Systematic Stand-Downs

  • What happened at the US Capital on January 6, 2021?
  • Was this a psy-op to discredit the Trump Supporters?
  • What does this mean for those Followers of Jesus?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘By faith he [Abraham] dwelt in the Promised Land as a Stranger in a Foreign Country. He lived in tents, as did Isaac and Jacob, who were Heirs with him of the same Promise. For he was looking forward to the City with Foundations, whose Architect and Builder is GOD. By faith Sarah, even though she was barren and beyond the proper age, was enabled to conceive a child, because she considered Him faithful who had promised.’ -Hebrews 9:9-11

The purpose of this article is to offer a political commentary based on what has happened in the USA and to the USA in terms of the Presidency, Politics and its People. In the words of Admiral Ackbar, January 6 for America was a trap. My, my what a mess and talk about ‘crash and burn’. One would guess that the Bible is proven right once more in how ‘pride comes before the fall’, and not just concerning the President. The USA is at a pivotal point and crossroads in this her ‘Last Chapter’ and ‘Shelf Life’ as it has practically now gone the ways of the Great Nations of the past. It has been rather interesting to read, hear and debate how both sides, for the past 4 years, from the Right and the Left had used and use the same terminology of, ‘Needing to save the Soul of America’.

For sure, the Soul of the USA needs saving, but the question is from whom and who is to do that. Each have a different rendition of who that ‘Savior’ will be; Biden for the Left, Trump for the Right. This commentary is to remind those especially that believe, and follow the Bible is that it is Jesus who can only save. YHVH is the only one that can save entire nations and kingdom as one sees in the Bible. It is only however when there is a sufficient threshold of those Repentant that this will happen. This occurred for Nineveh but not for Sodom and Gomorrah. One would now venture to say, the USA has chosen the lot of the later and with similar reaping consequences to come eventually at some point in time.

Each, on the Right and Left have a different rendition of how the USA should look like. One’s objection is that the Right is the one now that stands and allows for civil liberties at this point while on the Left, the supposed once champion of such civil liberties are hypocritically denying them, censoring, muzzling the masses, etc. For them, it has become 'all or nothing' and no allowance for descent of opinion, religious or political unless it is from their own, of their own and even then, they ‘eat their own’.  All one can do on this side of prayer is to document the collapse now. To get to this level, where all the US federal agencies are so co-opted to have this ‘soft coup’ occur and with the mass voter fraud is text-book subversion at its finest. And which in turn, the Left uses the phrases to which they are guilty of, to then label the Right with that have not.

A Resilient Remnant
This is not anything new. If one has studied, history, the occult and Communism, the Luciferian Globalists have been attempting to subvert the USA since the new Republic was born. For those of you who know and studied US History, consider how the Globalists had asked the top US Marine Major to lead a coup and take over the USA in the 1930s. It was called the Business Plot of a political conspiracy in 1933 that involved retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler. To his credit, patriotism and conscience, he instead exposed them. He gave testimony of how he asserted that wealthy businessmen, the ‘Wall Street Boys’ were plotting and would back him up in a Coup d'Etat to take over the USA. They have now done that. This endgame has been taken right out of the playbook of the Luciferian dedicated Rules for Radical of Saul D. Alinsky who authored it and was Obama’s Mentor. It was the Master’s Thesis for Hillary too, etc.

What went wrong or what is wrong in America, with America? The reason, in one’s estimation is that there is no longer this Repentant spiritual ‘threshold’. And? Consider that so long as there was one, no amount of evil or subversion would prevail, wholesale in the USA. This threshold was the prayer and presence of  the Christian witness. What happened to it? Gradually the generations have now died-out, are dying out and the new ones are either liberal and/or capitulating. Meaning that there is now but a ‘Remnant’ that is really left as in the ancient days of Israel and there is now no sufficient threshold nationally. A Remnant? Consider the following statistical generalization for comparison. The USA has about 350 million people.

About half are on the Left, half are on the Right with 175 million then. Of the Right, half would identify as being conservative and Trump support. That would be about 87 million. This segment would include ‘Christians’. But out of that segment, about half are liberal and half are conservative at about then 43 million. Of that segment, only about 10% would be considered true Bible-believing Followers of Christ Jesus or about 4 million. And of that segment, it is estimated that only 3% believe in the End Times scenarios and literal interpretation of the Bible or about 120,000. Is this true or possible? Statistically yes but of course the sequence does not take into account all those that cross political affiliation regardless of a Left-Right paradigm. However, there is really and truly only a small Remnant left in the USA. And that is now not enough to stem the tide of what has now been allowed to occur spiritually foremost.

