Masters of the Fallen Destiny

  • Why is the Area 51 Base off limits to the public?
  • What does the Base have that is 'Above Top Secret'?
  • Is there a Space Portal or entry point at such sacred sites?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘The point on the surface of the Earth or water directly below, directly above or at which a bomb is exploded. It is also the very beginning or most elementary level in generic terms such as in a Kabbalistic initiation of ritual and magic.’ -Ground Zero

The purpose of this study is to highlight several nuances about the infamous Area 51 military facility in the desert of the state of Nevada just north of Las Vegas. Since the end of World War 2, there have been an overwhelming number of documentaries, shows, interviews and reports about the purported activities that go on at the top secret base. These activities range from the military top secret cutting edge technologies to the paranormal, the occult and Alien interaction. The various geometric and ley-line configuration in and around Area 51 presented is not new but there will be 2 aspects of these various ley-lines or grids presented that are new to the genre of the research pertaining to Area 51. This study seeks to just contribute to the ongoing investigation of one of the most conspiratorial locations on Earth.

One aspect of the study will show the approximate measurements of some key sites and structures in and around Area 51 based on latitude and longitude coordinates. These measurements will be based on Google Earth approximate map lengths. Based on this supposition, the study will suggest that the measurements of such ley-lines and geometric configurations have the iconoclastic Luciferian signatures of their occult symbolism and numerology. This study will show that these Luciferian signatures have similar measurements that appear to be repeating key occultic numbers such as 13, 72, 666, 51, etc. These coefficients have to do with Enochian Magic as some label it and others clearly see Gematria at work that perhaps have a direct purpose in conjunction to the various ley-lines, structures and location of Area 51.

The second observation of this study has to do with the Groom Lake dry lake bed. From an aerial perspective, this study suggests that the area configures a ‘skull and bones’ motif, given the juxtaposition of the ‘X’ cross bone runways and peculiar coloration and formation of the lake bed itself. If plausible, it is yet again another of the Luciferian signatures behind who controls this top secret base, its purpose and its workings. This ‘skull and bones’ motif is highly suggestive but based on clear observation. Perhaps like the NASA images from the Moon and Mars, some smudging and alterations may occur on Google Earth for that matter. Nonetheless this Luciferian numerology and grid motifs in Area 51 are the signatures that are also seen in the emblems of high industry, education, government and the military that the Luciferians control for the time being.

Enochian Magic

Obviously there are undoubtedly countless other clandestine aspects to the top secret base of Area 51 that exist but have not yet been disclosed to the public. Perhaps the energies and ley-lines converging at these specific points in and around the secret base provide a natural conduit of vortexes when applied with Luciferian ritualistic magic. These occultic associations are seen and acknowledged to occur at certain key sites around the world where sacred ritualistic magic and human sacrifices are also performed and paranormal activity occur. Interestingly these sites usually have occultic motifs such as pyramids, sacred grid lines, hexagrams and a mathematical phi ratio proportion to them. These are the ‘signatures’ of Lucifer. Not surprisingly, Area 51 has all this plus more.

Perhaps the so-called ‘advanced technologies’ that are supposedly being ‘researched’ are in actuality the ‘ancient technologies’ of the pre-Flood of Noah. The ancient record and other extra-Biblical sources attest to such high priests having the Enochian forbidden knowledge of the sacred sites and having a high degree of technological understanding. Their buildings and/or temples thus also were built on a high degree of sacred geometry and astronomical associations. The ‘Days of Noah’ were characterized by genetic engineering, crossing species and trans-humanism, as it is today. Many supposed eye-witnesses that have either worked in secret military bases attest to these very facts. Such a combination with the working of ‘religion’ or magic were used for example to open portals or the ‘Gates to the Heavens’ by Nimrod in the story of the Tower of Babel.

Do such combinations perhaps all present now and incorporated in Area 51 research produce the same results behind ‘research doors’ unapparent to the public natural observer? Perhaps such research, rituals and events occur underground or in certain designated facilities. It has been documented by expert Area 51 enthusiasts that for example occultist Jack Parson was directly involved with ancient Babylonian magic rituals that opened up the inter-dimensional fabric of space and time. According to Parson’s records, his religion was Thelema. It is ‘a religion based on a philosophical law of the same name, adopted as a central tenet by some religious organizations. The law of Thelema is Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law’. The law of Thelema was developed by Aleister Crowley, who called himself the Beast and channeled the inter-dimensional beings, i.e., the Greys.

