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  • What are the Stock Market Sabbatical Crash Cycles?
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by Luis B. Vega

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‘Come now, you Rich, weep and howl for your Miseries which are coming upon you. Your Riches have rotted and your Garments have become Moth-Eaten. Your Gold and your Silver have rusted; and their Rust will be a witness against you and will consume your Flesh like Fire. It is in the Last Days that you have stored up your Treasure! Behold, the Pay of the Laborers who mowed your Fields, and which has been withheld by you, cries out against you; and the Outcry of those who did the Harvesting has reached the Ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. You have lived luxuriously on the earth and led a life of wanton pleasure; you have fattened your Hearts in a Day of Slaughter’. -James 5:1-6

The purpose of this Article is to present a Synopsis from the Rick Wiles Radio Show that aired on True News Radio. The Topic dealt with the Natural Cycles of Market Crashes as they correlate to Eclipses. For those that wish to have a Simplistic Overview of the Transmission, this will be an attempt to have the Information and Content that was covered in Written Format for further Study and Reference. The following Synopsis is according to one’s Interpretation of the Transmission and Content presented.

In one’s Personal Studies of Solar and Lunar Eclipse Patterns, one has sought to discover their Relationship as they pertain to the LORD’s Feasts and the End of Days Prophecies. As the Jewish Calendar is primarily based on the Lunar Cycles, it is incumbent upon Students of End Times to heed the LORD’s instructions, regarding such Signs and their Timing. According to Genesis, such Celestial Bodies as the Sun, Moon and Stars are Markers set-up by the LORD and are directly tied to specific Scheduled Events, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

It is no Coincidence then that Eclipses, Comets etc., are Signs, such as the Tetrads, for example. Such Eclipses have been Omens to the World, in general but to Israel specifically. It is no stretch of the Imagination that therefore, the Solar and Lunar Eclipse Cycles could also have a Correlation to the Economic Cycles as they pertain to the Rise and Drop in World Markets, i.e., the Market Crash Cycle.

This seemingly Secret Knowledge of the Market Crash Cycle was alleged to have manipulated the Markets using a Mathematical Formula to predict such Economic Cycles by the Rothschilds, for example. According to the Author, Og Mandino, most New York Money Market Investors used this Knowledge and Understanding to predict Market Repeating Cycles, that were based on Ecliptic Calculations. In turn, Fortunes were made and maintained through Investments based on this Guarded Knowledge.

Market Cycles
Is it a mere Coincidence that the 8 Greatest Market Crashes have happened either 6 Days before a Full Moon or 3 Days after a Full Moon and within 6 Weeks of a Solar Eclipse? According to a researcher Steve Pitts, the Odds of these Crash Cycles to have occurred in this particular Pattern have a chance in 1/127,000 of the Time. This Theory is not 100% reliable as the 1929 and the 1950 Crashes did not follow this Market Crash Theory precisely. Nonetheless, the 8 Major Market Crashes since 1990, have thus far been the following.

1. 1990 – Tokyo Crisis
2. 1997 – Asia Crisis
3. 2000 – NASDAQ Crisis
4. 2001 – Fall Panic
5. 2007 – Market Crash
6. 2008 – Rosh HaShana Crass (777 points)
7. 2009 – Spring Crisis
8. 2011 – Debt Ceiling Panic

Another Researcher and Author that studied such Ecliptic Patterns and Market Cycles was Ralph N. Elliott. He wrote a Key Piece in 1946 entitled ‘Nature’s Law -The Secret of the Universe’. Due to his Work, the Mathematical Calculation used to calculate the Money Markets was called the Elliott Wave Theory. At that time, the New York Money Establishment put up much Resistance against Elliott’s Findings and subsequent Publications. The New York Stock Exchange Investors do not want the Masses knowing about such Knowledge of this Market Crash Cycle that so far, has accurately predicted the major Stock Market Crash Cycles.

This Market Crash Theory was further developed by the professor, Steve Pitts who is an Expert on Cycles. He studied the Conditions that are needed for a major Money Market Crash to occur. Based on his Research, the next US Market Crash could be predicted. If this scenario is to occur, perhaps the US Presidential Elections could be adversely affected because of it. Pitts primarily used the Unified Cycle Theory that basically postulates that Events influence life here on Earth and not the other way around.

