An Astronomical and Mathematical Analysis

  • Does Sacred Geometry give clues as to where the Temple was?
  • What is the latest theory of where the true location of the Temple is?
  • Is there evidence for astronomical and mathematical correlations?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the prophets and stones those sent to her, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were unwilling! Look, Your House is left to you desolate. For I tell you that you will not see Me again until you say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.’ -Matthew 23:27-29

The purpose of this study is to consider where the true location of the Temples of YHVH were and will be based on various astronomical and mathematical correlations. Several studies of the past decade have suggested that the true location of the Temple of YHVH is on the Temple Mount and precisely over the Dome of the Spirits or that of the Tablets. This small and unapparent white colored stone Dome is situated a bit to the north-west from where the Dome of the Rock is presently. There will be 10 factors presented that will argue this point based on purely astronomical and mathematical factors. They will be circumstantial evidence, but it will strongly suggest that the Dome of the Tablets is where the true location of the Holy of Holies was, is and will be.

There has been prior research to suggest this theory. However, the theory is not popular and not really taken seriously. Why it is important is that the true location has to be precise because it is where the ‘Name’ of YHVH has been placed and it is where Humanity and the Creator can only ‘meet’. The prevailing theory of where the true location of the Temple’s of YHVH once stood is that it was over the present location of the Dome of The Rock. The Dome is where there is a pinnacle of a rock protruding from the Tempe Mount that interestingly is fashion much like that of a ‘face’, although sideways. It has a prominent ‘hole’ that has been drilled through and it is attributed to be the ‘Navel’ of the world according to Jewish tradition.

Such believe that it was the exact place YHVH fashioned Adam from the clay of the Earth. In another study, such a ‘façade’ is attributed to be a ‘face’ with the ‘Navel’ servicing as the ‘eye’ and more so, that it is attributed to be that of the Face on Mars. The Dome of the Rock is currently a Muslim ‘shrine’ and not even a Mosque. It was built soon after the Muslims invaded and occupied the Promised Land. Specifically, according to research, the Dome of the Rock was erected by the Muslim ruler Abd el-Malik in 688-691. This shrine was covered by a lead dome from 691 that was actually taken from a Christian Church. The covering was replaced with a gold-colored covering in the early 1960s. Because of rust, an anodized aluminum cover was replaced in 1993 with a gold covering. According to Muslim teaching, the Dome of the Rock was where Mohammed supposedly ascended off of the pinnacle to Heaven on his horse, Barak.

Astronomical Alignments
The only ‘tie-in’ that Islam has to the Temple Mount and Jerusalem, at best is a fairytale. Jerusalem is not even mentioned once in their Quran. Because of this Ione legend of Mohammed, it makes the Dome of the Rock the 3rd holies structure in Islam aside from the Kaaba square in Mecca and the Mosque of Medina. Even the current ‘experts’ of the Temple Institute believe that the Holy of Holies is at this site. Recently there has been also another theory that has been popularized much like the ‘Flat Earth’ theory that has only served to make Christianity look foolish, cause division and mis-focus what little energy and resources this last Laodicean Church period has left. The theory suggests that the ‘true’ location of the Temples of YHVH were actually in the City of David. This ridiculous assertion, although based on clever argumentation, ignores the key and pivotal archeological evidence that the Temples stood on the Temple Mount.

Consider that it was the ‘threshing floor’ of Ornan, the Jebusite where King David ‘met’ YHVH to stave-off the plague incurred by David’s rebellion of having counted his army. A threshing floor needed wind that is generated on a high point, not a low point as it is the case with the City of David. It was at that precise spot, no less on Mount Moriah that would foresee the subsequent ‘meeting’ place for atonement, the Holy of Holies, etc. Perhaps that was the place where YHVH provided the sacrifice used in the Garden of Eden to make the skin coverings for Adam and Eve. Consider that it was to be the area on Mount Moriah that YHVH instructed Abraham to go ‘up’ to and present Isaac for that test of faith. It was not to go ‘down’ to the City of David.

