Sacred Geometry Related to Prophetic Types

  • Where is the true location of Mt. Sinai, in Arabia as some claim?
  • Is there a prophetic pattern that will occur for the Last Days?
  • Is there Sacred Geometry incorporated to a year date correlation?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Then went up Moses, and Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel: And they saw the God of Israel: and there was under His feet as it were a paved work of a sapphire stone, and as it were the body of heaven in His clearness. And upon the nobles of the children of Israel He laid not His hand: also, they saw YHVH, and did eat and drink.’ – Exodus 24:9-11

The purpose of this study with accompanied charts is to illustrate the purported real Mt. Sinai mountain complex as it pertains to certain GPS coordinates and measurements. The charts will attempt to approximate the depiction of what the Mountain of YHVH looked like from certain vantage points in Median, on the Arabian Peninsula using GoogleEarth satellite imagery. Specifically, from the Mt. Sinai core complex, this study proposes that the topography of the mountain exhibits amazing, never before realized sacred numbers and geometry. These measurements could also possibly allude to the types and shadows of the ‘Blueprints’ of the whole Redemptive Plan of GOD that the Bible speaks about, past, present and future. Emphases will be placed on some parallels that occurred on Mt. Sinai with respect to the coming Rapture of GODs’ People that is specifically the Bride of Christ.

This mountain site in Arabia, unlike the traditional Mt. Sinai of St. Catherine’s in Egypt is unique because all the attributes that are listed in the Biblical account of Exodus are present according to those that have researched the site firsthand. This is not the case with the site at St. Catherine’s according to several independent eyewitnesses from the West that have been to the purported real Mt. Sinai location in recent decades. For the purposes of this study, the following major recorded events of the Exodus will be examined on the Mt. Sinai area by way of GPS coordinates in topographical order and will consist of what is to be referred to as the mountain core complex.

The locations that will be looked at are as follows. The point of the crossing of the Red Sea, the Split Rock of Horeb, Mt. Horeb, Mt Sinai, the 1st Parched Peak of Sinai, the Cleft of the Rock, the Cave of Elijah and the Tree between 2 Monoliths, the Altar of Moses and the Altar to the Golden Calf. The study will seek to establish several points of interest. Amongst the most prominent ones will be the following. There are very peculiar numerical coefficients occurring when GPS coordinates are factored into the topography of the purported Mt. Sinai. This study will attempt to show that these locations are also associated with certain measurements that correlate to prophetic dates. Such angles and headings are perhaps in mathematical relation to a master ‘Blueprint of GOD’s Glory’ and are topographically encoded on Mt. Sinai.

Sources and First-Hand Witnesses
One of the stipulations that this study suggests is that the entire mountain core complex of Mt. Sinai matches the Great Pyramid of Giza’s design when overlaid in proportion to its chambers onto the mountain core complex. Out of several types and shadows showing GOD’s Redemptive Plan from the Exodus account, a study that parallels the Rapture event as taught by the Apostle Paul will be extrapolated. This Rapture picture comes to light from the encounter between the LORD GOD and the 70 Elders of Israel halfway up the Mountain of Sinai. This event of the meeting and fellowship on the mountain is suggested to have occurred in the area ascribed to as the Cleft of the Rock just above the Cave of Elijah and over the Tree between the 2 Monoliths that for the purposes of this study is considered to be the ‘Burning Bush’. The primary sources, for this alleged true location of Mt. Sinai in Arabia are derived from actual firsthand witness accounts. These accounts have occurred over the past few decades as certain people have come forward publicly to share their findings to an extent.

A lot of their publications, to some degree have been made public online for example. It is believed that the first Westerner to come to this location of Mt. Sinai in Arabia was the researcher Ron Wyatt back in the early 1980s. In fact, he made national news as he was arrested by the Saudis for trespassing in the area and was expelled from the country after being jailed for some time. Thereafter, a family from Mississippi, Jim and Penny Caldwell who were there in Saudi Arabia for work made the journey to the mountain in the late 80s and early 90s with extensive picture and photo documentation over the course of numerous subsequent trips. Other people also have gone to these locations like Bob Cornuke and his friend Larry Williams who produced the video in the late 1990s entitled, ‘The Search for the Real Mt. Sinai’. They were the first to tell their story publicly in a narrative and marketable format.

What is very interesting about these firsthand witnesses is that each account of their visits to the purported Mt. Sinai same location was made independent of each other. Furthermore, each other’s research and findings came to the same discoveries and conclusions independently as well. No doubt there have been others, as it pertains to ‘Westerners’ finding the real Mt. Sinai but perhaps have decided to remain silent on this issue. This does not account for the numerous people in the Saudi Kingdom that are protecting the site or the nomadic Bedouins that inhabit the area, etc. Nonetheless, it is through these primary sources, data and accounts that have been made available to the public that the depiction of the route will be illustrated. Likewise, the locations of these sites will be mapped out geographically using GPS coordinates to ascertain if there are indeed any numerical peculiarities to these discoveries and their purported locations.

Standard of Measurements
In terms of mathematics and statistic, any place or point in time can be ascribed a number, so long as they mainly pertain to a 3-dimensional realm. Pythagoras is most appropriately credited to have coined the phrase, ‘all is numbers’. Above all, numbers reflect the signature of the Creator that is etched in patterns in what is seen or invisible in all things. Numbers are truth; they are unbiased and have been ascribed meaning and purpose since written history has been recorded. Even the current modern digital revolution is subject to a 1 or a 0. Numbers that make up measurement have existed since ancient times. They are the foundation of the earliest known forms of human knowledge but like all knowledge, they have been used for good and evil, i.e., secret knowledge, codes, and geometry. For the purposes of this study, it is understood that the LORD GOD of the Bible is the true ‘Architect of the Universe’ and Mathematician. He is the Creator of all standards of measurements. All that GOD does is singularly tied and associated to a mathematical number value system.

We see this when the LORD prescribes a plum line in Amos 7 or with the measuring of the Temple in Ezekiel 10 or the one in Revelation 11, etc., GOD’s numerical signature, when it pertains to a measurement is in actually a judgment but not in all cases. GOD’s measurements, for example can be seen from the known observable expanse of the Universe to the elements that can only be seen by the electron microscope that produce patterns. Perhaps in the very composition of GPS coordinates of places on Mt. Sinai area, there might be also such mathematical relations as phi or the ‘golden mean’. This phi ratio is but one of many mathematical patterns and proportions that will be illustrated that this Mt. Sinai area does indeed have. Thanks to modern marvels of satellites and GPS technology, measurements on Earth can be measured down to arc seconds and even inches. It helps to realize that the U.S standard of measurement, upon which GoogleEarth has its calibrations, comes from the British standards of measurement that in turn has been taken from the ancient Egyptian standard of measurements.

Thus, GPS coordinates will be applied to the purported Mt. Sinai locations according to the best estimations of where certain key places should exist based on the Biblical narrative in relation to the firsthand witnesses mentioned already in this study. The measurements presented in this study, in some cases will default to the nearest perceived prophetic number because some locations cannot be determined precisely. For example, where in Nuweiba did the crossing take place? Or where is the actual summit point of Mt. Horeb or Mt. Sinai? For the purposes of this study, a heading in degrees like 19.4782 could be rounded off to 19 or 19.5. Certain numbers key to Israel’s history will be chosen when there is a discrepancy as a suggestive number rendering instead. So, for a 19.4782-degree heading, it will be rounded off to 19.48 that are correlating to the year of Israel’s birth in 1948, etc. In some instances, the measurements presented are in ‘Smoots’. A smoot is a unit of distance or length. This scale is not a universal standard of measurement but GoogleEarth does oddly incorporate it in calculating distances and conversions. Realize that this ‘smoot’ is unconventional and was strangely contrived from an odd set of circumstances at MIT.

Typology of Redemption
As it was noted, it is not a universal standard of measurement as other countries do not have or accept such a measurement, so far. Nonetheless GoogleEarth has decided to use this unit of measurement as an option for determining length and it does convert from other universally accepted and used standards of measurement. The smoot is equal to the height of 5’7’’ or 1.70 meters with a scale factor of 1.7018. In other words, 1-meter equals 0.587613115525 Smoots. What this study has found is that there are some striking numbers that do repeat or reoccur in different measurements and heading according to the data and GPS coordinates from GoogleEarth as it pertains to the various locations and spots on the purported Mt. Sinai core complex in Arabia.

Most prominently, the numbers that are highly significant are 1948, 666, 72, 12 and so on. This mountain core complex in western Arabia has by far too many numerical significant correlations and measurements related to each other to be just mere chance or coincidence. This purported site of Mt. Sinai also has the best assortment of sites, location, angles, measurements and heading that truly reflects the Exodus account. The official site of ‘Mt Sinai’ at St. Catherine’s in the Sinai Peninsula does not even come close to these mathematical relationships as does the purported real Mt. Sinai in Arabia as presented by the evidence in this study based on GPS measurements and coordinates.

For a better understanding of the events surrounding Mt. Sinai and to get a grasp of the significance of the events that led to the giving of the Law or 10 Commandments on Pentecost to the nation of Israel by YHVH, this study will provide a synopsis of the Exodus journey for context with some prophetic overtones. Foremost, the account of the Exodus journey from Egypt to Mt. Sinai is a type and shadow of the Redemption Plan of the LORD for a fallen Human Race; it is a journey of redemption and a journey back to the Gates of Eden, Jerusalem. This plan is displayed by various supernatural recorded events in the Bible that are directly related to GOD’s Holy appointed times of Passover, Pentecost, and Sukkot. Here lies the ‘Blueprint of GOD’s Glory in the procession of the redemptive outline prophetically that has, is and will be fulfilled in Jesus Christ and by Jesus Christ. From the inception of Passover to the eventual fulfillment of Tabernacles at Jesus Christ’s 2nd Coming, GOD’s Plan of Redemption is being fulfilled.

