A Perspective of how and where the Holy of Holies will be

  • When and where will the 3rd Temple be built and why?
  • Is there a place on Temple Mount where a 3rd Temple can be built?
  • What is so special of the Holy of Holies that riots always break out?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Let no one deceive you in any way, for it will not come until the Departure occurs and the Man of Lawlessness, the Son of Destruction is revealed. He will oppose and exalt himself above every so-called God or object of worship. So he will seat himself in the Temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God.’ -2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

The purpose of this study it to depict the Holy of Holies of the Temple of YHVH on the Temple Mount as it would have looked like and will in an outline taken from a picture of the latest Palestinian Muslim riots there. With the riots that constantly occur, usually after Friday Prayers of the Arab Muslims, the gathering on top of the Temple Mount, frequently ends-up in riots. If one has had the privilege of visiting Jerusalem and gone atop the Temple Mount, it is the most valued and prized real estate on the planet. Why? According to the Bible, it is where YHVH put His Name and Presence dwelt, precisely in the Holy of Holies. One can sense the enormity of the expanse of such a Platform of stone that essentially has leveled an entire mountain top, that of Mount Moriah.

It was there, up a ways at the very pinnacle, at the connecting Mount Calvary area that YHVH had led Abraham to go up with Isaac, this son carrying blocks of wood for the sacrifice that ultimately was to become him. Both Abraham, as the Father and Isaac as the Son, were a type and picture of GOD the Father and GOD the Son arranging the atonement that had to be made for Humanity there. This was a test for Abraham as much as it was for Isaac in that he was a ‘Willing Sacrifice’, and such not a ‘Human Sacrifice’. The Temple Mount was 1 of the 7 highest points around Jerusalem. Atop the Temple Mount, in ancient times, the Jebusites that were the Natural Inhabitants of the Land, not the Philistines used it to thresh Wheat at the end of the Summer Harvest.

Wheat was tossed-up in the air so that the wind could carry away the chaff. It was there that King David made an Altar and sacrificed an offering to stay the Plague unleashed upon Israel for his numbering this Fighting Men. YHVH had prohibited him as to not rely on numbers, statistics and resources but on the Power and Ability of YHVH. This is precisely the spot where the Holy of Holies will be built in a future day by another ‘Son’, the Son of Perdition to sit on the Ark of the Covenant. This is where, currently the Dome of the Tablets has been placed, inconspicuously over the same spot, to mark the spot, Ground Zero. King David bought that land or field from Araunah the Jebusite. It was at the Temple Mount where King David’s son, Solomon which is a derivative of Shalom or ‘Peace’ that constructed the 1st Temple of Stone there. It was in David’s heart-desire to ‘build GOD a House’ for the Ark of the Covenant. The Temple of YHVH was considered a ‘House’ and Throne of YHVH, the Creator of Heaven and Earth according to the Bible.

A Divine Blueprint

All the ‘House’ Furnishings ‘Divine Blueprints’ were given to Moses on Mount Sinai to replicate that ‘House’ on Earth. This was once the Israelites had been liberated from the clutches of the AntiChrist type, Pharaoh. The Tabernacle was actually very simple in that it just had the 2 main Chambers and an Outer Perimeter. But these specifications were based on no ordinary pagan or man-made pattern. Such a ‘House’ was mirrored after the very one that exists in Heaven itself. The Holy of Holies was to be 20 Cubits by 20 Cubits. The Holies was to be 40 Cubits by 40 Cubits. It is essentially a phi ratio or Golden Rectangle in the making. In fact, all aspects of the Divine Blueprints as well as Prophetic Time event is set to this mathematical factor. In the ‘House of YHVH’, the GOD of Israel ‘meet’ with the Nation that He made a special ‘Covenant’ with out of all the Nations of the World, but this thanks to Abraham. But it was not until King Solomon that the fixed and stationary Temple was erected, on the Temple Mount.

The alternative theory that the Temple Mount was a Roman Fort or the Temple was down in the City of David is just based on bad archaeology. The Roman Antonia Fortress overlooked the Platform to put down the riots as they had occurred even then. There is amble evidence in the Bible itself and alternative Jewish writing of the Sages that puts, for example the Temple Entrance Door in alignment to the Eastern or Golden Door or Gate. This led-up directly to the top of the Mount of Olives from where Jesus would often meet in the Garden of Gethsemane with His Disciples. It is also noted in Ezekiel how the Presence of the ‘Glory of the LORD’ departed in stages. It started from the Holy of Holes atop the Ark to the Covenant through the Holies, the Porch, Court of the Women, the front Door, the Golden Gate and up to the Mount of Olives Pinnacle.

