Hidden Meaning and Significance in Numbers

  • What is the Real Significance of the Number 923?
  • Why does it keep coming up in many Hollywood Movies?
  • Is there a Biblical Hidden Inference to what is coming?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘The Woman answered the Serpent, We may Eat the Fruit of the Trees of the Garden,
but about the Fruit of the Tree in the Middle of the Garden, God has said, You must not Eat of it or Touch it, or you will Die. You will not surely Die, the Serpent told her’. – Genesis 3:3

The purpose of this study is to comment on examples of Hidden Meaning in Numbers. One such example considered will be the Numerical Factor of 923. The other will be the Number 33. Both are Related, as one will see. As to the Number 923? This Number seems to be coming-up again in Predictive Programming. In this case Hollywood, many People have proven that they do Broadcast ‘Messages’ or Innuendos through their various Scripts. The Number 923 was especially prominent in 2017, with the Topic of the Revelation 12 Sign that occurred on 923 or September 23. And?

This Number apparently, goes beyond just a Random Calendar Date. What is ‘Predictive Programming’? It is a Method of either Revealing or Concealing Information in Plain Sight. This is done through Images, Icons, Symbols, Designs, Grid Layouts, and Numbers, etc. Thus, in regard to Hollywood Movies, it will be a Scene in which certain Words, Background Props or Numbers are placed, strategically to induce a Passive Recording of it in the Mind in order to ‘Desensitize’. It is Basic Psychology really.

It is related to how Subliminal Messaging is real and used in Advertising, and for Propaganda purposes to Control or Mitigate Responses. For example, in the Opening Scene of the Movie, the Asteroid City, (June 2023) there is a typical American Family driving a Station-Wagon that broke-down and is being towed by a Tow-Truck to a Gas Station in Asteroid City. In the most recent Predictive Programming involving 923, it can be attributed to a Date again. It takes place in a fictional American Desert Town circa 1955, starring Tom Hanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FXCSXuGTF4

‘Synopsis: The itinerary of a Junior Stargazer/Space Cadet convention (organized to bring together students and parents from across the country for fellowship and scholarly competition) is spectacularly disrupted by world-changing events’.

And what those ‘Events’ might be? In the Movie, there is a Clear Indication of what will be coming to Earth. In 1 Scene, there is a Nuclear Mushroom Cloud going off. Granted, it is the Time and Place where the USA was Detonating Experimental Nuclear Bombs. But the Innuendo is Clear. World War 3 and ‘Sudden Destruction’, all linked to a UFO Disclosure Event and Asteroids, are coming. It is all just like how, in the Book of Revelation they are foretold by Jesus, will occur. It is not an issue of, ‘Not If, but When’.

It is About a Coming Cataclysm
And one suggests that the Number 923 has everything to do with it. The Number 923 can also be rendered in different Sequencing. For example, it can be displayed as 932, 239, 329 9-23, or 23-9 with 23 being singled out. It is Surmised that the Numbers pertain to a Month and Date. But what if it is pertinent to a Month and Year? In such a case, the Year 2023, in September would be or perhaps will be Highly Significant.

9-23 =
September 2023?

Or, what if the Meaning will be some Variable of this Month-to-Year Relationship, and when reconfiguring it, it could be 9-32, as in September 2032? And what of this 2032 Year? That so happens to one one’s suggested Year, that the 7-Year Tribulation Period is to conclude with the Return of Jesus. And in what Month? Based on one’s present Estimation, it would be September or the Month 9. Perhaps. See Article.


But at the approximate :27 Second Marker in the Movie Trailer, the 923 Numerical Inference to the September 23, 3007 BC [923] Date is made. If the Movie is to have taken place in 1955, if one then subtracts 3007 Years, the difference is 1052 Years. If the Movie is Released in 2023, and one subtracts that from 1052, the difference is 971 Years. 

‘Each year we celebrate Asteroid Day commemorating September 23, 3007 BC [923] when the Arid Plains Meteorite made Earth impact’.

Why 3007 BC? Consider that, if the Year 3942 Anu Mundi is the Correct Year of the Genesis 2:1 ‘Re-Creation’ of Eden on Earth, the Year Difference is 965 Years. The September 23, 3007 BC, might as well said, ‘September 23, 2017 BC’. One thinks there is a Clear Innuendo made to the Revelation 12 Sign. Consider that the Difference in Years, 3007 – 2017 Years = 990 Years. Here is your Double 9, if not a Triple 9 or a 666.

