To Confirm the Covenant of ‘Peace and Security

  • What is the Operation Pillar of Cloud about and is it effective?
  • Will Israel's defense force and Iron Dome Shield protect her?
  • Can such an Iron Dome Shield have echoes of Biblical proportions?

by Luis B. Vega
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 ‘By day the LORD went ahead of them (Israelites) in a Pillar of Cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a Pillar of Fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night’.
 -Exodus 13:21

The following study will seek to illustrate the current military operations and conflict between the Palestinians in Gaza, in particular and the Israeli response to the barrage of rocket attacks from Hamas over the past decade. The name of the Israeli military operation, ‘Pillar of Cloud’ will be examined due to its Biblical connotation. A description of the various short and now medium range rockets that Hamas is using will be itemized. The Israeli advanced missile defense system called ‘Iron Dome’ or ‘shield’ will be looked at for possible correlations to the Spiritual Warfare the Bible declares, Followers of Christ are involved in presently. A speculative scenario of the geo-political ramifications of this escalating conflict will be highlighted. This escalating conflict could very well lead to a larger regional Muslim-Jewish war.

Perhaps these escalating exchanges between Gaza and Israel over the past decade will culminate in the prophesied Psalm 83 Arab-Israeli War. It appears that the main players and conditions are now almost in place for such a scenario to occur. Many nations elect to use patriotic and/or religious inferences when it comes to naming certain military operations or campaigns as well as weapon systems. It is very interesting that Israel chose to call the latest code or name for their military operation against Hamas, ‘Pillar of Cloud’ or Defense. This has a huge Biblical and spiritual significant implication. It is one of the few times, in which the secular Nation of Israel has inferred to a Biblical and spiritual association to a military campaign.

Perhaps it is a sign of just where National Israel is with respect to the nation’s reconciliation and redemption with the GOD of Israel, YHWH. This full reconciliation and redemption will only come about at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, their rejected Messiah according to the Bible. It will be at a time when Christ says in reference to the Jewish nation as Zechariah 12:10 states, ‘They will look on me, the one they have pierced…’  The ‘Pillar of Cloud’ is a reference to the LORD’s protective ‘shield’ or dome if you will, while the Israelites were sojourning throughout the Wilderness. In the Wilderness, when Israel was headed toward the Promised Land, the LORD’s presence was manifested in the Pillar of Cloud by day and a Pillar of Fire by night. The Pillar of Cloud was like a ‘dome’ or a shield of protection for the entire nation. It protected the Israelites from the intense desert heat of the sun during the day.

The Pillar of Cloud
The Cloud also was a shield or ‘dome’ of protection from the severe cold at night and wild animals. Interestingly, the formation of the Tabernacle and the camp was organized and divided in a military fashion; by tribes, elders, leaders, units etc., that formed a Cross configuration. Much like in the time of the Wilderness journey for Israel, the ‘Iron Dome’ missile defense system, like the Pillar of Cloud then is protecting Israel now. This ‘shield’ kept the enemies of Israel from infiltrating the camp. Although the Iron Dome is not 100% effective today, it is intercepting and destroying around 90% of the rockets that are being launched from Hamas and other Muslim militant groups bent on the destruction of the State of Israel. Hamas has been lobbing rockets in Israel for decades.

The difference now is that Israel does seem to have an effective shield or ‘Pillar of Cloud’ against their ancient enemies but the technology and accuracy of the rockets from the Muslim cohorts is becoming more sophisticated. Perhaps this weapons’ shield is a foreshadowing of the greater protection and ‘shield’ the LORD will be providing the nation of Israel during the inevitable 1) Psalm 83 War, 2) the Ezekiel 38 War, 3) the Tribulation, and 4) the final countdown to Armageddon. The reason why Hamas in Gaza has been launching rockets at Israel for the past decade and engaged in terrorist activities like suicide bombing, soldier kidnappings etc., it that it refuses to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign nation. Hamas seeks instead to replace Israel with a Muslim Arab state. This escalating Arab conflict, in particular, goes back to the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948.

