The End of a Dispensation

  • Did the Tetrad Pattern signal the end of the Church Age?
  • Are the Blood Moons tied to Israel's Restoration pattern?
  • What role does the Theory play prophetically in these Last Days?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the prophets and stones those sent to her, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were unwilling! Look, Your House is left to you desolate. For I tell you that you will not see Me again until you say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.’ 
 -Matthew 23:27-29

The purpose of this study is to consider that if the Daily Sacrifices where to begin on any particular day or Feast of YHVH, the primary candidate would be the Feast of Passover. This initiation of the Feast of YHVH alone is what the Religious Jews have been endeavoring to accomplish since 70 AD with the destruction of the Altar of Sacrifice, the Temple, Jerusalem and Israel. With the rededication of the Altar of Sacrifice on December 10, 2018 or the 2nd day of Tevet, 5779, it has given Biblical prophecy significance and 1 step closer for this objective to come to pass. In essence, the Altar of Sacrifice is now a ‘concrete’ marker, literally that ties in or bring together the culmination of the Olivet Discourse given by none other than Jesus.

Why is the Altar of Sacrifice so pivotal? Consider that the Altar of Sacrifice is what will predicate several nuances of prophecy converging in this ‘Last Generation’. First of all, the coming ‘Daily Sacrifices’ will one day be reconstituted and are dependent on there being an Altar of Sacrifice. Then there is the timing of the rededication, exactly on the 70th year since Israel’s ‘rebirth’ in 1948.. The year 2018 was, coincidentally was 1,948 years from the 70 AD destruction of the Altar and the 2nd Temple. Several amazing and essential prophetic events converged in 2018.

The Convergence of Prophecy
Consider that the amazing coefficient of 70 is the consistency of the various prophecies interwoven in these Last Days. Most notably now, the Altar of Sacrifice is the ‘Sign’ of the coming 70th Week of Years, or last Sabbatical Cycle per Daniel that perhaps could start in a near Feast of Passover. The following will be the list of factors that are directly predicated on there being an Altar of Sacrifice and how pivotal it is to the synchronization of the ‘final prophecies’ of the Bible before Jesus returns to Earth. There is the fact that the AntiChrist, whom Bible believing Followers of Jesus believe will be the ‘false’ Messiah to the Jews will be revealed.

He is tied directly to the Altar of Sacrifice because he will preside over a future Passover Feast wherein he sanctions the Daily Sacrifices to begin. Then the ‘confirming of the Covenant’ is predicated on there being an AntiChrist that is made with the ‘Many’ that ushers in a false sense of ‘Peace and Security’. Then, the 3rd Temple is predicated on there being an Altar of Sacrifice that the coming AntiChrist will sanction to be rebuilt. Then the ultimate goal of the coming AntiChrist is to bring out the Ark of the Covenant to eventually sit on it and demand absolute worship from Israel and the Nations.

It will be at this place and time then that the Abomination of Desolation is to occur also predicated on there having been an Altar of Sacrifice. Thus, that the Altar of Sacrifice is and will be the time marker serving as a warning or ‘Sign’ to the Remnant of the YHVH’s faithful during the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. The Altar of Sacrifice is thus prophetically significant because it is acting as a time marker as Jesus foretold when the Daily Sacrifices would cease. It would mark the halfway point of the Tribulation Period. Interestingly, this halfway time marker of the 70th week count is in direct correlation with the Revelation 12 Sign. If one then considers the astronomical alignment that took place in September 23, 2017 to the rededication of the Altar of Sacrifice, then what one sees is also a ’70- week’ countdown to it. Nonetheless, the Altar of Dedication is what is inferenced and is the ultimate fulfillment of the Revelation 12 Sign.

From Revelation 12 Sign to Altar of Dedication = 444 days
Revelation 12 Sign to last Blood Moon of Triad = on 70th Week

The following are the mentioned factors of the Biblical prophecy in list format of how specific prophecies converge because of the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice is a ‘Sign’ and time marker. In terms of a ‘time marker’, consider that when the Abomination of Desolation occurs and the AntiChrist enters into the Holy of Holies, believers of Jesus at that time can then calculate to the day when Jesus is to return, some 1260 days later. This is just an example of how this study strongly suggests the Altar of Sacrifice is essential a ‘countdown’ stopwatch.  

