Lighting the Fuse - Prelude to the Psalm 83 War

  • Who is the AntiChrist and why does Israel need him now?
  • Is this latest round of Jewish-Muslim violence escalating into a War?
  • What does the Bible say about the scenario and timing of this War?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Do not keep silent GOD. Do not be still or hold Your Peace, GOD. Look. Your Enemies make a tumult. Those that hate You have lifted up their head. They make shrewd plans against Your People and conspire together against Your Treasured Ones. They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a Nation; that the Name of Israel may be not remembered any more. For they have consulted together with one consent. They are Confederated (To make a Treaty or a Covenant) against You.’ -Psalm 83:1-5

The purpose of this study is to comment on the latest escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian or Jews-Muslim war. It seems to many that this could be just another ‘flare-up’ of the various cycles of violence that plagues the Middle East. The title, ‘Why Israel Needs An AntiChrist’ is based on how Israel is at a milestone in her modern era existence. Apparently, she has come to a political impasse as her Parliamentary form of government is not working. And in this most vulnerable time without clear leadership, her Muslim Enemies are smelling and wanting blood. If one talks to any IDF Soldier, they will tell that Israel is in a constant State of War, in fact, ‘A War In-Between Wars’.

This is the characterization of how this ‘War’ has cycles of violence and then relative peace. To see where Israel is at with this ‘War’, a little historical context is needed as that will help define what is going on and what will most likely happen. What is that? The prelude to the Biblical fulfilment of the Psalm 83 War. And 1 of many still to come. There have been major wars at the national level before between the Jews and the Muslims. This has occurred since the very first hours of Israel’s ‘delivery’ in being ‘birthed’ as a modern Nation-State back in May of 1948. Since then, there have been attacks at the individual level with knives and guns that come from ordinary unapparent women to commando-style units crossing into Israel’s borders at night. Then there are the regular flare-ups on the Temple Mount, because of the Temple Mount.

It seems the endless cycles of violence and clashes have come and gone, Intifadas and all since Israel declared its independence and accepted the UN Partition Plan. This Partition Plan was the original 2-State Solution that the Palestinians want now but not in 1947. In reality, it is a 1-State Solution they really desire and are aspiring to. And it is not a State of Israel. The World Court, the Arab League does not want to remember nor do they teach in their schools that the Arabs wanted an ‘All or Nothing’ deal with the UN after the British failed and transferred their Mandate back to the UN. It was not so much that the Arabs wanted a ‘State of Palestine’, which had never historically existed, but to deny the Jews theirs. Why? Foremost, this Israeli-Palestinian, Jewish-Muslim struggle is a spiritual one. A Biblical one. Is it about the Promised Land, the Birth-Right. Why? It is because if the Jews ‘come back to the Land, then the Koran and Islam is false.

Eviction of Tenants

According to the Bible, the People that ‘occupy’ the Promised Land, are mere Stewards or Tenants of the Land. There has only been 1 special rental ‘Covenant’ arrangement made with the Creator and Land Owner over the whole Earth. In fact, the Bible teaches that no Peoples legally own any part of the Earth they can call their own or procure it. Except Israel. And consider that one might agree that the Jews are just ‘Tenants’ in as much as YHVH, the Creator GOD used Israel to judge the wicked Pagan Nations of what is now Israel and beyond for their abominations. Such Peoples engaged in rituals that were grotesque in how the Natural Inhabitants of the Land were involved in abortions, LGBT lifestyles, demon worship of Fallen Angels, witchcraft, sorcery, violence and the list goes on. YHVH warned the Ancient Hebrews that they were no more special other than that because of Abraham, an ‘Everlasting Covenant’ between them gave them the legal right to the Land as they were instructed to evict such People.

However, YHVH warned the Ancient Hebrews that if they practiced the same sins, they too would be evicted from the Holy Land. Did it happen? Yes, and on 3 occasions. The 1st occurred to the 10 Tribes composing the Northern Kingdom. Those Tribes were led captive to Assyria. Then the 2nd Eviction occurred when the 2 remaining Tribes of the Southern Kingdom were led captive to Babylon. The 3rd Eviction of Israel from the Holy Land came under the rule of the Romans but was because they rejected Jesus as their National Messiah. Since 70 AD, the Jews, down to 1 Tribe have wandered within the Gentile Nations. However, YHVH promised to return the Jews, in unbelief due to His promises to Abraham. And that this 3rd Eviction was to be the last one. Thus, Israel was ‘born’ in May 14, 1948 in the Gregorian Calendar and will never leave the Land again.