There has been some writing that purports Parson along with Ron Hubbard performing the Luciferian magic rite of the Babylonian Working of Crowley. Although most of the sacred geometry is 1-Dimensional or flat that are carved or designated on the desert floor of Area 51, such serve to converge energies at such ley-lines that through sacred geometry or Gematria, the Fallen Angels utilize to faze in and out of their inter-dimensional capabilities that lock on to such coordinates. It is rather morbid that Parson was a direct associate of R. Hubbard of Scientology and was heavily influenced by the Satanic teaching of Crowley. This is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg and perhaps could spur-on others to further investigate this vein of investigation into the Satanic/Luciferian occult connections of Area 51.

Skull and Bones Motif
37°15'53.18"N   115°47'51.25" W

This study suggests that the layout from a top view of the Area 51 Groom Lake composes an encrypted skull and bones motif.  The 2 crossed runways are evidently the crossbones. The composition of the sand, if either by mere coincidence or design portrays the skull. Moreover, this optical illusion from the sky appears to render the ‘skull’ in a 3-deminsional construct. It is as if the dry lake bed is a mirror or glass looking into the very dimension from which the Greys come from, the realm of the Fallen Angels that have geo-engineered them. The skull furthermore appears to be not of a human but of an ’Alien’ type of humanoid with the conventional ’Alien’ slanted eyes and larger eye socket. The dry lake bed also appears to have a pentagonal shape or 5 sides.

This would render the area perhaps an occult sacred ground and vortex of energy that can or is funneled to open portals by the mere sacred geometric configuration using Lucifer’s signature magic rituals and even human sacrifices. One of the peculiar mathematical properties of a pentagram is that its design is repeatable into infinity. Within this pentagram, a hexagram can also be configured. This skull and bones motif is perhaps the evident ‘Signature’ of the Luciferians that run the shadow governments and secret operations such as Area 51. It is no secret that the Luciferian fraternal order of Skull and Bones 322 is from where the major appointees of men are taken from to place in key positions of power in the world.

Such fraternal orders are in collusion with Lucifer masquerading as an Angel of Light as his benevolent ’Aliens’ are trying to ‘help’ Humanity genetically alter the human race. The Secret Societies such as Skull and Bones are also known as the Brotherhood of the Snake. This is but one of the many Kabbalistic fraternal orders that have been given the Secrets of the Serpent, Lucifer and the Fallen Angels with the manipulated genetic engineered hybrids that prey on Humanity and all of YHVH’s Creation. The following measurements are concerning the Groom Lake anomaly Skull and Bones 322 motif. It has an approximate pentagram layout and the following properties.

Groom Lake
~177.6° heading
~188 arcseconds
~1776 smoots
~3.16 nautical miles
~5.1 km

The descending runway
~280° heading
~111 arcseconds
~1.88 nautical miles

The ascending runway
~40° heading
~99 arcseconds
~177.6 smoots
~1.88 miles

The Main Core Facility
37°14'05.11"N  115°48'40.70" W

The Google Earth screenshot of the Groom Lake test site accompanying this study is rendered without any Photoshop manipulation. The various color tones are only highlighted to accentuate the features that show the possible inter-dimensional depiction of a ‘skull’ with ‘Alien’ eyes, nose and mouth. This ‘skull’ is juxtaposed on the ‘X’ crossbones runways. What is unique in contemplating this dry lake bed is that it is made of sand or crystals. In essence it can be likened to a ‘mirror’ or a glass that perhaps is used to see through or pierce the inter-dimensions from where the Alien Greys come from and operate as Lucifer does, the Prince of the Power of the Air and ‘god of this world’ according to the Bible.

