A Prophetic Timeline based on the 8th Day

  • Does the Bible Encrypt when Jesus is to Return?
  • Can the Year of the 2nd Coming be Determined?
  • What does Anna's 84-Year Factor have to do with it?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘She was now 84 Years Old. Anna was always at the Temple; she never left. She Worshiped God by Fasting and Praying Day and Night. Anna was there when Joseph and Mary came to the Temple. She Praised God and Talked about Jesus to all those who were Waiting for God to Free Jerusalem’. -Luke 2:37

Can the Year Jesus is to Return to Earth to Rule and Reign be Known? Does the Bible have, within is Text and the Number that YHVH divulges, such a Year? Realize that aside from the Creation of the 1st Human Male and Female, Adam and Eve, Noah’s Flood, the Birth, Death and Resurrection of Jesus, Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine, and the Resurrection-Rapture Event, the Return of Jesus will be 1 of the 7 Greatest Events in Human History. It will be a Time in which the Whole World will see with their Naked Eyes, and there will not be a Doubt or Discrepancy who this Man will be.

There are those who study the Bible that believe, one included that the Pages contain Codes in the Years Mentioned. The Bible is full of Numbers because YHVH is the Great Mathematician. He uses Numbers as a Language to speak, which it is. For example, there is the Notion of the 3 for Trinity, there is the 7 for Perfections, there is 8 for New Beginnings. There are 9, 10 for the Law, 11 and 13 for Rebellion. There are 40 as in Day of Wondering or a Test. There is the 120 Year Coefficient given to Moses that many suggest is the Jubilee Year Count, etc.

What if in Luke 2:36-37 the ‘Return of Jesus’ has been likewise, ‘Encoded’ in the very Scripture, when Jesus is Presented at the Temple? No Ordinary Day. This Number is 84, based on the Age of Anna, who the Bible describes her as a Prophetess. This is the occasion of Jesus’ Parents, Josepha and Mary, both Descendants of King David, no less when Jesus, on the 8th Day. The Presentation to the Temple was about Circumcision. It was recorded in the Bible and it will tie-in to one’s Assertion of how it also pertains or should to Israel in its Need to Uphold the Meaning of what Circumcision was and is for the entire Nation. It is about ‘Keeping One’s Promises’.  

‘And when 8 Days were fulfilled to Circumcise the Child, his Name was called Jesus, the Name called by the Angel before He was Conceived in the Womb’. -Luke 2:21

This Act on a Jewish Male, was keeping with what YHVH prescribed to Abraham in Genesis 17:19. The Jews call this Event a Brit Milah Ceremony at which Time the Foreskin of the Male Member is cut-off. It is also the occasion when the Male is given their Name, etc. Thus, Circumcision speaks of Maintaining the Covenant. Which one?

A Covenant with Whom?
If one carefully considers Daniel 9:27, which is the 7 Year Tribulation, regardless of any Heavenly or Earthly Interpretation, it is ‘Confirmed’ by a Man, the AntiChrist. But, sure it does not say, ‘It is with Israel!’. So, yes, one does have to Connect the Prophetic Dots and use Deductive Logic. How so? One must not lose Sight or the Focus of the Prophecy given to Daniel in the 1st Place. It is about the 70 Prophetic Years Israel was, is, and will be Disciplined for not Keeping the Sabbaths of the Land. This is why it is impossible for the Bride of Christ to suffer this same Disciple of Israel as she has not been required to Keep the Sabbaths of an actual Land Covenant, that Israel does have and is Obligated, etc.

Here is where one Connects the Dots to surmise that the Covenant is with Israel, Specifically. The Passage states that this same Man, that makes the Covenant, breaks it at the Mid-Point. And how? The Daily Sacrifices and Offerings are Stopped. This is your DIRECT CONNECTION to Israel. This is why the Temple then is Required, or at least the Altar of Sacrifice, which can only be placed on the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem. And what will cause the Daily Sacrifices to begin anew?

One is convinced, the ‘Man of the Hour’, Israel’s False Messiah will do it, after the Rapture. And this is why the Confirming of the Covenant will be contingent upon a Major Regional War with Israel. And this is why, from that time forward, Israel, that has ‘Built their Wall’ around its Borders, literally, will dismantle them, in a sense of False ‘Peace and Security’. Why? Why not if she has none other than the Messiah to Protect her. Israel will no longer Fear the Inner Ring of Muslim Para-Military Forces to Attack Israel any more. Why not?

Primarily, it is because this Man, Savior will be regarded as their Messiah, whom they believe is ‘Invincible’ and will not suffer Israel to ever be Attacked ever again. In fact, it is during the 7-Year Tribulation that Israel will be at the ‘Head of the Nations’. Israel, religiously speaking, will be at the Center of the World with its ‘Abrahamic Houses’, for all 3 Major World Religions. But most prominently will be the 3rd Temple that will serve as a Rallying Cry for World Unity and a ‘House of Prayer for all Nations’, act. Thus, even from one’s Geo-Political Interpretation, the Covenant to be ‘Confirmed’ will not be, cannot be made between the UN and YHVH, for example.

