Geometric Patterns of Heaven's Divine Blueprints

  • Does there exist a Throne Room of the Creator, YHVH?
  • What are the Dimensions and are they given in the Bible?
  • Are such Sacred Dimensions mirrored on Earth and where?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Thus says YHVH, Heaven is My Throne, and the Earth is My Footstool. Where then is a House you could build for Me? And where is a place that I may rest? For My Hand made all these things, thus all these things came into being, declares YHVH. But to this one I will look, to him who is Humble and Contrite of Spirit, and who Trembles at My Word.’ –Isaiah 66:1-2

The purpose of this study is to ascertain the conceptualization of what the Throne Room of YHVH is constituted by Geometrically and the utilization of Sacred Numbers. The patterns pertaining to the Throne Room of YHVH will be extrapolated from the supposition rendered from several of the eyewitness accounts in the Bible, both the Old and New Testament. The primary sources of these depictions are from the books of Ezekiel and Revelation. These are only an illustrated conceptualization as it is difficult to ascertain the exact representation and essence of the true Form that is found in Heaven. There will be a multifaceted approach in presenting several possible interpretations based on the configuration given by YHVH for Earth’s facsimiles.

The Heavenly Throne of YHVH pattern will be compared to the Earthly Facsimile as seen in the Tabernacle of Moses during the days that YHVH was with the Nation of Israel in the Wilderness. One of the aims of this study is to show the magnificent orchestration of Gematria and Sacred Numerology infused in the Dimensions of what the Throne Room of the Creator insinuates. The Hebrew Alefbet will be used to the extent that several Key Letters correspond to the Cardinal Quadrants of the Throne Room of the Creator. The Dimensions of the Throne of the LORD extends to that of the Universe, the Earth, the Tabernacle and Temples and even in the Human Form, that is the Body. The study will also address the notion that the Occult also use such depictions for their counterfeit purposes in their Symbolism, Throne Rooms and Temples.

Since Lucifer and his Fallen Angels are very familiar with the Layout, Dimensions and Location of the Throne of YHVH, they use the same Principles of Gematria, and Numerology taken from the Primordial Beginnings of the origins that started from the Throne Room of the King. The Symbols have been used as the Law of Opposites to negate the true Form found in Heaven. Lastly the Dimensions will show that Divine Patterns possess meaning and revelation encoded in the very structures. This conceptualization pertains to the Tabernacle and Temples that were given to Moses and subsequently to the Nation of Israel in particular to administer. Why this topic is important and pertinent to consider is that the Bible states that one day, the very Throne Room of YHVH will fuse with Earth, on Earth.

Divine Throne Patterns
According to the book of Revelation, this will occur at the time of the New Heaven and New Earth where the New Jerusalem will come down and interface with on Earth, as it is in Heaven. The premise of this study consists of the rendering of the depiction of YHVH’s Throne Room based on the eyewitness account of the Apostle John as described in Revelation chapter 4. Based the language of the Revelation account of John, what is peculiar is that first of all, there are 24 Elders around-about the Throne.

This sets up the Circumference of a Circle or Square. It is a Mystery as to who they are as they are not named. This rendering of the Throne is different from the one in Ezekiel 10 which is the Chariot Throne of YHVH often referred to as the Merkavah. What the illustration will attempt to show is that the Throne Room appears to follow a certain Geometric Pattern of a Hexagram layout within the circumference of the 24 Elders.

Although the illustration is in 2-Dimensional ratio, the actual remains to be fully understood as GOD is Spirit and there is for sure a Multiplicity of Dimensions present. These 24 thrones are said to be the representation of the Bride of Christ or those Redeemed of the Race of Adam. It is stipulated that perhaps at one time they were occupied by the Angels that fell and followed Lucifer in his Rebellion. They wanted the Throne and to become like YHVH and dethrone Christ Jesus from the center of the Throne.

