A Critique of Video Teaching by Hourly Watch

  • Why do many believe the Rapture will occur in 2023?
  • Will the Sign be fulfilled in its 6-Year Anniversary?
  • Is the Celestial Sign still Prophetically Relevant? 

by Luis B. Vega
for PostScripts News (PSN) | 
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‘Time will always Tell the Truth’. -Luis B. Vega

The purpose of this Critique is to analyze the Teaching Presentation of Brother Patrick with Hourly Watch YouTube Channel. The Critique was requested of several Followers of one's Research. The Critique Request came as a result of Brother Patrick’s Interpretation that the Revelation 12 Sign had come to its ‘Fulfillment’ in 2023, not even having reached its 6-Year Anniversary. More so, is his assertion that the prior Revelation 12 Sign, that Astronomically appeared in 2017 was ‘Mislead’ by those that insinuated it was correlated to the Scripture Portion from the Book of Revelation, chapter 12, etc.



One will provide as much Objective Critique as possible, although one could have taken the Absolute Statements Brother Patrick made, Personally. How so? As Brother Patrick revisited the Revelation 12 Sign from 2017, he asserted that those ‘handling’ the Sign’s Interpretation then, especially with the Metaphor for the Man-Child being Jupiter, as ‘Not Telling the Truth and that it was ‘Lie’. The purpose of this Critique will be only in response to what his Statements were.

If one has followed one’s Research, one knows that one has a bias for a 2024 Rapture Year and how precisely, the Revelation 12 Sign is a Prophetic Factor supporting one’s 2025-2032 Timeline. One just Reports what one Sees, Understands and Interprets. One never claims that one has to be listened to, nor to ‘Convert’ to one’s Perspective in seeing things. Because of the Subject of this Article, the Revelation 12 Sign, this Critique will be Extra Long. Why?

It is only because the Subject of the Revelation 12 Sign is 1 of one’s Crowning Research Achievements. It is not ‘Mine’, it is Jesus’ and given 1st to the Apostle John. But that only one had a Chance and Privilege to Handle such Information and Prophetic Insight as one is convinced, as one has said before, the following. Aside from the Rebirth or the Modern State of Israel, the Recapture of Jerusalem, in terms for the Church, if there are Signs to be given to the Bride of Christ, the Revelation 12 Sign was it and is it. It is in no way to Demean or Discredit the Work and Research he has done and has contributed to the Prophetic Tapestry of what is the Revelation 12 Sign Phenomena.

Prophetic Prognostication

In one’s Prophetic Estimation though, 2023 is not the Year of its Prophetic Fulfilment. Nor will the Rapture occur as he insinuated, solely based on these Celestial Signs, that one does agree are Amazing Signs. In one’s Eschatalogical Axioms about Prophecy, is that the ‘Sign is not the Event’, etc. As to one taking his Disparaging Statements of those that Introduced the Revelation 12 Sign, since 2008, see Attribution Evidence at end of Article. One of those that he insinuated was ‘Not Telling the Truth’ back in 2017 about how Jupiter was not the ‘Man-Child’ nor did the Planet stay in the ‘Womb’ of Virgo for 9 Months.

Thus, one was asked to Critique this Video about the Comet 118 in particular that is associated with the Timing of the Revelation 12 Sign for 2023. And such Videos have been 1 of many that Brother Patrick has produced in succession. This is due to his Assertion, again, that in his Interpretation of the Asteroid Names and Comets found to be in Virgo on Rosh HaShanah of 2023, they are Signaling the Rapture at that Time. For 2023, the Feast was on September 15. However, due to the Discovery of the ‘Exalted Man-Child’ Comet, his Rapture Range of Time had been extended to the 19th.

One followed Bible Protocol and has attempted to contact Brother Patrick through Email to address what one does believe, after seeing and listening to the Video Teaching, as being a bit Presumptuous on his Part. Thus, one is doing the Critique and Reaching-Out Brother Patrick in a Spirit of Iron Sharpening Iron. And one has extended a Welcome to Download my Book on the Revelation 12 Sign documenting one’s Research into the Revelation 12 Sign since 2008..

