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by Luis B. Vega
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‘Likewise, the Men Abandoned Natural Relations with Women and Burned with Lust for one another. Men committed Indecent Acts with other Men and received in themselves the due Penalty for their Error. Furthermore, since they did not see fit to Acknowledge GOD, He gave them up to a Depraved Mind, to do what ought not to be done’. -Romans 1:27-28

If you all like an Intellectual Take on what is happening or what has happened to the USA, in particular regarding its Morality or Swapping of it, you will be interested in hearing what Larry Taunton has to say about it. One would guess that he is considered a Christian Apologist. But on the Merits of his Biblical Assessment of the USA, he is right on. The following is a brief Overview taken from his YouTube Channel Presentation.

He uses a 4-Square Illustration of how the British came up with a Military Strategy of always maintaining 4 Fronts without Breaking their Defense. It is really no different than now the Greek Phalanx and the Roman Defense was set up. It is believed that this was the Military Strategy of how Wellington defeated Napoleon at Waterloo. And from that Point going forward, most of the African Territories conquered by the British were made possible because of this Simplistic Military Strategy.

Of course Military Strategy is far more complexed and involves multiple Factors. But for the Purposes of this Illustration, it is very telling. Based on Mark 12:30, Taunton explains why the USA finds itself is such a Spiritual in Dire Straits and a Seemly Moral Vacuum that the Rainbow Alphabet Agenda has now come to fill, Nationwide, and with wide Acceptance and Celebration.

The 4 Sides Defense that had Protected the USA, and Western Civilization for that matter, to an extent of keeping it from Collapsing, in General were the Following. This Template can be used of an Individual and then Amplified to a Nation, which will be the level of Correlations presented. In Taunton’s Example, it is that of the Church, the Body of Christ, specifically in the USA, at this Place and Time.


Church Asleep at the Wheel

Taunton goes into, very well thought-out Reasons of how the Church, as in the Body of Christ, in the USA, and really in any Nation since Jesus’ Royal Commission, has been Designed based on a 4-Front Square Defense, just the same. The Detractors of Jesus, who even cast doubt on His very Existence and Ministry is 1 thing. But History cannot deny Jesus in what His Church has done, in Obedience to Jesus’ Commands. One is not speaking about the Usurper Church that launched Crusades in His Name.

Historically, it was the Christians that 1st came-up Organized Hospitals. For example, when in Rome, the Women would just throw-out their ‘Inconvenient’ New-Born’s into the Tigris River, it was the Christians who opened ‘Hospitals’ and Orphanages for them. Christians, especially Modern Ones from the USA are Par-Excellence in maintaining the Defense of the Body, by providing Food to the Homeless, Food Banks, Soup Kitchens, the Salvation Army, etc. And the World reluctantly Applauds this.

This is to highlight that out of 4 Square Defense of keeping a Church, a Nation from Losing its Mind, Heart and Soul, ultimately, it has been the Care of the Body that has been its Greatest Defense, but the Least in terms of Strategy in winning the Soul. However, most Christian Churches, up until the Modern Era, were filled with Preachers that Permanently, ‘Fed’ the Mind, 1st. Why? It is the Gate Way to the Heart and Soul just the same. But in Defense of the Church and Nations, the Service was localized within the Church Congregants only.

But this Circumstance allowed enough of a Spiritual Threshold to spill over into the Society for the Good of People’s Heart to have had Eternal Effects and perhaps many would find Salvation of their Souls. To offset the Discrepancy, Churches thus Obeyed the Great Commission, for which the Church Body was Designed to do in the 1st Place. Yet now hardly any Churches ever do Sunday Gospel Outreaches to the Communities or Businesses anymore. They were inculcated that ‘Religion’ is a ‘Personal Matter’, and ‘You better keep it you yourself’, etc.

