The Book of Revelation Reset

  • Does the Bible teach of a coming Great Escape from Earth?
  • Will the world end-up in an apocalyptic hell on Earth?
  • Is the prophecy in the book of Revelation about to come true?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘For at that time there will be Great Tribulation, unmatched from the beginning of the world until now, and never to be seen again. If those days had not been cut short, nobody would be saved. But for the sake of the Elect, those days will be shortened.’ – Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:21-22)

In 1981, an American science fiction action film co-written and directed by John Carpenter came out, ‘Escape from New York’. The film's storyline, set in the near-future world of 1997 was about an apocalyptic crime-ridden United States, which had converted Manhattan Island in New York City into a quarantined maximum-security area and prison. It foretold of a time where the civilized society of the once Superpower of the world deteriorated into quarantined cities and virtual concentration camps. Is this possible? What this study will strongly suggest is that it has been planned all-along and this real-life scenario is currently being rolled-out not only in the USA but the world. However, specific to Biblical prophecy, a ‘Great Escape’ from Earth will occur first.

This theme of the ‘Escape’ or Rapture will be developed later with the 2 military hospital ships, ‘Comfort’ and ‘Mercy’ that were dispatched for the COVID-19 planned pandemic; one to New York, and the other to Los Angeles, etc. This study will show that through various Predictive Programming, the scenario of ‘Escape from New York’ has now begun to come to fruition. Specific to the USA, it is currently the ‘Head of the Nations’ and present ‘New World Order’. This ‘Order’ occurred after World War 2 whereby the New Order in terms of money, military and media were concentrated in the USA to rule the world from. According to the Luciferian protocols, the USA is seen as the present ‘Phoenix’ metaphor that as its mythology suggests, will then have to be sacrificed, killed. It will need to be ‘burned’ so that from its ashes, the ‘New Phoenix’ or that of the New World Order will emerge. The prophetic pendulum will then swing back to the European theatre whereby the coming AntiChrist will rise to take hold of this ‘New Phoenix’.

What this study seeks to correlate are the scenes in both the movie and mural that depicted an exact time of quarantines due to some sort of biological agent or pathogen, concentration camp-style places and Martial Law. The mural scenario is depicted, out of all the places in a Bank of America Corporate Headquarters’ lobby. It is a series of 3 mural sections that paint an ominous future for the USA and the world that is unfolding before one’s very eyes. It is no ordinary lobby. The apocalyptic murals are in the lobby of the Bank of America Corporate Office in Charlottesville, North Carolina that basically depict what will occur from on warnings of Jesus. Many may not be fully aware but the Bank of America is really the Bank of Italy or Rome…the Vatican if one ‘follows the money’. One of the best breakdowns of the possible meaning of these murals is done by Vigilant Citizen, in an article written-up now 10 years old but more relevant now.

Revelation Reset
In one the murals, one can decode a Rapture as a ‘woman in a 3-D box prism’ is being lifted up during a total solar eclipse. And then astonishing, in another mural there seems to be a pandemic, Martial Law, rioting, quarantines, and even a giant sphere on the horizon that many attribute will be the advent of Planet X, etc. But above the scene is another possible inference to the Rapture. It depicts people being suspended above the circumstances as they are enveloped in ‘Doves of Fire’. The only such symbol that connotes this is the Holy Spirit in its symbology. Perhaps. Of course, the Followers of Jesus know that they have the Peace and Joy that surpasses all understanding and circumstances. And they, above all the peoples of the world know what is going to happen based on the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles, the ‘escape’ or the Rapture.

The Doctrine of the Rapture can be seen in types and shadows from Enoch, Noah, Lot, etc. Such a theme of a ‘Great Escape’ and/or the End Times are especially espoused in such books as Ezekiel, Isaiah, Zechariah, the Gospels, Romans, 1 Corinthians, 1 Thessalonians, and Revelation, etc. It goes without saying but many are sensing that this ‘Time’ has arrives for those that have been and are watching and reporting. Amazingly, Jesus told His Followers of all this and are those that know what is ahead. Imagine those that have no clue what is happening Biblically? Yet sadly many either will not heed the warnings to receive Christ Jesus NOW before it really comes to pass or will be too late to ‘Escape from Planet Earth’ through the promised Rapture, called the Blessed Hope. Yes, this is the promise of Jesus given during this time of ‘Comfort’ and ‘Mercy’ that has lasted over 1988 years since the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

After such an Escape from Earth, the apocalypse described in the book of Revelation and even depicted in the movie and mural will be unleashed. It will be this Last Generation that Jesus will visit with His wrath for all the iniquity, violence, injustice, murder, slander, blasphemy and sins of the world. To help with the ‘implosion’ of the USA, the coming economic crash will really be an induced reset. The coming collapse of the present economic, military, political, social and medical order is really a 9-11 (2.0). As they demolished the Towers then, they have demolished the economy that fast now, particularly in the USA. At no other time in USA history have 3 million and up to 6 million filed for Unemployment. At no other time have +3 billion people been sheltered-in-place and whole nations ‘closed for business’.

