Great American Solar Eclipse April 9, 2024

  • Why is the Cicada 'Rising' called an Apocalypse ?
  • How are the Cicadas linked to Earthquakes?
  • How is the End of the Church Age tied to all this?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to comment of the Notion of how the Cicada ‘Resurrecting’ out of its 13 and 17 Year Life Cycle will converge about when the April 8, 2024, Great American Solar Eclipsed occurred. This Topic of the Cicadas was discussed on the Online Blog, Revelation12Daily. But a Contributor, Jon Albrecht noted that the ‘Rising’ up of the Cicadas can be likened to the ‘Picture’ of the dead in Christ rising.

He made it clear in  saying that because they are chirping in 2024, and therefore it is the Year that the Dead in Jesus are Resurrected is only a ‘Picture’. One would concur and it is just a neat Association and just 1 more peculiar Factor attributed to the Phenomena of the 3 Great American Solar Eclipses. He shared also the following articles about the Cicada ‘Rising’ from the Ground, etc.



One thinks, this Cicada ‘Rising’ is a Nice Connection to the Resurrection-Rapture Event. It is in keeping with the Egypt Themes of how the 10 Gods of Egypt were Judged by YHVH and the Judgments came in the form of Flies and Gnats also appearing, ‘Out of Nowhere’, etc. Is it any coincidence that the ‘X’ of the 2 Main Great American eclipses center around the area called ‘Little Egypt’ and Makanda, which means the ‘Star of Egypt’?

However, what if? What if the Year 2024 will be the Year of the Resurrection-Rapture Event? it would be in-sync with one's Fall 2025 to Fall 2032 Tribulation Period Timeline, perhaps. One always notes the Numbers given or chosen, as in this case, '221' Years since the last Cicada Convergence of the 2 main Broods ‘Rose’ in 1803, etc. What is unique about this go around is how the 2 Types will converge in appearing together.

It will be like a 'Perfect Storm' as both the 13 Year Cycle ones converge with the 17 Year Cycle Brood. The last Time any  2 Types of Cicada Broods intersected, occurred in 2015.The various Articles on the matter mention that this 13 and 17 Brood intersecting will not occur until 2045. And that is when the next Solar Eclipse Path crosses the USA. That is 21 Years from 2024 or a 7-7-7 Factor. But many End Time Watchers and Non-Bible Watchers are linking the Eclipse, Nineveh, Little Egypt, Exodus and the Civil War of the USA to all this.

‘Resurrection’ Connection

From the Declaration of Independence 1776 to 1803 is 27 Years or a 9-9-9 Factor. Interesting but from 2045 to the End of the U.S. Civil War in 1865 will be exactly 180 Years. The Year 1803 is only 14 Years or 7-7 from 1789 when the USA officially became a Sovereign Nation, with the Treaty of Paris, etc. But now this Article is stating that Astronomers are dubbing the Devil Comet, the 'Mother of Dragons'. What? 'Dragons, Cicadas and Civil War, Oh My'...


Yes, that ‘Resurrection’ Connection based on that Cicada Phenomena is daunting and exciting to consider. I buy it. Sadly, as one had commented to Brother Jeová, the Topic of the American Eclipse has reached a Feverish Pitch like the Revelation 12 Sign and the Prior 2017 Great American Eclipse. And again, some Christian YouTube Channels are dismissing this as pure ‘Astrology’, verboten, and then those on the other Extreme are insinuating the obvious, Prophetically in one’s Estimation.

But it seems the Topic is once again dividing the End Time Watching Community. So, what is new. What is possibly daunting, is that in terms of Worldwide Earthquakes, there is a ‘Ping-Pong’ Effect in that as a Major Earthquake occurs on 1 side of the Pacific Ocean ‘Ring of Fire’, for example, there is a possible or likely one corresponding that will occur on the other side. The Time and Place is yet to be determined, if at all. But there is a Pattern that some have looked into.

