Based on the Hamas Attack on Israel

  • How is the Rapture Event possibly tied to the Hamas War? 
  • Can there be Prophetic Countdown based on this Notion?
  • What does the Bible say about a 'Sudden Destruction'?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘…Jesus came to them and said, All Authority in Heaven and on Earth has been given to Me. Therefore go and make Disciples of all Nations, Baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and Teaching them to Obey all that I have Commanded you. And surely I am with you always, even to the End of the [Church] Age’. -Matthew 28:18-20

1 Day, the Church Age will End as it Began. Its Days are Numbered. It is about the Commission given by Jesus to be Completed. The purpose of this study is to depict the possible Timeline of the Countdown to the Rapture Event, in light of the End of the Church Age. This Notion is predicated on the Hamas Attack on Israel that occurred on October 7, 2023. One surmises that if a 9-Month Human Gestation Period or 290 Days are added from that Event, the End Date becomes July 23, 2024. This 723 Coefficient is what one has been getting repeatedly ever since the Summer of 2020. Could this Date be the End of the Church Age that is concluded with the Rapture Event?

One has conjectured that the July 23rd Date could possibly correspond to the Acts 2 New Wine Feast of Pentecost. And that being the 2nd of the 3 First-Fruit Feasts after Passover, consisting of the 3 sets of 50 Day Counts, of the New Grain, New Wine and New Oil, etc. This 723 Numerical Value occurred when the Planet Mars entered Virgo, on September 23, 2023 (723) the Celestial Motif of Israel, that signaled War, or the Hamas Attack on October 7, 2023, which in the Rabbinical Calendar was Tishrei 23, (723).

If one then superimposes the Phi Ratio Spiral for a Visual, the corresponding Delineations from October 7, presuming a 9-Month Pregnancy, corresponds to April 1, May 14, Israel’s Independence Day and then to July 23, 2024. That Dissection of Time, in turn corresponds to the End Date of October 18, 2025. This is the Date that one also conjectures could be the Start of the Tribulation Period. This is based on having the 3rd Temple Dedication on this Day by the AntiChrist, Come-on-the-Scene that commemorates the October 7, 2023 Hamas Attack that was on Shemini Atzeret-Simchat Torah, as it will be on October 18, 2025. 

Then 1260 Days from that Date is April 1, 2029, which would correspond to the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation. Then 1260 Days later, would correspond to the Sabbath of Return, on September 11, 2032, exactly 2000 Years from 32 AD, if one surmises that it was the Crucifixion Year as one does. To Reiterate, was it any wonder or Coincidence that Astronomically, Mars entered Virgo, the Celestial Motif of Israel in the Revelation 12 Sign Iteration for 2023, on September 23, 2023? It depicted an Attack on Israel.

It is about a Birthing

It was a 723 Numerical Code that was signaling the 723 or Tishrei 23, corresponding to the Attack of the Greater Virgo, Israel. October 7, 2023 was the 50th Year Anniversary of another ‘Surprise Attack’ against Israel, the Yom Kippur War of 1973 and also on a Sabbath. Why one Believes the Rapture is Pegged to Acts 2 Pentecost. Why is this Time Different? The following will show a Phi Ratio of Time I have mentioned on a Timeline. What one is now Theorizing is that the October 7 Shemini Atzeret-Simchat Torah Attack, 50 Years to the Day of the Yom Kippur War of 1973 has the following Triangulation Markers, of course pegged to my 2025-2032 Tribulation Timeline. Here is the Preview as it perhaps appears or looks like a 9 Month Countdown and then to the Simchat Torah Sabbath of Beginnings for October 18, 2025. All Speculative, of course.

Oct 7, 2023-----is in Phi Ratio Time to----July 23, 2024-----in Phi Ratio to----Oct 18, 2025

Let us see if one can Answer that, as best as one Understands it or Interprets it, to know where one is coming from. In some Respects, in answering the Question, one will state the Obvious in terms of Theology. But for the sake of those that may not know or have not considered such a Question, one will reiterate some Presuppositions that one has for Years reiterated in one’s Publications. Now, to the Question, if one Understands that correctly. Why does one think that the Rapture Event will occur on its Anniversary, inferring the Acts 2 Descent of GOD the Holy Spirit? And given other possible Time Markers, as Alternatives Possibilities, such as the Crucifixion, or the Ascension of Jesus, why would they then not be just as much a Likely Candidate for the Rapture Event to occur?

Now what will follow will seem or one will come across as being Adamant about one’s Interpretation and Understanding. But one is not asking nor telling others they have to ‘Change’ their Stance on Eschatology. Nor can one ‘Prove’ the following Rationale as it is only a Working Theory that can only be Tested and Proven by the Event itself. Nor has this Rapture Timing Scenario been, ‘Told by Jesus’ to me, etc. But over the Years, in such Rapture Timing Discussions, one will Reiterate one’s Perspective as to why one currently Believes that the Rapture Event cannot be Imminent precisely because of this Interpretation. And that any other of the 6 Feasts of YHVH Typology that could possibly be pegged to the Resurrection-Rapture Event is ‘Futile’.

