Evidence for Daniel’s Prophetic Week

  • Is there a Correlation from 32-39 AD to 2022-2029?
  • When did Jesus start His Public Ministry?
  • Will the Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 be the Last Shemitah?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘He shall make a Firm Covenant with Many for 1 Week [Shemitah]: and in the Midst of the Week he shall cause the Sacrifice and the Offering to Cease. And on the Wing of Abominations shall come one who Destroys, and even until a Complete Destruction, until the Decreed end is poured out on the one who Destroys’. -Daniel 9:27

The purpose of this study is to correlate the presumed Shemitah during Jesus Christ’s Ministry, being from the Fall of 32 AD to the Fall of 39 AD with that of the coming Sabbath Cycle or Shemitah from the Fall 2022 to the Fall of 2029. The Timeline presented in Chart Format will be predicated on the Notion that Jesus was born in -3 BC on the Feast of Trumpets. This is based on the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter with the Star Regulus in Leo. And it is also based on the Double Conjunction of the King Planet, Jupiter with the Bright and Morning Star, Venus also in Leo.

These 2 main Astronomical Alignments make the case that on September 11, -3 BC is one of the stronger Pieces of Evidence for the 1st Advent of Jesus. What further gives strength to the Argument is that 9 Months prior would be the Time or Season of Jesus’ Conception. This Timeframe would then correspond to Hanukkah, which by some estimates was on December 25 of -4 BC. In turn, this Timeline would support the Scenario of the Visitation of the Magi to Bethlehem, about the 15th Month Time Marker after the 9-11 Birth Day. This Date and Time would correspond to December 25, -2 BC.

The occasion of the Visitation of the Magi to Bethlehem also Astronomically correlated to the Stationary Motion, apparently of the Planet Jupiter. It occurred in Virgo before continuing in its Retrograde Motion, a prelude to the Revelation 12  Sign of 2017. This Jupiter Retrograde in the Constellation of Virgo for 9 months is what set this version of the Revelation 12 Sign apart from any other within Virgo. There are also many other Astronomical Occurrences that have been cataloged about this unique Time on Earth.

The Constellations relate to the Rescue Mission given to the Son of GOD to redeem Humanity from its Course towards Eternal Damnation. There are the Solar and Lunar Total Eclipse that occurred on the Crucifixion Date. One then surmises that both took place on the same Day on April 14, 32 AD. This 32 AD Date and Time would also corroborate with the Essence Calendar of when the Messiah was calculated to come, as taught and interpreted by Dr. Ken Johnson. Then there were also the other Astronomical Phenomena of the ‘Star of David’ that occurred just before and after Jesus’ Birth and Death. Thus, given this Shemitah Overlapping Timeline, the aspect of the Shemitah or Sabbath Cycles of Time appear to Synchronize ‘perfectly. 

Numerical Values

With the hype of the Teaching of the Shemitah, popularized by Jonathan Cahn, why one is considering this parallel or Shemitah Overlap is that the Shemitah that existed during Jesus’ Ministry appears to correspond to the one that is to begin in the Fall of 2022. One is thus insinuating that the Fall 2022-Fall 2029 Sabbath Cycle would appear to be as it was for the Fall 32 AD-Fall 39 AD Shemitah. And given this Parameter, one will now point-out the various Features that constituted the Shemitah Cycle of Jesus’ Day. From the beginning, this Overlap is predicated that 32 AD is the best Year Candidate for Jesus’ Death, Burial and Resurrection along with the start of the Church Age.

It would correspond to the Age, Jesus needed to be, 33 Years in the Year 32 AD. If one supports the Year 33 AD, as is believed by most to be the True Crucifixion Year and having also a Popularized Corresponding Notion of a -4 BC Birth Date for Jesus, this would put the Age of Jesus at 35 Year in 33 AD. Not that it could not be possible, but what occurred on that April 14, 32 AD Day was what one believes is the Fulfillment of the Prophecy of Joel. In what way? One has already written about it in that the ‘Terrible Day of the LORD’ is 2-Fold in 1 Aspect, but that it occurred on the same Day. And that it will again at Jesus’ Return at the time of Armageddon, etc.

There was a Total Blood Moon on April 14, 32 AD. This was not the case in 33 AD. As to the Theory of the Shemitah from the Fall 28 AD to the Fall of 35 AD, it was only a 3.5 Year or 42 Months or 1260 Day Ministry that one also presents, was the actual Time Jesus’ Public Ministry. This has echoes of Daniel in the Prophecy of how ‘In the Midst’, there was a ‘Cutting-Off’ or of a Death that occurred pertaining to the Messiah. This had to occur before the Destruction of the 2nd Temple. Many Bible Students confuse this 3.5 Year Timeframe as needing to be concluded within the coming Tribulation Period.

