Masters of the Silver Key of Universe

  • Does the Bible address or speak about such Motifs?
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  • Where these Sacred Sites 'Launching Pads' for Aliens?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Will ye Steal, Murder, and commit Adultery, and Swear Falsely, and Burn Incense unto Baal, and Walk after other Gods whom ye know not?’ –Jeremiah 7:9

The purpose of this study is to strongly suggest that the configuration of the Ba’albek Temple of Jupiter, that being of Zeus and Ba’al and its environs is construed to the pyramid motifs of Cydonia, Mars. It is a continuing quest to decipher the Pleiadian Pattern to include Orion layouts, and the pursuit of who and why such a Pattern has been replicated in most if not all of the major ancient sites on Earth. Amazingly, such a Martian Motif has also been shown to still be replicated in most of the Modern Capitals of the Nations. This study will examine the particulars of this ancient site that many believe existed before the Flood of Noah and played a part in the Ancient Sumerian Creation Account. What has been researched and established, although to be accepted based on one’s disposition of what is True History, is that the Sumerians understood that Ba’albek was once, one of the original ‘Space-Ports’ that the Anunnaki built.

The Anunnaki were said to be ‘Beings’ of Light that came from the Stars. Other ‘Star-Ports’ were in such places as the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Giza Plateau and other sacred sites but primarily in the Middle East. The Sumerian account of Creation states that ‘Beings’ from Nibiru contested over the succession of the Throne and Ala-Lu was exiled to Earth and then to Mars. In the process of such Intervention on Earth, they ‘seeded’ the human race and created the ‘Adamu’ in the region of ‘Edin’. Ala-lu and subsequent ‘Alien Astronauts’ are said to have splashed down in what is now the Persian Gulf and donned their ‘Fish Suits’, same as the Roman Catholic Priests don with their ‘Fish Priest Mitre’, etc. Ba’albek was one of the major ports that was created to launch and receive transportation and thus the need for a Firm Platform of sorts.

What is spectacular about Ba’albek is that the ‘Port’ or site has some of the largest single sectioned cut stone blocks on Earth. Some blocks weigh an estimated 1200 tones. Over the millennia, the successive civilizations have built upon such a Platform with the last being the Romans. They built the Temple of Jupiter along with the adjacent Temple to Bacchus. What is also linked to the present rendition of this former Anunnaki religion and/or ‘Order’ is that the Temple of Bacchus is configured in a ‘Key’ Motif. It is to the side of the Temple-Man layout that in part makes up the Anthropomorphic Outline of a ‘Body’ upon the platform. Evidently, the Builders of such a Fortress wanted and wants to explain that they are the Masters of the ‘Key’ of a ‘Door’ or perhaps a Star-Gate. In prior studies of other sites with similar Martian Motifs, it is the Roman Vatican that directly has another inference to an Anthropomorphic Motif with a ‘Key’.

Martian Motif

Astronomically, Orion is 1 of the Masters of the Key, the Silver Key to the Silver Gate. This ‘Key’ is linked with the ‘Horseshoe’ Nebula or the ‘Dragon’ Nebula. This is indicative of the fact that such a Religious Order, that of the current Roman Catholic Church is none other than a Masqueraded Ancient Order of the Ba’al kind that has been set-up by the Usurper Master of the ‘Key’, none other than Lucifer. In terms of the Martian Motif as it relates to this site at Ba’albek, the Cydonia, Mars Layout is construed in a 180-Degree inversion horizontally and with an approximate 72-Degree Inclination to the west from a Top View. The entire Coordinates are stipulated using Google Earth, etc. Based on this Rendition on Earth, the Pleiadian Pyramid City corresponds to the core body outline of the Anthropomorphic ‘Temple Man’ of the Ba’albek Platform.

Consider also that this motif has a Double Application as it is a fusion of the Male-Female Union. As the Temple Man Platform corresponds to the Pleiades, that of the feminine, it is overlaid with the male Orion possessing the ‘Key’. This also serves as the ‘Phallus’ and is also what is encrypted at the Vatican. In that motif, the Basilica or Throne corresponds to the Feminine Star Sirius as the ‘Mother Church’ and/or “Queen of Heaven’. Yet, it is superimposed by the Plaza that is configured to the Belt Stars of Orion with an Ancient Egyptian Obelisk. Such a union is ‘Impregnating’ to bring about the ‘Christ-Child’, that is the AntiChrist of the Bible. The Giant Pentagram D&M Pyramid corresponds to the area where the former Mosque of Ras Al Houssein was.

