Great Signs in the Heavens

  • The course of Planet X is knowable and known to the Ancients.
  • The convergence will spellout the effects written in Revelation.
  • This 2nd Sun will discharge to asteroids that will collide with Earth.

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Then another Sign appeared in Heaven: a huge Red Dragon with 7 heads, 1o horns, and 7 royal crowns on his heads. His tail swept a .33 of the stars from the sky, tossing them to the Earth. And the Dragon stood before the Woman as she was about to give birth, ready to devour her child as soon as He was born.’ –Revelation 12:3-5

Nemesis is believed to have a ‘comet’ like elliptical orbit. Based on some models, this 2nd sun has been coming from the region of Centaurus and from under the Ecliptic. It is supposed to have a counter-clockwise direction from the rest of the planets in the Solar System. Zecharia Sitchin was the first to present the thesis that this Nemesis 2nd sun has a comet-like elliptical orbit around the Sun because it is a binary system of stars. The frequency Sitchin determined was that of a 3600 year or 1 Shar duration. Other researchers more recently like that of Gill Broussard has proposed an alternative but compelling orbit of approximately 360 years.

There is another possible misunderstanding as the Sumerians referred to the passing of Nibiru on a ‘yearly’ cycle, being a year or Shar of 1 cycle of 3600 years. The context of this comprehension depends on whose year? Nonetheless, the 2nd sun is supposed to orbit the Sun on a ‘yearly’ bases. Again, the supposition of what is not known or fully understood is cause to interpret and extrapolate a natural inclination to try and explain the ancient context of a there and then. The definition of the Planet of the Crossing notion comes from the Red Dwarf sun or Black Sun that is configured to appear like a ‘cross’ in the sky from Earth’s perspective. This configuration is attributed to the Nemesis having 7 satellites or planets at various orbits as understood by the ancient cultures. As to where it is currently, it is a matter of debate. There are those that speculate that the trajectory of the Planet X system is coming from the South Pole below the Ecliptic and then up and over the Sun.

For such reasons various infrared telescopes both in space and on the southern latitudes have been constructed. One of the most notable ones is the one in the South Pole. It would stand to reason to have such telescopes aimed at the southern skies as the incoming star system would be seen best from this vantage point. The reason being also is that a Red Dwarf sun is in essence a failed sun that did not ‘ignite’ and has shrunk to a condensed mass that absorbs light. It is hard to detect and thus is often also referred to as the Black Sun.

The Clues to the Circuit

This study suggests that the trajectory of Nemesis has a path or trajectory that loops around the Stargates of the Cosmos. Based on this assumption, the trajectory model when placed against the zodiac presents a very interesting path. The following is a proposed circuit of Nemesis with its elliptical orbit pattern. The clues will be pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle as only certain pieces of information can be assessed based on what is public information and researched already. The piecing together of what could be the elliptical orbit of the 2nd sun of the Solar System is circumstantial at best. As of now, there has been no real assertion of what that the orbit is or will be. Perhaps the space and intelligent agencies of the world do know as does the Vatican that is also tracking Nemesis with its L.U.C.I.F.E.R. infrared telescope.

A tapestry will be configured using the Cosmos as the canvas backdrop. The various pieces will be place and explained to configure the overall speculative orbit of the Red Dragon. To start off with, the Ecliptic line will be the center piece and delineation of the canvas. At either side of the Cosmos for the purposes of illustration will be the 2 Celestial Gates of the Heavens and identified. These are the Golden Gate in the south and the Silver Gate in the North. The border line of the Zodiac occurs in the middle of the Canvas, in the West direction. The beginning of the Zodiac or Mazzaroth starts with Virgo and end or concluded with Leo. According to the research of E.W. Bullinger, the Mazzaroth is in itself a tapestry of the Gospel message written in the Stars.

This is the ‘Silent Witness’ that the Apostle Paul refers to as a witness in the book of Romans. This witness is against a rebellion human race that seeks only excuses for believing that a ‘god’ or Creator cannot possibly exist, nor that He is a moral and just one that requires accountability for one’s actions. This depiction of the Cosmic canvas will be from the perspective of viewing it from Earth. Of interest, this rendition of the Cosmic canvas has the Celestial Meridian as a perfect circle. Although this Cosmic canvas is 2 dimensional, realize that the rendering of the elliptical orbit of Nemesis is 3 dimensional at best and will only and can only approximate a schematic drawing on such a chart. From this point on, now that the parameters of the Cosmic canvas have been established, one will piece together the various clues as researched from ancient depictions, innuendoes, occult texts, and supposed scientific references.

