Great American Eclipses 2017-2024

  • Is the USA being Divinely Judged for its WIckedness?
  • How is the Fall of the USA similar to that of the USSR?
  • Did the 'Division' of the USA start with the 2017 Eclipse?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘In my Opinion, it will not cease, until a Crisis shall have been reached, and passed - A House Divided against itself cannot Stand. I believe this Government cannot endure, permanently Half Slave and Half Free. I do not expect the Union to be Dissolved - I do not expect the House to Fall - but I do expect it will Cease to be Divided. It will become all One Thing, or All the Other’. -Abraham Lincoln, close of the Republican State Convention June 16, 1858

The purpose of this study is to provide a compilation of Research and Articles spanning over a Decade dealing with the ‘Demise of the USA’. It will be a Political Science Commentary about it but that will incorporate a Biblical Filter as to why and what is going to happen next to the American Union. It is basically going to Fall, if one’s Decade-Long Research suggests what it about to happen, is happening to the USA. The Trend is even Prophetic in some cases. One is doing so with a Heavy Heart, as they say because one is an Immigrant and owes a lot to the American Union.

It is not ‘Perfect’ Union, and it has committed many ‘Sins. in the Past, and still is. It is being used for Evil with Endless Wars and the Military Industrial Complex, etc. But what made America Great was that its People were Great. That what made People Great was that, for the most part, the Spiritual, Moral and Religious Threshold was that of a Christian Nation where Jesus was King. No longer. And one would say, that being a Follower of Jesus, is now, in a once ‘Christian Nation’. It has now made, at least Half of the Population, not ‘Welcome’ anymore. The American Union was truly Exceptional.

What an Experiment. Not since the Garden of Eden did an Organized People form a Union ‘By the People and for the People’. This has been attempted and in fact that is what the Communist Nations espouse to also, that they are ‘People’s Democratic Republic of whatever, etc. Not realizing that Christianity is what made the American Union be true to its Creed. It was true in how Thomas Jefferson surmised that only a Civilized and Informed Citizenry, that was Christian could have a Government that would be accountable. No more. It is when the Moral Majority Christian Threshold is gone, that the Nation goes down with it soon thereafter.

Based on one’s Assessment, although there is about Half of the Nation that is not in the ‘Woke’ Camp, there is less than a 3rd now that would consider themselves of a ‘Christian’ Persuading. And a recent Poll asked the Z Generation, if they were Religious or Believed in GOD? The USA Percentage is now in the 30% Range. They rather believe that Aliens exist and are Benevolent and soon come to Rescue them and be their ‘Lords and Saviors’. One would not rather live anywhere else. Why not? It is due to its Constitution, Bill of Rights and Commitment that all are the ‘Same under the Law’.

American Idealism

Sure, that Notion of ‘Equality under the Law’ maybe ‘Pie in the Sky’ Thinking and Naiveté, but at least there are some Vestiges of Hope and Idealism that one and Millions others have aspired to. So much so that Milionis seek to put their very Lives on the Line to enter the USA, Legally and Illegally.  The Title of this Article is crass and may be considered Vulgar to some but it is intentional, as far as it having multiple meanings. It is not intended to be thought of or taken as a Curse Phrase, although that is certainly an option to some. The intend of the Title or Phrase is to bring-out the supposition that America, the USA is poised for Divine Judgment. Why?

It has to do with what, at least half of the Americans have become, Un-American. To speak of defending Guns, being Pro-Life, America First, Secure the National Borders, to rather Spend 53 Billion Dollars on Americans than Ukrainians, or try to define a Woman is now ‘Hate Speech’ to them. It is one thing to Disagree or be Divided even on an Issue, but those on the Left, the Luciferians, the Globalists are Hell-Bound on utilizing this Great Divide to also Murder the American Ideal. It will be the required ‘Sacrificial Vitim’ like their Aborted Babies put on the Altar of ‘Progressiveness’ and ‘Wokeness’.

The American Union has come to the place where it is being given over to a ‘Reprobate Mind’. How so? One has to basically be a University Biologist to define what a Woman is. The American Supreme Court Nominee, a Woman, could not even answer or make a ‘Judgment’ on what a Woman was/is. And with the Leak of how possibly Roe vs. Wade could be overturned, the Ugly Side of Americans, both Women and Men, came out with Satanic Rage, it appeared. So, on the issue of Abortion ‘Rights’ to murder one’s Babies, America is Damned or needs to be Damned. No Nation that has embraced this level of Immorality and Perversion has survived as a Ruling Empire.

