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by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to continue in the Conversation as to why many End Times Students of Prophecy are insinuating that the Fall Feast of YHVH, Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement is a ‘Better Fit’ than Rosh HaShanah. From the outset, as one has previously written about, one does not believe the Rapture Event can ‘Happen at Any Time’. One is convenience based on Scriptural Clues, as Prophecy is Pattern, that the Rapture is not Imminent. Of course, one can be wrong in the Understanding. Anything is Possible and the Rapture can occur on any Day, if YHVH so chooses to do so. But here are one’s Thoughts in considering why many are attributing the Rapture Event to occur on a Yom Kippur Day.

This thought came to be, based on the 50-Year Anniversary from the 1973 Yom Kippur War. That is a Historical Fact. However one was contemplating the 6-Day War of 1967. Why? That too, was a Jubilee War. When? Back in 2017. So, which one is it or was it? From 1967 or 1973? It was both for 2017 and then for 2023. This is ‘Proof’ that it can be both, for the Year, but not for the overall Prophetic Year Count. One is just pointing this Discrepancy out and that a sure Time Marker is when Jesus Decreed the Year of Jubilee at that Synagogue of Nazareth.

And in fact, one’s Working Theory is that if one wants to know for sure, when is the Prophetic Jubilee Year Count since Creation, or especially since Noah, being ‘120’ Jubilees, then realize that the 2nd Portion of the Jubilee that Jesus did not read is yet to occur. And? That it is only at the Return of Jesus, at His 2nd Coming at the Last Day of Armageddon that will complete the Whole of the Jubilee Decree from Isaiah. And that Year, whatever Year that will be, is the Corresponding Jubilee to end all Jubilees. This is 1 of the many Reasons why one does not see a Rapture Connection or occurring on a Yom Kippur.

That Time-Frame back in 2017, pegged to the 50 Year Anniversary of the 6 Day War was what many Brethren had also used to determine the Jubilee Count, as it is being done now. If you all remember how the Shemitah Formula played out. It started with the Balfour Declaration in 1917, and the Liberation of Jerusalem, then 49 Year later in 1966. And? That made the Year 1967 the Jubilee Year, which it was and thus the Corresponding Liberation of Jerusalem, again. All that, one would say is indisputable History, as is the Yom Kippur War that followed in 1973. In fact, those 2 Events, one has tied them Prophetically to the 4 Blood Moon Tetrad Theory, as an aside note. Briefly, what is that or how? On Theorized that there is a Before-During-After Template being played-out in how the Tetrad Blood Moons corresponded to 1948-1967-2015.

2 Halves of 1 Jubilee

Here is the Rationale of the Brethren as best one can Understand Conjecturing why the Rapture Event was to have taken place on a Yom Kippur and out of all the Years, in 2023. It is because of the 50th Year Anniversary of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, etc. t is that enough of a Proof to have the Rapture Event correlated to this Feast? The Response is a ‘Yes’. Why? In Typologies, the Day of Atonement when, because of the Jubilee Decree, the ‘Captives were set Free’. And as a Prophetic Typology, the Jewish Captives in Egypt were set Free, thus the Exodus, etc.

No Problem. One would and does agree, in general with all these Rapture Prophetic Correlations. But here are one’s precise Differences and Questions. And to reiterate, not wanting to take-away from the Excitement other Brethren still are holding-out for both the Rabbinical Calendar of Yom Kippur, and the Solar Calendar one and those using our Solar Calendar Variations, etc. But realize that as with any Feast Day of YHVH, which Calendar? Realize that there are at least 4 that are Primary in how many End Times Watchers calculate the Days. Primarily, the Modern-Day Jews use the Rabbinical Calendar solely based on the Lunar Cycles. But then you have others that use variations of the Solar Calendar, such as the Essene, Enoch, Karaite, etc.

This is why one is more convinced that it is the Solar Equinoxes and Solstices that Celebrate the True Timing of the Feasts of YHVH. One has already written about why one does not equate the most Rapture Romantic and Love-Story of a Happy Wedding Season with that of needing to be ‘Atoned’ for by Blood anymore and be Evaluated under Judgment by the Open Books, one the Bible says of a Believer in Jesus that it will happen at the Bema Seat, etc.

Anyway, here is one’s Rationale or Thinking about why the Rapture cannot occur on a Yom Kippur and Jubilee Decree aside from the Rapture Date Prospects. The Jubilee Decree was given by Jesus on that Year, Month and Day of how He was Picked, in turn by Family Lot. He then Publicly only read the 1st Portion of the Jubilee Year Decree of Isaiah. So, just from this Imagery and Prophetic Pattern stated clearly in the Bible, one would think that all of the Church Body would or could agree on this 1 Point. Jesus proclaimed the Jubilee on this Year. Yes or No? If one can then agree to this, then the following.

1. As Jesus’, at His 1st Coming and start of His Public Ministry began with this Jubilee Declaration on a Yom Kippur, on that very Year, Month and Day, the Portion of the Day of Judgment, it is understood, Jesus did not Proclaim.

2. Realize then that the 2nd Portion of the Jubilee Year is yet to be fulfilled in the Future. When? At Jesus’ 2nd Coming. It is at this Time-Frame that Jesus will execute the 2nd Part of the Jubilee Year Decree.

3. Thus, one is of the Understanding, that A) Jesus has yet to complete the 2nd Half of the Jubilee Year. B) The Jubilee Year completion will occur at Jesus’ 2nd Appearing, on the Last Day of the Battle of Armageddon, etc.