This by the way, will be the exact place where the foot of Jesus will touchdown and begin His literal and physical embodiment of this Glory of YHVH. Why? It is to ‘Reverse the Curse’ and trajectory and leads back to the Holy of Holies to sit on the Ark of the Covenant and rule as the King of the Jews, Israel and the Nations. This of course will occur after the Battle of Armageddon and when He returns with the Bride of Christ,. These are all those that were His Faithful Disciples and Followers during the Church Age. In the illustration, one can see in comparison to the size of the Temple Mount Platform and the size of the people, just how small the Holy of Holies is. This goes for the Holies as well. What man has done is greatly embellished and exaggerated the surroundings with greater than life addendums. But why does one believe this Dome of the Tablets or of the Spirits, very interesting, is Ground Zero?

It is where the Holy of Holies was and will be again as the 3rd Temple is about to be built. Various Jewish organizations have now, all that is needed to rebuilt the 3rd Temple. There is now every Furniture and Utensils made. Everything except the Ark of the Covenant. The subject of the Ark of the Covenant is a study, all to its own and many have written volumes on it with wild theories and conjectures. However, after much study and research, one is convinced that the account given by the late Ron Wyatt is the most probably. The Ark of the Covenant has been found and is secured in the caves beneath Jeremiah’s Grotto. The Levitical Priesthood has been identified, trained and reconstituted. They will be able to ecclesiastical carry-out the Ark without anyone dying.

A House of Prayer for Which Nation?

Once the time will come, the Ark of the Covenant will be revealed to Israel and the Nations. Now as to why has there always been a controversy over this piece of 20x20 Cubits Holy of Holies? It is enough so that riots even up to this day still occur over this ‘Platform?. Why? It is about the ‘House’. Whomever has the House, has the ‘Audience’ with the Creator GOD, YHVH, not Allah or Krishna, etc. As mentioned, in part it is because this is the only legal place on Earth that has a ‘Divine Title Deed’ to a Land. And this was given to a single Nation among all the Nations on Planet Earth, that of Israel. And this Holy of Holies is where the Earthly Throne Room or ‘House’ of YHVH existed and will on Earth. The Holy of Holies is essentially a perfect geometric Cube, or a Tesseract. Such a prism is made with 2 interlocking Tetrahedrons.

One can easily go-off into the subject of Sacred Numbers, Gematria as that is what it is based. But to say that this spot, on Earth, Ground Zero is why there have been riots, currently, and are and will be. Such violence over this Platform will occur until Jesus returns to rightly possess it once and for all. It will be Him as a ‘Son of David’, which was 1 of His many Messianic Titled that as a type of Solomon will build a 4th Temple. This will be for the Millennial Kingdom to last 1000 years on Earth at His Return. Like in the age of Solomon, a time of Peace and Security will abound and all the Kings and Queens of the Earth will come to Jerusalem to know and be taught of His wisdom, etc. However, before that time comes, there will be an unfortunate counterfeit Usurper that will attempt to do the same. There will be another ‘Son’ that will take on this ‘Christ’ mandate and mantel.

This will be the Biblical False Messiah that will seek to be that Solomon personage. To the Christians, he is known as the AntiChrist. The word ‘Anti’, can be referring to ‘instead of’, or ‘in place of’ or ‘opposed to’. He will debut himself to Israel, its reconstituted Sanhedrin whom they will accept in his own Name. This is exactly how Jesus warned Israel and its Religious Elders of Zion. Because they had rejected Jesus as the true Messiah, judgement and ‘Partial Spiritual Blindness’ come over Israel, nationally. Jesus pronounced, ‘Your House will be left to you, desolate’. And that was the problem. These Religious Leaders of Israel thought and unfortunately still think that the Temple is their House. This judgment would go hand-in-hand with the Hosea 3 judgment against Israel that foretold they would go without a King for a very long time.

