Some Thoughts and Observations

  • Who are the Tribulation Saints and why a Distinction?
  • Is Israel the Metaphorical Fig Tree?
  • What is Difference between they and Church Age ones?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Pray that your Flight will not occur in the Winter or on the Sabbath. For at that Time there will be Great Tribulation, unmatched from the Beginning of the World until now, and never to be seen again. If those Days had not been Cut Short, nobody would be Saved. But for the sake of the Elect, those Days will be Cut Short’. -Matthew 24:20-22

Who are the Tribulation Saints? Easy. They are the Elect who Believe in Jesus during the Tribulation Period. Who are the Elect? Israel. The purpose of this study is to share some Thoughts and Observations on what are those that are called, ‘Tribulation Saints’. It is essentially those People who come to a Saving Knowledge and Decision to Receive Jesus as their Savior, but specifically during the Period of Time, called the Tribulation, or Jacob’s Trouble. This ‘Tribulation’ Period is what one would agree, Theologically and Eschatologically will be the Last Sabbath of Years or Daniel’s 70th Week. One takes a Pre-Tribulation Stance, so, in terms of the Timing, it occurs after the Conclusion of the Church Age that is marked by the Resurrection-Rapture Event.

It is the last Segment of Time ‘owed’ by the Nation of Israel, as a Period of Judgment for not keeping the Sabbaths of the Land. This Period of Time was 70 Years for each Sabbath that transpired since Israel entered the Promised Land with Joshua. However, based on the Interpretations of Daniel, there has been a Prophetic Intermission between the 69th and 70th Week. Why? This has allowed ‘Time’ for the Gentiles to be offered to partake of the Covenant of Abraham. This is, to be a ‘Friend of YHVH’, by Faith. It is Unilaterally Unconditional. It is, in part, due to the Nation of Israel having rejected Jesus as their Messiah. Presently, there has been a Prophetic 2-Day or 2000 Year Allotment given for this Purpose. This is called the Church Age. Now, the Point is that 1 Day this Commission given to Jesus’ Disciples or Ambassadors or Witnesses will be Concluded.

At which Time, the 70th Week will then be initiated and completed. Thus, this Last 7-Year Period of Time is what both Daniel and Revelation go into Great Detail in Espousing. So, the Delineation of the Church Age ‘Saint’ is thus distinguished from those of the Tribulation ‘Saints’. And the Word, ‘Saint’ is just a Connotation that means a ‘Holy One’ or one ‘Set Apart for a Purpose’. And this Designation is only brought about by the Sanctification Imputed or given by Credit, due to Jesus’ Work on the Cross of Calvary. This is why Jesus had to be born of a Virgin Mother, Separate or ‘Holy’ from the Genetic Contamination of a Human Father’s Sinful Nature that is passed down from Adam. And that being Sinless and unable to Sin, Jesus had to maintain that as a Human. Jesus had to be Tested though, being fully GOD and fully Man, in one Person. Having ‘Passed’, Jesus qualified to impart that Status of ‘Holiness’ to Humanity.

A Sanctification
But it would be those that are willing to Receive it as a Gift. These would then be called ‘Saints’, etc. But this is a subject for another Article. But in other words, it is Jesus that makes a Person a ‘Saint’. But being a ‘Saint’ or Called One, is not the Misnomer of the Roman Catholic Notion of what a ‘Saint’ is. That Belief is that a ‘Saint’ can only be achieved by ‘Good Works’, Miracles and made with a Formal Designation by the Pope, etc. It is where a Person is then Elevated, to a ‘Deified’ Status, gone into Heaven that Congregants can then formally Pray to for Intersession and Atonement for Sin, for example. This is Theological Error.