3942 AM Shemitah Timeline
Excel Spreadsheet by Gary at www.Unsealed.org 

So, what of the supposed ‘Hidden Innuendos’ the Predictive Programmers want the Audience to see, but not see? In this case, consider the following Inferences from the Opening Scene of the Towed Vehicle pulling-in to the Gas Station. There is a ‘Death Rides’ Sign to the side. Then the Word, ‘Wrecker’ is the Name written across the Tow-Truck, next to ‘Farm’, etc. At the very center of the Screenshot is the Logo with the Letter ‘G’ for Gasoline. And? The Letter G is the 7th Letter in the Western Alphabet.

Is that what it Means, only? It so happens to also be the Center Monogram in the Masonic Emblem. If one Researches the Meaning of why the Letter G is Dead-Center in the Masonic Emblem, the 1st Several Online Search Listings will be from the Masons themselves. They seek to get ahead of the Narrative to dispel any ‘Conspiracy Theories’, which are true. The ‘Vanilla’ Version of the Meaning, they will say, has to do with how it signifies the Following: God, Goodness, Geometry. All Good, but.

Double Meaning
There is a Double Meaning that is obscuring the True Meaning, hidden in Plain Sight. Here are some Considerations. Rather, the Letter G is the 3rd Letter of the Hebrew Alefbet. Here is an Inference to 33 as in 33%. In the Bible, Genesis 3:3 or 33 Signifies the Fall of Humanity, due to Deception by Lucifer. It is believed that Jesus was 33 Years Old when He took the ‘Fall’ for Humanity’s Deception at the Cross of Calvary, which in Latin, Calvary means the Skull. Thus, the Skull and Bones 322 Mockery of it and how the Letter G also represents the Number 33, cryptically. Now so? In the Western Alphabet, it is derived by Counting the Lowercase Letters (a-z) from 1 to 26 then counting the Uppercase Letters to A to G. (26+7=33).

The Number 923 is thus tied to 33 in how even in the Revelation 12 Sign, taken from Revelation Chapter 12, is the place where Lucifer is Evicted from Heaven, along with 33% or 33 of the Whole Armies of Angels that joined his Rebellion. Lastly, it could Represent a Monogram of the Ouroboros. This is a Serpent or Dragon that is eating its Tail and it signifies the Life-Death Cycle of Re-Birth, i.e., Immortality, etc. so, in the Movie, Asteroid City, the Opening Screenshot of the Family Station-Wagon being towed, shows where the Vehicles pull-up to the Gas Station. The Gas Pump, with the Letter G Monogram is in-between 2 Pillars and with a Triangular Pyramid-Type of Roof. At the Center is the Light Fixture, that denotes the All-Seeing Illuminated Eye of Lucifer, etc.

This is clear Hidden Innuendo of the Luciferian Mason Square and Compass along with the 2 Pillars of Jachin and Boaz. If one were to Infer a Possible Meaning, it is that the America, once known and the Family Euphemism for a Broken Down Station-Wagon, is emblematic of how the USA is now ‘Broken Down’. Consider also that they have given the ‘Coordinates’, that being, ‘Farm Route 6, Mile 75’. No doubt, there is a Hidden Meaning to be Ascertained. What comes to Mind, only because one is Bible-Centric, is that 75 is the Year Anniversary for Israel in 2023.

In another Scene, they show a small Grey-Colored Sphere that is cratered and locked in a see-through Metal Cube, i.e., Tesseract. A Sign next to it, states that it was thought to have come from a ‘Hypothetical Planet’ called ‘Magnavox 27’. It is Latin for 'Great Voice'. But again, obviously interjecting Humor here, but how they are Mocking what is going to happen to Humanity. How so? According to the Book of Revelation, an Asteroid, that is Scratching very Loudly, the size of a Mountain, will come crashing on Earth. In fact, it is 1 of 2 Asteroids that will impact Earth during the 7-Year Tribulation.

And those Asteroids will be caused by the not so ‘Hypothetical’ Debris Tail of a Planet X, that is real and part of the 2nd Sun Mini Solar System that is approaching Earth. Then note that at the 1:02 Minute Marker, a Teacher is demonstrating the Solar System to a group of Young Children. She mentions that ‘There are 9 Planets in the Solar System, as far as we know’. But then a Boy raised his hand and stated, ‘Yes, but now there is an Alien’. Yes, as in an Alien Planet. And is it now within the actual Solar System? Well, one’s Government, that does know to either Confirm or Deny such a Statement will not disclose this to the Public, just yet. But the Screenshots that follow are insinuating that more Quarantines will be coming.