Many confuse the Role of the Christ with the AntiChrist as it will also be at the 3.5 Year Time Marker when the Daily Sacrifices will be stopped by the AntiChrist. The Time of Jacob’s Trouble will complete the Last Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle that one and many other Watchers of the End Times are excited to see if the Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 will indeed turn out to be Daniel’s 70th Week. Another Key Prophetic Factor is the Numerical Values of 7 and 70 that occur in all of these Timelines in question since 28 AD that one is proposing Parallel or perhaps are Correlating to 2018. Consider the following Numerical Attributes of 7 and 70 in the Overlapping Timelines presented.

Theory of Shemitah 7-Year Overlap: 32 AD = 2022 and 39 AD = 2029
Fall 2022 = Super Shemitah of 70 Years since 1952.
1952 was 1st Shemitah Israel ‘Clocked’ once returned from the Roman Diaspora.

From Fall 28 AD to Fall 35 AD = 1 Shemitah Cycle

Precisely in April of the Year 32 AD is the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Cycle.
April 32 AD is when Jesus, one surmises, was Crucified.

From March 20, -445 BC, on the Spring Equinox
Decree to Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem by Esther’s Son, Artaxerxes II
+ 173,880 Days  = April 9/10th, 32 AD Triumphal Entry on the Sabbath.

Times and Dates

Consider the following additional Time and Date Correlations if the Theory of the Fall 28 AD to Fall 35 AD Shemitah Cycle is Valid and True. There are also many End Times Students that also hold that the start of Jesus’ Public Ministry was in 27 AD. This is based on the prevailing and Conventional Calculations. However, if that were to be the case, then Jesus, Dying on the Cross of Calvary in 33 AD would put Him, again at 35 Years of Age, if born in 4 BC. It is usually the same People who propagate the 27 AD Start of Jesus’ Ministry with then saying that Jesus Died in 33 AD. This Timeframe and Equation cannot work for both to be True, etc. Now, one has proposed before and shown that it was in the Year 28 AD that Jesus started His Public Ministry.

This was after Jesus was Publicly Baptized by John at the River Jordan around a Passover Time. Then Jesus was taken to the Wilderness for 40 Days to be Tested, etc. One proposes that it was after that Summer, it was during Yom Kippur within the Midst of the Fall Feasts of YHVH that Jesus then Proclaimed the Year of Jubilee. How so? If Jesus was in fact, Crucified, Died, Buried and Resurrected in the Month of April of 32 AD, then the following is True. If one Reverse Engineers 1260 Days from April 14, 32 AD, the resulting Time and Date is November 1, 28 AD. Based on Research of the Fall Feasts in 28 AD, the following is highly suggested as the case.

Fall Feast Timeline based on 1st New Moon after Fall Equinox

October 09, 28 AD      = Tishrei 1 New Civil Year on Rosh HaShanah - Sabbath
October 18, 28 AD    = Yom Kippur - 10th Day (Jesus reads Isaiah - Jubilee Proclaimed.
October 23, 28 AD      = Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles - 15th Day
October 31, 28 AD      = Shemini Atzerets - ‘The 8th Day Assembly’ 16th Day
November 1, 28 AD    = Simchat Torah - Reading of Torah 17th Day

How Simcha Torah is pertinent to the End Times and the start of the AntiChrist’s Reign for the coming Last Shemitah is that it was the occasion where King Solomon gathered the People after the 8th Day or Shemini Atzerets. It is when the King of Israel read the Law to them. This is what Jesus did. It was a Reiteration of the Commandments of YHVH given to Moses as Moses Recited them to all of Israel and Israel, responded in Kind, ‘I Do’. It has a throwback to the Wedding Covenant.

Could this be the ‘Covenant with the Many’ in one sense based on this sort of Interpretation and Multi-Layer Prophetic Overtone that Daniel does have? One has also presented the notion, that when the coming False Messiah, that will be Presented to Israel, Israel will say, ‘I Do’. It could be a Mocking of the same Scenario when the AntiChrist will gather all of Israel and with the Blessing of the ‘Elders of Zion’, Israel will make that Pact with Lucifer, and likewise say, ‘I Do’.

But this Pledge with this ‘Messiah’ Man, the Son of Perdition will be the Covenant of Death that Isaiah foretold Israel will capitulate to. It will be no different than what occurred to the ‘Children of Israel’ during the Exodus. Israel knows Miracles. There were the 10 Plagues that forced the Egyptians to Liberate the Israelites from Slavery. There was the Miraculous Exodus and Crossing of the Red Sea, on Dry Ground. The ‘Children’ of Israel, as a Nation, like no other, Saw and Heard the Creator YHVH.