The argument for the Palestinians is that the ‘Land’ was theirs first’ or that they were there before all the Jews started to make Aliyah after World War 2. Most that support the ‘Palestinian’ claim to Israel proper and the entire West Bank -which is Judea and Samaria, has forgotten the history of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Originally the U.N. Partition Plan was construed and promised to the Arab and Jews by the World War 2 victors. The divine ‘Land Grant’ for both the Palestinians and Jews involved what is now the country of Jordan, on the East bank of the River Jordan. This territory was to be the State for the Palestinians or Palestine. The entire land to the West of the River Jordan was to be the territory for the Jewish State. This original UN Partition Plan was altered by the British and has had dire consequences even to this very day because of it.

There was a double cross to both the Arabs and the Jews by the Globalists that sought to further their own interests as new oil resources were discovered in the Middle East. It was a ploy also to keep the religious hatred and ethnic revelry between the Jews and Muslims at the forefront of the region in the ancient old ploy to divide and conquer. In 1947 the UN partitioned only what remained after the country of Jordan was established by the West as a monarchy. This left only the territory west of the River Jordan to partition between the Arabs and Jews. With that, the UN partitioned ‘Palestine’ into an Arab and Jewish section from the West Bank lands. The Palestinians rejected this UN Plan because they wanted it all. Instead of a compromise or peace, 7 well equipped Muslim armies attacked Israel simultaneously as Israel declared independence on May 14, 1948. Israel’s independence was recognized by the US and the UN thereafter.

The Original Partition of Palestine

The war with the Muslims was won by Israel, miraculously. This is when most of the Palestinian that left Israel proper became ‘refugees’ in neighboring Arab countries. The remaining Palestinians that remained in Israel proper were granted Israeli citizenship; something Arab countries that harbor Palestinian camps refuse to do. This Arab-Israeli conflict was designed to deflect attention from the siphoning of the oil and gas deposits and the discrepancy of the abject poverty the Arab peoples were being forced to live under by their Muslim Dictators backed by the West. On the whole, the Arab populations were kept down by Western backed military and brutal dictatorships. This was the mode of operation until the game-changer of the Arab Spring. At this time, all the subjected Dictators towing the line to the Globalists were now being replaced by extremist Islamists bend on the destruction of Israel.

The core strife of the Muslim-Jewish conflict goes back farther than the establishment of the modern State of Israel. It has been an ancient and Biblical struggle for the Promised Land; the Covenant in which the LORD, Creator of Heaven and Earth granted the ‘Title Deed’ to a particular Land to a particular People. Herein is the contention and conflict of whose Land it is based on the interpretation of theology. This ‘Promise’ to the Land was given to a particular person and descendants by GOD according to the Bible and this truth is not disputed. What is disputed is that both the Jews and the Arabs claim this divine right to the Land. The Jews, according to the Bible, were led by the LORD personally –by the Pillar of Cloud in the times of Moses to possess the Promised Land.

The Bible declares that the Israelite divine right is established through Isaac, the Son of Promise to Abraham. The Bible declares that the Promise to the Land came by Abraham and is confirmed through Isaac and Jacob. The issue of the Covenant for the Muslim’\s is that they claim the divine right is established through Ishmael, the 1st Born to Abraham. But the Palestinians are the descendants of the Philistines, who were Phoenicians, not Arabs that are descendants of Ishmael. It was later on that the conquest of the region by the Arabs mixed the races and dominated them with Islamic anti Judeo-Christian religion. Presently, the escalating volleys of attacks, reprisals, cease-fires, re-arming cycle will inevitably continue until it will ultimately lead to another larger wars in the region against the Muslim, according to Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39.