In the meanwhile, the Exodus journey focuses on the direct encounter at Mt. Sinai on Pentecost, 50 days from the 1st Passover in Egypt as it is currently now being prophetically fulfilled in the Pentecostal Age of the Church by the work of the Holy Spirit. This Redemption Plan starts with the People of YHVH going down to Egypt, a type of the world. At a certain point, they become numerous and were subsequently enslaved by a Pharaoh. This Pharaoh knew neither of Israel’s Godly heritage nor YHVH. This Pharaoh represents Lucifer, the ‘Pharaoh’ of this evil and corrupt world system. The LORD was faithful to bring forth a Deliver, Moses as a type of the Messiah to set Israel free. This Deliverer, Moses confronts the King and his religious leaders that keep GOD’s people in debt and slavery. Through much exhortation, finally judgment falls on the Kingdom of Egypt and upon their many ‘gods’ as the Pharaoh refused to let the ‘children of Israel’ leave to worship the LORD.

A total of 10 plagues came upon Pharaoh’s kingdom as the LORD judged the ‘gods’ of Egypt as well as ruining the whole economy of the kingdom. With the final judgment against Egypt, the curse of having the 1st born die as decreed by Pharaoh was reversed by the LORD. This curse fell upon those not having the ‘blood of a lamb’ on the door lentils of a given house when the Destroying Angel was to come upon the land. That very night of the 1st born to die decree became the last night the Israelites were to be slaves in Egypt. The Destroying Angel passed over the Israelites near midnight and those within their midst, due to the blood of the lamb that was applied to their gates. The same element that was used to attempt to destroy God’s People then, was used to destroy Egypt instead. In this Biblical narrative, what can also be seen is another ‘Blueprint’ plan. It is a ‘Blueprint’ of Lucifer that seeks to murder, steal and destroy Humanity, but more emphatically YHVH’s People. The Bible declares that Passover was a foreshadowing of the coming Greater Deliverer, Jesus Christ.

This First BORN of GOD had to die but only to once and for all to implement the Plan of Redemption through His sacrifice on the Cross to recover the fallen race of Mankind by His sinless Blood that if a figurative lamb. But at the time of Christ, this very same Enemy tried to rid the world of GOD’s Redemptive Plan through Jesus Christ in the same manner by the crucifixion. Yet the very same instrument of torture, the Cross that Lucifer used to attempt in destroying Christ and thus His Plan of Redemption for all Humanity became the very instrument of Lucifer’s destruction. The Cross of Calvary metaphorically became a dagger that was thrust into the dark heart of the celestial murderous, blood-sucking vampire that Lucifer is. The Scriptures do declare that by ‘death’, Jesus Christ defeated death. 1 Corinthians 15:26. Lucifer is still awaiting his sentencing but in the meanwhile is allowed to continue deceiving the Nations until he will be cast into the Lake of Burning Fire for all eternity. Again, this is a type and shadow of how Lucifer and his demonic armies at the Cross suffered utter defeat when Jesus, the 1st Born gave His Body and Blood as that sacrificial lamb of Passover for the LORD’s judgment to pass over those that avail themselves of this free provision of grace and the forgiveness of sins.

The New Testament teaches emphatically that Christ was and is the Passover Lamb -in so much that the Promise that the Seed of the Woman, Eve would one day crush the Serpent’s head has come to pass. Genesis 3:15. As Moses led the people and the mixed multitude to Mt. Sinai, so too ‘is’ Jesus Christ presently leading His Church, made up of Jews and Gentiles to another mountain. This 'land' will eventually be the New Jerusalem, the true Promised Land. In that day, it will not be GOD's People that will go to but it will come to the People. This journey of Faith will lead to an eventual encounter at the Heavenly Mt. Sinai at the point and time of the Resurrection and Rapture. But until then, there will be warfare to be encountered along the way. If Lucifer can’t prevent anyone from coming to Christ and escaping the bondage of sin and death, then Satan will try all he can to derail and oppose the People of GOD from receiving the inheritance and blessing the LORD has for His People through sin and defilement. This is what the ‘blueprint’ of Lucifer is as well, sin and defilement as it was the case with the Israelites sojourning to the Promised Land then.

The Bible describes how such a warning that an ensnarement did occur to the Congregation in the Wilderness with the demonic strategy used by the hired false prophet Balaam. But from that 1st Passover night, Egypt no longer had GOD's People. Lucifer had no more slave labor force, no more crops, livestock and the strength of the first-born dying plummeted Egypt to a point that it would not recover for decades. That very night on Passover, Israel became a free race and nation with others accompanying them as they left Egypt, bound for the Promised Land of Israel. The wilderness journey to Mt. Sinai from Egypt was a hard trek and there was much murmuring, complaint and opposition of heart, mind, and soul. A new transformation had yet to occur. This was symbolized by the crossing of the Red Sea. It was a type of ‘baptism’, one of the 7 types depicted in Scripture. Baptism just means to be submerged and/or be identified with. The Israelites had to go ‘down’ as a type of dying to the old world of Egypt to ‘come up’ on the other side a ‘new creation’ – born again to receive and live in the new inheritance of the LORD. The armies of Pharaoh, as a type of Lucifer and his demonic minions is the Enemy that will pursue GOD’s People to try and take them back into a state of bondage.

It has been said that if Satan can’t keep GOD's People from the being saved, he will try to keep them from the Promises of GOD that accompany Salvation that is the Inheritance, the Kingdom. Here again, the principle of reversals occurred in that the parting of the waters supernaturally that provided metaphorically a new life for the Israelites, a new beginning for the People of GOD ended up as a judgment upon Pharaoh’s mighty army, the best the world had seen up to that time. The very same element of water became the destroyer of Pharaoh’s army as the waters came upon them and drowned them all. In like manner, the Enemy of a redeemed soul will next try to get in the way of sanctification at all costs and will seek to stop this heavenly bound trek to ‘glory’ to be encountered on the Mountain of GOD. This was the case with the Israelites as the Amalekites battled the People of GOD at a place called Rephidim near the Split Rock of Horeb. Israel overcame the enemy, so long as the arms of Moses were lifted up by his attendants. Sadly, later on this was not the case when they encountered and had to deal with the wicked wizard that Balaam was. It takes strength and stamina to endure spiritual warfare and GOD’s People need those next to them to support them in times of trials, testing, and tribulation. It is very clear that upon salvation, the LORD will not tempt anyone according to the Book of James but will allow such to be tested.

The 2 attendants that held up Moses’ arms during the battle with the Amalekites mentioned by name were Aaron and Hur. It is such the case that there are those that are known by name that do uplift up others in prayer during times of spiritual warfare and/or need that are ‘important’ as Aaron was to become the 1st High Priest. Yet there are those like Hur in people’s lives for example that others may not deem them that important because others might deem them as ‘common’ but yet such are just as essential in upholding those in need and are praying for GOD’s People. May such are not despised by those of the People of GOD due to their lack of social status or perceived importance. Thereafter, with the help and strength of GOD’s provision, the Manna was allotted to sustain the multitudes throughout the journey and water was provided. These elements were to foreshadow the LORD's Supper of bread and wine.

Blueprint of Glory
Christ Himself told the religious teachers of his day, the 70 Elders of Israel that it was He that was the true Manna came down from Heaven and that it was He that is the Well, the Living Spring alluding to when Moses struck the Rock of Horeb and water came gushing out. The New Testament also depicts Christ as that ‘rock that followed them’ in the journey to Mt. Sinai and during the wilderness for 40 years due to their disobedience and bad report of the Promised Land that was given on the 9th of Av by the way. As there are more types and shadows to compare, lastly the major one to consider is how most likely, given the pattern of Christ in all aspects of such typologies, it is not far-fetched to contemplate that it would be the pre-incarnate Christ that was the very one that met and fellowshipped face to face with the 70 Elders of Israel there on the Cleft of the Rock as depicted in Exodus 24. It was most likely there that it was where the LORD passed before Moses in all His Glory when Moses beckoned the LORD to show His Glory. Although Scripture numerical divisions are not inspired, it is interesting how the 24th chapter of Exodus has an overtone to the assembly of the 70 Elders that could possibly correlate to the 24 Elders of the Book of Revelation.

A blueprint is a drawing used when one wants to reproduce an object to its precise specification or proportions. Its function is to accurately reproduce a literal object or one that has been contrived abstractly. It is basically a ‘negative’ of the original. With this in mind, the whole Exodus journey leading up to the Promise Land –with the excursion to Mt. Sinai first is like a ‘negative’ of the whole Redemptive Plan of the LORD accomplished in Christ Jesus. The LORD was showing even through the literal Exodus journey the importance of the LORD’s appointed times to meet and keep. These were the Moedim that were to be pivotal throughout Israel’s history, 1) Passover, 2) Pentecost and 3) Tabernacles. These 3 Feasts could also be a key in deciphering End Time prophecy through eclipses as it pertains to the Rapture of the Church and Christ’s 2nd Coming. These 3 Feasts of the LORD would be the ‘hinges’ on which the 7 total Holy Feasts would complete GOD’s sacred calendar year while at the same time provide the picture of the Redemptive Plan and work of Jesus Christ. This redemptive work of the Messiah would be in 2 parts like the Holy Menorah has 2 flanks or branches to it.

Christ first came to fulfill the first part of the primary Feast, Passover with its subsequent Feasts of Unleavened Bread and First Fruits. In YHVH's astronomical clock, the world is currently in the Pentecost Age of Grace in which prophetically speaking, Christ like a Greater ‘Moses’ is leading the mixed throngs of multitudes through the wilderness Journey of Faith to the eventual Mt. Sinai of Heaven. This prophetic journey is currently being fulfilled through the leading of the Holy Spirit. Because of the national rejection of Jesus as the Messiah by Israel’s 70 Elders, this in turn has provided a means by which the LORD has been able to graft in the non-Israelite peoples of the world into the Promise of Abraham. This is in reference to those mixed multitudes that accompanied Israel from Egypt. This ‘incorporation’ is not based by mere blood lineage but based solely on being of the like-minded Faith of Abraham and based on a friendship, that is a personal relationship. The Bible declares that ‘Abraham believed GOD, and it was accredited to him as Righteousness.’ This operation of grafting in the Gentiles is like the Rapture and the Church, a mystery that Israel has had a hard time understanding.