The Face of Mars, that of Ala-Lu corresponds to the area of a Sports Center Complex. The Triangulation does then appear to correspond to various modern street Ley-Lines that appear to match those of the Martian Motif as well. Since the Ba’albek Platform is the most significant, the following observations are made. As noted, the Platform corresponds to the Pleiadian City of Cydonia, Mars. The core is approximately aligned to the angle of how the Pleiadian City is configured and that of the Pleiades Star Cluster core. In this case, the motif is condensed 1/2 the size to correspond to the extent of the ‘Temple Man’ layout. The entire length is approximately 300 feet from the ‘head’ to the bottom ‘feet’. What is rather amazing is that this same ‘Temple Man’ is no stranger to other Temple Man motifs on Earth, ancient and modern. In prior studies, it has been shown that, for example the modern building of the Washington Masonic Memorial in the USA is construed in this same ‘Temple Man’ layout.

Amazingly, the length is 365 feet in this case. This is not surprising as Ba’al was considered the ‘Sun God’ and thus a Solar Year is 365 days. It is indicative of who these ‘Builders’ where and are. It is the long line of succession; that of the ‘Initiated’ that work in the ‘Secret Societies’ whom at the core or ‘top’ have direct communion with the same entities or ‘Beings’ that constructed the structures of the Martian Motif on Cydonia, Mars as on Earth, etc. In this case, it is the Freemasons that have erected this replica of the Temple of Ba’al. According to their own writings, they in truth worship this Ala-Lu as none other than Lucifer. Such a cadre of willing and beguiled Humans have bought the lie that Lucifer is the unjustly deposed ‘God’ who is the Rightful ‘Inheritor’ that should have received the ‘Throne’ of ‘Heaven’. He was banished to Earth and subsequently to Mars for attempting a Rebellion and then for ‘Enlightening’ Humanity.

Gospel According to Martians

In terms of YHVH’s ‘People’, it will be a Sad Commentary as the Jews during the coming Tribulation Period will be accepting this Ala-Lu ‘Being’ instead. They will welcome this false Messiah as the ‘Builder’ of their 3rd Temple. Why? It is because National Israel and its leaders willfully reject the true Gospel presently. They will impose through the mandate of the Noahide Laws the persecution of all those that come to Jesus during Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. They will be thinking they are doing YHVH a favor by putting such People to Death. Jesus warned of this. Consider that the 1st murderers of the 1st Christians, those of ‘The Way’ were the religious Jews. They were the Saul’s of the Time that were given Legal Mandate to imprison and/or execute those that were deemed ‘Blasphemers’. As the Jews consider the Christians ‘Idolaters’, they will once again enforce the Death Penalty under the cover of the Noahide Laws.

It is rather interesting when it was asked of the Official Spokesman for the Sanhedrin during the rededication of the Altar of Sacrifice in late 2018, what was to become of Christians that did not adhere to the ‘God of the Old Testament’ and cling to their Jesus?’ The spokesman replied, ‘Only the Messiah will decide what to do with them’. The New Testament tells clearly what he along with the consent of the Religious Elders of Zion will seek to do, behead and kill them. The AntiChrist will not be tolerating any other ‘Human’ Being ascribed Deity and Worship other than his own. Why do Humans willfully and eagerly seek to follow a ‘Being’, a deity that seeks to destroy them ultimately? Why do humans seek to obtain that which this Ba’al or Ala-Lu or Lucifer cannot deliver through False Hope and Promises?

The alternative ‘Gospel’ of Lucifer is that of ‘Eternal Life’, ‘Knowledge’, and obtaining ‘Godhood’. Yet the way to obtain this -by their means is through Murder, Death and the violation of the Innocence. Although one can argue and agree that the Human Condition is one that is created to aspire to ‘Godhood’, it is part of the Divine Plan but only realized in the finished work of Jesus. Such people either refuse to accept, deny or reject the notion that in Jesus, such Aspirations and Promises can be and will be bestowed on those that come to Jesus alone. In Jesus, it can only be realized. One can have an Indestructible Body, Power, Authority shared, Eternal Life, as promised and Jesus has delivered. It is Jesus that is the true measure of all and the ‘Temple Man’. For example, the true ‘Temple Man’ motif existed on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where YHVH declared ‘He placed His Name there forever’.