As the elliptical path of Nemesis, or the 2nd sun which is believed to be a Red Dwarf has a counterclockwise orientation, the illustrated pieces to be composed onto the Cosmic canvas will start on the northern side that is the right side with the Silver Gate. A major piece of evidence comes from the ancient renderings of Egyptian depictions or the Apis bull or Taurus. They are always signified by a red disc orb in-between the horns of Taurus. Many believe that this signifies the Sun as it does travel on the Ecliptic in-between the horns of Taurus. Thus it is natural to suppose that the Egyptians referenced this astrological motif as a ‘god’.

The Silver Gate
Much of the ancient Egyptian carvings, artistic reliefs and paintings, this disc is not concerning the Sun as in the center of the present day Solar System. This study strongly suggests that it is in fact the depiction of Nemesis, the Red Dwarf that the ancient cultures revered as the Destroyer, the Judge, the Red Dragon, etc. This is why the Sumerians depicted Nemesis with weights and measures. The subsequent clue comes in the form of the major Star of Taurus, that of Aldebaran. It is called the Bull’s Eye. In other occultic renderings, it is associated with the Eye of the Beast, as in the Dark Lord, Lucifer. Another major clue to Nemesis’ possible having an elliptical orbit is in the constellation of Orion. He is one of the 2 Guardians of the Galaxy that is as a sentinel over the Silver Gate.

He is depicted below the Ecliptic as opposed to Ophiuchus at the Golden Gate guarding it above the Ecliptic. There are 2 major clues in this celestial motif. The first has to do with the edge of the outstretched arm of Orion. In various depictions of Orion, he either has a bow and arrow or holding an animal as if about to clobber it. The other clue has to do with the angle of the supposed orbit. The same angle would parallel that of the 3 famous belt stars of Orion. Many other researchers have studied and concluded that the Giza pyramid complex does mirror this star alignment. This theory goes back to the first researchers of such things as Robert Duvall.

There does appear to be a ‘serpentine’ encrypted nuance to the Pyramid’s configuration and sacred geometry. The last clue of Orion has to do with the impressive Horseshoe Nebula. Many believe it should be in fact, the Dragon Nebula instead. As one plots these various points onto the Cosmic canvas based on an elliptical path, the subsequent point that has had some inferences to possible Nemesis sightings occurs in Canis Major. The trajectory of the elliptical path would follow along the star Sirius, or the Dog Star. In the occult, Sirius is identified with a star portal and the Queen of Heaven, which is Isis or Diana among many others. The subsequent point on the orbital path of Nemesis has had some inferences to possible sightings occurring in the constellation of Centaur.

This is where the Southern Cross is situated and the star Rigil Kent is set. It is one of the brightest stars in the known Universe. The elliptical trajectory passes right through the Southern Cross that to those ascribing Nemesis as an agent of judgment see this as a corresponding alignment. Also, it has been stated in various conspiratorial discussions that in previous scientific arguments and speculations of its position, it was thought to be in this region when the notion of a Planet X was first discussed publically. This was back in the 1950s when NASA and other U.S. government intelligent agencies started to seriously explore this Nemesis phenomenon. This was over 50 years ago but many who were living at that time speculated that their present generation had ‘nothing to worry about’ as 50 years seemed like an eternity in comparison to the present day.

The Golden Gate

If this Nemesis trajectory is valid and reliable, it would corroborate with the notion that it is coming from under the Ecliptic and the South Pole with reference to Earth’s position. It would also corroborate with the supposition that many have insights to such things that it is coming in a 90 degree angle. The next point on the supposed trajectory of the elliptical path of Nemesis is the Golden Gate. This is on the south side now of the Cosmic canvas and its sentinel is Ophiuchus, the ‘Serpent Bearer’. It is believed that the 2nd sun, Nemesis is currently traversing in this sign in-between the Serpent Bearer and Scorpio.

It is rather interesting that since around 2012, the apparent Galactic Alignment occurred and many in the occult believed the famous Mayan Dooms-Day calendar date announced the in-coming Judge on the scene and a possible 11 year countdown. The subsequent years since and leading up to 2023 are to be characterized by the rise of their ‘Serpent Bearer’ or more precisely the ‘Bearer of the Serpent’ which will be the Biblical AntiChrist. Other very interesting and astronomical occurrence, related to Ophiuchus have to do with the retrogrades of Saturn and Jupiter; they will be occurring in this sign over the years leading up to 2023. The last major clue thus has to do with the now famous Revelation 12 Great Sign in the Heaven motif. If the Nemesis trajectory is extrapolated, the next point will correspond to the intersection of Virgo and then Leo.