2.12 Year Cycle
x 3 = 6.36 Year Cycle
         x 3 = 19.1 Year Cycle = Cycle of Markets  - Crashes and Panics
                   x 3 = 57.3 Year Cycle
                            x 3 = 171.9 Year Cycle = Cycle of Wars Major - World Conflicts
                                     x 3 = 516 Year Cycle = Cycle of Civilizations - Average Turnover

Based on this Unified Cycle Theory, along with some Spectra-Analysis mixed into the Calculations, it was determined that there is definitely a Pattern as it pertains to Money Market Cycles and certain correlating Eclipses. The last 8 major Market Crashes do follow a Pattern that is particularly tied to Moon and Eclipse Cycles. Primarily, these Market Cycles come in either 2’s or 3’s or Multiples of 3. For example, a Mathematical Matrix was presented that uses the multiple of 3.

Eclipse Correlation
Thus, perhaps this Year-Date Cycles can be verified as pertaining to Cycles in Human History that correspond precisely to the Matrix, at least Mathematically. Based on the Theories presented by the mentioned Researchers, it has been postulated that the Full Moons do affect the Stock Market and/or Economic Cycles. Obviously, there are no ‘Crashes’ on every Full Moon. For a ‘Crash’ to occur, there has to be certain Astronomical Conditions that have to be in place, associated specifically when it comes to the Cycles of Eclipses. But what is significant to note, is that the Market Crash Cycles have been found to occur with the following conditions.

1. Rise before a Full Moon

2. Drop after a Full Moon

What is so significant about the Eclipses, as they pertain to Market Crashes? According to the Researchers, it is believed that the Eclipses block certain Degrees of the Sun’s Radiation that affects the Earth’s Magnetic Shield. This Shield is what protects the Earth from the Deadly Effects of the Sun’s Radiation. On an Aside Note, some Scientists have discovered a Massive Hole in the Shield currently, that is attributed to increasing Solar Flares.

Furthermore, such Research has also postulated that mankind’s Responses, Behavior, and Decision-Making is somehow affected by this Magnetism. As it relates to the Economic World Markets, the greater the Exposure to the Radiation or Geo-Magnetic Fields, the greater Degree Humans make Decisions based on Risk. It is theorized that both a Full Moon and a Total Solar Eclipse have this same effect on Humanity, as both are either directly or most closely lined-up between the Sun and the Earth.

One additional Author and Researcher mentioned in the Discussion was that of Chris Carolan. He has further taken the Market Crash Theory and has postulated that not only do Market Crashes occur subsequent to Eclipses, but that the Market Crashes, when they occurred, all ended on the same Lunar Calendar Date.

The Researchers also concluded that not every Market Crash will occur on an Eclipse. Given the Potential for having 2 Eclipses per Year, even this Cycle of Eclipses does not always occur either. According to the Research of such Eclipse Patterns, thus far, it has only been about once every 10 Years that a Market Crash has correlated to an actual Eclipse Pattern. In particular the most Notable Years that the Markets did have a direct Eclipse Correlation were the following.

1. 1987 Crash
2. 1997 Crash
3. 2008 Crash

Market Crash Pattern
Part of the condition that also has to be in place, aside from the Eclipse Pattern, is that an Economic or Market ‘Bubble’ has to accompany the Ecliptic Cycle as well. The following is the Pattern that will most likely lead to a Market Crash Cycle, according to the Researchers. The Conditions that have to occur for a Market Crash to happen are the following.

1. The ‘Topping’ in the Markets will occur, leading-up to a Full Moon, 1 Month before a Solar Eclipse. This will happen anywhere within the 13-15th of a Month.

2. A ‘Panic’ or Drop in the Markets will ensue, that will seem like a ‘Crash’. It can occur within the 6 Days after the Solar Eclipse.

3. A ‘Rally’ will ensue for about 2 Weeks after the Solar Eclipse.

4. The ‘Crash’ will happen after the Lunar Eclipse that accompanies the Solar Eclipse, as the Event occurs in Pairs.

Given a ‘Next Eclipse’ Cycle is to occur, we can assess a possible Crash Scenario using this Market Cycle Theory. It does appear that this coming Period would be a Prime Candidate for a ‘Perfect Economic Storm’. This Market Crash Cycle would incorporate, from start to finish, a 2-Month Period. It would start with a New Moon, as a possible Scenario. Then the Cycle would continue to the Solar Eclipse. Thereafter, the Cycle would End on the final New Moon that occurs.