Now having this Generalized Background of what the Difference is, as opposed to the current Church Age Believer in Jesus, as a ‘Saint, the following Thoughts and Observations will be made to further shed some Light in the Distinction. One holds that the Gospel is the Same, for Jew or the Elect and the Church Age Believers, called the Gentiles. The Covenant is the Same, in that in Metaphorical Terms, Believers in Jesus, at least clearly thought, in this Church Age are ‘Grafted’ into the Commonwealth or Stump of Israel’s Covenant, which is the Abrahamic one. Why? ‘Abraham Believed YHVH and YHVH Accredited to him as Righteousness’. Or ‘Saved through Faith Alone in Christ Alone’. This Belief is what made Abraham, ‘Holy’, or Sanctified as ‘Set Apart’

Abraham saw Jesus as being that which he put his Faith on. Jesus reiterated this Account and Confirmed what that Faith looked like. And that Salvation is obtained in such a similar manner, regardless of Dispensation. However, there is the Notion of the New Covenant that Jesus came to Activate, in contrast to that one which Israel is tied to, that of the Law that only brings Death, etc. And what was that? That the Requirements of the Law, written in Stone are impossible to comply to, would now be written in the ‘Tablets’ of Flesh, in the Hearts and Minds of Believers upon Jesus who one can see now.

This, of course, is only possible by the Holy Spirit. This is something the Jews, as a Nation did not have and do not have. They ‘Missed-Out’ on. And neither will they have during the Tribulation Period as the Church Body has presently. So, that is how it will be different for the Tribulation Saints. It will be a Death Sentence when a Jew and Gentile choses Jesus over the coming AntiChrist False Messiah Belief System. That will be imposed Worldwide after the Rapture Event. And why discuss this? The issue of who are the Tribulation Saints has to do with what is also the Gospel as briefly alluded to.

Is there 1 Gospel? Is there 1 for the Church Age, and 1 for the Kingdom Age pertaining to Israel? And what of the Tribulation Saints? As they get saved, what Gospel or ‘Good News’ is that pertaining to? One will make the case that during the Tribulation Period, the Emphasis of the Gospel will be that of the Kingdom to Come, i.e., the Millennial Kingdom. This is and has been National Israel’s Aspiration and even seen when the Disciples expected that to occur during Jesus’ Ministry. It deals with Israel’s Promise of a Geo-Political Salvation. But the issue is the Time and Place. Israel could have had that Kingdom Opportunity in Jesus’ Say and Timing. But their National Rejection of Jesus has put that Realization on Hold.

This Notion of a Forestallment with an eventual fulfillment, only at the very End, is corroborated by the Word of Jesus in the Olivet Discourse. That, specifically, it is the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ that will have to be Preached to all the World before this Present Age can end with the Return of Jesus, etc. And this will be during the Tribulation Period wherein, the ‘Tribulation Saints’ will have the Chance and Privilege to take that Task on. This will be mainly accomplished by the 144,000 Jews Evangelizing and the 2 Witnesses.

Realize that presently, both the Gospel of Grace, i.e., the New Covenant and the Covenant of the Law are overlapping as the Body of Christ and National Israel are existing at the same time, until the Rapture. This Mirrors the approximate 38 Years that the Temple Stood and the Jews were still performing the Daily Sacrifices, despite the Gospel of Grace being disseminated. Even the Apostle Paul, honored the Temple Ceremonial Rights in going there with a New Convert that nearly caused that Riot on the Temple Mount. But this was the case also after Jesus’ Death, Burial and Resurrection.

Both Covenants were overlapping until 70 AD with the Destruction of the Temple, whereby no longer could the Jewish fulfill the Mosaic Covenant, etc. This is what will be coming back during the 7 Year Tribulation, as the 3rd Temple has to be built for this very Reason. However, once the Restrainer is set-aside, that being the Holy Spirit that has worked within the Worldwide Corporate Body of Christ on Earth, all ‘Hell will Break Loose’, as they say. It is when Israel will make a literal ‘Deal with the Devil’.

This will be in the form of ‘Confirming the Covenant’ in which Israel, through the AntiChrist will Deceive the Nations to adhere to the Mosaic Laws. More precisely, it will be the Requirement of the Gentiles to follow the ‘7 Laws of Noah’. If not, the Alternative will be Capital Punishment. How so? The 1st Commandment is that ‘There is only 1 GOD’. The Problem? People will come to Jesus as LORD and Savior during this 7-Year Tribulation Period. They will acknowledge Him as being GOD in the Flesh as the New Testament teaches. And? That Belief and Faith will be now punishable, as a Capital Offense. Why? It is because the Jews consider that to be Blasphemy, and thus punishable by Death.

