Locating the Holy of Holies Site

  • Are there mathematical patterns able to determine 3rd Temple?
  • Is there a need to build a Temple for the Ark of the Covenant?
  • Where is the true site of the Holy of Holes and is it knowable?

by Luis B. Vega
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Then the Word of the Lord came through the prophet Haggai: Is it a time for you yourselves to be living in your paneled houses, while this House remains a ruin? –Haggai 1:1-4

The purpose of this study is to consider the Jewish people that are at a prophetic crossroads in the present time. With the ever-increasing threat of all-out regional war in the Middle East, perhaps the time has come for the Jewish nation to rebuild the Temple of worship once again to YHVH despite the current political and religious opposition to it happening. According to the Bible, YHVH directed Israel to be the steward of YHVH’s House on Earth or Temple that would be a House of Prayer for all Nations in Jerusalem.

This study will seek to draw certain prophetic parallels from the time of Israel’s return from the Babylonian Captivity to rebuild the 2nd Temple. It was a time of constant harassment from the surrounding enemies of Israel and those occupying the Land in an attempt to thwart the plans to establish Jewish re-settlements and construct the 2nd Temple as the LORD directed Israel to do. This study will also present a theory that seeks to use the Fibonacci Ratio to establish the true location of the Holy of Holies from the reference point of the ‘Navel’ or the Foundation Stone within the Dome of the Rock.

If a top view of the Dome of the Rock is examined, it is amazing to see and notice how the old Roman and current Muslim structures on the Temple Mount appear to mark off the prior Temple’s boundaries by certain walkways, corners and gates. This study will postulate that several key areas of the Temple Mount correspond to the blueprints of what was, is and will be for the configuration of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem.

1) What the past 2nd Temple era boundaries possibly consisted of

2) How past structures and boundaries correspond to the present-day Temple Mount layout

3) The possible future 3rd Temple is overlaid based on perhaps what could be a pivotal clue using the Fibonacci Ratio as references from the Foundation Stone in the Dome of the Rock.

According to some interpretations of the book of Daniel, there will be a fully functional Temple worship service in the End of Days. The book of Revelation also collaborates with Daniel in that there will be in service, at the End of Time, a yet future Temple that will be desecrated by the AntiChrist as depicted in Daniel 11:31. This notion is popularly held to occur before the 2nd Advent of Jesus Christ despite the current political and religious impossibility. The challenges to such a construction of the 3rd Temple are presently enormous; where is the exact location to be found, where is the Ark of the Covenant, if it still exists and how will the Muslim administration of the Temple Mount facilitate this future arrangement, etc.

The Foundation Stone
Nonetheless, prophetically, once the exact ‘time’ is reached, the location of the Holy of Holies will be determined and the 3rd Temple will be built. Perhaps it will only be then that the Ark of the Covenant will be revealed and housed thereafter in that future Temple. This notion presupposes 2 incredible events yet to take place within this generation according to the Bible. One is that that a 3rd Temple well be built. Two, is that the Ark of the Covenant will be unveiled and placed within the Holy of Holies. Spectacularly, the time associated prophetically with these future Temple events will no less involve some of Israel’s greatest witnesses. They could be Moses and Elijah, assuming one supposition of who the 2 Witnesses are. These 2 will counteract the 2 false witness of Lucifer at some point in the Tribulation period; at of the False Prophet and the AntiChrist according to the book of Revelation.

The theory presented here in this study is that mathematically, the exact location of the Holy of Holies of the 1st and 2nd Temples can be determined based on the Dome of the Rock’s Foundation Stone. This theory collaborates and agrees with the already postulated theory that the Holy of Holies is directly over the Dome of the Spirits site on the Temple Mount. The proof will be speculative in so much as that a Fibonacci Ratio or ‘spiral’ from the Foundation Stone within the Dome of the Rock or the ‘Navel’ as it is often referred to is projected out to the Dome of the Tablets, same as the Spirits.