The Mount of Moriah is opposite the Mount of Olives. Presently, the Temple Mount has been leveled to a stone platform overtime. However, Moriah extends all the way to Mount Calvary by the Garden Tomb as that is the highest point. In fact, some believe that is was at the site of the crucifixion of Jesus in-between the Place of the Skull and the Garden Tomb that the ‘Altar of Sacrifice’ was actually there that was the one used to atone for Adam and Eve’s sin. There is also compelling archeological evidence, to this day of remnants that are undeniable. There are vestiges of the Triple Gate, the Double Gate, Robinson’s Arch, Barkley’s Gate, the Ramp leading to Warren’s Gate, etc. There is also the actual corner Trumpeter’s Stone that is fallen and still has the engraving as being just that. No such elements or articles are found in the City of David. Perhaps those with such a new theory have mistaken the Palace of King David for the Temple.

The Listing of Evidence
There were ancient altars that the Jebusites used for sacrificial rites and that is what might be construed for the one used alongside the Temples. Also consider the mass destruction by the Palestinian Muslims that are excavating the Temple Mount currently in an effort to erase any vestiges of there ever being such a Jewish presence on the Mount. If the Temple Mount is not where the Temples of YHVH once stood, but in the City of David, why is there such an effort not being carried out in regard to the City of David? Also consider the setting of events given in the Gospels of how Jesus specifically referred to the ‘not one stone to be left unturned’. He commented on the coming destruction directly opposite the Temple, across the Kidron Valley from the Mount of Olives. Jesus did not look down and south pointing to the City of David.

Those that are propagating such new theories of where the actual spot was for the Temples of YHVH may not intentionally be misleading people other than to present an alternative view, which is fine. This study is no different and no better but that is it presenting an angle solely based on astronomical and mathematical associations that have not been considered, as far as one can research. There will be accompanying illustrations for a better visual and reference as each point will be elaborated and consideration for observation purposes only.

The 1st consideration as to why the Holy of Holies is over the Dome of the Tablets has to do with how the Old City of Jerusalem is laid-out from a top view. If one superimposes an ‘Enthroned Man’ human form on its side facing west, there are some amazing site correlations. Most prominently is the Dome of the Rock whose ‘Navel’ would correlate 1-to-1 with the navel of this ‘anthropomorphic male’ form. The legs of this form would then correspond to the City of David that appears to be the thigh and legs with a slight bent as is the City of David. Then there is the Place of the Skull which directly corresponds to the ‘head’ of this form. What is also very telling is that the portion corresponding to the anus would be the place where all the refuse would be drained down the Kidron Valley. Having all these sites in mind, then the place of the Dome of the Tablets or Spirits would correspond to the Solar Plexus of the male body form.

As noted, the Temples of YHVH appear to take on the form of a human man. The proportions of the human body thus also approximately correlate to the proportions of the Holy of Holies, the Holies, the Temple proper, the various outside courts, the 2 Pillars and then the Altar of Sacrifice. This correlation is based off the research of Tony Badillo from TempleSecrets.info. It is as though the Temple structure was a euphemism of a ‘living and breathing’ entity, the enthronement of YHVH on Earth as He is in Heaven. The Bible teaches that the Glory of YHVH did reside in-between the Cherubim of the Ark of the Covenant. Even the type of metals used in the different segments of the Temple correlated to the statue in the dream that King Nebuchadnezzar had that Daniel interpreted. It started with the head of gold, silver, bronze and then iron, etc. Such an order of metals prescribed to be used by YHVH are seen also in the Temple. The Holy of Holies was where pure gold was to be used and as the position of the ‘head’, then the Holies was and where silver was used and so on. Then, the Golden Gate corresponded to the feet. The ‘Navel’ corresponded to the Dome of the Rock, etc.