Thus, Divine Justice demands a Damnation. The introductory Premise is that one is comparing the Fall of American Union, to that of the Fall of the former Soviet Union. That Soviet Union collapsed on December 25, 1991. The Soviet Union could no longer maintain the ‘Union’ due to going basically ‘Broke’. But it was ‘Broke’ in more ways than one. It was ‘Broke’ Morally, Socially, Religiously, or the lack thereof, ultimately Financially. It went Bankrupt. It had over-extended itself in its Military Endeavors and its People were reduced to 3rd World Level Impoverishment. Food and Fuel became Controlling Devices.

As one who was on a Sputnik Ambassador Exchange Program in 1990, one saw there in the former USSR was is now happening to the USA, or should it be the USSA. And as mentioned, one’s Family came legally to the USA, the ‘Great White North’ to escape Tyranny and Famine. One would never would have thought that such 3rd World Conditions would befall the USA. But it has, by design. In the USSR, the Stores had empty Food Shelves. Fuel and Food were Rationed. Only the very Elite had vehicles and horded the Food and Fuel. There was a Thriving Underground Market. The Ruble was worthless. The People were reduced to Faceless, Soul-less Walking Zombies in a lot of observed cases. At least considering the Population compared to other Western Nations.

Coming Great Reset

This Assessment came from one’s own Personal Account during the last Year of the Might Soviet Union in 1990. What one saw there, has now been seen in the USA. It is not a ‘temporary’ Cycle or Chapter in the Economy or Morality of the USA. No, One surmises that the Powers-That-Be have now orchestrated what many are now seeing is the Controlled Demolition of the American Union, as was with the Soviet Union. Why? Ultimately, the Luciferian Agenda is World Government. It has taken Decades for America to have come this Far Down, but it has arrived in one’s Political Science Estimation.

Many People over that years, especially with the Advent of Obama being placed in the White House and now Biden, as some would rather call Obama’s 3rd Term, are saying that the American Union is on the brink. There is even talk of a 2nd Civil War for a few Years now. The American Union has never been so Divided in almost every Major Issue now: COVID, Lock-Downs, Mass Shootings, Guns, Abortion, Pronouns, Gender Identity, Borders, etc. This is what the former Republican President, Abraham Lincoln also surmised. He echoed the Prophetic Utterance of Jesus Christ, that ‘A House Divided Cannot Stand’. It is a Spiritual Law, a Divine Principle that not only can be applied to whole Nations but to Individual People and Family Units, as that what makes-up the Building Blocks of a Nation.

It is very simple, destroy the Family Unit, Destroy the Nation. Just Redefine the Family, Marriage and what a Woman is. Go after the Children, etc. Thus, Divide the People, Divide the Nation. Mission Accomplished. And based on over a Decade of Observation as a Political Scientist, and Follower of Jesus, the American House is about to Fall. When? The various Premises are based on Biblical Prophecy, Astronomical Occurrences as Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars, and the Sabbath Cycles.

There are Online Links to 22 Articles in the End Notes that will explain such a Conclusion one is making pertaining to the Fall of the American House, that is Divided and why. Based on one’s Hypothesis, the Fall of the USA will coincide with the 33rd Sabbath Cycle since the Coin Act of 1792. This would make 2022-23 the 33rd Sabbath Cycle. Thus, the Worldwide Economic Reset could be pegged to this Reset, due in September of 2022, soon after Rosh Hashanah. Why then? That is the Biblical Timeframe as to when the Decree was made to revert or Reset all Matters or Orders in Israel, etc. But why is this Notion of a Worldwide Reset based on the Jewish and Biblical construct?

It is because those that are in Power currently rule the World with their Money-Printing Pyramid Schemes through Fiat Money. They control the Central Banks of virtually all the Nations on the Planet. It is through such means that they control all aspects of the Financial, Social, Military, Educational, Medical Policies that effect of the Every-Day Lives of Billions of People on the Planet. There is also enough Research Material to compile 2 Book on the Subject of the Demise and eventual Fall of the USA. It will show that there have been and are Evil Luciferian Forces that have taken over the USA. This Luciferian Take-Over occurred in Tandem with the Establishment of the New Republic.