This Foundation Stone within the enclosure of the Dome of the Rock has a significant circular hole carved out within the Rock that protrudes out the ground. The hole resembles a ‘Navel’ –as in that of the human body. It is held tradition that this precise site is the ‘Navel of the Earth’ and from which the LORD started His creation of Earth from. It is also held that this location on the Temple Mount was where Abraham was put to the test with Isaac and that it was the; a ‘Gate’ or a boundary for the Garden of Eden from which both Adam and Eve were expelled or not allowed to enter at. It is also the place in which Jacob rested his head on a stone and was given the vision of the Heavenly Ladder up to the ‘Gates’ of the House of the LORD from which the pre-incarnated Jesus Christ was standing at.

The Fibonacci Ratio φ might well be the key in determining the actual dimension and boundaries of the Temple and its environs. By projecting out such a Fibonacci Ratio φ from the Dome of the Rock to spiral out and intersect the Dome of the Tablets precisely is perhaps a concept not yet considered by Biblical researchers. The direct proportion of the Fibonacci Ratio φ determined by the Dome of the Rock’s with a phi ratio is to be kept exactly as it is applied to the reference point of the Dome of the Tablets; this is what will determine the Temple’s layout proportions. This mathematical theory supposes that perhaps the true mark that is to determine the Temple’s true dimensions and boundaries can be obtained from the same phi ratio used from the Dome of the Rock’s Foundation Stone once applied to the Dome of the Tablets if this theory is valid, then the dimension of the Temple proper, which consists of the end of Court of Israel to the end of Temple building edge, can be precisely determined.

Islamic Revisionism
Of further consequence, if the intersecting lines are protected out from, both ends of the phi ratio patterns, they give the dimensions of the western boundaries of the Temple platform itself – from where the Fortress Antonia was to Robinson’s Arch. This theory only seeks to present a postulated model using a mathematical relationship and scale that perhaps will accurately give the precise dimensions of the Temple proper. On both accounts, it appears that the spirals or the phi ratio that intersect the Dome of the Tablets precisely validates where the mark the Ark’s true resting place will be once the 3rd Temple to be rebuild.

The Islamic Palestinian authority that currently has administrative rights on the Temple Mount. It was given by Moshe Dayan as a ‘privilege’ after the 1967 Six-Day War, has allegedly destroyed and is destroying considerable amounts of Jewish 1st and 2nd Temple era artifacts and fragments. They are in a guest to remove any Jewish association with the Temple Mount. In the guise of ‘renovation’, they have violated the conditions of their given administration rights by the Israeli government and have destroyed much of any 1st and 2nd Temple artifacts that have been subsequently unearthed by excavations. Tons of debris has been dumped in the valleys below the Temple Mount without regard to its archeological significance. They have burned wood from the 2nd Temple era and seem to be on a quest to stamp-out any archeological relevance linking the Temple Mount to the Temple of Solomon and Herod. 

The current efforts of the Muslim Temple Mount authority have also been to restrict any digging or overt prayer by Jewish Believers on the Mount itself. As it stands now, pardon the pun, the Dome of the Rock is a Muslim structure that has only been in existence since the 690s AD. It is only the 3rd holiest shrine in the Muslim world, not the first. When Muslims pray from the Dome on the Mount, they face Mecca, not the where the House of YHVH once stood. The city of Jerusalem is not even mentioned once in their so-called sacred book. Perhaps because of such a lack of connection and association on the part of the current Muslim claim to the Temple Mount, it will be all that much easier to let go once the conditions and time is right to let it be gone as opposed to if the contention was over, say over Mecca’s black cube.

Currently, the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount is for Muslims only and not a ‘House of Prayer for all Nations’ that YHVH had instructed the place to be. Politically, it is stated that the site is open to everyone and all religions are welcomed but that it is strictly a Muslim temple. If the Islamic ‘god’ is the same ‘god’ as that of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, then there is a contradiction and confusion of the ‘gods’. If the ‘god’ of the Muslims was the same as the GOD of the Bible, then the Muslims would gladly allow for the Jewish Nation to proceed with the construction of the Temple per YHVH request and desire. It would allow Jews and Christians to pray on the Temple Mount. This has not been and will not be the case in the Muslim world. Thus, it is speculated that when the AntiChrist comes on the scene, there will either be an event that will cause the Muslim world to capitulate on this stance regarding the Temple Mount and he construction of the 3rd Temple. This will either be by a political maneuver, a world war or a combination of such that will facilitate the construction of the 3rd Temple.