The 3 Domes on the Mount
Based on the ‘Temple Man’ construct, it would stand to reason that the matching segment for the ‘head’ to correspond with the ‘capital’ or ‘head’ would thus be ‘above’ or to the west of the Dome of the Rock, i.e., the Navel. This Holy of Holies was the epidemy of ‘head’ where the ‘Tablets’ of the Law were referenced to be in the ‘minds’ to heart of YHVH’s People to obey. Also consider that the Luciferians have a counterfeit anthropometric ‘Temple Man’ on the plateau. If one takes a top view of the Temple Mount facing north-south, the octagonal shape of the Dome of the Rock corresponds to a ‘head’. Is it then any wonder that the protruding rock can also be perceived to be a face? And astonishingly, the orientation would match that of the north-south ley-line.

Then the al-Aqsa Mosque would correspond to the feet of this male human body form. It is actually a replica of the one found at Baalbek in Lebanon. If one superimposed such a male human form, over the Temple to the ‘god’ Saturn or Satan, it would follow this same outline. In modern times, this same configuration continues with the heirs of such Luciferian occultism, the Masons. A collaborating design and outline of this Luciferian ‘Temple Man’ can be identifies when such a similar outline is superposed on the Washington Masonic Memorial. These are the ‘Workers of Inequity’ and ‘Ministers disguised an ‘Angels of Light’ that seek to one day enthrone their ‘God of this World’ upon the Holy of Holies that will be situated over the Dome of the Tablets.

The 2nd consideration as to why the Holy of Holies is over the Dome of the Tablets has to do with how the Temple Mount appears to directly correspond to 3 alignments; that of Orion’s Belt of Stars, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and those of Teotihuacan in Mexico. It has been previously discovered by such researchers like Robert Bauval that the Pyramids of Giza are aligned to those of Orion’s Belt Stars. Then what others have also discovered is that the same alignment is found for the pyramids of ancient Mexico. However, what this study proposes is that such a similar astronomical alignment exists on the Temple Mount dealing with the 3 Domes. If one uses the alignment of Orion, Giza and Teotihuacan, it would appear that the Domes on the Temple Mount directly correspond to such an astronomical alignment. Specifically, the Great Pyramid, that being the largest, would correspond the Dome of the al-Aqsa Mosque, which is actually silver in color. This color corresponds to that of the Moon. This site in turn would correspond to the Orion Star of Alnitak and the Temple of the Moon in Teotihuacan.

The next ‘Star’ on the Temple Mount, is that of the Dome of the Rock, which is the color gold and corresponds to the Sun. Astronomically, the Dome of the Rock would thus correlate to the Orion Star of Alnilam and the Temple of the Sun in Teotihuacan. The last of the 3 Domes on the Temple Mount would be that of the Spirits or Tablets that this study strongly suggests is where the true Holy of Holies was, is and will be. Specific to the astronomical alignment, the Dome corresponds to the Orion Star of Mintaka and thus to the smallest pyramids of the Giza Plateau and to the Temple of the ‘Shining One’ or ‘Serpent’ in Teotihuacan in Mexico. What is amazing is that all 4 alignments have the same approximate angles of 72 degrees and 11 degrees respectfully.

What is also very telling is that the 3 Domes on the Temple Mount appear to thus correlate to the very size proportion of the ‘Sun, Moon and the Stars’ that the Bible often mentions. The largest Dome, that of the Dome of the Rock is the largest corresponding the ‘Sun’ in size. Then respectfully, the next in size would be the Dome of the al-Aqsa Mosque, that being the Moon. Then the smallest of the 3 Domes, would correspond to the ‘Stars’ as the Dome of the Tables is white in its stonework. If there is any doubt that such ‘Domes’ correspond to ‘Stars’, then one can conceivably take into consideration that all 3 Domes are octagonal. The Dome of the Rock has 8 sides to the shrine, which is not common, by the way in Islamic architecture for being a Mosque. Then the Dome of the Tablets has 8 pillars configuring a ‘Star’ of 8 points. Lastly, the Dome of al-Aqsa Mosque also has 8 sides to its dome above what once used to be a Crusader Church. Thus, these 3 ‘Stars’ on top of the Temple Mount would corroborate the theory that such ‘Stars’ configure the Belt of Orion.

