Eclipse Marking the coming ‘Birthing’ of AntiChrist

  • Where does the 2nd Blood Moon occur on Earth?
  • Is there a particular planetary conjunction at this point?
  • Does this cosmic configuration signal a coming 'birth'?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And the Dragon [Lucifer] stood on the sand of the seashore. Then I saw a Beast coming up out of the Sea, having 7 Horns and 7 Heads, and on his horns were 10 diadems, and on his heads were blasphemous names.’ -Revelation 13

The purpose of this chapter is to ascertain the particulars of the 2nd total lunar eclipse of the Tetrad at the point of its Zenith on Earth on October 8, 2014. The 2nd Blood Moon of the Tetrad appears to have some amazing geographical correspondence on Earth in terms of its cosmology. These peculiarities include name associations, latitudes and a Biblical typology associated with the conjunction that occurred with the planet Uranus at the time of the Moon’s total eclipsing.

A timeline will highlight the Fall Feasts of YHVH as the Blood Moon occurred on Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles. Out of the 4 total lunar eclipses of the Tetrad, only the 2nd Blood Moon conjoined a planet at the time of the eclipsing. If this is significant, it will remain to be seen but the prophetic implications are striking given the connotation and location of the eclipse and conjoining. The last and final total lunar eclipse of the Tetrad occurring on September 23, 2015, which was a Super Moon did conjoin Uranus but only the day after on the 8th Day of Shemini Atzeret.

The other 1st and 3rd Blood Moons of the Tetrad occurred in Virgo. This study nonetheless strongly suggests that this particular conjoining of Uranus at the time of the total lunar eclipse was signaling the prophetic ‘birthing’ of the Biblical AntiChrist as a typology. This study is not insinuating that at that precise timing and Zenith was when the Biblical AntiChrist will be announced on CNN for example or that a birth of someone or something occurred.

The study only presents a theory based on typology associated though with astronomy as it related directly with the geography of the Earth. That being said, there is always a probability that such configurations are not happenstance and impossible statistically to have so much synchronicity occurring at this point and time is not of some significance. For the purposes of this study, it is highly suggestive that this timing could be the marking of the ‘birth’ that is, the rise of the AntiChrist, the Beast that according to the books of Daniel and Revelation 13 will come from the ‘midst’ of the sea.

Peculiar Prophetic Points
During this total lunar eclipse, this study will show that indeed the Zenith conveyed this typology occurrence both geographically on Earth with its Zenith and astrologically with the eclipsing occurring at the precise timing of the conjoining of Uranus. This demarcation may very well serve to illustrate just how close the prophetic time is to the revealing of the actual Antichrist. The following points will be considered to lend support to this amazing assertion that a revealing, a birthing typology of the AntiChrist was directly related to the timing of the 2nd Tetrad. The constellation of Pisces when superimposed and placed over the Pacific Rim on the globe corresponded to where the eclipse occurred on the Zodiac at the precise point of the Zenith over the Christ-mas Islands.

Ensuing, the Island of Kiribati is the adjacent marker where Uranus was in conjunction with the Blood Moon’s position at the timing of the full eclipse in the heavens. The overlay of Pisces upon the sphere’s circumference of the Earth pivoted at the intersection of the Tropic of Capricorn and the 180th Meridian with Pisces’ 3 cardinal points. These markers corresponded to Japan-New Zealand-California. The reason that this total lunar eclipse was stipulated to be associated with a birth is that it is occurring in the constellation of Pisces from Earth’s perspective. From Earth’s geography, it was thus associated to a Vesica Pisces as 2 overlapping equidistance and centered circles that configures a Vesica Pisces dead center on the eclipse’s Zenith.

Amazingly to have had the Zenith, the total Eclipse and the conjunction all occur over the Christ-mas Islands was statistically impossible to be random chance. The connotation of Christmas alluded to a ‘birthing of a christ’ typology as Christmas is traditionally associated with the birth of Jesus Christ. This perhaps had some possibly esoteric, prophetic clues and attributes as an element of a ‘Christ’ figure is being signaled to be coming out of the sea and birthed into the world from out of the midst of the sea’s womb or Vesica Pisces as it were. In this case, at least literally geographically with respect to Earth’s geography it would appear so. Based on the circumference of the Earth, this location of the 2nd Blood Moon’s Zenith is dead center of the Earth where 99% of the sphere’s face is covered with water.