Many pundits of the economy and politics are already forecasting riots and shortages of food if the economies continue to stay shut down. As many rightly note, the world has reached critical mass that maybe unrecoverable for decades to come even in a best-case scenario due to the planned and weaponized virus. Realize that the natural flu season is from December through March. Naturally, the virus should then be dissipating with more humid and warmer temperatures, for the most part. The point is that the deaths that can take up to 4 weeks even with those ventilators will not see the statistics until 3 months later as that is the projected peak which will be horrific. But those who know the Bible and its prophecy about the world’s end can take heart that those of Jesus are ‘ahead of the curve’ at least prophetically. However, this study strongly suggests that before such a critical mass occurs, there will be the ‘Great Escape’.

The Great Escape
One is of the belief that it will be the Rapture that will ensure the implosion of the USA in particular, if the projected numbers of the majority of Christians are concentrated there in comparison to most other nations on the face of the globe. It will insure the complete collapse of the government and all infrastructures in the USA. It will solidify the transfer to the New World Order Phoenix to rollout the ‘New Order’ and set it to its Orwellian standards and laws by which every single person will be controlled. This will be much like the rolled-out Social Credit Scores of China. In terms of the Rapture typology of Noah’s Ark or a boat, it is a poetic justice as those 2 military hospital ships, the ‘Comfort’ and ‘Mercy’ were dispatched to each of the ‘doors’ of the USA, the west and east coast respectively. And then President Trump was seeing one off and waiving it goodbye.

It sort of came to mind that at the Rapture, at the ‘Trump-et’, Followers of Jesus will be boarding as in the type of Noah, on the Ark as they and the world will mutually wave goodbye to each other, good riddance. The world and the Luciferians, Leftists, etc., cannot wait for Bible-believing Christians to leave this planet, many in the USA are already blaming the ‘Evangelicals’ for the plague. And likewise, true Christians cannot wait to be removed and be at the Wedding; they have a ‘boat’ to catch. Also, without reading too much into it, how ironic it will be, it is and has been that in Jesus, the Body of Christ has been like a ‘boat’. Jesus by way of the Comforter, GOD the Holy Spirit, has been as an Ark of protection for His own. In this world, He has been given to His own for ‘Comfort and Mercy’ as the ships are named. Yet for America specifically and the world in general, such ‘Comfort’ and ‘Mercy’ will be removed once the Restrainer will be too.

How horrible it will be. What is coming next will be 100x worse than what is occurring now and the movie or mural depicts. Hopefully, at most there is a little bit more to go but any early boarding will be accepted gladly. Why focus on the USA? The USA is currently the Head of the Nations. When the Head turns, the world will follow. When the USA will fall, so will the world. This is the same principle found in the Old Testament where YHVH admonished the Kings of Israel, as then the people would follow. And YHVH often judged all of Israel based on the compliance of the King or lack thereof. Sadly, for the Body of Christ, presently the major symptom is that of the Laodicean Age where Jesus is outside. It is marked by a ‘Prosperity Gospel’ that has caused damage.

There is a sifting going on in the church however, as many suggest that even by the numbers achieved, that ‘we have arrived’. Perhaps. Some have suggesting that a possible milestone reached is the world’s total estimated population. It will reach 7,777,777,777 billion people by Passover of 2020. Also, for the first time since 1948, no Aliyah is taking place in Israel. Many sense that perhaps the number of Jews returning to Israel has reached its fulfillment as with the Gentiles. Most churches are now closed and gone online, but realize that as the governments have the ability to stop such gatherings in person, they can also shut down 'online' activities. Sooner or later, they will be taken down as any reference to Bibles, websites and online 'church' activities will be labeled disinformation, conspiracy theory, etc. Or unless it will be a liberal left church that will tow the party line. Many are transferring information onto flash-drives and such.

The Season of Noah
It is an example of how the Gospel, in one aspect will reach the people during the Tribulation Period as it did in the Underground Church of the 1st century and even so as it is now in the Underground Churches of the world. It will be through flash drives, DVD’s of the Bible, studies, videos, and documents that can be passed around like the Letters where in the 1st century. Many Watchers of the End Times are sensing a feeling of being ‘vindicated’ after all those years but not in a ‘I told you so’ attitude. For all those that have been watching for a long time too, there is that ‘unspeakable joy and full of glory’ sensation, one can almost bust-out of one's body now. But then the following also has come to mind. Consider that Followers of Jesus always stress and rightly so that such seek to warn, admonish, encourage both Brethren in Christ Jesus and the Lost of the type of days that the Bible forewarned, are here NOW.

And sometimes or often it is heard from others that a ‘Great Harvest’ will be had in America especially, if not in the world. And/or that there will be a Revival in the Last Days, etc., as it is said and known that it is the ‘Days of Noah’, the Days of Lot’, when Jesus will return. And such apocalyptic scenarios as portrayed in the movie or mural are often associated with those as sound inferences to the Rapture types, to a degree. What about the flip-side of the coin as they say? But it is also agonizing that if that is the case, also realize then that at the time when the Rapture does occur, it will not be the throngs or multitudes that will respond as in the Days of Noah and Lot? If one can believe it, if as some have calculated the world population before the Flood to have been around 7 billion also, only 8 persons got saved. If out of the 5 cities to include Sodom and Gomorrah that perhaps had 1000s in them and only 4 people escaped.