This assertion would lend credence to the argument that based on solely astronomical alignments as such, the true location of the Holy of Holies lies beneath the Dome of the Tablets indeed. Thus, what is very telling is that the Dome of the Tablets is where there is a ‘House’ corresponding to that of a ‘Shining One’. This directly has a correlation with that of the pyramid complex of Teotihuacan’s House of the Shining Serpent. Amazingly, it was in the very Holy of Holies that a ‘Shinning Divine Presence’ has present in-between the Cherub of the Ark of the Covenant. Amazingly. Pertinent to the Teotihuacan ‘House’, other studies have stipulated that the entire complex exactly matches the dimensions of Ezekiel’s future 4th Temple. Another unique mathematic correlation on the Temple Mount specific to the positioning of the Domes is that all 3 are in approximate phi ratio in terms of distance to each other.

The 3rd consideration as to why the Holy of Holies is over the Dome of the Tablets has to do with how the Taurus constellation and the Pleiades Star Cluster appear to correspond to the Dome of the Tablets. In a study dealing with the Orion Star alignment of ancient Persepolis, the findings suggested that the theme of the Persian capital was construed to reflect the ‘Paradise’ in Heaven on Earth. The interesting aspect of the main entrance to the ancient city is that it had a large and wide ‘Avenue’ as that of the ‘Avenue of the Dead’ in Teotihuacan. Based on oral tradition, it was thought that such ‘Cities of the Gods’ reflected what was actually a reality in Heaven. Do consider that such an ‘Avenue’ for example does exist or will in the restored Paradise when the New Jerusalem is superimposed upon the Earth.

The book of Revelation depicts how there is a “Great Street’ or Avenue way and on each sides there will be the Tree of Life next to the River of Life, etc. This supposes then that the ‘Avenue’ can then accommodate the ‘throngs’ of Glorified Saints partaking of such pleasures. The entrance led to a ‘House’ with 2 pillars and was named the ‘Hall for all the Nations’. In comparison, so too was the House of YHVH marked by 2 pillar at the ‘entrance’ and was a meeting place for ‘All the Nations’, etc. The Persepolis layout also corresponded to the Orion Belt Stars and what is most intriguing is that it also came with a ‘Taurus’ constellation overlay. If such a similar alignment is superimposed over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, then once again, the same Orion Belt Stars align corresponds with the 3 Domes.

Echoes of Typologies
What this study is suggesting is that indeed Jerusalem is as the Bible describes it, a ‘City on a Hill’, not the City of David below but a ‘footstool’ for YHVH. The various ley-lines, Gates, walls and structures appear to thus mirror the true Temple and Throne of YHVH. Some even go as far as to speculate that this Heavenly locale resides in the 3rd Heaven beyond a dimension of Orion. Thus, opposite Orion is the Taurus constellation that also then matches the topography of the Kidron Valley. Amazingly, the site of the ‘Pleiades’ ley-line corresponds exactly to the Dome of the Tablets. It is there that the 7-branch Menorah as ‘Stars’ of fire and light can be attributed as a ‘type’ of the Pleiades.

In fact, if one depicts the Pleiades Star Cluster on its up-right side, it can be construed as a ‘Menorah’. What is also directly corresponding is that given the Taurus constellation overlay, the Ecliptic then would also match the actual earthquake fault-line that runs north-south over the Temple Mount. The Bible teaches that there will be an earthquake that will split Jerusalem into 2 sections. This will occur at the return of Jesus when His foot touches the Mount of Olives directly opposite the Dome of the Tablets.

The 4th consideration as to why the Holy of Holies is over the Dome of the Tablets has to do with how the Temple Mount platform appears to correspond precisely to the dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant. The Temple Mount platform is not a near perfect rectangle. However, if one superimposes a rectangle using the 4 points of plateau corners, it would approximate the phi ratio delineation of its sections. This in turn would depict the focal point, if one would also superimpose the phi ratio spiral into the rectangle. Such a mathematical proportion would center then on the Dome of the Tablets. Also, what is most intriguing to consider is that the 3 Domes on the plateau could appear to correspond to the 3 elements found in the actual Ark of the Covenant.

