Triangulation Anomalies on Earth as it is on Mars...

  • Was Mars inhabited by a race of Celestial Beings before?
  • Was there and is there a direct link with Mars on Earth?
  • Is there any physical evidence of motifs from Mars on Earth?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘For though we live in the flesh, we do not wage war according to the flesh. The weapons of our warfare are not the weapons of the world. Instead, they have Divine Power to demolish Strongholds. We tear down arguments, and every presumption set up against the knowledge of YHVH; and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.’ - 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

According to the Bible, when Lucifer was allowed to ‘tempt’ Jesus in the wilderness before Jesus began His earthly ministry of reconciling the lost souls of Humanity, Lucifer offered Jesus some amazing prospects at his disposal to give. As a typology, Jesus came to be as the ‘Azazael Scapegoat’ driven into the wilderness as was the case during a Yom Kippur holy day. This Scapegoat metaphorically carried the burden of all the sins of Israel, having been transferred upon its head to then be vanquished. In this case, Jesus came not only as Israel’s promised Messiah King to redeem the Promised Seed of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob, but that of every soul of all Humanity to receive the same opportunity of redemption or payment.

Jesus in this ‘temptation’ actually reversed the 3 curses of Eden placed upon Adam, Eve and the physical Earth. Jesus accomplished and triumphed in what the 1st Adam, failed at, that of the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life, etc. In essence, it was at this point that Lucifer’s fate and destiny was sealed with Jesus’ overcoming obedience and suffering. However, very insightfully, Lucifer in turn offered Jesus, at His most vulnerable time and need of His flesh, bread in a time of fasting that most likely was on the last day, the 40th day. When Lucifer failed with this 1st proposition, then something interesting happened next. Lucifer’s 2nd proposition then took Jesus to a high place. Jesus was shown all the kingdoms, thrones and nations of Earth -at once. Lucifer told Jesus that they were his to give and to whom he wills.

Realize that with the failed ‘test’ in the Garden of Eden, Lucifer usurped not only the souls of Adam’s race, but his authority and dominion over human government and power and that of the physical Earth. Lucifer, having usurped them from Adam offered them all to Jesus if He would bow the knee to Lucifer and worship him as ‘LORD’ instead. This condition reveals some perspectives of who presently is behind the façade of world governments, and authorities; it is ultimately Lucifer that is in charge. Yes, the Bible does speak that YHVH does interject His Chosen People at the highest levels of power to accomplish His will. This would be the case of the likes of Joseph in Egypt, Daniel in Babylon, Esther in Persia, etc. The question this study presents is that if all such places on Earth belong to Lucifer and are under this domain until Jesus returns, what evidence would there be physically, if at all of his Satanic 'signature'? Would there be or what would be his Satanic signet, sign, emblem or motif 'stamped', as it were on such places? What do all those places have in common then and now? This study will present topographical evidence, hidden in plain sight that such Luciferian 'Strongholds' had and have a ‘Martian Motif’ triangulation found all over Earth's sacred sites, past and present as it was/is on Cydonia, Mars. What is the 'Martian Motif'? That aspect, evidence and rationale will be developed in this study, which is literally 'out of this world'.

Of Principalities and Powers
The failure of Adam and Eve in Eden allowed for the ‘Title Deed’ to the Earth to revert back to Lucifer, until Jesus, the ‘Last Adam’ that is. What happened in the Garden of Eden? Was it nearly 6000 years ago as the Bible teaches or ‘billions and billions of years’? Can only 1 supposition be right? Can these 2 assertions be true? Just by the mere tracking of the speed of light, far distant Stars and galaxies are millions of years away in terms of time and space. There is also archeological evidence that certain civilizations on Earth are 10-40,000 years old. How can this be? There are many Bible Scholars who contend that based on 1 interpretation of Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, there is a ‘gap’ of time. This is much like the case when Jesus read Isaiah 61 at the synagogue of Nazareth and only the first part of the verse was read when He began His public ministry in Israel and for Israel. The 2nd part, 'and the vengeance of our GOD' was not.

