666 Mark of The Beast in mRNA Injections?

  • What is a Triple Helix and is it found in the Body?
  • Does it occur Naturally, and would it help Humanity?
  • Is there a Sinister Plot to Chane the DNA of Mankind?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘And he causes all, both Small and Great, Rich and Poor, Free and Bond, to receive a Mark in their Right Hand, or in their Foreheads. And that no Man might Buy or Sell, save he that had the Mark, or the Name of the Beast, or the Number of his Name’. -Revelation 13:16-17

As the Luciferian Globalists are preparing for their next Medical Move in making sure the World will receive their next Medical Product into their Body, most People in the World are not aware though, that they are, Behind the Scenes acquiring Patents to heard Humanity into receiving the Mark of the Beast. Most are not aware that such Pharmakeía or Medical Sorcery being induced upon Humanity is to Genetically alter the Human Genome. Why? It is to prepare them to receive, perhaps a 3rd Strand of DNA. How so? One will focus on this Notion that is serious and one still need to do Research on the Topic. One only wishes to share some Observations from a Philosophical angle.

The Patent highlighted below will show how it is now Technically possible to insert a 3rd Strand of DNA Code or Helix into the present Double Helix Constitution of what makes a Human, a Human. This Effort by the Luciferians that own and control the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex of the World have had an Ancient Quest that started even before YHVH Created Humanity and placed them on Planet Earth. YHVH made Humanity, Male and Female and in the ‘Likeness and Image’ of YHVH. Moreover, this Humanity has a Soul that no other Being has, that is known about in the Bible.

The Human Soul is the most Precious Thing a Human has. That is what is at Stake for Humanity, an Eternal one. Who will possess the Soul at the End of one’s Life? Will a Person turn to Jesus and have it Redeemed back to Him? Or will one Exchange that and Forfeit it for all Eternity, separated from the Creator? The 2nd Option is based on a Lie that Lucifer tricked the 1st Humans into thinking YHVH was withholding Godhood and Eternity as well as Wisdom and Knowledge from them. Consider that in comparison to what Adam and Eve had before the Fall in Eden, they would be considered ‘Gods’, just the same in what they all lost and Humanity has Devolved to. 

Due to the Fall because of Disobedience, called Sin, the Relationship Humanity had with the Creator became broken. Moreover, the Light of one’s Spirit was extinguished and the Physical Body became subject to Death. What remains is the Soul in the Balance that needs to now be bought back. Luckily this Atonement or Covering came by way of the Blood of Jesus. GOD the Son became Flesh and Blood, a 100% Genetic Human, but at the same Time Fully God. This is a Mystery. Suffice it to say that Redemption in the Blood is now available to have the Soul of a Human be Redeemed. What is your Pin Number?

But that Provision is contingent upon a Human having Died for a Human, Genetically. What if a Human ceases to become a Human? Then the Blood of Jesus, who only Died for the Race of Adam is forfeited. This is the Agenda and Prime Directive of Lucifer. It is to interject a ‘Modification’ in the Human Genome, at the very Core of the Genetic Code and Building Blocks. It is that if this Modification is successfully implemented in a Human Genome, then that Body, that Human Spirit and Soul becomes Un-Redeemable. This is what the Mark of the Beast will accomplish. It will be presented in a Fusion of Bio-Metrics that will enable a Person to be Identified Biologically. In essence, one’s Genes or DNA Code will be one’s ‘Pin Number’. Consider how many People have the same Exact Name. Do a Google Search for one’s own Name.

There will be perhaps 100s with the same Name. So, on Judgment Day, how will Jesus distinguish one’s Person and Soul? It will be based on one’s Genome; one’s Genetic Blueprint or ‘Pin Number’, etc. So, yes the Fallen Angels since Genesis 6, as in ‘Gen-ome’ have attempted and manipulated the Human DNA to Deface the Image and Likeness of YHVH in Mankind. Why? On 1 level it is out of Spite for having Lucifer and his Fallen Angels Evicted from Heaven. It is also because YHVH forbade them not to mix their Seed with that of Mankind. And it is also because it was a Man, not an Angel that Redeemed Fallen Man and not the Angels that Sinned, etc.