YHVH Spoke directly to all the Congregations of Israel at the Foot of Mount Sinai. Yet where and are Miracles enough for Israel? No. 40 Days later, the ‘Children’ of Israel made a Golden Cow and bowed down and worshiped it instead. Is there any Reason why YHVH labeled the Israelites ‘Children’? Children do not have a Matured Sense of what Is Right and Wrong. Children can be easily Deceived, Manipulated and Coerced, etc. Children are not yet schooled in having Discernment and Sound Judgment to make Life-Changing Decisions on their own.

And to this Day, Modern Israel, that one believes is the Prophetic Restored Nation fulfillment, yet to be fully realized, is what the Last Shemitah that Israel owes YHVH for the Promised Land will be all about. It will be for YHVH to Change Jacob into Israel and once and for all, cut-out like a Cancer, that Synagogue of Satan within its Core Essence. It has plagued the Earthly People of YHVH in going after other ‘Lovers’.

Lastly, pertaining to the Numerical Values of 7 and 70, given this Theory of a Fall 32 AD to Fall 39 AD Shemitah Overlap Timeframe? Why one believes the Year 28 AD was and is the correct start of Jesus’ Public Ministry has to do with the Destruction of the 2nd Temple and the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. How so? Consider that, if indeed Jesus proclaimed the Year of Jubilee on Yom Kippur of 28 AD, if one adds then 7 Shemitahs or Sabbath Cycle of 7 Years, the End Year will be 70 AD. This is the Date that most Historians assert that the 2nd Temple was Destroyed, on the 9th of Av.

            28 AD  + 7 Shemitahs = 70 AD
28      35        42        49        56        63        70
1          2          3          4          5          6          7

And consider that from 32 AD, the Year one is proposing is the correct Year of Jesus’ Death, Burial, Resurrection and start of the Church Age, to the Destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD is 38 Years out. And? This Numerical Value in Years, 38 is the same amount of Years the Jewish Invalid was waiting by the side of the Pool of Siloam to be Healed. Based on the Context of the Reading and Jesus’ Words to the Man, the Invalid’s Condition was due to Sin. One surmises that this Man epitomized the Spiritual Condition of the whole Nation of Israel and why there needed to be a Messiah.

32 AD to 70 AD = 38 Years
Same Years as Invalid at Pool of Siloam from John 5:5.

Ultimately, the Invalid symbolized the Fallen Sin Nature of all of Mankind. It goes back to Adam and Eve in the Garden and why the Messiah was promised then to Humanity. Realize that Adam and Eve were not ‘Jews’ and thus the Promise of Humanity’s Redemption was nonetheless predicated on a coming Man to Redeem Man. But that Man was to come Extra-Ordinarily. He eventually came from the Lineage of Abraham, through Isaac and Jacob who were to become the Jews. But it is because of Sin that Humanity has become ‘Invalid’ in the Eyes of its Creator, YHVH. But it is only in YHVH’s Solution and Plan of Redemption that is only found in Jesus.

Mankind can only be cured of the Disease of Sin through Jesus. And one has to be willing. This is what Jesus asked the Man with the 38-Year Infirmity, ‘Do you want to get well’? Apparently, Israel in the End of ‘Evaluating’ Jesus did not want Jesus’ ‘Cure’. And it is evident that 38 Years after Jesus’ Death, Burial and Resurrection, the 2nd Temple that the Jews took Pride in was leveled to the ground in 70 AD. It was the Place the Jews put their Faith and Trust would ‘Cure’ them of any Infirmity.

It is true that the Temple was the Place to look to and go for any Abnormality. King Solomon was directed by YHVH to ‘Turn to this Place and be Healed’. But Israel would not as they rather not ‘See’ Jesus and be Healed by His Stripes on the Cross of Calvary. But instead of Israel, having been given the Commission to spread the Gospel, that Royal Commission was given to the Church and the Jewish Messiah, given over for a predominantly Gentile Bride, from among the Nations, etc.

Likewise, now Jesus is saying these same Words to every Human born on Earth, ‘Do you want to get well’? One’s Eternal Position will depend on one’s Response. It is a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ Answer. A ‘Maybe’ is a ‘No’ by default. Likewise, Jesus is that ‘Man’ or Doctor for all of Humanity and the Children of Israel. Jesus is that Promised Extra-Ordinary Perfect Man. Jesus came from Heaven to become a Willing Substitution to Atone or Pay for the Sin Infection that the Creator cannot allow.