The Maiden, Man-Child, and Monster

So, one watched and listened carefully to Brother Patrick’s Video about his Interpretation of the Iteration of the Revelation 12 Sign. He asserts that it is the ‘True’ one based on the Array of Comets and Asteroids he has Identified in the Constellation of Virgo. And that for the start of the Jewish Civil New Year on September 15-16, 2023, the Rapture will thus, have to take place based solely on these Celestial Signs, etc.  One will address this Aspect of the Video Teaching.

The other half of the Teaching by Brother Patrick will be based on several Absolute Statements that he made. It is that in one’s Opinion, they are Negative, Disparaging of Fellow Brethren, not just of me. Although one may doubt that he may not realize that one was one of the 1st to Post about the Sign since 2010 and since then. Since 2011, it was Scottie Clarke that took the Research and then Sensationalized it through this YouTube Video Teachings, much like Brother Patrick.

The Objective and Outcome of the Critique is to hopefully have Brother Patrick Reflect on this Stance, Interpretation and Disparaging Statements. One is welcome to an Email Discourse and has extended the Invitation as mentioned. But, since it is a Public Teaching, then one will provide the Public Critique as requested.

Absolute Statements Require Absolute Evidence

The following are one’s initial Responses, very Disappointing. And how Ironic that he starts-out in the Video with Psalm 27, which is one’s Life Psalm and why one has it on the Seal Logo of the Name of one’s Website, PostScript, dedicated to the Study of Eschatology. One is going to sound like Brother Lee Brainard in his take on Brother Tyler and Dr. Awe’s Notion of a 9th of Av Rapture. Or like Nick VanderLaan’s slander against Brother Tyler at Generation 2434 for not giving VanderLaan for what he believes deserves ‘Credit’ for ‘Discovering the New Wine Feast’, much like Scottie Clarke, etc.

One had even Defended Brother Patrick from the other, Scottie Clarke who had likewise Sensationalized the Sign, leading-up to September 23, 2017. As Posted prior, how even Clarke disparaged Brother Patick as only ‘Being an Attention Grabber and that anyone who Hypes-Up things enough, can get anyone to believe anything’. And this coming from the Sensationalist Extraordinaire that did the same leading-up to the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017. And that like Scottie Clarke then, Patrick is doing now, in one’s Opinion, Broadcasting the ‘Sign’ that it will be the Rapture Event. And as then, so too now will the ‘Sign’ come-and-go. One will explain why one can say this with a Measure of Confidence.

And this Disparaging of Brother Patrick, is coming from the Man, whom when his New Supporters still ask Scottie Clarke, if he ‘Discovered’ the Revelation 12 Sign, he still says, ‘Yes’. It is despite him now being Discredited and Disgraced by his former Friend, Supporter and Defender HamrickCE. Just pointing it out, that it was he that has exposed Scottie Clarke’s Double Sexual Life all along and has taken all his Followers now down a Path of Apostasy. No light matter as it has now been brought to the Light. Regardless of one’s Human Moral Failures, one does believe the Revelation 12 Sign is extremely Prophetically Significant, but not for 2023, rather for 2024. One will explain later.

For all those that have followed one’s Research and Postings Publicly since 2007 through one’s University Staff Profile, one does not like to Critique others Work, and seldom does. As to what others See, Understand and/or Interpret is between them and the Holy Spirit. But one does get asked a lot to Comment and Critique, which is fine. One does consider the Issue and if one thinks it Merits a Critique, then one has done that. But just the same, one presents what one only Sees, Understand and/or Interprets. However, in one’s Personal Case, pertaining to Prophetic Prognostication, one attempts to make sure, that when one is ‘Appearing’ to be ‘Suggesting a Date’ for the Rapture, one is only ‘to infer’, ‘to suggest’, or that ‘it would appear ‘so, etc. 

