• Is this particular solar eclipse an omen against the USA?
  • Does the Sign commemorated a coming division of the nation?
  • Are there any possible prophetic significences based on timing?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘See, the Day of the LORD is coming —a cruel day, with wrath and fierce anger—to make the land desolate and destroy the sinners within it. The Stars of Heaven and their constellations will not show their light. The rising Sun will be darkened and the Moon will not give its light. I will punish the world for its evil, the wicked for their sins. I will put an end to the arrogance of the haughty and will humble the pride of the ruthless. I will make people scarcer than pure gold, more rare than the gold of Ophir. Therefore I will make the Heavens tremble; and the Earth will shake from its place at the wrath of the LORD Almighty, in the day of his burning anger.’ –Isaiah 13:9-13

The purpose of this study is to analyze the possible prophetic and esoteric implications of the 2 total solar eclipses that crisscross America on August 21, 2017 and April 8, 2024. The major content of this paper will be taken from a prior article entitled, Spirit of Isis over American written in 2015 with anticipation of the Great American Eclipse of 2017. What is unique about these 2017-2024 intersecting solar eclipses is that they dissect the entire nation from west to east and south to north at a diagonal. Certain places near the point of Greatest Eclipse or the ‘X’ spot allude to a spiritual connection with Egypt, Isis and the dividing of the nation, at least geographically.

There is thus a sort of Biblical prophetic overtone of the likes of the divine judgment of Egypt as it was during the Exodus; there was darkness over the land and there were 10 Plagues, etc. Amazingly, both eclipses will traverse about 10 states. Perhaps, such a celestial phenomenon will echo a divine judgment of sorts also for the USA. The inference is also therefore on the 10 Commandments and how the USA has basically discarded them from the social and political consciousness. The ‘running over’ of 10 Commandments monuments has now literally occurred in several state capitols. Such acts publicly in America testify of the open hostility that exists against YHVH.

The latest perpetrator allegedly shouted ‘Freedom!’ when the vandalism was carried out. The number 10 according to BibleStudy.org, signifies testimony, law, responsibility and the completeness of order. Ten therefore represents man's responsibility to keep the Commandments of YHVH, which the USA as a divided nation has not at this stage of its final ‘division’. This updated study will show the nexus point of the intersecting total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024 and how it is linked or can be to the overtures of the American Civil War. There will be some peculiarities that will be presented that suggest such a similar time that the American nation was divided. This study suggests they are an amazing omen and visible sign, a spiritual correlation to the eclipses that allude to the rise of the Spirit of Isis or Satan dividing America. A ‘House divided, cannot stand’.

Convergence of 33

What this study will further highlight is that the apparent convergence of this ‘omen’ alludes to the numerical value of 33. Throughout this study, such a coefficient will be brought out for reference. The 2017 solar eclipse spans nearly half of the globe, yet traverses only 1 nation, the USA. On that day, the sunrise will be darkened much like Isaiah 13:9 depicts. The New Moon that will cause the total solar eclipse will be a Black Moon. These Black Moons are a rarer type and occur about once every 33 months. In certain forms of Pagan religions, such believe that certain actions become more potent when performed on the night of a Black Moon. August 21 is the 233rd day, 2-33.

The total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 will enter the continental USA around the area of Lincoln Beach in Oregon, the 33rd state and exit the USA on the 33rd degree just above Charleston, South Carolina. What is amazing, as others have pointed out is that this traversing of a total solar eclipse across America has not occurred since 1918, exactly 99 years. This 99 number can be factored-out as (33+33+33). The eclipse of 2017 occurs exactly 33 days away from the astronomically alignment of the Great Sign of Virgo of the book of Revelation 12. From the study by BibleStudy.org on the Biblical meaning of number, 33 also derives some of its meaning from the total number of times '3' or '.33' is used in the book of Revelation. Because it is the product of 3 times 11, it can represent YHVH's judgment. Thus, the book of Revelation illustrates YHVH's complete, final judgment of the world, and perhaps of the USA.

The following are just some samples of the esoteric and Biblical inference to the number 33. The 33rd time Noah's name is used in the Bible is when YHVH makes a special covenant or promise with him. This also has an obvious context of divine judgment. A normal human spine has 33 vertebrae when the bones that form the coccyx are counted individually. This can be described as the solar path that will cast the shadow line across America can be likened to the national ‘vertebrae’. What is also unique is that the approximate width of this shadow line will be 70 miles. Is it coincidence that such a number, to prophecy students, echoes the 70 year anniversary of Israel’s vote in the UN to become a nation in 1947? Furthermore, the number 33 is, according to the Newton Scale, the temperature at which water boils.

