Old Jerusalem Orion Constellation Patterns

  • What are the 'Celestial Gates' of Heaven?
  • What are they being 'Mirrored' on Earth?
  • Why is the Constellation of Orion pegged to Gates?

by Luis B. Vega
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The Son is the Image of the Invisible GOD, the First-Born over all Creation. For in Him all Things were created, things in Heaven and on Earth, Visible and Invisible, whether Thrones or Dominions or Rulers or Authorities. All things were created through Him and for Him. He is before all Things, and in Him all Things hold together. And He is the Head of the Body, the Church; He is the Beginning and First-Born from among the Dead, so that in all Things He may have Preeminence. For God was pleased to have all His Fullness dwell in Him, and through Him to Reconcile to Himself All Things, whether Things on Earth or Things in Heaven, by making Peace through the blood of His Cross’. -Colossians 1:16-20

The purpose of this study is to consider the Time of the Solstices and how they play a Role in Biblical Prophecy and perhaps the Timing of the End of the Church Age that will be concluded with the Rapture Event. Every Winter Solstice, the Rapture Watch Community discusses the possibility that the Rapture Timing could take place around the Time of Hanukkah. Or how the Correlation is made to the Flood of Noah when Judgment came down. One will provide one’s Assessment and Interpretations of such a Notion, that although one does not agree nor foresee such a Rapture occurring at this Time and Place, nonetheless, one will contribute some Suppositions about it.

One will only seek to provide a better Focus and Context of what is pertaining, really considering the Solstices and how they are tied to the Celestial Gates of the Heavenlies, as in the Cosmos. And with that, how the Divine Pattern is presenting in how Biblical Prophecy is being fulfilled, mainly pertaining to where on Earth the Temple of YHVH was, is and will be precisely, Spot-On, in Old Jerusalem, on the Temple Mount. And why would this be pertinent to the Rapture Timing? One is suggesting that, as the 3rd Temple is being realized, it predisposes that the Rapture Event occurs 1st to make way for the Debut of the AntiChrist False Messiah that can only Sanction it.

This is based on the Protocols of the Elders of the Nascent Sanhedrin, etc. One is more convinced than ever that the ‘Many’ who make that Covenant with the AntiChrist will be the ‘Many Rabbi’ or Teachers that make-up the Counsel of the 70, etc. But not wanting to take away from the Excitement some have for a December Rapture Month and Year. May it be so but did-look up the remaining Day Count after Christmas. It is the 360th Day of the Year with 5 Days remaining. Note that on each Solstice, in this case, that of the Winter, on December 21, the Sun is right at the Golden Gate, as in the ‘Front Door’ to Heaven and leading-up to the House of YHVH, beyond the Heavens. And this ‘Door’ or Star-Gate is a ‘Double-Door’ because that is what is mirrored on Earth.

Celestial Doors
As to the ‘Star-Gate’ of the Winter Solstice? It is the shortest Day of Sunlight due to the Angle of the Tilt of the Earth as it is Rotating. That is, if one believes the Planet is not ‘Stationary and Flat’.  And from that Day forward, the Days will be getting Longer to reach their Apex, due to the Earth’s 23 Degree Tilt in the Summer, on a June 21. And? That is just about 1 Month from one’s July 23 New Wine Rapture Window. See Chart.

Sun at the Golden Gate @ Winter Solstice: December 21


Now, Astronomically, what one would say, in a possible ‘Support’ of a Window or Rapture Door opening in December for the Rapture Event, is how at every Point in Time of the Sun reaching the Celestial Doors of Heaven, that is when they ‘Open-Up’, Metaphorically. And it is understood that Jesus alluded to a ‘Door of Escape’ for the Philadelphian Type of Believers. But, the Door Typology corresponds to the Hebrew Number 4 and Letter Dalet, which means a Portal, as in Door, etc.

Winter Solstice = December 21

And as one has suggested in one’s Research, the 7 Feasts of YHVH follow this Menorah 7-Branch Correspondence. All that to say, that it is Pentecost, of Acts 2, not the Traditional Shavuot Day, where the ‘Door’ of the 4th Position of the Menorah Typology is situated at. It is the Center Stem. And it is a Person. Jesus. He is the Door and Way and Life. He is the Vine from where the Branches proceed from and so on.