Jesus told the congregation that the read part of Scripture ‘was fulfilled in their hearing’, thus, the Gap Theory. It might have been the case that Lucifer’s dominion, authority and power involved the Earth in some fashion before Adam and Eve were created in Eden. Astonishingly, in Ezekiel 28 it states that Lucifer had ‘walked in Eden’, perhaps prior to Adam. Was Eden Lucifer’s prior dominion and realm also?  Perhaps the Eden ‘trial’ of Adam was to see if this new type and class of Beings, that of Humanity would vanquish Satan’s dominion on Earth and be the ‘answer’ to Lucifer’s rebellion there and Creation at large. It eventually will be. Initially, the ‘experiment’ with a Humanity created with the unique feature of the very ‘Image and Likeness’ of YHVH failed.

However, the work of Jesus, YHVH in the flesh as a human like Adam ensured a defeat of Lucifer and the triumph of a redeemed Humanity over Satan and his Principalities and Powers, etc. Why is Humanity so special and/or unique with this respect and relevance to Jesus’ incarnation and redeeming work? Realize that out of the myriads of created Celestial Beings that YHVH has created, none have had the ‘image and likeness’ of YHVH interwoven in what became ‘a living soul’. Many ask, ‘are there other Beings out there in outer space or beyond’? Yes. The Bible says so. There are for example in Heaven, the 4-Living Creatures around the Throne of YHVH. There is an Eagle that flies above the expanse there. There are the 7 Living Spirits before the Throne also. There are the Seraphim with 6 wings, then the Cherubim with 4 wings. Then there are the myriads of Angles that most do not have wings.

Then there are the 12 Elder Beings seated around the Throne of YHVH. And these are just those that are mentioned in the Bible. Ultimately, the Bible describes that a myriad of the redeemed race of Adam will also be joining in the company of the Count of Heaven. The Bible and other books do give an insight into different types of Celestial Beings that the Bible often refers to as the ‘Sons of GOD’. There were the Watcher Class of Celestial Beings that YHVH put in charge over Humanity on Earth to teach during the times of Enoch. This kind in also rebelled and conspired to mate with human women as Genesis 6 describes. These Watcher that came down to Mount Hermon are the likes and mythos of ancient folklore that today, many would ascribe to as being ETs and with forced abductions, etc. Even Jesus spoke in terms that if He were lecturing today, many would see Him, and many do as some ET or ‘ascended master’, etc.

The Divine Purpose of Humanity
Most ancient civilizations speak of a particular ‘Celestial Being’ doing the same work that Jesus did and that came from the Pleiades, from Orion, from Venus, and Mars etc. Technically, Jesus can be described as an ‘ET’. This is true in terms of the semantics of the words alone, from ‘extra-terrestrial’, meaning ‘from out of the Earth’ or not of the Earth. The Bible does teach that Jesus did come from Heaven and was not from Earth. He even stated in John 8 that He was ‘from above’ and not of this world and that ‘His Kingdom was not of this world’, etc. He also stated in terms that ‘I have come to you but you do not believe our message’…insinuating that there is ‘life’ beyond Earth, according to the Bible. However, Humanity is unique although ‘made a little lower than the Angels’ but that it has a soul. To a large extent, this is the envy of Creation as no other Celestial Beings have such a constitution, value, purpose, destiny.

There is also the divine purpose of having Humanity be co-heirs and rulers with Christ to share His authority, power and dominion as the Bride of Christ one day. Collectively, such a construct is deemed the ‘Body of Christ’ that the Bible teaches is being currently constructed and one day will be completed and extracted from the Earth. It is the stuff of science fiction movies with a storyline of the supernatural, warfare and conquest. In the meanwhile, Lucifer is attempting to hold on to his earthly dominion. He is also seeking to usurp the very Kingdom of Heaven itself. Lucifer realizes that all the Thrones of the Principalities and Powers, both in Heaven, on Earth and perhaps even on other planets will be vacated. A redeemed Humanity will possess them as spoils of Jesus’ victory over them at the Cross of Calvary, but only to those that avail themselves of Jesus’ blood.

