Encoded Signatures of Jesus Christ's Proclamation

  • The Great Pyramid is a 'Cosmic Clock' of Time and Space.
  • The calculation within its Stones proves the Earth is a Sphere.
  • Such a monument is also a 'Star Gate' based on Isaiah 19.

by Luis B. Vega
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'I AM the Light of the World. Whoever follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the Light of Life'. Jesus Christ -John 8:12

The purpose of this study is to present the mathematical association of the Speed of Light in meters that appears to be ‘encoded’ in stone by the designers and builders of the Great Pyramid of Giza. It has been well researched and established that the design of the Great Pyramid model incorporates the functions and fractals of pi and phi. However, the amazing correlation of the Great Pyramid measured in meters produces the coefficient that nearly perfectly codes or measures the Speed of Light. There are actually 2 variables that suggest this Speed of Light correspondence. One such factor is the actual Earth coordinates based off of the Greenwich Meridian Line. The second factor is found in the sum difference of the circumferences measured from the outer and inner perimeters of the Great Pyramid as seen from a top view, again in meters. The margin of error is approximately .01%, which is unbelievable, and not a coincidence.

In the technical fashion of how ‘Light’ is defined, it is ‘the electromagnetic radiation within a certain portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The word usually refers to Visible Light, which is visible to the human eye and is responsible for the sense of sight.’ In terms of a conceptual definition, it is ‘the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible, understanding of a problem or mystery; enlightenment, etc.’ In recent times, the resurgence of the theory that the Earth is ‘flat’ and not a sphere or globe has attempted to sidetrack the researches into spending valuable energy, time and thought to this Luciferian distraction. Based solely on the micro-model of the Great Pyramid, such a theory is unfounded. For example, the Great Pyramid that is thought to have been built by Enoch before the Flood of Noah perhaps was such a time marker set in stone to be read for all times to dispel such assertions as the Flat Earth Theory.

In what way? The Great Pyramid is .33 in terms of latitude between the Earth’s Equator and the North Pole. It is aligned to True North, something that cannot be relevant nor pertinent in a 1-deminsional Flat Earth Model. The Great Pyramid is the mico-model of the spherical Earth, a globe. Furthermore, if one multiplies the height and circumference of the Great Pyramid by the sacred Great Year coefficient of 143, 200 or a 1:432 fractal, the resulting measurement will yield the radius of the Earth in miles and the entire circumference of the Earth at the Equator in miles. This is not the diameter of a ‘Flat Earth’, etc. One would argue that the Great Pyramid is suggesting a ‘dome’ that would validate the partial argument of the Flat Earth Theory as being the ‘Firmament’ spoken in the Bible. However, the ‘dome’ would thus be more of a half-circle in composition.

The Encoding of Light Factors
The Great Pyramid is not only a metaphorical ‘Beacon of Light’ but functioned much like a literal ‘lighthouse’ with its gold pyramidion. It also functioned as part of a ‘Cosmic Clock’ that keeps time of the Precession of the Equinoxes. Light is said to be able to bend in the Space-Time Continuum. It is therefore subject to ‘time’. This is mostly seen in the concept of the Precession of the Equinoxes. It is defined as ‘an illusion of the backdrop constellation in which the Sun is housed from Earth’s perspective 1 degree every 72 years.’ The Great Year mirrors a 12 hour cycle of a clock in that 12 ‘Houses’ of the Mazzaroth x 72 years = 2160 years. This the approximate diameter of the Moon in relation to the Earth mathematical based on the Great Pyramid Pattern as so will be the New Jerusalem that within its make-up is the building-blocks and made up of the essence of ‘Light’.

2160 x 12 Cycle or Eons/Epochs = 
25,920 years
25,920 x 3 = 77,700 Light Years x .33 = ~103.3608

As one can see, the subject of ‘Light’ is very mysterious, amazing and complicated. For example, certain repeating numerical values seem to be encoded as various coefficients of what makes-up ‘Light’ as such variables are inferred in many other Biblical constructs. For example, the numerical coefficient of 72 is a fractal used in Biblical prophecy such as the number of Disciples Jesus sent out to preach the Gospel or the number of the Sanhedrin, etc. It is also the number of Nations and the Fallen Angles that are over them presently. If one factors it when Noah was 600 years old that is supposed to be the year of the Flood, it would be 43,200. This 4-3-2 pattern is seen in the phi ratio pattern that is the ‘Signature of the Creator’ and so on.