A Coming Zombie Apocalypse

It had a Parallel Track with the Christian Persuasion and at times, mimicked and mocked that Foundation that made it a unique Nation, ‘One Out of Many’. But what is more sad to consider, is that it is because its People have been taken over. In every facet over the Decades, really since the Inception of the USA, the Great Work of the Luciferians has been to commandeer the New Atlantis, as they perceive the USA to be. They see the USA as their Mythological Phoenix Bird that only has a certain amount of Sabbath Cycles to live before being used to ‘Transition’ the Present Order into the next New Order. One has surmised that for the American Union, it has been 33 Sabbath Cycles of 7 Years, starting with the Coin Act Year of 1792.

The American People have been, now at least about half the Population, those on the Left, commandeered to help undo the Union. Now, many Readers from other Nations do raise the point that such Articles as this are so ‘Americentric’. True. But it is because the American Union, currently is the ‘Head of the Nations’. It is the Standard and Beacon on Earth Presently. Idealistically, it is a Nation set apart, even Biblical to many degree as may Historians do argue. The American Union is even compared to ancient Israel and/or Egypt. America is the ‘Tabernacle Nation’ as the 4 Main divisions of the Tabernacle of Moses can amazingly be superimposed topographically over the USA.

Then how the FEMA Agency has divided the Union into 10 Regions and Anthropomorphically, even the 10 Toes appear to correspond to the 5 main Islands of Hawaii on one ‘Leg’ and the 5 main Islands of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska on the other ‘Leg’, etc. Then there is the Mighty Mississippi, that like the Rive Nile of Egypt has many of its cites and places along the River specifically Named after the ones in Egypt. And this will be the argument of how the Great American Eclipse of 2017 plays the Prominent Role or Omen of the present State of a Divided Union and why.

The American Union is also Prophetically compared in how it is following the Biblical Footstep of Israel. It too was once was the Beacon of Light, the City on the Hill, Mount Zion, etc. But then Wicked Kings, Priests and their Perverted Sons took Power. They led the Nation to a Division and Civil War. But in the case of Israel, it was the North that Seceded and the South that wanted to preserve the Kingdom. There were technically 13 Tribes if one counts the Sons of Joseph. The USA had 13 Colonies. The Number 13 stands for Rebellion, etc. However, all these Factors, up to now have just been the preparatory foundation for the real point of the Write-Up of this Argument.

It does have to do with a Number, 33. And it has to do with the Parallel of the Demise and Fall of the former Soviet Union, as that is how the Article started with. Consider the following Equation. The Soviet Union ‘collapsed’ officially in 1991. If one adds 33 Years from that Date to when the 2nd Total Solar Eclipse crosses the American Union on April 8, 2024, it will be exactly 33 Years. Coincidence? And? One is surmising that as the Soviet Union completely and officially collapsed there and then, so too will the American Union collapse in that Year, officially and completely, just the same. The Luciferians have Flip-Flopped the Empires in how now it is the American Union that is the ‘Evil Empire’ and its Leaders and Sons are no better than the Organized Mafia.

Fall of the Soviet Union: 1991
to 2024 Solar Eclipse = 33 Years

Mirror to the 33 Day Countdown to the Revelation 12 Sign.
​As a prelude 33 Years how now the Great American ‘Soviet’ Union will fall?
From April 8, 2024? 


Definition of SOVIET
so·​vi·​et | \ ˈsō-vē-ˌet, ˈsä-, -vē-ət \

1 : an Elected Governmental Council in a Communist Country
2 Soviets Plural
a : Bolsheviks
b : The People and especially the Political and Military Leaders of the Soviet Union

But one must realize that this 33 Year Coefficient is a Divine Judgment. It is a Divine Marker that is made with Astronomical Precision as to ‘X’-Out the American Union for its unrepentant Stance, its Heart, its Morality, or lack thereof, its Wickedness, Murders, Abortions, Thievery, and turning its Back on YHVH, much like Israel did. And? Israel was allowed by YHVH to be invaded by its Enemies, being taunted and led Captive thereafter. If the 33 Sabbath Cycle of 7 Years since the 1792 Coin Act is valid, then by September of 2022, soon after Rosh HaShanah, the USA Petro Dollar will collapse.

This will be the worst Economic Disaster befalling Humanity. How so? Not only will it affect the USA, but the entire World this Time Around. The Luciferian Globalist Reset Throw-Switch that will ensure the Death of the American Union and its Mythical Phoenix. The American House, like Israel will not be able to Stand, and it will be ‘Led Captive’. It will not be able to recover as Millions of Followers of Jesus will have been Evacuated from Earth to exacerbate the circumstances.