What Brother Patrick has done in this video is very Disappointing that one will show. The following will be one’s Critique about what he said. Why? One does have an Issue when Brethren use ‘Absolute Statements’ and are being made. No Problem. It is just that the Body of Christ then has to hold such Brethren Accountable when it does not ‘Happen’. You see, one is in the Middle of such Assertions. On 1 Hand, one is in the Camp of the Academics that use Logic, Reason, etc. Then one also Prognosticates the Season and even Year, Date of the Possible Rapture Timing.

Fruit of the Spirit

Personally, what is it that really gets one Upset, as to Watchers Setting Dates, which is fine? It is when they say the ‘LORD told me’. No Problem. One does believe in that. But, if that is the case, it has to happen. But if it does not despite them saying such Absolute Statements or claiming Direct Revelation? This is one’s Issue and what occurred with Brother Patrick. One is just saying, ‘Stop saying that because it is not True’. One would rather have them say, ‘I believe the LORD told me’.

That is different and more Honest. Now, how does one know that the Rapture will NOT occur as taught by Brother Patrick? It is precisely because of his Absolute Statements on 1 Hand, and on the other Hand, because of his Disparaging Statements made against those who initially presented the Revelation 12 Sign, back in 2017. One will hope that if Brother Patrick reads this Article, that he reconsiders the Tone in which, in one’s Opinion, was not Operating under the Direction of GOD the Holy Spirit in exemplifying the Fruits of the Spirit.

This is why YHVH cannot Honor such a Work. Sorry. And then when the Date or Rapture comes and goes, such Brethren usually do not take Responsibility to own-up to their Misunderstanding in implicating Jesus and the Holy Spirit for ‘Not coming through as they saw it’. Again, it is the Absolute Statements that one then just asks to provide the Absolute Evidence. Is that Fair? And if and when they said, ‘Jesus Told Me’? Well, my goodness, it sure has to be 100% Accurate and Come-to-Pass, as that is the Outcome then of the Sign he is Interpreting.

In the case of Brother Patrick, regarding the Revelation 12 Sign that occurs only an Iteration every Year, one is Disappointed in the type of Absolute Statements made about the Revelation 12 Sign and those Brethren Presenting it back in 2017 as already mentioned. The following will now be the Precise Portions of his Teaching where one surmises, he has said the following Absolute Statements, that are Disparaging. 

4:51 Minute Marker  
At this Point and Time, Brother Patrick insinuates that the Comet 118P/Shoemaker-Levy is the Wormwood that the Bible describes will strike the Rivers and Waters of the Earth to cause 1/3 of all Water on Earth to become Bitter, or Worwood, etc. This Comet was discovered in 1953 on August 11. He then makes the Connection that 70 Years later, on August 11, 2023, the ‘Exalted Man-Child’ Comet, was discovered. Then he attempts to ‘Prove’, something to the effect, that the same Comet was depicted on August 11, 1 AD. Not sure why he chose 1 AD. Brother Patrick then goes on to say that the Revelation 12 Sign was depicted on this Date as well as a ‘Confirmation’. This is not True. The Sun is clearly still in the Constellation of Leo, not in Virgo on August 11, 1 AD.  

6:32 Minute Marker
At this Point in Time, Brother Patrick reads Habakkuk 2:3, inferring how a Vision is to Come to Pass at its ‘Appointed Time’ as one Waits for it and not ‘Lie’. He then states that he has to ‘Tell the Truth’, about what he then goes to insinuate that the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 was and is essentially a Lie. And those that Presented the Sign as that, back then are thus Liars. He states, it is, ‘What they called the Revelation 12 Sign 2017’. And that, ‘Whomever said that Jupiter was in the Womb, was Incorrect’. ‘That is not the Truth, I will show you’. Well, that ‘Person’ was Yours Truly, Luis Vega. But one is not taking it Personally as mentioned and will continue to Fairly Critique his Absolute Statements. Those are the Issues. 