One cannot Explain or fully Comprehend these Divine Protocols or why this Way of Jesus’ Death, Burial and Resurrection Processes had to be so. One can only accept it or not, but then so will one have to accept the Outcomes and their Consequences based on YHVH’s Stipulations and Conditions. Realize this Truth. It is not necessarily True that Jesus ‘Loved’ Israel and Humanity that much that He Died for them.

Remember that the Jews rejected Him, Mocked and Murdered Him. Where is the Love in that? Most of the World rejects Jesus and now in the Last Days, most of the Professing Church, i.e., the Laodiceans. No. It is the Father that Loved Israel and Humanity foremost. It is Jesus that Loves the Father. Thus, because Jesus Loves the Father, this is the True Evidence for Love, Jesus Obeyed.

Thus, Jesus went to the Cross, willingly. Now, because YHVH Loves Humanity and chose to make such based off of Their ‘Image and Likeness’, Jesus, GOD the Son, also Loves Israel and Humanity. In fact, Jesus is going to ‘Extract’ His Bride from such a Fallen and Rebellion Creation. And to this end, why there are such Biblical Storylines of Godly Jewish Men marrying ‘Less Than’ Gentiles, etc. You have the occasion of 1 of the Jewish Spies marrying Rahab. You have Boaz, the Kinsman Redeemer marrying Ruth, a Moabite and Enemy of Israel, etc.

Likewise, all those of Humanity that Repent like a Rahab and a Ruth become the Bride of Jesus, collectively in some Mysterious Way to be as Promised in the New Testament, ‘Co-Heirs’ with Christ. And realize that the Father has given All Things to the Son. All Power and Authority in Heaven, on Earth, and under the Earth. Imagine that. But in the meanwhile, that Last Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle is yet to commence.

Will it be then from the Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 as it was from the Fall of 32 AD to the Fall of 39 AD? Will this Last Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle of 7-Years be Daniels’ 70Th Week? That will remain to be seen. This following portion is a Reiteration from the Article entitled,

#665: The Fog of Prophecy.
Where Are We At?

It is being restated for context as an Addendum. If there is any ‘Major’ Revelation presented in all of this that the study has shown, it is that Jesus started His Ministry at the Start of a Sabbath Cycle of 7-Years or a Shemitah. And that it was the fulfillment of Isaiah’s Year of Jubilee. And that at the Mid-Point there was as ‘Cutting Off’. In the case of Jesus Christ, it was Himself, put to Death. In the case of the coming AntiChrist, also at the Mid-Point or 1260th Day, he will Cut Off the Daily Sacrifices. This is why the Timeline of Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 appears to corroborate an April 1-2, 2029 Passover.

It is wherein the AntiChrist will carry the 2nd Portion of the Shemitah Year in putting Jesus’ People to Death, as a Slaughter. It is when the Revelation 12 Sign actually comes to its Full Prophetic Fulfilment. It is when this ‘Red Dragon of Lucifer seeks to devour the Woman and those She bears but is taken to the Wilderness as the Remnant of Israel for the remainder of the Great Tribulation.

Thus, this study has been more of a Philosophical Retrospect and Spiritual Inventory to consider ‘Where We Are At’, Prophetically in context of the ‘Fog’. One thinks the Church Body finds itself, usually around this Time of the Year concerning the Fall Feasts of YHVH. So, one is then considering how it is interesting if the 32 to 39 AD Timeframe is an ‘Overlap’ of the Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 Shemitah.

 Or will it be from 2025, which is that 3.5 Year or 42 Month/1260 Day Count from Jesus’ Death, Burial, Resurrection and Commencement of the Church Age? The 28-35 AD Timeframe was a Shemitah and how it then corroborates with one’s Argument that it was in the Fall of 28 AD that Jesus began His Public Ministry. Again, this is very Important in that it occurred on a Shemitah and proclaimed the Year of Jubilee. Then exactly, 1260 Days later was April 14, 32 AD the exact Mid-Point was reached in the ‘Midst’ of the Shemitah.

Perhaps it is how the AntiChrist will, in some Fashion ‘Pick Up This Count’, in terms of the 3.5 Gap of Time. And how the 3.5 Years wherein Jesus was ‘Cut Off’ could be the ‘Gap’ of Time that could lead-up then to the Year 2025. And? It could be the next ‘Year’ to look at and study, if it turns-out that this 70th Year Super Shemitah converging in the Fall of 2022 will become ‘Another’ Nothing Burger. But this does not preclude from the Rapture Event to occur before that Time, thus the ‘Fog’ of Prophecy. 


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