Realize that the Jews, at that Time and Place will be leading the New World Order through the Efforts of the Debut of 2 People in particular, their World Leader and a Spiritual Leader. The Jews already have the By-Laws in the Books, which states that the Violation of the Noahide Law is punishable by Decapitation. Can you say, Guillotines? All those People that will come to Jesus during the Tribulation Period, after the Rapture will most-likely end-up Martyred. This Time of Jacob’s Trouble will be very Bleak for those coming to Faith in Jesus.

#485: 7 LAWS OF NOAH
Commandments For Daniel’s 70th Week of Years

Body of Christ
Most Bible-Believing Christians would concur that the Gospel being presented now is as one of Forgiveness, Mercy and Grace, for sure. But realize that during the Tribulation Period, it will be longer the Age of Grace. The Key, to reiterate is that the specific Age of Grace, pertaining to the Time YHVH is gathering the Gentiles unto the Body of Christ has been one of ‘Building-Up’ or constructing that Spiritual Temple. And even in the New Testament, another great Metaphor is used in showing now every Individual Believer in Jesus is as a ‘Stone’ or Brick’, that is fitted together to make this amazing Organic Living Temple. This is what makes the Church Age such a Unique Time.

One can thus, also look at it in this Perspective, as to why the Present Church Age Bride of Christ, cannot go beyond that 7-Year Sabbath, whenever that occurs. One can also interject the other Prophetic Types, like with Joseph in Egypt. How, as a Type of Jesus, Joseph Married a Gentile Bride. Or how Daniel, as a type of the Bride of Christ, was not present when his 3 Friends were thrown into the Oven, whose Fire was 7X hotter, indicative of the 7-Year Time of Jacob’s Trouble. There is then also Moses taking an Ethiopian Woman as a Bride. And for that, Mariam and Aaron got Jealous.

It is also indicative of the Divine Jealousy that has occurred, between the Bride of Christ and National Israel. And it is how YHVH is in 1 way, Provoking the Jews to Return and be Faithful, as the Wife of YHVH, the Father, etc. There is even another Divine Typology seen in Eleazar of Damascus. He is sent to ‘Fetch’ Isaac a Wife. One wonders if there is the following Correspondence: The Father = National Israel. The Son = Bride of Christ. What about GOD the Holy Spirit? The Tribulation Saints? However, the End of the Bible, is irrespective of Israel or the Church Age Saints. It is because it Ends like it Began in Eden, with a Marriage, on a Mountain and in a Garden.

What is Amazing is that, like Adam and Eve, there are 2 Types of Persons, that is, the Bride of Christ and the Holy Spirit at the ‘End’. They have become ‘One’ also and say in unison, in Unity, with 1 Voice, ‘Come’. This is amazing in how like a Husband and Wife, in the Eyes of YHVH are ‘One Flesh’, yet 2 People, etc. These are Profound Mysteries but as to the Tribulation Saints? Most will be Martyred. They are seen, Under the Altar, who Cry-Out for the Vengeance of their Blood. In fact, if one notices carefully in the Book of Revelation, there are several ‘Waves’ or Martyrs that are ‘Harvested’ and then ‘Translated’ to Heaven. But it will be those Jews, the Elect or Remnant that Survive, ‘After the Tribulation of those Days’, and the Overcomers, that Re-Populate the Earth. The Gospel of the Kingdom will then be Fulfilled, the 2nd Eden on Earth, Restored, etc.

Thus, one believes that the ‘Bride of Christ’ only consists of those People that are from Jesus to the Rapture. That to be alive now, is an Incredible Privilege and Honor to be able to be part of the Bride of Christ. This is also a Circumstantial Argument for the Pre-Tribulation Rapture in so much as with the Typologies mentioned. That since National Israel rejected their Groom, come in the Flesh, GOD the Father has sent the Holy Spirit, like Eliezer of Damascus, to ‘Fetch’. He is Gathering all those Non-Jews to come into the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. And, that the White Wedding Robe provided by the Groom is given, Free of Charge. All one has to do is to ‘Put it On’…Put on Christ, etc.