The inference as to Lucifer’s position within the Throne Room was that he was at the highest position of the Created Angels according to Ezekiel 18 in that he was the Anointed Cherub that ‘Covered’ the Throne. This position corresponds to the Cherub that has the Head of the Eagle. As it will be noted, this position in the Hebrew letter order renders the position as Ayin that in the Paleo-Hebraic was a depiction of a single Eye. What is spectacular is that the upright Triangle of the Hexagram produces the ‘Pyramid’ with the ‘All-Seeing’ Eye at its Apex on the 2-Dimensional Geometry of the Throne of YHVH.

Based on the Sidereal Zodiac, the Apex of the Hexagram configuration within the Circumference about the Throne corresponds to the Eagle or Scorpio Living Creature. Perhaps this is reminiscent of the duality of the Eagle-Phoenix Dichotomy that Fell and seeks to Rise again. The premise is that the Throne of YHVH is attended by Myriads of Angels, the Elders, and the Living Creatures much like the Encampment seen around the Tabernacle of Moses.

In the Wilderness, the composition of how the Israelites came together by Tribes were allotted a precise Order and Coded Symbols as ascribed by their Standards or Ensigns. The 4 Cardinal Points of the Throne of YHVH reflected this delineation given by the 4 Living Creatures; the Bull, the Man, the Lion and the Eagle. These were precisely the Standards or Flags of the 4 Cardinal Divisions that were based on the Population of the Tribes and configured a Cross Formation. What is spectacular is that the Cross Encampment also had at its core an approximate centrist Cross that if one drew a Circumference, it depicted the ancient Paleo-Hebraic letter of Tet.

Coordinates of the Divine

This letter means ‘Snake’. This is an amazing possible depiction of how YHVH was encoding in the very formation of the Cross, the Message of the Cross of Calvary. Christ was to be made Sin, to take the Curse as in the Snake of the Garden of Eden that caused the Fall of Adam’s Race. According to the New Testament, Jesus was made a Curse for the purpose of Redeeming the Human Race in that He bore the Wrath and full Judgment of the Law’s Requirement of Sin, that is Eternal Death.

This picture speaks about the Substitutionary Sacrifice that was necessary for the exchange of Eternal Life to take place. These 4 Living Creatures compose a Square in one sense and a Cross in another depending on the degree or angle of reference to the Throne. The ‘crosses’ connote an intersection and delineate the Time-Space Continuum of a Dimension, depending on its properties. There are generally 4 types of Crosses currently recognized from Earth’s perspective; Cardinal, Celestial, Grand and Galactic. It is believed that the 4 Living Creatures to some extent or way are the ‘Sentinels’ of such Coordinates.

This would directly correspond to the Galactic Cross of having Scorpio with Antares, Leo with Regulus, Aquarius with Fomalhaut and Taurus with Aldebaran configure such the expanse of the Dimensions of the Cosmos. Furthermore, there are other critical notions of the Cross Phenomenon. As noted there was the ‘Cross’ in the Wilderness in how the Hebrew Encampment was configured around the Tabernacle of Moses.

The point is that if the principle of the Facsimile is occurring for the Tabernacle of Moses, then the attributes surrounding it are also subject to this law and thus there is indeed a ‘Cross’ type of configuration and/or layout in Heaven’s Tabernacle as well. A word study in Paleo-Hebrew characters reveals that the ‘Cross’ letter is Tet. This letter has the connotation of the depiction of the Garden of Eden with the Snake and a Tree. The character is that of a Circle with a Cross inside. Moreover the 4 Points of the Cross Quadrants of the Encampment have a meaning associated to the Ensigns given to the specific Tribes of Israel.

Cosmic Coordinates of Universe and 4 Living Creatures

Sign                Star                 Coordinate       Gospel            Attribute
1. Scorpio       Antares            North               Luke                Man
2. Leo             Regulus           East                 John                GOD
3. Aquarius     Fomalhaut       South               Matthew          King
4. Taurus        Aldebaran        West                Mark               Servant

These Heads of the Tribe Clans were Ephraim, Reuben, Judah and Dan. These in turn mirror the 4 Living Creatures associated to the ‘Encampment’ in Heaven’s Throne. In the Paleo-Hebrew, the Bull corresponds to Taurus and the Alef, the 1st Letter of the Alefbet. It signifies the 1st in the series. Going clockwise in rotation, the second ensign is that of the Scorpio or the Eagle. In the Paleo, it is associated with the Eye, Ayin connoting ‘Understanding’.