The core Area 51 clandestine facility that is adjacent to the Groom Lake has the main runways fashioned in approximate phi ratio proportion or the Golden Mean. The inclination from True North is about 40 degrees. A double overlay of the phi ratio proportions adjacent to the base of the main runway against the layout of the directions of key ley-lines produces a ‘Pentagram’ at the facility core. There are also noticeable man-make structures such as the Tetrahedron Pyramids, a 3-deminsional structure and several flat pyramids outlined in the desert that have unique mathematical measurements. For example, the Google Earth length of the flat ‘Pole Pyramid northwest of the skull and bones Groom Lake area is about 5.55 miles.

This 1-dimensional pyramid has poles or ‘nodes’ that perhaps are acting as antennae for resonance or frequency calibrates that affect inter-dimensional transpositions. In the occult, sacred space, mathematically situated and composed can manipulate the space-time continuum to produce anti-gravity for example. There are many outspoken personalities like Bob Lazar who has claimed to have worked directly with anti-gravity propelled UFO technology. Other personnel collaborate this assertion and state that such knowledge has been given to the U.S. military by Grey’s/Aliens. The technology transfer has been at a cost supposedly of permitting human and animal abductions by such ’Aliens’ that to some are in fact the Satanic workings of the ancient Watcher's or Fallen Angel and their demonic prodigy. The following are certain key measurements that are highlighted off the core of Area 51 looking toward the westerly direction.

Core Complex Runways
~.66 nautical miles/ ~1322 yards = right descending strip
~.88 km72° = center strip
~7779 ft = left descending strip
~2.33 (322) miles w/ ~333° heading bottom air strip length
~5155 miles to Stonehenge
~9099 km to CERN
~333 degree heading to Giza
~1609 nautical miles to Georgia Guide-Stones
~1111 km to Roswell New Mexico with a ~9.99° heading

Eye Pyramidion

37°15'53.18"N  115°47'51.25" W

The Eye of Horus pyramid grid is in approximate phi ratio to the eye. It serves as the pyramidion of a greater expanse that perhaps incorporates the Great Pyramid of Giza dimensions. The various measurements highlight the Masonic and Luciferian signatures of sacred geometry. The Eye of Lucifer Pyramidion of Area 51 suggests by extrapolation association that the Great Pyramid of Giza could be a blueprint hidden with certain grid and ley lines of the facility directly corresponding. For example, the Monolith corresponds to one of the shafts. The Queen’s Chamber and Pit correspond to the ’X” runways that make up the Skull and Bones motif. 

The religion of Nimrod, the 1st Mason has the iconic Eye of Horus that resurrects as is the ‘Christ’ figure to come and unite the world around a Tower. This ‘Tower’ was interrupted by YHVH. The Pyramidion corresponds to the year 2016 or 5776 when this ‘One’ will be disclosed perhaps. The occult ceremony on the anniversary of the Ground Zero attack by the Luciferians taking down their “Towers’. The attack was a Kabbalist ritual of Satanic magic using numerology, place and time. The ‘Signature’ of the entities behind the veil of evil in the world show their ancient emblems. The Eye Pyramid is unique in that the top of the roof of the supposed weapons building is painted a distinct blue whereas all other rooms are white.

This is a tail-tell sign that it is a direct inference to an eye as no eye color would be white unless it was stricken by illness for example as in a glazed eye. The religion of Lucifer has unique and designated emblems that are used in sacrificial rites and rituals to energize their domain and minors to further their diabolical plan to overthrow the Creator, YHVH. With the alliance of reprobate men and women, certain places and times are thus needed to harness the Earth’s grid lines. These places function as a fusion where the time-space continuum can be manipulated and pierced. The same entities behind the banking, religious, military and social orders using the government are the same that are involved with Fallen Angel technologies and paranormal phenomena.

Masonic Luciferian signatures abound in Area 51 and are situated in a very high energy grid layout that encompasses the Earth energy chakras. These serve as ’Gateways’ or portals that more easily pierce the dimension. The Hexagram functions much like a key that unlocks the door. The combination is the secret society knowledge that involves Luciferian magic and human sacrifice. The Great Pyramid pattern appears to have much influence in the layout of the Area 51 complex. There are so many pyramid structures, flat and 3-Dimensional ones that Area 51 could be deemed the Giza Pyramid complex of the USA. For example the Area 51 layout is exactly at a 45 degree rotation from the direction of the Great Pyramid.