Fullness of the Gentiles

The Church Age ‘Saints’ is all about completing the Fullness of the Gentiles. It is because the Father wants the Groom, Jesus, to have a Bride. This is Novel for YHVH in that mere Humans, and in a Fallen State, can be Redeemed and not only that, but be allowed to be part of the make-up of this Spiritual Temple or Body. It is much like Constructing Eve out of the Material of Adam, and that, being taken, much like from Adam’s Side. In a similar Prophetic Typology, Jesus, the Last Adam, who was put to ‘Sleep’, on the Cross of Calvary had a Side, taken the Elements of His Blood and Water as the ‘Material’ to ‘Construct’ from the Essence of Jesus, the Bride, much like Eve.

This Operation has been occurring Daily for nearly 2000 Years, since Jesus’ Death, Burial, Resurrection and Ascension. Realize that if 32 AD was that Year in which this Operation Church Age started, and one applies the 2-Day = 2000 Years, and then one Subtracts the Tribulation Period of 7 Years, that means that 2025 is when the Time of Jacob’s Trouble is to commence, perhaps. It is just a Conjecture and one’s best efforts with the Information one has, at this point in the Learning Curve, etc. It does seem that Jesus is ‘Dormant’, not Seen or Heard during this Time. But He did say to the Disciples in the Upper Room that He had to Leave. Why?

And as many Realize, Jesus is Preparing that Wedding Chamber in His Father’s House. Presently during this Church Age, the Father is sending that ‘Eliezer’ of Damascus to ‘Fetch’ as many ‘Brides’ would be like a Rebecca, able and willing to go with that Man. That Man is Jesus. One wonders here if at that Day of Presentation, i.e., the Resurrection-Rapture Event will then be tied to Damascus in some way, being that Eliezer was from there. Perhaps as the Isaiah 17 Destruction of Damascus will be the Clue or Queue that that will be the Timing?

But that is why, once that ‘Last Brick’ is lied, that Last Gentile is Saved, that Last ‘Jewel’ on the Dress is placed, that will when the Bride of Christ has ‘Made herself Ready’, etc. And this is why the Old Testament Saints, and the Tribulation Saint are not part of this Bride Body. Remember that it is said of the Patriarchs, that one will be able to sit with them in the Kingdom. What a Time that will be as such will be then Resurrected when Jesus returns with the Bride. It will only be then that Jesus will fulfill the National Promise of the Land Covenant and Throne of David, on Earth. It will be the Kingdom Age that is coming after the 70th Week of Daniel.

This is why it is all ‘Jewish’ in the Book of Revelation after Chapter 4. It concludes Genesis. As it started with a Garden, it will End with one, the 2nd Eden. As the Door to it was Closed, it will be opened once more, i.e., Paradise Lost, Paradise Restored, etc. Now as to what the Role will be of the Bride, specifically during the Millennial Kingdom? The Following is pure Speculation. But one Surmises that perhaps, one’s Responsibilities and Office will be based on a Hierarchy of Rewards and Administration. It will be Contingent upon one’s Degree of Holiness attained during this present Time of one’s Sanctification. That it will be based on what one did and does with what Jesus gave, as Talents and Calling, etc. It is that one has a Measure of Contribution to this End, based on one’s Efforts and Decisions, to ‘Work’ those Gifts and Talents, etc.  

Rewards and Reproach
One realizes that this Notion of ‘Works’ might be Controversial to bring up. But this ‘Work’ is not based on Meriting Salvation, but as a result of Salvation and what Body or Dispensation one lived under. Realize that it was Jesus who alluded to a Hierarchy of Sins and Punishment. And the Apostle Paul then spoke about the Judgment Seat of Christ. It will be at that Time and Place, that one’s Works will be put through the Fire. And one’s Rewards and/or Office going into the Millennial Kingdom will be granted in proportion or Hierarchical to what one did with the Talents given. Remember the Parable of the Talents.

The Allotment of the $1, $5, $10 Amounts were expected to be Invested. And in Proportion to the Measure given, would be how the Reward would then be Received. The Key is that there was an Opportunity to Invest, but it was the LORD of the Harvest that would Faithfully give the Increase, etc. So, Point being, is that during the Millennial Kingdom, there will be Ranks. This is also alluded to how the Sons of Zebedee asked to be put in Positions, relatively close to the Throne of Jesus, 1 on the Right and the other Brother on the Left.  Note that Jesus did not Rebuke them for Aspiring to that.