7:06 Minute Marker
Patrick inferred, clearly, that the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 was and is ‘Bad’. Worse is that he misquoted Scripture. It is not ‘Bad’ but Evil’. Thus, he is directly insinuating that all those Brethren that studied the Sign back in 2017, are essentially ‘Evil’ for getting it ‘Wrong’, as he is now ‘Right’ about it. And that now, his Job, because ‘Jesus Told Him’, is to now show the ‘Family’ that he has the Right one. And?  Well, that means that the Rapture is on either September 15 to the 19th based on these Comets and Asteroid Correlations that can only have occurred in 2023. This is not the case. Many in this same Array occur again for 2024 in Virgo.

Note that for 2023, the Revelation 12 Sign Iteration did not even reach its 6th Year Anniversary, which was September 23, 2023. Brother Patrick then showed the Original Revelation 12 Sign back on September 23, 2017. He showed how in his Interpretation, which he presumes is the Correct one, that Jupiter was not the ‘Child’. He argued that this Term, not Jupiter, is specifically pertaining to the ‘Child’ Asteroid that only appeared in 2023, in Virgo. Here is the Problem. The Asteroid ‘Child’ was ‘Birthed on September 15, 2023, which was on Rosh HaShanah. And?

There is no ‘Moon at the Feet of Virgo, not until the 18th. So, this ‘Revelation 12 Sign is a Fail in one’s Honest Assessment. And there is no Planetary Alignment to configure the Crown of 12 Stars on the Head of Virgo, just as much. If one then considers the actual Day Anniversary of September 23, 2023, the ‘Man-Child’ Comet misses the ‘Womb’ of Virgo area altogether. And what is rather Alarming and why one can say with a Measure of Confidence that this is not the Fulfillment of the Revelation 12 Sign nor of the Rapture is because of the following Gaffe. Brother Patrick interprets this ‘Exalted Man-Child’ as not the ‘Birthing’ of Christ Jesus or the Rapture of the Church, but Lucifer, the Red Dragon. Seriously?

What is rather Interesting and perhaps more Prophetically Significant is how on this Date of September 23, 2023 (723), is when Mars enters the ‘Womb’ of Virgo. Also, Comet Encke as in Enki, Lucifer had its closest approach on the same Day, September 23, 2023. As for the God of War, Mars, this Astronomical Array occurred during the 6-Day War for the Battle of Jerusalem in 1967. Thus, one surmises that the subsequent Season will see just that, in the coming Regional War with the Muslim Inner-Ring. One will bet this will be the Psalm 83 War that will occur after the Rapture in 2024, per one’s present Timeline Estimations. This is what will lead to the Rise of the False Jewish Messiah to then Confirm the Covenant with the Sanhedrin ‘Many’ and the Muslims, and the World, etc.  

9:45 Minute Marker
Brother Patrick then Deduces, to prove that all those Watchers that tracked the Retrograde of Jupiter in the Womb of Virgo back in 2017 Sign was not for 9 Months. He shows how Jupiter entered the ‘Box’ area of Virgo, as he calls it on November 20, 2016.
But it only stayed in the ‘Box’ for 6 months, not 9 Months as it ‘went out’ of the Box to then go back into it, i.e., the Retrograde, etc. And that Jupiter crossed the ‘Birthing’ Line on September 9, 2017. Although Astronomically True, he fails to reason that the Lines are ‘Imaginary’ and not ‘Fixed’. The ‘Tone’ of his Demeanor is one of Condescension. It is as if all the Brethren studying the Revelation 12 Sign leading-up to September 23, 2017 were not ‘Keeping it Real’, nor ‘Pleasing the Father’, nor ‘Walking in the Truth’. This is Pathetic and an Insult to the Holy Spirit, in one’s Opinion.   

10:42 Minute Marker

Brother Patrick then goes on to emphatically state that it was not the Revelation 12 Sign that occurred back in 2017. It is because of all the Array of Asteroids and Comets that thus, makes his Interpretation of what is occurring in the Sign of Virgo for 2023 to have been the ‘Correct’ one. Realize that there is other Star Model Software that configures the 12 Signs differently. Then consider that a Retrograde is All-Inclusive. Meaning that it is a Continuous Count. There is no break in its Timing as he does just that to ‘Prove’ his Point. From the Start of Jupiter ‘Entering’ Virgo to its Metaphorical ‘Birth’, is the following. It was a 9 Month Period.  