The other Gate is the Silver Gate one with proximity to Orion. Orion is itself another dichotomy as he too is an embodiment of the coming Christ and AntiChrist figure. The Nemesis’ orbit will proceed through Scorpio, Libra and Virgo where on September 23, 2017, many believe it will be the attributing prophetic implication of such a system with its flyby. From there the orbit will proceed to that of Ophiuchus, Scorpio, then Libra and subsequently Virgo as it goes on its way out towards the Silver Gate. The Planet X system will be coming out of the area of the Golden Gate.

This is the center of the Galaxy with the Zodiac sign of Ophiuchus. Based on some models, the Nemesis flyby will be approximately an orbit that encompasses the Golden Gate and Silver Gate of the Universe. If this is the case, then it would ‘mirror’ the celestial ‘Guardians of the Gates’. As noted, given this trajectory, the Nemesis flyby will thus travel through the constellation of Virgo that would correspond with the book of Revelation Virgo Sign. This validates the many esoteric revelations that Nemesis’ circuit caused of the prior destructions of worlds in ages past in sync with divine judgments. This orbital model is in essence the ‘Circuit of the Dragon’. Serpens is at the Golden Gate side, Hydra spans the centerpiece and the Horse Head Nebula of Orion at the Silver Gate. This is the ‘Dragon Nebula’.

Time Markers
This sections is highly suggestive and will stipulate that if the elliptical orbit of Nemesis is indeed an approximation, then the Cosmic canvas also reveals some interesting symmetry and possible further clues as to its circuit. What is very apparent and sticks-out is that there are certain points on the orbit that correspond to important celestial markers. For example the 2 Celestial Gates are at the upper portion of the Cosmic canvas. The stars of Rigil Kent and Sirius are at the bottom ‘corners’. Both sets are approximately equidistant although the chart illustration is not to a perfect scale.

At either side of the circuit is the star Aldebaran in Taurus. On the other side is Ascella of Sagittarius. In the top portion is the delineation of the Mazzaroth as already noted with Virgo and Leo. At the bottom of the circuit would correspond to the region of Vela as in the sail of Argo or Ark constellation. Also as noted before the center piece is Hydra the ‘Cosmic Serpent’ in the middle of the entire cosmic circuit of the Red Dragon. What these celestial markers are possibly inferring are time markers when Nemesis would be traversing the circuit as the Sun does in the background of the Zodiac. The point being that as the Sun has the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, so too would the 2nd Sun as a type or anti-type of the Zodiac.

The ancient motif of the Sumerians for Nemesis or Nibiru as it is so often interchanged with was that of 2 interlocking crosses. One 4-pointed cross was upright with a circle in the middle. The 2nd cross was a 4 pronged one made up of wavy lines. This study suggests that possibly this motif corresponded to the 8 main celestial time markers the 2nd Sun or Nemesis traversed its circuit with. The following would be the anti-Zodiac configuration of the 2nd sun. It basically takes 6 of the current Sign, mainly those associated with the circuit above the Ecliptic and then 6 below the Ecliptic.

Above and same Signs eclipsed by 2nd sun Nemesis
1. Sagittarius
2. Ophiuchus
3. Virgo
4. Leo
5. Cancer
6. Gemini
7. Taurus

Those ‘new’ Sign below the Ecliptic
8. Orion
9. Canis Major
10, Vela
11. Centaur
12. Ara

The Great Sign
The 7-headed Red Dragon, Virgo and the Manchild are the celestial motifs that make up the description and anthropomorphic characters of the Revelation 12 ‘Sign’. As this study suggests, the correspondence to the Red Dwarf star system matches the apocalyptic inference to the giant Red Dragon. Both have the signature 7 ‘heads’ as with 7 planets correspondence. Both are seen as agents of judgement. Thus if one plots the various points discussed onto the Cosmic canvas and draws a line, the elliptical orbit of the supposed Nemesis Red Dragon emerges.

As the Red Dwarf or ‘Red Dragon’ comes upon Virgo, at least astronomically on Rosh HaShanah it will be in if in ‘front’ of Virgo that has just given birth to the Manchild that is symbolized by the planet Jupiter. This planet is the Planet of the Messiah among many other prophetic layers of meaning. It will have been ‘birthed’ 13 days approximately when the ‘Sign’ is configured on September 23, 2017. According to those that have verified this configuration using NASA database, this specific Virgo configuration has not ever occurred in 7000 years of astronomical data and/or models. Thus the argument is that perhaps Planet X is prophetically associated with Revelation 12.

What is also very telling is that right in the middle of the ecliptic orbit is Hydra, the Cosmic Serpent or dragon that stretches from the Celestial Gates, thus the ‘Circuit of the Dragon’. The other emphatic and amazing correlation is that almost at every juncture or point on the elliptical orbit that has been highlighted, the motifs, depictions or inferences have been to a dragon, serpent or beast-like depiction. The list of this Nemesis-to-Dragon association is listed as follows starting from the traversing of the Silver Gate.