And the shafts correspond to particular landmarks, such as the odd Pylon that corresponds to the ascending shaft from the King’s Chamber. This particular Pylon corresponds astrologically to the star Theban. This star is the tail of Draco, the Cosmic Serpent, aka Lucifer. The corresponding shafts align with Sirius the Dog Star or ISIS. The other one is that of Orion. To the Luciferians, Orion corresponds to Nimrod, the first pyramid builder of towers that sought to pierce the inter-dimensional realm and assault the very Throne Room of the Creator, YHVH. The following are various approximate measurements related to the Eye Pyramid situated at the core of the Area 51 base. There appears to be a constant theme of pyramids and other unique structures and/or motifs that reflect the stated Luciferian signatures of the occult.

Eye Pyramid

~.33 nautical miles base
~.33 miles inclines

~.32 miles
~555 yards
~.51 km

From ‘Eye’ to base = .13 nautical miles

Great Pyramid Pattern

At 45° rotation
5776 inches to include the missing pyramidion
Association to 1776 in Reverse Seal of USA

Spiral Pyramid

37°37'39,87" N - 116°50'54,53" W
A perfect Pyramid with a spiral of inner circles is carved in the desert to the west.
~6 circles
~100 km to Area 51 complex

~.66 miles
~180° heading
~32 arcseconds
~1 km
~.66 nautical miles slope

Spiral with Pyramid

~.33 natural miles
~2012 ft.

Pole Pyramid
37°14’32.64”N 115°53’39”W

To the Skull and Bones Groom Lake.

~5.55 miles
~72° heading

Tetrahedron Pyramid
37°05’44.49”N  116°05’39.48”W

Pyramid west of S4 area.
~ 144 ft at base
~32 km to Area 51
~17.76 nautical miles

 Distance to adjacent circular configuration

~360 yards
~.33 km
~322° heading


37°24'03.60" N - 116°52'04.41"W

A Hexagram grid to the west of Area 51.

~51 nautical miles to Area 51
~100° heading
~13 nautical miles from

Molech Owl

37°12’47.2”N  115°48’39.29”W

To some this geometric configuration resembles an owl motif that does fit the Luciferian Masonic iconography of Molech, their ‘god’. In the ancient Near East this deity was associated with Ba’al and can be traced back to Lucifer, the Lord of the Night and sight. 

~.33 nautical Miles
~1776 ft

~72 smoots
~.13 km

Central body
~188 yards
~13 arcseconds
~322 yards

This study is suggesting that those behind the iconic motifs such as portrayed in the Reverse Seal of USA are the same entities and spiritual powers beyond the Area 51 top secret base and the like. The reason for this association is that the various structures, ley-lines and motifs strongly suggest such an association in plain sight. The disciples of Nimrod leave their signatures because they involve ritualistic magic and sacred mathematics, and the quest or prime directive has always been the same; that is the lie and deception has been the same.

Luciferian Agenda

The anomalies and secrecy surrounding Area 51 is just a case of the Lord of the Masons attempting to interface their dimensions through their World Religion as it were. According to some eye-witnesses that remain anonymous, Aliens that have been interviewed there in Area 51 profoundly speak more often than not about spiritual matters. Soon a universal ‘disclosure’ of such beings will be rolled-out to the world alone with their ‘spirituality’ and narrative of the Creation account. This spirituality is not ‘Alien’ but the ancient knowledge of the Fallen Angels. This false spirituality comes from the first ‘serpent’, Lucifer as far as Humanity is concerned in the Garden of Eden.

Lucifer espoused a new religion that later on was codified with sacred geometry and numerology, aka the Fraternal orders such as Masonry for one, there are many others. One of the main motifs of the Luciferians is the unfinished pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye that is seen in Area 51. The pyramid of the Masonic seal is 3-Dimensional at a 66° slope forming a Hexagram. This emblem has a 3-Dimensional pyramid consisting of 72 Stones that represents 1 degree of the Precession of the Equinox. The pyramid has 13 Levels as this number represents rebellion and all that goes against law and order. The date stamp is that of MDCCLXXVI or May 1, 1776.