Sunday, November 20, 2016 to Saturday, September 9, 2017 
= 293 Days 
= 9 Months, 20 Days (920) 

11:11 Minute Marker  
Brother Patrick then goes on to state that those who showed Jupiter as being in the ‘Womb’ of Virgo for 9 Months and inferred it to be the King Planet Man-Child Motif, were ‘Lying’. No, sorry but Brother Patrick is the one ‘Lying’ here for refusing the Calculation and/or Interpretation. That is fine for him to Think and Interpret anyway he chooses. But to Disparage all those that agreed at least on this Point about the Revelation 12 Sign, is a Strawman’s Argument. And then went on to Debase others in order to Exalt himself, as anyone hearing his Teaching can clearly see that is what he is doing. This is clearly NOT ‘Pleasing to the Father’ and not ‘Walking in the Truth’. This is not the Fruit of the Holy Spirit he claims he has ‘All Over Him’.  

11:20 Minute Marker  
Brother Patrick then goes on to say that the ‘Supposed’ Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 was not the ‘Sign’, but only a ‘Sign’, etc. He emphatically states that, ‘It is his Job to show the Family that now, his Sign is the True Revelation 12 Sign’. Please. And tacitly, it is thus, when the True Rapture Event Timing is to occur, because ‘Jesus Told Him’. This is what he has now surmised based on all the Asteroids that Adorned the Constellation of Virgo for the Fall of 2023.

He surmised the Rapture because of a ‘Child’ Asteroid crossed the Imaginary Line of the Motif in the Sky on Rosh HaShanah, September 15, 2023. But in Patrick’s Words, it was not ‘Jesus’ or the Raptured Saints. It was the Red Dragon, Lucifer. Truly Absurd. Up to this point over the Years, one was ‘Tracking’ the Work of Brother Patrick, here-and-there, positively, giving him the Benefit of the Doubt. Such Asteroids and Comets do have Prophetic Significance as surely Comet and Asteroids detected in Virgo at this Time and Place are ‘Signs’. 

11:20 Minute Marker  
Brother Patrick is now convinced, assuredly, that he has now about ‘Completed’ the ‘Billboard’ of the Rapture 'Sign’ per Jesus Direct Command, and presumably Direct Revelation then, and thus, Direct Rapture. One cannot accept anything less based on his Absolute Statements. That is, one’s Point. He reiterates that his Work is coming from Jesus who he stated said to him: ‘Paint the Picture, now Tell the Story’. Sorry but one is not convinced he heard it from Jesus Christ. Why not? Because September 20 came with no Rapture. Why can one say that with Confidence? One will explain at the end of this Critique but one already alluded to it. The Witness of the Holy Spirit and Disparaging Demeanor against Fellow Brethren, etc. 

14:41 Minute Marker
Brother Patrick then finishes this Teaching Video by showing the 13-Year Orbit of Comet Iras that is one of the Myriad of Asteroids and Comets he has Identified in the Sign of Virgo for September 2023. And because it returns 13 Years later in 2030, that then fits with his Prophetic Narrative that 2023-2030 has to have been, then the 7-Year Tribulation. And thus, the Rapture was correlated to when Joseph was released from Prison in Egypt.  

Thereafter, Joseph, as a Type of the Bride, was ‘Released’ as in a ‘Rapture’ . It is the Typology of coming-up from the Pit of the Earth to the Throne of Pharaoh, etc. It is an Excellent Prophetic Theology, but it pertains to the Jews, more emphatically. But it does have Prophetic Echoes of the Bride of Christ and Jesus, for sure. But in his Sight, it is because of that, that the Rapture was therefore in 2023 as a ‘Confirmation’. It was because this Comet in Virgo that then 13 Years later, in 2030 will be back in Virgo. Well, if Patrick called the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 a ‘False Sign’, a Lie and a Stretch? One would say the same of his 13-Year Iras Comet Rapture Association and Red Dragon Man-Child being ‘Birthed’ as the Rapture Event itself on Rosh HaShanah.  