It is About a ‘Wake-Up’ Call

Then the Trailer shows a Carnival Park with a Ferris Wheel having a Prominent Sign that says, ‘Dooms Day’. The Family’s Name is placed on the Luggage on top of the Vehicle. It says ‘Steenbeck’ but the E is blurred. This would possibly render it, ‘Stand Back’. Lastly, upon the Driver’s Seat of the Father, outside on the Wall in the line of sight, is the Notice saying, ‘Clear Vision Ahead’. This type of Statement is not normal to have in Gas Stations. Thus, it is an indication that what the Movie will be about, will clearly display or Predictively Program what will be occurring on Earth, fairly shortly.

And that it will be tied to a Date, in some way or form, to 923. See Illustration Chart below in End-Notes. All this is Conjecture, but for sure, ‘Something Biblical is going on’, as one would say. Nonetheless, one suggests that the Number 923 is Highly Significant, Prophetically. If, for example, the Revelation 12 Sign was just that, a Sign’, what was the Sign about? At the Core, it is about what the Greek Word, Harpazo, is ‘Signaling’, a Rapture, or ‘The Rapture’, in the Context of the Church Age. One believes that the Church Age is fast approaching the End of its Commission and that the Rapture Event will conclude it.

The Revelation 12 Sign was a ‘Wake-Up’ Call, just in Time for the Sleepy Church, especially in the West to start paying Attention to the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars Above, but also to the Signs Below, regarding Geo-Politics, etc. Why? Perhaps, the Revelation 12 Sign, as a Sign, was and is a ‘Countdown’ Year Marker. But, for how long? 3 Years? 7 Years? As it relates to the Number 923, many who are not even Believers in Jesus or the Bible took note of this dramatic increase in Predictive Programming in the Year of the Revelation Sign of 2017. Here are just some Examples of online Compilations of the Movies featuring 923 Predictive Programming.


The following YouTube Video by, ‘They Live 13/23 We Sleep, has compiled the best Rendering of this 923 Phenomena, from a Hollywood Predictive Programming Perspective. It is a 4 Part series and well done. It will give a Viewer a glimpse of how this 923 Number and Date is no Ordinary Day in the Calendar. One’s Research into its Esoteric Meaning will be given following this Listing.







September 23 Date
The Number 923, and 33 apparently deals with Deception, a Fall, and an ‘End of the World’ Scenario or Narrative. And that it involves some sort of Astronomical Catastrophe. It could occur, possibly in Tandem with a Man-Made one, like Nuclear War. Perhaps. So, regarding the September 23 Date? If one uses the Gregorian Calendar Count, in that the Month of September is the 9th Month, then it can be Designated as 9-23 or 923. What is it referring to? Note that the Latin Calendar was changed.

Esoterically, there is a Discrepancy in that in the Original Roman or Latin Calendar, September designated the 7th Month, not the 9th. Sept, means ‘7’ in Latin. Thus, a more accurate Rendition of this Date would be or should be 723. Now, how is 923 connected to how the Luciferians use it too? They have ‘Hijacked’ it for their Rituals and Profanity of it. The Number 33 is also related to Skull and Bones, as mentioned among many other Luciferian Secret Societies and the Bidding of Lucifer on Earth.

For example, in the early 2010s, an Independent Investigator Reporter, infiltrated the Secret Ceremony of the Skull and Bones Initiation Ritual at Yale. It was posted during the early Years of YouTube. The Video has since been Scrubbed. Also, the Reporter was Murdered or ‘Found Dead’ shortly after. In the Skull and Bones Luciferian Temple, there are 3 Rooms. Each Room has a Number above the Door. They Mimic and Mock the House of YHVH in Heaven, having 3 Entrances: Main Door, Holies, Holy of Holies. This is also Replicated in every Cell of a Human Being.

1st Door          =
2nd Door         =
3rd Door          =

TOTAL             = 696

The Summation of these 3 Doors = 969. It so happens that this Coefficient is the Speed of Saturn. To the Luciferians, they believe that Saturn is a Euphemism for Satan or Lucifer and that the Planet was Prominent during their Golden Age, etc.

