On the Last and Greatest Day of the Feast

  • Why could the Rapture occur on Shemini Atzeret?
  • What is so Special about the 8th Day of Assembly?
  • Is the 'Last and Great Day of the Feast' Prophetic?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘On the Last and Greatest Day of the Feast, Jesus stood up and Called Out in a Loud Voice, If anyone is Thirsty, let him come to Me and Drink. Whoever Believes in Me, as the Scripture has said: Streams of Living Water will Flow from Within him’. -John 7:37-38

The purpose of this study is to continue looking at the 8th Day of Assembly or Shemini Atzeret in how it is connected to the Resurrection Rapture Event or might be. One will attempt to tie-in Elements of how the Number 8 is Prophetically Significant regarding the possible Timing of the Rapture Event with the Feast. And specifically, how the Number 8 is also connected, directly with Jesus and His Plan of Resurrections. In the Opening Verse from John 7, one would like to draw one’s Attention to how there are Similar Phrases in what Jesus did and said on that ‘Last and Great Day of the Feast’.

This Feast is understood to be Sukkot or Tabernacles. The Feast lasted for 7 Days and it is when YHVH Instructed Moses to have all the Israelites construct a Sukkah or ‘Tent’, as in a Temporary Dwelling. The Sukkah was to Commemorate the Exodus Wilderness Journey and how all of Israel lived in Sukkahs, all that Time. It was until they crossed over into the Promised Land and lived in Permanent Abodes, etc. So, it is befitting that Jesus was found in the House of His Father. Why? One surmises that the Temple itself could be considered as a Sukkah or ‘Temporary Dwelling Place’ for YHVH’s Glory on Earth. This is in contrast to the Original and Permanent one standing in Heaven.

Then, how on the 7th Day, considered the ‘Last and Greatest Day’ of the Feast, a Proclamation was made by Jesus. Why? It was and is on the 8th Day that the Sukkahs are dismantled. No small matter to ignore. Notice how in the verse, there are 2 Terms that are directly found in how the Rapture will occur, based on what the Apostle Paul taught as the Sequence. Jesus Stood Up, He Called out, and in a Loud Voice alluded to a Re-Birth, of Water that comes from the Inner-Most Being of a Body. This can be attributed to what occurs in a Delivery as the Water Breaks at the end of a Pregnancy.

And is not the Resurrection Rapture Event, a sort of ‘Birth’ that will take place when the ‘Water Breaks’? It is about a New Beginning and coming into a whole New World or Realm of Existence. This Event and Terms, at the End of Sukkot, said by Jesus are Rapture Terms, in one’s Estimation. They are consistent in how, at the Last Trump, Jesus will Stand-Up, from His Throne, and with a Laud Command, Calls Out like, as a Trumpet, etc. The following will delve into additional aspects of how Shemini Atzeret is tied to the Rapture. As this particular Minor and Little-Known Feast of YHVH comes around, as of this Write-Up, it is what perhaps Jesus is wanting the Bride to consider.

It is About Numbers

It is important to try and expand on this Notion of the possible Rapture Connection to the 8th Day of Assembly. One will have to wait and see. Even if for 2022, the Resurrection Rapture Event does not occur on this Feast, it is and will be then just the Yearly Rehearsal of its Memorial. There are lessons to yet learn and have the Bride be Reminded of how every Feast of YHVH has Elements of the Blessed Hope. They all teach certain Prophetic Aspects of what has been and is the Plan of Salvation, all inclusive. In continuing to think about this 8th Day of Assembly, the obvious of what sticks-out is the Number 8, Shemini and the Meaning of ‘to Assemble’, Atzeret.

That is, after all the Main Aspect of the Resurrection Rapture Event, on some prescribed Day, will be about an Assembly or Gathering that will take place unto Jesus. But here is the Crux of this study, perhaps. As other Researchers have surmised, what if what will determine the Rapture Event is not a Time but a Number that has to be reached? As in the ‘Fullness of the Gentiles’. How so? One may be reading too much into this Mysterious Feast but here is additional insight, perhaps based on Numbers. Was not the Catch of the Disciples specific to the Number 153? The point is that the 8th Day Feast is connected to Tabernacles. It compliments a 7-Day Cycle and one suggests it might be much like the Church Age has been 7 Churches of Asia, etc.