These 3 elements contained within the Ark would be the Tablets of Stone, the Jar of Manna, and the Staff of Aaron. Thus, one could reasonably correlate the Dome of the Tablets with that to the Stone Tablets. Is it any wonder why the Dome of the ‘Tablets’ is called such? Could this notion have come directly from an oral history handed down that attributed this locale to the Tablets of Moses that were in the Ark of the Covenant and during the Temple built by Solomon? Then there is the Jar of Manna that interesting, would correlate to the Dome of the Rock. In what sense? The shrine can be likened to a ‘jar’ and the protruding rock as type of the ‘Manna’ inside the ‘Jar’, etc. Lastly, if all 3 Domes are connected by a line, it would be seen as the almond ‘Staff’ of Aaron’, etc.

The 5th consideration as to why the Holy of Holies is over the Dome of the Tablets has to do with how the Cydonia, Mars alignments. This correlation is spectacular if true and valid. There have been studies presented already that strongly suggest that there did exist a civilization on Mars. There is evidence that at one time, a pyramid complex was configured to include the famous Face of Mars as a type of mausoleum, a 7-Pyramid City and a nearly perfect 5-Sided Giant Pentagon Pyramid. What the studies strongly suggested is that both ancient and even modern capitals on Earth are configured, cryptically with such ley-lines and features. For a specific reference and further study, see the studies and book entitled, ‘The Conspiracy of the Pleiades’.

A Cosmic Configuration
Specific to the Temple Mount, the Dome of the Rock’s pinnacle can be seen as a ‘face’ from a top view as the pierced hole represents the ‘eye’ when the ‘face’ is perceived to be a side view. If the dimensions are overlaid on the Temple Mount and centered on the Dome of the Rock, the intersecting ley-lines meet at the Dome of the Tablets once again. As to the overlay of the Cydonia, Mars complex, the corresponding structure would correlate across to the Mount of Olives where the 5-Sided Pentagon Pyramid would be. It so happens that at the pinnacle of the Mount of Olives, there is a 5-building ‘fortress’ complex that used to be a ‘fortification’ used by the Romans for example and now used by the Roman Catholic Church as ‘Monasteries’, etc. Then to the south of the Kidron Valley would be the corresponding 7-Pyramid City complex.

This study is not insinuating that YHVH or Jesus were ‘Martian Gods’ as some Ancient Astronaut Alien theorists do believe in but that the narrative has been distorted. There are ancient legends that are most probable, that for example, a famous ‘Golden Age’ existed before the creation of Adam and Eve. Consider that the Genesis account does have 2 versions of the Creation of Humanity and the Earth did become ‘formless and void’. This means that something caused its destruction and there was ‘something’ there before. This is where many believe the rebellion of Lucifer occurred as perhaps he was the ‘King of the Earth’ in a sense that he might have been assigned specifically to ‘watch’ over such a domain as the head Angelic being. Also consider that the Face of Mars is attributed to the ‘Rebel King’ Ala-Lu.

Is it any wonder why the ‘god’ of Islam is ‘All-la’? It has been Lucifer’s aim to de-throne YHVH in Heaven and ‘sit on the Sides of the North’, etc. Based on the Biblical narrative, the best he will ever do is to ‘sit’ in the physical Holy of Holies. Consider that the Luciferians, thus know exactly where the true ‘Holy of Holies’ corresponds on Earth, as it is in Heaven, and it is not in the City of David. Consider that the exact location of the Holy of Holies is crucial and tied to the conditional curse Jesus put on Israel. This condition of the curse would be as it was proclaimed in Genesis3:15 in how Lucifer knew that if he could thwart the ‘Seed of the Woman’ from ever being born or triumph, he could prevent his own destruction. Thus, the campaign since the has been to slaughter the ‘innocent’ in an attempt to prevent Jesus from coming the first time.