The ‘Pyramid Clock’ mirrors the coordinates from a cosmic perspective, not an Earth perspective. It is like the ‘big hand’ of a clock and interestingly, the Sphinx is like the ‘little hand’ clocking 1 degree or 72 years. The Mazzaroth of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac follows this rotates from Earth’s perspective. The Sphinx is the perfect synthesis of the entire 12 Houses of the Mazzaroth. The Signs start with the Virgin and ends with the Lion. Thus, the head of the Sphinx was that of a woman, not an Egyptian Pharaoh as erroneously thought. These Signs span a 30-degree period of approximately 2160 years. Again, such a numerical and cosmic coefficient is seen in the Bible as in the sacred dimensions of the coming New Jerusalem, for example of 1 concept among many.

Based on the epoch of this Precession, the ‘Age of the Fish’, the Church Age is about to end and the ‘Age of Aquarius’ is about to dawn, that is with the return of Jesus Christ to set up a 1000 year Millennial Kingdom on Earth. Pertaining to the Great Pyramid association with the Speed of Light, the Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is the Life and Light of Creation; that He is the Creator come in human form to redeem Adam’s fallen race and reveal the ‘Light’ of salvation within the ‘darkness’ of the Human Condition, etc. In reference to this metaphor, Light as water can be delineated into 3 parts. Light can be delineated into 3 portions; what can be seen, heard and felt. Such is the divine pattern of the 1 GOD Creator in 3 Persons, thus the Trinity, etc.

The Spectrum of Light
The concept of Light is just one aspect of what is normally attributed to what is seen by the naked-eye, and that pertaining to Humans. In theory, the visible portion of Light which is called ‘White Light’ is very limited in comparison to the whole ‘Spectrum of Light’ that also exists and is real. The issue is that due to the mortal restrictions of the body, an existence and sight into the other types of ‘Lights’ are not possible except detected with the aid of instrumentations. In a meta-physical notion, Light is just a construct of matter being subjected to the frequencies of vibration. For example, if one as a human would or would change the nature of the frequency or resonance, one could theoretically exist in different dimensions and travel through them through light by light.

This would amount to having supernatural powers as some do purport to ‘Astro-Travel’ and have ‘out-of-body’ experiences with the aid of either drugs, magic or spiritual experiences. For example, most if not all of the Biblical Prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, the Apostle Paul and John had such meta-physical experiences. Do realize that the Bible does teach that the human beings are also spirit beings. This notion accounts for the transcending of realms that are delineated by variables of frequency that make up dimensions, etc. For example, after the bodily resurrection of Jesus, His fleshly body was transformed, molecularity to the point of having no decomposition.

Such a resurrected or ‘glorified’ physical body was able to walk through walls as it occurred when Jesus appeared in the Upper Room to the Disciples gathered there. However, it is reported for example that those who have been taken in alien abductions also experience being ‘changed’ to a vibration where their physical body is ‘sucked’ out through walls or ceilings to be teleported onto ships, etc. Angels, both Holy and Fallen Ones have this ability as it is seen in the Bible. When it came to the resurrected ‘Light Body’ of Jesus, one can ascertain that such a ‘Glorified Body’ will be indestructible and amazing to have. This is the reality the Apostle Paul was given by revelation that is to occur at the point of the coming Rapture.

He speaks of a transformation, a metamorphosis of the body that ‘puts on incorruptibility’, etc. It will be able to fly as a rendezvous will be had in the clouds to meet Jesus to be then ushered into Heaven, outside of ‘space and time’. After the resurrection of Jesus, the Disciples were startled and thought Jesus was a ‘ghost’. Jesus assured them that it was the resurrected and glorified body received that could eat and drink. What is so encouraging is that such ‘Bodies of Light’ that can travel to Heaven and back, are able to inhabit Eternity as the Bible teaches that in the current fallen condition of Humanity, ‘no flesh and blood can enter the Kingdom of Heaven’.

