Is YHVH just ‘Pleiadians’ who Seeded Humanity

  • What is the Ancient Alien Theory about and is it true?
  • How is the Theory tied to the Abraham Family House?
  • Why will this Ancient Alien Theory be used to explain Rapture?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is a follow-up to Article #600 entitled, Temple of the AntiChrist. https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-600.html One received questions about it to further explain it. The question relates to how the 3 Abraham Family Houses will eventually be incorporated onto the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. And this supposition aided by the ‘Ancient Aliens’, to a large degree that one is arguing will be a Deception. One does actually hold back and not sharing a lot of one’s Personal Studies because to an ‘Average Church Goer’, much less those that are not, a lot of my subject matter would verge on the ‘Heretical’ if not absurd: Red Dragons, Maidens, Stars, Planets, Orion, the Pleiades, Mars, Planet X?! What? So, one has hesitated for the most part.  

But one does post most of it on this site for one’s discernment and review. As to ‘Disclosing’ to the Believers and Followers of Jesus? Well, did not the Apostle Paul disclose Prophecy and the Doctrine of the Rapture to the Thessalonians, who were just saved? So, there you have it. It is because most say, ‘Do not complicate things for New Believers and just keep it to the Simple Gospel’. This is true but the Rapture is not a ‘simple thing’ that is to occur, no? One will 1st speak to the Spiritual Principle for further context. In fact, as believes it is the End of Days, it is the very event of the Rapture that will change the World. One even contends it will be the Catalyst for the Luciferian last ‘Reset’ to finally be implemented and only then.

The Restrainer has been holding the Luciferian Globalist ‘Reset’ back even though the Foundation for this last Beast System has been allowed to be laid-out. Why? The Body of Christ, is still presently alive and active on Planet Earth. And above all, it is what this ‘Body’ has within it, GOD the Holy Spirit. How so? Realize that since Adam and Eve, the Holy Spirit had ‘Indwelt’ a Follower or Believer in YHVH. Not even during the Dispensation of the Law, as with Israel was it administered nor worked in that capacity. It was only bestowed to certain individuals, such as the Prophets, Priests and/or Kings. For example, King David prayed ‘not to have the Holy Spirit depart’, because it could.

It did with King Saul. The point is that it has only been during the Dispensation of the Church Age, that of the Mystery Age, the Bride of Christ that the Holy Spirit has changed its ‘Mandate’ or Constitution. How so? It was at Pentecost, ‘when it fully came’ that the Holy Spirit did something never done before. I came into a person, those Followers of Believers in Jesus. And that this ‘Indwelling’ within the Body that becomes a ‘Permeant Sealing’. It is not a Possession as the Luciferians have with Disembodied Demons. For a Believer and Disciple of Jesus, the Holy Spirit will never depart, nor ‘Possess’ but lead.  

Age of Pentecost
The Bible records the Day, in this case collectively how the Holy Spirit came down on the Body of Christ. The argument is that it will go-up with the Bride of Christ. This will be the Rapture event. Thus, a coming ‘Shift’ in the Mandate and Constitution of the Holy Spirit will once again change it. How so? It will be that after the Rapture, the last 7 Years, called Daniel’s 70th Week, the work and purpose of the Holy Spirit will be different in that there will no longer be a Restraining Force. There will be a Time Period reverted back to being Under the Law and in how only certain Individuals and/or Groups will be ‘Anointed’ or Sealed with the Holy Spirit.

This is Key and important then to confirm and understand that the Church Age cannot spill over into Daniel’s 70th Week. Why not? It is because during this timeframe, the AntiChrist will be given Power and Authority to ‘Wear-Out the Saints’. This would be impossible as that is what Christ said would be impossible for Lucifer to do during the Church Age. If so, there would be an ‘apparent’ contraction and the Promise Jesus gave to the Church, that it would not ever be defeat, would then be a Lie. So, at the Point of the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ, the Mandate and Constitution of the Holy Spirit’s Work will shift, as it did on that Pentecost Initiation and Indwelling.  

