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by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to determine what ‘Time’ it is, Celestially based on where the Sun is situated, given the 12 Houses or Signs of the Mazzaroth. Usually around every Passover, the Rapture Watching Community begins to Speculate how the Feasts of YHVH are to be determined or should be from the ‘Start’ of the Year. Every Year, the Cycles of when the possible Timing of the Rapture could occur usually starts with determining when the 1st Month is or should be the Head of the Year, Rosh HaShanah.

It is understood that Rosh HaShanah was at the start of the 7th Month, up until the Exodus, when YHVH instructed Moses to start the New Year from Nisan or Aviv in some Translations. Aviv means ‘Spring’ in Hebrew as in Tel Aviv or Mountain of Spring, i.e., Spring Mount or Hill, etc. However, there are still some Brethren that insist that the Sighting of the Sun on a particular Constellation, that being Aries is what determines when the 1st Month of Aviv or Nisan is to commence.

This Notion is corroborated by the Writing of Josephus, that at his Time, being the 1st Century, the Sun was in the Sign of the Ram, duly noted and correct. But it is being Mis-Interpreted and Mis-Applied, presently. However, due to the Astronomical Phenomena of the Precession of the Equinoxes, there is a ‘Drift’ due to the Rotation of the Earth on its Axis over Time. This is to say that over Centuries, the Sun will drift from 1 Sign to the Next. This is how the Astronomical Clock works as it is in Motion and ‘Clicking Time’, Celestial Time that one argues began, before the Creation of Adam and Eve in Eden.

But that is for another study. Thus, to insinuate that the Sun always will be in Aries as that has to determine when the Spring 1st Month begins is like saying that the Hour Hand on a Wall Clock has to always stay at any 1 Hour. No. What determines what is ‘Stationary’ are the 2 Solstices and 2 Equinoxes. Those are what are ‘Stationary’, relatively speaking and independent of Earth’s Rotation. They have Fixed Dates and that is how the Calendar of the Ancient World was Calibrated and Synchronized to.

That is also how the Civilizations knew when to Plant and Harvest. To 'Tell Time' by any other Fixed Sign of the Zodiac would surely have caused the Seasons to be out of Sync and Starvation would have ensued. See Charts of the Precession of the Equinox compared to April 1, 32 AD to April 1, 2022 AD in the End Notes. Is something Different? Where is the Sun in comparison? One is assuming, to a large degree, that Readers have a Background Understanding of what Biblical Astronomy already is. But in general, yes, when the Sun is at a Particular Sign, that is 'What Time' it is. You can consider it like a Big Oval Wall Clock of 12 Hours. In this case, 12 Houses or Signs.

4 Quadrants of the Universe

Presently, it is the Age of Pisces, as the Sun goes around each House or Sign and stays there for about ~2000 Years. Note that in terms of ‘What Time is it? It is Celestially, the Time for the Sun now to Begin a ‘New Hour’ in the Sign of Aquarius. From Earth’s Perspective, the Sun is moving Clockwise, along the Ecliptic from East to West. At the Time of Jesus, that started the Age of Pisces, the Fish and that is why since that time 1 of the Major Motifs associated with the Church Age was and is the Fish Sign. Before Jesus, for about 2000 Years, the Sun was in the Constellation of Taurus.

Thus, when Jesus Returns to Earth and sets-up His Kingdom for 1000 Years, the Sun will be in the Sign of Aquarius, etc. For a ‘Visual’, if one took the 12 Signs and configured them in a Round Circle, Starting with Virgo at the Top to correspond to the 0 or 12th Hours, the Sun is presently at the opposite end with Pisces at the 6 PM or AM Marker. Note that the Zodiac Signs have to be Reversed in doing this Depiction. Each is '1 Hour'. This gives Earth, from one's Perspective, the Solar Year. So, consider the Sun, Moon and the Stars as corresponding to Time in the following way.

1- Sun I           = the Hour Hand
2- Moon           = the Minute Hand
3- Stars           = (Planets) are the Second Hand

So, Astronomically the Sun is in each of the 12 Signs to complete 1 full Rotation or Solar Year. What Delineates the Year, to the Day, are the 2 Solstices and the 2 Equinoxes. They are like a 'Cross' in terms of Time. But they Synchronize the Year and it is so precise, that all Ancient Civilizations pegged their Agricultural Planting, and Harvesting Times on it.

1- September 23         Fall Equinox                - Start of Fall
2- December 22          Winter Solstice            - Start of Winter          (Sun at Golden Gate)
3- March 22                Spring Equinox           - Start of Spring
4- June 22                   Summer Solstice        - Start of Summer       (Sun at Silver Gate)

Not only are there 4 Points of Reference on this 'Astronomical Clock, at the 6am/pm, 9am/pm, 12am/pm, 3am/pm, but there are 2 'Gates' that come in and out of Heaven in relation to Earth at least Astronomically. They are the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate. Note that this is also replicated on Earth, like in Jerusalem. And the Golden Gate called also the Eastern Gate is where Jesus comes riding on a Donkey. Note that the Golden Gate is a Double Arch. Think of McDonalds. They 'Know'. 

Or take the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco for example, that is situated at the 'Back Door' of the USA. But then at the 'Front Door' of the USA, is the Brooklyn Bridge, Silver Color. This corresponds to the Silver Gate, etc. And each Gate or 'Star Portal' is guarded by a Celestial Sentinel, Ophiuchus for the Golden Gate and Orion for the Silver Gate. This is why the Statue of Liberty is really a 'Cross' or Trans of Apollo or Orion and Isis. And as Orion has that Torch pointing at the Silver Gate, so is the Statue of Liberty typifying that Celestial Motif.

