Video Showing Injection is Emitting Low Frequencies

  • Is the Russian COVID-19 Injection any different in its objectives?
  • Is a video about a hacking into the Vaccine Database real?
  • If the video is not a Hoax, then indeed the Injected will be tracked.

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to provide a transcription of a video in Russian of a supposed ‘Hacking’ that took place of the Russian Sputnik Vaccination Database Server. It was first reported on the Hal Turner Radio Show YouTube Channel. In his post, he cites a video purportedly showing that COVID-19 Injection Recipients give-off Radio Signals or a Low-Imitating Frequency that can track them 24/7. The channel did make a disclaimer that it does not profess to have knowledge of this possibility or its impossibility. However, the video seems to be authentic and compelling. The person on the video is apparently a Russian Computer Expert, enough to know how to hack into the Russian version of the COVID-19 Injection called ‘Sputnik’.

In the video, he shows step-by-step the process he used to access the Sputnik Vaccination Database Server. In so doing, he shows how he can track any of his Friends, for example and show current live, real-time biological sensors that are being emitted from a Friend’s body. This is due, to the Nano-Particles or ‘Bots’ that now flow freely within a person’s Blood Circulatory System. Of course, all such videos and sources can be a hoax or false, or not. Note that the date is April 1st but if the video is a Hoax, it is one of the best. If authentic, it means that the millions of People on Earth that have taken the COVID Injections can now be tracked, GPS’ed, surveilled. Authorities now know ‘everything’ about a person as their bodies give off Unique Identifier Information that links to a ‘Vaccine Database’ that is collecting data about them, every day. Consider though that all of the Doctors and Scientists that have come out against this Mass Inoculation Campaign have voiced their concerns of an outcome exactly as the Russian ‘Hacker’ demonstrates.

Indeed, the Nano-Technology is incorporated within the Lipids or Hydrogel that encapsulates the mRNA being sent to the cells. They bypass the Natural Immune System and it is the mRNA that is ‘Hacking’ into the cells to fool them into producing the COVID-19 portion of the virus itself to make its complementary Spike Protein. This is all new technology but has never been studied nor injected into humans. If what this Russian ‘Hacker’ has discovered is true and not a Hoax, then this is only the beginning. It seems this type of Orwellian nightmare is now a reality and all those 'Conspiracy' aspects are being confirmed to be true so far. When the COVID-19 Virus first came out, many suspected it was Bio-Engineered as it did not behave as other natural occurring Corona Viruses. Such were laughed at and deemed ‘Conspiracy Nuts’. Now it has come to light that there was a 90% probability that the virus was Bio-Engineered and intentionally released as Dr. Li-Meng Yan, attested to. Then it was discovered that the Virus Genome had HIV Inserts that gave Gain of Functionality to the virus.

Big Brother is Injecting You

Then the Scientific Papers reporting on this HIV Gain of Function was retracted under pressure. This was again laughed at and considered ‘Conspiracy Theory’. However, you have, for example, Doctors Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein. They came on the Bill Maher Show discussing ‘The Lab Hypothesis’. They proposed that there is indeed over a 90% chance that the COVID-19 Virus was not only let out of the Wuhan Lab but that it has enhanced functions not normally seen in natural occurring Corona Viruses in Nature. Then there have been the U.S. Senate Hearing where Doctor and Senator Rand Paul has questioned Dr. Fauci about the U.S. Taxpayer Funds being sent to Wuhan for the purpose of researching ‘Gain of Function’ in viruses.

This has made the COVID-19 Virus more potent for example. Supposedly, now the Russian COVID-19 Injection version, 'Sputnik' can track a person having received the shot. Will this ‘Conspiracy Theory’ also come to be true after all? This Russian ‘Hacker’ stated that he had to use the Dark Web to go into the Servers to show that indeed the COVID Injections do indeed have the Nano-Technology that transmits all the person's bio-information, thanks to 5G. This is only the beginning. As many People in the world would not agree to such invasion of privacy and loss of Bodily Sovereignty, the Globalists behind this COVID Agenda have had to beguile the People of the World with a false narrative and justification to get the injections and in turn get the Nano-Bots into the body. It will be all about a ‘Social Credit Score’ and total control of one’s thoughts, behavior and life from here on out.