The prophet Daniel was even given this ‘Blueprint’ of the prophetic Redemption Plan of GOD as a confirmation in Daniel chapter 9:24. Nonetheless this process has been occurring in the interim between the 2 branches of the prophetic Menorah time clock, between Passover and Sukkot or Tabernacles that will complete the Blueprint of the Redemption Plan of GOD. This New Covenant is not by blood but by faith in the Blood in whom Abraham saw, mainly Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself even attested to this provision in John 8:56. To reiterate, the ‘Blueprint’ of the Glory of the LORD is basically the 3-tiered composition of the Holy Menorah. It is highlighted with the 1st Branch beginning with Passover, the Center Servant Stem of Pentecost and the 2nd Branch or flank that will culminate in Sukkot or Tabernacles. Realize that out of the 7 Holy Feasts, Christ fulfilled the 1st three personally and in rapid succession. The Holy Spirit is currently administering and is about to conclude the prophetic Church Age Feast of Pentecost, corresponding to the Center Stem of the Menorah. Thereafter, Jesus Christ will once again personally fulfill in likewise rapid succession the last 3 Feasts starting with His 2nd Advent on Rosh HaShana.

The end of the Church Age, prophetically speaking of Pentecost, will see the fulfillment of the subsequent Holy Feasts of Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur lead up to Tabernacles at Jesus Christ’s 2nd Coming. It is assumed that such a scenario will follow a succinct and chronological order. As to which Feast Jesus Christ will return at His 2nd Coming is up for debate. But the prophetic ‘blueprint’ that saw Jesus fulfill the 1st three Feasts dealing with the nation of Israel, should also see Jesus Christ fulfill the last three Feasts that will deal with Israel’s final redemption at Christ’s 2nd Coming. As Moses was directly involved in this first initiation of the Law to Israel, perhaps Moses as one of the 2 Witnesses during the Tribulation period will again be part in the initiation of the Law given to Israel on the Temple Mount as it was at Mt. Sinai at the Altar of Moses. There is still some debate as to when this will occur after the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ. But if this prophetic pattern holds, then Jesus Christ’s 2nd Coming to fulfill the blueprint would have to begin at a given Rosh HaShana as Christ would fulfill each Feast leading up to the 3rd most Holy of Feasts, Tabernacles. This Sukkot Feast ironically commemorates the wilderness journey of Exodus to Mt. Sinai.

Realize that at Christ’s 2nd Coming, He will come to finally set up His ‘Tent’ or His Tabernacle on the Mountain as Christ is foretold to rule for a thousand years. Sukkot typified the Tent of Meetings, the Tabernacle in the Wilderness that Moses built. This prophetic Feast finale will usher in the Millennial Kingdom where the Messiah will physically dwell in the newly consecrated Temple of Ezekiel at that time. The Exodus journey of redemption that started with Passover in the land of the god of this world, led to the Covenant of Mt Sinai that was made between the LORD and Israel on Pentecost. It was thereafter that the Tabernacle or Tent of Meetings and all its furnishings, the Ark of the Covenant, Menorah, etc., were fabricated by Moses as the divine blueprints and their dimensions were given to him to replicate on Earth for Israel to care-take on Mt. Sinai. The Tent of Meetings was just a copy of the true Tabernacle or Throne Room of the LORD’s Glory in Heaven. The purpose of their making was to allow the Holy LORD to ‘tabernacle’ or abide in the midst of His people on Earth.

Perhaps there are certain clues on the purported Mt. Sinai itself that might give insight as to the divine attributes of such patterns even to be found in the topography of the mountain itself. The following locations, surrounding the core mountain complex will be examined for such clues using GPS coordinates. Based on GPS coordinates there does appear to be some unique number attributes when considering peculiar headings, angles, and distances in various modes of measurements. The starting point or base line for these locations and coordinates will be the Altar of Moses and will progress upwards toward the 1st Parched Peak of Mt. Sinai as if one were scaling up the mountain firsthand.

I. Altar of Moses
An altar’s function is to serve as a platform to present a sacrifice, whether it is vegetables, animals, human beings or just an object for a memorial. The very first altar that the Bible speaks about was alluded to after the Fall of the 1st humans, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. After a failed attempt to provide coverings for themselves for being disobedient to GOD’s commands, the LORD that came to commune with the couple in the ‘cool of the evenings’ had to sacrifice one of the animals to atone or cover Adam and Eve due to their sin. Evidently, it was required to cover Adam an Eve’s bodies with the blood-stained hides of an animal. This was the first physical death that occurred in GOD’s newly refurbished creation. Many propose that this animal that was slaughtered was a lamb, a foreshadowing of the Lamb of GOD, Jesus Christ that covers a sinner with His sinless Blood from the judgment that befell also on Adam’s descents.

The LORD at that time gave Adam and Eve the ‘Blueprint’ of the Plan of Redemption in Genesis 3:15. This plan would lead the way back to the Paradise in the Garden as they were expelled. It prescribed the redemption to be made by another instead. It would be through the blood of another; that of the Promised Seed of the Woman, Jesus Christ. This Redemptive Plan cannot be accomplished by the blood of bulls and/or goats as the book of Hebrews clearly teaches but through the Blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross. This venue gives a Believer in Jesus Christ the way back to Paradise in the Garden of Eden and access to the Gate of GOD that is the ‘mountain’ in Heaven sort of speak. More than that, the Blood of Christ now gives the right of a Disciple of Jesus Christ direct access to the very Throne Room of the Creator, with boldness even. 

According to the numerous eyewitnesses that visited the purported Mt Sinai location in Arabia, the mountain core complex had an altar at the foot of the mountain as described in Exodus. It was the altar that Moses built at the base or foot of the mountain. It has an elongated ‘V’ shaped configured animal pen that had a slaughtering area to the north and an adjacent altar. The ‘V’ shaped pen has some very unique geometry, numerical and angle attributes that will be delineated further down the study. As to building altars, Moses had the background for knowing all that they required from his upbringing in the Royal Courts of Pharaoh. According to the Biblical narrative, Moses being a ‘Prince of Egypt’ from an early age was schooled in the secret esoteric language and practices of the occult magicians of Pharaoh’s Court. It was a standard practice bestowed on the so-called elite as only the Kings and the Priests had this monopoly of ‘secret’ knowledge that ventured into the dark forces that were demonic and Luciferian in origin.

Many believe that such ‘mystery schools of religion’ that exist to this very day are the care-takers of this ‘lost’ knowledge that has been passed down since before the recreation of planet Earth as some interpret the actual accounts of Genesis. Many believe that there was a ‘gap’ between Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 and verse 2. This is to say that creation existed prior to Adam and Eve. To state that Angels existed before Genesis 2 is Biblical for example. A word study of the Hebrew will clearly delineate the account of how the Earth was ‘refurbished’ or a re-created as the Earth had ‘become formless and void’. As to what the reason or cause of such a condition existing on Earth is not given. Many speculate that it had to do with the fall of and corruption found in Lucifer and subsequent celestial war that we see the universe dotted with such possible devastation as a result.

This is where such legends of Atlantis sinking come from, of how sacred knowledge was transmitted to the Sumerians and Egyptians by the Annunaki Fallen Angels posing as ‘astronaut creators’ from distant planets or systems as the Pleiades for example come to ‘save’ Humanity. Others are led to also speculate that it was given by the Fallen Angels that either left their first estate or rebelled and joined Lucifer or those that had a different ‘flesh’ that the Bible describes mankind went after and joined with to produce giants and thus the legends of Olympus and the Titans, etc. These so called ‘deep secrets of Satan’ as the Risen Christ refers to them include sacred geometry, numerology, medicine, and engineering on one hand but sorcery, witchcraft and demonism on the other. According to the Book of Enoch, it was the Fallen Angels that taught these forbidden crafts to mortals after the Fall of the race of Mankind.

With this, such demonic beings required altars in exchange be built to them instead of the LORD and be given blood sacrifices. In Ephesians 5:11, the Apostle Paul admonishes Believers in Jesus Christ to not be part of such ‘so called’ secret societies or fellowships. Such people and organizations are the ones that harbor such Luciferian rituals and are the purveyors of all that is anti-Christian at the core and comprise the ‘Synagogues of Satan’. Suffice to say that Moses was ‘in the know’ of such things as an insider coming from such secret initiation. He was well versed in astronomy, architecture and secret religious practices that required knowledge of stars, alignments and sacred geometry for altar and pyramid building. These disciplines alone among others enabled Moses to ‘know’ that building an ‘altar’ to the LORD did not just need to be placed at a random spot, location, or heading.

Moses ‘knew’ exactly where to thus choose the specific location on Mt. Sinai to place the Altar to the True LORD of Heaven. The illustrated charts that accompany this study will attempt to show that Moses built the altar geometrically in phi ratio proportions to the rest of the Sinai mountain complex. Unapparent to the untrained eye, it would seem like any spot could work and it would be as good as any, but like a musician that is trained to hear when music is off key, such was the case with the Altar of Moses to the LORD. This Altar of Moses is in perfect harmony mathematically to the rest of the sites on the Mountain core complex, i.e. the Cave of Elijah, the other competing Altar to the Golden Calf and the Cleft of the Rock, etc.

Next to the Altar of Moses, there is a stream of water that came down from the mountain that at one time evidently flowed with water. Consider that this area gets less than a 1 inch of rain in 10 years. This would make sense to build an Altar next to a water source as water was needed for cleansing and ceremonial washing. There are satellite images that are clearly visible to this day that show this creek bed. Perhaps the stream came from a spring or deep underground aquifer. This is so striking in the depiction of how in the Millennial Temple of Ezekiel, a similar stream will protrude from the very Throne of the LORD where it starts out small but grows into a river that eventually goes to the oceans. This will also be occurring in the New Jerusalem as its purpose will be for the healing of the Nations.