So, what does the Infiltration of the Mind look like in the Church, in the USA, that has gotten to the Point that Target partners-up with an Avid Satanist whose Label Pins features a Guillotine for those that Oppose the Rainbow Agenda? Taunton presents 1 Example. It is and has been through Gradually introducing Sex Education in the Schools. It is 1 of the Strategies of the Marxist in weaking the Morals of a Nation and it has worked. Other examples of changing one’s Mind, is through the Media Controlled Narrations, like what happened with the Fake Pandemic or how the Voice of Black Lives Matter now speaks for all Americans of African Descent in the USA.

Or how Critical Race Theory must be taught in Schools, as well as Gender Affirming Curriculum and Activities, etc.  Realize that the Rainbow Agenda has been Generations in the works, as has Lucifer’s since Eden. It has been a Sliding Scale to Sodom. There was the 1st Notion of being Compassionate those in the LGBT Community. What Taunton brings out is that the Marxists and both Fascists use a Liberal Democratic Society to take Control of its very Soul. And this is done through the Mind, foremost.

As the Mind Goes…
Then the other Fronts of the 4-Fold Defense controls the others, those being the Heart, and the Body. To the Totalitarians of the World, that are being presently positioning themselves, this is why the Control of the Food Supply will control the Body of Billions. And this is why the Synagogue of Satan, among many, instructed Kissinger to write how Food was to be used as a Weapon. After the Rapture Event, the whole Reset is predicated on Goods and Services tied to one’s Body. No Coincidence, and the Rainbow Agenda is just 1 of many Tools and Agendas to move Humanity into a virtual Prison Planet. But GOD.

Freedom of Speech and Civil Rights within a Democracy to Sanction Free Speech, and Civil Rights and ultimately Take Over a Democracy. So, after needing to have Compassion, that Christ is known for, in this Church Age, then  comes Tolerant, and then Acceptance. Where is the USA now? The Last Step of total Mind Control, then ultimately to Celebrate what once would have been Anathema. What does that look like? It looks like what Happened at the Biden Back Year of the People’s House. You have Transsexual Flashing their surgery and flaunting their Flag, Center Stage, on the house, literally.

It looks like Regular Suburban Moms taking their Toddlers to Adult Drag Shows and Strip Library Hour. Truly the Apostle Paul forwarded a Day when YHVH would give over a Nation to its Perverse Desires and Affirm their Reprobate Mind. That is where the Mind of the Nations has been led to. Now the Normalization begins with Curriculum as they are Grooming and Targeting the Children. The Points that Taunton brings out is that all these, are Doctrines of have at their Core, a Direct Link to Marxism and thus Satanism, as Marx was a Satanist, etc.

Now Lucifer has gotten to the USA’s Mind. It is all about Victimhood and it is really the Original Lie of Eden. All it took was Lucifer to cast Doubt in Eve’s Mind in that, ‘Did YHVH really say that’? What changed and what has become the Breach in the 4-Fold Defense is that the Enemy, knowing Humanity’s Weakness, has attacked all 4 Fronts. But the most lucrative Effects and Outcomes have come from the Infiltration of the Mind. This has allowed for Luciferian Doctrine of Demons to make the Body of Christ’s Efforts of no Effect. It is now a matter of how much the World has Evangelized the Church. In part, most Churches do not Teach nor no longer Believe in the Bible. Jesus is not the Head or Final Authority.

And with such a Collapse of the Mind, Church Building might still be standing, but inside is what Jesus sees as nothing but Decorated Tomb full of Dead Bones. And why, in the USA, the White House now celebrates what was done in Darkness. When you have a Biological Male flash his Fake Breasts and pretend he is now a Woman, or if a Woman who had hers Surgically Removed likewise Flashes her Breast that now, as pretending to be a Man, at the White House? Then this is what Taunton rightly went over in how the Enemies of Jesus and Christianity have succeeded in tearing down what kept a Civilization, a Society, a Nation from descending into Barbarism. And that is what is coming next. It always does.