The failure of Humanity spelled a dire condition of eventual doom and gloom and perpetual death, and enslavement for all of Humanity. Sadly, the antithesis of the Gospel of Jesus however is being used and will also by those Celestial Beings in rebellion that seek to destroy Humanity with its counterfeit ‘gospel’. What this study suggests is that Lucifer and his Fallen Angels bestowed on certain humans such forbidden sacred knowledge and technology. These have been designated ‘keepers of the sacred sites’ or Strongholds on Earth to operate the Martian Motif triangulations exclusively hidden in plain sight.

The Martian Motif is a triangulation of structures at Cydonia, Mars. This study contends that they functioned there and here on Earth as a key linked to the network or grid that permeates the spheres of influence; individually, locally, regionally and globally. The triangulated sites are where sacred temples, palaces and/or forts are construed. They serve as nexus points of transition for the fallen Celestial Beings to traverse dimensions. These sites compose the grid that envelopes the entire Earth to subjugate it from and with, thus the ‘Spiritual Strongholds’ as it were that the Bible speaks about. It is foremost spiritually but this study presents evidence that they have a correspondence physically. Humanity has not lost its way or memory of such ‘knowledge’, and/or ‘advanced technology’ due to a collective state of amnesia, is not necessarily true. It is true for the masses of the ‘unlearned’ and ‘uninitiated’. However, the sacred knowledge and technologies that the ancient 'builder races' had have always been funneled to the ‘chosen few’, be it the ‘Priestly Classes’, Rulers, Kings, Secret Societies, etc.

The Geometric Strongholds
There are, for example the 13 Bloodlines, the Councils, the Secret Masonic Orders and the like that Lucifer had, has and will utilize to further his quest for world domination on Earth but eventually for Heaven as well. With this respect, the Redeemed of YHVH are in somewhat of a disadvantage in that due to the fall of Adam, the direct connection and knowledge of YHVH was also severed and lost. It has taken much to ‘reconnect’ and have the lost knowledge and understanding of YHVH restored. It has been a tenuous quest to reconnect and redeem. The Bible teaches that in times past after the fall, YHVH would connect with Humanity initially through dreams, visions, then prophets but lastly by Jesus in these Last Days. And to an extent it has been limited only to the very essentials of what is paramount first, the redemption of the souls of every human being on Earth.

However, what ‘little’ one might think redemption has to offer, it is enough to secure one’s eternal state after death and presently has enough power to demolish these demonic ‘Strongholds’ with. This redemption provides only to Adam's race has been, is and will be constantly contested by the world, Lucifer and his minions. The true intentions of all the Celestial Fallen Ones is to possess a human soul or harvest it in some mysterious and nefarious way. The Bible teaches that in the End of Days, during the last generation, these Fallen Ones and Lucifer will be manifested literally on Earth during the last 7 years of this present evil age. This condition was even foretold in many extra-Biblical sources as the book of Enoch. It states that the Celestial Beings, the Watchers or the ‘Titans’ bound in Tartarus would be loosed in the ‘70th Generation’.

This condition is corroborated in the book of Revelation when the Bottomless Pit will be opened and the chained Titans or the Watchers of Hermon will be set free, led by the ancient mythical icon of a god, Apollo, etc. Until then, the only so called ‘advanced technology’ is what the Celestial Fallen Beings have bestowed on certain human agents with. It has only tricked-down to the ‘dumb masses’ when it serves their purposes to make money off of or to continue and enslave the nations with. For example, the smart phone. This type of devise, for example in the USA has the NSA, the CIA and other clandestine agencies record every conversion, voice, text and image.