Why is the Ark to be relevant in the Last Days
Perhaps it will be because the disclosure of the Ark of the Covenant that will demand it. The Ark of the Covenant was the primary storage container for the 10 Commandments given directly by the Hand of YHVH on Mt. Sinai to Moses and the Jewish nation. It was a ’Covenant’ for all Eternity. The ’Throne Box’ was a duplicate copy of the one in Heaven’s Throne Room. The 2nd set of Tablets or Tablet was made by Moses as the 1st was broken by Moses when the Hebrews worshiped the Golden Calf while Moses was receiving the very Law form YHVH on top of Mt. Sinai. The Ark also had a token sample of the Manna that the LORD provided Israel during the 40-year Wilderness Journey and the almond Staff of Aaron that budded.

Once a year, on Yom Kippur, only the High Priest would be required to pour blood upon the Mercy Seat of the Ark as a propitiation for Israel’s national sins. The Ark was situated in the midst of the Holy of Holies. Contrary to the much-accepted notion, the Temple was constructed to house the Ark, not the Ark for the Temple. The Ark of the Covenant will be relevant during the Tribulation Period because it will forever establish and prove who the real Messiah was and is. The Ark is at the center and the most important religious relic Israel has known; it provided a tangible symbol of their relationship with YHVH. It speaks and represents the aspirations of a nation that is still waiting for its understanding of who the Messiah is or will be. In part, due to Israel’s national stubbornness and current spiritual blindness, Israel will accept the false Messiah to come proclaiming that ‘he’ is the One promised and ‘Master of the Ark’.

Perhaps it will be Lucifer that will use the Ark of the Covenant for his own purposes-next to his final manifestation in an attempt to destroy those he falsely promises to protect and receive worship from, Israel. It will only be then when Lucifer, possessing the AntiChrist false Messiah, enters the Holy of Holies and sits on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant that ALL of Israel will finally see that this false Messiah was and is. The Impostor This interpretation is just one of several scenarios that could depict the events during the Tribulation Period. What is blasphemy is not necessarily that this false Messiah sits on the Ark of the Covenant, but that he will demand absolute homage and worship be ascribed to him alone from Israel, not for YHWH. Any Jew or Gentile not receiving the Mark of the Beast will be either cut off from the ‘grid’ to either starve or be beheaded for lack of allegiance.

Prophetically, the Ark of the Covenant on one level is a picture of Christ and how He is YHVH’s agent of mercy and love for Humanity. The Ark shows how ‘mercy’ or love covers a multitude of sins or requirements of the Law. The Manna or bread is what Christ said about Himself about being the Bread of Life that came from Heaven. The Branch or Aaron’s Staff alludes to Christ’s being the chosen Priest to officiate the duty of being the Intercessor. The Staff alludes to one of His Messianic Titles, the ‘Branch of the LORD’ that shall come forth and bud. The Law represents the morality and righteous standard of YHVH that only Jesus Christ was able to not only fulfill as a Man on behalf of Humanity’s representative before the LORD but He imputed that righteousness to those that avail themselves of the shed blood that paid for the sins of all Humanity on the Cross of Calvary.

A Type of the Messiah
In the Letter to the Hebrews, it states that Christ Himself, as the King, Priest and Prophet presented His own Blood at the Heavenly Ark of the Covenant or Throne of YHVH in Heaven. This is a profound mystery and accomplishment. The Ark of the Covenant, on the other hand represented the failure of YHVH’s People to keep the LORD’s ordinances and commandments. Each element within the Ark speaks of judgment upon Israel for their unbelief and unfaithfulness. The Law Tablets were broken; the Manna was given when Israel murmured for food and did not believe the LORD would provide for them in the Wilderness. The Staff was a sign of who was to be of the Priestly line to serve in the Temple worship services because there was a contention about it against the LORD even though it was very clear that the LORD had chosen Aaron’s descendants for such service.

