It is about the Promised Land, Jerusalem
and the Temple Mount

by Luis B. Vega
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‘If you are not careful, the Newspapers will have you Hating the People who are being Oppressed, and Loving the People who are doing the Oppressing’. -Malcolm X

The Bible teaches that in the Last Days just before the Return of Jesus, the entire World would be against Israel. What the Hamas War of October 7, 2023 has demonstrated, is that this Attack on Israel has been a ‘Game Changer’ for the Middle East and the World. In 1 Perspective, you had a very Low-Tech Operation on the side of Hamas that incorporated Rocket Barrages, Conventional Small Arms, Hand-Gliders, and Bulldozers. Then Muslim Civilians crossed into Israel on Mopeds, Golf-Carts and SUVs. The Tactic was to instill Terror, Wholesale Slaughter, Rape, Beheadings and  Kidnappings, etc.

Israel, on the other Hand, is a Not-So-Secret Nuclear Power with the 18th most Powerful Military on Earth. It has the Famous Israel Defense Force. It has an Air Force with the most Modern and Technologically sophisticated F-35 that can deliver Nuclear Warheads. Israel has a Navy with Nuclear-Capable Submarines. It has tested Ballistic Missiles and the Technology to shoot down in Space, with Lasers an in-coming Ballistic Missile launched by the Houthis in Yemen. It has Secret Satellites in Orbit that can read License Plate Numbers. Israel has 2 Main Intelligence Agencies, MOSSAD and Shin Beit that can Hear, Record and Transcribe any and all Phone Conversations.

It has Drones that constantly surveil the Border, and one is to believe that Hamas was just allowed to Paraglide in and Civilians in Bulldozers ram the Border without any Surveillance? Please. What was allowed to occur on October 7, 2013 was to Unify a Divided Nation on the brink of Civil War, just like it was for 9-11 in the USA. What the Retaliation from Israel has produced and incurred is the Wrath of the entire World, just as Jesus said it would in the Last Days. If 1 thing is for sure, the 3rd World War that the Luciferians have Planned, as disclosed in the Letter from Mason Albert Pike, is coming True. It is a Religious War between ‘Political Zionism’ and Islam to wear-out the World

It is working. This Contention between the Muslims and the Jews in the Middle East is a Religious War. And the Liberals in the West, especially and those of the World are siding with a Nazi Ideology that is bent on the Extermination of the Jews. It is really a Goal of Genocide in that ‘From the River to the Sea’, is a call to Genocide the Jews off the Map of the World. To the Terrorist Organizations like Hamas, it is about up-holding the Notion of the ‘Final Solution’. What is at stake is the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple. This Hams War is and will be dragging the Nations to an eventual Prophetic Rendezvous with Jesus as Prophecy is narrowing down to Jesus’ Return.

The World vs. Israel

It is now the World against Israel. Israel has managed to Unite the Muslim World. The Shi’a of Iran and the Sunnis, for now, are United in Triangulation of what one calls the Shia’ Triangle: Iran-Syria-Yemen. It has at the Crosshairs, Israel to Destroy. Yemen declaring War on Israel. Why? It is about who possesses the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. If a Nation, a People or Person has all 3, you are essentially the Ruler of Earth. And this will occur, temporarily when the Biblical AntiChrist accomplishes it. This is where the Hamas War will bring the entire World to.

Things are not ‘Falling Apart’, they are ‘Falling into Place’, Prophetically. What the coming Events will lead to is that Israel has to, at some Point in Time, resort to its Samson Option. It is a Mutual Assured Destruction in that Israel will have to use Nuclear Weapons to ‘Even the Odds’ or Scale the Balance in their Favor. Why? They are out-numbered, even though they are far Superior Militarily. Israel will have to go at it alone as it has realized, thanks to the Liberal Woke Mobs, that their Liberal Allies have turned on them. Worse, is that most Christian Denominations are also so ‘Woke’ they have sided with Hamas.