50 Year or Day is a Connection to Pentecost
All that to say is that if one can determine when Jesus started His Ministry, that was a Jubilee Year. Then one can then implement and count the 7 x 7 Equation to ascertain if any Year is the corresponding Jubilee Year. That is 1 Assertion. The other Assertion is that it is only at Jesus’ Return that the Jubilee Year, in its True Prophetic Interpretation and Execution, is to be fulfilled, at His Coming. All the above pertains to the Prophetic Type. But now, how is the Rapture playing into the Jubilee Year and the Yom Kippur Equation?

How is the Yom Kippur War of 1973 tied to the Rapture? One is just asking Questions. One can see the Typology of a Jubilee Exodus, as noted, and again one does agree to that Imagery. And when the Rapture Event does occur, it will indeed be a ‘Jubilee’. However, in discussing all with Friends, one reiterated the 2 Verses of how Jesus Himself, one believes, gave the 2 Confirming Witnesses for a Summer Time Rapture. Here are the Verses. One of them, we are very familiar with as one quotes it frequently.

‘Jesus explained, My Food is to do the Will of Him who sent Me and to finish His Work. Do you not say, There are still 4 Months until the HARVEST? I tell you, lift up your Eyes and look at the Fields, for they are White for Harvest. Already the Reaper draws his Wages and gathers a Crop for Eternal Life, so that the Sower and the Reaper may Rejoice together’. -John 4:34-36

Now some may object and say, how does one know the Rapture is specific to a Summer Harvest? Why not a Barley, Grape or Olive Harvest? Well, the Key, one is convinced of, is the Timing of when Jesus said this. One presumes it was just before His Crucifixion. In that case, if it was in April, then that would be a Mid-July Time-Frame. The other Clue is that there is only 1 Type of Harvest in Israel that turns ‘White’ when it is ready for Harvest. That was and is Wheat, etc. Here is the other Verse from Jesus. It is from the Parable of the Fig Tree.

‘And He will send out His Angels with a Loud Trumpet Call, and they will gather His Elect from the 4 Winds, from one End of the Heavens to the other. Now learn this Lesson from the Fig Tree: As soon as its Branches become tender and sprout Leaves, you know that SUMMER is near. So also, when you see all these things, you will know that He is near, right at the Door’. -Matthew 24:31-35

So, just to Reiterate, that as far as the singularity of the Yom Kippur War of 1973 goes, 2023 is the 50th Year of it. But some or many Brethren equate that to the Rapture, Anything is Possible as 1st Mentioned. But as noted in prior Posts, there is Debate as to what Count constitutes the 50th. If one, ‘adds’ up the Count, the Rabbinical Year Count just ended this Possibility.

One will see what happens as to the Fall Feast as a Correlated Rapture Timing, but one just wanted to share one’s Thoughts about how one sees the Rapture being more so, attributed to a Happy Summer Wedding Time-Frame. Yet, nowhere in the Bible does it say, the Rapture will occur on a Summer White Wheat Wedding Day. Well, since you all are now very familiar with my April 14, 32 AD Crucifixion Year Theory, you also then know that one has Theorized all Time based from that Fulcrum.

A Center Point in Time
That is, that one just Reverse Engineers ‘All Time’ from it. Imagine that and the Audacity! One calls it the ‘Mean Essene’ Calendar. Given that Date, one then has subtracted the 3.5 Year Ministry of Jesus or 1260 Days from it. That Date is October 21/November 1 due to the Conversion to the Gregorian Calendar that straddles 1 Jewish Day, etc. Notice, this is purely based on a Full 24-Hour Day Count, not Weeks, Months or Years. Why not those others? Based on the Discrepancy of Calendars noted, there can be wide differences in the Count. But to have the Count solely based on Days, that is the Least Common Denominator.

So, that Date is in the Year 28 AD. If it is the case that as Jesus Decreed the Jubilee on this Year, then it was the 50th Year, or the 1st of the Subsequent Sabbath Cycle of 7 Years. This to a large part, is where one then gets a subsequent Theory of how the Shemitah of Jesus, was only ‘Half’ Completed. This is also why other Bible Students confuse Daniel 9:27 with being only a 3.5 Year Tribulation Period, and not a 7 Year-Long one, which is a Mistake.

28 AD + 6 Sabbath Cycles of 7 Years = 70 AD

28 AD + 50 Year Cycles x   = 2028 (This makes 2029 a Jubilee Year of Judgment)

One surmises that it is 2029, that is the Mid-Point of one’s current 2025-2032 Tribulation Timeline. So, because there is that 3.5 Year Factor that is in-play, in one’s Estimation, that overlap that is arguing since the Passover of 2022, to the end of the Fall Feasts of 2025 will make-up the Difference to then Synchronize with the Fall of 2032.

2029 + 3.5 Years (2nd Half of Daniel’s 9:27 Chiastic Prophecy) = 2025.5

The Premise is that the AntiChrist will pick-up the 2nd Portion, the 3.5 Years from the Shemitah overlaid from Jesus’ Initial Ministry that was Cut-Off at the Midst or at the 3.5 Year Marker. Thus, if 28 AD was the Jubilee Year, then from there and then, one can formulate the 7 x7 Year Count to determine the Actual Jubilee Count. The Question is, will it match Jesus’ Return? Will it match one’s Prognostication that it will be in the Year 2032? Consider at least the initial Calculus that deals with the Destruction of the 2nd Temple.

Again, all these Year and Day Calculations are a Working Theory. One cannot say with Absolute Confidence that it will play-out like this. But it give some Insight as to why the Rapture Event should not, cannot be tied to a Yom Kippur Day of Atonement that is based on Fear, Sacrifice, Blood, Dread and Works, not a Finished Work of the Last Lamb, Jesus who gave His Blood and as a Willing Sacrifices covered or Atoned for all Sin, once and for all.


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