Astronomical Alignments of the New Age

  • What is the constellation of Capricorn depicting astronomically?
  • Is there more to the Sign that crosses over to the prophetic?
  • What does the Sign represent and how is it to be understood?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Yea, for thy sake are we killed all the day long; we are counted as Sheep for the Slaughter.’ -Psalm 44:22

The purpose of this study is to consider the astronomical alignments and planetary conjunctions that occur in the Sign of Capricorn in the Winter of 2020-21. It will be at this place and time in the Zodiac or Mazzaroth that all the Inner-Solar System planets converge to display an array of a possible dire omen. Omen of what? An omen of a coming mass slaughter/sacrifice. How So? Capricorn is the Sign of a slaughter. First, consider the Biblically context. YHVH had set-up such heavenly alignments and planetary conjunctions involving the Sun, Moon, and the Stars. This starts at the very beginning of Humanity’s creation in Genesis. YHVH set the parameters of such celestial objects to ‘serve as Signs to mark Seasons, Days and Years’. Such bodies were to convey messages or ‘signals’ of certain Prophecy that was/is to occur in the future.

This is not what has devolved into ‘Horoscope Astrology’ that has perverted the divine intention and purpose of such facets of Creation for the benefit of mankind to be forewarned of the Creator’s plan. As noted, there is amazingly encrypted innuendos of Prophecy within such bodies. This is contingent upon such notions of the celestial body’s color, speed or frequency or rotation, conjunction, and name of each celestial body in question, for example. With this understanding and Biblical context, one is aware that the Sun traverses Capricorn around the Winter Solstice every year. However, there will be a flurry of celestial activity centered around Capricorn like no other years before or after. What is special about the Winter Solstice of 2020 is that the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn along with Pluto occurs on that precise day.

What is also amazing to consider is that the time and place happens to be on the 0-degree line of Aquarius. What is the big deal about this? It is only that astronomically, the ‘Age of Aquarius’ is to officially start then. Or in other words, the New Age is to have begun and the Old Age is to cease supposedly. Is this credible? Well, consider that some are saying that due to the changes in calendars from the Julian to the Gregorian, there were 8 years that were ‘lost’. In essence, they are saying that the current year count is 8 years off. And? Consider that there were many who espoused the ‘End of the World’ or more precisely the end of the Mayan Calendar cycle back in 2012, precisely on December 21. What this would mean now is that if such a notion is correct, then the end of the ‘Age’ would actually occur on December 21, 2020. This is precisely on the Winter Solstice and the demarcation with the Jupiter-Saturn Grand Conjunction that many are attributing to the ‘Sign’ that the end of the Pisces Age, the Church has come.

What does the ‘end of the Age’ mean for the world, Humanity or Bible-believing Followers of Jesus Christ that is pertinent to Capricorn? On one level, is that if one applies the Biblical template of interpretation of time, space, nomenclature subject to what the Sign of Capricorn signifies, it is a coming slaughter. It will be a time of a great slaughter and sacrifice that is to take place on Earth concerning Humanity and how it is required for the New Age to be initiated with, a ‘ritual’. It is a time of great change and transformation and what this study will bring to one’s attention. It will be presented that this transformation is presently subject to ritualistic Luciferian magic. Humanity is being prepared ritualistically for this coming transformation. It is already here and in progress thanks to the COVID-19 plandemic. The New Ager’s have long anticipated it. Bible Believers have been warned about it through Prophecy of a coming ‘Separation’.

Many Bible Believers suppose that the Rapture event is what will lead to the ‘switch’ that will trigger ‘the Separation’ from this diabolical ritual and world. Both subjects are being prepared for a transformation into a new reality and new body. In contrast, those Followers of Jesus throughout the Church Age have been and are under a similar ritualistic preparation of their own. They have had and have the LORD’s Supper that functions as the ‘ritual’ that has prepared the generations of Believers since the 1st LORD’s Supper in the Upper Room. It commemorated the ‘slaughter’ of Jesus as the ‘Lamb of YHVH’ given for a fallen Humanity, etc. The ritual and protocol of the LORD’s Supper is one in which one dawns one’s best clothes, purifies one’s actions, of thought and deeds, and comes in solemn assembly with a fraternal order.

There is a sacrifice that is center sage and is remembered, the Body and Blood of Jesus. There are repetitive incantations and/or sayings. Then one partakes of elements that are taken into one’s body and upon confession of sins, there is a cleansing and transforming work of the soul. Contrary to misinformation and explanation, the LORD’s Supper is not about partaking in vampirism or cannibalism as it was thought by the people that Jesus tried to explain it, ‘Unless you eat of my flesh and drink of my blood, you cannot be my Disciples’. It was and is a spiritualization of a symbology to be memorialized until Jesus would return for his Disciples as promised. However, to the Luciferians, they take the ‘ritual’ literally and practice it in their Satanic ritual called Black Sabbaths to mock and mimic the LORD’s Supper. However, only after Jesus comes in the Rapture to complete His initiation will Lucifer be able to finish his as well.