The current Israeli military operation against the descendants of the Philistines and Ishmael in what was known as Philistia aka Gaza, has a direct connotation to the actual and literal Pillar of Cloud that was leading the Israelites out of Egypt through the Wilderness and into the Promised Land that is the State of Israel now. Ultimately, the Land is the LORD’s according to the Bible. Yet it was for the same sins that Israel was also evicted from the Land just like the LORD said would happen if the conditions of their Land Covenant were not adhered to. The last national exile happened to Israel in 70 AD during the Roman occupation. In reprisal after subjugating and exiling Israel off the Land, the Romans renamed the Land after Israel’s mortal enemies, the Philistines. What once was Judea and Samaria was written over the maps with ‘Palestinia’.
Over the centuries, the name Palestine later became a euphemism for the land to include much of the Levant.

The Diaspora
It has been after World War 2 with the breakup of the old colonial European empires that the same names and peoples resurfaced in these Last Days. In fact, Palestine was even once considered for the official political name of the State of Israel in 1948. In no other time since the Jewish Diaspora began in 70 AD has the State of Israel and Philistia (Gaza) existed independently or has had a certain degree of political sovereignty as they do now. It is just another current indication of the profound spiritual implications Israel is to face against its ancient enemies of old. It also indicates just how close the Rapture is and for the AntiChrist to have its ‘Confirming the Covenant’ for the right time and the right place be enforced.

Many speculate even that the ‘Covenant’ spoken of by the Prophet Daniel is referring to the actual Land Grant of the Promised Land. Nonetheless, as it was then throughout Israel’s contentious history with Philistia, the issue is the same now. Who does the Promise Land belong to? Who does the ‘Birthright’ belong to? Ishmael or Isaac? Jacob or Esau? The inheritors of the Arabs or the inheritors of the Jews? Until that issue is resolved, in the 21st century, Israel and Gaza finds themselves in the same struggle for possession of the Promised Land. Until that time when the Covenant is confirmed after the Rapture, Israel is in need of a ‘dome’ of protection from its enemies much like the Pillar of Cloud that led them to the Promise Land. A Greater Plan: Spiritually speaking, these conflicts and operations between the Palestinians and Israel are but steppingstones to a much large Globalist Luciferian inspired plan.

The Arab Spring has been nothing more than a Globalist re-shuffling of the game pieces of the Middle East map in order to surround Israel with extremist Islamists. With each successful round of conflicts and cease fires, the Psalm 83 War comes into much sharper focus. Perhaps at that time, the Isaiah 17 destruction of Damascus that will perhaps also ensue will help piece together the make-up of what the ‘Confirming of the Covenant’ with the AntiChrist will look like. A Regional War: Over the last few generations, the general consensus of the world opinion regarding Israel has turned in favor of the plight of the Palestinians. The growing escalation of the Arab-Israeli conflict will come to a head in a full-blown regional war that perhaps might involve nuclear weapons. The countries that surround Israel are just about in place for the Psalm 83 show-down.

This will help in establishing Lucifer’s New World Order with his AntiChrist and False Prophet waiting for such a time to pick up the pieces and start anew with a new economic, political and perhaps religious system. The Palestinian State: The UN is yet to vote on the issue of Palestine. The vote will determine if Palestine will go from being an Associate to a Permanent member-state recognized by the UN. It will basically have a ‘statehood’ granted to it. At some point, the UN, EU, US, Russia will support and defend a newly contrived Palestinian State, the surrounding Arab nations will involve themselves, as Psalm 83 stipulates against Israel if at all costs to attempt in making it so. Those countries like Egypt, Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon that have now anti-Israel governments. A False Sense of Security: The Israeli missile defense system is so far having a 90% kill rate at intercepting missiles from Gaza and south Lebanon.