And if one is speaking about Covenants that are Confirmed with Israel, we have the whole Old Testament of how YHVH reiterated the Covenants multiple times, to Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, etc. But that also in a more Relative manner for the ‘Many’, every Day after Shemini Atzeret, that is Simchat Torah, the Kings of Israel would gather the ‘Many’ around the Temple, on this National Day, to Commemorate and Confirm the Covenant of YHVH with all of Israel in their Hearing. This occurred with King Solomon as he Dedicated the 1st Temple, and Fire came down and started the acceptance of the Daily Sacrifice on the Altar of Sacrifice. The Covenants between Israel and YHVH ‘Confirmed’, were as when Ezra and Nehemiah read them aloud after the Return from the 2nd Diaspora to Babylon.

It is About Keeping One’s Promise
Spiritually Speaking, it conveys an Outward Physical Sign of a Spiritual Condition or Understanding. According to Research, it is a continuous Sign of being Reminded of Man’s Duty and Responsibly in having a Covenant or ‘Relationship’ with the Creator, YHVH, that is merited, not by Dead Words, but by a Living Face, bestowed upon by YHVH’s Grace, etc. This is what the Abrahamic Covenant was and is about. Grace and Israel’ Part to ‘Keep’ this Relationship Faithful. They did not. Over Israel’s History, it has gotten to a Point that they have become Unfaithful and therefore do not See Clearly, Spiritually.

What further exasperated this Spiritual Blindness was how the 70 Elders of the Sanhedrin Rejected Jesus as the Messiah on behalf of all of Israel. So, to an extent, ‘Scales’ have been placed over Israel’s Eyes to not see. This is the Law or Judgment Jesus gave them in that He said that He came so that the ‘Blind could see and those that say that they ‘See’, would become Blind’, etc. Thus, in this Context of Spiritual Blindness, the New Testament Teachings, especially those of the Apostle Paul, state that it is only when Jesus is Lifted High, the YHVH draws all Men to Salvation or Yeshua, which means ‘Salvation’, and the Scales or ‘Blinders’ are removed.

Now, many Jews over the Centuries have ‘Seen’ Jesus and have received what Abraham Saw in his Day. The 1st Congregations were mostly all Jewish. But for the most part, National Israel, that YHVH is tied to as an Earthly People or Inheritance is not yet fully Redeemed, nor want to. Why not? The issues are many but it boils-down to not accepting their Contrived Version of who the Messiah was supposed to be in their Understanding. To the Jews waiting for their Messiah today, He is not the GOD-Man who is a Human, becoming Mortal by putting-on Flesh as a Child. He is not the Son of GOD, or GOD the Son. To the Jews, Jesus is not the Counselor, the Mighty GOD, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.

In fact, Jesus warned the 70 Elders that their Father, Counselor, Prince of Peace and Government was going to come in his own Name. And that this False Messiah would they Receive. And that is exactly what will occur. Not with this Context and Scriptural background, one will consider the Age of Anna at the Temple, being 84 Years Old. One will consider her Widower Condition as that of how Israel has become, having YHVH as Husband no more. And how they do not ‘See’ Jesus as Anna did, but will ‘See’ Jesus, literally as Anna did with her own Eyes at Jesus’ Return. One will then Prophetically associate the Birth of Jesus and His Presentation on the 8thh Day, as ‘New Beginnings’ of how Israel was Reborn, anew in 1948.

The ’Anna Code’ that one will then incorporate and Calculate will be how one then interjects the 84 Year Coefficient to the Rebirth of Israel. This is the Calculus and Formula being used, etc. What Outcome is derived is Amazing if True. It is just a Calculation and one cannot ‘Prove’ this Prophetic Equation, other than to suggest it as the Possible, if not Probable Year in which a ‘Blind’ Israel will finally have its Scales taken off and they, as a Nation will see the Face of Jesus, whom they Pierced at His 2nd Advent, just like Zechariah foretold would happens. 

It is About Seeing
So, why is one Suggesting this 84 Year Code dealing with Israel? It is because in knowing this End Date or Year, one then can Reverse Engineer the 7-Year Tribulation Period. This then would further narrow-down the Possible Timing of the Rapture Event, assuming one is of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Sequence, etc. And? If what this Anna 84 Year Code is pointing to, then the Year 2024 is more in line with one’s Calculations, as it has been presented before. Consider the following. If there is something to this Equation from 1948, then it is Extremely Significant and Prophetic in how YHVH has all along, written down what Year Jesus is to Return. Here is the Equation.

Rebirth of Israel                                                                              Israel Sees Jesus
+84 Year Anna Factor ------------------------ = 2032

Perhaps this Calculus is 1 of the End Times Pieces to have been Unveiled for the Last Days? Many Watchmen have surmised that this is exactly what is going on. Such New Understanding of End Times Prophecy that was specifically given to Daniel that had been ‘Sealed’, has now been Unsealed because it is the Time of the End, which is now. This means that the Body is given Eyes to See and Ears to Hear what the Spirit is saying now to the Churches in these Last Days. For example, the New Understanding about the Pentecost Double Count on New Wine is just the Proverbial Tip of the Iceberg.