The problem? Every time the Eviction Notices were given to Israel and carried out; the various Enemies of Israel also came back into the Land. However, a number of Jews always remained. It was only the Political entity and sovereignty that Israel had lost. In the last Eviction, the Romans used the ‘Philistines’, the mortal Enemies of the Jews to populate the Promised Land. Conquering Empires used this tactic to ‘Divide and Conquer’ as did the Muslim Arabs. Yet since 1948, exactly 1,948 years from 70 AD, the Jewish Nation as a political and sovereign entity was reborn. Would this not be a cause of celebration? Yes, if one knows why and what is and will be the purpose for Israel. However, the Enemies of Israel, which have also always existed, since Genesis 3:15. 

And there are those that even argue that the ‘Jews’ who returned to the Land are not the ‘Jews’. But this is what they all said every time the Jews were brought back to the Land by YHVH. And thus, one comes to say why Israel ‘needs an AntiChrist’. First of all, let us define what this term means and who does it belong to. The notion of the AntiChrist is a long-held concept of one that is in place of, instead of or against Christ. In pure Biblical theology, the main tenants of this Doctrine and teaching states that Jesus of Nazareth was and is the Christ Israel needed and needs now. But Jesus was rejected of the Jewish Rabbinical Leadership, the Sanhedrin at the national, political and Spiritual level. As a consequence, Jesus foretold that ‘Your House will be left to you desolate.’ And that has been the case. No Temple on the Temple Mount has been built since. Not yet. Until when? Until AntiChrist comes. He will sanction it, built it. How so?

Enemies on Many Levels

The 3rd Temple is what will be that will ‘strengthen’ or make the ‘better deal’. With whom? The Jews. The Jewish Rabbinical Leadership, the Sanhedrin at the National, Political and Spiritual level. At a certain point in time, the Political Leadership, if it be still under Netanyahu or a successor more Right of Center Coalition Government, will then confirm upon the coming AntiChrist, full powers. Those of the Messiahship no less. Is one seeing also then a transitional political state of affairs in Israel also occur in tandem with the Kabbalist ‘Reset’ objectives? Probably so as 4 failed National Elections in Israel have failed. And why? It will be because of a major victory that Israel will procure in neutralizing once and for all the immediate Enemies that neighbor its borders.

Thus, is this possible scenario and timeline that close in how this latest round of Jewish-Muslim strife could lead to the Psalm 83 all-out coordinated assault on Israel? Iran and Turkey are the ones fueling the flames of insurrection on the part of the Palestinians. Erdogan is urging Putin of Russian to lead a joint force to ‘recue’ Palestine’. This is already a prelude to the Gog-Magog War. And note that it is not coming from the Saudi Arabs. But who will this AntiChrist be? Some believe he will be Muslim, other believe he will be European. One thing is for sure, he will mimic and usurp the role and qualifiers of Jesus. Enough so, the Jews will receive him as their long-awaited Messiah. And that instead, as Jesus warned, ‘He who will come in his own Name, him you will accept’. The Jews did not accept Jesus because they were looking for a ‘Prime Minister’, an IDF Chief of Staff, a Political and Military Leader of the likes of the Maccabees.

As then, the Religious Leaders of Israel now are looking desperately for ‘him.’ And he will come. Presently, the Enemies of Israel are composed of the immediate Muslim neighbors as Nation-States. This is Level 1 Enemies. Level 2 Enemies are those within its borders as modern ‘Israeli’ Citizens that are Arab and Muslim. This is the population that Israel absorbed when it declared Independence and won her Land against the Arab Muslims, decisively. Israel’s winning her wars have been miraculous by many accounts and against all odds. Other Armies study Israel’s battles and strategies. But then there is a Level 3 Enemies. These are the Para-Military Factions such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah and Hezbollah that are bent in destroying the Nation-State of Israel. Lastly, there is a Level 4 Enemies.

This one goes beyond Israel’s immediate borders, such as with Iran. Israel and Iran have been in a Cold War since the Revolutionary Guard took over Iran. However, as of late, the Al-Quds Brigade has come to Israel’s northern border thanks to the disintegration of Syria. The Level 5 Enemies of Israel are basically the World. Such countries as Turkey, Russia and now, sadly even the USA have turned their back on Israel. Israel is on its own and that is why Israel needs an AntiChrist and will be gladly accepting ‘him’. Biblically, one cannot help but be Biblical when talking and discussing Israel. This to say that the ultimate Enemy, that of Level 6 is Lucifer himself. One can see this strife since Genesis 3:15 with the ‘War of the Seeds’ and up to King David where he numbered his Army, etc. Israel is on the verge of fulfilling a major Biblical milestone that many believe will be the Psalm 83 War. Why based on this latest round of violent clashes and rock barrages? This has occurred before.