And this has been the case. Well, at least in the sense that there is no human currently on a ‘throne’ in the Holy of Holies on the Temple Mount. Or that this King is ‘Jewish’ or the Jews as a Nation have accepted Jesus as their true Messiah. One day that will come as foretold in Zechariah. In the Bible, the New Testament, it clearly stated that these Elders of Zion do have a King. Their only King is ‘Caesar’. It is the World’s King and whom they serve, not YHVH but the God of this World, Lucifer ultimately. These ‘riots’, violence and struggle over the ‘House’ of YHVH has originated in a place before time. It came from the Ancient Serpent and his ‘Seed’ carry-on this violence against the House and its People since Genesis 3:15. Ultimately, it is his ‘Son’, that of ‘Perdition’ or the AntiChrist whom Lucifer will bring out in the End of Days to rebuild the 3rd  Temple or ‘House’. But how if all the riots are presently still occurring intermittently?

New Tower of Power and Peace

There will come a time when this AntiChrist will ‘Conquer the World through Peace’. This is exactly what the 1st Seal Judgment is all about and how his New World Oder will begin. It will start or be initiated in tandem with a new ‘House of Prayer for all the Nations’. It will be a rallying cry much like it was with Nimrod around the Tower of Power or Babel. This coming false Messiah of Israel and ‘Savior’ of the World will bring a temporary peace to the whole world, to include the Jewish Enemies, the Palestinian that keep rioting over this Platform. In fact, part of the ‘Deal’ or the ‘Confirming’ of the Covenant that Daniel speaks about could also allude to the Ark of the Covenant. How so? When the Ark of the Covenant will be revealed to Israel and the World, it will give a new found importance to make the effort to ‘house’ it back in the Holy of Holies.

In essence, the AntiChrist will ‘confirm’ the Ark of the ‘Covenant’ as the ‘Covenant’ with YHVH ‘reconfirmed’, thanks to him, a perceived ‘Hero’ but more. Thus, one contends that the Temple Mount Platform will have the 3 major Houses of the Faith of Abraham to kick-off this New World Order ‘Peace and Security’ centered on rebuilding the House(s) of Worship. This will surely solidify world peace. No? There will be a House for the Christians, a House of the Muslims and a House the Jews that will also then include all the World’s religions and Faiths as will. The al-Aqsa Mosque will revert back to a Christian Church. The Dome of the Rock will serve as the Muslim House of Worship and the House of the Jews will thus require a Temple to be rebuilt. But where? Over the Dome of the Tablets. Here the Tablets of the 10 commandments given to Moses by YHVH on Mount Sinai were housed within the Ark of the Covenant since Solomon.

The point is that only a 2nd type of Solomon could and will beguile Israel and the World to put them there again. What? But really to reconstruct the Holy of Holies so he can enter in, sit on the Ark of the Covenant and proclaim victory over YHVH’s House on Earth. And? Well, this Sacred Geometric configuration of the double Tetrahedron or Tesseract is so special, it opens a direct Portal to the very one in Heaven. It is because Lucifer through possessing the AntiChrist can then use his Divine powers and abilities, that he knows to then coordinate the quadrants to invade Heaven itself from there. This is what is at stake and why Lucifer wants this Ground Zero out of all the real estate of the entire Earth. And why would Lucifer have to resort to his place and time?

It is because according to the prophetic timeline in the book of Revelation, it is at this 1260th day when the AntiChrist stops the Daily Sacrifices that Lucifer is cast out of Heaven permanently. This is after having had the Bride of Christ face him, the Accuser but then Jesus finishes breaking the Seals and pouring-out those judgments upon Lucifer, Israel and the World. And of course, the other Luciferian agenda of this coming false Messiah AntiChrist is to use the Jews and their 3rd Temple A.I. Statue to control all of Humanity through his Mark, 666. It might be some ‘Quantum Computer’ instead. The False Prophet will cause the whole world to receive the AntiChrist’s Mark. One’ life will depend upon it as it will demonstrate allegiance and worship, much like ‘Caesar Worship’ during the Roman times, etc. The total control will be through commerce and the health industry but his primary aim is to take over and possess the Temple. Why? The riots and contention both on Earth as it is in Heaven is all about worship.