Vessels of Honor

The subsequent Ensign is corresponding to Leo or the Lion with Qof. Its connotation is that of the Sunrise and/or the last in a series of events. Lastly the 4th Ensign is that of Aquarius or the Man with the Hey. These Letters in the Paleo are very significant and revealing. The Encampment itself is an Encryption of the following meaning. YHVH seeks to first give ‘Understanding of the First and Last Principles and Reveal that to Mankind, as a Man’. It is a Witness of the First Principle of the Creation Account of Genesis. It is also an Encrypted Message of Jesus Christ in that from West to East, Taurus to Leo, Ephraim to Judah, the ‘First’ and the ‘Last’, the Alpha and Omega will reveal Understanding to Mankind. 

Jesus would be the promise of the Garden of Eden as far as Mankind is concerned that one day YHVH would reveal a Man, the GOD-Man, the Son of GOD to die on a Cross to restore the original principles and purpose of Eden. What is amazing to further consider is that based on the Tabernacle of Moses Encampment layout, the Eagle or Scorpio direction that corresponded to Dan signified the Eye of Understanding. As it is corresponded to the Throne of Heaven possible layout, this ‘Eye’ symbology matches the Living Creature that has the Head of the Eagle.

This Living Creature could very well be situated at the Northern Side that corresponds to the Triangle with the Apex in the same direction. It could have depicted that the Throne of YHVH in some mysterious way could be the original ‘All-Seeing Eye’ imagery that the Luciferians have hijacked and use to ascribe it to their coming AntiChrist Messiah. Moreover, this ‘Pyramid’ section of the Tetrahedron composes the Compass that the Luciferian Masons use to ascribe to their Grand Architect, Lucifer, not the true Creator, Jesus as disclosed in the Epistles.

Paleo              Zodiac             Cosmos            Meaning            Symbol              Tribe
1. Alef             Taurus             Bull                  The First             Bullhead             Ephraim
2. Ayin             Scorpio           Eagle               Understanding   Eye                     Dan           
3. Qof              Leo                 Lion                 The Last            Sunrise                Judah
4. Hey             Aquarius         Man                 Reveal               Figure                  Reuben

There are also 3 Vessels in particular that are also mentioned in the book of Revelation and seen also in the books of Isaiah and Ezekiel before the Throne of YHVH. They are the Altar of Burning Incense, the 7 Candlestick Menorah and the Laver. These same Articles were replicated in the Tabernacle of Moses an in the Temples that followed in Jerusalem. From the glimpses of the book of Revelation for example, the Altar is where in some mysterious way, the Spirits of all those that were beheaded for the Testimony to Jesus during the Tribulation Period are located at and are given White Robes.

The Menorah is where the risen LORD Jesus examines the Light and Condition of the 7 Churches of Asia in the first 4 chapters of Revelation. These also correlate to the 7 Spirits before the Throne that are mentioned in Isaiah. The Laver is seen before the Throne as part of the ‘Sea of Glass’, as Sapphire. This is the same Element in which the LORD descended down to Mount Sinai when the rendezvous occurred with the 70.

Sacred Tetrahedrons
These were the Elders of Israel and communed, Face-to-Face before YHVH. This study thus suggests that there is a connection with the 24 Elders in Heaven and on Earth as a type of ‘Government’ Typology. The 70 Elder of Israel were comprised of 6 Leading Men from each Tribe if one counts Moses and Joshua for a total of 72 Elders. With this coefficient of 24 then, the Throne of YHVH can be likened to a 24-Hour Clock configuration and layout with 12 Hours or Points of Light and 12 Hours of Night.

72 Elders / 12 Tribes = 6 Leading Men
72 Elders on Earth / 24 Elders in Heaven  = 3 coefficient difference .

This is also another Mystery as the Bible declares that there is no ‘Shadow of Turning in Him’. Also, in the New Jerusalem, there will be no Shadows either nor a need for the Sun as the Lamb, Jesus the Light of the World will be that Lamp. If in the case that the Throne can be configured into a circular 24-hour ‘Clock’, then such points would or could coincide with the 24 Elders that provide the Circumference about the Throne.