1. Daniels’ 70th Week of Years soon to begin.
2. The AntiChrist is to be revealed.
3. A Confirming the Covenant is to be made.
4. The 3rd Temple will be rebuilt.
5. Daily Sacrifices are going to be initiated – perhaps Passover.
6. The Ark of the Covenant is speculated to be revealed.
7. Abomination of Desolation will occur based on Jesus’ warning.

Lastly, based on the work of Tony Badillo at templesecrets.info from his research into the ‘Metallic Messiah’, there is an Anthropomorphic nature of the Temple of YHVH. First off, the Altar of Sacrifice corresponds to the ‘feet’ of the human form. In essence, YHVH is reversing the order by which one would approach the Holy of Holies as a template to His endeavor to restore the ‘fallen tent of David’, etc. It is also reversing the ‘Curse’ of how Jesus decreed that ‘your House is left to you desolate’.

The Divine Order
It is very interesting that Jesus at that point in time did not ascribe the 2nd Temple as ‘My House’. This notions are also corroborated in how in the book of Ezekiel, the Glory of YHVH vacated the Holy of Holies, then the Holies, the Outer Courts and then through the Golden Gate up to the Mount of Olives and then upward back into Heaven itself. This sequence is exactly how Jesus will traverse in reverse order at His 2nd coming. The anthropomorphic nature and sequence of the 3rd restoration to come for Israel is strongly suggested has begun with the Altar of Sacrifice in December of 2018. This Altar would then mirror the position of the feet of the human form as it is superimposed atop the Temple proper.

The completion of the ‘work’ would culminate with the ‘head’ in the Holy of Holies. This position would thus correspond to the Ark of the Covenant as it began with the Tabernacle of Moses and then with the Temple of Solomon. Consider that this study is suggesting then that the order of the reconstitution of all the various elements and accoutrements needed for the Daily Sacrifices to commence will take on such an order and anthropomorphic nature. If the order has already begun with the Altar of Sacrifice, what will be next is the Laver of Water.

Thus, the next prophetic milestone will one day be that the Ashes of the Red Heifer. Is it no wonder that the Ashes of the Red Heifer are mingled with water, etc. Like the Laver, it is needed to ‘wash’ and ‘purify’ the Temple Mount, furnishings, Temple, Jerusalem and the all of Israel. Anthropomorphically, the Levar corresponds to the urinary track of the human form. Then what this study further suggests based on this prophetic order is that the Temple proper will then be erected. This work will include all of the 7 major furnishings that went into the Temple Service and have already been procured by the Temple Institute.

The Holies corresponds the core area of the body that contains the vital organs, such as the heart, the lungs, stomach, etc. The Table of Bread corresponds to the stomach. The 7 branch Menorah corresponds to the lungs of a human as they can be depicted as ‘branches’ of a tree, etc. The Altar of Incense corresponds to the worship and condition of the human heart. The last and final piece of accoutrements will be the Ark of the Covenant. Once the Daily Sacrifices are initiated at the Altar of Sacrifice and the Temple is in place with all its decoration, service and Priests, the Ark of the Covenant will be brought out as the ‘crowing’ restoration.

It corresponds to the ‘head’ of the human form or the ‘mind’ from where the ‘capitol’ is located at. It is also the place that provides the ‘interfacing’ with the ‘divine’ directly as it was with the Divine Presence that rested in-between the wings of the Cherub on the Ark of the Covenant itself, etc. Thus, what this study suggests is that a sort-of ‘reverse-engineering’ will require a 3-4 year ‘gap’ in the timeline from the rededication of the Altar to adjust for the needed construction of the 3rd Temple itself. Why the ‘3-4 year ‘Window of Time’ is suggested is due to the fact that in 2018 alone, some amazing prophetic milestones appeared to converge. There was the dedication of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem on the very day of Israel’s 70th year anniversary.

This precipitated the decree by U.S President Trump to recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s ‘Eternal Capital’ in December of 2017. There was the Israeli Nation-State Law that passed essentially making the State of Israel, one in the same with the Biblical mandate of YHVH’s inheritance to the Land, and all the Biblical Covenants, etc. There was also the birthing of several pure ‘Red Cows’ of which 1 was certified as the 'Red Heifer’. What is most significant about this accomplishment is that such have to be sacrificed within a 3-4 year maximum length of time. Then astonishingly, there was the dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice that is essentially the extension of the 3rd Temple proper.