The Birth Right
This could cause a false sense of ‘security’ for Israel as it relies on its technology to ‘save’ Israel. Israel could get into a position of false security because of its confidence in high tech weapons systems like ‘Iron Dome’. It would be like when King David numbered the fighting men of his army or when the LORD admonished Israel not to trust in the strength of horses for battle but in YHWH. Despite its cost and expense, many are stating that it has averted an all-out ground offensive by the IDF going into Gaza and/or southern Lebanon. A Religious Awakening : Sadly, perhaps after the Psalm 83 war, Israel will have been spent so psychologically that it will trust and rely on the AntiChrist that will come on the scene to guarantee Israel ‘Peace and Security’.

It will come to pass in the words of Christ that there would be a time that Israel would accept ‘him who comes in his own name’. It will not be until the Battle of Armageddon when Jesus comes back to physically resolve, not only the Muslim-Jewish conflict, but the Satanic-Angelic conflict as well, that Israel as a Nation will have its awakening to whom they should have relied on for lasting Peace and Security. With each successive conflict and decade that is passing, national Israel is closer to when it will have a direct rendezvous with their rejected and returning Messiah, Jesus Christ at the Battle of Armageddon. In Syria, forces of al-Qaida supported by the West have swept into the nation that will eventually oust Assad at some point in time.

They will be in control and possession of all the chemical and biological arsenals. Their declared and stated aim is that ‘Israel will be next’. Syria has fired from the demilitarized Golan Height into Israel as Syrian tanks have crossed into the area –which is against UN agreements. Possibly, Assad or the victorious Jihadist Rebels will want to deflect attention and energy away from the civil war and the state of destruction Syria has experience and steer the negative energies toward a common Muslim enemy, Israel. Perhaps the so-called backed CIA Christian slaughtering ‘Fee Syrian Army’ will do just that. It is rather interesting that Syria is not clearly listed as being one of the Muslim nations that is part of the Psalm 83 attack against Israel. In Lebanon, militant Hezbollah, supported by Iran, has fired rockets into northern Israel as much as Hamas has into the southern borders.

Hezbollah actually had a ‘war’ called the 2nd Lebanon War with Israel in 2006. Hezbollah Muslims are Shi’a and ideologically and militarily aligned with Iran. By making the Muslim-Jewish conflict the center piece of strive in the Middle East, Iran is hopefully, also like Syria, to deflect attention away from its completion of its nuclear bomb program. Iran will be part of the Outer-Ring of Muslim nations that will make up the Ezekiel 38 Gog-Magog invasion of Israel. In Gaza, militant Hamas Islamists are bent on destroying the State of Israel. The latest generation took control of the Palestinian Authority away from the PLO. Hamas is a Sunni based Muslim organization but has collaborated with Hezbollah and has accepted smuggled Fajr-5 rockets from Iran. This is a classic case of the Hamas Sunnis and Hezbollah-Iran Shi’a coming together despite differences to unify against a mutual enemy, Israel. In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood took control government in the last election after the overthrow of Mubarak. The Brotherhood has pledged full support for Hamas as its leadership are members.

The Philistines
This Muslim-Jewish conflict centered on Gaza and Hamas will no doubt put a strain on the Egypt-Israeli Peace Accord. Perhaps it will be such a burden for Egypt to continue the Peace Treaty with Israel, that at some point, Egypt will forfeit the Accord. Already there have been signs of the Treaty cracking as Egyptian tanks have moved into the Sinai which were forbidden by the Treaty. There have also already been some attacks and rockets launched from the border areas into Israel from the Sinai. Since then the Army has regained power and has incarcerated Morsi. The struggle for the Land of Israel goes as far back to the Promise given originally to Abraham by YHWH. The struggle continued throughout the times of Exodus, Samson, King David etc., right down to the modern era.

The only difference is that today, each other’s ‘arrows’ or missiles carry a far more reaching ability to be precise and to kill. As far as the Palestinians are concerned, they are the descendants of the Philistines that were in ‘Canaan’ that naturally inhabited the Promised Land. The Bible declares that the LORD GOD evicted all the natural inhabitants of the Land due to their immorality and sin. He used the Israelites coming out of Egypt as the ‘Hammer’ to execute direct judgment upon them. Since not all the peoples were conquered at the bequest of the LORD, those that remained became a point of contention for all subsequent generation of GOD’s People. The Philistines of today are caught in a crosshair of the Globalist chest game. They have been used as chest board pieces in a deadly game of thwarting the Will of GOD.