Nearly 70% of the Earth is water, as is the human body. If one were to be traveling from space and approaching Earth from this angle and direction, one would assume that Earth was indeed a water planet. This location thus was not only appropriate to have this cosmic occurrence be reflected on Earth but the eclipse occurs in Pisces as fish are synonymous with water but the ‘birthing’ of Uranus’ son, Poseidon from out of the Vesica Pisces is remarkable and striking. It is evident that not only man has marked and builds temples, pyramids that are in direct alignment to the constellations on Earth, but YHVH Himself has impressed such cosmic configurations upon the Earth in like fashion, only more majestic and awe-inspiring without the need for man-made temples to encode His plan and perhaps schedule, etc. This encoding of the celestial conjunction and eclipse at this place and time may very well be serving as a double witness that in deed, the ‘birthing of the Beast’ that comes out of the Abyss, the sea is about to occur; the unveiling.

The Beast Birthed from the Sea
How Uranus is associated with Poseidon or Neptune and Shiva as this god of the Abyss is known in other cultures is that Uranus ‘fathered’ this Titan god of the Trident. This son, the ‘god’ of the Trident like his father Uranus is the King of the Seas, of water and is attributed to being a ‘beast’…the ‘Destroyer’ as in Apollyon that comes out of the Bottomless Pit to unleash chaos and destruction upon Earth. Poseidon is also attributed to be a ‘Transformer’, as in changing the status-quo. These archetypes are no less than the Biblical AntiChrist whom Lucifer has ‘fathered’ to be the coming Biblical AntiChrist and whose ‘Beast’ or false Christ over the Christ-mas Islands. The typology is that the Beast is about to be ‘birthed’ out of the sea’s Vesica Pisces as depicted during the total lunar eclipse as it conjoined the planet Uranus, the father of Poseidon in the constellation of Pisces.

This Beast that is to be unveiled or program is stepping up his agenda. Perhaps his ‘birthing’ will occur shortly after the timing of the Tetrad. Given the latitude of 3 prominent islands corresponding to the Zenith or point of ‘totality’ of the Blood Moon’s eclipse, Kiribati, Hawaii and Chatham, all three approximate the layout in a phi ratio spiral pattern that will be illustrated in the charts. Specifically, as it has been noted, Kiribati corresponded to the position on the Earth of Uranus in conjunction to the Blood Moon eclipse in the heavens. Chatham Island was where the phi ratio spiral terminated and it was adjacent to the Meridian line at the 180° longitude, the halfway demarcation of the globe. If one reads about Chatham Island, it is a sad history of Christian missionaries being indiscriminately slaughtered. One will see that this is what is planned during the Tribulation by the Beast’s reign of so called ‘peace and security’.

The 5 cardinal points from this Zenith spot marked off the 5 continents that produced a pentagram configuration about the circumference of the globe. The Plate Carree style map with condensed northern latitudes provided a central Zenith of the pentagram overlay. This placed Uranus nearly dead center of the Vesica Pisces. At one of the ley-lines of this Piscean pentagram, the Phoenix Islands are situated that can lend some additional imagery that this ‘birthing’ of a ‘Christ’ was also associated with a phoenix type of emergence; as in a person or a time on Earth to come. This typology fits very well with the Luciferian aspirations, preparations and expectations of their coming Phoenix, their Golden 5th Age to be ruled by their Dark Lord, Loki Lord of the Trident.

This is the imagery in this case, at least from physical locations. The landmarks amongst the vast sea where either presenting or unveiling on the Earth the advent of the Luciferian ‘Christ’. These super-impressions of Pisces, the phi ratio spiral and the pentagram do not account of the curvature of the Earth that distort the end points of any flat-line configuration. Since the Earth is shown as a sphere and the Zodiac sign of Pisces as 2-dimensional, the points are not exactly matching but it gives a sense of the geometry and synchronicity involved that directly are attributed to the celestial bodies and Earth’s ley-lines, Tropics and Equator. The constellation of Pisces superimposed over the heart of the Pacific Ocean approximated the latitude markers in relation to the Zenith of the 2nd Blood Moon of the Tetrad.