And with the Medical Effects of Billions of People having taken the COVID Kills shots, the Adverse Effects will turn a large portion of the Population into ‘Zombie’ Like State of Being. 
Consider how the American CDC put out in 2021 an actual ‘Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Guide’. What? That portion of the official CDC Website was pulled but it can be viewed in the Internet Archive Pages through Time Machine at the following link.


Do the People at the CDC know something whey ‘Let the Cat out of the Bag’ as they say? Why was the Website Page pulled? It is because they know the Adverse Effects of the COVID Kill Shots will have such Effects on those People that will survive.

Jesus is the Vaccine
And this will give rise to the Lie that Will be Believed, in that ‘Aliens’ have at last come to Publicly be made Manifest and provide the Solution for the World’s Reaction and Problems, the Luciferians have had orchestrated since the Garden of Eden. But it is Lucifer’s House that will be Divided and will not Stand. His Destiny is sealed by Jesus of Nazareth, thanks to the Work on the Cross of Calvary. Jesus left His Father’s House, and ‘Divided’ Himself when Sin was place upon His Body as the Scapegoat and Sacrificial Passover Lamb. After putting Sin, Death in the Grave, Jesus reversed the Division and Demise of all of Humanity. Why?

Consider that in the Virus Metaphor, such as COVID, a Virus is only alive and can only live in a Host, so long as a Host is alive. It then can spread from People to People. The Virus is only spreading the Genetic Code, as that is all it is. So long as the Host is alive, so will the Virus be. Thus, if the Host is Killed, so will the Virus be also Killed and the Spread of Infection and Transmission by the Virus will stop. This is what Jesus came do for a Helpless ‘Sin Infected’ Humanity. So long as the ‘Virus’ of Sin attached itself to the Hosts, that being very Human Being, because they are Alive, having Physical Life in their Bodies of Flesh, the ‘Virus’ of Sin can prevail, becoming unstoppable with no Cure.

It would take a Human Body, an Un-Contaminated Human Specimen to be willingly be Infected with the Virus of Sin, and then be put to Death. By this act, the Virus of Sin would be also ‘Put to Death’. This is what Jesus did for Humanity. Jesus, being Sinless and having to have been born without Adam’s Genetic Contaminated Flesh, had to be born Immaculately. This is why half of Jesus’ Chromosomes where only from His Human Maternal Parent, Mary. The reason being that Jesus then had no Natural Human Sinful Nature. Best part is that Jesus willingly chose to take upon Himself then the whole ‘Virus’ of Sin upon His Physical Body, on the Cross of Calvary and Die.

By doing so, Jesus put to Death the ‘Virus’ Sin Nature of the Flesh as Jesus Died Physically. And the ‘Virus’ of Sin was buried in the Earth with Jesus’ Body, to never come back up. It was Jesus’, the Sinless One, as a Human who was thus Resurrected because in Himself, dwelt now Sin Nature, and thus could not Die, Eternally. This is the Exchange or ‘Cure’ Jesus is offering to all of Humanity. Jesus has become the Remedy, the Solution, the ‘Vaccine’ that can now Inoculate and Give Spiritual Immunity against the Sting of Death, which is the Law and the Sin Nature that condemns all Humanity to an eventual Death, not just a Physical one due to the ‘Virus’ of Sin, but an Eternal Death. This means an Eternal Separation from the very Life Source of the Creator.

Jesus offers this Remedy, Free-of-Charge. But it is now incumbent for the ‘Sin Patient’ to administer this Inoculation. It has to be applied to one’s Being or else the ‘Virus’ of Sin will persist and will eventually lead to not only a Physical Death, but that of an Eternal Death. Jesus affords Humanity, those that would say ‘Yes’ to his Offer to share all that He is and has, to be Friends of YHVH for all Eternity in Bodies just like what Jesus has now, made of Pure Energy, Indestructible. Jesus restores the Union of the Communion Humanity had with YHVH in the Garden of Eden. Take this ‘Vaccine’.


The only Hope for a Restoration of the American Union is a National Repentance, of returning to Jesus as LORD and Savior. One thinks though, that although there might be Micro-Revivals in a Regional and/or Individual Level, the Die has been Cast. The coming Solar Eclipse of 2024 ‘X’ Marks the Spot, Astronomical Confirmation that America is Finished is going to happen, unfortunately. But as with the World prior to Noah, as the People of Sodom and Gomorrah, GOD had to Damn them. As it has been expressed by many People, if GOD does not Damn American, it has to apologies to the Pre-Flood World, Sodom and Gomorrah.


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