The Birthing of the Bride

  • What does the Revelation12 SIgn mean for the world and Church?
  • Is there a countdown to a coming birth, of what and whom?
  • Will the Rapture of the Bride of Christ conclude the Church Age?

by Luis B. Vega
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…’to equip the Saints for works of ministry, to build up the Body of Christ, until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of GOD as we mature to the full measure of the stature of Christ. Then we will no longer be infants, tossed about by the waves and carried around by every wind of teaching and by the clever cunning of men in their deceitful scheming.’ – Ephesians 4:12-14

The purpose of this study is to consider a theory based on the average gestation of a human as it pertains the now famous Revelation 12 Sign. The Sign occurred back in September 23, 2017, just after the Feast of Trumpets. Although many falsely believed the Rapture of the Bride of Christ was to have taken place at that time, no such event occurred or would have if the proper hermeneutical principles would have been adhered to. The Sign was not also as many suggest a ‘fulfillment’ of what the imagery portrayed in Revelation 12 other than an approximate astronomical resemblance. The Sign was however a monumental time marker, a Sign, a prelude and a type of the Rapture as it depicted many of the nomenclature involved in the Rapture phenomena and teaching.

The confusion came about, in part by not really understanding what prophecy was and is pertinent to Israel and that of the Church Age. Although it would appear that there are some striking similarities, some contrived a misconstrued inappropriate overlap of prophetic outcomes. The Revelation 12 Sign, was just that, a Sign for Israel within the coming Great Tribulation timeframe that is delineated by this Sign. The actual depiction and imagery of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, as depicted by the last Apostle remaining alive, John is seen in the account of chapter 4 with the divine summonsing to ‘Come up Here’. There are some unique attributes about the Revelation 12 Sign that suggested, clearly a coming ‘birth’. Primarily, the centerpiece for this ‘birthing’ theory and conjecture was the ‘King Planet’, Jupiter that to the Jews is the Planet of the Messiah, etc.

The question remained, when would this ‘birthing’ take place? More importantly, what constituted or will constitute the ‘gestation’ period, if any prophetically? Based on purely astronomical observations, this ‘Messiah’ King Planet, Jupiter did its rhythmic retrograde or approximately 9 months in the ‘belly’ area of Virgo. Then on September 9, 2017, it crossed the threshold of the imaginary line that would constitute the ‘womb’ are of Virgo and the ‘birthing’ moment. This would be in keeping with the astronomical analogy, etc. The entire astronomical array did appear to mirror that of Revelation 12. Perhaps such was what the Apostle John saw in the vision with the crown of 12 stars on the head, the Sun ‘clothing’ her and the Moon at her feet, etc.

The Timing of the Sign
What was unique about the Revelation 12 Sign is that it took place actually in the Jewish year of 5778 by the rabbinical calendar accounts. This would place the Revelation 12 Sign in the same year to converge with that of the 70th year anniversary of Israel being also ‘birthed’ in 1948. Would this be mere coincidence or prophecy? In this case the depiction of Virgo truly would then confirm that the Sign is for Israel and that the Virgo connotation is to be correctly attributed to being Israel and not the Church. However, if there is a dual meaning, application and fulfillment pertinent to the Church Age ‘birth’ of the Body of Christ, that remains to be seen. It could also be the case that such a prophetic synchronization could likewise be in tandem. This could mean that as the nation of Israel has reached its ‘maturity’ in 70 years per Psalms 90, so too would the conclusion of the Church Age, etc.

The question remains that perhaps as there was an anniversary of a ‘birth’ of a nation having occurred, could such another ‘birth’ be accompanying the Sign as a dual prophecy of when there will be another ‘birthing’ of another ‘Body’ or nation, a Spiritual Nation no less? In this case, that ‘Body’ or Spiritual Nation would constitute the Body of Christ as the Bible teaches. It is made up of a Royal Nation of Priests and Kings as the Bride of Christ will co-rule with Jesus in the Kingdom to come. Thus, the Revelation 12 Sign could not have been the actual fulfilment of the description from the Bible at this time. Why not? One major reason was and is that the all illusive Red Dragon imagery did not astronomically appear in tandem with the other factors of the prophetic alignment, if one keeps to the same astronomical connotation. And this is the point.