All the pictures become their property and not only one’s information is harvested but those of all the contacts as well. With its GPS function, the powers-that-be can locate one’s position within a few feet or meters in real time. What a win-win situation and set-up for a surveillance super-state geometric grid of the coming Luciferian New World Order. It is after the order of Orwell’s book, 1984 that will help the coming AntiChrist and his ‘Ancient Alien’ creators come to ‘help’ rule Humanity with. This would have been the destiny of all of Humanity headed for with Lucifer to the Lake of Fire ultimately if it were not for the Last Adam, Jesus that was promised to come as a human, foretold right after the fall of Adam in Genesis 3:15. Thus, if one where to ask or search for any evidence of how Lucifer rules from behind the scenes and give his power and authority to the nations, peoples and rulers, would there be any physical evidence perhaps of this diabolical geometric grid? Yes.

Inter-Planetary Template
There is overwhelming evidence that this study seeks to reveal that the Martian Motif triangulations on Earth construe the physical aspect of these sacred sites that are set-up all over the Earth and that can only be seen from the air. However, with modern software using Google Earth satellite imagery, these motifs can now be ‘decoded’. Such sacred sites all over the Earth are spectacular if the evidence and theory are true. The Luciferian ‘enslavement’ of the human masses on Earth by the hands of the few is allowed to continue until Jesus will literally take these earthly powers, authorities, kingdoms and thrones at His 2nd Coming. The Martian Motif are such ‘Strongholds’ that do exist and are mirrored on Earth physically.

The Bible does also teach that Lucifer will one day introduce his answer to and for Humanity, he whom the Bible deems the AntiChrist. To this end, the Principalities and Powers will masquerade themselves as ‘Ancient Alien’ creators to assist him, etc. The UFO and ‘Ancient Alien’ phenomenon is part of this coming deception and will play the key role in explaining away the Rapture and the entities that are said to return and reappear in the last chapters of human history. They are understood to appear physically on Earth to ‘aid’ the coming AntiChrist and ‘help’ Humanity save itself from the brink of destruction. Lucifer will deceptively accomplish this thanks to the help of his appointed and energized false Messiah to come onto the world scene soon after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, whenever that will occur.

To reiterate, this study strongly suggest that the Martian Motif triangulations found on Earth as it is on Cydonia, Mars constitute the composition of what the ‘Strongholds’ of 2 Corinthians 10 speaks about on a spiritual level but also on a physical counterpart. It is metaphorically portrayed and in a spiritual context, but there is also a physical dimension that mirrors its reality. All this is by way of background, one that is Biblical in nature and how the Martian Motif triangulations are hidden in plain sight at most sacred locations all over Earth. The question remains, why? These ‘Strongholds’ were and are literally a geographic construct that uses sacred mathematics, geometry, the phi ratio, and Earth’s energies and resonance among other variables to channel the power of demonic entities, both spiritual ones and earthly ones that are given Lucifer’s power and authority to rule such areas with, for now.

What is astonishing is that the Martian Motif is the only template that is consistently replicated at all of Earth’s sacred sites, exclusively since recorded time and before then as it is on Cydonia, Mars. Why? On Earth, the replicated templates track constellations, solstices, equinoxes, eclipses and epochs. Specifically, what constitutes the 'Martian Motif'? The prominent features of the triangulation template are the 3 distinct components of the Face of Mars, the Pleiades City and a massive Pentagon configuration. For sure, many sites from ancient megalithic stone circles to modern skyscrapers, utilize the sacred Gematria of the triangulation and 3 structures to function not only as keepers of time but also as 'keys' needing to be activated to open ‘portals’ as this study will suggest. The quartz, for example in the megalithic stones functioned and function much like antennae to channel the frequencies and resonance of these sacred sites.

The Cydonia Mensae
Satanists and Luciferian Secret Societies use the same principles of this sacred triangulation and encirclements for their activations. Is it any wonder why pagan rituals occur on these sacred spots, and on sacred days with resonance of sound coming from incantations, and then with blood? Thus, these ‘Strongholds’ comprise the grid of ‘sacred spaces’ that span and cover all of the Earth. Then with the powers combined of resonance/incantations, the life force in a victim’s blood and demonic power activates a piercing of dimensions. Why blood? The Bible teaches that the life force resides in the blood. This study strongly suggests that the Martian Motif is a ‘template’ that comes from Cydonia, Mars or beyond.