In one’s Spirit, all this ‘Hype’ about the Revelation 12 Sign now is a Distraction, in one’s Honest Opinion from its 7th Year Anniversary, that will be Prophetic. That is how YHVH keeps Time, in sets of 7. One does believe 2024 will be the Rapture Year, as that is that the Sign pointed to, perhaps. But one is not calling Brethren like Patrick who have a Difference of Interpretation, ‘Liars’, ‘False’, ‘A Strech’, ‘Not True’, etc. One is convinced the Revelation 12 Sign of September 23, 2017 was and is a Countdown Warning involving a Sabbath of Time. All this ‘Hype’ about the ‘True’ Revelation 12 Sign Rapture to have occurred mid-September 2023 was to Desensitize many to the Sign, once again, to thereafter, not take it Serious.

2024 will be the Year that one will need to take the Sign ‘Seriously’ because of its 7th Year and perhaps its Prophetic Fulfillment. One can be wrong and perhaps the Sign of 2023 was the Rapture Sign. And if it be the ‘True’ one, as told directly to Brother Patrick by Jesus, that the Rapture is then either September 15th or the 19th…in that case, can anyone who sincerely believes this, then do the following. Since you all will no longer need your Belongings, can you bequeath them to me? This is not a Joke or to Mock. One has given this ‘Rapture Challenge’ for the last 30 Years to those that say ‘Absolute Statements’, that one gets flooded by Emails.

Rapture Roulette

So far, NONE have Agreed or taken the Offer. Since such plan not to be here past September 19th of 2023, can you please Sign Over your: House, Car, Savings, Money, Gold, Metals, Jewels, Property, any Assets? But one doubts it. As mentioned, this is why one has an issue with ‘Absolute Statements’. No Problem. Jesus can talk to People. He has and appears to many Muslims, for example. One is just saying that if Jesus ‘Told You’, then it has to happen.

If the Rapture does not happen on September 15, 2023? Whomever ‘Told You’, was not ‘Jesus’ and you need to stop saying that. It is that one has that, ‘Punched in the Gut’ Feeling that what is going on now with the Revelation 12 Sign, is not of the Holy Spirit for the Reasons one has Critiqued Brother Patrick. It has been based on his Teachings and Absolute Statements that one clearly understands are Disparaging of the Brethren.

Why will all this Frenzy not Come-to-Pass? It is because Jesus Christ cannot Contradict Himself nor nearly Blaspheme GOD the Holy Spirit with such Absurd and Demeaning Statements about Himself and Disrespecting other Fellow Brethren for having differing Prophetic Perspectives and Interpretation of the Sign, etc. The Spirit of Christ is that ‘I must Decrease, Christ must Increase. And in Practical Application, the Followers of Jesus, get to Practice that Command and Expectation with the Body of Christ, with one another. It is a matter of ‘I Must Decrease, other Brethren must Increase’, etc. 

This is clearly not the case in this Teaching. What Brother Patrick has communicated Publicly to the Church, is not this Spirit of Christ. So, the Revelation 12 Sign that occurred Astronomically back in 2017, according to Brother Patrick was ‘Fake’. And as noted, all those that suggested the Rapture Event was to have taken place back then, because of the Sign, were ‘Lying’. This part, one does agree with Brother Patrick. But the part about the Sign was ‘Lie’, or not ‘True’? Well, that would include oneself, as one was 1 of those that 1st Introduced the Sign in Posts. 