Meaning that, for example, we had a 3.0 Earthquake here in Santa Rosa, California. It is Elevated above the normal Seasonal ones of a 1.5-2.5 Range. What could happen, perhaps is that in either in the North American Plate or the South American Plate, significant Earthquake could be had. And this is where one could correlate that with the Eclipse. Come on Lu, what? Yes, it might lean to the ‘Edge’ or Fringe of such an Assertion but consider the following.

What one was shocked or just took notice of, in particular is that both Brother Chooch and Brother Tyler at Generation 2434 featured a Map of the USA. It showed how Seismologist have identified, through Satellite Radar, that a Continental Fissure exists. From the State of Washington to the Carolinas. And that path, is what exactly the 2017 Solar Eclipse followed. And then the New Madrid Earthquake Faultline also follows the path of the 2024 Line of Totality across towards the North-East of the USA. And that is where the 2024 Solar Eclipse will Exit the Continent from. And?

It is about Sound, Frequency and Vibration. What? Yes. When one read the Articles about the Cicada ‘Rise’ from the Ground to have the Males make their Mating Calls, those Sounds, as mentioned will exceed 100 Decibels. That is Frequency. Think of a ‘Harmonic Convergence’ or as the Proverbial Opera Singer singing and a Wine Glass shattering. That is, one’s Point.

‘Cracks Across America’

What if…the Cicada ‘Resurrection’, that will cover an entire area of several States, but whose Epicenter is the New Madrid Earthquake Faultline will be ‘Triggered’. And? Can you say Earthquake? Or the Fault giving way? Sound and Frequency Technology is one of those Ancient Sciences and Knowledge that has been intentionally suppressed. It is believed it was used to build the Pyramids, and to Heal the Body. The Principle is seen in Music, etc.

One just sees too many 'Coincidences' with all the Factors that can be attributed to the Eclipse Event. And as it has been noted also, although some Christian Apologists are dismissing the Eclipse to have ‘No Biblical’ Significance, NASA and CERN apparently would not concur. They are reported to be set to Launch some Probes to measure and observe the Corona Effect.

And CERN is firing-up their Hadron Collider that will pierce Dimensions on that Day? Coincidence? So, one is not saying that because of the Solar Eclipse, a Major USA Earthquake can or will happen. But the Possible Correlations, given the Phenomena of the Cicadas are nonetheless interesting to consider that it could be an Unattributed Factor to help cause that.

In searching for the Map that was used to show the Continental Fissure across the USA, here is the Original Article written back in 2016 about it. The Fissure starts in Washington State, goes directly over the Yellowstone Super Volcano Caldron and then ends at the Appalachians. 

Scientists found a 1,700 mile crack across the USA. Here's what you need to know


One is aware that there is a North American Craton Plate called Laurentia, if you all did not realize. It is the large Continental Craton that forms the Ancient Geological Core of North America. One thought that perhaps, that is what was being talked about, but it is a totally different aspect of the ‘Crack Across America’. And that in the past, it did ‘Crack’ like an Egg and set-off the 1811 and 1812 New Madrid Faultline. If you all remember, there was an ‘Odd’ Earthquake that did occur at the U.S. Capitol on August 5, 2011. That was exactly 200 Years from the New Madrid Faultline going-off.

The August 5, 2011 Earthquake was a 5.9 Earthquake Magnitude and it ‘Cracked’ the National Monument. That is an Obelisk fashioned of the likes of Ancient Egypt. Of course, in the Occult, it is a Phallic Symbol called the Shaft of Ba’al. But even back then in 2011, some took that as a Sign of how the USA began to have or develop ‘Cracks’ in the Wall or Dam Metaphorically Speaking, etc. Interesting, is how the Day Count linked from the U.S. Capital Earthquake of August 5, 2011 to the April 8, 2024 Great American Eclipse, lands on an Even Number.

4630 Days
661 Weeks

If one reverses and replaces the Numbers in terms of Weeks, it becomes a 116, or an upside-down 911. Interesting, coincidence perhaps. Here is the Article one wrote about that and its possible Prophetic Implications or Signaling its pending National Judgment, of the Likes of Egypt its Judgment against its 10 Gods, the Plagues and the Exodus of the 1st Born, i.e., the 'Man-Child?'

Secret Ley-Lines of the District of Columbia




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