This ‘Glorified Body’ of Light is the last component of the comprehensive salvation Jesus secured at the Cross or Calvary. This coming metamorphosis of the body is promised and is believed to occur at the Rapture and Resurrection of the Dead that will conclude the Church Age. It is rather remarkable to contemplate that Biblically speaking of ‘Glorified Bodies’, there is presently a human man, Jesus with a physical body that is literally siting at the ‘Right Hand on High’ in the Throne Room of YHVH. This body transcends time, space, never be destroyed nor subject to aging nor sin anymore.
I AM the Light of the World

At the very center of Heaven, there is a human being with a human body in relative proportion to the height and constitution of an average man on Earth, yet without sin. However, it is no ordinary body, it is the Hypostatic Union of the incarnation of the Creator Himself, the 2nd Person of the Trinity, GOD the Son, Jesus. Amazingly this type of ‘Glorified Body’ is promised to all those that are followers of Jesus and to be where Jesus is at per John 14. Such will truly have the real ability to ‘Astro-Travel’ at the speed of thought, etc. The 2nd amazing consideration is that upon the return of Jesus with His Bride back to Earth, the ‘Glorified Saints’ with their glorified bodies of ‘indestructible light’ will be comingling with still a fallen Humanity of men and women that will be alive and ushered into the Millennial Reign of Christ.

This, according to some interpretations will commence after the 70th Week of Daniel is completed wherein Jesus returns literally on Earth, at the Battle of Armageddon to be precise. The coming Age will be a bit surreal as this coexistence will be the norm. Moreover, a resurrected Jesus will be the ruler of the Earth from Jerusalem, Israel’s capital that in turn will be the Earth’s capital for that matter. It is sad though to think, that having men and women during that time, seeing 1st hand what Jesus has accomplished, basically ‘Paradise Restored’ many will still choose to side with Lucifer against Jesus at the end of the 1000 year lapse of time for the final battle of Humanity.

The Spectrum of Light 

|---------------1. What can hear --------------------2. What can see ------------------ 3. What can feel -----------------|
Radio                       Infrared                Visible                     Ultraviolet                   X-Ray               Gamma Ray

~29.9792458° meters per seconds or Speed of Light

Circumference of Outer Circle = 1024.463491 meters
Circumference of Inner Circle  =   723.697975 meters

Difference in measurement    = 
299.76556 meters
= ~million meters per second = 299.79245
= Speed of Light by .01% margin of error

2160 fractal  = 72 x 3
2160 x 20  = 43.2 (432) = resonance

Great Pyramid Pattern: Earth Moon Diameter = 2160 miles with Earth Moon Radius = .273

The New Jerusalem: Diameter = 2160 miles

The Great Pyramid
Pyramid is actually an Octagon with 8 sides.
Capstone is @ = 

612.01 Diagonal
377.9 Base
481.33 ft Height
Radius x 2 = 962 feet
Diameter x Pi = 3024 circumference

Sons of Light
It is rather remarkable that in an ancient structure as the Great Pyramid is encoded the Speed of Light among many other astonishing mysteries of Creation itself. As Light can be divided into 3 portions within its spectrum, it models the triune Creator. The ‘Trinity’ pattern in turn is seen in the creation of Humanity in particular in that its body, soul and spirit makeup Humanity. It is unlike any other created being known in the Universe. In what way? It is in the way that human beings are fashioned in the ‘Likeness and Image’ of the Creator Himself and that in male and female attributes and separation of sexes, etc.

However, the Bible does speak of a counterfeit ‘Light’ that is competing for the souls, minds and bodies of humans. This other ‘Light’ comes from Lucifer, who ironically has ‘Light’ in his name as Lucis, which means ‘Light’ and was at one time the ‘Light Bearer’, etc. Thus in the primordial cosmic conflict between Light and Darkness, there is sinister conspiracy occurring that pegs Humanity in the middle. Jesus said that He came to bring the true Light and life to a fallen Humanity and that He was and is the ‘Light of the World’.

Jesus taught that those that follow Him in sincerity of heart, mind and soul will not stumble anymore in the ‘Darkness’ but have the Light of Life, etc. As agents of Fee Will, human beings get to choose to follow and serve the ‘Light’ or the ‘Darkness’ and its Lord. There are many Biblical reference of this struggle between the 2 ‘Lights’ and how in this present time and space continuum, Humanity can elect to bring others to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ’s mission and purpose. This endeavor, as told to Daniel would even make such that turn many from ‘Darkness’ to the Light’ shine as the stars in the Heavens.


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