America has reached a turning point and of no return. It has turned its back on the GOD of Heaven. There is now going to be a willful trend of silencing all those that remain of such a Remnant. One example will be in how Biden and the Democrats will be coming for the guns now, just wait. The media is setting up this now for their ‘moral justification’ and it will finally work for them. No more coordinated mass shooting or massacres of innocent civilians, for now. How does one know this or can say such things? When one was an aspiring Communist, since middle school mind you, seeing such tactics used on January 6th of what went down on the US Capitol as well as during the Summer of ANTIFA were recognized ‘Communist Subversive Tactics’. That is why one questioned, if there were Agents Provocateurs present and no doubt there were, but on both sides.

Perverted Powers
This was in contrast to the day before at the rally. You had families, children grandparent, etc. So, those that are Trump Supporters, Republican or just protest or have a different and opposing political view other than the Left are now seen as 'Extremists', 'Domestic Terrorists'. Such hypocrisy. And is not the House of Representative. ‘The 'People's House'? If there is a place or building the Citizens of the USA should be or could protesting, it is not in their own House? Where was the condemnation when the BLM looting, shooting and mayhem occurred across the cities of the USA during the Summer?

No, the Left was encouraging it, and such were and are their 'heroes'. But when those of the Right now protest, they are arrested as 'Domestic Terrorists', fired from their jobs, and FBI surveilled now. The following is an except for one's University President that speaks to this warped mind-set of how such have been completely co-opted in their critical thinking skills. These protests are called 'attacks', 'horrific', at the hand of 'violent extremists', etc. An 'assault to destroy democracy!' Where was she speaking out when all that happened and more at a national scale when Black Lives Matter violent extremists were seen in horror attacking and assaulting, trying to destroy democracy? Such hypocrisy from the Left and their usual double-standards and double-speak.

'January 7, 2021
As both President of Sonoma State University and as a private citizen of the United States of America, I am horrified by the attack on the U.S. Capitol that took place yesterday at the hands of violent extremists, and at the clear direction and encouragement of the President of the United States.

Like so many others in our community and throughout the nation, I have spent the last day both aghast at this shameful assault and determined to do my part to ensure that this attempted destruction of our democracy does not happen again.

To witness gleeful insurrectionists sow lethal chaos at the heart of our democratically elected government was shocking and painful. To hear the President of the United States console these domestic terrorists with words of love was yet another traumatic affirmation of his anti-democratic and morally deficient leadership....'

It was really a cross section of the core of the conservative and ‘Christian’ America and not just ‘White Americans’ that the media has tagged-on the Trump label with. There are Hispanic/Latinos and even Black support of the Right, but such are marginalized because it does not fit the Left’s narrative nor the mass media that is controlled by the Globalist Oligarchy. And remember what Biden promised to pass first, as the number 1 priority of his Administration? The Equality Act. Biden, the Left and their Globalists handlers do not want ‘American Great’, they want 'America Gay’. Why? This will ensure the national wrath of the Creator because such a particular sin not only is made against one’s body as the Bible teaches but it also spiritually pollutes the land. So now with this complete measure of wickedness, it will fill-up the ‘cup’ of America's wrath to surely come as it did for Nineveh, Sodom and Gomorrah. This is what she is now insisting she become and believes in.

A Vital Vision
The next stage will be to force all not just to ‘tolerate such lifestyles’ but to celebrate them as normal or fine all objections under the law of intolerance and hate speech. Their goes the Gospel. As an Immigrant to this once Great Nation of the USA, the reason why it attracted many from around the world was for a 2nd change, a better chance. A place to work to earn money to have a better life. To be able to have an education and enjoy the rights and privileges of being in a land where one’s Inalienable Rights came from the Creator not government. For such, that had to leave one’s own City, Nation and native Land, it was hard as any person has a natural sense of pride and honor from where one came from. But with that being severed and then one becoming a Christian, one learned that one’s own ultimate citizenship, of having a City, Nation and Land is where Jesus is and will be. One had to go through a ‘grieving’ process and one still does to an extent.