The Throne could very well be Spherical in Dimension in one regard. What could also be suggesting is the Law of Dualities in that Light is matched with Darkness, the Sun with the Moon, and Righteousness with Evil, etc. It might be the case that Time, having the delineation of 12 Divisions of the Day and Night has Properties of Duality as well. For example, as Light bends, so does Time in the sense that it can be manipulated as accelerated or reduced. In theory thus far, traveling back-and-forth through Time is possible. This notion of for another study. Nonetheless, the 12 Constellations then are what can appear to be the closest concept of the Great Celestial Clock in the Cosmos that tracks the Time as the Sun, Moon and Stars are the ‘Hands’ of the Clock.

This study thus only is suggesting that with such a theory, as with Prophecy. As the Earthly Delineation of Time are measured at certain intervals like Quarter Hours, Seconds, Morning, Noon, Afternoon, and Watches of Night, etc., so too does the Cosmic ‘Clock’ follow such properties and that this study suggests dictate the Timing of Prophecy. Furthermore, Time in terms of Prophecy is subject to the law of phi and pi. Given the 4 Living Creatures and the Temple Blueprint, these configured together could possibly construe a Hexagram Configuration based on Time. This concept of a Hexagram Configuration is seen throughout Creation.

There has been extensive research to show that for example, the Giza Pyramid Complex in Egypt is actually a Blueprint of the Throne of Heaven by the Sacred Geometry and Alignments it is built to. This is also the case when one studies the Gates of Zion or the 12 Gates of Jerusalem. This principle can be amplified to even the Tropics of the Earth, Capricorn and Cancer. The point is that the Earth mirrors the delineation of angels and degree rotation as is the Throne of YHVH in Heaven. If a Hexagram Principle is at work in some fashion based on the 4 Living Creatures and the 3 Holy Vessels before the Thorne, then a ‘Star of David’ depiction could be applied to the Geometry of the Throne itself where the Mercy Seat or ‘Capstone’ of the true Ark of the Covenant could be situated.

Squaring the Circle
One unique observation about the Ark of Covenant situated in the Holy of Holies within the Tabernacle and Temples is that it is exactly in phi ratio spiral ‘vortex’ and to the Holy of Holies. It is also in phi ratio to the entire Dimensions of the Holies or the whole Tent of Meeting. What is unique about the phi ratio phenomenon of measurement is that applied to a 3-Deminsional aspect produces a Vortex, a Worm Hole, Door or Portal. Such places on Earth that are said to be Vortices or Energy Points are in fact a delineation of the Space-Time Continuum that is subject to a phi ratio based on its Latitude and Longitude.

This possible Prophetic and Divine Pattern is also seen in the Mount of Transfiguration as some classical paintings portray. There is Moses, Jesus and Elijah in the background. Then there were only the 3 Disciples Jesus took with them, Peter and the Sons of Thunder in the foreground. A Geometric Alignment of the positions of each can also render a Tetrahedron. Since it occurs in Time and Space, the Tetrahedron was 3-Deminsion that thus allowed for the Transformation to occur, as it produced an opening in the Space-Time Continuum.

This is not to say that every time 6 Persons gather at a certain place and time that such ‘transfigurations’ occur but that with the right understanding, key and ability, Jesus did just that. What is eerie to also consider is that the Satanists, Luciferians and the occult do use such manipulation to ‘Pierce the Veil’ between the Natural and Supernatural and conjure-up Demons. As to the Throne of YHVH to reiterate, within the 2 Interlocking Triangles, a Double Circle produces a Vesica Pisces. At the center would be the very core of the Throne Room, the Ark perhaps. According to the book of Revelation this Divine, tangible and Sacred Article does exist.