When one subjects the altar’s location in relation to the other purported Mt. Sinai core complex sites to GPS measurements, its headings based on the angles and dimensions produce some amazing geometric and mathematical relationships. To begin with, the Altar of Moses is shaped like an elongated ‘V’ that serves as a fulcrum in many ways aside from being an holding pen that queued-up the animals to the slaughtering area to then be presented as sacrifices and have the blood sprinkled on the altar and the people. This Altar of Moses was also a clear foreshadowing of the required High Priestly office and how blood sacrifice is required for atonement before one can approach the ‘Mountain or Gate of GOD’ and enter a Covenant of ‘promise’ with the LORD for redemption to take place. The charts accompanying this study will attempt to illustrate these measurement relationships in detail from the Altar of Moses to other various heading and locations according to eye-witness accounts.

1) From the Altar’s Fulcrum ‘V’ shaped center point.
19.48° Heading south
320° Heading to Mt. Sinai north
72 Arc seconds
in φ ratio from center Fulcrum to the Altar’s location
.72 Miles (map length) to Cleft of Rock where 72+ Elders met with יהוה

2) Speculated length from center fulcrum to end of pen from satellite imagery
12 Smoots
24 Yards
72 Feet

3) Estimated Altar dimensions from satellite imagery.
35’ x 35’ or
35 + 35 = 70 as in 70 Elders of Israel

4) 12 Columns adjacent to the Altar’s Fulcrum.
35’ x 35’ or
35 + 35 = 70 as in 70 Elders of Israel
Tribes of Israel
Marble w/ Foundation

Based on the several firsthand witnesses to this site, in front of the Altar was a platform or slabs of marble that served as the platform for 12 pillars that represented each Tribe of Israel. To this day, the foundation slabs and cross sections of these pillars are there but largely scattered. In terms of the 12 pillars, it is reminiscent of how Moses, there at that place and point in time was acting as the ‘High Priest’ that figuratively placed the 12 Precious Stones on his chest, close to his heart. The New Testament book of Hebrews attests to this as well in that the Altar and Office of the High Priest are but the ‘types and shadows’ of the true reality found in the LORD Jesus Christ. The Bible declares that Jesus is currently functioning as the High Priest at the Altar of the LORD on behalf of the Redeemed. He has Israel, but more than just them, those of the same faith of Abraham close to His heart in intersession before the Father at the Altar on foot of Heaven’s Holy Mountain on the Sides of the North.

Based on the best measurements using GoogleEarth GPS coordinates for the Altar of Moses, there does appear to be a unique connection to the Cleft of the Rock, above the Cave of Elijah. This relationship is based on the number 72; a number associated with Israel, as in the 70 Elders of Israel and Procession of the Equinoxes. Also, the number 12 is significant as in the 12 Tribes of Israel and 1948, etc. The very heading of 19.48° goes without saying. The year 1948 is the year Israel became a sovereign nation after its final exile in 70 AD. According to eyewitness that have been to this precise place and have ‘mapped’ out the mountain complex, there are actually 2 distinct mountains, Mt. Horeb and Mt. Sinai to the south of it. In turn, Mt Sinai is very elongated and extends down to the location where Moses built the altar. This is exactly how Jerusalem is laid out upon the hills of Judea. Mount Moriah is where the threshing floor of Araunah was that later became the Holy of Holies where the Temples were later on to be built. Some believe that Mt. Calvary is an extension of Moriah and lies to the north beyond the Damascus Gate that many believe is the true location just outside the gates of Jerusalem where Jesus Christ was crucified. This is a picture of how Jesus was sacrificed at the base of the Temple mount.

Consider some measurements-to-year correlations. If Jesus Christ, Israel’s true Messiah was 32 years as purported to be the year of His death, burial, and resurrection, then one fascinating attribute of the year 2012 is that there are 1980 years to the year 32 AD. Is 1980 significant? Well, if you add the actual angle of the altar’s heading from the fulcrum going south at 19.47° it correlates to 1947 when the UN Patrician Plan was signed to create the state of Israel. Israel as a nation had not existed since the destruction of the 2nd Temple; thus 1948 + 32 (the year Israel was born and the age when Messiah was cut off per Daniel) = 1980. This year of 1980 is the same factor that gives you the age of Israel’s Messiah when He was ‘sacrificed at the altar’ or Cross at the foot of Mt. Moriah, on Mt. Calvary / Golgotha.

This number is arrived at when you subtract 1948 years form 1980. The association is that of opposites. Such configurations have a death of the Messiah and a birth of a Nation. To reiterate, this Altar of Moses was not built on any mere ‘random’ location; Moses new exactly where he had to build the altar to the LORD. This Altar location could have been given by divine revelation or just because, again, he was in the know to the secrets of how and where to build altars. The case can be made nonetheless that the Altar of Moses was set up at a mathematically specific location in relationship to the Mountain itself, most noticeably in phi ratio to the next spot this study will take us, the Cave of Elijah that is about half way up to the 1st Parched Peak of Mt. Sinai.

II. Cave of Elijah
If this mountain complex is the real Mt. Sinai, then one will find a geometry that will speak of its divine layout even in terms of its topography. As the Altar of Moses is serving as some sort of a focal point, astonishingly then the Cave of Elijah is directly in perfect phi ratio from the Altar of Moses. What is undeniable is that there is an actual cave at that precise location in perfect mathematical relationship as if the mountain was functioning as a geometric pyramid. Moses most definitely knew about Pyramid sacred geometry and dimensions, so it is not out of the question to have such assertions. This cave location can even be seen from satellite pictures. Given that the phi ratio perhaps is a key to the whole mountain complex, this study proposes that Mt. Sinai is in actuality a mirror of the Great Pyramid, or more accurately the Great Pyramid is modeled after the one in Heaven as it is with the purported real Mt. Sinai in Arabia.

The accompanying charts will attempt to illustrate that Mt. Sinai does correspond to the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. When you transpose a schematic of the Great Pyramid and reverse the dimensions, angles and attributes like the King’s Chamber and the Subterranean Chamber to Mt. Sinai, you get a perfect match. This matching corresponds to the key locations being examined at this purported Mt. Sinai location in Arabia. To reiterate, what is astonishing is that the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid corresponds to the Cave of Elijah precisely as if the cave where the ‘chamber’ if you will. Is it coincidence or mere change? What is also interesting to contemplate is that the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid is a cube as is the Holy of Holies. There is a sarcophagus of sorts in the Chamber where many believe the Ark of the Covenant would have easily fit with its 3, 4 ,5 measured proportions.

The King’s Chamber within the Great Pyramid still to this day remains a mystery of perfect resonance and mathematical precision. It is where an object or something was housed or kept but not for burial or entombment purposes. This assertion of the corresponding Great Pyramid King’s Chamber with the Cave of Elijah perhaps likewise at one time or even now houses a similar or the same object. Do have in mind that the Ark of the Covenant was fashioned and made by Moses and was presented to Israel at Mt. Sinai –IF this is the correct location of Mt. Sinai. Some have gone so far as to believe that the Ark of the Covenant was taken there at some point, where it was hidden for safe keeping until an appropriate time when the 3rd Temple in another ‘mountain’, this one in Jerusalem is to be built.

From Altar of Moses to the Cave of Elijah.
96° heading
.66 miles
1.53 nautical miles
1.76 miles
666 smoots
φ in phi ratio to Altar of Moses

In terms of some number correlations, one numerical value that will be highlighted is evidently the distance from the Altar of Moses to the Cave, it is 1.53 nautical miles. This has a possible but profound overtone of the 153 fish that were caught in the net by the Disciples of Christ after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Biblical account tells that the LORD told His Disciples to throw the net on ‘the other side’ of the boat and thereafter the net was barely able to contain the amount of fish without tearing. This prophetically speaks of the sustaining power of the LORD to ‘catch’ all that He alone knows will be caught during the Church Age without losing any from His grasp despite the stress as Scriptures states in John 10:28.

What is profound to consider scripturally is that there will be that last unsaved person ‘caught’ and saved that will conclude the Church Age with that final ‘catch’ of him or her. Given this typology, each soul that is redeemed therefore has a number. Such sequences and order is how the LORD deals even with the Resurrection and Rapture. According to Scripture, there is an order; a 1st  resurrection, that is Christ, then the 2nd , the Dead in Christ and then a 3rd of those that remain and are alive at the time of the Rapture etc.

III. Cleft of the Rock
By definition, a cleft can be a narrow space on a surface as in an indentation that extends to a halfway point. As it pertains to this mountain location, there is a plain or indentation on the mountain where the meeting and fellowship took place exactly midway between the actual summit of Mt. Sinai and the Altar to the Golden Calf. If the Tree that is between the 2 Monoliths above the Cave of Elijah is in fact the Burning Bush, then it would stand to reason that the LORD would have call Moses over to the spacious area slightly to the north at a 45° angle where the 70 Elders would come to meet the LORD as well as Moses had.

Moses would have been very familiar with the place as he had originally met there before with the LORD. This was where the LORD passed by Moses and showed him the back side of the LORD’s Glory as He proclaimed His Name. For the purposes of this study, this elevated plateau will be referred to as the Cleft of the Rock. From the best observable satellite imagery using GoogleEarth, there are at least 2 rock formations that could easily be the place where Moses could have stood on the ‘rock’ that was next to the LORD and placed in the ‘cleft’ when the Glory of the LORD then passed by him. When considering the Altar of Moses as the baseline marker at the foot of the mountain, the ‘V’ fulcrum designed Altar complex has its north wing facing the direction of this open area that could easily accommodate a crowd of 70+ people .

This direction is at a 72 arc second but also astonishingly, also is 72 feet in length by a best estimate from the GoogleEarth satellite imagery and is at a .72 mile in map length to the purported place of meeting and fellowship that the LORD had with the 70+ Elders of Israel, as in 72 prophetically. It would actually be the 70 Elders of Israel, Moses, and Aaron; Aaron’s sons would be under his house and name and perhaps Joshua would be under the name and command of Moses. This has definite connotations to the 70 that in actuality comprises of 72 of the New Testament Disciples of Jesus that were commissioned to preach the Gospel by Christ. The exact number was 72 totals as Christ summed them up by pairs. The term ‘the 70’ was used as a general euphemism of understanding as the ‘70’ was also a reference to the 71 total Judges that made up the Sanhedrin of Israel.