Has one realized that the Population in Israel of Jews is currently estimated to reach 9 Million at the turn of the Year, 2023. Currently it stands at 8,900,000+. And with Constant Immigration, i.e., Aaliyah, it will reach 9 Million by 2023. But realize that, guess when did Israel reach 8 Million? At the end of 2015, exactly 7 Years ago and how that Year was/is tied to the Tetrads, the Shemitah, a Number, etc. Or as in the 7-Day Sukkot Feast Typology Countdown with a Proclamation made by Jesus…with a Loud Voice and a Command right before the Sukkahs are dismantled on the 8th Day?


The following are some Thoughts about the meaning of 8, possibly pertaining to the Rapture on Shemini Atzeret as it could pertain not to a particular Day but Amount. It is taken from a Post by Brother Jeremy over at Unsealed.org. He mentions how in 2022, the World Population will reach 8 Billion this Fall in 2022. Specifically, it is estimated that it will be reached by November 15, 2022. That is the Jewish Month of Cheshvan. It is the 2nd Month of the Civil Year, and the 8th Month of the Ecclesiastical Year on the Hebrew Calendar. November 15, 2022 is the 21st (7-7-7) Day of Cheshvan, precisely.

It is 7 Days out from the November 8, 2022 Blood Moon that falls on the U.S. Mid-Term Elections, just to note. The Number 8 is also tied to Pentecost. How so? After the initial 7 Weeks from Passover, the next Day, the 50th day, is Feast of New Grain. Then 50 more Days is the Feast of New Wine. Then 50 more Days is the Feast of New Oil, etc. As it has been Understood, as of late, there are actually 3 Shavuot Counts during Summer. Note that the 50th Day is the 8th Day of the 7th Week. Thus, this 8 and 50 Day Combination, ‘Pictures’ the 1st Resurrection. The 2nd Position, that of the Body will be the Resurrected at the Rapture Event. How the 8th Day is also tied to, not only a ‘Fullness of the Gentiles’, but a Specific Timing, to do with the Watches of the Night.

Identification by Proxy

One method of Time-Keeping used in Ancient Israel was called a 'Watch.' Watches were Time Periods in which Guards were placed On-Duty, around the Walls of Jerusalem, etc. The Days were initially divided into 6 Equal Watch Periods. But by the Time of the New Testament, the Watches of the Night were divided into 8 Equal Parts. The Point? What if at the Last and Great Day of the Feast, the Eve of the 8hh Day of Assembly, is when Jesus, likewise Stands-Up and with a Shout, and a Loud Command as like a Trumpet, Calls for the Resurrection Rapture to occur?

The following is taken from the Meaning of Numbers, off of the Online Website, BibleStudy.com with some Abbreviations and Emphasis. As noted, the Number 8 pertains to the 8th Day when the Sukkahs are dismantled following the 7-Day Feast of Sukkot. Is that not what will occur at the Resurrection Rapture Event? The Number 8 represents a New Beginning, meaning a New Order or Creation, etc. It pertains to a Man's true 'Born Again' Event when he is Resurrected from the Dead into Eternal Life.


YHVH Saved 8 People on the Ark in order to have a New Beginning for Mankind after the Flood. The Number 8 is also an integral part of Jesus' Sacrifice or Atonement Payment. It was at the End of the Weekly Sabbath Day that Jesus rose from the Dead. That Resurrection Day fell on Nisan 17. Nisan 17 was the 8th Day. Jewish Boys were to be Circumcised on the 8th Day. If Jesus was indeed born on September 11, -3BC, then the 8th Day thereafter would coincide with His Resurrection also. Here is a clear and direct Connection of the 8th Day tied to the Resurrection to come then.

Furthermore, Jesus showed Himself alive 8 Times after His Resurrection from the Dead. The Number 8 is also directly associated with Jesus’ Name in the Greek as it adds-up to 888. And here is the other Direct Connection with Jesus Circumcision on the 8th Day. Why not say the 1st Day of the Week? The Number 8 symbolizes Circumcision of the Heart through Christ and the Receiving of the Holy Spirit. Those in Christ Jesus are a New Creation and by having Jesus be Circumcised, it was by Proxy in the Plan of Redemption of Adam’s Race. It is much in keeping with the Baptism of Jesus. Jesus did not have to be Baptized for the ‘Remission of Sins’ as He was Sinless.

He did it to take Adam’s Place and be Identified with Sinners as He was to take the Sin of Humanity upon Himself and Pay for them with His Blood. So, to reiterate, the ‘Cutting-Off’ of the Flesh on the 8th Day can be likened to the Resurrection Rapture Event. It will be on that Day that one will ‘Put-Off’ Corruption to Put-On Incorruptibility. It will occur in how one’s Fleshly Bodies will be ‘Cut-Off’ as one receives the Glorified Bodies, etc.