Thus, that is why, with such a Prophetic Correspondence, it is ‘Impossible’ for the Rapture Door to ‘Open’, but at the 4th Position of any Given Year. And that Position is exactly at the Feast of the First Fruit of the New Wine. But…One could be Wrong. But that Feast and Menorah Corresponds, Symmetrically and Chiastic-ally Centers on the Feast of New Wine in a July Month of a given Year. Will it be in 2024? One would hope so. But True, Time will always Tell the Truth. But it is still ‘Pentecost’ that has been going on. But as to the possible Open Door for the Rapture in a December Month?

Well, that Time of Year, in December as the Sun enters through the Golden Gate, the Day of the Solstice, which is Astronomically Amazing, and like Clockwork. This alone cannot be explained by Random Evolution or Relative Causation. Why? Consider that these Heavenly Doors, or Portals, as one even suggests, Star-Gates are what are mirrored in Jerusalem. There is the Golden Gate on the East, leading into what was the Temple or House of YHVH, just as it is in Heaven.

And then there is the Silver Gate, which is the Jaffa Gate on the West-End of Old Jerusalem. And? This Golden Gate is a Double-Arched Portal, a ‘Star-Gate’ even in the Cosmos that it corresponds to. Well? As a Board Game Trevia Factoid, the Logo for the McDonalds Fast-Food Chain? As it is known, its Motif is the Golden Double Arches. Why? It is the Gate-Way to Heaven. And perhaps their ‘Heavenly Burgers’?…No. But if one looks carefully at the Motif, you will make-out the 3 Pyramids, at the Base.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Those correspond to the Great Pyramids of Giza. Which in turn, are an exact Mirror of the Belt Stars of Orion. It is the opposite Gate, the Silver Gate is where Orion is the Sentinel at the Gate, as a Guardian of the Galaxy Type. It is Ophiuchus that is the Sentinel or Guardian of the Golden Gate, etc. All that to suggest that if anything were to occur, Prophetically in December, it could be tied to the Golden Gate Winter Solstice Typology and Association and Time-Frame.

Summer Solstice @ June 21, Sun at the Silver Gate.

The following section will develop this Notion of the Celestial Gates, as a Delineation of Space and Time, on Earth as it is mirrored from the Heavenlies and Heaven ultimately. This is the 2nd in the Depictions of how the Celestial Star Gates of Heaven, the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate correspond to the Gates of Old Jerusalem. One has done a study on the Gates of Jerusalem and theorizes that the entire Expanse of the Old City of Jerusalem is a Mirror Layout of what the Heavenly Jerusalem is laid-out as. This Notion is not Original, but the Details and the Gate Correspondences are.

Moreover, one is Theorizing that the expanse between the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate of Jerusalem is delineated by the very Dimensions of the Constellation of Orion. This is to insinuate that the Gates of Old Jerusalem exactly match the Stars of Orion, thus a literal Correlation of the Star Gates that they correspond to. This in turn suggests that the Expanse of the Cosmos, like the Layout of Old Jerusalem is outlined, in some way and fashion like that of a Body, i.e., Orion. One has written a whole Book on that.

‘Star-Gates of Orion’

The Motif is, essentially the Model of the Logos, or GOD, the Creator, YHVH, as in Jesus, the Greater Orion that all is made by, from and with, according to John 1:1 and Colossians 1:16. Thanks to Modern Satellite Technology and Imagery, one can now superimpose the Stars of the Constellation of Orion onto the Old Jerusalem Template. And here is then, a 2nd Layer to this Star-Gate Pattern. It is that by using Deductive Logic and Reasoning, the Layout on this Level, on Earth and then in the Cosmos or the Heavens has its Pattern originally modeled after the True Type that is within Heaven itself, wherever that exists in a Dimension beyond Earth and the Heavenlies.