Reverse Prophetic Engineering
The 3-4 ‘Window of Time’ then from the 2nd half of 2018 could perhaps see 1 or more of the following Biblical milestones that have yet to be realized. The final segment of the 3rd aspect of restoration Jesus alluded to in the Olivet Discourse could see its fulfillment by a major coming ‘Temple Event’. This ‘Event’ could either be the Covenant with the Many ‘confirmed’. It could be the case that at such a time, the ‘Event’ could be the decree to start construction of the 3rd Temple. Then the coming ‘Event’ could be the case that the Daily Sacrifices are to commence perhaps, regardless of a Temple.

Nonetheless, if the Before-During-After Theory of the Blood Moon Tetrads has proven to be valid, then the subsequent theory is that within the 3-4 ‘Window of Time’ since 2018 will see some amazing ‘Events’ and/or singular ‘Event’. This prophetic ‘Event’ will lead-up to the full restoration of the 3rd element of the Olivet Discourse, that being the 3rd Temple that was the first to be destroyed. The studies over the past decade concerning such a theory is predicated on the notion that YHVH is restoring the 3 basic elements that were in place at Jesus’ 1st coming and that have to also thus be in place at His 2nd coming.

Jesus warned that all 3 elements were to be destroyed and… ‘Your House’ will be left to you desolate’. Why? It is because of the Jewish rejection of Jesus as the rightful Messiah and heir to the Throne of David, etc. These 3 elements are the Land of Israel, the City of Jerusalem, and the Holy Temple. And that the order of their destruction would be the order of their ‘restoration’. Based on historical accounts, the Holy Temple was the first to be destroyed, then the City of Jerusalem, then the Nation of Israel, exiled. As promised in the Bible, YHVH pledged for His Name’s sake and Covenant Promises to men of Faith such as Abraham, and King David that YHVH would be faithful to restore the ‘fallen tents of David’, etc.

Thus, the 3-fold restoration began in 1947 and the 3rd or last segment of the restoration elements started with the rededication of the Altar of Sacrifice. An illustration will attempt to depict the ‘Segments of Time’ from when the ‘Event’, deemed to be Biblically prophetic concerning Israel’s restoration occurred. Moreover, this study strongly suggests that such elements of this 3-fold restoration were indeed tied to the ‘Celestial Signs’ of the Blood Moon Tetrad series. The Tetrad series is as follows, 1949-50, 1967-68, 2014-15. A day count will be examined from the prophetic milestones of Israel’s ‘partition’ by the U.N. that essentially ‘legally birthed’ Israel in 1947 to become a sovereign nation to the 1st Blood Moon of 1949.

Then the 2ndd prophetic event was the recapturing of the Jerusalem from the Muslims in 1967. Here too, the day count will be examined from the 1st Blood Moon of the Tetrad to the ‘Event’ that was the recapturing of Jerusalem from the Muslims. What prior studies on the Blood Moon Patterns has also revealed is that such a sequence has occurred in approximate phi ratio of time. Moreover, the studies went on to strongly suggest that the prophetic ‘Events’, that is the 3-fold restoration of the Nation, City and Temple were based on the Before-During-After Tetrad Theory.

Thus, it would appear that indeed, 2018 marked the 3rd Temple ‘Event’ as calculated using the Phi Ratio Theory, given 1947-1967-2018. The Phi Ratio Theory basically supposes that Biblical prophecy is subject to its fulfillment based on the mathematical sequences or timing based on the phi ratio given the Fibonacci Sequence. This amazing sequence is considered by many to be the ‘Signature of the Creator’. It is seen in all aspects where there is ‘life’ present. This Fibonacci Sequence is seen in the most minute microscopic life forms to the immensity of the spiral mega galaxies in the known Universe and everything in-between. What is amazing is that the human form is designed in such fashion.

Phi Ratio Theory
What many studies over the decade have presented is that if such is case, for example that the human form is subject to the phi ratio proportions, then the vision of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream if of a prophetic ‘statue’ in the form of a human representing world empires is subject to the phi ratio correlating to it time segments. This can also thus be applied as well to the House of YHVH as it is also created in an anthropomorphic scale as noted. As to these specific studies in Biblical prophecy of the End of Days, such a theory when applied to the ‘Celestial Signs’ such as the timing and segmenting of the Tetrads, for example appears to be the case. The following is going to illustrate the Segments of Time or day-count notions.

Between Jewish ‘Restoration Event' and the 1st Blood moon of immediate Tetrad series.