If what the video shows that bio-information is being tracked in Real Time is true, then the worldwide effort to strong-arm as many People in the world to get this sort of injection is not then really about fighting a Corona Virus. And it has come out in the emails exposing Dr. Fauci’s that he knew that preventative measures could have saved millions of lives but he intentionally withheld the support of proven COVID Treatments as viable alternatives to an unproven and Experimental new mRNA type of Injection. Such Medical Treatments are Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Zinc, Vitamins D and C and others. Yet, People diagnosed with the COVID-19 Virus were left to get so sick to the point only to be seen when it was too late.

Then the PCR Tests had a rigged elevated Cycle Threshold of above 30. At this level, the tests would assuredly give a ‘Positive’ for the virus. Then as the Mass Inoculation Campaign has now injected millions with the doses, the PCR Cycle Threshold has been ordered to be reduced to the less than 30. Why? It will show that the COVID-19 Injections are being ‘effective’. And this is on top of the fact that the Inventor, Dr. Kary Mullis specifically and publicly stated that his invention for which he won the Nobel Prize was not to be used for detecting if someone was sick with the COVID-19 Virus. Soon after he when public with his protests, he died unexpectedly. As it has been shown, up to 90% of those that died did not die as a direct result of COVID-19. And then those that survive the virus, which have a 99% Recovery Rate now have Natural Immunity for life. At best, these Bio-Engineered mRNA ‘vaccines’ are good for only about 1 year. This is why from this point forward; all these same People have to keep getting ‘Booster Shots’ for life. It will be now nor different than getting a Flu Shot that are only 40% effective.

Big Brother is Tracking You

The Fact Sheets of Pfizer and Modera plainly state that the Injection may not produce any Immunity at all. And any Immunity from the Injections would only be temporary and not coded for any of the Variants that are now being released by the supposed ‘Inoculated’ People that received the Injections. Then why give the Experimental Shot? It is the aim of the Globalist Eugenicists to biometrically track or ‘Mark’ every human possible. Why? It is to control People and Populations. And this is of those that will survive their Gene Therapy Medical Device adverse effects. It is a classic case of their ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution’. They have introduced the Problem, or the virus, they instill ‘Fear’ as a Reaction, and then they come-up with the Solution, their Injections. And as the Injections will wear-off, there is now a continuous loop of needing to get more Injections, at least to those that will not die from them.

As it has been stated in several articles that have made the Alternative Media Airways, once history writes the outcome of this episode of Humanity, it will be shown that Scientists and Doctors like Fauci will be listed among the Mass Murderers of the likes of Dr. Mengele, the Angel of Death. He and other Government Officials and Private Philanthropists have blood on their hands. The deception is so severe and complete that People like cattle are willfully lining-up to get this Dose of Doom unawares of its biological ramifications. At this point in time, the incentives are free beer, donuts, concert tickets, million-dollar lotteries, scholarships, etc. It seems everyone is in the ‘fix’. Why has this effort not been made with other more pressing plagues like HIV or Diabetes? That is not the plan.

If the scenario is true of what the Russian ‘Hacker’ demonstrated, then most People will not really care that the Government or other 3rd Party Medical Agencies have their biometric vital 24/7 as taking the Injections are like a ‘badge of honor’ now, with Selfies to prove it. Not realizing that such People have willfully submitted themselves to a Permanent Serfdom Existence that will be completely regulated and controlled. And if what the Bible foretells will come to pass, this technology will be then a matter of Life or Death. Choosing to opt-in to this ‘Beast System’ grid will mean Life and Leisure, etc. To those that opt-out, it will mean a sure Death Sentence. The coming ‘Reset’ will not accommodate those that will not surrender their Inalienable Rights. As every human body is different, there will be varying degrees of reactions and effects.

Realize that once this Experimental type of mRNA injection is introduced into the human body, it will not be able to be extracted as it fuses with the Biological Tissue. That is the objective. The evidence is that many Scientists like Dr. McCollough have publicly stated that the original COVID-19 Virus no longer exists, as it has ‘faded-out’ as most viruses do. Thus, the current COVID-19 Injections are useless as they are not designed nor coded for any Variants. And that the Variants are as a direct result of the People ‘Shedding’ or creating the Variants. Why? It is because the mRNA codes the human body to actually make part of the RNA of the COVID-19 Virus. This is incredible as all those that have been injected with the COVID-19 shots are producing part of COVID-19 Virus but it is their mutations produced by every single person injected that will perpetually have the need now to require all humans to thus be ‘vaccinated’.