War by Proxy

What could and most likely will light the fuse that will initiate the Psalm 83 War will be the Isaiah 17 Prophecy. This is where Damascus will cease to be a city ‘overnight’. And based on the Biblical descriptions of how it goes down, it will be the Israeli IDF and the use of Smart Weapons or Nuclear ones that will do the job. It will be sending a message to Iran, Turkey and Russia. This will for sure infuriate all the Jihadi Para-Military factions to attack Israel in an all-out assault. And why not the bordering Nation-States? Well, Israel does have a Peace Treaty with Egypt and Jordan and there is the investment made via the Abraham Accords. The Arabs fear the Shi’ite Triangle more than Israel at this point in time. But the Para-Military Factions will do just fine on their behalf by proxy. This is when the Psalm 83 War comes into play, the Inner-Ring attack against Israel.

So, for now the next round of violent exchanges occur back-and-forth between the Israeli Jews and the Palestinian Muslims, will be ‘business as usual’. And mind you, with all the international condemnation when Israel does strike back, the Politicians, Pundits, Celebrities and Movie Stars come out to condemn Israel with the usual rhetoric of being ‘Apartheid’ and of an ‘Ethnic Cleansing’. Yet, no international condemnation is given to the Muslims for waging a terror and war campaign against an entire Civilian Population. The Palestinians drop Balloon Fire Bombs to burn civilian’s crops or forests. This is ‘Scorched Earth’ warfare. They launch rockets from schools and hospitals as shields. They launch their barrage of rockets indiscriminately at the Israeli Civilian Population at which includes Muslim Arabs.

These tactics verge on Genocide and War Crimes. It is the Palestinians Authority that should be summoned to the International Court for Crimes Against Humanity, not Israel. What is the difference? The USA. How so? For the first time since President Truman recognized Israel as a Nation-State, the support of the Government nor its People are no longer there. As Biden’s Administration is essentially Obama 3.0. The Arab Muslims now publicly comment on their TV programs and news that America is ‘finished’. In contrast to the Trump Presidency, one of an Executive with resolve and determination, despite one’s view or opinion of him, did set the tone for the Abrahamic Accords. There was relative ‘Peace and Security’ in Israel and he kept Iran at bay. This has all but been undone by the Biden Administration that prefers to raise the Pride Flag at all the State Department buildings and Embassy’s around the World and in Tel Aviv.

The point is that not only Israel’s Enemies have gotten emboldened, but that all those same Enemies of Israel are America’s Enemies as well. And in this case, Israel cannot and will not ‘save the USA’. The USA cannot save the USA. The USA is on its own as well and in more ways than one. It is a ‘Divided House’ and as Lincoln prefaced his warning vision for America, it was predicated on the words of Jesus, a ‘House Divided Shall Fall’. And in so doing and happening, why not finish what Obama had been called and appointed to do. What was that? It is about the Globalist ‘Reset’ again. Incinerate the Middle East with war and conflict so that the AntiChrist can come and usher in the new ‘Solomon’ Temple or ‘House of Peace’ and have there be a ‘New Age’ with a new ‘Humanity’, thanks to the Experimental new mRNA COVID-19 shots. Was not Obama’s talk at the University of Cairo the spark that lit the Arab Spring fuse?

Houses of Worship

What is different now is that the USA will not be coming to the aide of Israel as Level 1-3 Enemies are now converging against Israel. The point is that then this status-quo of these cycles of war and violence since 1948 have to be dealt with once and for all. The Palestinian State issue and the claim to the Promised Land has to come to a resolution. And it will not be by diplomatic means. It will come by war. And this is why Israel needs the AntiChrist. Consider that the Muslim Arabs have lost every major war with Israel since 1948. So, if the Nation-States could not do it, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, etc., why not have their various Para-Military Factions give it a try? They will try and this is what this study strongly suggests will be the makeup of the Psalm 83 War. So much so that this latest uprising would be, could lead to the prophetic fulfillment of Isaiah 17 first though.

What is the Psalm 83 War? Some believe that it has already been fulfilled. Not so fast. The argument is that the key ‘Enemies’ of Israel fit the description, not necessarily of the Nation-States but of the Para-Military Factions. And this coming war, will be decisively won by Israel. Enough so, that this is when the AntiChrist comes on the scene in some way. Why? It is he that will fill in the vacuum of the Political, Military and yes, even the Religious void left by the USA, and in particular because of how all the true Christians will have been ‘Raptured’ out of this planet by then. Thus, has the fuse been lit this time around then? Is the prophecy of Isaiah 17 about to occur? Is it this serious now that it will be a ‘Point of No Return’ for Israel and the Palestinians? As mentioned, it has been a matter of timing, and that of Prophetic Timing.