The ‘V’ demarcation of Pisces corresponded to the Japan-California-New Zealand connections with the ‘V’ resting on the Tropic of Capricorn, the Sea Goat (Beast). A Tetrad is when 4 consecutive total red Blood Moon occur without any partial lunar eclipse in between such. They come in pairs and are separated by 6 months. This Tetrad is suggested to be the 3rd in the cluster serious that started in 1949 and is believed many to be associated prophetically to Israel and the Holy Feast of YHVH as the total lunar eclipses occur on wither Passover or Sukkot.

Date       Type       Saros      Umbral    Mag       Eclipse Duration    Feast
2014       Apr 15    Total       122         1.291      03h35m                 Passover
2014       Oct 08    Total       127         1.166      03h20m                 Sukkot
2015       Apr 04    Total       132         1.001      03h29m                 Passover
2015       Sep 28   Total       137         1.276      03h20m                 Sukkot

Major FALL Feasts of  יהוה
Feast begins the day before at sunset.

New Moon:    
5. Rosh HaShana       1st Day
6. Yom Kippur             10h Day
7. Succoth:                  15th Day
Shemini Atzeret          21st Day

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the entire moon will travel through the shadow of the Earth called the Umbral. The ‘blood red’ appearance occurs as a result of the color spectrum of the Earth’s atmosphere and due to such factors as atmospheric dust and gases. A total lunar eclipse can only take place on Full Moon. The moon passes right to left through the Earth's shadow. UTC is Universal Time. The following timing is taken from NASA’s website pertaining to the 2nd Blood Moon of the 2014-15 Tetrad.

Lunar Eclipse
Duration          (hr:mn:sc)      
Totality            0:58:50
Partial              3:19:31
Penumbral       05:18:03
Contacts          (UTC) 

P1                    08:15:36
U1                   09:14:48
U2                   10:25:09
Greatest          10:54:35
U3                   11:23:59
U4                   12:34:19
P4                    13:33:39

The 5 Continents of the Piscean Pentagram

1. N. America
2. S. America
3. Australia
4. Asia
5. Antarctica

Hawaii Is. Coordinates

Hawaii to Zenith Distance
1776 kilometers
~1,941,000 yards

Christmas Islands Coordinates

Chatham Is. Coordinates


The total lunar eclipse occurred at the precise time of the conjunction with Uranus in Pisces and the overlay thus corresponded geographically to the island of Kiribati. The following are some geographic stats about the island composition. Kiribati is a country encompassing 33 Pacific atolls and islands. It consists of about 32 atolls and one solitary island. The network extends into the eastern and western hemispheres. An atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef including a coral rim that encircles a lagoon partially or completely as most of the world's atolls are in the Pacific Ocean. The groups of Kiribati islands are as follows.

1. Banaba: an isolated island between Nauru and the Gilbert Islands
2. Gilbert Islands: 16 atolls located north of Fiji
3. Phoenix Islands: 8 atolls and coral islands southeast of the Gilberts
4. Line Islands: (Christmas Island) 8 atolls and one reef, located east of the Gilberts
5. Tarawa Atoll
33 in total network

This is the native name for Christmas Island that is a raised coral atoll in the northern Line Islands. The name Kiritimati is a respelling of the English word Christmas in Gilbertese, the official language of Kiribati. The combination 'ti' is pronounced s, and the name is thus pronounced [kəˈrɪsməs]. The island has the greatest land area of any coral atoll in the world. Christmas Island comprises over 70% of the total land area of Kiribati, the same fractal as the total water volume of the Earth. The Island lies 144 miles north of the Equator, some 4,160 miles from Sydney, and 3,330 miles from San Francisco.

Christmas Island is in the world's farthest forward time
zone, UTC+14, meaning that it is one of the first inhabited places to experience the New Year on Earth. Without reading too much into the number association, it is hard not to see some possible overlay of the 144,000 anointed witnesses that will be sent by the LORD as a witness during the Tribulation period. They will be the first as in a ‘new year’ a new beginning of witnessing as the Church Witness has been removed. Since the 144k are Jewish, the New Year could allude to them being sealed to commence their witness on Nissan 1 which is the Religious New Year in March/April or at Rosh HaShanah in September/October which is the ‘head’ or the Civil New Year.