969 - 
923         = 46

And the Significance of this Number? As far as Temples are concerned, it has to be with the Body. And further, now 46 Infers to the Human Genome. The Luciferians are seeking, through their ‘Great Work’ to Erect Lucifer his Temple on Earth, the 3rd Temple will be built for this occasion. How? Israel will receive Lucifer’s Proxy, the Biblical AntiChrist. He will be the long-awaited False Messiah that the Jewish Religious Sanhedrin is waiting for and preparing the Temple for. Consider the following YHVH Temple Building Year Counts.

1st Temple        Solomon          
23 Years to build
2nd Temple       Zerubbabel     
  46 Years to build

…If the pattern is 23 Years Coefficient, as in 9-23, then the following could be expected.

3rd Temple        AntiChrist         
69 Years to build

Number 33
However, 69 Years from what Start Year? If one Surmises that the Tribulation Period is to start in 2025, approximately, then that would mean a Start Year or Countdown was around 1957. This was just after a 7-Year Time Israel became a Nation and was ‘Re-Born’ in 1948. Now, how is 923 then connected to 696? Well, it is with the 23 Coefficient from its 9-23 Numeration, And since the Body can be likened to a Temple, as Jesus stated, then the following. Humans have 23 Pairs of Chromosomes in every Cell of the Body. Half are from Father and half are from Mother. The Total of 46 Chromosomes are in each Human Individual.

46 +
23 = 69

However, if the Chromosomes are added another Factor of 23 Chromosomes, this would constitute a Triple Helix or Strand of Chromosomes. And? This would total 69 Chromosomes. The Number 69 has Sexual and Esoteric Meaning of an Eternal Cycle of Life, endless as in the Ouroboros, and thus the Letter G, mentioned in the study. It is also the Symbol for the Sign Cancer, that to the Egyptians, was the Scarab. The Scarab signifies Eternal Life. And this is an example of how the Luciferians commandeer YHVH’s Creation and Numbers for their own Purposes and Nefarious Enterprises.

In the Bible, Numbers are Prime, no Pun intended, of YHVH’s Signature and how all that is Created has a Mathematical Construct. This is seen in the Golden Ratio or Fibonacci Sequence, for example. Time is also related to Mathematics as that is the Medium in which the Time-Space Continuum is Measured by. Time is believed to be a Dimension in Science, etc. What is notable in terms of Esoteric Knowledge and Biblical Insights, is that YHVH uses Numbers as a Language, but so do the Luciferians, as noted.

This is seen in how, for example, the Hebrew Alefbet has each of the 22 Letters correspond to a specific Number Value. So, for example, consider the very Mysterious Number 33. This is based on the Core Number of 3. In Biblical Terms, it denotes the Trinity foremost. It is of a Section divided in 3 Equal Parts. Mathematically, that would be 33.33, etc. Most importantly, it was the Age of Jesus when He Died. It is considered the ‘Perfect Age’, etc. According to BibleStudy.org, there is the Biblical Meaning of 3 or 3-3.

‘The Number 3 conveys the meaning of Completeness. It derives its Symbolism from the fact that it is the 1st of 4 Spiritually Perfect Numerals (the others being 7, 10 and 12). The 3 Righteous Patriarchs before the Flood, were Abel, Enoch and Noah. After the Deluge, there were the 3 Righteous ‘Fathers’ of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (later renamed Israel). There are 27 Books in the New Testament, which is 3 Cubed, or Completeness to the 3rd Power.

Jesus prayed 3 Times in the Garden of Gethsemane before His Arrest. He was placed on the Cross at the 3rd Hour of the day (9 a.m.) and Died at the 9th hour. There were 3 Hours of Darkness that covered the Land [World] while Jesus was Suffering on the Cross from the 6th Hour to the 9th Hour [69]. This is the Number of Resurrection. Christ was Dead for 3 Full Days and Nights, a total of 72 Hours, before being Resurrected on Saturday, … just before Sunset.

Only 3 Individuals witnessed Jesus' Transfiguration on Mount Hermon. Those who saw Jesus' Glory on the mount were John, Peter and James. The apostle Paul was privileged to visit the location of God's Throne, which is in the 3rd Heaven (2Corinthians 12:2 - 4).

Only 3 people were allowed to ask God anything. They were Solomon (1Kings 3:5), Ahaz (Isaiah 7:11) and, of course, Jesus Christ (Psalm 2:9). The Gifts given to Israel by YHVH were his Law, the Land of their Inheritance, and their Calling (the World to come). The Bible only mentions the Name of 3 Angels (Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer)’.