This assertion is also seen in the Holy of Holies of the Tabernacles and Temples in that the Perfect Cube is at the intersection of a Double Polygon interfused as one is pointing down and the other is point up.  This in essence is the Double Tetrahedron that is attributed to being the portable Throne of YHVH on Earth. In the Tabernacle of Moses, the Holy of Holies can see the principle of ‘Squaring the Circle- to form a Star-Tetrahedron at play. Many who study Sacred Geometry will immediately recognize that this Double-Tetrahedron configuration is often associated with the ‘Merkavah’ or ‘Chariot of the God’s vehicle. Others with a Biblical inclination ascribe this shape to the portable Throne Chariot of YHVH.

This is described in the Psalms in how at times the LORD crosses the Heavens with such a Chariot or how Ezekiel saw the form of a Man sit upon the Expanse of a Sapphire Sea of Glass. This vision of the YHVH’s Throne was dictated to Ezekiel concerning the vision of the Gog-Mag invasion of Israel to come. If the 4 Living Creatures are any indication that they mirror the Cardinal Points of the Cosmos with the Galactic Equator at a 33-degree inclination, then the very Throne of the LORD could also be at a 33-degree inclination of some sort. The compass is used to make a circumference as noted with the 24 Elders about the Throne.

At the center point of the Throne before all is the LORD YHVH. The singular point is significant to mean ‘Oneness’, a ’Singularity of Being’, etc. This is why some believe that for example, the Compass and the Square were used by the Creator as the Prime Instrumentation to create all that is seen and unseen. With this delineation of Sacred Geometry, Distance, Space and Time are created as Dimensions, for example. According to the Bible, YHVH exists outside of the Time-Space Domain which is a Mystery. What the Compass does is that it creates a Duality, a Division in that from the Center Point a Circumference is configured based on the Arch Degree desired. In this case, it is speculated that the degree is 23 degrees.

This matches the Tropics of the Earth. Again, the pattern of the Throne of YHVH is reflected in Creation and the Earth. Moreover, the square at a 90-degree angle is reflected on Earth in that the 2-Dimensional aspect of the Throne of YHVH is rotated at a 90-degree angle on Earth. This is seen in the Facsimile of the Tabernacle of Moses. The Cardinal Points are at a 90-degree rotation. The Tabernacle of Moses and the Temples in Jerusalem can be seen as a ‘squaring of the circle’ phenomenon based on the Throne Room pattern in Heaven.

The Tabernacle of Moses Encampment follows a 4-Square Configuration of the 12 Tribes of Israel and is at a 90 rotation of the Mazzaroth of Zodiac Signs. As the Eagle or Scorpio is the northern most directional coordinate in the circular rendition of the Throne of GOD in Heaven, the Eagle corresponding standard to the Tribe of Dan corresponds to the Northern Quadrant and so on. What is also striking is that the 2 Interlocking Triangles that form the Hexagram or how some would say the Star of David in the Heavenly rendition, a 3rd triangle is configured when 2 Interlinking Circles produce the Vesica Pisces that the center of the Throne could possibly be found situated within.

This 3rd Triangle has the same angle of 51.8 degrees, the same as the Great Pyramid of Giza. Its Apex is aligned with the Galactic Center that construes both the Gate of God and the Gate of Man. These 2 Celestial Portals are also referred to as the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate, respectively. Then the Rainbow is the division of White Light. The depiction of the Throne Room of YHVH is that it is surrounded by a Rainbow. This is another indication of a Circumference within the Perimeter of the 24 Elders and the 4 Living Creatures. A Rainbow is completely circular. It is based on the Horizon of Earth and reference point that most are seen as Half-Arches of the Circular Rainbow. This was the Prophetic Sign YHVH gave Noah that the Earth would not be ever destroyed by Water again.

This Judgment was due to its Perversion and Deviance from the Original Blueprint of YHVH’s Design and Purpose; of DNA Manipulation by Angels and the redefinition of Marriage. To reiterate, this study suggests that the Throne of YHVH is based off of Sacred Gematria. The Bible gives glimpses of what it is constituted by. For example, there are 4 Cherubim that are referred to as the Living Creatures with 4 Heads and 6 Wings. Many have ascribed these to the 4 Directions of the Compass and in this case the Celestial Compass from where all is measured from, the very Throne Chair or Mercy Seat of Christ. 




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