The number 72 can be divided also into a 6+6+6 set multiplied 4 times. These prophetic numbers represented the leaders from each of the 12 Tribes of Israel. They in turn are linked in the Old Testament to the New Testament Book of Revelation as the LORD is depicted to be surrounded by the 24 Elders around His Throne. The number 24 has the same factor of the number 6 added 4 times, 6+6+6+6=24. The Altar of Moses itself, from GoogleEarth perspectives is approximately a 35’ x 35’. If you add 35 + 35 = 70, the same numerical factor from where 70 representatives of the Elders of Israel are commemorated before the Altar of Moses. What is interesting about this ‘Cleft’ area where the 70 Elders met was that it is also adjacent to where the 1st darkened Parched Peak of Earth begins. From a ground level observation and perspective, this 1st Mt. Sinai peak is shaped like a darkened triangle. It is hard not to associate this image with the resplendent capstone of a pyramid for example that the U.S. reversed seal has as its emblem. From an aerial top view of this mountain core complex, the Parched Peak also looks like a darkened triangle.

And when having the lines extended to the floor base, it resembles a pyramid shape that is again suggestive of the Great Pyramid blueprint. This imagery of the logos with a resplendent glory at the apex of the pyramid in this case according to the Biblical account of Exodus, literally happened. The Devouring Glory of the LORD actually came down to that point as a consuming fire when the LORD stepped forth to meet with the 70 Elders of Israel. All the eyewitnesses that have been to this place have attested that the rock in this darkened area has been turned into obsidian. In order for this granite rock to undergo his process, it requires an intense heat in a short period of time in order for this transformation to take place. Nonetheless, based on GPS coordinates, this area does appear to have some unique numerical attributes as well when measured from the Altar of Moses.

From Altar of Moses to the 1st Parched Peak:
1776 Yards
.88 Nautical miles
1.01 Miles
52 Arc second
1948 Smoots

Another ‘type and shadow’ of this mountain complex, from a top view possible confirms the rendezvous place where the LORD and 70 Elders met as well. This ‘picture’ occurs when the dimensions and outline of the Tabernacle or Tent of Meeting blueprint are transposed onto the Mt. Sinai mountain complex facing east as the Tent of Meeting and Temples in Jerusalem faced. The entrance to the Holies is as though it is the ‘door’ that corresponds to the place meeting where the LORD met with the Elder. With respect to the other points, the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies place corresponds exactly to the purported Mt. Sinai summit. The Lampstand corresponds, in general with the Burning Bush as the Lampstand is fashioned as an almond tree with its flowering buds.

It is also speculated how the almond tree ‘burned’ as if a menorah as the LORD’s Glory rested upon it and spoke to Moses from it. Mt. Sinai or as it is called Jabal al-Lawz means the ‘Mountain of Almonds’. The Table of Bread represents the Manna that was gathered as the ‘food of angels’ within the camp for the Israelites. The Laver corresponds to the Altar of Moses where the water was incorporated for the ceremonial washing required for the sacrifices at the foot of the mountain and the lastly, the Brazen Altar corresponds to the Altar to the Golden Calf. Interestingly the sacrifices consisted of bulls in a lot of the prescribed offerings. All the elements of the actual blueprints of the Tabernacle reflected the composite elements that made up the Mt. Sinai core complex itself; the Manna, the Brazen Altar, the Laver, the Menorah, the Alter of Incense, the Ark of the Covenant.

With this typology in mind, it is clear that metaphorically the meeting at the Cleft of the Rock was as if the LORD came off His Throne Chair, went through the veil, past the Holies from the inner rooms of His ‘House’ to the ‘front door’. He opened it and stepped outside as He was expecting the 70 Elders who had been invited and had come; assembled at the ‘Gate’ or door of His House. He then broke bread with the Elders as the Priest in the Holies would do. This place, the ‘cleft of the Rock corresponded to the Table of Bread, Menorah and Golden Altar of Incense. It was a sweet smell of the fellowship as prayers and praise went before the LORD as the LORD instructed the 70 Elders and Moses to worship the LORD but at a distance. GOD later on invited Moses to come into GOD’s ‘House’ exclusively for an extended stay.|

IV Altar to the Golden Calf
The journey of Exodus, according to the Biblical account clearly reveals that aside from the battles to be fought along the way with the Enemies of the LORD, there is that inward battle that rages inside the heart, soul and mind of a Disciple of Christ. Such battles will test the commitment of the Followers of Christ; that of being able to stay true to the LORD’s commandments. Along the Journey of Faith, circumstances in life will test such a commitment, as if it was a marriage vow. This was the case between Israel and the LORD in the wilderness that even from the very beginning. At the foot of the Mountain, Israel wanted to serve 2 Master, offer worship on 2 different altars. The Exodus narrative states that it was after about 40 days that Moses ‘went missing’ according to the Israelites. The entire congregation lost patience and quickly reneged on their pledge made by the 70 Elders to Moses and the LORD at the Altar of Moses.

This Pledge was to culminate in the binding of themselves, as a special Nation unto the LORD with the 10 Commandments that Moses had gone up to the summit of Mt. Sinai to meet face to face with YHVH about. In regard to this pledge, Israel was to be the Wife of Jehovah that Jeremiah and Hosea of the Old Testament state how the LORD described Israel in relation to Himself. The result was that the congregation instead molded a Golden Calf and started ascribing worship to it. It was proclaimed as ‘the gods that delivered thee out of bondage in Egypt.’ When one leaves the LORD or fellowship, one cannot be neutral or ‘ride the fence’ as they say. Christ Himself even stated that ‘if you are not for me, then you are against me.’ This principle is so true in that it would be one thing to abandon the Faith or not follow Christ all together, but what usually will result is that in this vacuum, something else will replace it  in total opposition to the Gospel, the Truth and will in turn oppose even GOD’s People and work.

This has been one of Israel’s many nagging weaknesses, of having a double heart and mind and of going after other ‘lovers’ and/or idols. In the Biblical account of Exodus, it is from the LORD’s own opinion that the nation of Israel is a ‘stiff-necked’ people. The Scriptures states that He wanted to judge them severely for their attitude and rebellion to the point that GOD wanted to start all over with Moses. This would have been the case like with the Flood during the times of Noah if it were not for the intercession of Moses. To this day Israel is trusting in her walls, military, and the US to shield her from the Islamic sea of neighbors bent on her destruction. Israel at Mt. Sinai demonstrated that she had much work ahead of her in this regard.

Over 3000 Israelites died because of this act of contempt against the LORD in setting up a ‘strange’ altar to the Golden Calf near the Holy Mountain of the LORD. This will be no different during the Tribulation as the ‘congregation’ of Israel will once again call upon an idol, an ‘image’ of the Beast that will be allowed to be set up in the very foot of the House of GOD, on the Mountain of the LORD on the Temple Mount. The propensity of Israel’s religious leaders then, as they were during the time of the Messiah will be similar in the future because the same spirit of AntiChrist pervades even in the House of Israel as it does in the Church. Such overseers of GOD’s people have always preferred an ‘idol’ over the SO of GOD and True Messiah. Those of Christ’s day preferred not to give up their power and privileged given to them by an Earthly Pharaohs or Caesars.

They will in the Last Days once again pay homage and false worship to another ‘Golden Calf’ what will be sit up as the image of the AntiChrist on one of the flanks of the 3rd Temple that is to be built according to Revelation chapter 12. This will not come as a surprise to those that realize that those who say they are Jews or Christian, for that matter are not but in all actuality worship at a strange altar. Even Jesus Christ saw for what they really were. Jesus called such Elders, hired wicked shepherds, white-washed tombs whose father was Lucifer himself and congregated in his synagogues. As the Elders of Zion sought to rid themselves of Jesus Christ and murder him, so too again with the 2 Witnesses will this same Seed of the Serpent be allowed to just do that.

But not after their witness against the AntiChrist, the Council of Elders and national Israel is finished in confronting Israel’s idolatry and unfaithfulness for making the ‘Covenant with Death’ on a different mountain, the Temple Mount. There are those that believe that given the timeline of certain astronomical events like the Tetrad of 2014-15, the Virgo Revelation 12 Sign in 2017 and others, the year 2017 is significant in 2 astonishing aspects. Both the pivotal years of 1948 and 1967 can be added a factor of 1 generation count of 70 and 50 respectfully and both will end up in the Jewish year of 2017-18. Others are speculating that 2018 will be the ‘mid-point’ of the Tribulation or in other words, the start of the ‘Great Tribulation’ which in that case would end up in the Jewish corresponding year of 2022-23 in the prophetic timeline.

As to the Golden Calf numbers, given the GPS coordinates of these very unique features of the mountain, the measurement from the Altar to the Golden Calf to the 1st Parched Peak where the blackened ground starts is 2022-23 yards or 1948 smoots. Taking some liberty at extrapolation, the years from ‘1948’ to ‘2023’ is 75. The 75th year is usually a time when one celebrates a Diamond or Golden Anniversary. The Altar to the Golden Calf perhaps is a benchmark or the beginning of a possible countdown of years to this prophetic ‘golden anniversary’.

From Altar to the Golden Calf to the 1st Parched Peak.
2023 yards
1948 smoots
1.16 miles
1 nautical mile
60 arc seconds

Could 2022-23 be the year that is prophetically encoded from the actual measurement based of off of the distance between the Altar of Moses to the Golden Calf to the spot the Devouring Glory came down? Is this year measurement alluding to the possible year that Jesus Christ might return as Israel completes its full measure of idolatry at the end of her ‘Tribulation’ and Idolatry with the false ‘bull god’ Lucifer? Is Mt. Sinai then in fact depicting a ‘pyramid of year’ and marking time like many have postulated the Great Pyramid of Giza has and is? Next, the Pyramid pattern itself shall be examined.

Great Pyramid Pattern
This study proposes that Mt. Sinai is actually a mirror of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Or more accurately the Great Pyramid is modeled after the one in Heaven as it is with the purported real Mt. Sinai in Arabia. Mt. Sinai does appear to correspond to the Great Pyramid when the dimensions, angles and attributes of the Great Pyramid like the King’s Chamber and the Subterranean Chamber are transposed to the Mt. Sinai core complex. This correspondence occurs when using a top view of the mountain core complex and a cross section of the famous and well measured Great Pyramid of Giza.