On the day Israel celebrated Jerusalem Day, the al-Aqsa Mosque was on fire. It was the last day of the Muslim Ramadan. As to the Abrahamic Accord? It does appear to be nothing more than an ‘Endnote’ in Trump’s Administration. However, trying to get that resuscitated is none other than Jered Kushner again. Perhaps that is also what Israel will have to fall back on, the Abrahamic Accords and someone like Kushner. Then there is also the Abrahamic Family House. It is comprised of the 3 Main ‘Houses’ of worship commemorated and dedicated in Abu Dhabi. However, significant ones will be at Ground Zero, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The 3 Houses of Worship could very well be an outcome the AntiChrist will deal with on the scene and with Kushner’s Abrahamic Accords playing in tandem. Or will it be Kushner who will be ‘Him’?

Many have commented how Kushner is a prime candidate. That will remain to be seen. But consider that on the Temple Mount, the 3rd Temple will be built, but according to Revelation and Ezekiel, the Outer Court will be given to the Gentiles. That is what the ‘New Middle East’ will be reconfigured around, the ‘Houses’ of Worship. This to mean a Temple for the Jews, the Muslims and for the Christians. This last group, at least those that were left behind after the Rapture and/or are of the Apostate ‘Whore of Babylon’ types. Suffice to say that the Dome of the Rock will be for the Muslims, as it is currently but the al-Aqsa Mosque, that used to be a Crusader Church will be somehow, someway will be given as the allotment to fulfill the 3 Houses of Abraham on the Temple Mount. This will be the rallying cry to the World, to the Nations of the new coming World Order. ‘Peace and Safety’ measures will be ushered-in by Israel’s AntiChrist. And not only for Israel but for the entire World.

Time of the Gentiles

Foremost, the advent of the coming AntiChrist will be as a direct result of the Isaiah 17 prophecy against Damascus that then leads to the Psalm 83 War. At that point in time, the AntiChrist will capitalize on the defeat of the immediate Inner-Ring of Israel’s Enemies. This coming AntiChrist of Israel and the World will then be a repeat of Nimrod 2.0 and the Tower of Babel in attempting to unify the World. He will and succeeds where Nimrod failed. Not only does Israel need an AntiChrist but the World as well then to implement, execute and manage the Reset. To reiterate, the coming AntiChrist will not only be providing ‘Peace and Safety’ for Israel, but for the whole World. This of course, only for 42 months or 1260 days as he will break the ‘Peace’ with Israel and the World. But this unification will be not around the House of the true GOD of Israel, YHVH but the GOD of the Sanhedrin, the Apostate Church and of the Muslims.

It will be of the King of the Earth, the Caesar, the AntiChrist. Or rather, it will be Lucifer ultimately and his AntiChrist by proxy. Israel will embrace the coming AntiChrist for establishing the 7-year Peace Accord that will be ‘strengthened’ by what already has been established. This ‘Covenant’ to some is the Abraham Accords. To others, it is the Covenant of the Land Grant of Palestine or the Promised Land. Others suggest something altogether different and perhaps spiritual in nature. Consider that regardless, this coming Messiah with his Peace is the 1st Seal Judgment loosened upon Israel and the World by a vengeful Jesus Christ. Nonetheless, Israel will accept the coming AntiChrist for sanctioning their 3rd Temple and having commenced the Daily Sacrifices. What a sight that will be, something not seen since 70 AD, some 1,950+ years.

Israel needs an AntiChrist to fill the Spiritual Void in how National Israel does not have a High Priest nor a King. Although presently, the majority of Secular Jews do not want Israel going Right of Center Politically nor Religiously. However, due to the Level 1-3 Enemies of Israel, a need for the 3rd Temple will be eventually agreed upon. And this ‘House’ of Peace will be used to not only rally the Jews around it but the whole World as preeminent in the 3 Houses of Worship on the Temple Mount. The centerpiece will be the 3rd Temple because it is the one sanctioned by the new ‘Solomon’ of a man, the AntiChrist in tandem to the type of Peace and Security King Solomon brought during his reign. To the Jews, it will be their long-awaited Messianic Age that has finally arrived for Israel as promised in the Bible where Israel will be the ‘Head’ of the Nations, etc.