The Palestinian Authority gets billions in aid from the US, EU, the UN, China, the Arab League Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and the UAE. Yet the average Palestinian refugee has been kept in squalor and poverty in UN refugee camps for 4 generations now. No other Arab nation will take them; neither Egypt, Jordan, Arabia, Lebanon, or Syria even though many refugee camps are in those very territories. The Palestinian refugee problem is a ‘cash cow’ for the corrupt leaders of the immediate Arab nations and well as for the leadership of the PLO and now Hamas. The leadership has become wealthy from the misery of an ancient population keep in poverty. Travel is restricted and Palestinians find it hard to immigrate; this is on purpose why the conditions are maintained for ulterior motives.

One ulterior motive is to have the Palestinian conditions be blamed and directed toward Israel. In contrast, during the same period of time since 1948, Israel has transformed itself to an exporter of high tech, agriculture and established a solid tourism industry. If one would have taken all the billions of financial aid given to Gaza, that is the PLO since 1967 alone, each Palestinian family remaining in Gaza, the West Bank and in the Refugee camps in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon would have been able to have been purchased a home, a hectare of land to grow their own food and financial resources to startup businesses and have their children go to a university with all tuition paid for. Instead, the corrupt Palestinian leadership has been using the refugee camps and people to milk billions from the pity of the refugee problem. The Palestinians have and are being used as a political and religious leverage against Israel.

Rocket Warfare
The only investment the former PLO and now Hamas have made for its people is to have more hatred, Islamic extremism, fanaticism, murder, and attacks on both military and civilian populations in Israel. After 1967, in particular the terrorism comprised of Kibbutz raids. In the 1970s it was hijackings and Olympic hostages. In the 1980s, it was more hijackings and synagogue bombings. In the 1990s, it was suicide bombers and buses being blown up. In the 2000s, there were more suicide bombers and rocket attacks. Nearly all the rockets fired from Gaza have been smuggled from either Egypt or Iran. From 2000-2008, more than 4000 mortar bombs were fired into Israel from Gaza. In March 2012, more than 300 rockets were fired on Israel.

Due to the smuggling efforts and aid by Iran, it has given Gaza now the technological ability to launch long range missiles into Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. For the first time ever, Tel Aviv has come under attack since the 1991 Gulf War. For the first time since the 1970s, rockets reached the suburbs of Jerusalem as the rockets were aimed towards the Knesset. Maybe some Fajr Iranian made rockets will inadvertently hit and demolish the Dome of the Rock instead as their accuracy is not the best. Although Hamas rockets are not guided missiles, the mere sounds of siren paralyze the Israeli society and commerce as well as psychologically effects the civilian population already on edge; shell shocked even. Any nation with such a threat to its civilian population cannot stand idle under this sort of condition.

1) It takes about 15-60 seconds for Israelis to get into bomb shelters.
2) About 3.5 million Israelis at the heart of Israel that are threatened from such missile attacks.

Israel appears to be preparing for an all-out ground assault into Gaza, if not now, then perhaps in the next ‘go-around’ of missile exchanges. This would not be the first time. Any cease-fire is just a formality needed to buy time to recollect and regroup for the next inevitable round of conflicts. Over the past several years, Israel has gone into Gaza with the IDF and Special Forces to incapacitate the launching of rockets with some success but it will not be able to be shielded from the 1000 of rockets that will be fired in the next major flare-up. The next up-coming rocket attacks could lead to the major regional war as the Muslim nations come to the defense of the Palestinians who will be seen as being decimated by overwhelming Israeli technological weaponry like Iron Shield.