And that Transition Event took place on the Temple Mount, by the way. In the Book of Acts it is distinguished that the Disciples ‘Met regularly in the Temple Courts, but Broke Bread in their Homes’. Thus, this is what is next on the Prophetic Clock of Human Events that will lead the World into the next Transition. And as noted the running-up to the Transition is all but complete. What has to happen is the ‘Trigger’ Event has to be pulled. This Rapture event is what both the Luciferians and the Bride of Christ are having to patiently wait for. And that will this ‘Trigger’ Event will be made by Jesus Himself when He calls for the ‘Evacuation’ of His Bride from off Planet Earth.

This is thus, why the Alien Deception will be Key in explaining this Monumental and Earth-Shattering Event away. So, to this end, and until then, one has tried to connect the dots to correlate how the Ancient Alien Explanation will be relative to Biblical Prophecy because it appears that it is being used for it. And it is helping determine actually the Timeframe of when the Tribulation Period is to start, and thus the Rapture prior to it, in one’s estimation. One believes that the Alien Deception will deal, in part with the Triangulation of those Pyramid Structures found on Cydonia, Mars. What? After studying the topic for a good long Decade, one can with a measure of Confidence present this Assertion.

The question one has asked in regard to this Martian Motif, is why this Pattern? Why is it found on Mars, but more shockingly, why replicated all over the Earth? It started with all the Ancient Site, Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, etc. Then it is seen in the Middle Age configuration of cities of great Power and Wealth. Then this same ‘Martian Motif’, as one calls it is replicated in all the Modern World Capitals now. See example #589: KING OF THE SOUTH RISES. What gives? Well, the supposition that is most popular with non-Biblical ‘Experts’ is that all such Sacred Sites on Earth are connected to the lost Ancient Alien interactions Humans have had since its beginnings.  

Ancient Alien ‘Gods’
But, again, the argument is that this same Triangulation found on Mars will eventually make its way up to the Temple Mount. This is where it gets Prophetic and then would chime-in on then how timely now the Rapture and the start of the Tribulation Period have to be. It has to do with what is being represented by this Triangulation that corresponds to the 3 Geometric Configuration, in size proportion and inference to…ready? The GOD-Head. Here is the ‘Crazy Rationale’. Ask yourself, what is there that is known from where all things emanate from or are believed to be coming from, Life and Power, mainly? And what is that Source? Most would agree that it is ‘God’.

If one were to see this ‘God’, what would it look like or be or projected-out to be, tangibly? Can it be? Based on the various Visions and Revelations of the glimpses that the Bible does provide of who, where or what this ‘Source’ looks like and is at, here is an over-generalized description. The Bible describes that ‘This Place’ is none other than the Throne Room of the Creator, YHVH in Heaven. And in this Presence, what would one see at its Core or Center? Who is it that one that would be described as? You have the Father on the Throne, Majestic, Strong as a Fortress, associated with appearing on Mountains, as in a Pyramid, shaped like a ‘Pentagon’, etc.
Then because of the Work of GOD the Son on the Cross, He becoming Man by taking-on Human Flesh, a ‘Body’. What can be seen literally now is a Glorified Resurrected Man, Jesus and having the literal Genetic make-up of a Human. In this case, from the Royal Bloodline of King David. People can now see ‘GOD’ in the face of Jesus, because everything else there in Heaven and the Center of the Throne is Spiritual. This would thus correspond Geometrically to an elongated Circle as that is what a Face can be construed to. Then it is described how at this Celestial Throne, there are 7 Lights before it which are the described as the 7 Spirits of the Creator.

It is as in the 7 Stars that Jesus refers to them, a euphemism to GOD the Holy Spirit, and the Pleiades. Which then are corresponding to the 7 Churches of Asia in Book of Revelation. It then corresponds Geometrically to a Rectangle when placing the outline of the Pleiades Star Cluster. So, you have the GOD-Head and their inferred ‘Triangulation’, a Triangle, a Circle and a Square, all modified. If one knows Platonic Geometry and the Sacred Shapes, these are the ‘Building Blocks’ of all that is created. This is the Motif that the Luciferians also portray it as Lucifer’s Motif. But it is as all things Pure and True a usurping of the original. What does the Triangulation of the GOD-Head look like then?  