This Religious Void in part will be reset due to the Rapture and how millions of true Christians, especially those of the Evangelical kind will no longer be on Earth to support, pray and stand with Israel. The Christian support is not a support that is blind nor irrespective of Israel’s misgivings and mistakes. But this support is one of a Biblical one that prays and seeks to share ‘to the Jew first’, the Gospel of their true Messiah, Jesus. So, to reiterate, why Israel needs and will embrace the AntiChrist? It will be because there is a loss now of support from the USA, Politically-Militarily and from the Evangelical Christian support/aide once the Rapture occurs. And this to include the political Right of Center support that most likely will be gone too. Under the Biden Administration, there is clear lack of leadership and really no support left for Israel. And as a result, the embolden Muslim Enemy confrontations have escalated once again.

The question remains; will this go-around of the Jewish-Muslim violence lead to the ‘Conspiracy’ as disclosed in Psalm 83? Israel needs an AntiChrist because regardless, the issue as noted is one of a convergence of time, and that of a Prophetic Time. Israel will have reached its 73rd birthday time marker in 2021 and the World seems is on the verge of turning a most dangerous corner and curve, Politically, Financially and Religiously. It is about a ‘Reset’ of the Globalist kind as mentioned for context and backdrop. And this Reset is one that is coming and one that is set to the Sabbatical Cycles of the Jewish Jubilee. How so and why? Consider that in part, for Israel, the Religious aspect is controlled by the Kabbalists that make up the reconstituted Sanhedrin. This is the legal body that rejected Jesus then and to this day.

It is they that will accept the AntiChrist on behalf of Israel and are setting-up the stage not only for Israel but the entire World. And the COVID Crisis has been the ideal orchestrated catalyst to do it with. Proof? There is evidence from what the Kabbalists do on those 7th years of the Cycles that it has been, is and will be all about a ‘Reset’. And a financial one at that because that is what the Jubilee Year Cycles are based upon. And has it not been the case that since 2001, for example in recent memory? It has been about the World Finances, a reset and a gradual disintegration of the monetary integrity of World Economies. And now with COVID, one has the Klaus Schwab’s of the World warning the World that their ‘Reset’ protocols have been initiated. And this Reset has to be at a Macro Level now. Why? Because they know the time has come. Time for what?

Time for their AntiChrist to finally come on the scene to lead the Reset. But take note that the Western rendition of the Calendar Years are off-set to the Jewish Rabbinical one. That is to mean that the 7-year Sabbatical Cycles end and begin in the Fall with Yom Teruah or the Civil Year. This is how the Kabbalists have pegged their timing and events, not based on the Religious New Year in Spring that YHVH had instructed Moses to adhere to once they entered the Promised Land. So, for example, the next 7-year Sabbatical Cycle will not start on January 1, 2022 but September 26, 2022. But even then, that will not be the 1st day of the Tribulation Period as per another theory. The start of the Tribulation Period is contingent upon when the 1st day of the Daily Sacrifices begin. Thus, if 2021 is the 7th year by their count, then the start of the subsequent 7-year Sabbath Cycle occurs in 2022, but in mid-Fall.

Given this possible timeline, one could calculate that the Daily Sacrifices would/could begin at the end of this same Fall Feasts, on October 18, 2022 during Shemini Atzerets. All this scenario and timing would appear to fall into place if this round of the Jewish-Muslim violence does escalate into the Isaiah 17 prophecy of Damascus. As noted, it could then very well lead to the Psalm 83 War and then the Gog-Magog War 1 during the Tribulation Period. Many who study the End Times however have grappled with, where does the 70 and 80 year-count start per Psalm 90? Most all Bible Students of End Times, for the most part use the 1948 date but some have noted that it should be from 1949. Why? It is because if the parallel prophecy is in play that mirrors that of the Decree to Rebuild Jerusalem by Cyrus, then a similar decree occurred in 1949.

1949 + 80 years Maximum – 7 year Tribulation Period =

This was due to the War of Independence and how the Old City of Jerusalem was captured by the Jews but was devastated. The Muslim Jordanians retreated but burned everything to the ground, included the ancient Synagogue of Jerusalem on their way out. So, the newly formed Israeli Knesset, which means Assembly of 120 seats, ’Decreed that the Walls and the City be rebuilt’. There might be something to it. Consider the math. The year 2022 comes-up in one’s calculations and how it matches when then the next start to the 7-year Sabbatical Cycle is to occur. So, this is to mean and suggest that the 70th Week of Years per Daniel could be that close. And that this timeline then infers that the Rapture would have to occur in 2021. But at a Pentecost Summer Wheat Harvest timeframe when perhaps the ‘Time of the Gentiles’ will have been concluded. And the transition or ‘Reset’ to the new Age of the AntiChrist will have arrived in Israel and the World. Will this latest round of escalated violence in Israel lead to it? It will be a time to watch.

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