It was 1st introduced on one’s University Staff Profile Website, 2008. Then it was on Rapture In the Air Now (RITA) and later on 5 Doves, etc. Thus, to Brother Patrick, one is a ‘Liar’, as a ‘Deceiver’ and ‘False’ for suggesting Jupiter, the Planet of the Messiah, was in the ‘Womb of Virgo’ for 9 Months. And that it was Prophetically a Correlating Metaphor for the Man-Child. One suspects that when September 15-19, 2023 comes-and-goes, Brother Patrick will do as he has done before with his other Failed Rapture Days, based on his Stellarium Studies. He will Delete his Videos.  

But then, Brother Patrick goes on to say more ‘Truth’. To belabor the Point, he surmises that the ‘Child’ Asteroid that the Revelation 12 Sign clearly indicates is the Person to be Raptured, who will Rule with a Rod of Iron, is not Jesus or the Raptured Bride. No, it will be the Red Dragon, i.e., Lucifer. Absurdity. In one’s Opinion, this is what happens when Prophecy is taken and becomes one's ‘Own Interpretation’. So, the Chased Virgin will ‘Birth’ the AntiChrist that is then ‘Caught’ Up’?  

An Honest and Fair Assessment?

And then it is Lucifer, as the Red Dragon will then come to chase the Red Dragon or Himself into the Wilderness? Nice. What did Jesus truly say to His Disciples about such an Absurdity? ‘If Satan casts-out Demons by the Power of Satan? Mark 3:26 ‘If a House is Divided against itself, it cannot Stand. And if Satan is Divided and Rises against himself, he cannot Stand; his End has come’. It does not make sense in this switching of Motifs with the Man-Child Typology, that being Jesus and/or the Raptured Believers at the Time of the Rapture with the ‘Birthing’ of the ‘Dragon’. 

Then based on a New Comet found, C/2023 P1 Nishimura, meaning ‘Exalted Man-Child’, Patrick then changed Perspectives of the Rapture Date from September 15, i.e., the ‘Child’ Asteroid to encompass this new Variable, then being tied to specifically to the new Comet called ‘Exalted Man-Child’. However, the Comet, on Rosh HaShanah only barely enters Virgo, at the Head area on September 15, 2023. There is no inference to a ‘Birth’ as that is what Characterizes distinctly the Revelation 12 Sign from the rest, and how the King Planet of the Messiah, Jupiter was in the Womb area of Virgo for approximately 9 Months.  

So, in one’s Honest and Fair Assessment of where Brother Patrick at Hourly Watch is at now, presently with his Revelation 12 Sign Stellarium Studies, is that he has lost his Mind. He has a Spirit of Error in this particular Prophetic Assessment. He is now stooped to the Depravity of a Scottie Clarke Type, in Over-Sensationalizing his Astronomical Findings to the point of a Frenzy Psychosis. Seriously. One sincerely believes that he will end-up eating some Humble Pie for the following Reasons one suggests, past September 2o, 2023. Thus, as Rosh HaShanah comes-and-goes, the Rapture will not likely take place because of the following Rationale. 
1. As mentioned, if these Asteroids and Comets are a Sign, and one does believe they are, then one can have Strong Confidence that it will not be the Event. The ‘Sign is not the Event’. A Sign points to something yet in the Future to come. 

2. Brother Patrick admits that he did not even know about the Revelation 12 Sign or of Stellarium until 2017. This is 9 Years ago as of this Critique, almost a Decade later. One had studied this Celestial Sign, among others, the Pleiades, Taurus, and presented one’s Prophetic Interpretations about them since 2008.  

3. What made and makes the Revelation 12 Sign of September 23, 2017 so Amazing and Unique, is the Fact of having the very Retrograde of Jupiter occur for 9 Months, as that is how long its Retrograde lasts in each of the 12 Signs. It takes 12 Years for Jupiter to make a ‘Full Circle’ but not every Time will coincide with the Motif in Virgo in having its Retrograde perfectly Timed to be Dead-Center in the ’Womb’ area of the Motif.  

4. On September 23, 2017, this Celestial Configuration was emphasized by the Fact that the Moon was at the Feet Area of Virgo. The Sun was in the Head Area. These 2 Celestial Bodies reoccur every Year in Virgo. But with Jupiter having been ‘Birthed’ since September 9th, 2017, and then there were the 3 Planet Alignment in Leo? That was the Uniqueness.