Here you have some interesting Number Patterns already. You have a Number Sequence in the 2 Month Period of a speculated Market Crash. You also have a Date of Number Sequence that ‘Mirrors’ each other, especially during a U.S. Presidential Election date. A complete crash cycle would look something like the following:

- The Market would ‘Top’ off around this Time.
- Then the Market would Drop in a ‘Panic’.
- Then the 6-Day Window for the ‘Crash’ would lead-up to the Solar Eclipse.
- Then the Market would try to ‘Rally’ that will lead-up to the Lunar Eclipse.
- Then within the 3-Day after the Lunar Eclipse, the actual ‘Crash’ would occur.
- It is also possible to have the actual ‘Crash’ extend, which leads to a Full Moon.

The above Market Crash Cycle Scenario projected onto the Time-Frame is only Speculative at this time. It is impossible to economically predict with 100% Accuracy, when the next major Economic Crash will occur. Other Economic Analysts also predict that this possible Crash Scenario could also play-out for several Months.

The Crash could reverberate out and prolong its Effects to its conclusion. The Scenario Time-Frame would end in 1 of the 6.37 Year Cycles. As this Theory of the Market Crash Cycles cannot be 100% Reliable, there can also be an Alternate Cycle Sequence that might occur way before the Forecast, as it was in 1929. If this would be the case, then Weeks after a Total Solar Eclipse would put the start of the Panic, for example. This ‘Panic’ that usually follows the ‘Peak’ of the market may inadvertently start early though.

U.S. Presidential Elections
Perhaps the Theory of the Market Crash Cycles are also a Contributing Factor in the anticipated U.S. and subsequent World Economic Collapse to come based on the number association since the 9-11 attack on the USA. It is no big Secret that the U.S. Economy is in Dire Straits. The U.S. Administration has failed to significantly generate Jobs for the USA. The only ‘Redistribution’ of Wealth undertaken has been the Redistribution of the Tax-Payer’s hard earned Incomes given to bail-out the Auto Makers and the Banksters of Wall Street.

It has been these ‘Money-Changers’ in the ‘Temple’ of Wall Street that have used this Market Crash Cycle against the Average American to rob them of Houses, Property, Bank Accounts, Savings and Retirements. The only other ‘Redistribution’ has undertaken is to redistribute more Food Stamps among the growing Number of Unemployed Americans. Currently, there are over 47 Million Americans on Food Stamps alone (2010 Estimates). Many Bible Researchers hold a Belief that the Luciferians that control the World Economy and Wall Street in these Last days, will use this coming Market Crash Cycle.

It is to inevitably implode the US-Europe dominated World Economy to make way for their New World Order (NOW). This is no big Secret, for example that the U.S. President Bush I Speech to Congress declared such a Quest on September 11, 1991. (911 with 1991 = 911-1-991 Sequence if 9=1 and 1=9 are substituted) Interestingly, from the Declaration to initiate the NWO on September 11, 1991, by the 1st Bush (Magog) to the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 during the 2nd Bush (Gog) was 11 Years. Then from the 9-11, 2001 Attack to September 11, 2012 was the 11th Year Anniversary. (11-11 Numerical Sequence Order)

Perhaps this coming Market Crash Cycle will be the ‘one’ to thus usher in the beginning of the actual NWO economic apparatus, or the need for one as the world will be plunged into intense economic chaos of the likes of the Weimar Republic in Germany that led to World War 2. During that time of economic collapse, 1 pound of bread cost 3 billion Marks!  We are currently witnessing such a possible repeat of history through an orchestrated combined world market crash of the Euro & US Dollar & a Middle East war fueled by religious hatred that erupted on September 11, 2012. There are currently over 30 nations’ navies in joint maneuvers in the Persian Gulf in a prelude to a probable military strike on Iran.

The Market Crash Cycle scenario presented could well start the next major world Market Crash Cycle. Some speculate that the ‘Crash’ will be starting in mid-October of 2012. Others theorize that the ‘Trigger’ for the ‘Crash’ may well start in October of 2012 but that it can send shock-waves of depression across the world well into the Spring of 2013 – specifically by the time of the Lunar Eclipse of April 25, 2013. With the Greek Euro in shambles & other EU nations like Spain, Portugal, Italy & Ireland on the brink of economic bankruptcy, the crash of the Euro will insure a subsequent crash of the US Dollar soon to follow thereafter.

A World On The Economic Brink

What has kept the U.S. Dollar afloat for Decades is that the World pays for its Oil in the current ‘World Reserve Currency’, which is in the U.S. Dollar and thus, called the Petro-Dollar. If this Arrangement would not be the case, the Federal Reserve printed Fiat Dollars would be worthless. Presently, other Countries have elected to purchase Oil with their Gold or Domestic Currencies. If this Trend continues and more Countries of the world abandon the U.S. Dollar, it will spell certain Doom for the current Economic Status-Quo of the USA. A New ‘World Reserve Currency’ will have to be implemented, and soon.