What is for sure, is that the Devil is on the Loose. The level of Barbarism on the part of Hamas has reached a New Level of Unthinkable Evil of Man’s Inhumanity against Humanity. But such are the Religious Causes that justify any Means in achieving their Objectives. In this case, the Objectives of Hamas are Itemized in their Charter. And that is? It is the total eradication of the State of Israel. And tasselly, the Eradication of the Jews, really. It is foremost a Luciferian Objective. It has been ever since Genesis 3:15. And this is why the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple are at the Center of this Religious War with Israel.

Consider what the Palestinian Ahed Tamimi said of the Jews. She called for the Murder of Settlers in the West Bank. She stated in her Social Media the following Statements. ‘We are waiting for you in all the West Bank Cities, from Hebron to Jenin. We will Slaughter you and you will say that what Hitler did to you was a Joke’. She further elaborated. ‘We will Drink your Blood and Eat your Skull. Come on, we are waiting for you’. Is this ‘Normal Human Thinking? No. It is a Demonic Spirit at Work. Was it any wonder or Coincidence that Astronomically, Mars entered Virgo, the Celestial Motif of Israel in the Revelation 12 Sign Iteration for 2023, on September 23, 2023?

It depicted an Attack on Israel. It was a 723 Numerical Code that was signaling the 723 or Tishrei 23, corresponding to the Attack of the Greater Virgo, Israel. October 7, 2023 was the 50th Year Anniversary of another ‘Surprise Attack’ against Israel, the Yom Kippur War of 1973 and also on a Sabbath. Coincidence? No. It is a Religious War. What one surmises from all this, is that the Escalation will lead to the ‘Sudden Destruction’ that one is conjecturing will coincide with the End of the Church Age that will be concluded with the Rapture Event. To a large degree, this is why Israel will have to go at it ‘Alone’ in the sense that any last remaining ‘Christian’ will have been Raptured. What will remain is the Apostate Roman Church and its various ‘Daughters’, both Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant that will merge in an Ecumenical Religion.

Netanyahu – ‘It is a Time for War’

This is based on the Notion of the Abrahamic Family of Houses. At that Time, after the Rapture, it will be a ‘Time for Peace’. For that purpose, there will be 3 Houses for that precise reason on the Temple Mount. It will have Humanity Share, in each of them to maintain the ‘Peace and Security’ of not only Israel but the entire World. So, it will be the case, but only at the beginning of the 7-Year Peace Accord. This is why Israel will be more drawn to the Man of Peace that will come On-the-Scene to Guarantee this Set-Up. But it is Israel and the World that will be Set-Up. It is really Lucifer that is being allowed to Work his Magic and Wizardry in positioning his AntiChrist Savior he will be presenting to Israel as the long-awaited Messiah that will ‘Save’ Israel from Annihilation.

But what the ‘Plan’ of the Luciferians involves also is the largest Wealth Transfer ever perpetrated still. Not only have Billions been funneled to the Ukraine in that War Effort, but now Israel will be ‘Sucking-Up’ what remains of America’s Wealth. And the Middle Class is taking the ‘Hit’ with Inflation that is Impoverishing them to a 3rd World Status. Its Border is no different than those of Hamas Bulldozing their way into the ‘American Promised Land’. And it is for the same Rationale, Total Possession of their Land, Cities and Temples of Power.

It is so True what  Mosab Hassan Yousef, a Former Hamas Operative said. He is the Eldest Son of Hamas Co-Founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef. Mosab stated: ‘War is the only way to Peace’. He, as a former Hamas Operative, realized that Islam cannot accept Israel or accept Israel’s Right to Exist. This is what those Liberals that have sided with Hamas refuse to Comprehend. It is a case of Stockholm Syndrome. its establishment, Hamas, or rather Islam has 1 Goal in mind when it comes to Israel. It is , Annihilate the State of Israel.  

Mosab got out of Hamas because he saw, 1st Hand, the Brutality of how Hamas treated and treated the Palestinians. They are just as Brutal with them as they are against the Israelis. They use the People as Human Shields. For example, when the IDF warns People to flee from Buildings where Hamas is situated and to be bombed, Hamas forbids the Innocent Civilians from leaving. They want the Civilians to Die to use as a Moral Excuse to incur the World’s Support and Sympathy. It has worked. Israel has ‘Lost’ the Propaganda War. And it is rather Ironic in that the World Medias, for the most part, are indeed Owned and Controlled by Powerful Jews. But it is because such ‘Jews’ are in fact Luciferian and are invested in how things are lining-up to the Prophetic Rendezvous that Israel is intended to get to.  