Such a time will be different as now Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Lebanon, and Syria are in the hands of Muslim extremist bent on the unified destruction of Israel. World opinion of Israel is at an all-time low. The plight of the Palestinians acknowledged throughout the world is now at the forefront of a moral strife against Israel. This Israeli high-tech missile defense system was designed to intercept and destroy short range rockets and/or artillery shells within a 70 km range. Each battery unit consists of 60 missiles all together. A battery is made up of 3 launchers and1 radar unit. The primary purpose for its function has been to thwart the barrage of missiles launched from the Muslim militants in the Gaza Strip against Israeli civilian populations. The missile defense went into full operation in late March of 2011. To date, it has successfully intercepted about 90% of rockets launched from Gaza.

The following are the main types of rockets used by Hamas.

NAME                         DIAMETER                 RANGE
1. Heavy Mortars:       2-30mm                       10km
2. Qassam:                 170mm                        12km
3. Katusha:                  90mm                         20km
4. Grad:                       122 mm                       20km
5. Upgraded Grad       122mm                        45km
6. Fajr:                         333m                           75km

Timeline: Highlights of the Muslim-Jewish Conflict
2005: Total withdrawal by Israel from Gaza Strip in negotiation for ’Land for Peace’.
2006: Hamas defeats PLO Fatah Party
2006: 2nd Lebanon War (Hezbollah War) about 4000 rockets fired into Israel.
2007: A national unity government is briefly formed.
2007: Battle of Gaza, between Hamas and Fatah after which Hamas takes control of Gaza.
2007: Islamic Jihad launched rockets at the Israeli town of Sderot.
2007: Israel and Egypt imposed economic blockade on Gaza
2008 Egypt brokers a ceasefire, Hamas ceases rocket attacks on Israel.
2008: Israeli forces, in an attempt to stop construction of a tunnel, kills six Hamas gunmen inside Gaza.
2008: Hamas responds by resuming rocket attacks, a total of 190 rockets are launched into Israel.
2008: A 6-month truce expires; Hamas launches 100s of rockets/mortars into Israel.
2008: Israel implements Operation Cast Lead against Hamas, IDF enters Gaza Strip.
2009: Israel declares a unilateral ceasefire, Hamas responded in kind.
2011: Hamas and Fatah announce a reconciliation agreement joint government.
2011: Israeli missile defense Iron Dome goes into full operation.
2012: More than 300 rockets are fired against Israel.
2012: Operation Pillar of Cloud in reaction to assassination of Hamas Ahmed Jabari.

Hamas: Islamic Resistance Movement
The Israeli Iron Dome Missile Defense was largely possible with the funding of the USA taxpayer, co-production and technology transfer. The Missile Shield By Rafael is an Anti-Rocket system intercepting incoming missiles follows the protocol of a launch sequence. The Radar Units attempt to identify rocket launches and anticipate a missile’s trajectory. The Control Units studies the trajectory and estimates the possible impact points.

1. Rockets fired at Israel
2. Radar locates rockets in flight
3. Control Unit orders launch
4. Faster Missile fired
5. Incoming Missile intercepts

According the Psalm 83 precepts, the current geo-political conditions now exist to have Hamas, aligned with Egypt’s Muslim brotherhood, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, and Syria’s al-Qaida forces to converge on a coordinated all-out assault on Israel. They will be supported by direct financial support from Saudi Arabia, Jihadist mercenary soldiers from all over the Muslim world, Iraq, Iran, and other Islamists strong holds. Hamas currently controls the Gaza Strip. This is not the case overall for the West Bank territory. It was in 2006 that Hamas took overpower from the former PLO backed Fatah party. Hamas like Hezbollah in the North began as a result of the 1st Intifada or Arab uprising against Israel over the Temple Mount. It is alleged though that Mossad had a hand in fomenting a counterweight to the PLO.