Then, Amazingly, the New Testament teaches that the Redeemed of Jesus will 1 Day sit on their Vacated Thrones and Judge Angels. This Violation of the Prime Directive also occurred in the Book of Enoch on Mount Hermon. In fact, these particular Class of Fallen Angels are those that are called the Titans and are presently Incarcerated in Tartarus. That is said to be in the Bowels of the Earth, etc. And these very ones are the ones to be set Free from the Abyss, whose Commander is Apollo or Apollyon, the Destroyer. This will occur during the 7-Year Tribulation Period. But the Point is that the Nephilim are the Offspring of the Fallen Angels and Human Women.

These are the Hybrid ‘Angel’-Humans that were the Giants, etc. It is also correct that as Jesus warned, the Last Days, which is now, would be characterized as it was in the Days of Noah and Lot. In such Times, the primary reason for YHVH needing to Destroy the Human Race, except Noah, was that he was only ‘Perfect’ in his Generation. He was the only one ‘Pure’ in his Genes. He was still 100% Human. This is occurring now in the World, on Planet Earth as the same Fallen Angels, in the guise of ‘Aliens’ have been Abducting People and producing the same Type of Hybrids. Increasingly, many People around the World are capturing these Entities on Devices and recording them.

And in the case of the Days of Lot, the LGBT Agenda is on a Fast Track to Obfuscate the 2 Genders of Humanity. And still, there is a connection to the issue of Sexuality as the Men, from the Young to the Old wanted to Cleave into the 2 Angels appearing as Men. The Quest is still the same. It is to ‘Transpire’ the Body beyond what Humans are now. Do realize that a Fallen Humanity does realize it is ‘Fallen’ or falls short of becoming ‘Gods’ as Promised by Lucifer in Eden. But Lucifer has not delivered nor can. But he is trying and that is what the mRNA Injections will facilitate, his ‘Mark’ 666 Pin.

But I want to be more than Human…
It is all geared and orchestrated to lead the Masses of a Jesus-Rejecting World to the Mark of the Beast instead. And that Mark, which is based on the AntiChrist’s Name, Number and Image, is what will conclusively and definitely, irrevocably will Transform the Human Genome into a Non-Human Being. The Question, at this Stage is, will the mRNA shots produce a 3rd Helix Strand of DNA? Well it is possible. One is reminded of the Arecibo Message and Answer that was transmitted out into Space and then a Reply was received in the form of a Crop Circle near the Radio Station in the UK. What was ‘Transmitted’ back was how the ‘Aliens’ depicted their DNA as a Triple Helix.

The Arecibo Message and Answer

What one wishes to point out, is that with the now mRNA type of Technologies, this is possible, Scientifically. And it is being done in the guise of COVID Plandemics and WHO Mandated Injections into the Body that one is convinced, as many Doctors have suspected, is providing the Bio-Chemical ‘Scaffolding’ in the Human Body to transform it Bio-Metrically. It is essentially merging the Human Genome with the Internet. How? By Precisely interjecting mRNA Inserts into the very Building Blocks of one’s DNA. That is the ATCG. It has been talked about how some have addressed how the Human Genome is connected to Sacred Numbers and Calculations.

This is the YHVH Code that one made a Poster about a while back and shows the ‘Signature’ of the Creator. It is how every Living Cell in a Human is ‘Stamped’ by the Number Sequence of the very Name of YHVH in every Cell of the Human Body, etc. Now, what the Patents of the Globalists are doing, have done and will further do, is to then eventually get all of Humanity to take their ‘Products’ that are merely Genetic-Altering Therapeutics. These ‘Modifications’ at the DNA Level do not exist Naturally. Below is the Patent from Pfizer of how they admit in Section 9, that their Injection is Designed to do just that. It will, not ‘May’ alter the Core and Code of the Genome.