It functions much like a ‘key’ that needs to be activated to open portals/gates into the ‘other side’. And it is what has been handed down by the Fallen Ones to replicate on Earth. It is understood Biblically that the Rulers-from-on-high abide in the air but have their terrestrial correspondence in the form of such ‘Strongholds’. Some were the locales where the Israelites demolished them, physically on their way to conquer the Promised Land. Most sites are obscured but are aligned and designed with certain angles and alignments to ley-lines and Earth’s energy grid. Upon activation, it allows for humans to commune with the Celestial Beings for power, authority and influence, for the time being to do their evil and advance the Luciferian agenda. This is not to say or insinuate that those humans found to function in or live in such a triangulation area/region that might span a modern megapolis, for example are ‘Luciferian’ or occultic.

The point is that these delineations constitute the sphere of influence given by Lucifer and his Fallen Ones to those humans designated as their trustees. These are given and have power and influence over an area and/or region, state or nation on Earth on the terrestrial plain. Behind the scene in the spiritual realm is where the true power and authority lies. These are the Strongholds the Bible warns about but that through Jesus, one has ‘Divine Power’ and a restored authority to demolish them now. As to how all earthy sacred sites were and are construed, this study will present 100s if chart and video animations of how they are mirrored after the pattern found in Cydonia, Mars. In fact, the complex there is just the proverbial ‘tip of the iceberg’ as it is at an edge of a vast complex of even more massive sized pyramid-shaped grid pattern that extends for hundreds of miles to the southwest.

In fact, satellite imagery of Mars suggests that it suffered an array of blasts that even the terrain had embedded shadows in the same angle of the shockwaves. As Mars subsequently lost its atmosphere and due to certain catastrophes, weathering has occurred that has distorted or damages most structures. In many cases, the so-called experts deduce that most supposed structures are nothing more than mounds or eroded Maritain terrain, etc. Yet why is it that since the first human writings found, there has been a mythos about a triangulation and a ‘Face’ on Mars? Why is such a feature part of a storyline even illustrated in a modern comic book and a movie that identifies it as a Hall of Records? This study suggests that the Martian Motif did not originate from Earth and for that matter, neither from Mars.

The Triangulation Template
Most likely, it is a much older motif and construct that was mirrored from the Stars, that of the Pleiades in particular and in direct association with Orion as these 2 constellations have a unique property that no other constellations have. These 2 constellations in particular are even mentioned in the Bible by YHVH in the book of Job, etc. Beyond the Stars, could this type of a triangulation template be in part what is present in the Courts of Heaven itself? Realize that the Fallen Angles know the configuration of how Heaven is laid-out. Realize that YHVH is a GOD of mathematics, geometry, and symmetry.

The point is that perhaps the Fallen Angles have tried to replicate and delineate this triangulation configuration on places they currently abide in or did as some are purported to have abandoned for Earthly women and due to the fall of Humanity. So, to reiterate, such have extended this same Martian Motif to places on Earth that are ‘sacred’ as they are part of a grid overlay that functions as keys activating portals that transcends the fabric of space and time to the dimensions where the ‘Strongholds’ of the Fallen Ones abide in. What is even more unique is that these sacred triangulations on Earth's sacred sites as found in Cydonia, Mars are hidden in plain sight.

What is astonishing is that the Martian Motif is replicated on Earth in varying degrees of size but the specific dimensions of each of the 3 components are always in the approximate size ratio to each other at every site identifies thus far. And the Pleiades City complex that is construed after the Pleiades Star Cluster is not what is replicated on Earth but rather the one that is configured on Mars specifically, which is astonishing. The Martian Motif is at the core of all of Earth’s sacred sites as if a common DNA in some form or fashion. There are very ancient sites as far back as the megalithic period that are very old yet are still used today. And for what type of rituals? They are used for Luciferian rituals and sacrifices.