Now back to the Numbers vs. Time Thoughts. As it is clearly established that the Number 8 speaks of New Beginnings, it is contrasted to what will happen after the Resurrection Rapture Event on Earth. That Time, in one’s Prophetic Assessment will be a Time associated with the Number 9 and all that it means. Again, from BibleStudy.com on the Biblical Meaning of Numbers. The Number 9 symbolizes Divine Completeness or conveys the meaning of Finality. And is this not what will transpire after the Rapture?

Grand Finale?

It will be followed by the Final Week of Daniel and the End of Human History before Jesus returns to set-up His 1000-Year Millennial Kingdom on Earth. Now when exactly will the 2520 Day Count begin? Obviously, it will begin when the Resurrection Rapture Event happens. One surmises that a Gap of Time will follow that could perhaps incorporate up to a 1260 Day or 3.5 Year Intermission of sorts before the Seal Judgments are broken. Of course, this is all Speculation. But more importantly, the Number 9 Signifies an aspect of Judgment. See the following Attributes found associated with the Number 9 in the Bible.

1-Christ Died at the 9th Hour of the Day, or 3 PM to make the Way of Salvation open to everyone.

2-During the 10 Days of Awe, it is the 9th Day or the Eve of the Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur, that is the only one of YHVHs Annual Feast Days of Worship, that requires Believers to Fast for 1 Day.

3-In the Old Testament, there are at least 9 Groups or Individuals who practiced Sorcery.

4-There are 9 People recorded in the Bible having Leprosy.

5-There are 9 People recorded in the Bible being Stoned.

As one can ascertain, the Number 9 is pertaining to a Final Judgment and is it not what the 7-Year Tribulation Period will be all about? And how it is characterized by such aspects associated with the Number 9. There will be the Sorcery of the AntiChrist and False Prophet. Or how Plagues and Pestilences will break out. Or how Hail Stones, will be as a ‘Stoning’ upon the Inhabitants of the Planet at that time.

The supposition then is, what if the Rapture Event is predicated more so, when a certain ‘Population’ of Souls are Harvested on Earth? Again, the Notion of when the ‘Fullness of the Gentiles’ will have been reached. What if it is related to this Population Marker of 8 Billion People being reached on Earth and with Israel finishing that 8 Million Number? Is there any Merit or Evidence for such a Notion? Yes.

From the Post, it was shared that from GraceInTorah.net, the following Association of the 8th Day is one of Fullness. See the following Excerpt, with emphasis made. ‘Shemoni [f.], Shemonah [m.] literally means to ‘Make Fat’. It is about a New Beginning, not just to Complete, like with the Number 7, but be Satiated. Now Moving from Natural to the Supernatural, it Transcends Natural Time and Space to the Supernatural Realm’.

Thus, as one can surmise, figuratively, the Number 8 encompasses the Full Cycle of 7, and begins anew. It is like in Music with the Octaves that start anew at the 8th Note, etc. Then, as noted, there are the 7 Churches of Asia, ending with Laodicea that will thereafter be Reset for the Millennial Kingdom, etc. So, all these has been further Insights of how the Number 8 is or could or will be Prophetically Significant and possibly tied to this Shemini Atzeret Feast and the Rapture Event, if it is to occur still in 2022.One had to repeat a Number Calculation by Stephan from the Revelation 12 Daily Blog. If Jesus did indeed proclaim the Jubilee Year on Yom Kippur on October 18th, 28 AD based on one’s Calculations from September -3 BC, being Jesus’ Birth, assuming then the following is Extremely Significant as it was highlighted.

This would be the beginning of the Jewish Year 3789.

3789 + 2000 Years = Jewish Year 5790

Year 5790 - 7 Year Tribulation (All Wrath inclusive with 1st Seal) = 5783 or 2022-23!

This would be on one’s Speculated Return of Jesus on Rosh Hashana 2029 on September 11th. As he also mentioned, that the Feast of Tabernacles is the Last Feast is:

-The 7th FEAST in the
-The 7th Month and it
-Lasts 7 Days.

= (7-7-7) Sequence. A completion. And on the 8th Day there could be a New Beginning.

It reminded one of the 21-Year or 7-7-7 Year Sabbath Cycle Countdown since 9-11 of 2001. And how the Death of Lamech in the Year 777 was when thereafter, 5 Years later that the Flood of Judgement came.

A while back one shared this possible Rapture Timing Connection in the following Article below. And how it is tied to the 5-Year Anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign. So, one just wanted to reiterate this portion of our Collective ‘Connecting the Dots’ as being very Significant and Important to take in.


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