Thus, such a place is contested by Lucifer and his Minions. Lucifer has tried to control this spot to make it his own as it is a Facsimile of what exists in Heaven. Presently, the best Lucifer can do and is allowed to do is to replicate it and pervert its orientation. Presently, on the Temple Mount are ‘Squatters’ of the Luciferian kind. There is presently a Muslim Shrine, the Dome of the Rock and a Medieval Templar Church that is now the al-Aqsa Mosque. From a top view, the alignment construes this same Ba’albek Temple Man outline. The Dome of the Rock Shrine would be the ‘Head’ and the former Templar Church would be the ‘Legs’, etc. Amazing, the same 300-Yards is the length of this Ba’albek ‘Temple-Man’. Thus, this Motif would then corroborate the Cydonia, Martian Motif in that what is centered and venerated within the Muslim Shine is a ‘Face’.

Fallen Angel Façades

Whose face? It is the Face of Ala-lu or ‘Allah’. What is also astonishing to correlate is that the ‘Rock’ within the Dome is configured to look much like that of an ‘Eagle’ Head, looking sideways. It is also rather amazing in that according to the Sumerian Tablets; the Face of Mars is that of Ala-Lu donning a Helmet. What type of Helmet? It is that of an Eagles. There is an initial Hole or ‘Eye’ that has been drilled that unbeknown to most, would correlate to the Face of Mars. In other studies, it has been shown that in Jerusalem too, such a Martian Motif has been overlaid by the Luciferians that seek to imprint their ‘Signature’ much like a Gang in the City Neighborhood would ‘Deface’ or Mark over or ‘Tag’ certain Markers already noted to claim as their ‘Territory’.

This is what Lucifer and his Luciferians of the world have done, for the Time being. In terms of Sacred Geometry, the ‘Temple-Man’ motif of Ba’albek is amazing. It appears to have the various sections in Phi Ratio. There is a Phi Ratio correspondence from the top of the ‘head’ to the start of the ‘Leg’ section. There is also a Phi Ratio correspondence from the end of the ‘Head’ section with the end of the ‘Feet’ that correlates the Fulcrum at the center point of the entire Motif Outline. This is also occurring with the Washington Masonic Memorial and that of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. From the outside, the ‘Façades’ of these ‘Secret Builders’ may seem impressive, noble and stately even. However, behind their closed Doors they function in all sorts of Debauchery, from where the root word ‘Bacchus’ comes from, by the way as such engage in all sorts of Perversion, Illicit Sex with the Innocent, Blood Rituals that demanded by Bacchus and Ba’al since Lucifer took over Humanity in the Garden.

As to the Esoteric and/or Biblical connotations of who Ba’al was and is, the Bible is very clear and teaches that Ba’al was the ‘God’ of Perversion and Debauchery. The ‘God’ Bacchus was lauded as that of Homosexuality and Perverse Practices, deemed ‘Worship’. Although many would argue that Ba’al just means ‘Lord’ or Master, true but the Essence of its Character demonstrates what type of ‘God’ he was and is. According to Research, Ba’al was associated with the Sun God depicted holding Lightning Bolts. This ‘God’ was rooted in sensuality and involved Ritualistic Prostitution in its Temples. It is recorded that Ba’al required Human Sacrifice then as they do even now in the confines of various Luciferian and/or Satanic Secret Rituals on certain days. According to Ancient Mythology, Ba’al was the son of El, the Chief God who eventually attempted to eclipse El, who was seen as rather weak and ineffective, etc.

However, before the Israelites entered the Promised Land, the YHVH warned His People not to worship this False Deity or ‘Being’. Why? The Ba’alim of the Old Testament were nothing more than Demons masquerading as ‘Gods’, and all Idolatry is Devil-Worship. Israel however, eventually turned away from YHVH and followed the ways of Ba’al. In the Bible, it teaches that it was during the reign of King Ahab and Jezebel that the height of Ba’al Worship was reached in Israel. YHVH had to directly confront this Double-Mindedness through His prophet Elijah, as He will in the Last Days during the Tribulation Period for the same reason. In fact, the same ‘Personages’ are said to ‘Return’. In Jewish Tradition, Elijah is to return, and so is Ba’al himself or Ala-lu too, the ‘Once and Future King’ to attempt retaking this ‘Inheritance’.