It is the All-Seeing Eye truncated Pyramid of the Freemasons and found on the U.S. 1 Dollar Bill. How so? Consider that the Bill itself is the Rectangle or Square correspondence to the Pleiades and Holy Spirit. Then you have the Circle that corresponds to the elongate Face of the Son. Then you have the 3-Demintional Pyramid that corresponds to the Pentagon. What many have also pointed out is that the COVID Plandemic is the nefarious work of these same Luciferian Globalist. And their Motif alludes to it. How so? Consider that the Seal has 3 Facets of Hidden Code or Knowledge in plain sight. You have the Circle or the Corona.  

Hidden In Plain Sight
This is the 1st Name of the released COVID-19. Then you have the Pyramid in the midst. The 2nd Name of the released Variant was called Delta. The Pyramid is thus the Delta. Then you have the 3rd release of the Virus called Omicron. This corresponds to the 15th Greek Letter that is derived from Paleo-Phoenician and Ancient Hebrew for an ‘Eye’. Thus, the All-Seeing Eye. This can be then attributed also to the corresponding years the Black Magic Initiation Ritual has followed. It is akin to the Freemasonic 3 Stage of Initial Invitations. The following is the multi-layered correspondences.

GOD-Head       Martian Motif        Abraham House       Masonic Seal     COVID                      Astronomical       Celestial 
2 Son               Face of Mars        Dome of Rock          Circle                  Corona Variant         Sun                     Orion
1 Father           D&M Pentagon     Crusader Church     Pyramid              Delta Variant            Moon                   Sirius
3 Holy Spirit     Pleiades City        3rd Temple               Ayin ‘Eye’            Omicron (Eye)         Stars                    Pleiades

Thus, one surmises that as all the Angels, Seraphim, Cherubim and who knows what other type of Beings have been created are familiar with this Divine Pattern of a 3-In-1 Constitution and Triangulation. Then as many of these Angelic Beings have been stationed throughout YHVH’s Creation, one contends that they have taken this Motif, this Triangulation of the Throne Room of YHVH with them, as a reflection or Template to be replicated accordingly throughout the Universe. Then there are the Chi Rho being an Anagram of the Constellation of Orion, the Pleiades, and Sirius.

One suggests that this Celestial Alignment and Correspondence is a veiled Motif also of the GOD-Head, with out-stretched Arms, Head and Member. Astronomically, the Pleiades to Orion and to Sirius are in a Straight Line. This Star Alignment is also mirrored on Earth’ Sacred Sites, like Teotihuacan in Mexico, Persepolis in Iran, and Luxor in Egypt, etc. There is Orion with the Stars depicting the Christ Crucified. It is at the center of the Motif. The 5 major Stars then depict the 5 Puncture Wounds of Jesus Christ received on the Cross of Calvary. Then, there is the P for the Star Cluster of the Pleiades on top and the S for Sirius at the bottom.  

Sirius is the brightest Star in the Sky, from Earth’s perspective. This P to X and S combination functions as the 'Key' that unlocks the 'Stargate' or Door to Heaven of which Orion is the Galactic Sentinel, etc. In fact, there are 3 Men that Triangulate the Heavens. There is Orion, Ophiuchus and Aquarius. The Chi Rho is a Christogram, formed by superimposing the 1st 2 Capital Letters - Chi and Rho (ΧΡ) of the Greek Word ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ (Christos) in such a way that the vertical stroke of the Rho intersects the center of the Chi.

In Latin Text, it is an Ending added, appropriate to Latin Nouns, thus XPo, signifying Christo, ‘to Christ’, the Dative Form of Christus. In pre-Christian Times, the Chi-Rho Symbol was the Abbreviation for Chrēston meaning ‘Good’. The Word Chrestos, existed Ages before Christianity. It is found and was used, from the 5th Century B.C., by Herodotus, Aeschylus and other Classical Greek Writers. It goes back to Egypt also with a Mythology of Horus. However, as inferred above, the correlation goes further back to the Cosmological depiction of the Constellation of Orion-Pleiades-Sirius. Thus, using the Motif defined by the various Stars, have been mirrored on Earth Sacred Sites. 