Now, this Statement and Line of Thinking is not meant to Discourage any other Brethren that ‘Look’ and get Excited for the Rapture Event on all other of the 6 Feasts of YHVH or because of a certain other Astronomical and/or Geo-Political Event that could suggest the Rapture Event. As one is being asked to Explain this possible Rapture Timing Scenario, one is just sharing one’s Point of View, in this case of why one Believes, up until now, that the Middle Feast of New Wine, in a July Month of some Year is the Literal Pivot Point and Fulcrum of the 7-Feast Menorah Typology, and how YHVH appears to being Fulfilling the Types and Shadows, in succession. And that there is a Fixed 3-3-3 Feast Correlation that implies the Rapture Event cannot just happen at any Time or any other Feast Season, apart from an Acts 2 New Wine Pentecost. Of course, one can be wrong about all this and as one often has stated about such Speculated Rapture Date Theories, Time will always Tell the Truth.

1. Passover
2. Unleavened Bread
3. First Fruits

A) First Fruits of New Grain: 1st Shavuot or 50 Day Count
C) First Fruits of New Oil: 3rd Shavuot or 50 Day Count


4. Yom Teruah
5. Yom Kippur
6. Sukkot


What does cause Concern in one’s Psyche or Spirit is that when Brethren declare Divine Revelation to guarantee the Rapture on Such-and-Such a Date. Even that is not the Issue. The Issue is that Brethren must be held Accountable for such Statements as that then demands Scriptural Evaluation for the sake of the Church Body and Jesus’ Name. And having said that, the same Rule is applied to one’s Statements and Theories. But nowhere will one ever say, ‘Jesus Told Me’.

It can happen and Jesus does and has Appeared to People and Spoken to Brethren, etc. One is just stressing the Point that many Brethren take Liberty and should just be Cautious in that perhaps, it is their own Subconscious Voice or Mind that is leading them to make Absolute Statements. And if the Rapture Dates that ‘Jesus told them’ do not come to pass, then one would hope such Brethren would own-up to their Spirit of Error and correct that in their Understanding and Discernment.

Note that one, as best as one has tried, has only Inferred, Correlated and/or Pegged the possible Rapture Date and Timing to what is already Established in Scripture. One has not, as far as one can recall, ever associated the Rapture Event with any Geo-Political or Astronomical Event. The closest is that of the revelation 12 Sign, that one emphatically stood for a Sign of the Coming Rapture. Or how now, with the October 6, 2023 Hamas War, the Rapture ‘Sudden Destruction’ could have the Isaiah 17 Destruction of Damascus pegged to the Timing of the Summer White Wheat Wedding Timing of the Rapture that one only Theorizes, etc. But not the other way around.

1. One is exclusively Delineating the 2 Events, the Rapture and the 2nd Coming of Christ. In the New Testament, there is a clear Distinction between the 2 Greek Words and Events. There is the ‘Epiphaneia’ as to suggest the Rapture Coming of Jesus and then there is the ‘Parousia’ Coming of Jesus. That 2nd Case will be as the Literal ‘Touch-Down’ on Earth from where Jesus Ascended. This will mark the same Spot in which Jesus will Return in like manner, on the Mount of Olives. The Timing is a whole different Aspect in one’s Understanding, concerning the Timing of the Rapture. Why?

2. The Rapture and Ascension are 2 Different Events. Thus, as one has also coined the phrase, it is about comparing ‘Apples to Oranges’, etc. Thus, as one is only considering the Rapture Event to be tied to the Descent of the Holy Spirit, one is Excluding any other possible Prophetic Linkage to the Crucifixion or the Ascension. Realize that the Ascension was not a Rapture. And at the Rapture Event, it is the Bride of Christ that is ‘Snatched-Up’, as if being removed from Pending Danger, i.e., ‘Sudden Destruction’.

3. That Condition was not present at the Ascension of Jesus. If one were to possibly link the Rapture Event to the Crucifixion, even the Resurrection Sabbath, as one surmises and even to the Ascension, it would mean an April Month or Passover Passion Week Return of Jesus. Now, many Brethren have and do link the Rapture Event to these Feasts Times. One can see why and there are Good Correlations, but in one’s Mind, consider the Apostle Paul. He later divulged that there is a Resurrection Order.

4. Meaning that Jesus’ 1st Order, on that Sabbath Resurrection is Exclusive to Him and those few ‘Tokens’ of the First Fruit of the 1st Resurrection. That is to mean then, that the Resurrection-Rapture Event is next to occur and is the Subset of the 1st Resurrection, nonetheless. This is the Reason why one presumes a Different Day altogether for the Resurrection-Rapture to occur. Why? It is because the Order of the Resurrections deals with different Types of Grains or Fruit, etc.