Only after the Rapture ‘Separation’ will Lucifer then take over the entire world and the Humanity that remains to then transform it into his ‘Image’, with a new reality and new body. This endeavor or Great Work has always been in play since the Garden of Eden. What will be noticeably different is that his ritual has been hindered from totally being implemented during the present Church Age. Once the Church Bride is extracted from Earth, Humanity will be transformed, technologically. The Humanity that remain on Earth will be controlled, absolutely by way of what the Bible calls the Beast System. The Bible teachers that at in the Last Days, there will be a 7-year period of time in which Lucifer will unite all of Humanity under a 2nd Tower of Babel type of unity and peace. It will be his last-ditch effort to retain control over the planet before Jesus returns to Earth.

Climax of Sacrifice
Lucifer’s New World Order will come with digital money, economy, a system or grid that will ensure only those participating can partake of the ‘fraternity’ benefits and provisions. In contrast, to the liberty that is only found in Christ Jesus, there will be a global government whereby the actions, thoughts and beliefs of all humans will be surveilled and controlled. Orwell and Huxley knew what was to eventually occur in how the family unit was to be dismantled, where children belong to the State, and one’s labor, if deemed essential would be allowed to be dictated by where one can live, travel and work, etc. There will be a new hybrid religion that will seek to unify the vast majority of Humanity under that guise of ‘Peace and Safety’. And anyone not conforming to the Beast Image will be ‘slaughtered’. Since this is all unnatural and inhumane, it will require an initial systematic and ritualistic transformation process steeped in Luciferian magic.

This is happening now. Consider that in a ritual, it is a process by which ‘Initiates’ are invited or made to ‘voluntarily’ participate. In this case, it will be required as the New Age is to occur, and it will require a certain type of human that will be willingly wanting to participate in it. Those that will not or will resist will be eliminated or rejected as it is a ‘fraternal’ order in the making, and it is selective. In a ritual, there is a precise time and place selected to assemble or have the environs defined that will encompass the power of the ritual and its magic influence. Then the ritual is subject to incantations or certain speech, phrases, and/or key words that are replayed over and over. This ensures a degree of mind manipulation or ‘brain-washing’ tactics to desensitize people and to disengage their mindset from ‘Old World’ programing that needs to be ‘erased’ or reprogrammed to ensure Lucifer’s New World Order ones are replaced with.

This is when media comes into play now in how due to technology, such ‘mantras’ or selected type of information is repeated through the airwaves, or in modern terms, in all the social media platforms, etc. What would be such messages pertinent to a coming transformation required be? Examples of their magic mantras would be, there ‘is a pandemic’. You, ‘must quarantine’. ‘We are all in this together’. ‘Black Lives Matter’. The next stage will be that in rituals, the ‘Initiates’ or Neophytes are dawned with certain types of vestiture that are required to be worn. In the traditional sense, they might be robes, hoods, pennants, or masks, etc. What comes next in the ritual is a marking in one’s body. This would be like a tattoo or a nanotech hydrogel vaccination that goes into the body. Then the actual sacrifice occurs. Consider that the ritual has an expiration time and only set by certain elements that restrict it and can null and void the ‘magic’.

As mentioned, such a Luciferian magic ritual is subject to the place, time, and compliance of its ‘Initiates’. If any of these conditions are either violated, rejected, or disrupted, the whole ritual exercise becomes null and void. According to the protocols of magic, the purpose of the ritual is to foment a transformation of reality that is desired. Consider then that the degree or magnitude of change desired has to then match the degree to which the slaughter and bloodletting will be required. If such a transformation is to occur, especially as in this case, from one Age to the next Age, it will require a proportionate degree of blood or ‘slaughter’. The Luciferians know this and have been preparing for this great ‘Separation’ on for they know that it is a spiritual endeavor.

As the ancient civilizations of old would attest to, the requirement of blood sacrifices became a stable requirement of the ‘Gods’. The Bible teaches that when humans sacrifice blood rituals to such ‘Gods’, they were actually given to demons and Fallen Angels, if not Lucifer himself. The Bible clearly states that Lucifer seeks to impersonate YHVH in all aspects of His divinity, person, and purpose. Lucifer mimics the protocols of worship or ‘ritual’ and seeks to imitate the blood sacrifice of Jesus ultimately. Why? It is to a large degree based on the conception that YHVH requires a blood atonement or payment for sin for breaking YHVH’s commandment. This was demonstrated at the very beginning in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. Their deception on the part of Lucifer led to the requirement of a blood atonement. This blood sacrifice thereafter even became a ‘Sign’ that they then whore over their bodies on a daily basis. It constantly reminded them that an innocent animal had to be slaughtered to cover their bodies with.