As Above, So Below
This is especially true as it correlates with the Belt Stars and its mirroring with the Great Pyramids of Giza. Ultimately, based on the study by E.W. Bullinger, Witness of the Stars, the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac is the Story-Line of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Each Constellation is a facet of the Plan of Redemption of Humanity on Earth found and accomplished in Jesus. With this supposition, the Chi Rho is attributed to Orion, which is the ‘Hero’, Redeemer who is Jesus. It is He who destroyed the Works of Lucifer, Sin and Death at the Cross of Calvary. The Pleiades Star Cluster corresponds to the 7-Churches of Asia from which the Bride of Christ is now ‘fused with the Holy Spirit’.

And thus, even in this Celestial Motif, it is a veiled inference to the Holy Trinity, the God-Head, etc. Now, the issue is, how did it get to Earth? Well, because it came from Mars initially or as some believe in the Gap Theory, Lucifer was on Earth before Adam, etc. One supposes that the type of Beings stationed there, before Adam, became Fallen Angels as they abandoned their Post. In part, they are the Contingency that perhaps came to Mount Hermon and invaded Earth. Since they and Lucifer seek to be worshipped as ‘God’, they instructed Humans on this Sacred Gematria. Why?  

Such Sacred Sites are built directly on Earth’s Ley Lines of Energy. And when they are 3-Demensionalized, by Magic Incantations, Sorcery and Blood-Letting, be it Human or Animal, it actives a Star Gate. These then are the Nexus Points wherein the Fallen Angels and Disembodied Spirit of the former Giants, now called Demons can also traverse in-and-out of. All that relate to Bible Prophecy, the Rapture and when the start of the Tribulation Period is to commence? It has to do when they will replicate these 3 Structures or this Sacred Geometric Triangulation on the Temple Mount. This Triangulation must ‘Complete or Close the Circuit’ to activate its full Power.  

It will unleash the Uniting Force that Lucifer will use much like the Nimrod Effect with the Rallying Cry around the Tower or Temple of Babel. For what purpose? To use it in opposition to YHVH and invade the Throne Room of YHVH from. As the Throne Room of YHVH is the Focal Point of all that was, is and will be, on Earth, this same Nexus Point corresponds, can only correspond to 1 Spot on Earth. This Spot is the 3rd Temple. The point is that the Abraham Family House will be ‘Cover’ for 1 of the main reasons and justification that the 3rd Temple must be rebuilt. This is why it is expedient that Lucifer has to rebuilt it. Why?

The Abraham Family Houses are what will be the Center Piece of the coming False World Peace. These will be the ‘United World Houses of Prayer’ after the Rapture, etc. And in ones’ analysis when superimposing the Cydonia, Mars 3 Structures onto the Temple Mount, they nearly match perfectly, even in size proportion, which is amazing. See Chart for a visual in Article #600. The Pyramid or Pentagon Structure corresponds to the al-Aqsa Mosque. This 2nd Structure on the Temple Mount will revert back to the House of Christianity, the False one though. Then the Dome of the Rock will be the House of Islam and corresponds to the elongated Circle or Face of the Cydonia, Mars Motif. And by the way, the Rock in the Shrine is made to look like a ‘Face’. 

Body of Christ on Earth, No More
Then the only ‘House’ that really matters is the ‘Square One’, that of the Holy of Holies that mirrors the very Throne Room talked about. But in this Correspondence, the elongated Square becomes a Rectangle that outlines the perimeter of the Pleiades Star Cluster. And it is rather amazing how the Jewish Temple had, for example the Court of the Women and then of Israel and the Priests. The Temple layout corresponds to the Pleiades as that is how even Jesus directly associated each ‘Star’ with that of a physical Church location on Earth. So, why all this? Consider that when Geo-Political conditions arise that Israel will be in a position to build this 3rd Temple, it is only because the AntiChrist will have arrived to sanctioned it. Who is this Man?
He will be the only Person recognized by all 3 House of ‘Faith’ that will allow it to be so. To the Jews, he will be the Messiah, a Solomon 2.0. To the Muslims, he will be the Mahdi, Suleiman 2.0. To the Apostate Christians that remain after the Rapture, he will be the ‘Christ’ Jesus returned as promised. To the New Agers, he will be a ‘Pleiadian’ Avatar, a ‘Christ Consciousness’ bringing Humanity to the point of ‘Enlightenment’, etc. So, as one can see, it is a rather ‘Crazy’ Theory and not usually one to share such things, but in few prior occasions. In the prior Article, one clearly stated that these Triangulations have been obfuscated from their true meaning and intent.