The matching of certain key locations of Mt. Sinai to the Pyramid are superimposed where the key locations based on the GPS coordinates match the topography of the mountain when the Great Pyramid schematic layout is flipped and reversed.
What is most prominent from this pyramid to mountain matching is that the factor of the phi ratio. There is a relationship from the Altar of Moses that corresponds to the Subterranean Chamber, the Cave of Elijah matches with the King’s Chamber, one of the heading of the Pyramid shafts correspond to some unique inferences.

One in particular is in the direction of where the meeting of the LORD and the 70 Elders occurred and so forth. Lastly the apex of the pyramid corresponds to the Blazing Glory of the LORD that came down over the area identified as the 1st Parched Peak of the mountain core complex. Is the Great Pyramid of any significance? The Great Pyramid has been found to contain incredible geometry. Among many attributes, it contains the secrets of pi, 3.14, the circumference of the Earth, the size of the Moon in relation to Earth, the calculated speed of light, the procession of the equinoxes, etc. In the Bible, Isaiah 19 does speak of an Altar to the LORD in the midst of Egypt as it is at the border between what used to be Upper and Lower Egypt.

Moreover, whoever built the Great Pyramid and its complex built it in direct association to the constellations, sacred geometry, and time. Some believe it was built by Enoch or that it stood the test of the Flood. Some believe that certain aspects of the Great Pyramid can be ascribed to GOD’s Plan of Redemption in that a prophetic timeline and sacred angle are encoded in its very stone. For example, you have the famous ‘Christ Angle’ that is derived from the angle of the slope of the pyramid that directly lines up to Bethlehem, etc. The inner sanctuary of the King’s Chamber is nearly a perfect cube like the Holy of Holies was in the Tabernacle of Moses at Mt. Sinai and the Temples of Israel on the Temple Mount. The shafts, chambers, and angles within the Great Pyramid still to this day remains a mystery as they are a testament of ancient and secret knowledge that encodes the structure with perfect resonance and mathematical precision.

It is astonishing to contemplate that the King’s Chamber’s shaft heading bisects the Cleft of the Rock at a 45 angle. The King’s Chamber in turn has a shaft that many calculated to be a star map in direct line to Orion’s Belt of 3 stars. This truth has been well documented of how the Giza Pyramid complex is a mirror reflection of Orion’s 3 belt stars. Thus, is this heading at a 45° angle to where the spot was where the LORD met up with the 70 Elders of Israel on the Cleft of the Rock somehow directly then also related to the alignment to the belt stars of Orion? There are those within Christianity, i.e., the Sabbath Day Adventist that strongly believe that the actual throne or ‘Heaven’ is in fact in the belt of Orion or within the Crab Nebula and that the very Throne of the LORD is in a pyramid in shape and dimension. They believe that the New Jerusalem will be coming out of this area.

This study does not intend to validate their assertion and belief about Orion being the ‘Throne of the Universe’ but to just make an observation purely on geometry, typology and associations. Many who study the occult are very familiar with the all-seeing eye of ‘providence’ and the truncated unfinished pyramid that is used widely by secret Satanic societies. They ascribe its mathematics and essence to their Lucifer whom they venerate as the true and only LORD of Light and Knowledge. He is the Prometheus that is bent on ‘helping’ humanity rise above its ‘humanity’. This Serpent, Lucifer has been bestowing the so called ‘kept secret knowledge’ of the ‘god’s to the ‘chosen’ of Humanity deemed worthy of his so called ancient mysteries that have their origins outside of our space and time dimensions. To this end, all those that have been beguiled by this Serpent of evil since even before the creation of mankind have built monuments and planned out their temple complexes all over the world. Why?

They were to venerate their Lucifer with such dimensions and understanding unapparent to the uninitiated. Most do not realize that this most sacred symbol of a finished pyramid, unlike the one that is not, is divine and does not belong to Lucifer; he has usurped this divine symbol for his own ascribed glory as he seeks to divert worship from the one True and Living GOD YHVH. Moreover, Lucifer’s truncated pyramid seal that is printed on the U.S. Federal Reserve Note represents the Tower of Babel that has not been finished but was interrupted by the LORD Himself. They are commemorating the event and announcing their plans through world commerce to complete this temple to Lucifer at an appointed place and time. It will be during the Tribulation when Lucifer will not only authorize his image to be made some sort of idol for all the world to worship, but he will go into the ‘King’s Chamber’ of the 3rd Temple on the Temple Mount and cause it to be desolated with his presence as he will declare himself ‘god’, the Master of the Pyramid.

Pentecost Pattern
This study also proposes to establish that there is a strong indication of just how the prophetic sequence of events that transpired during the Exodus journey that led to Pentecost on Mt. Sinai is edged into the very topography of Mt. Sinai. This assertion is based on conjecture, topography and a typology of the Exodus account but there are some amazing numbers that occur when using GPS coordinates for calculating distances. First off, the distance from Goshen where the majority of the Hebrews resided at, to the Red Sea’s edge at Nuweiba, where the crossing is purported to have taken place is exactly 188 kilometers or about 216 miles. How long did it take the 3 million plus throng of Hebrews and mixed multitude to arrive at the crossing point?

If an average trek a day consists of 30 miles, adjusting for the slower and faster pace of walking, then 215 miles total divide by 30 miles a day would about to 7-day journey. The key factor of the Pentecost Pattern is that from the crossing point at Nuweiba to where the LORD came down to fellowship and meet with the 70 plus Elders of Israel is exactly 50 miles. The very number is reflective of the 50 days from when the 1st Passover was celebrated back in Egypt on the very night the Hebrews left the clutches of Pharaoh. This 50-mile distance would have been about a 3 day’s journey. This is what the LORD desired of Israel; to go to the desert for 3 days and worship but Pharaoh would not have it.

Moreover the 7 days to get from Egypt to the crossing point of the Red Sea plus the 3 more days it took to get from the Crossing of the Red Sea to the foot of Mt. Sinai would be a total of 10 days. This foreshadows the giving of the 10 Commandments on the 50th day at Pentecost. But just before Pentecost when the 10 Commandments were to be enacted before the whole Congregation of Israel with thunder, trumpet blasts, angels, and fire, the LORD ‘came down’ to meet the 70 Elders halfway down the mountain. They represented the entire Congregation as they ‘went up’ halfway up the mountain, a place in between Earth and Heaven. This meeting place was transformed as the LORD descended on down on a crystal blue sky sapphire flooring, as though they were meeting in ‘midair’ with the ‘sky’ under their feet.

This is the hidden Rapture pattern of Mt. Sinai to be further amplified further down the study. What is also notable to bring out in terms of amazing measurements, is that from the crossing point of the Red Sea at Nuweiba to the Split Rock of Horeb is 33 nautical miles at ground level. This same 33 numerical value is repeated in the same fashion when you calculate the distance from where the People had crossed the Red Sea on the Arabian side to Mt. Horeb; it is also 33 nautical miles at ground level. And again, strictly, from the Split Rock to the Golden Calf Altar is 1948 kilometers.

There is a profound association with the number 1948 based on several and distinct types of measurements. The Altar of Moses had/has a 19.48° heading south and from the Golden Calf’s Altar to the 1st Parched Peak of Mt. Sinai is 1948 smoots. And from the Split Rock of Horeb to Mt. Sinai is 19,480 Yards in ground length. Moreover, the point of the crossing at Nuweiba is in direct phi ratio to the Split Rock of Horeb and the Golden Calf Altar. What is amazing in terms of a Pentecost count of ‘50’ is that:

1. Pentecost: Israel receives the Decalogue at Sinai
2. Pentecost: Israel becomes a Nation May 14, 1948
3. Pentecost: Israel captures Jerusalem June 7, 1967
4. Pentecost: Israel resorted Temple/Ark Year?

The following distances determined by GPS coordinates are itemized below. Again, these locations are based on firsthand eyewitness to each site. Note that some measurements are an approximation to these locations and suggestive in the prophetic scope for this study as some actual points topographically maybe impossible to determine.

1) From Nuweiba Red Sea crossing point to the Cleft of Rock where  יהוה met 70+ Elders.
50 miles (ground length)

2) From the Nuweiba crossing point to the Split Rock of Horeb.
33 nautical miles (ground length)

3) From the crossing of the Red Sea on the Arabian side to Mt. Horeb.

33 nautical miles (ground length)

4) From the Split Rock of Horeb to the Golden Calf Altar.
1948 kilometers (map length)
322° heading
10 nautical Miles
12 miles (ground length)

5) From the Split Rock of Horeb to Mt. Horeb.
333 arc seconds
5.55 nautical Miles

6) From Mt. Sinai to the Graves of those that perished due to the Golden Calf.
6 nautical miles or 6.9 miles (ground length)

7) From Mt. Sinai to the Split Rock of Horeb where water smoothed over the rocks.
1776 kilometers or 19,480 yards (ground length)

GPS Exact Earth Coordinates
The following GPS coordinates of the primary locations of the Exodus journey are listed below. They are according to the firsthand witness and testimony accounts as they are related to the major recorded events from the Biblical narrative in Exodus. They will be in presented in relative order from the crossing of the Red Sea.

1. Nuweiba:                 28°59'59.65"N / 34°39'58.08"E
2. Split Rock:              28°43'35.80"N / 35°14'10.43"E
3. Mt. Horeb:               28°39'20.14"N / 35°18'10.70"E
4. Mt. Sinai:                 28°35'43.11"N /  35°20'03.56"E
5. Cleft of Rock:          28°35'11.81"N /  35°22'00.51"E
6. Tree/Monoliths:       28°35'06.06"N / 35°22'03.59"E
7. Cave of Elijah:        28°35'05.50"N / 35°22'04.64"E
8. Altar of Moses:        28°35'04.63"N / 35°22'42.98"E
9. Golden Calf:            28°34'52.72"N / 35°23'46.16"E
10. Graves:                 28°41'19.86"N / 35°22'34.58"E

The following are measurements that are taken from the reference point of the actual purported summit of Mt. Sinai.

1) From the start of 1st Parched Peak area to Elijah’s Cave.