But this is yet to occur for the majority of the Religious, Conservative, Right in America. The point? The America of the Right and seemingly ‘Christian’ is dead and most likely will not ever come back. And there will be now be a severe systematic backlash from the ‘tolerant’ and ‘accepting’ Left for the 'Christian' association and ties to Trump because of it. It will be ‘payback time’ for them in terms of laws that will basically emasculate the right to share or witness for the Gospel under the Equality Act, as an example. More such restrictive laws will be sure to follow. The ‘Purge’ has begun, and it will be a good opportunity to learn to sever such worldly ties and perhaps the LORD is wanting this Last Generation of Christians that are mostly concentrated in the world currently that is in America to let go of America; to be free to aspire for a better Heavenly City, Nation and Land. Why? So as to be ready for the Rapture call, unentangled.

Not that one should not fight or stand up for one’s ability to ‘save’ the USA, but the question is, it is worth saving? Are Followers of Jesus willing to pay that price? Is this the ‘hill to die on’ as a University Colleague often would put this into prospect? The point is that for Followers of Jesus,  foremost, if any life is to be given up for, it is to be given up to go to Heaven and for the cause of Christ and His Kingdom. These temporal nations and governments are just that and are corrupt in comparison to what is coming, and one has already expectant in Jesus. Sure, it is now easier for someone such as one to say, as an Immigrant to ‘let go’ because one has had to let go of a City, a Nation and Land. But who better than to say that then?

Perhaps that is what Followers of Jesus in the USA must learn now as Americans. And this principle applies also to those in different countries, Australia, China, Brazil, in Africa or Europe. Is it all a lost hope and just give up? No, a Believer in Jesus’ primary task continues, no matter what form of government one is under. Is it no different than being like in nations where Brethren are under the despot authoritarian regimes of the Muslims, or in Venezuela, North Korea, and the like? Perhaps those in the USA will need to take notes, as those Underground Churches thrive despite politics and do in terms of a purer faith that puts those in the ‘free’ West to shame. Thus, continue forward-looking at what is to come not what has happened in the past, Point?

Systematic Subversions
Do not be driving forward using the rear-view mirror. Be ‘About the Father’s Business and leave the consequence with Christ Jesus. Realizing that what is coming is a far better City, Nation and Land. Such a day is coming and rather sooner than later. It will occur when the Bride returns with Christ. Only then will this world be secured forever in her hands as she will even have the power and authority to judge Angels in Heaven. The point being is that one can empathize with the 70 million + of Americans that seem to experience a death of their beloved Nation. But it is not ever coming back. This time around, this is different. It is not just a transition to a new type of opposing political party and administration. From here on out, one will have to be careful what ones says because it will cost one their job, or perhaps that is what people must do. The Light shines the brightest in the dark.

And perhaps of all those Christians that followed Trump, and ‘Christ-tified him now maybe will start to follow Jesus instead. Not to be disparaging to say that all Christians that followed Trump idolized him as such but many had. The point is that as Christians, a severing of worldly ties is a command of Jesus. He even warned one Church in Revelation of such governmental/worldly entanglements. The point is not that one should not be political or be involved. In fact, contrary to many Church teaching, the main reason why the USA is where it is now at is that Christians stopped being ‘political’ or directly involved with laws that have been allowed to do away with them now. The issue was and is if such politics and politicians become ‘Jesus’ to them, if it be the case, thinking they are the Savior and Protector of their Inalienable Rights.

This was and is Israel’s sin and downfall and why they will, in this coming near future then rely on a ‘Peace and Security’ that a man will give them, not their GOD, YHVH. Israel will seek to fill the vacuum the USA wills leave with Biden as he restores the Iran Treaty, ties with the Palestinian Authority and give carte balance to China and Europe and allow unvetted immigration from Muslim and Latin American countries go unchecked. In one sense, who could blame Immigrants for wanting to come to the USA, where they are invited with a promise of free education, medical care, housing, driver’s licenses, etc. But for socialism to work, it will only as the money of others who worked to create the wealth in the first place, that is taken does not run out.

What has been occurring in the USA, with gradual socialism of the Left now is that the bottom 1/3 is not going to be ‘elevated up’, but that the upper 1/3 is going to elevated down. Everyone’ standard of living will diminish. And this is the plan. Then with inflation and higher cost of living, the aim is to get then all people to depend on the government system. Why? It is the ruling top Oligarchs that will still continue to rule, and they got you. What they have done essential with the lockdown excuse using their bio-weapon virus is to eliminate and destroy the Middle Class in the USA. Why? Such were mainly the backbone and wealth generator for the USA. Most were/are law abiding normal ‘good’ people and the Christians. But the ‘bell curve’ has shifted to the Left. No more spiritual threshold. And if Socialism/Marxism and crypto-Luciferianism is what the USA wants, then they have that now. In summary as one had posted the following on an online blog, Revelation 12 Daily, January 6, 2021 was the last 'nail in the USA coffin'.