This issue of resignation and submission to YHVH’s will addresses the sin nature of Humanity in that it does not like what GOD chooses. Perhaps as the Church is removed at the time of the Rapture, the LORD re-focuses His attention back to Israel. Why? It will be to a time needed to finish His ‘judgments’ upon national Israel, in a since as before during the Wilderness. Perhaps it will take such elements as concrete symbols that will resurface i.e. the Ark of the Covenant that will serve as object lesion –all over again for Israel and help get their attention. Plus, according so some interpretations of eschatology, Moses Himself is to come back and address Israel’s current national blindness to Jesus Christ since the removal of the Bride of Christ as one of the 2 Witnesses during this future time.

It is believed that the Ark of the Covenant is what is left of the original furnishings constructed by Moses during the Exodus out of Egypt as described in the book of Genesis. Perhaps it will be unveiled once the conditions to rebuild the 3rd Temple is prime and thus for the true Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ to come on the scene. The Ark of the Covenant was basically a portable ‘Throne Chair’ in which the ‘Shekhinah’ שכינה Glory rested and the Presence of GOD was manifested in Israel during Biblical times. There is some controversy over this assertion as many Biblical and Kabbalistic mystics insinuate that it is the feminine aspect of YHVH that was manifested.

The Ark of the Covenant mirrored the real one in the Throne Room of YHVH in Heaven. The Ark’s design was alleged to be seen by a first eyewitness account of Biblical researcher and explorer Ron Wyatt. What is intriguing is that such a design has been novel in its illustration as many other renditions seek to approximate the Ark’s true form. Since Moses and the Israelites had some 400 years of Egyptian style architecture and art in their psyche, it is not a far stretch of the imagination to have the Ark’s design be heavily influenced by such designs. In the majority of sketches of Egyptian renditions of Cherub’s or Angelic Beings, they most always had the front wing directed downwards and the back wings directed upwards when looking directly at a chest or box that they guarded. With such a design or pattern, the Cherubs of the Ark of the Covenant form a ‘pyramid’ type backdrop. Furthermore, the Bible does describe that the Shekhinah aura resonated and rested between the Cherubs.

The Seat of Power
Perhaps if this imagery can be illustrated, this aura could have been at the location were the ‘pyramid’ construed by the Cherubs joined with outreached wings, that is to say, the apex of the ‘pyramid’. In other words, it resembles the ‘all seeing eye’ of the truncated pyramid of the Freemason and Luciferians as in the U.S. 1-dollar Federal Reserve note. Perhaps this is where Lucifer has mimicked this supreme iconoclastic pattern of the LORD and usurped it as his own because it originates in what could somehow be manifesting at the very Throne Chair of the LORD in the Heavenly Temple. In the book of Daniel, it alludes that a Temple will be standing during the reign of the AntiChrist and it will have the Ark of the Covenant within it.

The Bible declares that an event called the Abomination of Desolation will take place related to the future Temple. This event has to do with either setting up an idol or statue of some type on the side of the Temple or inside of it. Another speculation is that the AntiChrist, as a mere mortal man, once fully possessed bodily by Lucifer himself, will enter the Holy of Holies where the Mercy Seat is at and sit down on it to publicly proclaim that he is the long awaited Messiah; in essence taking the place and ‘dethroning’ YHVH, at least on Earth. In 1967, the Jews recaptured the Old City of Jerusalem along with the Temple Mount.

This territory was not under Jewish sovereign control since AD 70 when the nation of Israel was exiled by the Romans. The 2nd Temple was destroyed on the 9th of Av as was the 1st Temple on the very same date. There are many theories of where the Temple is to be rebuilt. An alternative speculative position, aside from the Dome of the Rock’s Foundation Stone, is that of the site that it is over the Dome of the Tablets, perhaps this is actually the correct correspondence to the Holy of Holies after all. This would religiously and politically accommodate the Dome of the Rock from having to be removed. The following are just some hypothetical scenarios of how the 3rd Temple might come about.