House of the Rising Sun

But also, note that off New York City, the Underwater Ridge is called Babylon. Consider that the Masons who 'donated' the Statue of America originally wanted a Cup instead of the Torch. Think of the Woman holding the Cup in the Book of Revelation, the 'Whore of Babylon', etc. So, as to determining Celestial Time’, even though the Days are Precise, over 1000s of Years, there has been a 'Drift' in that the Days 'move' forward in Time.

As you may have heard or read about the Precession of the Equinoxes. This means that over Millennia, the Sun does and has shifted about 1 Sign every 2000 Years. For example, 2000 Years Ago during the Time of Jesus, the Spring started when the Sun entered Aries, the Ram. This is what Josephus noted in his Writing and corresponded to when Jesus, the Lamb of YHVH was offered in that April Month. Although the Passover is always in the same Day and Month, the Constellation Signs in the Background do change over Time. That is the Point to note.

But now, 2000 Years later, the Sun, during the Spring Month of Aviv corresponds to Pisces. The Precession is inching itself towards Aquarius. Astronomers and also Astrologers do not know or cannot say when did this Precession occur or why. It is like Humanity just ‘Showed-Up’ to all this. We have no clue when it started or when it will End. Well, we do have a Notion as the Book of Revelation does say that at the End of the Great White Throne Judgment, Time will be no more Time.

Jesus will be creating a New Heaven and New Earth. That is going to be an Amazing Feat to see. Imagine being there when YHVH created the present Universe? Now realize that many Christians do not subscribe to his Astronomical Construct being Biblical. They are of the Interpretation that the Earth is only 6000 Year from Adam and that is it. Any ‘Talk’ about such things is automatically Rejected.  But, yes, roughly the Sun is in the House or the 12 Signs for approximately  ~2000 Years.

Sun in 1 House every ~2000 x 12 Signs = 24,000 Years.

Now, where they get 26,000 Years to complete the Precession is that Astronomers, not Astrologers count Ophiuchus as the 13th Sign. Thus the following Equation.

Sun in 1 House every ~2000 x 13 Signs = 26,000 Years.

So, yes, the way one can Approximate where one is in reference to the Precession of the Equinoxes is to observe when the Sun Rises behind what Sign on the Spring Equinox. As noted, presently it is in the House of Pisces but it is about to ‘End’. It is only around the Year 3032 that the Sun enters the House of Aquarius.

If one would extrapolate that Biblically onto a Timeline, then it would mean that after the 1000 Year Reign of Jesus would be finished, would the Age of Aquarius really begin. But by that Time, that is when ‘All Things will be Made New’, etc. Now in the Charts one is referencing, this coming Age, to include the start of the Millennial Reign of Jesus on Earth is called the 5th Age or the 5th Sun. This Concept was and is prevalent in Ancient Meso-American Cultures.

They surmised that the Earth has been Destroyed 4 prior Times. And that this next one or ‘Sun’ will see the Earth Destroyed by Fire. This is, coincidentally, exactly how the Apostle Peter describes how Jesus will Fashion the New Heaven and New Earth with. Notice the Graphic on the Upper-Right Hand side on the Chart titled the ‘5the Age’. It is a Depiction of the Precession of the Equinoxes. What is going on is that the Earth is spinning, if one believes in the Globe Model. Like a Spinning Top, it not only Tilts up and down, but due to its Centripetal Force, it Wobbles from side to side as well.

So, that is to mean that Due North or the North Star, from Earth’s Perspective moves over Time. However, what is Astonishing, is that with 1 Star, the entire known Universe, of all the other Stars revolve around it. For example, back 10,000 Years ago, when the Pyramids of Egypt were really, approximately constructed, the North Star was not Polaris in the Little Dipper. It was Vega in the Minor Star Cluster of Lyre. So, this means that due to the Wobble, the Earth is moving back to Vega.

But it will take approximately another 10,000 Years. So, as to What, Who and Why? Those are Questions one has too. And only when the Bride is in Heaven after the Rapture that will close-out the ~2000 Year-Old Church Age will ‘All Things be Known and Understood’. For example, 1 Question one has is why on Earth or in Heaven in this case, is Draco, the Dragon in the Midst or Center of the Universe from this Perspective. See Chart titled ‘Survey of the Universe’. And this Motif has its Tail exactly 1/3 the Area, in that if one sped-up the Procession, one would see the Effect of its ‘Tail’ sweep 1/3 of the Stars, just like the Book of Revelation teaches.

And, if the Dragon is pegged to the 4 Corners or ‘Cross’ Beams, it further insinuates the ‘Serpent on the Pole’ Motif that Moses lifted-up in the Wilderness. And according to Jesus Himself, that Motif was precisely emblematic of Him eventually being hung on a Cross, just the same. And that is also the corrupted Motif or Emblem of the WHO, the U.N. World Health Organization. It is also a Prophetic Echo of how the Serpent was in the Branch in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, there in the Garden Eden. Also, in Arabic, the Motif for the name of ‘Allah’  is guess what depiction? A ‘Serpent in-between a Pole’. Questions, Questions, Questions.
















War of the Seeds
This Book seeks to unlock the Secrets of the Celestial Blueprint of the Last Days based on the ‘Image and Likeness’ of Jesus Christ; that is His Pattern of the Body Form and its Dimensions that occur on a Prophetic Scale. Such Patterns are seen in the literal Lifespan of Jesus’ Life Timeline, the Ark of the Covenant, the Solar System and the Human Form to name of few that this Book will examine and present. These Alignments and Eclipse Patterns could lend some Clues, as to the Timing of Christ’s actual Birth and Return.



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