just an Observation.

But what one finds a ‘Stretch’, literally is that the Brother nearly encompassed half of the Expanse of the Universe to rationalize that it is the Constellations, based on their assigned Artistic Motif that constitutes the 10 Horns and the 7 Crowns. Here is why one would Disagree, Astronomically. Scripture puts the Motif of the 2nd Sign of the 7-Headed, 10 Crowned Red Dragon in the vicinity of the Constellation of Virgo. Astronomically, this has been the Elusive Sign that most are still trying to figure out.

One just proposes, it will be the 2nd Binary Sun Solar System of 7 Planets, i.e., Planet X comes around the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation in 2029 when precisely, Jupiter is next in the Sign of Virgo, etc. Here is the ‘Red Dragon’, that is the 2nd Sign from Revelation Chapter 12. It is a List composed of the following Constellations and Planets, according to the Brother’s Interpretation. Let us consider and Evaluate the Claims.

Based on the Constellation have a Pair of Horns. (1 Head x 2 Horns.)
1 Cancer
2 Taurus
3 Aries
4. Capricorn
5 Sagittarius


1 Mars
2 Venus
3 Mercury
4 Uranus
5 Jupiter
6 Saturn
7 Full Moon

In one’s Critique, it is a genuine and perhaps sincere attempt in ‘Solving the Puzzle’ of the Revelation 12 Sign. And that is fine but one surmises it has gone beyond the Message of the Motif of the Sign from Revelation 12 and it has crossed over into one’s ‘Own Interpretation’ and an ‘Extreme Exaggeration’. This is just one’s Critique.



Virgo Sign Crown of 12 Stars


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