What to Think and Do until the Rapture

  • Will the Religious Jews sacrifice Red Heifer in 2024?
  • How long before the Ashes will Temple be built?
  • What should the Bride of Christ do until then?

by Luis B. Vega
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How close is the Rapture? Well, guess what Year the Heifers will be ready to be Sacrificed to provide the Ashes to Cleanse the Temple Mount, the Altar, Temple, Priests and all of the Jews to have their Offering Accepted? 2024. The Religious Jews are attempting to perform the Ritual, assuming the Red Heifers stay ‘Red’, around Passover or Shavuot of 2024. Imagine seeing this Ceremony before we go? See CBN News Article below, linked about the Red Heifers. Remember them?

Prophetic Anticipation Builds: Unblemished Red Heifers for Temple Ceremony Soon Come of Age

It is just as you all know that one presumes a Summer, in July of 2024 to be one’s Highest Rapture Watch Year ever. Of course, it could all be wrong and a mis-calculated effort on one’s part. Here are 2 Excerpts from the Article. Very Telling and Exciting!

Rabbi Mamo added, "And we hope that in [1.5 years] from today, [May 2023] we can make this area the ceremony of the red heifer that actually will be the first step to the Temple."

"So we believe that it's very likely that the ceremony would happen somewhere in the area of Passover, 2024, out to the possibility of Shavuot, 2024," Stinson said. "Somewhere in that timeline, the cows would be old enough and it would be the proper timeline for that ceremony."


1.5 years = May 2023 = November 2024 for Temple in 2025

= 2025 Start of Tribulation?

Here also, is a very insightful Interview with a Brother J.B. Hixson in Tom Hughes’ Channel, discussing the End Times. What caught one’s Attention was how this Brother ‘Knows his Stuff’. He mentioned how the Luciferian Alice Bailey, who founded Lucifer Trust, later changed to Lucis Trust, the Publishing Arm of the UN, said that her Spirit Guides told her that they would begin to Rule the World in what Year?….2025.

So, a 2025-2032 Tribulation anyone? Not saying one defers to what the Demons and Fallen Angels are Broadcasting, but just to make a Note of it that they are. Do we not Trust Jesus? Do we not know Him who Owns Everything and is in Control?

Is not making Rent, ‘Persecution’ or ‘Suffering’, compared to Brethren around the World that are having their Heads chopped-off, Raped, Beat-Up, Killed, deprived of Civil Rights, a fair comparison? This has now come to the USA and the West, Canada, the UK, Australia, etc. So the Body of Christ in a once ‘Safe Hacen’ of the West is now Suffering increasing Persecution.

Is this not the Time then to Trust Jesus and if be, that we Suffer, suffer the loss of Work, Resources, Homes, Vehicles, Bank Accounts, Property…and? Do we not go forward? I am reminded of the verse, ‘If you have Raced with Men on Foot and they have worn you out, how can you Compete with Horses? If you Stumble in a Peaceful Land, how will you do in the Thickets of the Jordan? Jeremiah 12:5 And the Horses and the Jordan Waters are here now.

If one cannot make Rent on the House, either move into a Room to Rent with a Family, as one has in the past. Or, rent your Rooms out. Just a suggestion. We should have been Preparing, especially as of 3 Years ago due to COVID. And did Many Watchmen not have Discussions about doing this many times? Preparing, as much as one can. Like every Month, buying a little Extra so that now, when it does come down, and perhaps the Bride of Christ is to endure for ‘1 more Year’, one is a little bit more resourceful.

What if the Rapture will be in July of 2024? Here is the Question. Knowing that one has 1 Year Left on Earth in his World, aside from Dying beforehand, what will one do? Will one Preach more? Will one Help More? Will one do Nothing or go through the same Daily Routine? One is not saying the Rapture is next July in 2024, but if all indicators are showing, one is saying, that it has to be like in 2024. But if the Pentecost of Acts 2 was the Feast of New Wine….those that are connoisseurs of Wine know that you cannot Rush Wine. The Bride cannot Rush the Rapture.


The Countdown Has Begun
Hope for our Times


#322: THE 10th RED HEIFER
Cleansing and Consecration of the 3rd Temple Service

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