However, as stressed, Lucifer has commandeered this Sacred Knowledge and Language for his Nefarious Purposes. Case in point is the Predicted Programming seen in Hollywood Films, etc. But, as to Delineating Time with Numbers, the Sun, Moon and the Stars were given to Humanity by YHVH to ‘Tell and Keep Time’.

And it is by Numbers that one Interprets that and gives Meaning to Time, etc. But, so too have the Luciferians used this same Construct, found in the Meaning of Numbers that is based on Mathematics. How so? For example, take the Sacred Number of 33. If one divided that Year into 3 Segments of Time, the 33.3% Day is May 1. And?

33% or 120th Day of Year = May 1

That is Lucifer’s Day of Beltane. And it is the Day of the World Communists and Socialists. It is 1 of the most Sacred Ones or Unholy for them. It Is called the Feast of the Beat and Human Sacrifices are Required at 12 Mid-Night, called the Witching Hours, etc. How this 33 is linked to the Bible in terms of Time also, is that the 33% of the Year, converted to a Day Count in the Present Gregorian Calendar, is the 120th Day.

And again, this is a link to another Numeric Value that ‘Speaks’ of Prophecy and a Specific Period of Time. One proposes that the Number 120 is dealing with a Harvest. How so? It goes back to Jesus. He stated that, ‘Are there not 4 Months and then comes the Harvest?’ From this passage, it is understood that in His Day, the Jewish Monthly Day Count was of 30 Days.

1 Month = 30 Day x 4 =
120 Days

If one Surmises that, if Jesus made this Declaration on the Spring Equinox, the 4th Month Count  of 120 Days would be in Mid-July, just as the Wheat Harvest is being Harvested. One Surmises that this is when the Acts 2 Pentecost Event occurred. One has argued that it was at the 2nd Shavuot Count of 50 Days. There are 3 of them.

This 2nd Day Count is Correlated to the Feast of New Wine, 1 of 3 (33%) for the Summer Season that was observed originally by the Jews. The others were the 1st Shavuot 50 Day Count of the Feast of New Grain. This is what is now commonly celebrated as ‘Pentecost’. But then there is the 3rd Shavuot of the Summer, a 3rd 50 Day Count which is the Feast of New Oil, etc.

So, as one can sense, there is a whole Level of a Higher and Deeper Meaning to Numbers. And in many cases, their Attribution is based on the Sacred Language that is connected to Language and Time, etc. That although, Numbers are created for Good and to be Holy and how YHVH also Communicates through them to display His Essence, and Purpose, so too have the Enemies of the Cross of Christ used the same Numbers, having ‘Hijacked’ them to convey their Evil Essence and Perverted Purpose.

In Summary, the purpose of the Illustration and Interpretation of the Hollywood Movie, Asteroid City is to provide one’s Interpretation of an example of what Predictive Programming looks like. In this case it is the Inference to the Number 923.

The Interpretation might seem to be a Stretch, but seeing such Depictions in the past, one can say with a measure of Confidence that they are an approximation of what the Powers-That-Be are wanting to Broadcast, hidden in Plain Site. It is about what is coming to the World, but to the USA in particulate. Essentially the Trailer gives away the Main Points that they want the Viewers to see.

-It is about how the Family Unit, typified by the Family is sperate from each other’s Spouse, or how the Traditional Marriage Institution is Rendered.

-It is about how their Vehicle, a Euphemism of the USA is broken-down and is towed to a ‘Masonic’ House Gasoline Station.

-It is about ‘Death’ that ‘rides-in’ to the Nation and World.

-It is about how the Family Name, Steenbeck is to have these Types of People and Families ‘Stand Back’ or is to now take a ‘Back-Seat’ Position in Society.

-It is about how what is being portrayed in the Movie that is Clear as to its Vision of what is coming.

-It is about how the Gas Station’s Roof, Gas Pump and 2 Columns with the Light Fixture, as the All Seeing Eye of Lucifer is Masonic, and who has perpetrated this Scenario and Circumstance.

-It is about how there is a ‘Hypothetical’ Planet whose Debris will be impacting Earth.

-It is about how a Nuclear Detonation is sure to occur to spark World War 3.

-It is about an ‘Alien’ or Foreign Planet is coming into the Solar System.

-It is about the Alien Disclosure that will Manifest, once the Rapture Event occurs.

-It is about how there will Mandatory Quarantine coming. And this next time around will be enforced by the Military.



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