As mentioned, there are sites that the Pagans used for ‘high places’ the Bible warned about and that Israel should have completely demolished when they entered the Promised Land. Then there are those that incorporate the ancient sites with churches, for example when such Strongholds were 'captured' by the Christians taking over these sacred sites with the Gospel. Then there were ‘Christian’ that lost the 'sacred sites' and where reverted back to the ‘enemy’. For example, presently there are many sacred sites especially in the Middle East where this contention had and is still occurring.

Churches have been recaptured and are under the dominion of Islam and its false prophet and usurper god Allah, which this study strongly suggests has a direct link to the Rebel King Ala-lu who is purported to be the one on the Face of Mars, etc. Herein lies a running and common core lore and mythos of this particular Celestial Being that is at the center of many megalithic stone circles and the site of specific worship, Lucifer. Many places are the likes of Stonehenge of ancient past but in most cases now, in modern cites, it is the sports stadiums that mask the ‘Face of Mars’. Why? These places are where one transforms into a ‘fanatic’ in an altered state of being to worship. It is as if one goes to ‘church’ and is transfixed with euphoria.

The Rationale for the Exposé?
For example, the stadium in Brazil, the Maracanã, is called the ‘Temple of Soccer’ and it is sacred as any 'religion' as any to millions, etc. At a specific time and place, one adores special cloths, relics and performs rituals. Songs or sound is resonated and one is supposedly translated to a throne of a Deity. The various notes function much like one would have on a combination lock. Ultimately a right configuration matches and 'unlocks'. Such a protocol ushers one to a Deity, YHVH or in the case of the Pagans, so too to a ‘throne’ but that of another LORD and GOD -that not of Christ Jesus’ but Lucifer, who also has a throne. For example, this was the case that even Jesus alluded to of Lucifer’s physical throne on Earth, that being in Pergamon during the days of the 7 Churches of Asia.

Over the span of this 10-year-long study, it has come to one’s attention that this motif in particular of the Face of Mars, is associated with a ‘Rebel King’, a ‘devil’, horns, and worship. It started with the supposed text of the ancient Sumerians wherein Ala-Lu was banished from the planet Nibiru and found his way to Earth. He was appointed Lord of the Earth but then his brother came to take it over and was banished thereafter to Mars. This is the storyline of the Mormons and all ancient mythos of the Council of the Gods. Without a doubt, it is not ascribed to Jesus or anything Biblical. On the contrary. Then there are those sacred sites that incorporate a modern build-up of the area to include mid-sized cites that incorporate part or all of the ancient structures. Then there are the modern megapolis cities with modern skyscrapers that hide or stealth the triangulation.

Why is this topic relevant or important to note and write about, especially to the Body of Christ in these Last Day? It is because these Celestial Beings, and Lucifer that have operated only in the shadows and kept at bay by the Restrainer incorporated with the Body of Christ on Earth, physically are about to have an exchange. As the Body of Christ vanishes, the Fallen Ones will appear. Then the full force of their unveiling will be literally manifested with all their power and this against a helpless and unrepentant Humanity. This study is an attempt to warn and expose those that are behind the power and authorities and how a dichotomy of agendas is at play. One believes that to a large extent, this same mythos of the Saviors come from Mars, and other places, as the Pleiades will ‘show up’ with their flying saucer crafts and explain away the Rapture and Jesus for that matter.

They will be the ones that will help formulate ‘The Lie’ that will be believed by a traumatized Humanity of all that is to come in the ensuing Tribulation Period. The other reason for this study is that perhaps those that do not know Jesus as Savior and Lord but are interested in the UFO-Alien phenomena, Astro-Archeology and the secrets of ancient civilizations can hear an alternative explanation that attempts to evaluate the Martian Motif Theory through a Biblical and Christian point of view, meaning and outcome. Why? It is because there is a war for one’s soul that is the most precious commodity a human being has of eternal value and that needs to be redeemed; that it is in Jesus alone that it can be. The entities convey and will that they are the true ‘creators’ and progenitors of Humanity and seek only the ‘good and betterment of Humanity and Earth’. This is and will be the deception on a global scale to come.