Some Possible Scenarios
1. A political maneuver or ‘Confirming’ could be brokered in which some possible “Peace for Land” is made in which the construction & service of the 3rd Temple would be accommodated.

2. A Treaty in which a Palestinian State is declared & recognized by the world and Israel is promised unconditional security in exchange for the construction of the 3rd Temple is allowed.

3. A spoil of war obtained by a possible all-out military & religious Islamic assault as alluded in Psalm 83 in which Israel’s enemies are supernaturally defeated and the Arab threat to Israel’s security will be such that Israel will abide in ‘cities without walls’ thereafter in preparation for the later Gog-Magog invasion. (Ezek 38-39)

The 3rd Temple is very close to being rebuilt; it is popularly stated among the Orthodox Jewry that ‘all we need is for Messiah to come’. Perhaps when the Ark of the Covenant appears, so too will Moses, its builder will likewise appear. This would perhaps coincide with Moses being one of the 2 Witnesses as prescribed by the book of Revelation. The Temple Institute is one such Jewish body organized for this cause.

The Creation Navel
They just finished in 2010 the last of the Temple items required for Temple Service, the adjustable Crown. (See www.TempleInstitute.org for details) What is left is for the Ark of the Covenant to be retrieved from wherever it is at currently. Many believe that it is hidden beneath the caverns of the Temple Mount itself. Many believe that the Ark never left Israel and at the right time, it will appear -to be placed in the 3rd Temple’s Holy of Holies. The resurfacing of this relic will be no doubt be a key event in eschatology and one of the most monumental discoveries in our modern times. The Temple Mount Faithful is another religious Jewish group that is working to establish the 3rd Temple. They have the Corner Stones ready to be set for the 3rd Temple.

Also, due to DNA and current science, the Red Heifers needed to purify the Temple Mount and nation to be ready for consecration of the Temple worship service have been procured. There is a DNA related ancestry registry database of those of the Aaronic Priestly lineage to serve as Priests. To this end there are many Jewish and Christian organizations in accordance with such a possibility and preparation. Such preparations have been made to have at least all the Temple furnishings, utensil, articles, clothing, protocols, and Priests ready to go once the Temple is erected. As it is the case with the formation and function of the human navel in relation to a human gestation period of development, it is at the point of the navel that the umbilical cord is situated at and cut after birthing. This chord spirals to form a coil from the mother.

How much so could a Fibonacci Ratio φ thus be used to pattern the spiral likewise from the most important geographical point on Earth. Perhaps if such a mathematical pattern is applied to such a location as the Foundation Stone, it could render the possible location of no less than the Holy of Holies where YHVH’s Presence rested on Earth. Once the proportions are obtained from such a scale, this very same scale of spiral proportions will establish the 2nd mathematical relationship from the Dome of the Tablets. The phi ratio is thus to be projecting such a similar Fibonacci Ratio φ proportion obtained from that 1st point off the Foundation Stone to project out from the Dome of the Tablets. Of further interest is the assumption that the Temple Mount area has an anthropomorphic quality and principle to it.

Over the centuries, here have been some postulations brought forth by only few researchers that the topological formation from the City of David to one of the believed spots of where Calvary is at forms an approximation of a ‘human body’. The City of David would consist of the ‘legs’, the Temple Mount itself would be the ‘navel’ but also the genital areas of both male and female functions. Consider the slaughter of thousands of bulls and lambs where the Brazen Altar stood and the amount of blood flowing in ‘cycles. There would also be enormous amounts of water needed to clean the Priests as in ‘washing away’ of sin and those approaching to worship. Then to the north side outside the Old City is currently a bus parking lot; yet adjacent is the ‘Place of the Skull’ because the side of the hill has such features. This spot is one of the locations of where Calvary, which means ‘skull’, is believed to be where Jesus Christ was crucified. Coincidentally, the Garden Tomb is just nearby. There might be some validity to this assertion if you consider the spiritual functionality of the Temple of YHVH.