What else is there yet to be Revealed by the Holy Spirit? But as with all new sorts of Scriptural Understanding, there is Strong Opposition to such New Understanding. It is ‘Normal’ to Doubt but the Point is that the Church Body must then be like the Noble Bereans and ‘Confirm’, not Condemn. Such an Equation and 84 Year Code has always been there but now Highlighted by the Holy Spirit. Why? As noted, it is because it is now Crucial to help in determining the Season, more Specifically of the Great Escape, the Open Door, the Blessed Hope. If there is ever a Time that Jesus’ People are to be digging into the Scripture and Studying Prophecy, it is now.

Yet sadly the opposite is happening, just like in Jesus’ 1st Advent, most of the Professing Church is ignoring Prophecy and the 1% that is Watching, most are being Resistant to such New Understanding. This is the Account of Luke. Jesus was presented to the Temple on the 8th Day. Both Simeon and Anna were but 2 of the ‘Few’ of all of Israel that ‘Kept the Promises’. They were of the True Jewish Heritage that were Watching and Waiting for the Messiah, unlike most of all Israel that was not. YHVH granted them the Gaze of the Face of Israel’s Salvation and Glory, with their own Eyes.

Their Prayers were answered in the House of YHVH. Which by the way is where Every Prayer is to be made and will be answered from there. Consider carefully the Passage YHVH wants the World to know about his Woman and when Israel will ‘See’ Jesus just as she did, for who Jesus really was, is and will be.  Anna Sees Jesus in Luke 2:37, specifically. And note from which Tribe she was from, the supposed ‘Lost 10 Tribes of Israel’? They are not ‘Lost’. YHVH knows who, Genetically belongs to what and whom, etc. ‘Anna, a Prophetess, was there at the Temple waiting to see the ‘Yeshua of GOD’.  

Believing is Seeing
She was from the Family of Phanuel in the Tribe of Asher. She was now very Old. She had lived with her Husband 7 Years before he Died and left her Alone. She was now 84 Years Old. The Bible states that Anna was always at the Temple; she never left. She Worshiped YHVH by Fasting and Praying Day and Night. Anna was there when Joseph and Mary came to the Temple. Joseph was the Descendant of King David through Solomon. Mary was the Descendant of King David through Nathan.

Anna Praised God and Talked about Jesus to all those who were Waiting for YHVH to ‘Free Jerusalem’, there at the Temple. So, the Scriptures mention that Anna was 84 Years Old and a Widow. One surmises that Prophetically, she is a Type of Israel, ‘Widowed’ of YHVH, as to her Condition, that occurred after a 7-Year Time Frame. Note that it then is Extremely Important and ties in with the 7-Year Factor of the Tribulation Period.

This is the Last Sabbath of Years, Israel owes YHVH for not keeping the Sabbaths of the Land. And? YHVH will ‘Collect’ this Last Payment after the Resurrection-Rapture Event. It will be Daniel’s 70th Week with the 2nd Half being specifically called Jacob’s Trouble or the Great Tribulation, etc. And it will be at the End of a similar 7-Year Period when All of Israel, that is left of the Remnant that Fled to the Wilderness, per the Revelation 12 Sign, being then Fulfilled, Spiritually, will ‘See’ Jesus, as Anna did.

1-Birth of Israel as birth of Jesus       = 1948

2-Anna’s Widowhood                         + 84 Year Factor

3-See the Face of Jesus                   
= 2032 Return of Jesus?

4-Subtract 7-Year Tribulation             = 2025 Start of 7 Year Prophetic Factor?

Note that Anna’s 84 Numerical factor is a Mirror Image of 19-48. Note that although this Prophetic Calculus is Strong and Convincing, in one’s Estimation, one nonetheless puts Question Marks at the Years 2032 and 2025. But the Year 2025 is just as the Essenes calculated when the Messiah was to be Killed, in the Year 32 AD and that the Last Uma, or last 7 Years of Israel’s Disciple would start in the Year 2025.

It is hard to argue against this Sect that supposedly John the Baptist belonged to, and perhaps Jesus frequented them by His visits. And what of this Last 7-Year Covenant to be made between Israel and the False Messiah? It will be a ‘Confirmation’ of one made specifically by Israel, as in the Mosaic Covenant, most likely.

But Israel, like Anna, will not see the Face and Gaze at Jesus, until His Return on the Last Day of the Battle of Armageddon and say, ‘Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the LORD’, etc. So, again, here is one’s Mathematical Assumption and Prophetic Calculus. Perhaps. It is Conjecture, but this Calculus would appear to support 1 of my Main Arguments for one’s 2025-2032 Tribulation Timeline. At least at this Point in one’s Learning Curve.


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