This Conjecture is part of the ‘Perfect Economic Storm’ lurking over the Economic Horizon of the World. If the Scenarios presented pan-out, there will be a need for a New World Economic Order that is precipitated by a New Political Order. And why not throw in a New Religious Order, for that matter as most of the Christians will have disappeared by then, i.e., the Rapture. No doubt, the next New World Order Economy will require such a Monetary Implosion on all major Fronts. The current ‘Old Order’ will need to make way for the New Economy, Politics and Religion to come to Fruition.

It is only a matter of not if but when the Euro and US Dollar will collapse and when the Rapture of the Christians is to occur. Some speculate that the Rapture itself could be the ‘Trigger’ to start all this too. Perhaps indeed, an up-coming Solar Eclipse Cycle Period could be the ‘Trigger’ in more ways than one. Perhaps certain Key Events that will take place within this Period from an Eclipse could be the Catalyst to start this ‘Panic’. Perhaps it could be a US-Israeli led World Coalition of World Military's poised to strike Iran.

If the World is indeed on the Precipice of an imminent 1) World Economic Collapse and 2) World War, then the World is also perhaps, on the verge of 3) the Rapture of the Church Age Believers in Jesus. Perhaps, as the Church Age is really going to come to an End of its Commission, the Spiritual Harvest of the Church will occur, as its Fruit is now Mature; as the Bride has ‘Made Herself Ready’ for the King.

‘Do not store-up for yourselves Treasures on Earth, where Moths and Vermin destroy, and where Thieves break in and steal. But store-up for yourselves Treasures in Heaven, where Moths and Vermin do not destroy, and where Thieves do not break in and steal. For where your Treasure is, there your Heart will be also’. - Matthew 6:19-21

Do you realize that according to the Bible, immediately following the Rapture, will be the Bema Seat Evaluation of a Disciple’s Works? While on Earth, Christ taught His Disciples to be aware of the Type of Fruit one would bear, because one would be eventually evaluated by it. It will not be a Judgment against Sins, because Sin was paid on the Cross of Calvary 2000 Years ago by Jesus. Sin was buried in His Body as He physically Died. The Resurrected Jesus has only Rewards now to distribute from the Bema Seat. This is known because the Bible states that He has given the Holy Spirit as a Token or Down-Payment to His Church, and Talents to Individuals for the Edification & Investment of others, until His Call to ‘Come Up!’ is shouted-out.

Jesus Christ’s Disciples can only imagine what other Gifts He has in store for those that Love and Await His Appearing. Thus, Christ’s Commission to the Church in general and to Individuals, calls for a Spiritual Inventory of what the Holy Spirit has invested in His Disciples. Has His Church and His Disciples been Faithful? Some have been and some have not been Faithful with their Talents and Spiritual Investments. At the End of the Day, Figuratively Speaking, it will not be how much Gold or Silver one amassed to offset any Market Crash Cycle or Hyper-Inflation.

It will not be how much one has in the Bank Account or Retirement, or how much Canned Food is stored up for Dooms-Day. What will matter in the coming Days, Months, and Years will be the Strength and the Resilience of a Disciple’s Faith in Jesus’ Promises, as those before us had during Tough Times. If Jesus tarries any longer, most Christians in the West, that have not experienced Persecution to the Levels, as most Christians in the rest have from the Hostile World, will need Fortitude and Resilience that can only be found in Jesus.

Despite the Dark Days that are Prophetically coming, of Lucifer’s New World Order that is upon us, may the Church be found having had put our Investments in ‘Spiritual Commodity’ –the LORD Himself. The Bible promises that Heaven is a Secure Place where nothing gets stolen and one’s Investments are secure in the ‘1st Bank of Paradise’ May one be found Worthy of the ‘Talents’ Jesus has invested in us. May we have a plentiful Return, that can testify of the Effect it has had on others by the Holy Spirit working through them. We shall see.

‘But the Worries of the World, and the Deceitfulness of Riches, and the Desires for other things enter in and choke the Word, and it becomes Unfruitful’. -Mark 4:19


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Note that the original Interview given back in 2012 is no longer available as the entire Rick Wiles YouTube Channel was Terminated. The following is a Video explaining another Stock Market Cycle posting to YouTube in 2023.

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