Many believe that the literal fulfillment of the Sign will occur at the midpoint of the Tribulation Period wherein the Red Dragon, astronomically will be perhaps the illusive Planet X Star System. To the Ancients, this phenomenon was known as the Red Dragon in the sky that brought worldwide calamities. Perhaps it will be at that time during one of the yearly Revelation 12 approximations that it could occur. It remains to be seen and fully ascertained. The Revelation 12 Sign was however a foreshadowing of what is sure to come and that of a ‘birthing’ and Rapture. However, as noted in many other studies on the Sign, the Manchild does not correspond to the Church Age Saints. It corresponds to the mid-point of the Tribulation Period rapture of the 144,000 Jews and all those that received Jesus through their ministry. It is the 4th ‘Rapture’ event out of 7 total translations or ‘Raptures’ occurring in the whole lineup of the Revelation being unveiled.

There had been also some very unique day counts associated with the Sign. There was the Great American Eclipse that occurred in August of 2017 just about 1 month prior to the Revelation 12 Sign. There appeared to be some rather strange meteorological anomalies with the weather during that time that was beyond just the normal cycles, etc. Nonetheless, the year closed out with no Rapture in sight. As most that were banking on such a date for a Rapture then looked for other day counts. None occurred to actually consider the pattern the 9-month gestation period Jupiter had in the Sign all along. Could a 9-month human gestation period count rather have started from the actual time of the Revelation 12 Sign that occurred astronomically?

The Gestation Pattern
Some Revelation 12 Sign researchers did attempt to configure new timelines after the fact. For example some added 50, 75, 100, 120 days, etc., to the Sign from the 23rd of September 23, 2017 to see if any date appeared significant. However, even within this construct, which date would have been or is the correct one to calculate from? Would it be the actual 23rd when the alignment most resembled the Revelation 12 language? Or would it have been when the astronomical ‘birth’ of Jupiter occurred on the 9th of September 2017 instead? One calculation that is rather ominous and exciting to report does correspond to a Pentecost feast day and based on an average human gestation period. This day count has to do with the very theme and core message of the Revelation 12 Sign, that being a ‘birth’. What if one added the duration of a human gestation period from the initial Revelation 12 Sign date of September 23, 2017?

However even the human gestation pattern theory has questions remaining. What exact day count in reference to a human gestation period would one use, the minimum or the maximum? Based on research, it is calculated and accepted medically that the gestation of a human being is pegged at 280 days. This day count is also equal to 40 weeks with the minimum being 208 days. The number 40 is related to a time of testing. For the sake of this study, the average will be taken, which would be 240 days. Thus, if one adds the 240 days to the Revelation 12 Sign since September 23, 2017, then the resulting day is May 20, 2018. What is special about this day? Well, it so happens that the count fall on the feast of Pentecost. Moreover, if one uses the September 9, 2017 ‘birthing’ of Jupiter in Virgo and add the 240 day count, the result would be just within days of the May 14, 2018 70th anniversary of Israel’s ‘birthing’. Amazing.

The Feasts of YHVH as it relates to the Spring Feasts in particular happens to synchronize with both the Rabbinical and Torah Calendar ones pertaining to Shavuot. This convergence goes for the same with respect to the Passover on March 31, 2018. On April 1, 2018 or April Fool’s Day is when the neo-pagan Christianized holiday of Easter (Ishtar) is celebrated. Thus to reiterate, the notion of a 9 month average human gestation period possibly signaling a ‘birth’ from the astronomical depiction of a ‘birthing’ to coincide with the ‘birth’ of Israel as a nation since 1948 and that with Pentecost when the Church Age started and the Body of Christ was ‘birthed’ is amazing. Contrary to much deception and teaching error, the Church Age and/or Body of Christ was not ‘conceived’ at that first Pentecost or Shavuot of the 1st Century or more precisely in 32 AD. What is being ‘conceived’ is ‘Christ in you, the Hope of Glory’, etc.

The Apostle Paul taught that the Body of Christ is a living organism in which the very image and likeness of Jesus is being developed in a Disciple of Jesus Christ, individually and corporately. It well only be when ‘we all reach the fullness of the stature of Christ’, that then the Bride of Christ will ‘have made herself ready’, etc. Contrary to more confused teaching, the 144,000 anointed and sealed Jewish Evangelist will be the First Fruits of the Jewish nation or tribes during the Tribulation Period. Such are no to be confused with the Church Age ‘First Fruit’, singular, that being exclusively Jesus Christ. The Bible clearly teaches that Jesus is the First Fruits…of the Church Age. However, the question remains.

