Nazi Rally Seat of Satan
Echoes of Pergamon

  • Why was Nuremberg chosen to be Nazi Congress?
  • What did the Massive Nazi Rallies instill in Germans?
  • Why was the Platform designed as the Altar of Zeus?

by Luis B. Vega
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The following study is a Complement to the series of the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Star Map Patterns pertaining to the Ancient Site of Pergamon and the Nazi SS Occult Castle named Wewelsburg. If anything, they all have in common, was and is that they were energized by the ‘Seat of Satan’, of Lucifer, etc. In the case of Nuremberg, it is where Hitler stages his Amazing Rallies and how the Speaker’s Platform or Stand was Designed after the Altar of Zeus at Pergamon. In the area where the Nazis erected their Party Congress Building, it became a ‘Hot Spot’ for a ‘Gate’ or Portal wherein Cosmic and Demonic Energies and Beings would traverse to-and-from Dimensions.

One has argued this for Years, based on this Research, that the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Pattern, are replicated in all of Earth’s Centers of Power. The ‘Martians’ have not left Earth. In fact, one has argued that ‘They’ were here long before Adam and Eve were Created by YHVH in the Garden of Eden. One would even go so far as to Insinuate that these ‘Martians’, which are Fallen Angels and/or other sorts of Celestial Beings, are still on Earth, Mars and the Moon in Underground Bases. Such a Narrative is slowly but surely coming to surface, no Pun intended. And these Beings have had direct and indirect Contact with Humans since the Fall of Adam and Eve.

‘They’ are staging their ‘Return’ shortly. But one subscribes to the Scenario that after the Biblical Rapture occurs, they will ‘Show-Up’, as the Bride of Christ ‘Goes-up’, etc. They will Manifest themselves as the long-awaited Saviors. They will Deceive most that they are the ‘Ancient Alien Race’ that had seeded Humanity and has returned to Save it from Nuclear Armageddon. It will work for a while and Nuclear Armageddon will be averted, but by Design. The real one is yet to occur, for sure, as the Book of Revelation attests to this. And most assuredly, it will happen just as Jesus said it would and will, etc. Now as to the Nazi Party Rally Field in Nuremberg? Pertaining to the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Pattern?

The following Landmarks are suggested. The Giant Nazi Party Congress Building corresponds to the Giant Pentagon D&M Pyramid on Mars. The Nuremberg Stadium corresponds to the Face of Ala-Lu. This is the Rebel King of Nibiru that was cast-out and ended-up on Earth. He then fell-out of Favor as the ‘Father God’, Anu designated Enlil to be the Lord of the Earth instead. Thus, Ala-Lu, who is by another Name, called Enki was Exiled to Mars where he supposedly Died. His Followers commemorated his Tomb as a Mausoleum in the Face of Ala-Lu with Eagle Helmet. Now the next Section will deal more specifically with the Altar of Zeus or the ‘Seat of Satan’ of Pergamon. As it is known, the Amazing Altar is housed in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.

The 4th Beast is the 4th Reich

It has had some interesting Scheduling Announcements. This is based on the latest Research and Schedule of Projects underway, brought to one’s Attention. A couple of Observations. To begin with, notice that the Altar of Zeus (Seat of Satan) in the Museum is only half Exposed. It is rather amazing that People can walk up the Stairs, all the way to the top or just sit in the Stairs. But it is the other Half that is the Prime Real Estate as they say. It is where the Altar is at and that is where perhaps the Energies of Lucifer resided as countless Flesh and Blood were Sacrificed and Presented there. Note also that the Pergamon Museum houses the Ishtar Gate of Babylon.

It is the very one the Throngs of Jews were led through in their Diaspora at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar. It is the Gate or ‘Star-Gate’ that Alexander the Great rode through in its Conquest of her. Ishtar is Inanna, the Daughter of Anu, the King of Nibiru, i.e., Vulcan, etc. She is Isis, ‘Barbie’ and so on. Realize that the Doll ‘Barbie’ came from Germany. What one suggests is that with Germany and Hitler possessing the Seat of Satan, the Altar of Zeus is how the Nazis, who were also Luciferian ‘Resurrected’ their Old Norse Gods and replicated the Altar of Zeus in their Nuremberg Rally Field. They harnessed the Energies of Mars, as this Site is also Triangulated to that of the one in Cydonia, Mars.