5. Truly, the Revelation 12 Sign of September 23, 2017 (723) and on the Sabbath of Return, was a 1 in a 7000 Year Event. All the others, either did not have the Retrograde Dead-Center in the Womb Area of Virgo or there were no 3 Planet Alignment accompanying the Sign.  

6. The only 1 other Approximate Match did occur in -3915 BC. And even this one, the Retrograde of Jupiter was not as Exact as the one in 2017. And although the 3 Planets were present, in the exact Place and Distance apart, the Planet Mars was switched-off with Saturn, i.e., ‘Satan’, etc. One believes that this Celestial Sign in Virgo, was around the Time-Frame when Adam and Eve fell into Sin. And that it could have been how YHVH showed Adam and Eve how He would Redeem them again by the Genesis 3:15 ‘Gospel’. It was the 1st Prophecy of the Seed War to come. And that the Contention would be in Virgo, for Virgo, and against Virgo and her ‘Man-Child’. Realize also that Virgo is the Beginning of the ‘Storyline’ of the Mazzaroth, etc.  

7. One looked up most of the Asteroids and Comets that are Depicted by Brother Patrick in the Array for September 15-19, 2023. This is when, according to Brother Patrick, the Rapture is to occur. Realize that this same Celestial Array of Comets and Asteroids also then move along the Ecliptic into the Subsequent Signs. Meaning that all the inferred Prophetic Interpretation could and can be just as easily deduced for that Sign. So, why not the Rapture in Libra? Why not in Ophiuchus?

For example, the Asteroid ‘Child’ that is ‘Birthed’ on September 15, 2023 will next be in Ophiuchus in January 2024. It will next be in Aquarius in February of 2025. Then consider that the ‘Child’ Asteroid was in Conjunction with the King Star, Regulus in Leo, on Passover of April 2023, before going into Virgo. Why not infer the Rapture then? The Point? Why not then say that the ‘Rapture is to occur then on Passover 2023’, because the ‘Child’ Asteroid was in the King Star, Regulus? Would that not make sense?  

One is just emphasizing that for all of one’s Best Efforts to Prognosticate the Rapture Day, it is a Best Educated Guess, or in some cases, not so Educated Guess. It is the case, in one’s Opinion based on Brother Patrick’s Interpretation and Absolute Statements made. One can only speak for one’s self as mentioned. In one’s Research into such Topics, one tried to Qualify the Interpretation in Terms of, ‘It Appears’. ‘One Believes’. Based on these Calculations’, etc. But ‘Jesus’ has never ‘Told me’.  

But to then Disparage others by saying they were ‘Lying’ all along and how the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 was ‘False’ is nearly edging of Blaspheming the Holy Spirit in one’s Serious Estimation. Why go there? One and all those other Watchmen and Watchwomen who sincerely believed were following the Lead of the Holy Spirit? To then call that False, Lying?

That is serious. It is understandable that sometimes, with such growing Public Notoriety follows, and New Followers are amazed, and those ‘Wanting More’ Videos, the best of one’s Reason and Sound Judgment can be lacking, just to keep the ‘Hype’ going, etc.  
In closing, one has appreciated Brother Patrick’s Contribution to the Revelation 12 Sign Phenomena. And again, one hopes that he will read this Critique and take it to Heart and to Jesus in Prayer. This has been one’s Critique, per Request. Selah. The following is the List of most of the Asteroids or Comets Brother Patrick Identified in the Constellation of Virgo for the Civil New Year Time-Frame in 2023.

666 Desdemona
Red Queen
Gapar: Wisemen


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Revelation 12 Sign

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Why the Virgo Sign is a 7-Year Countdown

#783: COMET C/2023-P1
Revelation 12 Trajectory Interpretation


Evidence of Authorship.
History of the Research Journey in 'Discovering' the Revelation 12 Sign.


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Great Sign of Virgo
The Monster, Man-Child and Maiden

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