One interesting find related to the god of the Trident is that of the missing Malaysia Air flight 370. There have been many who have attributed this event to an orchestrated foul play of the Illuminati kind. It has been made known by many who can decode such an anomaly that the Illuminati was announcing its plans ahead of time through logos related to the Trident. The Trident is the symbol of the King of the Sea, the Abyss, and Poseidon…that of Satan.

This symbol is foreshadowing perhaps to the prelude to the rise of the forces of darkness and the imminent revealing or ‘birthing’ of Lucifer’s AntiChrist before the start of the Tribulation period. There has been much that has not been answered about the whereabouts of the plane. The specific letters high-lighted on the logo of Malaysia Air when summed-up equal the esoteric number of 33. It is one of the primary Luciferian signature numbers that perhaps the Luciferians are using in current events to signal the immanent birthing of the ’Beast’, god of the Trident.  

M: 13th         Letter
A: 1st            Letter
S: 19th         Letter

Word study from Wikipedia.
The following is a letter study from the primary letter related to the trident design and the name of the airliner. The letter M is derived from the Phoenician Mem, via the Greek Mu (Μ, μ). Mem is originally pictured as water. In the Egyptian hieroglyphs, it was depicted as a water wave. The letter A has its earliest ancestor of aleph from the first letter of the Phoenician alphabet. The origin of aleph was a pictogram of an ox head in proto-Sinaitic script influenced by Egyptian hieroglyphs, styled as a triangular head with two horns extended as in a beast.

The letter S comes from the Semitic Šîn ("teeth") that represented a voiceless postalveolar fricative. The Greeks did not have this sound, so the Greek sigma (Σ) came to represent the letter. In summary, this word association inferences clearly to a ‘water beast with ferocious teeth’…the Beast that comes out of the depths of the Sea as depicted in Revelation and Daniel with the same exact attributes. This is just possibly a trivial esoteric clue that the Trident logo might have in relation nonetheless to the symbology of the coming King of Atlantis, the god of the Trident himself.

The King of Atlantis is the type of the AntiChrist to come.
The god Uranus fathered a son that became the ruler of the Golden Age. His name is Poseidon in the Greek, Neptune in Latin, Shiva in Hindi. He is the Destroyer, or ’Transformer’ that is to be birthed out of the depths of the waters of the deep abyss to rule the coming 5th Age. He is Lucifer's Antichrist Beast that comes out of the sea as depicted in the books of Daniel and Revelation. This birthed ‘Christ’ or Beast will cause a ‘transformation’ out of the immanent chaos that the world will be plunged into by design to foment the New World Order. At first there will be peace but soon thereafter this Beast will unleash hell.

This god of the Trident, Poseidon in mythology is believed by the various secret Luciferian societies to be the former King of Atlantis, aka Lucifer. He was the ruler of the Golden Age on Earth perhaps before Lucifer’s Fall and the Genesis re-Creation. As Lucifer and Atlantis were judged for their sins, the remnants of such a culture, knowledge and power pervaded over to the subsequent world after the Flood of Noah. Biblically speaking, however this same spirit of Satan will empower and possess the ‘Son of Uranus’, the AntiChrist. He will seek to rule the world once again in a feeble attempt to restore the Golden Age of Atlantis and enthrone Lucifer once again in the Temple that he formally had on Earth.

According to mythology or pre-Adamic history to some, the name Poseidon was the name also given to the Luciferian Temple that stood on the continent of Atlantis. The Temple of Poseidon could be seen atop of a hill at the very center of the city according to the writing of Plato. Many believe it was a pyramid of the very same dimensions as the Great Pyramid of Giza. Inside the temple, stood a massive golden statue of this god of the Trident, the son of Uranus. Poseidon was depicted on a chariot, a Quadriga of 4 horses abreast. This could have also some prophetic overtones of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Merkavah of YHVH held up by the 4 Seraphim.

Additionally, this god of the Trident is referred to as ‘Earth-Shaker’ due to his role in causing earthquakes as he would ride his chariot across the sky. Is it any wonder that the Blood Moon eclipse and conjunction of Uranus occurs dead center of the Pacific Ring of Fire that is so earthquake prone? In Astronomy, a conjunction occurs when two planetary bodies come together. In an exoteric sense, when such heavenly bodies conjoin or move so close to one another that their individual energies actually become amplified. If this is the case, then perhaps the effect of this 2nd Blood Moon of the Tetrad will be realized on Earth in terms of what the typology was all about; not good.