                              Tetrad Phi Ratio Pattern

        BEFORE                             DURING                                                                  AFTER

                     1949-50                1967-68                                            2014-15
            0000                      0000                                                  0000 
Nov 29, 1947                        Apr 24, 1967                         Sep 28, 2015
UN Partition Plan                  6-Day War                                                        Altar of Sacrifice

               Blood Moon to      Blood Moon to                                  Blood Moon

                Apr 13, 1949          Jun 7, 1967                                     Dec 10, 2018
               1948                                                                                                            2018
                   |------------------------ 70 YEARS ------------------------------------|
              Israel                          Jerusalem                                                        Temple Event?

          501 days or                     44 days or                                                       1170 days or
         ~1.3 YEARS                   ~1.3 MONTH                                                       ~3.1 years

The Before-During-After Tetrad Theory 
Based on the approximate Phi Ratio Theory, there is now a possible 3-4 year ‘Window of Time’ as to when the Daily Sacrifices are to commence perhaps, or the Temple is to be either decreed to be rebuilt or is built from 2018. Based on the theory, the Segments of Time appear to also then correlate and confirm that the 3rd ‘restoration’ was the ‘Temple Event’ in 2018 by way of the Altar of Dedication, as ‘proxy’ to the Temple. And as noted, what further lends credence is the expiration date or ‘shell life’ of the now ‘certified’ Red Heifer. Thus, from the birth of the Red Heifer in 2018 and the Altar of Sacrifice dedication, there is now a maximum 4 year ’Segment of Time’ - 2022.

This study attempted to show that, indeed the day-counts from the ‘Event’ to the corresponding 1st Blood Moon of the immediate Tetrad was and is approximate phi ratio of time also. Perhaps if such day-counts are occurring in phi ratio also, then it could lend to a narrowing-down of when the completion of the Temple ‘Event’ is to occur, at least in an approximate year now that the 2018 Altar of Sacrifice was validated by the Before-During-After Theory of the 1949-50, 1967-68, 2014-15 Tetrad series. The 1st day-count came to be approximately 1.3 years or 501 days.

It started precisely on November 29, 1947 with the U.N. Partition Plan of Israel and Palestine. This gave way to the ‘rebirth’ of the Nation of Israel in ‘1 Day’ as Isaiah foretold. The corresponding Blood Moon of the 1949-50 Tetrad occurred on April 13, 1949.The 2nd element to be resorted was Jerusalem. The prophetic ‘Event’ occurred during the 6-Day War when on June 7, 1967, the Jews united Jerusalem. They were able to pray at the Temple Mount for the first time since 70 AD. This by the way was exactly 1,897 years from 70 AD and coincidentally was in the year, in 1897 that the1st Zionist Congress meet to advance the restoration of Israel’s ‘fallen tent’, etc. This 2nd day-count was interestingly, approximately 1.3 months.

This occurred ‘during’ the same year that the Blood Moon of the immediate Tetrad occurred on April 24, 1967. The last day-count is the most important and what this study seeks to present and possibly narrow down further the overall timeline of when the Daily Sacrifices are to occur and/or the 3rd Temple is to be built. If such theories as the Phi Ratio and the Tetrad Pattern are valid, the recent convergence and prophetic synchronization of prophetic ‘Events’ directly affecting the coming 3rd Temple are astonishing, amazing and exciting to witness.

This is occurring now in this ‘Last Generation’ before the eyes of the Nations. YHVH’s work is making the Nations ‘drunk’ during this 3-fold restoration of the Land of Israel, the City of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple. What all these theories of Biblical prophecy could mean above all else, is that the end of the Church Age is at hand, of course if one subscribes to the teachings of Dispensationalism. Also, it means that the ’Great Escape’, that is the ’falling away’ or ’retreat’ or ’extraction’ of the Bride of Christ is also at the door to converge in similar manner. This is of course true then if one subscribes to the notion of a pre-Tribulation Rapture sequence.

It also means that there could be a ‘gap’ of time, that is, the 3-4 year ‘Window of Time’ since 2018 that would allow then for the revealing of who the AntiChrist will be. He will come on the scene and present the need to ‘confirm the Covenant’ with the Many, etc. This would then initiate the commencement of Daniel’s 70th Week of Years or the 7-year Tribulation Period. Perhaps then the Daily Sacrifices will commence and that on near future Feast of Passover as the Ark of the Covenant is unveiled. This is now all possible due to the rededication of the Altar of Sacrifice by the religious Jews that has set into motion the conclusion of all Biblical prophetic narratives culminating with the return of Jesus Christ.

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