So, if one is at all interested in Ancient History or even Astro-Archaeology, it is a fascinating Topic. And of course, one links it to the Cydonia Mars Triangulation Theory. It would Stand to Reason why the whole Altar to Zeus commemorating the Defeat of the Titans would be moved entirely to Germany. Mars is the God of War after all and how then Germany was the cause of 2 World Wars. One surmises that it will be the 3rd one as well. Pertaining to Geo-Politics, Germany has also sent Heavy Arms, the Leopard 2 Tanks to Ukraine in its Provoked War against Russia, etc. One also does believe that the 10 Toes of the coming Luciferian New World Order will comprise what the Roman Empire once dominated.

It was and is the 2 Legs of Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue Vision. It became the Western and Eastern Division of the Roman Empire. There are only 4 World Empires that constituted the Statue that Daniel Interpreted. Note that the 4th, that being the Roman Empire has not been totally Destroyed just yet. It will Trans-Morph into a 10 Nation Confederation, i.e., the 10 Toes of Mixed Iron and Clay, etc. Sure, Rome collapsed from within. But that was the Political, Economic and Social Order. Most forget that the Religious Apparatus continued thereafter. Caesar had 2 Offices.

He was the ‘Dictator’ of the Empire, but also the ‘Papa’, or the Father of the Nation. He was considered the ‘High Priest’ of the Roman Gods and its Systems. The Vasel Virgins, i.e., Nuns were kept at the Roman Forum and functioned much like the Oracle of Delphi. This was and is the Roman Catholic Religion. It was and is of the Romans because ‘Catholic’ just means ‘Universal. When the Empire fell, the Ceasar just continued in his Office of the Papacy. They just ‘Christianized’ all the Names of the Pagan Gods. Realize that the Roman Empire still Rules in the form of the Papacy that has taken on the Mantle of Christianity. It is a Fallacy and Deception.

The Nazis Never Went Away

And it was precisely at the Church of Pergamon, related to Church History that Christians started to compromise with the State and joined as one. And? This Protocol will be exactly the same in how the coming AntiChrist Ruler, much like a Hitler with his Nuremberg Rallies, will Rally the World to his Cause of ‘Peace and Safety’ after the Rapture traumatizes the entire World. They will be seeking an ‘Answer’ and a Savior for what will be Ominous Signs and Wonders the Earth Dwellers will then be subjected to per Jesus 'Hour of Testing' that will then come upon the World.

And that goes for their Feasts as well, such as Saturnalia, i.e., Christmas and Easter, or rather Ishtar, Sirius Blazing Star, ‘Barbie’, etc. Realize also, that the U.N. has already carved-out the World into 10 Regions. The BRICS, although novel, are a Direct Challenge to the Roman Economic System run through the Vatican, London and New York. Perhaps it will serve only to ‘Cushion’ the Transition of the coming U.S. Dollar Collapse. But this Beast System will not tolerate any Competition. What one is seeing is that with this coming Time of Transition again, in the Fall, Mid-September is that in order to Initiate their Enterprise, the Luciferians will once again require a Ritualistic Magic Event. They always require Innocent Blood. Think 9-11 and the COVID 19 Plandemic.

And for the next one to come via their New World Order, etc. There had to be a Mass Psychosis induced and as we have surmised, here collectively, it is because of Pharmakeía. It is going to be again, based on the God of Medicine that Pergamon was Famous for and whose Emblem, by the way, was the Snake on a Pole. And it so happens that the Emblem is the very one of the U.N. World Health Organization. No coincidence. It is not about Healing and Heath, but how to Reduce the World Population in a Deception to ‘Save’ it from itself through Climate Change Laws, the LGBT Agenda, Smart Cities and the New Digital Money Matrix that will be Biometric, etc.

We all knew it was coming but it is now here. And sadly, one thinks that as the COVID-19 back in the Fall of 2019 and then March 11, 2020 kicked-in, no wonder 100s if not 1000s of Children are being unaccounted for. What one is saying is that based on Research and prior Luciferian Ritual Murders to initiate their next Global Move, they require Blood Sacrifices. This is why they are not openly Bold about their Activities because they know this coming Year Cycle, based on the Sabbath of Time, 7-Years, starting in September to coincide with the Rabbinical and Kabbalistic Days, will be it.