In the end, such configuration and conjunctions like what occurred on October 8, 2014 are designed and controlled by the Creator of the Heavens, the True Father whose Son, Jesus Christ has been already born to save the world, not destroy it. Nonetheless, the Luciferians are also waiting for a birthing of their Son, their Messiah…the ‘One and Future King’ of Atlantis. This god of the Trident is promised to restore the glory of the Golden Age as the planet Neptune rules in Aquarius, thus the Aquarian Age and false gospel. According to the books of Revelation and Daniel, this Beast that comes from the waters of the Abyss is the Destroyer, the AntiChrist that will wage war through deception. It is the same motto of MOSSAD, ‘by deception, wage war’, etc.

To reiterate, the 2nd of the Blood Moons of the Tetrad occurred on October 8, 2014. It was visible in the Western Hemisphere. What was interesting was that the eclipse’s Zenith or Totality occurred over the Christ-mas Islands as if to announce that a ‘Christ’ is to be ‘born’ or revealed perhaps. From Earth’s perspective, the Blood Moon occurred about 2 degrees from the planet Uranus as the Moon started to turn ’blood’ red in the constellation of Pisces. This position of Uranus corresponded to the Island of Kiribati. The timeline shows the Fall Feasts of YHVH starting with Rosh HaShanah and ending with the 8th Day Assembly of Shemini Atzeret.

The times in-between the major Feast time markers approximated the phi ratio as they do with the Spring Feasts as well. Concerning the Tetrad, in no other of the 3 total lunar eclipse occurrences did the Moon conjoin a Planet, thus having only Uranus not only conjoined with the Moon but during the exact time that it was eclipsed was statistically impossible to be mere chance and prophetically insignificant. This study strongly suggests that perhaps this was a type or a signaling of a time of a birthing of the AntiChrist that was tied to the Tetrad and is at hand.

The typology of the 2nd Blood Moon was a revealing or a milestone in the overall timetable of prophetic and astronomical progression to the revealing of who this ‘god of the Sea’ will be. This Destroyer that Revelation 13 states will come out from the ‘Sea’ of peoples to rule the world will be the false ‘Christ’. However not only will there be a ‘birthing of the Beast but of Christians at the end of the Church Age. Galatians 4:19 states the following. ‘My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you.’ Perhaps this timing will appear to coincide with the birthing of the false Christ, the Beast that is to come from the midst of the Sea metaphorically.

Prophetic Patterns
Prophetically, every day draws closer to the contractions the Earth has to birth the Sons of Light and the Son of Perdition. The Church Age is about to be completed; to be formed as in Christ’s image pervading the hearts and minds of the Disciples of Christ collectively. According to how some interpret Scripture, the unveiling of this god of the Trident cannot occur until the Church has come to full term, is birthed and delivered to be presented to the Father by Jesus Christ. It does appear that this conjoining and eclipsing of Uranus by the 2nd Blood Moon of the Tetrad was perhaps foreshadowing such a typology.

Based on the patterns of where the first 3 Blood Moons of the Tetrad occurred in relation to the Earth, they were dead centered in the Pacific Rim and 'ring of fire'. There was a strong connotation to the Blood Moons; the1st related to Easter Island, then the 2nd related to Christmas Islands and with the Uranus conjunction, then the 3rd with Christchurch, New Zealand. What this pattern brings out, especially with the Uranus conjunction of the 2nd Blood Moon is that it was tied to the imagery of the 'birthing' the son Poseidon. This Titan is the god of Earthquakes.

Perhaps in some form, the Tetrad sequence occurring in the Pacific was to accent the 'birth pangs' intensify as the AntiChrist is about to be 'birthed' that appear to go hand in hand with the increased seismic activity of the Ring of Fire; more intensely than before as the 'contractions' will get stronger and more frequent. There should not be a surprise if in the coming years there will perhaps be more 7.0/8.0 earthquakes and with more frequency and in the Pacific Rim of Fire. Prophetically, if the birthing and/or revealing of the AntiChrist and perhaps that of Christ’s Church Rapture coincide, it will be a mutual 'delivery'.

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