And what part of the 4 Proteins of the ATCG do they target? It is Cytosine. This is the one that is associated with the Numerical Value of 6 based on the Bonding of its Element Make-Up. The Point is that they admit, shockingly, that by inserting their mRNA Technology, the Cytosine will transform from just a C, designating it for Cytosine, to a ‘CCC’. Or in other words, a 666 Code insertion into every Cell of the Human Body instead of YHVH’s. Now, one is not saying that just because one takes or has taken the COVID Kill-Shot, that one has now taken the Mark of the Beast 666. Many Brethren actually said that, like Anthony Patch. One believes that was erroneous to say that.

And one does not forfeit one’s Salvation of being Sealed by the Holy Spirit, if one is truly Converted by a mere Injection. But eventually, these are Patents that are in the Works that will lead and are leading to the facilitation of all Humans receiving the 666 Mark. Now will it be a Medical Procedure like taking an Injection? Perhaps but with the COVID and Lock-Down Fatigue, the Luciferian Medical Establishment knows that what will be required for all of Humanity to gladly take the Mark, will need to be a ‘Carrot on a Stick’. One sure Motivator will be Food and Finances, Integration and Bio-Medically infused.

Patent Please

This Procedure that is Patented, can now occur at the Genetic Level with one’s Bank and Medical Records, which will be Amazing. But for those that want to Opt-Out, that will not be possible, unless one is willing to take heed of the Warning not to and face the only other Alternative, which will be Decapitation. The New Luciferian COVID World Order will not tolerate any Dissension. And it will be sold as how the ‘Resisters’ and the Anti-Vaxxers are impeding Progress and the Solution to having a Disease-Free Humanity. Realize this. Anything that is Patented can be ‘Owned’. This is to say that if the Luciferian Globalist implement their Army of Lawyers to judicate that by having their Product in one’s Body, then they have the Legal Right to own you. Hello Cattle.

And that is precisely what they indeed are striving for, Total Control. The Luciferian Elite Dragon Bloodline Families consider all Humans as mere Animals to Use, Abuse and Slaughter at will. It will be the Ultimate Achievement to Genetically Control a Human from the inside of their Bodies. So, the Globalists have been Working Behind the Scenes in preparing the World for what they know will be a Reality 1 Day. Of course, for those that believe in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario, the Fruition of this Human Genome Insert that will perhaps produce a 3rd Helix in Humanity to permanently alter the ‘Image and Likeness’ from YHVH to Lucifer will be achieved during the Tribulation Period. And that, it will occur at the Midst or Halfway Time Marker as it is.

But the Globalists have been Predictive Programming their Intent for a Triple Helix, like when the Late Queen of England was made to light-up 2 Lines of Lights on a Garden Floor, that then merged into 3 Lines as it culminated into a Triple Helix Tree of Life Motif. Clearly, it was an Echo to the Garden of Eden and how Lucifer will attempt to make Good on his False Gospel Promise that through such DNA Modification as the Patent states, Humanity can obtain Immortality and never Die. The following is the Patent Link with the Portion from Section 9 that clearly states how a 666 Insert will change the Human Genome Coding. Alert!

United States Patent
No. US 10,703,789 B2
July 7, 2020

Excerpt: Section 9 of PDF Document
Because chemical bonds will necessarily be broken and reformed to effect a structural modification, structural modifications are of a chemical nature and hence are chemical modifications. However, structural modifications will result in a different sequence of nucleotides.  For example, the polynucleotide ‘ATCG’ may be structurally modified from ’ATCG’ ‘AT-5meC-G’. The same polynucleotide
may be structurally modified from ‘ATCG’ to ‘ATCCCG’. Here, the dinucleotide ‘CC’ has been inserted, resulting in a structural modification to the polynucleotide. [DNA!]

mmRNA Architecture
The mmRNA of the present invention are distinguished from wild type mRNA in their functional and/or structural design features which serve to, as evidenced herein, overcome existing problems of effective polypeptide production using nucleic ascid-based therapeutics.