Although this efforts failed, Lucifer still has game and a motivating factor to still destroy the Jews. Is there a reason why at the midst of the Tribulation Period or that of the start of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble that the false Messiah AntiChrist orders a cessation of the Daily Sacrifices? It is then from that time forward that Lucifer unleashes his wrath upon Israel in an attempt to destroy them. Why? Had not Lucifer achieved his objective to reign and rule over the Nations and the Earth from the Holy of Holies in Jerusalem? Was not this enough as he will have subjugated all the Nations with his Mark of the Beast and have all power to rule unabated for 1260 days as the Bible teaches? Why would he go after the Jews to destroy them? The answer is found in Jesus’ ‘conditional curse’ that was put upon Israel. How so? When Jesus came on the day that Daniel foretold to Jerusalem, He wept over the city and Temple because He know ‘she’ would reject Him as Messiah and that the ‘House’ would become empty or ‘desolate’.

The Conditional Curse
Jesus pronounced a ‘conditional curse’ on the House, the City and Nation in that He would not or could not come back to Jerusalem or Earth to claim His rightful Birthright, Inheritance, Kingship and Dominion over all of the Earth and Humanity until ‘She’ or Israel would say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the LORD’. This means that if then there are no Jews or People of YHVH to be found corporately, no such prophetic utterance of repentance can be made. Thus, no return of the King and Lucifer would rule at least on Earth from the Earthly Jerusalem, in the Holy of Holies for perpetuity.

The 6th consideration as to why the Holy of Holies is over the Dome of the Tablets has to do with how the Old City of Jerusalem is construed to the near alignment of the Stars of the constellation Orion. As noted, the 3 Domes on the Temple Mount appear to correspond directly to the 3 Stars of Orion’s Belt. Thus, if one extrapolates the constellation fully, it then would appear that also the Gates of Jerusalem correspond to the entire Orion constellation as a circle or a 12-hour ‘clock’. Amazingly, then the Dome of the Tablets would specifically be the focal point of this ‘cosmic clock’ and correspond to the Star of Mintaka. Consider that Jerusalem at one time had 12 Gates. Over the millennia, due to constant wars, the city walls where such that there were less Gates and in some cases the same Gates were known or called by different names.

It should be noted that if the Earthly Jerusalem is the facsimile or ‘mirror’ of the true Jerusalem of Heaven where it is the ‘City of the King’, that of YHVH, then there is a ‘House’, a Throne there. Such a place is at the ‘center’ of all that exists. Thus, it should be the same for the ‘Earthly Jerusalem’ and it appears to be so based on this Orion ’12 Gate-Clock’. It would stand to reason then that as the Heavenly Jerusalem is said to have and/or will have 12 Gates reflecting the 12 Tribes of Israel, then this astronomical correlation is not beyond reason to consider a possibly and probability. This would then corroborate the Dome of the Tablets as being the ‘center’ or Holy of Holies as well.

The 7th consideration as to why the Holy of Holies is over the Dome of the Tablets has to do with how the Old City of Jerusalem is construed to a 6/5 proportion ‘Sacred Rectangle’. If the overlay of the rectangle atop the Temple Mount is centered on the Golden Gate and extends to the Jaffa Gate, then some amazing ley-lines surface. Given this dimension, the bisecting line would run east-west to pass directly over the Dome of the Tablets and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The 4 corners of this ‘Sacred Rectangle’ would consist of the City Wall edge on the north-west corner. The south-west corner would be the Jaffa Gate.

The north-east corner would be the Lion’s Gate area. And the south-east corner would correspond to the ancient area where the Horse Gate was at one time. What this mathematical construct suggests is that those who planned-out the localities of the most important and holy structures on Earth knew and know the true location of the Holy of Holies. This study strongly suggests that there are those that are ‘in the know’ of where exactly the Holy of Holies is situated on Earth. After all, such a locale is the most important spot on Earth. It is based on the mathematics of Sacred Geometry that mirrors that of the Heavenlies.