1.88 nautical miles (ground length)

2) From Mt. Sinai to the Cleft of the Rock, staging area.
3.33 km (ground length)

3) From Mt. Sinai to the start of 1st Parched Peak area.
1776 smoots
1.88 miles (ground length)
3,333 yards (ground length)

4) From the Cave of Elijah to the Altar of Moses.
90° heading going south, 270° going north
.66 miles
33 arc seconds

5) From the Cleft of the Rock to the Cave of Elijah.

7.47 arc seconds
133 smoots
.12 nautical miles
.24 kilometers

6) From the Cleft of the Rock to Altar of Moses.

.72 miles (map length)

7) From 1st Parched Peak area to the Golden Calf Altar.

3.33 nautical miles or 6.33 kilometers

8) From Tree between Monoliths to the Cleft of the Rock, staging area.
333° heading going north, 153° going south or .12 nautical miles / 666 feet

Gates of Heaven
If one where to rotate the map of the Mt. Sinai area 90° and enlarge it enough to incorporate the Giza Pyramid plateau with the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, you would have a slanted pyramid when you connect the lines to each other. There is a 4° difference from Mt. Sinai to the actual Temple Mount Dome of the Spirits, but it almost appears to be in a straight line to each other. The following are the distances in miles from each of the 3 locations.

1. From Mt. Sinai to the Great Pyramid: 270.91 Miles
2. From Mt. Sinai to the Temple Mount: 219.35 Miles
3. From Mt. Moriah to the Great Pyramid: 273.35 Miles

Then if you transpose the actual Giza Pyramid configuration and project it out in proportion to line up with Mt. Sinai and the Temple Mount, you get a perfect match and alignment when the map of Giza is revered or flipped horizontally. It so happens that with this configuration, the center Pyramid at Giza is off by off by 4°. This degree difference from Mt. Sinai to the middle Pyramid angle is exactly the same degree difference from Mt. Sinai to the Temple Mount. What does this prove or mean? Well for one, that in terms of the size and order alone, it would appear that Mt. Sinai is the prominent one corresponding to the Great Pyramid in size and importance. The middle Pyramid would be the second in size and importance happens to correlate to the middle Pyramid of the actual Giza Plateau.

The third Pyramid, being the smallest one, corresponds to the Temples that once stood on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and will again. Also given the lines connecting to each other’s locations are in fact lay-lines. The Giza Pyramid is acting as the 3rd artificial 'mountain'. A factor of this occurs when the triangle that is configured will produce skewed hexagram when a 2nd inverted identical triangle is superimposed. This sacred geometry will in turn correspond topographically to the whole Sinai Peninsula layout that emphasizes certain aspects of it. There is the contour of the Suez Canal, the tip of the Sinai Peninsula, the northern edge of the Mediterranean leading up to the Gaza Strip to the 4° difference that constitutes the fault line that runs through the eastern flank of the length of Israel.

In essence, the purported location of the real Mt. Sinai is where the Jerusalem earthquake fault line originates from and a seismic disturbance at Mt. Sinai could reverberate on the Temple Mount. For sure, this fault line will split Jerusalem in 2 as the foot of the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ touches down on the Mt. of Olives as foretold in Zechariah 14 at this very fault line or lay-line. Based on these findings, this study proposes that Mt. Sinai as well as the Great Pyramid and the Temple Mount are ‘Gates of Heaven’ and ‘Divine Altars’. Specifically, on two locations, Mt. Sinai, and Mt. Moriah (Temple Mount), the Bible does verify that the LORD GOD Almighty’s divine presence resided at those places and alters of worship to the True GOD of Heaven were built there. It is been said in many studies that Jerusalem became the edge of the Garden of Eden where Adam and Ever were expelled from. The Temple Mount would thus serve as that altar at the foot of the Gate of Eden that has been blocked by celestial Cherubim with flaming swords.

It is most likely the place where Jacob named Beth-El or house of the LORD as he left for Beersheba. The Bible only refers to the place as a ‘certain place’. It was at this place that he saw the vision of Angels descending up and down the celestial ladder. It was from the Temple Mount to Heaven itself to present themselves before the very Throne Room of the LORD and one likened to the ‘Son of Man’ at the very top. This is also tied to another mountain where the same circumstances occurred; the LORD, angels and a descending, Mt. Sinai. It is fascinating to consider that all these 3 ‘Gates’ and ‘Altars’ were actual places where the LORD Jesus Christ was present Himself. Jesus was in Egypt, first as a babe escaping the murderous Luciferian plot to kill him and family. He too, like His people the Hebrews identified with their going and coming out of Egypt.

The difference is that the godly family directly came up to Nazareth after Herod’s death in obedience. There was no wondering in the wilderness due to a hardening of heart and unbelief. This can be correlated then to the Feast of Tabernacles as a memorial of how the Israelites lived in tents during the wilderness journey to the Promised Land. Joseph and Mary would have abided in such tents just as the Israelites of the Exodus along the way back to Nazareth as it took about 10 days to complete. Second, Jesus was found even at an early age in the Temple in Jerusalem instructing perhaps some of the 70 Elders of Israel when He stated that He was ‘about His Father’s business.’ This occurred during Passover. Then lastly, as the pre-incarnated Christ, He met with the 70 Elders of Israel at Mt. Sinai just before Pentecost. The following is a summary of the correlations to Jesus Christ and these ‘Gates’ and Altars’ prophetically speaking.

GATE/ALTAR               CIRCUMSTANCE                               FEAST ASSOCIATION
1. Mt. Sinai                  meeting with 70 Elders of Israel         Pentecost
2. Great Pyramid         in the wilderness journey                   Tabernacles (as a type)
3. Mt. Moriah               meeting with some of 70 Elders         Passover

What is intriguing to further contemplate is that the Tabernacle constructed at Mt. Sinai was a ‘gate’ or portal that led to the direct interaction with the Almighty GOD of Heaven. The Temples in Jerusalem also functioned as a meeting place or ‘Gate of Heaven’. How the Great Pyramid is tied to both of these locations is that if the King’s Chamber, being nearly a sacred Cube as the Tabernacle and Temple Holy of Holies was, the Pyramid was constructed with this in mind. The builders knew that the sacred geometry of a “Gate of Heaven’ or to Heaven was incorporated into the very fabric of the Great Pyramid itself. The chamber is in exact proportions to the Tabernacle of Moses.

If this assertion is plausible, what the Great Pyramid would amount to is a tetrahedron. That is if one were to have the dimensions of the Great Pyramid superimposed up-side-down to the corresponding pyramid, the intersection would produce the perfect square at the core of the Pyramid, as there is a perfect ‘cubed’ center currently there. Thus, this same principle could thus be applied to the Tabernacle and Temples as many believe that the mobile Throne of the LORD or ‘chariot, i.e. merkavah is a tetrahedron. As to its function? It would constitute the frequency and resonance of sound needed to perhaps transport or teleport into other dimensions. This is highly speculative but we have 2 instances depicted in the Bible of a physical location where the Divine Presence was manifested in our 3-dimensional realm.

Types and Shadows
The Temple Mount Holy of Holies and the Tabernacle at Mt. Sinai that had this principle represented in exact proportions and measurements to the true Form, the Holy of Holies or ‘Cube’ in Heaven. In in specific instance while ministering in the Holies, the father of John the Baptist was visited by an Angel that appeared by the Altar of Incense. It was shortly before Pentecost but after the meeting and fellowship of YHVH with the 70 plus Elders of Israel that the LORD summoned Moses to the summit of Mt. Sinai to personally show him the original layout of the Throne in Heaven to be copied for the subsequent Tabernacle and Temples of Israel. It was during the 40 days on Mt. Sinai that Moses was instructed of the LORD regarding the types and shadows of the furnishings and dimensions in Glory that were to be replicated on Earth.

This Tabernacle on Earth would allow the LORD to be as close as possible to His people without violating His holiness due to the fallen sin nature of Humanity. The difference now, due to the sacrifice of the Messiah on the Cross, is that the Curtain that separated and veiled the LORD from His people that was between the Holy of Holies and the Holy Place in the Tabernacle and subsequent Temples has been removed by Jesus Christ. The Bible records that at the time of His sacrifice on the Cross, most noticeably the Temples’ Veil was torn from top to bottom. For the Believer in Christ, this ‘middle wall of partition’ is removed at the point of conversion and will be fully realized when ‘corruption puts on incorruptibility’ at the point of the Resurrection and Rapture.

It will be a time where the Saints will ‘Tabernacle’ or dwell face to face with the LORD in the true Temple of the LORD in Glory on GOD’s Holy Mountain in Heaven. As these types and shadows pertain to the events on Mt. Sinai, such elements of the Throne Room of the LORD were to be reproduced on Earth for the worship services to begin. This was required once the Law and the Covenant was to be initiated and proclaimed as a pledge to a national vow or betrothal between Israel as the ‘Wife’ and the LORD at Mt. Sinai. In essence, the Law was to be the marriage contract and the Tent of Meeting or Tabernacle was to be constructed as a Groom would take his Bride to their new house to live and be together thereafter. This also foreshadowed to the Promise of Jesus Christ made to His Disciples of preparing such rooms in His Father’s House or ‘tabernacle’ for His Bride and that He would return for her.

Sadly, this marriage vow between national Israel and the LORD did not last long. Because Moses was absent for about 40 days, almost 6 weeks the whole congregation of Israel grew restless at his prolonged absence. This is when the Golden Calf incident happened as it has been touched upon in prior segments of this study. This demonstrates just how fast the heart of GOD’s people can turn and how without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, it is extremely hard to maintain such a faithful relationship with GOD alone. This was illustrated when Israel set up this altar to the Golden Calf and later on would seek other lovers as it was this case in how Balaam enticed the camp to be sexually defiled with the women of Moab as depicted in Numbers 23-25. What will be astonishing to consider is that another ‘calf’, another ‘idol’ will surface again for Israel in the End of Days. According to prophecy, during the Tribulation, Israel will once again look upon to a false ‘god’ to worship instead of the LORD.