But the Point is that the 2 Solstice Star-Gates, as replicated on Earth and in the Heavenlies, are positioned at either End. They define the Space of what Heaven is Patterned after. One has written a whole Book on the Heavenly Patterns that are mirrored on Earth, entitled, ‘The Dimensions of Paradise’. A Link to that for further information and details will be in the End-Notes.  And so why is all this so important and relevant perhaps to Biblical Prophecy and the Timing of the Rapture and the 2nd Coming of Jesus? It is because, like in other major World Capital, this Heavenly Template was replicated by all the Most Powerful Men and Women that Ruled Empires.

As Above, So Below

Kings and Queens saw themselves, to this Day, as the Descendants of ‘The Gods’. And as such, they build their Palaces and Temples in such a manner to Reflect or ‘Mirror’ Heaven’s House and/or Palaces. And upon Decades of Research, one has come to be convinced that as mentioned and presented before, Heaven is construed by 3 Main Temples. And that these 3 Main Temples, Palaces, or Monuments correspond to the Trinity of the GOD-Head that bears Witness in Heaven. And it is from that True and Original Construct of Dimension, i.e., the ‘Body of Christ’, that all Motifs and Patterns mirror and Constitute the layout on Earth. It is the best in terms of Language and Words, one has to possibly attempt to explain this Association with the ‘Star-Gates’.

But primarily, why such a Topic is Prophetically Relevant to the End Days, is that by using the Superimposed Overlay of the Constellation of Orion upon the Old City of Jerusalem, one can surmise and Pin-Point with 100% Accuracy, in one’s Bold Proclamation, where the House or Palace of the Creator GOD, YHVH stood. And that is one’s Point and Argument in helping solve, perhaps 1 of the most Mysterious and Enigmas of, ‘Where was the Temple’ situated at and will be? Was it truly on the Temple Mount? Was it down in the City of David that many propose? Consider another Biblical Clue that is very precise in terms of Topographical Measurement from Acts 1:9-11. It is the Account of how far the Temple was from the Spot of where Jesus Ascended, that one theorizes corresponded to the Silver Gate, opposite the Golden Gate across the Kidron Valley in Old Jerusalem, etc. 

Chart: Temple Sabbath Journey


As one can surmise, the Temple was where it always was. Its exact location corresponds to the precise Spot where presently there is the Dome of the Tablets or the Spirits. One only needs to Read, Know and Understand the Bible as the Bible tells exactly where the Temple stood. The Temple of YHVH was directly across the Mount of Olives. See Mark 13 where it states the following.

‘As Jesus was leaving the Temple, 1 of His Disciples said to Him, Teacher, look at the Magnificent Stones and Buildings! Do you see all these great buildings? Jesus replied. Not 1 Stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.
WHILE JESUS WAS SITTING ON THE MOUNT OF OLIVES OPPOSITE THE TEMPLE, Peter, James, John, and Andrew asked Him privately’… -Mark 13:1-3

The small White Dome of the Tablets Capula is marking the exact Spot where the Ark of the Covenant was placed and will be again. This will occur once the Ashes of the Red Heifer are procured and sprinkled upon the entire Temple Mount to make the Site consecrated and ‘Kosher’ to then perform the Daily Sacrifices that are going to be Reconstituted by the False Jewish Messiah, after the Rapture. So, as to the Notion of the Orion Star-Gates upon Jerusalem? Well, only that, the Star of Orion, called Mintaka, exactly corresponds to this Position. It is the smallest Star of Orion’s 3 Belt Stars and is also found to be mirrored at the Great Pyramids of Giza. Why?

Prophecy is Pattern

It is because Giza, as another Celestial Mirror, is a Place on Earth that is at a Star-Gate Nexus where Dimensions Interlock and there is a Crossing-Over because it is a ‘Door’. This is due to Earth’s Energy and Magnetic Force-Field. Nonetheless, because of this Star-Gate Correlation of the Silver Gate and the Golden Gate, on Earth, in the Cosmos and in Heaven, one can ‘solve’ the Enigma of 2000 Years of asking, where was the Temple of YHVH on Earth, in Jerusalem? And?