01) Jesus was of the Barley.
1A) Church Age Believers are of the Wheat.
1B) Jewish Remnant will be of the Grapes, etc.

This would be, in one’s Prophetic Interpretation, when applying and considering the 7-Fold Feast Menorah Pattern as Prophecy, what would be Inconsistent. How so? The Last 3 Feast have to be completed by Jesus, on Earth at His Return, much in the same way and Time-Frame as they were during Passover Week. This is why then, one reasons, that the Resurrection-Rapture Event ‘Cannot’ take place on those Fall Feasts. This is if one holds to the Succession.

4. It was at that Passion Week Timing that Jesus fulfilled Passover, Unleavened Bread and First Fruits. One has argued that the Descent of the Holy Spirit, as Promised by Jesus to Send Him is presently still at Work, ‘Harvesting’. And here is the Prophetic Key. Ask oneself this Question? What or who is presently the Primary Witness on Earth for Jesus? Are not the Followers of Jesus called ‘Ambassadors’ or Witnesses? And is that not what the Acts 2 New Wine Pentecost was and still is all about? But not of the ‘Pentecost’ of the 1st 50 Day Count that is considered just ‘Shavuot’ of the Jews, etc.

This is why for the 70thh Week of Daniel, the Witness will shift back to Israel. Well, mainly in a New Commissioning of those 144,000 of the Tribes that will Represent Israel collectively and then the 2 Witnesses, specifically, etc. So, as the Fall Feasts have to be Fulfilled Prophetically at Jesus’ 2nd Coming, that leads to Jesus’ 2nd Coming occurring or have to occur in the Fall, obviously if the Menorah Typology is consistent, Prophetically. That will be then, when Jesus Returns in a Similar Shout of a Trumpet as in the Rapture. But for Yom Teruah, it is of the Shofar, not the Silver Trumpets that are sounded or blown.

The Shofar was a Call to War and to Assemble, much like a Bugle Call in the Army to file-in, etc. At Jesus’ Return, then Yom Kippur and the Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot will be fulfilled. This is where the 1335th Day of Daniel or those ‘Extra Days’ are constituted and needed. Why? One surmises that it will be the Time of Transition, as Jesus will then Usher-In the Millennial Kingdom. And just as the Luciferians are presently preparing, behind the Scenes for their New World Order, so will Jesus, but in a matter of ~75 Days or so, just after the 2520th Day-Long Tribulation Period.

So, all that to say that, as mentioned prior, one is looking at the Resurrection-Rapture Event to occur on its Anniversary, exclusively pegged to when the Holy Spirit Descended and Indwelt the Assembled Believers of Jesus. It was there in the Temple Precinct, collectively that the Church Age Began and one just Presumes, by Pattern, it will End. That is all. What was ‘Birthed’ or Started at that Time was the Church on Earth, a Living Organism with Jesus’ Power and Authority.

This has never existed before on Earth and never will. This is why the Church Age ends before the Tribulation Period Begins, because as a Living Organism, Jesus is in the Midst and cannot incur ‘Wrath’ upon His own Body, Metaphorically Speaking. Presently, in the Church Age, it is like the Israelites marching-off, as an Army to the Promised Land after the Exodus. The Key is that there was and is that ‘Shout of the King’ within the ‘Camp’ or Congregation collectively. They could not be Curses nor Destroyed, as is the case now during the Church Age. Now in terms of Persecution and Martyrdom?

That has been allowed since the 1st Martyr, named Stephan and even Jesus and the Apostles warned that it was and is to be the case to the very End. But the Promise of Jesus is that all the while, because the Church is the Present Witness on Earth, not Israel, sadly, its Witness will 1 Day come to the Conclusion of its Commission. Just like in the Military, a Commission has its 1st Day and its Last Day already ‘On File’. That Last Day is a Process called ‘Separation’.

That is what is to occur once the Commission and Witness of the Church Age is Concluded. That is why one is more convinced, based on the Menorah Feast Typology, that only during the ‘Midst’ of a Summer New Wine ‘Pentecost Intermission’ can the Rapture occur. It would be, as one Perceives it, based on when, as noted, the Holy Spirit came Down, He, now Fused with the Bride will go Up. Of course, it is one’s Interpretation. But it will be the Overcoming Bride that will be taken at the Resurrection Rapture Event. Perhaps.

Or else, during the 7-Year Tribulation Period, Lucifer and his AntiChrist would not, nor could not ‘Wear-Out’ the Believers of Jesus at that Time. And the Parables that Jesus gave about the End of the World was and is likened to a Harvest and that of a Wheat Type, and during the Timing of a Summer. If there is 1 Thing that one insists is 'Consistent', is one's Acts 2 Summer White Wheat Wedding 'Possible' Rapture Timing. And on a 723 or July 23? Time will Tell. And recall, if this Hamas War is a or the Rapture Countdown, 9 Months from October 6, 2023 is July 23, 2024, (290 Days). Perhaps.



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Hamas War Rapture Timeline

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