Worship of the Image

The issue for Humanity is whom will it eventually worship? Who is to get the worship? Both YHVH and Lucifer want worship. That is why Lucifer rebelled as he sought to obtain this. He had already all that one could have imagined and more. He led Worship, He was in charge of Musical Instruments, he could Sing. He was arrayed in Precious Fiery Stones. He walked through the Fire and in the Garden of Eden on Earth. He had a Throne and oversaw the Order of YHVH’s Throne even. He was the ‘Christ’ or Anointed of all the Angels. Yet, he did not have worship like YHVH had. Thus, at his expulsion, if he could not get it in Heaven, the next best thing is to obtain that on Earth because that Holy of Holies is literally ‘Heaven on Earth’. It is like a Nations’ Embassy in another country. All the laws, rights and privileges of that Nation’s Citizens are entitled to.

Then if Lucifer can possess it, he can submit a legal claim to the Heavenly Throne. Thus, at the 1260th day of the Daily Sacrifices, the AntiChrist will put a stop to them and will direct not only Israel but the entire world to worship him instead. If not? Capital Punishment thanks to the Noahide Laws that the Sanhedrin will have legally implemented around the world. From that day forward, the whole World dill need to receive the AntiChrist’s Mark. It will be associated with his Mark, Name or Number 666. One will not be able to live if one does not participate in this grid. It is much like now the world is being conditioned now to receive the Injections or one cannot go into a store to ‘buy or sell’. As to the location then of this Holy of Holies? That is why it is that important and it has to be the right spot, ‘Ground Zero’. Thus, why is one so confident that the coming 3rd Temple will be over the Dome of the Tablets?

One has done expensive research and although it is a theory, it has been based solely on Astronomical Alignments, Sacred Geometry, and Google Earth imagery that has helped add a perspective unavailable to past Researchers. To begin with, the Dome of the Tablets is part of a 3 major Dome array that mirrors the 3 Stars of Orion’s Belt. The Dome of the Rock with its Dome of Gold represents the Sun. The Dome of the al Aqsa is Silver and represents the Moon. Then the smallest one, the Dome that is White in it arches supporting the Dome, correlates to the Stars. This is exactly the order of size and glory that YHVH had fashioned the Earth with, ‘The Sun, Moon and the Stars’. Each one then corresponds to the size proportion of its Faithful. The al Aqsa building is the largest and corresponded to the Christian Faith, the largest presently in the world.

It used to be a Crusader Church of the Templars. The Dome of the Rock corresponds to the size of the Muslim Faithful. Lastly is the smallest of Domes, in comparison, that of the Jewish Faith that number no more than 15 million worldwide. The 3 Domes also correspond to the 3 Pyramids of Giza and in size proportion. There is the Great Pyramid, the 2nd one almost as big and then the very small one. Then the whole City of Jerusalem is fashioned after the constellation of Orion. Then specifically, when one overlays the Constellation of Taurus in proximity to Orion, the Astronomical Line leading to the 7 Star Cluster of the Pleiades corresponds exactly to where the Dome of the Tablets is located. And amazingly, also where the 7 Candle Menorah corresponded in the Holies. From Google Earth satellite imagery, once can see the outlines of the former Temple. The eastern portion is where the Temple stood and will again.

There is plenty of room there on the Temple Mount Platform as 3rd Temple fills-in the that area, ready for the Houses of the Abrahamic Family to be replicated there in Jerusalem as they it is to be in Abu Dhabi. It might seem impossible now as riots keep breaking out by the Palestinians Muslims. They too want this prized piece of real estate more than anything else. This is despite the ‘Palestinians’ as a national People group having no historical precedence nor religious one either. They now claim to have a legal right to claim it for themselves.

But the historical fact that if they claim they are ‘Arab’ and Muslim, then they lock themselves in a historical context. By doing so, they admit that they have only been in the Promised Land as Invaders of Islam since the 700s. Well, it is not only the Palestinians that seek this Sacred Spot on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. There are others who claim and seek to take over this most Sacred ‘Box’ as well. The Sanhedrin has already the plans for the Council of the 70 Elder that looks more like the United Nations Security Council. But that is the plan. How so?

The 70 Elders of Zion will not only be the presiding ‘Elders’ concerning Israel’s affairs, to include the Social, Legal, Moral, and Religious Laws, but the 70 Elders will represent, by proxy the 70 Nations of the World. Why? Again, those that control the Holy of Holies controls Jerusalem. Those that control Jerusalem controls Israel. Those that control Israel will control the World. But above all, no pun intended and most importantly, he who sits on the Ark of the Covenant on Earth, sits on the one in Heaven by proxy. It is worth rioting over.

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