It is the case that it will be, that the coming False Jewish Messiah will Sanction the Temple to be Rebuilt and the Daily Sacrifice reconstituted as the Mosaic Law will also be Reinstituted. It will be a Worldwide Religious ‘Reset’. This is the Confirming of the Covenant, in one’s Interpretation of what it is really inferring to. Thus, to help Summarize the Typology, here is a synopsis of what one argues the Star-Gate Pattern that the Old City of Jerusalem is based on.

1-Heaven: Where YHVH resides and all things are Marked and Measured from.
2-Heavenlies:  As in the Cosmos in-between the 2 Star-Gates.
3-Other Planets: Like in Cydonia, Mars.
4-Earth: As in the Pattern from the Pillars of Hercules to Jerusalem and Persian Guld.
5-Jerusalem: As in-between the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate.
6-New Jerusalem: To come down from Heaven as Dimensions will fuse together.

It is all about Israel in the Last Days, after the Rapture Event, etc. What is going to be Spectacular, in one’s Assessment, is that the actual Ark of the Covenant will be Rolled-Out and placed in the Holy of Holies during the Tribulation Period. It will serve as the ‘Rallying Cry’ for ‘Peace and Safety’ as the whole World will be led astray by the AntiChrist, along with his False Prophet. They will unify the whole World in this new ‘Religious Reset’ that will fill-in the Void of Millions of True Believers of Jesus that will have ‘Vanished’, literally into ‘Thin Air’, as the saying goes.

The study of the Star-Gate, both on Earth as they are in the Heavenlies and Heaven itself is an Amazing Endeavor. It shows the vastness, Majesty and Glory of who the Creator is and what He is doing. Realize that by the Stars, YHVH is also telling a Storyline. A Storyline of who? Jesus, as in GOD the Son, etc. The following will touch upon varying Depictions of the Cosmos, in-between the 2 Star Gates, the Silver Gate and the Golden Gate. there are at least 3 Variations, as one now has the Technological Ability to contort, and distorts Time and Space in viewing the Cosmos. How so?

By using Software, like Stellarium, one is able to do that in viewing the difference Scopes or Contortions of Space. Basically, one can ‘Bend’ Time and Space. And? What is portrayed is exactly what the Bible teaches. For example, in the 1st Rendition, in-between the entire Expanse of the Universe is the Rapture Event. Yes. This is depicted by having the Constellation of Pegasus, the Winged Horse come to rescue Andromeda, the Chained Woman. Then there is the ‘Flip’ side of the Depiction of the Cosmos, in that on the other side of the ‘Sphere’, in-between the Star-Gates is Hydra. This Constellation is the longest of the 12 Houses or Signs in the Stars. It speaks of the Enemy that seeks to Rule the Universe and who has subjected the ‘Woman’, i.e., literally Eve on Earth.

Microcosm of the Macrocosm

But then all her Prodigy as in the Human Race, have been ‘Chained-Up’ by Sin. That is, until Jesus, the Promised Seed of the Woman, Jesus who came to break the Bonds or the Chains put on Eve, the Greater Andromeda. Then there is the Depiction, in-between the Celestial Star Gates, in how it is Orion, that is leading the Train of Pilgrims or the Remnant as Joshua was of the Israelites in the Wilderness to the Promised Land. As one can sense, the Stars Speak and the Message in-between the ‘Lines’ is that of the Redemption Plan of YHVH realized in Jesus. And it is not over just yet. See the following Charts in the End-Notes for this Star-Gate Series for a Visual and Reference.

Lastly, this section will address how in the Old City of Jerusalem, which one has presented is a Microcosm of the Macrocosm of Heaven, is who Jesus fulfilled in His Association with the Star-Gates. And how they are tied to the Rapture and 2nd Coming. How? In so much that Jesus Literally entered through them both, and in the same way, He will come back again to Jerusalem through them. Consider the following Assertions of another Layer in the Star-Gate Motif of the Universe that Old Jerusalem is patterned after. Not only is the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate of Heaven corresponding on Earth, in Old Jerusalem to the Eastern Gate and the Jaffa Gate, but there is a Mirror of that on the other side from the Mount of Olives.