Ultimately, it was understood that YHVH would provide a sacrifice to ultimately null and void the Luciferian black magic ritual cast upon Humanity. This occurred in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, there is a very important distinction to be made. Consider that all the animal sacrifices that where required to be made for sin, in this case for the Israelites only ‘covered’ but not exclusively paid nor take away sin of a person. They all were rehearsals for the ultimate ‘Lamb of YHVH’ to come and do that. Then consider that all the animal sacrifices where not willing subjects but had to be tied so as to not escape their ultimate fate. It is different with Jesus. Although most of the Church teachings and traditions view Jesus as a ‘sacrifice’, He transcended the category altogether. How so? A sacrifice, by definition is not nor ever is willing.

In the Gospels and even in some glimpses of the Old Testament language, it is understood that Jesus came to be a ‘willing sacrifice’. Jesus is seen, ‘setting His face to Jerusalem as flint’ to be crucified. He told His Disciples that He needed to go to the Cross of Calvary, even at the rebuke of Peter. Jesus stated that ‘He laid down His life on His own accord’, and that ‘No one took His life’, etc. Jesus even chose the place and time to ‘expire’ on the Cross of Calvary. The point? It is that technically, Jesus was not a ‘human sacrifice’. Jesus willingly came to be a substitution, to pay for Adam’s transgression to restore a fellowship and existence that is based not on coercion, control, or threat but upon free will, sovereignty and with inalienable rights.

Thus, this theme of a sacrificial ‘slaughter’, of a Capricorn typology is what was and is depicted in the storyline that the Zodiac. The Mazzaroth is the storyline of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, written in the Stars. Each of the constellations is a facet of the characteristic or emphasis Jesus made or had in His plan to redeem Humanity. However, the Luciferians have used the same motifs to ascribe the duality of opposites to the very nature and purpose of Lucifer as a deception. Lucifer has also perverted the same storyline to such a degree that it has cast a doubt upon it of its true intent so much so as to keep Bible Believers away from it. Why? It speaks of Prophecy and Lucifer’s ultimate demise. And that such a ‘sacrifice’ ushering in a ‘New Age’, the Age of Pisces, of Grace of the Church Age is about to conclude. Thus, is this coming transformation and ‘Separation’ even mirrored astronomically by what is happening in Capricorn then?  

The Goat God
Is planet Earth at the point that Humanity is on the verge of going into a New Age as the Church Age closes? One is not saying that precisely on December 21, 2020 is when the Church Age will end, and the Rapture is to occur. Often time, there is overlap and a possible lag time. What this study is nonetheless wanting to bring to one’s attention is that such a Luciferian black magic ritual is presently at play in preparing Humanity to be transformed to then ‘normalized’ as essential ‘serfs’ of the New World Order ‘Masters’.

During this timeframe though, it appears that the center of all planetary convergences occurs at this Sign of the Slaughter. So, the consideration of such a flurry of astronomical activity occurring in the sky is to be noted. Why? It is because it occurs in the Sign of Capricorn, the Sign of Slaughter. Or in other words, based on the time, space, nomenclature and meaning of such, there is coming a mass slaughter of Humanity that will be required to initiate the New World Order. The New World Order Age will require a New Age Humanity and the slaughter of billions will ensue.

Consider that the technocracy that is and will rule the New Age will not tolerate dissension or those not ‘initiated’. Those that will resist will be ‘slaughtered’ and the Bible clearly states that once the 7-year Tribulation Period commences and the Mark of the Beast system is to come online, those refusing their full  allegiance will be murdered in mass as it will be a capital crime. The following is the list of planetary alignments and conjunctions that occur in Capricorn from December of 2020 to around February of 2021. A dash signals a conjunction and a comma signals just an alignment.