Face of Which GOD?

Many understand that it will be Lucifer, by way of Proxy through the AntiChrist that will duel with the 2 Witnesses as it was with the False Prophets of Ba’al then at Mount Carmel. It is not to be mistaken that the worship of this Ba’al or Lucifer is diametrically opposed to the true Gospel of Jesus. This disposition of YHVH and Jesus is indicative of the Cosmic Struggle presently in place and that has had its origins before Humanity was created. In fact, Humanity was created in the midst of such a Calamity perhaps has been one of the reasons for it. One thing is for certain, Humanity is to choose sides as there is a Dualism in place. There is a Supreme GOD, a Son, a Throne, an Inheritance, a Bride at stake. The Bible reveals that Jesus is not of them and is opposed as Elijah will be against these so-called ‘Martian Saviors’ that will pose as Earth’s Solution and Salvation during the Tribulation Period. 

It was Jesus who exposed such a False Deity as He called Lucifer Be’el-zebub, essentially attributing Lucifer as the Devil, Satan. On the contrary, it is the Holy, Good and Righteous GOD, YHVH who is the Creator of all and is the keeper, Master of the ‘Keys’ to Heaven and the ‘Gates’ to both Heaven and Hell. YHVH, moreover has bestowed the Inheritance and Throne to the Son, Jesus who did come from beyond the Stars and took on Human Form, of Flesh and Blood. Why? GOD the Son is taught in the Bible that He came for a ‘Rescue Mission’ to save Humanity from the Fall. It was He, YHVH that created Adam in the Garden of Eden and has a Plan and Purpose that elevates such a Race beyond that of the created Angels even.

Astonishing, it is the Bride of Christ, those extracted from the Human Race, the Followers of Jesus that are to be bestowed a Co-Regency of Power and Authority with GOD the Son, in the New Age and World Oder to come led by Jesus, amazing. This reality is currently being contested by the Followers of Lucifer who seek to Enthrone their ‘Ba’albek’ Master of the Key instead. The outcome will be futile as the Last Book of the Bible, Revelation foretells the ultimate Doom of this fallen Ala-Lu ‘Martian God’ and those of his Fallen Angelic Hosts and Human ‘Secret Builders’. This Alternative Narrative is counter to the Biblical one - that of Jesus, who is the rightful King and Heir of the Throne of Heaven. It is the Luciferians and their Throngs of both Fallen Angels, Demons and Beguiled Humans that seek to corrupt and usurp the true ‘Temple Man’ that YHVH designed on Earth.

When King Solomon built the House of YHVH to be the House of Prayer for all Nations, the Temple was construed to be that of an Anthropomorphic Layout, that of ‘The Christ’. What Lucifer has done is to attempt and replicate this Motif but in an alternative place and orientation, for now and in various spots like Ba’albek. What is amazing to consider is that if one uses this same Temple Man outline of Ba’albek that is currently occupying the Temple Mount with the Dome of the Rock and superimposes this same Motif in the east-west orientation from the Golden Gate, as was the 1st and 2nd Temples, the correspondence points to the ‘Face’ or head being correspondent to the Holy of Holies over the Dome of the Spirits. This is indicative of another proof that indeed, the Temples of YHVH were situated on the Temple Mount and not in any other place. Moreover, it is Christ who has the Golden Key to the Golden Gate that leads in and out of Heaven.

Also, it would corroborate how it was in the Holy of Holies that a ‘Face’ inference was established. It was at such a place, for example that Moses during the days of the Tabernacle spoke to YHVH, ‘Face to Face’, etc. In fact, it will be in the New Jerusalem likewise when the Throne and House of YHVH will superimpose itself dimensionally over that of Earth. It will be a time when the Followers of the Lamb will be able to see the ‘Face of YHVH and His Name will be on their foreheads’ as Revelation 22:4 states. Thus, the Bible ends with the ‘Face of GOD’, of YHVH, not Ala-lu or that of Lucifer as much as he is attempting now to have Humanity worship it by his encrypted Martian Monuments.


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