But Jesus said, it was not for Him to Decide. Imagine that. This was a Tangent, but back to the Question of the Tribulation Saints. It is true that the various ‘Waves’ of Martyrs are then seen in Heaven in the Book of Revelation. One is assuming the Bride is indeed already there. One strongly believes that she is represented as the 24 Elders who have already ‘Sat’ in Judgment. Judgment of Whom? Lucifer, the ‘Anointed’ or Christ Cherub, etc. It is at the Half-Way Maker or the 1260th Day during the Tribulation Period that the False Jewish Messiah turns on the Elect. This is when the Revelation 12 Depiction also occurs. It is Warning for the Remnant to Flee to the Mountains.

This is precisely the Fulfilment of what Jesus spoke to the Disciples in His Olivet Discourse. It was about this specific Time and Place. It is at this Time and Place that the AntiChrist stops the Daily Sacrifices, Defiles the 3rd Temple, Mandates the Mark and Persecutes the Remnant. Why? Lucifer is Expelled from Heaven, literally and wages a War to prevent it, but fails and is cast down to Earth. This is referred to as the ‘Wrath of Satan’. One has written about this before, about how one sees this Portion of Revelation as a Court-Room Scene, etc. But the Perspective of these Martyred Tribulation Saints, is that they are confined to the Altar. But then others appear leading thereafter in some amazing Choir Signing, with Jesus as the Orchestrator/Conductor.

The other Wave of Martyrs will then come-up and appear with Palm Branches. It is a Symbol of the Overcomer that also leads in some Amazing Worship. They Sing the Song of Moses, all Jewish primarily, no Church Age ‘Saints’. And that is the Point. It is a Throw-Back to the Song that Mariam and the Jews of Exodus spontaneously Sang. In all these cases, it was and will be Spirit-Led, as a Sign of the Great Victory of YHVH and how His Remnant, the Faithful Jews defeated the ‘AntiChrist’ Type Army. Lucifer came then as a ‘Flood’ to Devour the Nation of Israel, at that Time, their ‘Red Sea Moment’, but on the Other Side, safely led to Victory. This will occur again, as Depicted in the Revelation 12 Sign Event that occurs at the Midst of the Tribulation Period, etc.

It is an Issue of Who Gets the Worship

That is really how the Tribulation Saints will be Glorified, in how they will Glorify Jesus. It will be by their Faith and their willingness to forgo their Lives and put their literal Necks on the Line because of it. And this is all being set-up now. How so? As mentioned, if one reads the Noahide Laws, the 1st Law or Commandments for the Gentiles is to ‘Have No Other Gods Before Thee’. Great. Sounds very Biblical. Problem is that 'Jesus is LORD'. Jesus is GOD come in the Flesh. Jesus receives Worship while on Earth during His Ministry and he did not Rebuke those that come to Worship Him at His Feet.

But, for those that will choose to Worship Jesus as GOD during the Tribulation Period? To the Jews that will openly Rule the World from Jerusalem, at that Time and Place, it will be Blasphemy, as it is to this Present Day. The Difference is that they will have the Power to do something about it. This is because they will  have their False Messiah as ‘King of the World’. The Noahide Laws stipulate Capital Punishment for ‘Blasphemy’. And guess what they Recommend? A Guillotine.

And what is their justification for it? They state in the Talmud that Decapitation is the ‘Most Humane Way’ of Death. And no doubt they will Harvest Body Organs too. If one is all familiar with the Movie Project that was called Gray State? It was a Production about the Deep State taking over in an Apocalyptic USA with the Government forcing Injections and Total Domination. Any ‘Resisters’ were hunted-down, Door to Door, killed in the Streets. And in 1 Scene from the Promo, there was a Guillotine where People were ushered-up to it to be Beheaded. And guess who was doing the Beheading and what that Person was wearing around His Waist/Groin Area? A Mason wearing a White Mask dawning his Masonic Apron. Why? That is their Service.