And it will come a day where there will be no Exemptions allowed, not even for the Medical and/or Religious ones that they are saying will be honored now. As it is, it will be extremely difficult to obtain such Exemptions as it is. Again, the goal is to introduce this new Nan-Technology into the cells of every human as the human body now becomes a ‘Computer’ and with its transformation into a ‘Living Operating System’, it can be controlled, programmed, etc. As the Russian video demonstrates, every human on the planet, once injected will have all its information uploaded to a Server. The Authorities-That-Be, will have one’s Name, Address, Lot Number, Date of Injection, Dose, Gender, and GPS whereabouts now, 24/7.

And the European Union announced that they will aim at providing every Citizen with a Digital Wallet whereby it is part of the post-COVID-19 Recovery Plan. It is where everyone’s digital information will be uploaded to the Block Chain. This information and technology already exists and the Patents that Bill Gates owns for example attest to this Globalist quest. Welcome to the ‘Brave New World of 1984’. The following is the transcription into English from Russian of the video demonstrating that those who have receive the Russian version of the COVID-19 Sputnik emit Radio Frequencies and can be monitored in Real Time.

‘Hi Guys,
Well, the situation is like this…We know that our Government is doing stuff like Mass Vaccination Programs. And not everything they…not everything is as they tell us. Heard the recent News that the Vaccine Database of our Sputnik Vaccine has been leaked.

I dug for several days, in the Dark Web. Respectively, I found this Database. It can be found in Open Access through Sit Torium. And I decided to check what is in this Database if any of my Friends who have been injected are there. And I found all of my Friend who have taken the Sputnik Injection. And I will show you, for example Ljoha’s one (Alex).

Now, I am connecting with data I have received from the Server. This is how I will be connecting directly to Ljoha’s body. Because this MCST Chip is located in Ljoha’s Blood Circulatory System. Therefore, it is connected with the Base Stations of 5G. Now watch what we will see?

Credentials: $  ssh  -p  20000  nevermind@alexeykapyshev.spuntnik-.com

Now something I did wrong…Oh, it should be (.ru). Yes. Ljoha, I did change the Password on your Server. The one, you know, that is respectively is set for you. I did put a simple one and easy to remember. ‘StarCraft’. And now, we are in the Machine or Server. Connecting to it and seeing. Here are some Utility Sputnik V-Controls. We can see all the information about the vaccinated one. Now loading.

Statistics…and other information. Wait for it. Now, what we can see? Well, you can see it all. Name, Date of Birth, Address, Location, i.e., Coordinates. Right now, Ljoha is sleeping. It is 3am. His 1st Injection he got was on February 22nd. Then the next one was in March. Here is the address where he did get the Injection. And now the interesting part. Firmware. Firmware date. 

And the CPU information… it is what they said in the News. There it is. Elbrus, E2K MACHINE. There it is, Elbrus-e2k-e2c+. It is low enough CPU Frequency at 496.580 Mhz. The Data is enormous. So, that is what is going on Guys. Better need 10 times more to think about getting the Injection or not. Ljoha, let me know if there is something interesting. I will show you later everything in detail.’ 


The Dark Web
It is the World Wide Web content that exists on DarkNets: overlay Networks that use the Internet but require specific software, configurations, or authorization to access. Through the Dark Web, Private Computer Networks can communicate and conduct business anonymously without divulging Identifying Information, such as a user's location. -Wikipedia.com. What is not publicly divulged is that the Dark Web is also where it is believed that up to 90% of all Internet Traffic occurs.

And that such interactions involve criminal, dark and disturbing content. For example, it is where Child Sex Pornography and liaisons are arranged, murders, kidnappings, assassinations, and drug deals are made, etc.


In computing, Firmware is a specific class of Computer Software that provides the Low-Level Control for a Device's specific Hardware. Firmware can either provide a Standardized Operating Environment for more Complex Device Software, or, for Less Complex Devices, act as the Device's Complete Operating System, performing all Control, Monitoring and Data Manipulation Functions. -Wikipedia.com.

Main Source

Video: https://www.bitchute.com/embed/aJXeZZ8ZCmMn/
wan:  wlan0  SSLVPN: ok (MGTS_GPON5-5505) 37Gi

CLAIM: Vaccinated People Are Being TRACKED in Real Time via 5G Cellular, and all that data can be hacked-into to track YOU!

Hal Turner Radio Show
20 May 2021


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