This is the supposed date that the Bavarian Illuminati established the New World Order in the New World. The lettering above and below the seal of Lucifer has 5 Letters that are equal-distant spacing and produces an encrypted word, M - A - S - O - N. The top slogan says Annuit Coeptis which is Latin for Bless our Work or Enterprise. The bottom slogan says in Latin, Novus Ordo Seclorum or the New World Order. This is the Great Work of the Luciferians; they are trying to achieve the New Order and currently are through induced chaos. They need to initiate such a level of chaos of bloodletting around the world that it will usher in Lucifer to rule with supposed ‘Order’.

This personality or Fallen One is depicted by the Eye of Horus, the ‘Light Bearer’ or the Shining One Lucifer. The agenda of Lucifer and his Greys is to dehumanize Humanity at the genetic or DNA level to confirm it to his image. Eventually the technology will be such that Lucifer will demand a mark to be given to every human being. No such technology could exist to do this wholesale around the world until now, in this generation no less. This work or endeavor has been going on since Genesis 6. This Luciferian top secret work produced human hybrids and involves genetic engineering.

The account of the Genesis 6 intercourse between Fallen Angels and human women in particular produced the Giants or Nephilim and was the reason for the Flood of Noah. As the Flood of Noah destroys this ‘strange flesh’, the dismembered bodies of the Giants become the demonic spirits; this is collaborated in the Book of Enoch. According to the Bible and other sources, the Fallen Angels, now as then, are attempting to continue in their genetic manipulation of various species for hybridization to specifically deface Humanity. Others go as far as to insinuate that they are seeking to produce the optimum human genetic body to be a receptacle for the coming AntiChrist and eventually Lucifer in the flesh through direct possession. This is primarily the aim of ‘abductions’ that have occurred since the Flood and still occur.

Coming Disclosure

The aim of the secret bases such as Area 51 is to harness such supposed ‘Alien’ technologies but it is not for the betterment of Humanity; this is the lie. The deception of the Luciferians is that they sell their hidden agenda as a plan to ‘upgrade’ Humanity genetically for the betterment of Humanity. The Luciferians are just using the best and brightest to help accelerate the implementation of their technologies to the masses hereby the technologies will help in the wholesale marking of the masses like cattle for the slaughter when it comes to the Mark of the Beast.

This is not to say or insinuate that every personnel working in Area 51 or the like are in conspiracy with such as most are extremely compartmentalized. Those within the military and Black Ops however are well aware of the occult nature of ancient knowledge of the Watchers or Fallen Angles that the Bible describes are in an open rebellion against the Creator YHVH. However, many others believe that they are helping Humanity evolve to higher states of evolution and consciousness. Realize that such technologies that are released to the general public end up ‘enslaving’ the masses in more ways than one.

On one hand, instead of modern technologies helping Humanity elevate itself from its selfishness, it has produced the generation of the ‘selfies’ and has brought the worst narcissistic nature in the human condition. It has been a residual effect, if any of the technologies that are allowed to trickle down to the masses. Regardless, such advanced technologies are primarily being researched for their military application and uses foremost in how to kill more effectively. Nonetheless, many believe that the Disclosure is near where the governments of the world, primarily that of the USA will reveal and corroborate the close working of the clandestine agencies with such ‘Aliens’. In recent times, it has been President Obama that has been the first acting President that has even acknowledged or spoken about Area 51 even existing.

In summary, the whole Area 51 ley-line anomalies with pyramids, sacred geometry and motifs convey the long exposed and easily recognized signatures of the occult and Luciferians. Such obscure phenomena constitute ‘altars’ to Lucifer made by men and women in league with such Fallen spiritual entities. The coming ‘Disclosure’ will be the deception that such secret working on the part of Lucifer has been the cause of remaking Creation and Humanity into his image and likeness while his allotted time remains. For such purposes, it appears that Area 51 with the application of sacred geometry serves to only further his plans on Earth. Such undertakings are done in secret and in the dark using ritualistic magic that involves pyramids, ley-lines and motifs to genetically manipulate and deface humanity, as in the Days of Noah. 


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