Grey State Movie
Why the Creator/Director David Crowley Was Murdered

The Murder of the Crowley Family - We are living in his Movie Right Now

The Man who Directed the Movie, who was Ex-Military, along with his Wife and little Daughter were butchered, Axed-to-Death. Their Blood was smeared all over the Wall. It was a Warning because it was so Realistic of what is to come, to not only the USA, but the whole World. And thanks to the COVID Injections, it is really accomplishing what the Hitlerian Eugenicist dreamed about, a Super Race of Humanity. This is what Klaus Schwab has stated is the Goal, Plan and Implementation that is occurring now.

Realize this now. He calls it the 4th Industrial Revolution but it is a Veiled Rise of the 4th Rich being Implemented. What is the Difference now, as opposed to the Old Testament and the Last Sabbath Martyrdom?  The Body of Christ, although Persecuted, has gone through, and is going through much Tribulation, Persecution and Martyrdom now, is Indestructible. Jesus promises that the Gates of Hell would not and cannot Prevail or Overcome the Church Age Saints. Thus, this is a Key Difference in that also All ‘Power and Authority’ is given to this Body on Earth. If only the Christians knew this and lived it.

This means that no Earthly Law or Mandate or Government Law, Constitution or Tyrannical Totalitarian Dictators have Power or Authority over this Body of Christ, while on Earth. Once the Resurrection-Rapture Event occurs, Collective Light and Salt will be ‘Gone’. And this is why the Tribulation Saints will be ‘Worn-Out’. It will be a Clear Choice by then. Participate in the Global Network and Narrative and New Religion to Buy and Sell or Die. There will be no ‘Religious Exemptions’. Now, 1 Question that is often asked is that, as this Church Age has been one in which GOD the Holy Spirit Resides in one’ Essence’, which is Amazing, will that be the case Tribulation Period?

Yes, but no longer Collectively as in the Body of Christ that exists on Earth Presently. There will be no Collective ‘Body of Christ’ during that Tribulation Time. But individuals will be Indwelt with the Holy Spirit as now. As the last Sabbath of the Land is ‘Collected’ by YHVH, that means that National Israel will be under the Mosaic Law, as in the Old Testament. In such Times, the Holy Spirit only ‘Came Upon’ a Person as an Anointed. This occurred with the Prophets, Priests and Kings, etc. Now, to Reiterate, based on one’s Understanding, the Age of Grace, as mentioned, is specific to the Holy Spirit ‘Fetching’ the’ Brides’ for Christ during this Church Age Time.

This is why this Time and Place is Extremely Unique. This is why, ‘Today is the Day of Salvation’. There will never be such a Time like this ever again. This is why there is and there should be an Urgency, on the part of the World, to ‘Get on the Ark’, to Escape from ‘Sodom’, etc. This Present Time or Church Age is one of an Intermission, a Pentecostal one at that. It involves the Gospel of Grace that is presently being Taken to the Nations. Once that is concluded, the Rapture will Terminate the Church Age. The Dispensation of YHVH’s Witness will then Revert back to National Israel.

Wherein, the Emphasis of the Gospel, will be that of the Coming Kingdom. And once that will be disseminated to the Nations, during the Tribulation Period, the End will come. This is what Jesus stipulated had to happen before the Kingdom was to be Established for Israel. In both cases, the Key Determining Factor of when the respective ‘End Will Come’ was and will be contingent upon the Faithfulness of the Church Age Saint and the Tribulation Saint to accomplish the Commission. This is why Lucifer seeks to impede this Effort by Distracting, Dissuading, Discouraging and Deceiving both Bodies from doing this. Why?

Lucifer’s Final Damnation is now Bound to Humanity’s Time and Space Continuum. So long as the Commissions are never achieved, Lucifer’s Casting to the Lake of Fire is forestalled. Lucifer and his Minions, both Fallen Angels, Demons and Human Useful Idiots believe they can avert their Sentencing that has already been Decreed. Now, as to when the Church Age Saints will conclude their Commission and End their Age with the Rapture Event? One is completely Bias as to the Timing. One is convinced that the End of the Church Age and the Rapture is to occur during a Pentecost Feast, perhaps, in some given Year, yet to be determined. But as for the Season? Based on one’s best Understanding, it will be during the Feast of New Wine, that being the 2nd Shavuot Count of 49 Days + 1 or 50 Days from the Feast of New Grain, etc.


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