Some Basic Bio-Chemistry about ATCG

ACGT is an Acronym for the 4 Types of Bases found in a DNA Molecule. They are Adenine (A), Cytosine (C), Guanine (G), and Thymine (T). A DNA Molecule consists of 2 Strands or Helixes. It is called a Double Helix that all Humans have. They are wound around each other. Each Helix or Strand is held together by Protein Bonds between the Bases. Adenine pairs with Thymine, and Cytosine pairs with Guanine. The Sequence of Bases in a portion of a DNA Molecule, is called a Gene. It carries the Instructions needed to assemble a Protein. It is like a Code that commands the Unit to perform a Function in the Body. Here is the ‘6-6-6’ Inference to the Elements of the Bases.

A Adenine is made-up of Elements: HNC, C, N, H2C, NH, NH (6)
C *Cytosine is make-up of Element Bonds: H-N-C, H-C, H, H-N, C=O (6)
G Guanine is make-up of Bonds: NH, NH, NH, C-N, N, O=C (5)
T Thymine is make-up of Bonds: C=O, N, C=O, HN, HC, CH2C (6)

It is from ‘ATC(6)G’ to ‘ATC(6)C(6)C(6)G’. (666) Mark of the Beast Precursor.
*Cytosine Pairs-Up with Guanine by 3 Hydrogen Bonds. (3 x 2 Helixes = 6)
Where ‘C’ = 6 Numeric Value for inference.

Thus, adding a Factor of a 6,6 would, could or will Reconfigure the Human Genome, i.e., one’s DNA at the Core Building Blocks to a 6,6,6 Configuration of Genes, This will occur in every Cell of the Body from when the ‘Structural Modification’ is introduced by the mRNA Injections into one’s Body. The ‘Insertion’ targets the C, Cytosine in the form of 5meC. This is 5-Methylcytosine. It is a Methylated form of the DNA base Cytosine (C) that REGULATES GENE TRANSCRIPTION and takes several other Biological Roles. This is where the Modification is concentrated and takes place. In the case of the mRNA Injections, the ‘C’ becomes a Triple  CCC, thus a Triple Helix.

The Patent is Designed to by-pass the Natural Immune System and have the Mitochondria produce the Proteins that will then be replicated, non-stop through the entire Body. For example here is the other Notion of how the Number 144,000 is connected to Genes. How so? One gets 72,000 Genetic Codes from the Father and then 72,000 Genetic Codes from the Mother. This equals to 144,000 Pieces of Genetic Coding. And this is what constitutes the Double Helix, etc. If one then adds a 3rd Helix Strand of an additional 72,000 Piece of DNA Coding, that will equal to the following. It will be then 216,000 Total Pieces of Genetic Code that are inserted into one’s Genetic Make-Up. And? The Number 216,000 is the Numerical Factor of the following.

216,000 = 600 x 60 x 60 (666)

Now one does not subscribe to the Theory or Conjecture that the ‘Abomination of Desolation’ only takes place within the Human Body because of Shots. Yes, one can Spiritualize it and Theologically, a Body can be ‘Defiled’. But it is not what goes in that Defiles it, but what comes out of it. This is what Jesus taught plainly. And to then consider that the Euphemism is tied directly to the Prophecy of Daniel. It will be a Day in which when it occurs, Jesus warned the People to Flee to the Hills. This cannot follow the Logic of every Human Being having their Body ‘Defiled’ and then ‘Fleeing’, etc.


Main Source

National Library of Medicine
NIH National Center for Biotechnology Information

Modified polynucleotides for the production of secreted proteins

Do DNA Triple Helices or Quadruplexes Have a Role in Transcription?
Michael W. Van Dyke.

Adenine  Bonds: 2 x 2 = 4
Cytosine Bonds: 3 x 2 = 6
Guanine Bonds: 3 x 2 = 6
Thymine Bonds: 2 x 2 = 4

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