YouTube Channel
To this day, when ETs appear, they amazingly only speak of Jesus as being ‘one of them’ but not ‘GOD’. They convey that Jesus was not the Creator that ‘seeded’ Adam alone but that humans have the potential in themselves to become a ‘God’ with the sacred knowledge and technology they offer. It is Adonis, Jehovah, YHVH that is the evil and tyrannical GOD to the Luciferians. They claim Adonis is the one that seeks to limit Humanity and enslave it in the darkness of ignorance, etc. It is Jesus whom they hate with a passion because they know, however that their time is up and their ultimate destiny is the Lake of Fire for their insubordination and rebellion that has led not only Humanity and Earth to chaos, but that of all of Creation and Heaven itself. This is why there will be a need for Jesus to totally revamp not only the Earth but Heaven. The Bibles teaches that this will occur when Jesus creates them anew after the Millennial Reign and the Great White Throne Judgment.

So, now the question of why? Why on Earth and what is the purpose for a Martian Motif template of a triangulation pattern found on all of Earth’s sacred sites as it is on Mars? Well, as alluded to, these sacred places are ‘keys’ that open ‘portals’ that activate using Earth’s energy ley-lines and vortices as a grid generated by Earth’s frequency and resonance. It becomes a network spanning the ‘Strongholds’ to the Fallen Celestial Begins, their ‘Aliens’ and demons that use a triangulation to traverse the dimensions of time and space from. But moreover, a sacred space can span a small area to a mega city and even a nation that casts its spell of influence, power and authority over the humans below by the Principalities, Dominions, Powers in Heavenly Places, etc.

To this end of cataloging these Martian Motif triangulation sacred sites on Earth, a YouTube channel has been dedicated to the study, analysis and Archeo-Astronomy interpretation of the Cydonia, Mars pyramid complex on Earth. All the Videos, Charts and Posters referenced on the videos presented are free to view online on devises as a public service as one only seeks to contribute to this type of revelation and knowledge. However, downloads of any PDFs of the Charts and/or Posters are for a $1 USD donation each, using the provided PayPal link that can be taken from the legend on the Charts, YouTube description section and webpage references. The donations are greatly appreciated to sustain the website. There will also be a listing of links to sites as well to order associated merchandise and books on the subject, if so desired.

To reiterate, this ancient pyramid structure complex found on Cydonia, Mars is laid-out in a sacred-geometric triangulation pattern. The evidence is that as on Mars, this triangulation which this study deems the ‘Martian Motif’, is found to be replicated in Earth’s ancient sacred sites. More astonishing is that the same Martian Motif appears to also be replicated on Earth’s modern sacred sites, to this day. The Martian Motif Theory will provide evidence that indeed, Earth had a direct connection to Mars in its ancient past. The Theory will visually demonstrate that Earth still has this, not-so-forgotten connection with Mars even now hidden in plain sight. The evidence are the various sacred sites identified all over Earth that incorporate this Martian Motif sacred geometry using Google Earth.

The aim of this research is to examine this ‘Martian Motif’ for its possible significances; religious, esoteric, occultic and even Biblical. It is an attempt to connect the dots, in one aspect of the forgotten history of Humanity’s ancient past and how it possibly will relate to Humanity’s, not-to-distant future. This research does in no way contradict the Biblical narrative but lends credibility to the Gap Theory that can reconcile an ‘Old and Young Earth’ with a convergence. Based on the years of research on this topic, one is currently convinced that between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, there are 2 different Creation accounts. They do overlap but they are not the retelling of the same event. Thus, one can reconcile a ‘Young Earth’ theory with the ‘Old Earth’ theory because both are true.