Hamas tortures its own People and threatens them with Terror just as much. They are but ‘Pons’ in the Geo-Political Chess-Game. They are expendable and why the Palestinians are kept, in some cases still in the U.N. Refugee Camps since 1948. They are a constant ‘Cash Cow’ in how Billions of U.S. Dollars and Euros keep pouring-in to the Palestinian Leadership. Instead of having the Monies invested and improving the Lives of the Palestinians, they use the Resources for War Material to Destroy Israel. Such is what a Religion will go to establish Total Control. But as stated, it is the Goal of the Luciferians to Possess the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

What in the World is Going-On with Israel?

Those that know the Workings of Hamas are not surprised by their Brutality carried-out on October 7, 2023. As with any Terrorist Organization, the use of Terror is to instill a Level of Fear that Shell-Shocks their intended Victims. Indeed, as Hamas Leaders have exclaimed since the Attack on Israel, they have ‘Opened the Doors of Hell’. Realize that because Hamas has a Religious Mandate, the Islamic one, they will Sacrifice their Children to kill Israeli Children. It is so True what a Jewish Mother of Israel, Golda Meir said of Palestinian Children.  

‘There will be Peace in the Middle East only when the Arabs Love their children more than they hate Israel’. The Problem? It is that the Muslim Arabs do not. They hide the Rocket Launcher in the Basement of Youth Centers, Hospitals and Children’s Playgrounds, etc. Hamas kills those that oppose their Religious Quest as they expect all other Muslims to join their Jihad or ‘Struggle’. It is spelled-out in their Charter. One can surmise that ‘Palestine needs to be Liberated!’ Yes. It needs to be Liberated from Hamas. Assuredly, not all Palestinians support Hamas, or give a Free Choice would have chosen them to Rule over Gaza.

What has Hamas gotten for the Innocent Population of Gaza? It has been willing to have the Israelis pulverize it to ashes and then buried under its Rubble. And all that in the Name of Allah and Islam. It is Hamas and the like that has ‘Occupied’ Gaza. Realize that Hamas is up against the GOD of Israel, ultimately. And it is not that Israel is some ‘Saint’ in all this as the saying goes, ‘2 Wrongs do not make 1 Right’. Consider that the Muslims are either Ignorant or Naïve in the fact that the Bible declares that in the Last Days, YHVH would be returning the Jews, what is left of them back into the Promised Land.

And that they would re-possess Jerusalem and that eventually the Temple would be rebuilt. What is Pivotal, is that YHVH declared that this last Diaspora, at the Hand of the 4th and Last Beast Kingdom, that of Rome, would be the Last one and Israel would not be Exiled anymore. Why? Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. There is a Time coming where Jesus will be dealing with Israel’s Unbelief and Rebellion. And how it always has strayed and made ‘Deals with the Devil’ for ‘Peace and Security’, instead of Relying, Believing and being Obedient to their GOD. But the Point is that Israel is going nowhere.

And in fact, one is of the interpretation, that Israel will have to use Nuclear Weapons to offset their lack of Man-Power in the face of 100s of Rockets that are getting more sophisticated. Their Iron Dome cannot intercept all of them. And any Percentage that gets through is Devastating, only because of the small size of its Population and Land Mass. One can understand that Israel has no Choice but to Kill Hamas before it Kills more Israelis. Of course, one also believes that the October 7, 2023 Attack on the Sabbath of Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah was allowed to happen. Israel has all the Technical wherewithal to monitor every Inch of its Borders by Drones, Satellites and Radio/Media Interception of Calls, etc.

If anything Unites a Divided Nation, it is War and the Fear of it. Mission Accomplished. But is now the World vs. Israel. But if anyone is to blame for the Mass Casualties of Wpmen and Children, it is Hamas. Their Blood is on them, and these Leaders of Hamas will be held accountable on Judgment Day. The Palestinian Cause has been Hijacked by an Islamic Religious Zealotry that is bent on Self-Destruction and the Sacrifice of its Women and Children.


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