This is to say that on the Eastern Side of Old Jerusalem, there is a ‘Mirror’ Star-Gate. And that Gate is the Silver Gate. How so? Realize there that it is the Golden Gate that pivots the Entire Pattern, at least in the Pattern mirrored on Earth. It is like a Menorah Center Stem that has equal amounts of Branches on both sides and that is modeled after an Almond Tree, and a Body, etc. The Divine Menorah Pattern follows a Chiastic Fold, which is of the True Type found in the very Throne Room of YHVH in Heaven itself. This is to insinuate that the Mirrored Silver Gate is what is now on the very Spot of Jesus’ Ascension. It is precisely called that, the Chapel of the Ascension. It is situated at the Pinnacle of the Mount of Olives, and it is Silver in Color. Why is this pertinent?

It is because that is where Jesus went through to go back into Heaven, through the Silver Gate. And? The Point is that Jesus will be coming back through this same Gate, these Star-Gates that are situated on Earth, in Old Jerusalem, as they are in the Heavenlies, the Cosmos but most importantly, as they are in Heaven itself. This is one’s Working Theory. Jesus rode into Jerusalem, on the Day, exactly as foretold by Daniel. This Day of Visitation was given to him, of when the Messiah, the Prince was going to come Visiting His Betrothed Bride. Jesus rode on a Donkey and entered as King into Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives.

Riding on a Donkey was the Sign of His Messiahship and Authority. Sadly, Jerusalem Rejected this Groom. He was not what the Jews were and are ‘Expecting. But Jesus entered through the Double Arches, the Golden Gate as it is in Heaven, in some Majestic way that pales in comparison here on Earth. And when Jesus returns, He will once again go through this Earthly Double ‘Star-Gate’ into His House that had been allowed to be Deviled by the AntiChrist False Messiah, the Jews rather elected to Serve and Crown ‘King of the Jews’, etc. 

Nonetheless, the Golden Gate led directly into the Temple, His House. And that in the case of when Jesus is to return. He will be coming back through the Silver Gate. And that is the Time and Place where Jesus touches down, that is His Foot, as foretold in the Book of Zechariah. And the beauty of all this Star-Gate Association tied to the Rapture and the 2nd Coming then? Jesus will be accompanied by His Warrior Bride, the Bride of Christ and the Armies of Holy Angels. Why?

This Day and Event will correspond to the Day of the Battle of Armageddon. It will be the 2nd Return of Jesus, at the Last Day of the 7-Year Tribulation Period, etc. And that is why, in the meanwhile, the 2 Celestial Gates of the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate, are even used to delineate Time as those Points in Time are when the Sun ‘Enters’ and ‘Exits’ through the Silver Gate in the Summer Solstice and through the Golden Gate during the Winter Solstice. Thus, as to the Rapture Connection?

Consider that from the Summer Solstice of a given Year, it is 33 Days out from a July 23 Date. And? That is the Date one has been considering as a High Rapture Watch Day. It is predicated on one’s Summer New Wine Feast that one argues was what occurred in Acts 2. And that as the Church Age began at such a Place and Time, not on the Traditional Shavuot Count of only the 1st 50 Days, but that of the 2nd 50 Day Count, that is when, perhaps the Rapture will occur to close-out the Church Age as she finishes her Royal Commission.

And thereafter, the Witness and Testimony reverts back to Israel Time, but more specifically, the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, no longer the Church’s Troubles. The Bride of Christ, just beforehand will have been ushered to Heaven through such ‘Star-Dates’ as Jesus will lead her into the Father’s House in Heaven, even though those True Golden Double Arches.



Charts: In-Between the Star-Gates


Cosmic Mercy Seat of YHVH


Guardian of Zion’s Gates


Celestial Sacrificial Crucifixion


Gates of Heavenly Paradise – Procession of Orion’s Victory



Gates of Earthly Paradise


Gates of Eden



Star-Gates of Jerusalem


Guardian of Zion’s Gates


Realm of the Beast Empire



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