Unlike Hezbollah who is supported directly by Iran, Hamas is a direct off-shot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. This organization was supported by Egypt. This is why Egypt under Morsi had come out publicly to the aid and support of Hamas against Israel. The aim and premier goal of Hamas is not only to ‘liberate’ Palestine or Gaza from Israeli, but to establish an Islamic state instead of Israel. Hamas rejects Israel’s right to co-exist, much less exist. This condition makes for an alliance of convenience with Iran. Even though Iran is Shi’a its view of the political map for the future of the Middle East does not include Israel. The only ‘talks’ Hamas has engaged Israel in have been relegated to cease-fires that have been brokered through Egypt.

For Christians, the current conflict with Israel and the Muslims is a reminder of the constant Spiritual Warfare the enemy is raging against the Church as well. This warfare is fought on a corporate and individual level. The world is getting spiritually darker. The world and the ‘Old Order’ are progressively deteriorating to the point that evil is about to be fully unrestraint -at the point of the Rapture by some prophetic accounts. There is a clear spiritual metaphor that the Bible gives Christians to be reminded of how vigilant Overcomers must be as the Last Days. The key is to be ‘anointed’ with ‘power from on high’. In the Book of Ephesians, the LORD declares that He has given His ‘Warrior Bride’, the Church all the equipment needed to overcome this Spiritual Warfare that comes from Lucifer. ‘In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one’. -Ephesians 6:16.

The Spiritual Warfare
Perhaps the current, ever-escalating Muslim-Jewish conflict will indeed lead to the Psalm 83 War. This Psalm 83 War may very well be a spiritual turning point for National Israel. But it will be an opportunity that will instead set in motion the accepting of the AntiChrist as their long awaited ‘Messiah’. Yet the stage for Israel is also set to see and realize their false hope in the false Messiah as Israel begins to see the true miraculous signs and wonders starting as in the Ezekiel 38-39 Gog-Magog war that are just part of the countdown markers to the eventual climax of the Battle of Armageddon. In the ancient time, when armies went off to do battle, the most common armory was the spear and the shield. As the enemy would launch flaming arrows or ‘missiles’, the fires would consume the shields -as most were made out of wood.

It was not enough just to have a ‘shield’ of protection, but it had to be ‘anointed’.  What the soldiers would do to counter-act this is that they would dip or ‘anoint’ their shield in water. They would let the shield soak to the point of full saturation. By this way, any flaming dart or arrow stopped by the ‘shield’ would be extinguished by the soaking or ‘anointing’. This is how Christians need to properly operate the divine Shield of Faith that that has been given to combat in the present Spiritual Warfare until the Resurrection/Rapture. This piece of divine armory must not be ‘dry’ or stagnant but active as the Holy Spirit is continually applying the ‘anointing’.

This spiritual saturation will cause any and all of the fiery dart of Lucifer to be of no effect in a Christian’s lives. The ‘saturation’ comes when the Believer in Messiah, Jesus is operating in the Spirit and is immersed in the Promises that is the Word of GOD. ‘Now He which established us with you in Christ, and hath anointed us, is God’ from 2 Corinthians 1:21. In ancient times, as in current times and even in some parts of the Middle East still to this day, shepherds have to be on the lookout for their flock of sheep. The shepherd provides protection from ravaging animals as sheep cannot defend themselves. Beyond the natural predators, sheep are often pestered by flies. They can cause damage, infection and even death if not address, for example if a lamb has an open soar or wound.