Hidden Rapture Pattern of Mt. Sinai
The Bible declares in both the Old and New Testament, particularly Revelation 13:15 that an ‘image’ will be made and set up in which it will be required of all, Israel included, to worship the image of the ‘Beast’ or Lucifer. This clearly echoes what Israel did while Moses was busy bringing the Law and obtaining the blueprints of GOD’s Glory. Perhaps one of the very reasons why Moses might be one of the 2 Witnesses will be because we will be the Witness against Israel as their ancestors had done and will ‘witness’ against their worship to this ‘Golden Calf’ that will be the AntiChrist’s Golden Image of the Beast.

Lastly this study proposes that there is a strong indication of just how the events that transpired on Mt. Sinai with the meeting between the 70 Elders of Israel and the LORD depicts how the Rapture sequence is prophesied to occur. This typology is reminiscent of the imagery of how the Church will be meeting with the LORD in the air, according to the Apostle Paul’s understanding and revelation given to him in the New Testament. Would it be far-fetched to entertain the thought that this vision of the Church and the Rapture was given to Paul by the LORD at Mt. Sinai?

Realize that Paul after this conversion on the Road to Damascus went to Arabia for a long time before starting his ministry. Perhaps it was at this very place, in the Cave of Elijah or the very place at the area purported to be where the 70 Elders of Israel meet with the LORD that Paul received this mystery vision of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. Some propose that like Elijah, Paul was led to go to this purported location of Mt. Sinai in Arabia to receive all the revelations that make up the main tenants of the Epistles to the Church in the New Testament. Perhaps it is at this time that Paul was ‘translated’ into the ‘3rd Heaven’ at Mt. Sinai while receiving such revelation, instruction and understanding of what the ‘Church’ was and is to do by the LORD.

Like Moses, perhaps Paul was likewise summonsed to the desert and up to Mt. Sinai to receive the ‘Blueprints of GOD’s Glory as it pertained to the mystery of the Church, that is the Bride of Christ, realizing that he like Moses was to lead a band of ‘mixed multitudes’ throughout the Church Age 'wilderness'. Therefore some ground rules for the Church had to be set up as the Church would be going through the ‘journey of faith’ in this world’s wilderness to experience the trials and testing needed to refine the Faithful and prepare the Bride. The Apostle Paul may not have realized that perhaps such a ‘preparation’ would be consisting of 7 Church ages and lasting over 1980 years.

This ‘mystery’ of the Church, the Bride of Christ was something that the Prophets of old and even Angels longed to look into. I realize that many believe that the Church and the Bride of Christ are 2 distinct entities, suffice to say that for definition sake, the Bride of Christ are all those within the Church prophetically and collectively that will be Raptured. Now will those before Christ that were under the Law yet trusted in Christ not be part of the Rapture like Moses, Elijah, and King David? That is for another study. Evidently if one believes that Moses will be one of 2 Witnesses and is ‘Raptured’ to then be sent back down to fulfill his witness can possibly happen but is theologically problematic.

The Church was paid for and born from the side of Christ on the Cross as the spear pierced His side and heart. It was like when Eve was taken out of Adam’s side and ‘made’ out of blood, flesh, and bone. The Church was empowered and sealed with the Holy Spirit on Pentecost 50 days after the LORD’s Passover. But perhaps it was at Mt. Sinai, where the betrothal contract or conditions for the Church was dispatched through the Apostle Paul. Regardless, if this assertion of the Apostle Paul being at Mt. Sinai is true, how befitting a place to be where like Moses before him was the ‘witness’ to the betrothal between Israel and the Father. Now, Paul was going to receive the condition or ‘nuptials’ if you will of the Church Bride betrothed to Christ. Did not Paul even state in 2 Corinthians 11:2 that he had ‘betrothed the Church to Christ?’

As far as the Rapture account goes, according to the Apostle Paul the Saints of the Most High GOD, the Redeemed are ‘taken up’ corporately to meet the LORD as He ‘descends down’ to meet each at a ‘halfway’ point between Heaven and Earth, in the air just as it was in the type at Mt. Sinai with the 70 Elders and the LORD. This call to assembly will be pronounced by the ‘Shout of the Arc Angel’ and with the ‘Trump of GOD’. This is sticking imagery of how the LORD had descended down on Mt. Sinai when the 10 Commandments were initiated before the whole Congregation with similar sounds of trumpets and of Angel, lighting, etc.

The devouring Glory of God, the very presence of the LORD at that time and place descended down from Heaven’s Throne and consumed Mt. Sinai with fire, thunder and lighting. This event pierced space and time where the Glory of the LORD would physically be manifested and seen by the millions of the Congregation at the foot of Mt. Sinai. This place and time represented a keeping of the Promise the LORD made to a man Abraham and his descendants of like precious Faith. But more than that, it constituted a betrothal, prophetically speaking between the Nation of Israel and the LORD.

To reiterate, it is amazing to consider that once Israel was gathered at the foot of the Mt. Sinai, it was just before Pentecost that Moses and the 70 Elders of Israel pledged to keep the commandments of the LORD and thereafter ‘ascended up’ Mt. Sinai to about the halfway mark or the Cleft of the Rock platform area. There is a large open area at that height just above the Cave of Elijah and the Tree that is between the 2 rock Monoliths. This area could easily accommodate that many people at once in such a steep terrain. It was an amazing encounter of the YHVH’s kind in that a meal and drink was prepared, and the LORD had fellowship there with them.

This Rapture typology is described in Exodus 24 as the ground on which the LORD came was that of a translucent blue color as the sky. Prophetically speaking, at the time of the Rapture there in the skies, somewhere precisely and mathematically pinpointed, the LORD will see to it to have a ‘Cleft of the Rock’ big enough to accommodate the vast plane to fit all the Redeemed of the LORD. This will occur as the floor of sapphire, blue under the feet of the Raptured will literally be on what they will be ‘standing’ on ‘sky’, just like it was at that meeting on Mt. Sinai between Heaven and Earth.

This Rapture pattern is also echoed and seen in the ancient Jewish wedding when at a ‘midnight call’, the Bride is called or summonsed. The Bride goes up in a night procession as the Groom goes down to meets her at about a halfway point. Thereafter He escorts her to His Fathers’ house where he had been preparing a room for the two of them. Moreover, the Rapture pattern of Mt. Sinai has some more possible inferences. Consider that Moses was taken up to the very summit of Mt. Sinai as the 70 Elders representing Israel stayed at a distance and thereafter went back down. This is a type of how at the time of the Rapture, the Body of Believes will be taken up as Moses was and ushered to where the true House of the LORD is at; where the Ark of the Covenant, the Altar, and the Menorah are at. While at the same time, the 70 Elders representing Israel will stay back and went back down to eventual judgment as they worshipped at an Altar to a false god, false Messiah AntiChrist.

Without reading too much into this Rapture typology and/or embellishing it, there are striking parallels in that sometime within the 40 day absence of Moses, Israel grew restless and it was at this time that the Altar to the Golden Calf or Bull was made. This clearly represents the ‘Covenant of Death’ as more than 3000 alone died as a direct result of their disobedience to the LORD. The Elders of Israel instead made a ‘covenant’ with the ‘god’ of this world as it will be the case when Israel ‘confirms the Covenant with Many for 1 prophetic week after the Rapture. Nonetheless, it was on Pentecost that Moses presented the Sacred Tablets of the Law to Israel and recited the oath of the nation’s commitment as all were present for the reading of this ‘will’ as it were.  

From one perspective, one can see the 10 Commandments for what they really are –judgments. This is what will be paralleled according to the Book of Revelation in that the Risen Jesus Christ, standing on Mt. Zion in Heaven, like Moses standing before the Redeemed, on Mt. Sinai will also proclaim judgments. This will come in the form of the Seals Judgments that are initiated and are witnessed before the Raptured Congregation in Heaven. Like the Law given at Sinai, Christ will open and proclaim judgment upon Israel, on Lucifer, the god of this world and a rebellious Humanity.  Perhaps at a Pentecost Feast, the Church will be gathered to witness this proclamation from Heaven as the Law is once again instituted to Israel on Earth after the Rapture.

And perhaps as many purport, it will be this very Moses once again that will be one of the 2 Witnesses that will testify against the Covenant Israel will have made with ‘Death’, with Lucifer’s false Messiah whose image, like the Golden Calf will be placed on one of the flanks of the Temple. All these prophetic parallels presented in this study foreshadow the Rapture of the Church to come. Through various forms of Biblical ‘types and shadows’ to include GPS coordinate measurement of the purported real location of Mt. Sinai, perhaps the Rapture pattern is indeed part of and has been ‘hidden’ in GOD’s overall Redemption Plan. If based solely on this typology, the Rapture will occur after a Passover and perhaps on or very near a Pentecost Feast within a 40-50-60-day window of time. The rationale is that the Decalogue was given on Pentecost with the whole multitudes at the foot of Mt. Sinai and if you count backward from that 50th day count, then perhaps it was at the 40th day count that Moses came down with the original Law ‘tablets’.

This could possible then provide a timeframe of several days before the 1st day count of the 40 days that Moses thereafter went to the summit of Mt. Sinai. So perhaps it was at the 60th day mark, from Pentecost or 10 days before Moses’ 40-day meeting with the LORD that this picture of the ‘Rapture’ between Heaven and Earth occurred. Based on this highly speculated timeframe then, the Rapture will prophetically occur around a 10 day window from Ascension Day on a coming Pentecost, of a given year. As many believe that the next major prophetic event to occur in GOD’s timetable is the Rapture, the LORD will be soon calling His Congregation to assemble.

This call will be to rendezvous with the LORD in the air and fellowship at the LORD’s table in Glory. This was just like it occurred when the LORD met halfway down the mountain as the 70 Elders representing the entire congregation met halfway up the mountain, a place in between Earth and Heaven. This meeting place was transformed as the LORD descended on a crystal blue sky sapphire flooring, as though they were meeting in ‘midair’ with the ‘sky’ under their feet. This is the hidden Rapture pattern of Mt. Sinai. Prophetically, this Rapture pattern as a typology is going to become a reality very shortly. In GOD’s timetable based on world events, signs in the sky, sun, moon and stars, it appears that End Times is fast approaching a climax.

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