December 16, 2020    Jupiter-Saturn, Moon
January 10, 2021        Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury
January 13, 2021        Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Moon
January 14, 2021        Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Moon, Sun
January 23, 2021        Sun-Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury
January 25, 2021        Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Moon, Sun
February 2, 2021        Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus
February 6, 2021        Saturn-Venus, Sun, Jupiter
February 10, 2021      Jupiter-Venus, Saturn, Sun, Moon
February 19, 2021      Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury
March 4, 2021             Jupiter-Mercury, Saturn
March 9, 2021             Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Moon

The following section will now delve into the specific astronomical inferences as to why the Sign of Capricorn is signaling a coming ‘slaughter’. It is based on the work and research of E.W. Bullinger relying on Biblical Astronomy, etc. Capricornus or Capricorn is one of the constellations of the Zodiac whose name in Latin means, the ‘Horned Goat’. In the ancient versions of the Zodiac or Mazzaroth, it was depicted as a mythical creature that is half goat, half fish. The Sun transits Capricorn from about December 21, the Winter Solstice to about January 21. Capricorn is an Earth Sign, a Negative Sign and one of the 4 Cardinal Signs of the Heavens. Capricorn is said to be ruled by the planet Saturn. There are connections between the traditional characterizations of Capricorn as a ‘Sea Goat God’ and that of the Sumerian ‘God of the Waters’, Enki.

In the Luciferian occult, Enki is ascribed to be Lucifer, the former King of Atlantis during the Golden Age when Saturn was the Sun ruling the Heavens, etc. Capricorn was also associated with Ea. To the Akkadians, he was the, ‘God of Craft and Magic’. The Hebrew name of the Sign of Capricorn is Gedi, which means, ‘The Kid’ and to be ‘Cut off’ as in a slaughter or sacrifice. According to Bullinger, Capricorn speaks of Jesus’ killing as the sacrifice needed to secure the promised deliverance for all of Humanity. Why? So that all of Humanity would not be ‘slaughtered’ instead as Lucifer would and does desire. The Zodiac of Dendera in Egypt calls this half-goat and half-fish Hu-penius, which means the, ‘Place of the Sacrifice’. So, if the Sign is of any suggestion of a place and time, it is thus ominous of a coming ‘Great Slaughter’ of Humanity.

In terms of this brightest Stars, the Star α is named Al Gedi, which means, the ‘Kid’ or ‘Goat’. The Star δ is called Deneb Al Gedi means, the ‘Sacrifice Cometh’. Another Star, Dabih in Syriac is called, ‘the ‘Sacrifice Slain’. The Stars Al Dabik and Al Dehabeh in Arabic have the same meaning, that of Ma'asad, which means the ‘Slaying’ and Sa'ad al Naschira which means, the ‘Record of the Cutting off’, etc. Capricorn is also connected with the motif of the Cornucopia or the ‘Horn of Plenty’. The Sign is also identified with Pan, the ‘Goat God’ that is also another euphemism for Lucifer. Astronomically, Capricorn is still used to denote the limit of the Winter Solstice, that is the latitude of the Sun's most southerly position. This demarcation is called the Tropic of Capricorn if a globe model is used. Such a term applies to the line on the Earth at which the Sun is directly overhead at local Noon time on the day of the Winter Solstice.

And as mentioned for 2020, this place and time coincides with the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn along with Pluto. Why is this significant? The Giant Planets will meet under the influence of Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. The planet Jupiter magnifies the condition that both Pluto and Saturn represent as they are about to enter Capricorn, the Sign of Slaughter. Thus, the coming ‘Slaughter’ of Humanity will be worldwide and beyond belief when it does occur as a bloodletting to usher in the Luciferian New World Order is outlined in the book of Revelation. Prophetically speaking, does the Bible teach about a coming ‘Great Slaughter’ is to take place? Yes. The Bible teaches that in the Last Days, there will be the Rapture of the Church Bride from the Earth and thereafter, a ‘slaughter’ of Humanity left below will number in the billions. Many believe that the actual Rapture event itself is what will help to finalize the Luciferian magic ritual that is in place to foment the coming slaughter of billions left behind on Earth after the Rapture.

It will be in tandem to the rise of the Luciferian Age that will have deceived all of Humanity completely by this time. What is holding back the magic ritual of the Luciferians is that the Body of Christ is still present on Earth. This is why the aim of the Luciferian ritual is to shut down the assembling of Bible Believers to gather at their Churches worldwide. Why not? Such singing of songs, praising and praying can and do null and void the magic of the Luciferians. And that the LORD’s Supper still memorialized the triumph over Lucifer’s magic incantations of deception that first started in the Garden of Eden against Humanity.

The Luciferians realize that their ‘New Age’ and bloodletting cannot and will not occur until the Restrainer, GOD the Holy Spirit by way and within the Church Body is set aside. However, this goes to show that if the astronomical alignments that occur in Capricorn in the winter of 2020-21 are of any prophetic and/or occultic ramification of a pending great slaughter is to occur, it is at hand. As mentioned, the time and place of such rituals has an expiration date. After the ‘Separation’ and transformation that is to occur happens, it will be the time that will befall the whole world whereby Jesus will be pouring out His Wrath soon thereafter. And how great will the coming slaughter be in either case.

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