Think of the French Revolution made by the so-called Intellectual, Scientists, Illuminated Ones that descend France into the Reign of Terror. That is what is coming next for the USA and the World at large, according to the Bible. Articles like this will be ‘Flagged’ as ‘Hate Speech’ for not ‘Celebrating’ the Rainbow People. This is already happening, now. Through Legislation, the Bible will 1 Day be Banned for Hate Speech. And remember, the End Goal is who is going to get the Souls of Billions. Or rather that for the Luciferians, how many Souls will Jesus be Deprived of having, once People Die, either knowingly having Rejected the only Person that can Save their Souls, or out-right Rejecting the Truth as Romans 1 Teaches.

The Quest to Destroy Christianity is not new and it started as soon as it was Birthed on that Acts 2 Pentecost. Although the 4-Square has been Breached, Jesus Promised that all Authority and Power has been bestowed upon the Last Vestiges of Body on Earth, that are in itself, as the Laodicean Version, in a Sad State of Spiritual Affairs. Nonetheless, Jesus is now Calling-Out those Individuals for a Meal, for a Communion, 1 on 1. And is how the Church Age will close, and fairly soon. What happened at the White House with the President, who violated the Flag Protocols, has allowed the Luciferian to plant their Flag in the House of the People.

People who have Usurped the Civil Rights and who only really represented around 45% of the Total USA's Population, by Self Identification. For those that know their Bible, it is known what comes next, as a Nation. One is now More Convinced, by the Day, that as far as the USA is concerned of once being a Beacon of Faith, Strength, Freedom, has become a Nation of Censorship, Cancel Culture, Gender Confusion and has now surpassed the Likes of the Days of Noah and Lot. Despite the Breach, as used to demonstrate the Church’s Condition by Taunton, the Gates of Hell will not Prevail over what remains of Jesus’ Church in the World, in the USA. That is Promised.

The Victory has been already Won, as a War on the Cross of  Calvary. What comes next is National Judgment, like Nineveh. If the Supposed Churches of Jesus refuse to Warn the USA of the Sodomites’ Agenda, that inf fact most Embrace it and even Celebrate it, YHVH will Warn the USA for them. YHVH has already. It started in 2017, Astronomically, as that is how ‘GOD’ warned Nations in the Biblical Past. It is no Wonder why the Great American Eclipses has typified this National Division that has occurred since August of 2017. One is Convinced that YHVH has given the Mighty USA 7 Years or 1 Sabbath Cycle to Repent, as a Nation.

But, instead, the USA has grown worse in its Evil and Rejection of Jesus’ Teaching. Primarily, it has been the vast Assemblies of what are called or call themselves, “Christ’s Church’. But before National judgment, and at a Worldwide Level, at that, Jesus Promised that to the Few and the Faithful, He would give the Philadelphian Type of People of the Last Generation, an ‘Open Door’ of Escape, i.e., the Rapture Event. This Event will take place before this Pending National Judgment is to Strike Down the USA from within and from without. The USA will not be Repenting at the National Level. So, the remaining Followers of Jesus can take Heart in that Truth of a Door of Escape.

As in the Days of Lot
Now to those who call themselves Christians and Believe, Espouse and Teach that the Bride of Christ has to suffer the same Fate as the Rejecting Jews and World? They have a Twisted and Sadistic Sense of what they do not Understand what Pertains to Israel and the Church. In this case, they are Replacing the Body of Christ with Israel. And in so doing, the Church is to then Suffer, along with Israel, the final 70th Week of Years, that is a Discipline of and only for Israel, that is, Daniel’s People, not the Church People. The Church Body of Christ is not tied to a Literal Physical Inheritance to have Kept any Sabbath Cycles for which Israel did not keep, and thus the Reason for the Evictions.