Cryptic Constructs
The ‘Jerusalem Triangle’ is construed on the ancient concept that such a Sacred Rectangle uses a 6/5 ratio. Why is this such a big deal? Consider that this ratio is the mathematical reflection of the macrocosm to the microcosm. It is in essence the mathematical depiction of a Heaven-to-Earth connotation as in, ‘As Above, So Below’. It is also seen and/or depicted in geometric terms as a hexagram fused with a pentagram configuration, etc. Nonetheless, this mathematical relationship appears to corroborate that the Dome of the Tablets is at the most precise and important intersection of such Sacred Geometry in the Holy City of YHVH on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

The 8th consideration as to why the Holy of Holies is over the Dome of the Tablets has to do with the exact distance from the ancient site of where the Tabernacle of Moses once stood in Shiloh. Using the modern marvel of satellite GPS coordinates, accurate to within feet, one can determine that the distance from the ancient site of the Tabernacle at Shiloh to the north of Jerusalem to the Dome of the Tablets is exactly 19.48 miles. This distance is not corresponding to the Dome of the Rock nor to the al-Aqsa Mosque in similar fashion. It is only when pegged to the Dome of the Tablets, that it coincidentally corresponds to a former ‘Holy of Holies’ where the Tablets of Stone did rest at one time. Is this a mere coincidence? Perhaps but probably not.

Consider that the numerical value of 19.48 speaks volumes of how for example, Israel was ‘re-birthed’ in a day in 1948. Also consider that from when the Holy of Holies along with the entire Temple Complex was destroyed by the Roman Prince, Titus in 70 AD, it is exactly 1,948 years to the 70th anniversary of Israel’s rebirth in 2018. It was King David that united the 12 Tribes under his crown, and he is believed to have died at the age of 70 years. Many are also seeing such a prophetic parallel in that Israel is basically a ‘united’ nation now with its people now ready to reclaim their religious heritage. Most notably, this will be in the form of reconstituting the Daily Sacrifices on the Altar of Sacrifice that has now been rededicated. The building of the 3rd Temple is surely not that far away from now being fully realized and operational.

More importantly, the true location of the Holy of Holies would mean that the Dome of the Rock would not need to be disturbed nor removed. What is prophetically significant about 2018 is that it was the year that technically the 3rd Temple ‘began’ to be rebuilt. How so? This event was done by ‘proxy’ in now the Altar of Sacrifice was rededicated. How is Shiloh more so connected to the Holy of Holies? It is that it was from Shiloh that a Jewish King, that being David moved the Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle to Jerusalem after it was made its ‘capital’ of the united 12 Tribes. Also, consider that in 2018, another very prophetic milestone occurred. Jerusalem was recognized as the ‘Eternal Capital’ of Israel. Many Bible scholars believe that in some similar fashion, the coming ‘King of the Jews’ whom will be accepted by the Jews in these Last Days will also likewise ‘bring out the Ark’. Once the Temple is finished at some future date, it will be placed in the Holy of Holies, over the Dome of the Tablets. The exact timing of such events remains to be determined.

The Celestial Cherubs
The 9th consideration as to why the Holy of Holies is over the Dome of the Tablets has to do with another amazing astronomical configuration. In this case, it involves the entirety of the known Cosmos or Universe from Celestial Gate to Celestial Gate, that is from the expanse of the Golden Gate to the Silver Gate. It is understood from ancient Sages and modern Astronomers that knew and know that the Cosmos or Universe is delineated or ‘bookended by 2 points of celestial references. These 2 points in the Cosmos are considered to be the ‘Gates’ and to others, the ‘portals’ that interface the Heavenlies with the Earthly. They are the places where the spirit and the mortal meet in a sense. It is the concept of how there is a correlation between the Creator and the Creation, etc. Moreover, these 2 Celestial Gates are watched-over by their corresponding ‘Celestial Sentinels’, Orion and Ophiuchus.

Such are as if they were the 2 Cherubim that watched over the Ark of the Covenant. Perhaps, this typology would even dare to suggest that the entirely of the Cosmos is also fashioned to be as it were, the very ‘Ark of the Covenant’ and that of a male human body form sits upon it, YHVH. As noted, what this study suggests is that Jerusalem’s Temple Mount has been shown to be configured to the Orion constellation. If one attributes these 2 ‘Celestial Gates’ along with their corresponding ‘Sentinels’, would that be found also in the Earthly Jerusalem? Yes. Can there be found in Jerusalem a corresponding attribute of the Cosmos, to include a ‘Golden Gate’ and an ‘Orion’ pattern? Yes. If so, then its opposite would be that of the Silver Gate and with the constellation of Ophiuchus. Does Jerusalem have a ‘Silver Gate’ along with an ‘Ophiuchus’ configuration? Yes.