Interestingly also if by coincidence, the movie ‘Escape from New York’ was set in 1997. Pertaining to the Days of Noah, many have calculated that it was in 1997 that the Days of Noah started its countdown as that was the year that the comet Hale-Bopp appeared to the naked eye. It was the most widely viewed comet of the 20th century and not seen for an estimated ~4,200 years or ‘Days of Noah’. It was first photographed on April 27, 1993 [(2020-1993=27 years (9-9-9)]. What was so particular about this date and comet? That date, on the Hebrew calendar, was Iyar 6 or the same date of May 15, 1948 when Israel became a nation after 1948 years since 70 AD. The year 2020 will be the 72nd year for Israel, a full celestial degree of a time completed. A time now completed since Noah finished the Ark and had not been seen until then?

What was the comet link to Noah? It was October 2, 1997 that marked the new Hebrew year of 5758. When written-out in Hebrew, the year 5758 denoted, ‘Noah’ and ‘Seasons of Noah’ with its acrostic. As to the Noah and Ark or boat connection to an ‘Escape’? The comet later on in the Summer of 1997 appeared in the constellation of Argo, the ‘Ark’ or ship. Coincidence? Thus, could the ‘Season of Noah’ ending at the Ark in mid-Summer suggest when the departure or the Escape from Planet Earth is to take place? If this would be the case, it would correspond then to the projected true count of when Pentecost would be, around mid-July. Of course, this is predicated on the theory that there is actually a 100-day count from the Sabbath after the Feast of First Fruits.

The Last Call
Yet, in all the studies, there are 2 favorite Feasts of YHVH for the Rapture, if it is tied to a Feast typology and prophetically. The 2 Feasts of YHVH that most likely necessitates the Rapture or the Great Escape from Planet Earth are Passover and Pentecost (+ 50 days). In re-studying Acts 1 and 2, there is that reconfirmation that most have been taught that Jesus was around exactly 40 days and then 10 days later was Pentecost. There are 2 assumptions here that need to be vetted-out. It really says that it was 40+ days so more than 40 but not 50. Then there is no inference to a 10-day period coming later but that it would be ‘in a few days’, etc. Regardless, if one says that such prophetic types are to be now as then, it will be heartbreaking for the 7.7 billion on Earth presently. Why? The point is that it will not be the ‘most’ or many that will ‘Escape from Planet Earth’ at the Rapture as it was in the Days of Noah and the Days of Lot.

As it is, many articles are reporting about how during this time when 3+ billion are on ‘lock-down’, instead of many seeking Jesus or reading/hearing the Bible, and many are doing this, the Lost are entertaining themselves and going crazy. There are reports where domestic violence in sky-rocking, alcohol and drug consumption is also, porn, and suicides, etc. Looting is beginning in all those empty malls in some cities and many businesses are boarding-up there stores in anticipation of civil unrest. Although the Church’s outreach might be curtailed for person to person contact now, thanks through the internet, while it still can, it will outreach and fellowship this way. For those Christians that have abandoned the Faith and/or are in sin and those outright against the message of salvation Jesus brings, such are sensing that things are dire.

This time is a wake-up call to repent and get one’s ‘house in order’. For others, it will just be the ‘Great Scare of 2020’, but the world as one knew it will not return to the prior ‘normal’. As it occurred after 9-11, many were more open to the Gospel then and others were listening, if at least for the first time. The Apostles stated the ‘LORD is soon to return’ but it has been 2000 years now or, 1988 (88) years to be exact from the year 2020. It would be 1988 years from 32 AD, if one believes Jesus was born in September 11, -3 BC, then Jesus had to die on 32 AD at the age of 33. Many are hoping that the ‘Great Escape’ could occur on a Passover as it was for Israel in Egypt during the Exodus. There is a prior study entitled, The Unfinished Passover and how basically Jesus will take-up in the Kingdom where He left off. Perhaps at a Passover?

Out of the 4 Cups to partake of, Jesus only stopped at the 3rd, that of the New Covenant to be memorialized and ratified by His Blood. And then He made that first Rapture inference of needing to go away but would return one day for His Bride of which the LORD’s Supper is really also a type of the Marriage Contract remembered as often as it is rehearsed. It is an occasion to renew one’s marital vows. Many do sense that in their inner being, there is that spark of overwhelming joy in thinking that perhaps the Last Call for boarding the ‘Ark’ for the ‘Great Escape’ from Planet Earth has been made. Is it finally time to depart? As the fear and terror will start to really sink in for those in the world of the coming apocalypse for the Lost, it is hard not to sense a genuine anticipation and expectation for all those that have been waiting and love the appearing of the Savior of the world, the Rescuer and ship’s Captain, Jesus.

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-Picture: Mural from lobby of Bank of America Corporate Office, North Carolina


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