1. Red Disc in-between Apis the Bull which is a beast.
2. Parallel orbit to angle of Orion’s belt.
3. Dragon Nebula or Horseshoe conferences.
4. Dog Star Sirius, Queen of Heaven, ISIS, Diana.
5. Eclipsing of the Southern Cross at Centaur where the Serpent of Lucifer was judged.
6. Traversing the Galactic Center or the Golden Gate.
7. Traversing the Sign of Ophiuchus during Saturn and Jupiter’s retrogrades.
8. The convergence of the Revelation 12 Virgo Sign.

The Anti-Zodiac
The ancient Sumerian motif of the Black Sun, Nemesis perhaps was designed to depict the cardinal points within its circuit. As the circuit of the Dragon is said to be comet-like or elliptical in nature, there are certain points that are associated with the circuit as it traversed counterclockwise in the Solar System. This study suggests that the superimposed crosses are a depiction of this star and cosmic quadrant association.  This is based on the notion of having the comet-like circuit compressed to configure a 360 degree circle motif and perspective. This coefficient of 360 could also lend some credence to the notion that the Shar or 1 year circuit of Nemesis is either 3600 years long or as short as 360 years in duration,

The first cross it the 4-pointed cardinal cross. I points to the north, south, east and west. However pertaining to the Nemesis theory and circuit, it points to the Golden Gate and the Silver gate on the same axis of the Ecliptic. The perpendicular points would correspond to the Virgo-Leo delineation of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac and the opposite point would correspond to the region of Vela.  The center piece or circle within the circle would represent the Hydra constellation.

The 2nd superimposed cross is that of the wavy line at an approximate 45 degree rotation. In one meaning of the motif, it can suggest the ‘Planet of the Crossing’ as it either crosses the Ecliptic or the Sun of the Solar System. In other possible meanings, it can be also an inference that one of the points of the suggested circuit bypasses the Southern Cross.  Based on the suggested configuration subsequent points associated with the wavy cross, the quadrants infer the following. The star Zubeneschamaili in the constellation of Libra is one point on the circuit. The 2nd star is that of Pollux in the constellation of Gemini, the couple. The 3rd point is that of Sirius, the Dog Star of Canis Major and the 4th point of the wavy cross is that of Rigil Kent in Centaur.

What this possible motif association with the circuit of the Dragon may also suggest then is that at least .33 of the circuit is traversed through an alternative anti-type of Zodiac. Mainly the point is that Nemesis’ trajectory circumvents 1/3 of a new Zodiac with new signs. This means that as the Sun has it association with the 12 signs of the Zodiac or Mazzaroth, so too does its nemesis, or the 2nd sun as its binary anti-type. The section of the Zodiac that is ‘new’ would be that 33% part that is below the Ecliptic. This new percentage would consist of only 4 constellations, starting with Orion, Canis Major, Vela and Centaur.

It has the description of the celestial body exactly matching the depiction of the fiery winged Red Dagon with 7 heads that seeks to devour the Manchild, i.e., Jupiter birthed from a Virgin. However to emphasize, this study is not emphatically asserting the fact that on September 23, 2017 Nemesis will appear on this date. As a ‘sign’ goes, at least one that is specifically Biblically prophetic, it signals a coming of the implied event or occurrence. The ‘Sign’ itself is not the ‘Sign’. The point is that on that date the ‘Sign’ will have occurred at least astronomically but the actual one involving the supposed return of Nemesis as the Red Dragon would still be 2-4 years in the future.

Such is the book of Revelation that uses familiar anthropomorphic descriptors such as the Great Sign of Virgo in chapter 12. In this context there is a Maiden, a Manchild and a Monster. On its way out, Nemesis will position itself in the constellations of Libra and Serpens that prophetically signify a weighing as in a judgment. Will Nemesis appose Virgo in the month of September 2017 as the book of Revelation chapter 12 depicts? The flyby of Nemesis might very well coincide with the Great Sign of Revelation 12 but not necessarily on that same date. Nonetheless, it is the twin sun that is said to be coming up and behind the Sun to traverse Ophiuchus as it swings up through the Ecliptic and be at the ’feet’ of Virgo as it speeds off into deep space towards the Silver Gate.

This flyby is consistent with how the book of Revelation describes the catastrophic results of such an event that to some, especially Bible believers will be in conjunction with the Wrath of Jesus Christ upon an unrepentant and rebellious planet. Its flybys were always synchronized to a judgement upon Earth. This is also supposed by this study that the coming flyby of Nemesis will coincide with the judgment of the world by Jesus Christ as it was for that last generation that saw the end of their Age.

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