If one looks from a top view of Jerusalem, these ‘Celestial Gates’ along with the ‘Celestial Sentinel’ figures are seen in the ley-lines construed by the city streets. Such ley-lines on Mount Moriah correspond to the Orion constellation and the Golden Gate as previously noted. Opposite is the Mount of Olives and especially the back side corresponds then to Ophiuchus and the Silver Gate. In the case for Ophiuchus, one can easily trace a ‘stick’ figure that is caring 2 ‘serpents’, one on each ‘hand’. This would correlate to how Ophiuchus is the ‘Strong Man’ wrestling with Serpens that is reaching for a Crown. In the actual Star constellation, it is Serpens that is split into 2 sections, one on each side of the main or core ‘body’ of this male figure. The only discrepancy is that in this topographical correlation, as it is a ‘mirror’, the Gates are reversed.

The Golden Gate should correspond to Ophiuchus and it is the Silver Gate that is guarded by Orion, etc. In the correspondence to Jerusalem, thus the celestial Golden Gate, corresponds to the double archway of the Golden Gate facing the Mount of Olives. The focal point of the Ophiuchus ley-lines points to the Silver Gate that would correspond to the Chapel of the Ascension. This is the place believed to be where Jesus was lifted up in a cloud to Heaven. According to the Angels that were there, it would be the same exact spot where Jesus promised to return and touch His feet upon Earth once again. It is also very symbolic of how that place is the head of Serpens that Ophiuchus is struggling with. It echoes the Genesis 3:14 Proto-Evangelism of how the Seed of the Woman, that being Jesus would crush the ‘Head’ of the Serpent, etc.

The 10th and final consideration as to why the Holy of Holies is over the Dome of the Tablets has to do with another amazing astronomical configuration. In this case, it involves the Star Cluster of the Pleiades. It has been already noted how the Pleiades can be likened to the 7-branch Menorah that stood in the Temple Holies. In this case, if one superimposes the Pleiades Star Cluster over the Kidron Valley just in front of the Temple Mount on the east side facing the Mount of Olives, the correspondence is striking in several ways. The immediate topography of the area just outside the Golden Gate appears to mirror that of the Pleiades configuration. What is most prominent concerning the Dome of the Tablets is that the particular Star, Maia is directly facing the 2 lessor stars of the Asterope.

As there are 2 Stars specifically, it so happens to ‘correlate’ to the 2 doors or ‘double-door’ of the Golden Gate. And, the ley-line leads then directly to the Dome of the Tablets where the corresponding Menorah was found. In the Bible, especially in the last book, Revelation, one sees Jesus ministering as the High Priests and evaluating the ‘fire’ or ‘brightness’ of each of the lights of the 7-branch Church Menorah as it were. What is interesting to note is that each ‘light’ or Testimony as in the 7 types of congregations, was likened to a ‘Star’ that gives-off light, etc.

The point is that in no other ley-line alignment on the Temple Mount are all these 10 astronomical and/or mathematical factors attributed to another part such as the Dome of the Rock or the Dome of the al-Aqsa Mosque. It is only with the Dome of the Tablets or Spirits that both amazing astronomical and mathematical alignments converge and appear to corroborate that the true location of the Holy of Holies is over the Dome of the Tablets. Such a spot is being ‘marked’ and/or signaling where the true Tablets of Moses once where -at the very beginning and will be again during the Tribulation Period at the very end. Until that time comes, there will be much debate as to where the true location of the Holy of Holies will be. This study nonetheless suggests that sooner or later, by some mean or another, this true location, hidden in plain sight will one day be validated based on pure astronomical and mathematical relationships.

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