No. The Church Body of Christ has a Better Land, City and Temple. It is awaiting in Heaven at the Point of the Rapture. Here is one’s Logic. It is Simplistic. Jesus already Died and took all the Judgment and Wrath for Sin nearly 2000 Years ago or ‘2 Days’ at the Cross of Calvary. The Full Wrath and Judgment for Sin was taken in His Body and it Died and was Buried. Yet Jesus Rose in a Glorified Body and Lives forevermore. Since that Year, any Person that avails him or herself of that Provision, is Accredited all that the Redemption Plan of YHVH consists in Christ.

A Salvation of one’s Spirit, Soul and Body. And in that Order, is Jesus working it out in every Individual that comes to Him for this Provision, as a Free Gift. Thus, there is no more need to Suffer any type of Wrath, that in his case in Meant and Reserved for Israel and the World. To have the Body of Christ, ‘Spill Over’ into Israel’s Last Sabbath of Discipline Years, is for Jesus to then have to then again take the Wrath and Judgment for what He already Paid for. The Last Words of Jesus precisely that. ‘It is Finished’ or in the Greek, a more Precise Rendering, is that of one having Paid for a Debt, in Full.

But those Pre-Wrath, Post-Tribulation or Post-Tribulation Proponents? Their Logic is Absurd. And those that keep insisting that the Church has to Suffer the Tribulation Period, to the point of Breaking Fellowship, one always Prays that their Sadistic Longing for Pain and Death be Granted to them. It is also no Coincidence that the Revelation 12 Sign also occurred 33 Days Later in 2017 from the 1st of 3 Great American Eclipses. The 2nd one occurs in October in 2023 and the Final One or Final Warning in April of 2024.

But if the Biblical Template of a 7-Year Waring is In-Play, then 2024 could see the Rapture Event occur in that Year, as the Sign was that of the Pending Rapture to close-out the Church Age. The Wall has been Breached, Spiritually Speaking. There is no Hope for the USA or the World as it has crossed a Spiritual Threshold of Evil and Rebellion. The USA and the World have now Pivoted on a Side, that will lead them to their ultimate Destruction and the Loss of not only their Mind, but their Hearts, their Bodies, and most Tragically, their Souls.

In Summary, the Assessment by Taunton is a well done Assessment of how the USA has, ‘Gotten Here’. It is more from an Intellectual Point of View. But the Dots are Connected. It is what Bible Watchers on the Wall see and are and have been Sounding the Alarm about. Such People ‘Know’ already and others have Echoed. But 95% of Americans do not see it, nor want tom at this Point in its History. This is why, this Time Around, it is Different. It is really a Point of No Return.

As a Historian and Political Scientists, what Taunton presented using the 4-Fold Square Motif, is exactly how the Enemy of all that is Good and Godly has Infiltrated within, not only the USA, but the Churches as well. It is another Metaphor of understanding that a Chain is only as Strong as  its Weakest Link. The Weakest Point or that which was Concentrated has been to go for the Mind. And from there, everything else is attainable, eventually to be totally Compromised.

Great American Eclipses
        Time Given to the USA to Repent before National Judgment Begins.

                               | Revelation 12 Sign: 7 Year Countdown Warning to Rapture and End of Church Age.
                               | 1 Sabbath Cycle of Time

August 21, 2017  ---------------------------  October 14, 2023  ---------------------------   April 8, 2024
       In Leo                                                     In Virgo                                                  In Pisces
                                      Alef                                         Tav
                                     ‘A’                                          ‘X’
                                    Beginning                                                     End

Based on where the USA is at presently, as a Spiritual Barometer, to reiterate, one would say that those 3 Great American Eclipse are running Parallel with the Pending Time of a coming National Judgment Warning. And that is how much Time YHVH has given the USA, as a Nation, the Leader on Earth, presently to ‘Repent’, which she will not. So, 2024. It does not mean that the Rapture Event has to wait for then, but if it is the Days of Lot, which they are, the Snatching-Away will occur, right up the Last Possible Moment. And as the USA goes, well, Hello 'Reset'.


Main Source

What Really Happened At The White House This Week?
Larry Alex Taunton

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