The initial Creation of Genesis 1:1 was at the beginning…yet it states that Earth became formless and void or empty. This assertion presupposes that there was an Earth already created before conditions rendered it in chaos. Genesis 1:2 and chapter 2 is the ‘recreation’ account when YHVH placed a Living Soul of Humanity, of Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden. Thus, to speak that the Heavens were created in Genesis 1:1 and the Earth is true. Yet it is not until the 4th day that YHVH states that ‘and He also made the Stars’, etc. Realize that when YHVH made the ‘Heavens’ and then later the ‘Stars’, it is as if when one buys a new house, and then later-on when one moves in does one adorn or fix-up the place with curtains, chandeliers, lights, just perhaps as it was with the expanse of the Universe.

Thus, to this Follower of Jesus, one has no issue with speaking in terms of the Universe being billions of years old and yet accepts that the only records one has of Humanity is only 6000 years old. And in terms of ‘science’, the Martian Motif Theory is technically scientific as it can be directly observed, measured and replicated as evidenced on Earth’s sacred sites using Google Earth. To this end, this is what this study and the YouTube channel seek to uncover. It will be by way of illustrations of such sites using Google Earth that will present over 100s of ancient and modern world sacred site layouts found all over Earth, as it is on Mars. It would appear that the evidence of this Martian Motif confirms a direct connection, knowledge and understanding of a Martian civilization or race of Beings that existed; perhaps even before the Adamic race.

Were these 'Martians' in part, the Fallen Angels that came to Earth and became the ‘gods’ of ancient Earth folklore and mythology even to this day? Was the Cydonia, Mars pyramid complex perhaps a copy on Mars of what was in the Stars and even more astounding, that of what is in Heaven itself? This notion is not far-fetched as in the book of Revelation, the New Jerusalem if taken literally will have gates, streets, buildings and a center. Thus, could such a motif be a reflection on Mars as it is in Heaven? Why is this anomaly of Mars noteworthy to research? It is because this same Martian Motif is still being replicated on Earth to this day. The Martian Motif Theory postulates that whomever originally configured the pyramid triangulation motif on Mars, are still influencing, directing, and controlling world events on Earth as it was and is on Mars. These places reflect a power behind the sites that are possessed by the Principalities, Powers, Authorities, Rules on high that the Apostle Paul taught about and warned the Body of Christ of.

These are the real forces, the Strongholds that guard the sacred spaces and ‘tag’ them as it were like gangs tag neighborhoods with their graffiti. These sacred places on Earth construed with the hidden Cydonia, Mars triangulation are a seal or stamp of authority and who has power, authority and influence over such physical places, be it a town, a city, a county, a state or nation, etc. This is why the Apostle Paul taught the Followers of Jesus that the warfare is not against people, necessarily but those Powers and Authorities behind them whom they serve, willingly and/or ignorantly, nevertheless. This was literally seen as an object lesson when YHVH used Israel as a nation to physically demolish and bring down the physical Strongholds.

This was the case of the ‘gods of Egypt’ and then with Jericho, in particular that really was but an extension of the Spiritual Strongholds in the march toward the conquest of the Promised Land. Now, in the Body of Christ the condition is still the same, although one now has the Divine Power and Authority to demolish the 'Strongholds' of the fallen Celestial Beings with the Name of Jesus. Why? It is because of Jesus and the victory obtained at the Cross of Calvary. It was there, a sacred site that Jesus signed the ‘Bill of Sale’ for Humanity’s souls in exchange and bought with His own blood. The Earth's  'Title Deed' came with it.

Jesus ingeniously used the power of Lucifer’s most powerful weapons, the fear of Death and Death itself that subjugated a lost Humanity since Adam. Amazingly, through Death, Jesus destroyed Lucifer who had the power and authority of Death and the fear of Death. It is now only a matter of time before time and history catches up with the finished work of Jesus as Death and Hades will also be cast into the Lake of Fire. But not before some amazing days are to come where the scenes of major motion science fiction movies will pale in comparison to what will occur on Earth as it was on Mars perhaps because of this all-out manifestation of the Luciferian infestation let loose on Earth masquerading themselves as the ‘Saviors’ come from Mars, the Pleiades, Venus, etc.

ESA.ist - G. Neukum








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