The flies will lay their eggs and the larva or ‘maggots’ will infect the open soar or wound to the point that it will infect the whole lamb and not be profitable for sale or can even cause death due to the infection. Christians likewise need to be like those lambs that allow for the ‘Great Shepherd of the Sheep’, Jesus Christ to address any open soar, spiritually speaking. Lambs are easy prey without an ‘anointing shield’, or Iron Dome that the LORD has given His Flock, the Church a spiritual resource to counter-act this prognosis of potential infection and attack from Lucifer. What the shepherd does is that he literally ‘anoints’ or covers the whole lamb with oil; face, legs, neck, etc. If the lambs are fully covered with oil, or ‘anointed’, the flies will not land or touch them. Likewise, Christians need to be so saturated with the Holy Spirit’s ‘anointing’, covered by the power and enabling of the HOLY SPIRIT’s anointing that the Lord of Flies Lucifer himself WILL NOT be able to touch and infect Christians with corruption, spiritual infection, i.e. sin and eventual spiritual death.

The Coming Psalm 83 War
To reiterate, according to the Psalm 83, the current geo-political conditions now exist to have Hamas, aligned with Egypt’s Muslim brotherhood, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, and Syria’s CIA backed al-Qaida forces converge against Israel. Psalm 83 speaks of a coordinated all-out assault on Israel by the Arab confederation of anger, jealousy and rage. Despite Israel’s superior advanced technology displayed in its weapons systems, it will ultimately be the LORD, GOD of Israel that will be the ‘Iron Dome’ of protection and grant Israel ‘Peace and Security’, not because Israel is such a higher or better moral agent at this time, as it is in full rejection of the Gospel and Jesus Christ, as a nation.

It appears that the LORD is systematically luring Israel back to Himself as He did in the days in the Wilderness, as Jeremiah states. What has been the tragedy in the decade and past decades of this Muslim-Jewish conflict are the hundreds of innocent by-standers, mostly women and children that have paid the ultimate price of death for the struggle of the Promised Land. What is alarming is that organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah continue to fan the flames of hatred toward Israel to its upcoming generations. In part, one reason the Palestinian refugee camps have been allowed to continue is to serve the purposes of those in leadership willing to sacrifice young Palestinians for the sake of power, money, and dominance.

The Bible speaks that behind such a hatred is a divine hatred coming from Lucifer himself against the LORD’s People and seeks to possess the Land and Temple Mount for his own vanity. The Muslim-Jewish conflict is just one piece of the prophetic puzzle the LORD is allowing Lucifer to use for his ‘End-Game’ plan that will lead the nations of the world towards the countdown to Armageddon. To this end, successive waves of eager volunteering Muslim martyrs await death as they have become a steady pipeline of young disillusioned and disenfranchised Muslim youth that has been eager to kill themselves and take as many Jews or Christians with them. Their Islamic religion promises a place for themselves and family in their Islamic ‘Paradise’ for doing so. They do this because their book, the Koran declares that it is the descendants of Ishmael that Abraham’s Promise of the Land belongs to.

Furthermore, the Muslims, who are mostly Arab in the Gaza and the West Bank, want to dispossess and destroy Israel as a Jewish nation because according to their god ‘Allah’, everyone must submit to Islam or be beheaded. The mere notion that the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the SAME ‘god’ of the Muslims is ludicrous. If it were the case that the Muslim ‘god’ Allah needs suicide bombers to murder innocent civilians in tour buses, or stab wives to death in their homes in Jewish settlements, what type of horrific death loving ‘god’ is this? Where is the ‘merciful and peace be upon you ‘god’ Allah in all of this? The god ‘Allah’ is not the GOD of Heaven YHVH, the lover of life and who admonishes humanity not to choose death but ‘LIFE’. By mere definition, Islam is the religion that purposely seeks to replace Christ and the Judeo-Christian Bible as the ultimate authority for mankind and the ‘last revelation’. Its theology is anti-Christian and Jew. Thus, it is of Satan, bent on a blood lust to destroy the Church and Israel. It is not the religion of ‘peace’.

The evidence is that 4 major Muslim wars have been fought against Israel since her independence in 1948 over this issue of the Promised Land. According to the Bible, there will be 3 major wars that are still to come between the Muslims and Jews. They are the Psalm 83 War, The Gog-Magog War of Ezekiel 38-39 that will lead to the countdown of Armageddon.

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