Prophetic Parallels
It was to be a House of Prayer for all Nations but more than that, it was the dwelling place of GOD’s Presence, the Shekhinah Glory was where GOD met with mankind as it were ‘face to face’. The Temple also served as a place of worship, consecration and where there was an ‘exchange’. At that place it was where YHVH ‘covered’ or atoned the sins of Israel clean by exchanging the ‘filthy rags’ sort of speak that Isaiah 64:6 graphically alludes to in that portion of Scripture of what our sins are in the eyes of the LORD. This location of Calvary was the most traveled by during that time as it was the main road that to Damascus and it was literally the crossroads of the Earth geographically. To the south was the gateway route to Egypt and Africa, to the west, the route led up the coast and eventually to Asia Minor and Europe, to the north along the edge of Calvary, the Damascus route opened up Asia.

It was at these junctures or intersections that criminals were crucified along the paths. If anyone wanted to make a statement, it would be here. Thus, as the multitudes passed by during the Passover Feast of that time, Jews from all over the 3 continents, Europe, Asia, and Africa passed to see the Messiah crucified at this very intersection of humanity. What the world is seeing in Israel and the Jewish nation experiencing today is exactly a repeat of Israel’s dilemma during Ezra and Zerubbabel’s time over the issue of the Temple Mount and YHVH’s House. Back then, Israel (Judah) had just returned from the Diaspora of being taken out of the Land by Nebuchadnezzar for Israel’s sins and unfaithfulness to the LORD. After a period of exile to a Gentile land, many returned, many stayed in Babylon.

Thereafter, an effort was at least in thought and word proclaimed that Solomon’s Temple, the 1st on the Temple Mount would be rebuilt. This reconstruction would be called the 2nd Temple. Sadly the LORD had to admonish the Israelites for ‘building their own houses first and neglecting YHVH’s House’ once the Jews returned to Jerusalem as it states in Haggai 1:2. In one parallel feature, since 1948, the Jews that have returned to Israel have primarily been preoccupied with ‘building their houses’ only or first. Perhaps the time is now come that despite the constant opposition to building YHVH’s House, Israel as a nation united must see this as a priority and commitment. The attempt by the returning Jews to the Land and rebuilding the 2nd Temple after the return of the Exile from Babylon is very similar today in its conditions and pattern of behavior from Israel’s enemies.

There had to be an admonishment from the LORD to start the work of the Temple reconstruction, even though it was during a time of contention, opposition, and hostility directly from the natural inhabitants of the land. As then, today the direct descendants of those very same peoples are opposing the reconstruction of the 3rd Temple as the Jews have returned from the Diaspora of 70 AD. The enemies of Israel then as now, used the world political stage to foster support from world leaders in power to successfully halt the work on more than one occasion. In today’s present context, it is the Palestinian Authority, the Arab League, the UN, the EU, the USA, etc., that do not want to see the Jews re-establish their settlements, much less erect YHVH’s Temple once again.

A Spiritual House
As then with the contention so intense against Israel's quest to reconstruct the House of GOD, so too today Israel first had to secure its borders with a wall. Jerusalem had to be united and secured from attacks that sought to halt the Temple reconstruction. As Israel did then, it has done so now by erecting a wall, out of necessity for Israel’s security against Muslim-Arab constant attacks. Despite the severe barrage of attacks, political manipulation and international pressure against Israel, as the Jews did then, under the leadership of Ezra and Nehemiah, the construction likewise now needs to took place; with a ‘trowel on one hand and a sword on the other’. If Israel is fearful of inciting a Muslim uprising and is waiting for ‘Peace and Security’ before it can tackle the concept of a 3rd Temple, it will never come to pass.