Speaking metaphorically of course. The 6th of January in the USA was a Globalists psy-op and that of a Problem-Reaction-Solution template in play. The event is now being exploited to justify what they wanted and with 'moral cause' on their side now. It is ingenious. One would think the most heavily guarded and protected federal buildings in the District of Columbia were just going to have a few 'Mall Cops' stop the stampede? Or did they allow it to occur? Where there any actual 'Agent Provocateurs' to cause the effect they wanted? As mentioned, as a former aspiring young Communist, one would say yes. Regardless, if not, it worked. Think Pearl Harbor for those of you who know true history that is not permitted. Communication stations picked up the incoming Japanese fleet with orders to attack. The messages were dismissed, and the station was 'shut down' much like the pleas of the Capitol Police in frantic attempts to solicit help.

All the US battleships were vintage by that time and obsolete and allowed to be sitting ducks for 'the effect as the ‘insurrection’ was then portrayed as at the Capitol. And any private citizen that participated now are being arrested or FBI investigated. Why did this not occur during the BLM rioting and insurrection over the summer whole-scale? Such hypocrisy and double standards. But that was and is the plan. Then, interesting though, all the newly built aircraft carriers were 'ordered' out of the harbor. Regardless, the 'die has been cast' now, the work is complete for the USA. Prepare for a Marxist anti-Christian backlash like never know in the USA. Prophetically, Christians know this had to have to happen eventually, no surprise here and it is though indicative of the timeline to the end of the Church Age as reflected in the moral decay of the USA.

January 6, 2021 was a visage of a dying nation really. Just being honest. Coming from a 3rd world nation, one sees this type of ‘Banana Republic’ antics as normal, but now in the USA? That has been the plan. But in terms of how close the Church Age is to the Rapture event; such events are needed to pass this marker as sad as it is. But remember, again, their magic ritual is that the 'Phoenix' has to be imploded, demolished like 9-11 to 'resurrect' their new Babel Tower, New World Order to rally the world around with. That will be the coming 3rd Temple. That is what is next. Despite a Democrat ‘win’ and administration, Senate and House, the Luciferian Globalists still have to foment world ‘unity’ now. This will require a cause, an event, a person, a building. Or perhaps the Rapture event itself will help? After that, they will want a 'new Humanity' 2.0 with the vaccines for their new version of what America and the world should look like, masked and vaccinated-up. Why?

As the Raptured Saints will have their new Glorified Bodies as an 'upgrade' in Heaven, so too will Lucifer rollout this pathetic bodily upgrade on Earth through his Mark of the Beast. That will probably kill more people than supposedly save. And that is the desired effect too; less people to control and only the strong survive. Remember, these Luciferian Oligarchs are Eugenicists, Darwinian-ists. Did you all realize that back in the early 2000s when they forced that Anthrax vaccine on the US Soldiers, 35,000 died. More US Soldiers died than all the wars combined since Vietnam. But as to the Globalist desire for their 'Reset' and having brought the USA now under their fold, there is now nothing to stop them. They have a free hand now, aside from the Restrainer, the Bible Teaches.

But know then that the Body of Christ is that much closer to the Evacuation Call. As colleague have discussed what the ‘System’ has negatively done to one at the University level of politics, the following disposition was and is key, 'they can have it'. This is their campus. Thus they can have their City, their Nation and their world and they will reap what they have sown. Hello Tribulation. As noted, Followers of Jesus have a better City, Nation and Land to look forward to and a wedding to attend. In fact, the wedding will be of all the Followers of Jesus. Then consider that in comparison, if for example the Tribulation Period was to start within a few years out at the most, it will be lasting only for 7 miserable years.

How can one possibly compare just a measly 7 years to the 1000 years to come of the Kingdom on Earth and then for all Eternity to come? A New World Order will be coming, but it will eventually be Jesus’ and of His Followers. It will be of a Kingdom where in the world, Cities, Nations and the Land will have no corruption nor evil. Where the 'government will be upon His [Jesus’] shoulders’ and true justice and liberty will be the order of the day. That day is coming. These pitiful 4-year cycle circuses pale in comparison. Not that people do not do civic duties and part, as much as one can but realize that no government or politician can be the Church's Savior but Jesus. That is what we have seen throughout the Church Age.

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