It is much the same in how Lucifer has distorted the Mazzaroth, the Signs of the Heavens, and the Gospel, etc. But YHVH, Jesus, the GOD-Head are not ‘Martian Saviors’, or from the Pleiades as many will believe it when the ‘Ancient Aliens’ show-up. They will believe them to be bringing the ‘True Gospel’, etc. But that they will precisely use their False Creation Narratives that will support their coming Ancient Alien Deception that the ‘Gods from Mars, or from the Pleiades have come back to ‘Save Humanity’. And why the Temple Mount, and more precisely the House of Judaism? It is there that Lucifer, via the AntiChrist will ‘Sit in the Temple’, where ‘he ought not to be’.

And like Nimrod, will from that ‘Star Gate’ attempt a last full-on assault to reclaim his Former Position and Access lost when he is to be cast-down to Earth. This will occur at the start of the 2nd Part of the Tribulation Period that is connected to the Revelation 12 Sign. As to the Timing? The Abraham Family House is scheduled to open sometime in 2022, in Abu Dhabi. The one on the Temple Mount, that is coming, as one has already asserted has 2 of the 3 Structures already built. All that is needed is the House of Judaism, the 3rd Temple. And it will be fashioned in record time, 2-3 months top.  

And because of this Martian Motif Theory and study, one can have full confidence even where the 3rd Temple will have to be built. One is suggesting that a Transition Phase has been undertaken as it was with that 1st Pentecost, but only in Reverse Order, like a Chiastic Fold of sorts. In what why? Consider that, for argument's sake, Jesus died in 32 AD. And that in that same year, the ‘Body of Church’ was commissioned, empowered, endowed and indwelt with the Holy Spirit. In no other Time since the Creation of Adam has this occurred. That event of the coming of the Holy Spirit to infuse the Body of Christ collectively occurred succinctly, poignantly and was singular.

Then there was the Time of Transitioning-out away from being Under Law and the Economy of Israel. The Transformation occurred thereafter, increasing in frequency but having the ‘Overlap’ until the Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. Such a sequence and Transition has been occurring since 1948 when Israel was ‘Reborn’. A similar ‘Overlap’ has been occurring that will lead to a similar Point of Singularity, the Rapture of the Holy Spirit, within the Bride of Christ that will be collectively ‘Gathered-Up as the Holy Spirit had ‘Come-Down’. Thereafter the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple will commence. This is how this Jewish Physical Temple is tied to the Advent of the Holy Spirit when the Messiah’s Spiritual Temple will have been completed. In what way?

Consider that from 32 AD to 70 AD was 38 Years. This then would be the defined Transition Phase when absolutely, there was no Dispensational Overlap between Israel and the Body of Christ both being on Earth thereafter. In the sense that Ecclesiastically, no more Sacrificial Passover Lambs were to be made as Jesus was the Final Fulfillment of that Object Lesson. However, the Jews still were performing them until 70 AD. Thus, could it be or will it be the case that in similar fashion, what has been going on is the Transition back to the Jewish Sacrificial Rite, but first then the Holy Spirit event? The Rapture?  

If one supposes and uses the 7th Year of the current Sabbath Cycle, that being 2022, and subtracts 38 years, that would be the year 1984. Has this Transition back to Israel started then? It would very be telling in how the Orwellian Novel by the same name would then have a Prophetic Cypher of sorts in more ways than one. The fact that the Transition since then would be leading up to a World of 1984 has now become a Reality. The issue is though, will have all these Years since 1948 been a Transition to Climax in 2022? Meaning? That then, in a reverse mode, the Holy Spirit goes up and then the 3rd Temple is then Reconstituted. Why? For the new Dispensation that is to come thereafter; Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. 

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