So, the Pergamon Museum will be closed for 3.5 Years or 1260 Days for ‘Renovations’? No, how about closed for Rituals behind the Cover of Closed Doors and perhaps pertaining to 100s of Missing Children? One last Observation about the Pergamon Platform. You all may recall that when Obama accepted his Democrat Party Presidential Nomination, he did it from a Platform Stage, modeling the Altar of Zeus. Over the Years, many have speculated that Obama is the AntiChrist. For sure they were Broadcasting it as a Prelude but one is not convinced. He is now, like King Charles, just too Old. However, what is most intriguing of how they used Obama is that he Personified the Character, best of Nimrod. Realize that the coming AntiChrist will be a ‘Nimrod’. He is considered the ‘1st Mason’.

The Last Mason
Nimrod attempted to Unite the World. He too had a U.N. Agenda and was against YHVH’s Edict to spread out after the Flood of Noah. He had Technology that made him into a Giant through Genetic Manipulation of his Genome, etc. And through the Tower, it was not to reach YHVH’s Throne by Height but rather, it was a ‘Star-Gate’ to invade Heaven through, i.e., CERN. Realize also that Nimrod was not of Shem, that would become the Semitics. Nor was he of Japheth, who would become the Whites. No, he was from Ham, who later became the Hamites and settled in Africa that became the Blacks, etc.

But one, at this Point in Time, does believe that although the World might be Ruled as 10 Regions, the core of the Vision that Daniel interpreted will be that 5 Nations from the West and 5 Nations from the East of the 2 Legs of the Present Roman Empire System will be wherein, 1 Horn will rise up to be the AntiChrist among them. This coming Luciferian AntiChrist will be the Last Mason. Thank You Jesus. There is Evidence to suggest that he will come from or have Eastern Roman Domain Bloodlines, i.e., the ‘Syrian’. Yet, the Prophecy of Daniel is very clear that the True Type is how the AntiChrist to come after Jesus will be the Prince of whom the People and Prince destroyed the Temple.

Consequently, then it would be the Destruction of Jerusalem, and ending with the Diaspora at the hands of the Romans. This is then to strongly suggest that the AntiChrist will come from the Western European Nations but have Eastern European Ancient Bloodlines tied to the Middle East. Ergo, a Jew. Realize that the Orthodox Jews will never accept a ‘Black Jew’, much less a Non-Jew’. One could go on and on, but below is the Article about the Pergamon Seat of Satan. But yes, one does agree that eventually, the Seat of Satan will be moved to Jerusalem. No Altar of Pergamon needed.

Lucifer will enter YHVH’s Temple and Altar and sit in the Ark of Covenant to proclaim that he now is to be Worshiped like YHVH, etc. And so why has one invested over a Decade into this Type of Research? One is convinced that these Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Patterns ‘harness’ the Energies of the Spirit of the AntiChrist. And that such a Force that brought about the Nazi Movement and Mass Psychosis upon a Nation, that being Germany, as it happened then, it will happen once again when the True Lucifer’s True AntiChrist, much like a Hitler will Rise to Power and do the same and will end up with the same Outcome, Stealing, Killing and Destroying of Adam’s Race on Planet Earth. 


Cydonia Mars Triangulation on Earth


Nuremberg Nazi Star Map


Statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s 4 Beast and Metal Empires


Unmasking of the Rebel King Ala-Lu 
The purpose of this Book is to present a case for ‘Unmasking’ who is behind the ‘Face of Mars’ from a Biblical Point of View. The Book will incorporate a Comprehensive Array of Astro-Archeological Studies compiled using Motifs of the Pyramid on Mars that are replicated on Earth’s Sacred Sites. This study will hopefully help explain what the coming Deception that the Bible speaks about will be in part, the ‘Return of the Martian Saviors’.



Possessing the Portals 
This Book will show how such Martian Motif Triangulations served and serve as ‘Gates’ and/or ‘Portals’ on 1 Level and Luciferian ‘Spiritual Strongholds’ in another. As a type of Jesus to come, Joshua conquered such ‘Gates’ of the Guardians as they entered the Promised Land. This Book suggests that the Triangulations were points of Contention as a Euphemism for the Spiritual Warfare over the Strongholds that are in the World, in general but specifically in the Promised Land, on Earth as it is in Heaven. 


When Martians Ruled on Earth 

The purpose of this Book is to ascertain the Cosmic Motifs of the Pleiades and Orion as they pertain to the Pyramid Designs of the Ancient Sacred Sites on Earth, Past, Present and Future. The various illustrations will attempt to demonstrate that there is an on-going Cosmic Conspiracy regarding what is the True Narrative of the Interpretation of such Sacred Designs that are Aligned to the Stars. The study will involve a large degree of Astro-Archeology pertaining to the coming of the Celestial Gate Keepers and Guardians of the Galaxy.



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