A Dispensation of Time
Will Pentecost in 2018 see some prophetic significance of a dual fulfillment of a ‘birthing’ pertinent to Israel and the Body of Christ? Perhaps such a prophetic intersection of time is to soon after close-out the Church Age that started the great ‘Pentecostal Intermission’ known as the Church Age. This amazing convergence of prophetic time pegged to the ‘birthing’ anniversary of Israel in these Last Days has lasted nearly 2000 years. Such an amazing time has been where YHVH turned His attention to save the Gentile Nations due to Israel’s rejection and hard heartedness. In part it has been to arouse the jealousy amongst the Jews, Jesus Christ, the Messiah of the Jews has given His authority and power to loose and bind in Heaven and Earth to this spiritual institution. The Body of Christ, something that has never before existed in all of Creation is made-up of redeemed souls indwelt with the power of the Holy Spirit to say ‘no to sin’ and whom the Gates of Hell can and will not overcome despite much tribulation, apostasy and suffering.

To emphasize, this study is not emphatically stating that the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is to take place on May 210, 2018.What this study has attempted to present is the pattern to suggest a possible average human gestation pattern that could be applied prophetically since the Revelation 12 Sign to see if there is any possible prophetic correlation. Of course, the calculation itself is based on an average so the actual day count could be off as the whole notion of the Rapture having to occur on a Pentecost even. Nonetheless, the possibility is very intriguing for the record. It would seem plausible based on such a gestation metaphor but so did the all the other failed calculations. One thing is for sure prophetically regarding this possible gestation timepieces, an acceleration of signs and events are converging more each year.

The convergence of the Pentecost feast by way of the gestation pattern since the Revelation 12 Sign occurs during a concentrated series of events that appear to be prophetic time markers in themselves. There is the start of the Passover that happens to occur also on a Blue Moon. Then there is the 70th year anniversary that is celebrated on the Western Calendar on May 14, 2018 of Israel’s ‘birth’. The anniversary celebration will actually occur about 1 month earlier in April based on the Rabbinical Calendar. This day is called Yom HaAtzmaut or Independence Day in Israel. The following is taken in paraphrase format regarding the rationale why April will be the month that Israel will actually celebrate their ‘birth’. It was David Ben-Gurion, who was the first Prime Minister of Israel that publicly read the Declaration of Independence of Israel on May 14, 1948.

The declaration occurred on the 5th day of Iyar, the 8th month of the Civil Calendar, in the year 5708. The anniversary of this date on the Jewish Calendar usually falls in April or May on the Gregorian Calendar. According to the Israeli Ministry of Culture, Israel’s Independence Day will begin with a torch-lighting ceremony the evening of Wednesday, April 18, and continue through Shabbat. According to the Jerusalem Post, the overall theme for Israel’s 70th is ‘Heritage of Innovation’. It draws upon Israel’s successes as the ‘Start-Up Nation’ as a euphemism of the cutting-edge technology being developed locally. The 70th anniversary official logo is featured with the following attributes according the Ministry.

The number 70; a Star of David in modern design which draws from the historical continuum from King David’s days and modern Israeli sovereignty. The word ‘Israel’ as written by Scribes in a Torah scroll expresses ‘the unbreakable bond between the modern State of Israel and ancient nationalism, between 2018 and biblical times, between Heavenly Jerusalem and Earthly Jerusalem’. Clearly prophetic overtones. There will also be the Central Blood Moon known as the Bull’s Eye. It occurs in Capricorn on July 27, 2018 and is the center lunar eclipse of 3 that makes the Triad of 2018-19. This Blood Moon occurs on Tu B’Av which is the equivalent of Valentine’s Day in Israel.

The Central Blood Moon in 2018 occurs about 7 years from its bookend pair that occurred in June of 2011. Nonetheless, the ‘birth’ of the Bride in some way occurring based on such a gestation pattern remains to be seen and tested as a suggestive hypothesis. Such a gestation pattern thus warrants a time of focused observation on Pentecost. The 70th year anniversary of Israel’s ‘birth’ is a clear and uncontested prophetic time marker most researchers of the End Times would agree on. The question remains, does such a natural birthing of YHVH’s Earthy Nation perhaps is to also signal the soon ‘birthing’ of His Spiritual Nation? Will the ‘birth’ the Bride come also in some sort of spiritual tandem with that of Israel?

As the years progress toward the return of Jesus, the timing is becoming clearer as the prophetic clues come into sharper focus. That being said, given the LORD’s admonition that He would come at an hour and time not expected, then it would follow that such a Pentecost specific date will not yield a positive regarding the average human gestation pattern theory. If the average human gestation pattern theory is a bust, at least those that love the LORD’s appearing are occupying and watching for Jesus’ return in such a way. This is not the time for the 5 Wise Virgins to fall back to sleep but to be even the more vigilant to hear the voice and calling of the LORD.  

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