The Palestinians and Arab neighbors surrounding Israel are bent on erasing Israel off the map of the world as depicted in Psalm 83. The Arab-Muslim contention against Israel over the Temple Mount, East Jerusalem and the West Bank is that Israel preempted the military strike against the Arabs during the 6-Day War. The Arab nations were on a verge of attack, mainly, Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. The Arab argument is that since Israel was the ‘aggressor’ or fired first, any land acquired because of it is illegal and not recognized by the UN or the world for that matter. The Palestinians demand these Lands back as part of the Oslo Peace Accords. The Oslo Accords specified ‘Land for Peace’ but it was not based on the indefensible pre-1967 border of Israel.

This is the current dilemma that only a regional all-out war or natural calamity will allow for the 3rd Temple to be rebuilt by Israel. Israel became a sovereign nation in 1948 and the Temple Mount was acquired in 1967. What many believe that the next phase in YHVH’s End Time plan for Israel is to erect on the holy ground that Israel has under its jurisdiction, the 3rd Temple to house the Ark of the Covenant on the Temple Mount. No Jewish Temple or for that matter the ‘House of the LORD’ has stood in the Temple Mount since 70 AD as foretold by Jesus Christ. Yet Christ Himself spoke in reference to the prophet Daniel of a future yet Abomination of Desolation event that was to take place in the Temple. He admonished His Disciples and Jews to ‘flee to the hills’ i.e., Petra when this event would occur. The prophet Daniel alludes to this event being the halting of the Daily Sacrifices –which can only presuppose a 3rd Temple yet in the future.

This is when the AntiChrist will turn on the Jews for realizing and not recognizing his claim to Messiahship after all. Since the Jewish Diaspora by the Romans took place because of the rejection of Jesus Christ as Israel’s Messiah, the national people of the Jews have had to wonder the four corners of the world until 1948. During that time, even though no physical ‘House’ was in place geographically in Jerusalem, the work on the Cross of Jesus Christ provided an opportunity for GOD to seek out a Gentile Bride and construct His ‘Spiritual House’ out of Gentile Believers and Jews. The New Testament of the Bible refers to as the ‘New Creation’ or the ‘New Man’ in Christ. This parallels the storyline of Boaz taking a Gentile wife, Ruth for example. For over 1940 years now, the Church Age has been that ‘Temple of Worship’ filled with the Shekhinah Glory or Presence of the LORD by way of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

It is the Holy Spirit that is currently sealing permanently individuals or ‘constructing’ each as if though a ‘brick’ into corporate Body of Christ or Temple of the LORD. At some point in time, once the House is complete, the LORD will ‘dwell’ within Her as in reference to the New Jerusalem to be called out and up, i.e., Raptured. The Church Body of Believers or the ‘Spiritual House of God’ is a unique phenomenon that presupposes the Rapture in order for the LORD to draw His attention back on an unbelieving National Israel once the Church is removed. The LORD will allow conditions to be such as they were when Solomon’s or the first Temple was constructed.

Perhaps the last Temple will likewise have all the furnishings to include the Ark of the Covenant. There is one similarity between the Church as a Spiritual House and that of Israel’s attempt to rebuild the House of God during Ezra and Nehemiah’s time as it is with Israel now. The Church Age likewise has seen the same pattern of opposition to YHWH building His ‘Spiritual House’ –primarily from the same type of people. It is no surprise that the religion of Islam is Christianity’s mortal enemy. No other ‘religion’ on Earth is specifically and theologically against the core tenants of the Christian doctrines as Islam is.

Despite severe persecution, mass slaughter, genocide throughout the centuries, the Church of Christ has not stopped building, evangelizing to procure this Spiritual House. Christ promised that the Gates of Hell would not overcome or overpower the Church.There might seem times and places where it might appear that the Church is all but destroyed, distraught and in despair but YHVH has promised that no matter how hard the contention, opposition and assaults are, His Church, His Spiritual House, His Bride will conquer to the very last ‘brick’ to be placed on the wall. In the end, the Bride will overcome and be complete because the Church’s ‘end’ is with Christ’s end and beginning forever and ever. Amen.

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Temple Institute
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