Does this have some possible prophetic implications that YHVH’s patience has reached a ‘boiling point’ with America? In the Bible, the divine name of Elohim appears 33 times in the story of Creation in the opening chapters of Genesis. Also in Genesis, the 33rd time Abraham's name is used in the Bible is when Isaac, the Child of Promise, a foreshadowing of the coming of Jesus Christ is born to him when he is 99 years old (33+33+33). This association is a possible overture of how the last type of this solar eclipse occurred in America was in 1918, exactly 99 years ago. Is YHVH perhaps signaling America to ‘remember’ her ‘Promises’ she made to YHVH as the ‘Virgin of America’, i.e., the U.S. Constitution? And likewise, YHVH is reminding America of His ‘Promises’ to the nation. Often one sees in the USA bumper-stickers that state, ‘God Bless America’. However, it should read, ‘America, Bless GOD’. Perhaps such Great American Eclipses are announcing America's final warning before national judgment is to come.

Uniqueness of the Event?

What is also unique about the 2 crisscrossing solar eclipses in the USA is that both have Venus and Mercury in the alignment. Mercury is the ‘Messenger of the god’, thus such a celestial depiction means that a major message is being portrayed. There are those that have stated that the last time this type of ‘total’ solar eclipse phenomenon occurred in the USA was in 1776 when America was born. However, according to NASA’s solar eclipse tables, none has been the case for 1776 at least across America.

08978  1776 Jan 21   03:02:27    16  -2770  108   P  -t    1.3318  0.3847  69N 118E   0            
08979  1776 Feb 19  13:20:11    16  -2769  146   P   t-  -1.3334  0.3800  71S 109E   0            
08980  1776 Jul 15    15:39:29   17  -2764  113   P   -t  -1.2739  0.4935  68S  65W   0            
08981  1776 Aug 14  05:22:56   17  -2763  151   Pb  t-  1.5357  0.0435  71N 124W  0    

As noted, the solar eclipse’s Maximum for the August 21, 2017 eclipse will be just south of Carbondale in Illinois. It will exit the nation in the direct path of Columbia and just north of Charleston, South Carolina. Precisely the eclipse will exit off of Key Beach. The total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024 will intersect this same Maximum Eclipse point just south of Carbondale, Illinois in the edge of Cedar Lake. The calculated intersecting point is at 31.22N, 121.45E. This will occur on April 8, 2024 and comes from the southern diagonal to form an ‘X’. Many believe that this ‘X’ marks the spot as a type of prophetic marker for America’s judgment. This is much like the ‘markings’ that the hand wrote on the wall for Balthazar in Babylon during the days of the prophet Daniel.

As noted in the prior study, the area of southern Illinois is called Little Egypt and many points along the Mississippi River are attributed to the names of the Nile. It is also rather unique that both rivers start on the same Latitude as the Mississippi River flows south to the Gulf of Mexico and the Nile River flows north to the Mediterranean Sea. It is rather interesting that Carbondale takes its name from Carbon. The chemical element Carbon with symbol C and comprise what humans are made out of. Interestingly, Carbon has 6 neutrons, 6 protons and 6 electrons thus a 6-6-6 typology and encryption. As many know, the number of the coming Mark of the Beast or AntiChrist is 666. He will be human in some sense as Jesus was and is but more than that as well.

Aug 21, 2017                                   
  ‘666’                                                  Apr 8, 2024
solar eclipse                       6 years 7 months 19 days                                solar eclipse
|--------------------------------------------- 2423 day ----------------------------------------------|

The 2017 total solar eclipse is in conjunction to Regulus, the ‘Star of the King’ in Leo. The total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024 will take place in Pisces. Leo is attributed to the type of the Messiah, the King of Kings. There is however another type of ‘Lion’ metaphorically also that seeks to roam and devour; that is Lucifer. Perhaps the eclipse occurring in Leo that will ‘rise in darkness’ is alluding to the dark side of the coming ‘King’. Perhaps in some way, America will play its part to establish him in the Spirit of Isis that has let loose Satan in America and has been given authority now to divide and devour her. This was the same judgment that befell Balthazar of Babylon. His empire was found ‘lacking and thus divided’. Will it be no different for the American Empire?

A Prophetic Warning
What is also spectacular is that the celestial eclipse over the USA with its 4 geographic coordinates are in phi ratio to each other. What is alarming is that the center-line of these total solar eclipses is that their mathematical relationship geographically corresponds to the Mississippi River, America’s ‘Nile’ and the New Madrid earthquake fault-line. Why would the continental states be physically divided down the Mississippi and the New Madrid line? The solar eclipse convergence occurs in the USA in the location that the celestial Star of Isis, Venus will be directly in line at 33 degrees with the location of the ‘Little Egypt’ that associates it with America.

Many believe that these times are the last chapters of the USA, where a spirit of division and wickedness has captured the nation much like it was during the outset of the Civil War. The major difference then was that despite the deep division of the nation, it was still wholly a ‘Christian’ nation; no more. Furthermore, the Union was saved because of its Christian moral compass that stipulated and still aspired to the ideals of Biblical justice; no more. This is why this 2nd ‘American Civil War’ outcome will be different and not favorable. A ‘House’ divided that has also turned its back, as a nation cannot stand. No nation on Earth has stood after it has forsaken the judgments of YHVH’s moral laws; not Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome nor Israel. Politically, it is Christianity that was and is the foundation of a moral society that can ensure true freedom.

Ultimately true freedom is only found in Jesus Christ. Once Christianity is undermined in the national consciousness, the vacuum of a new morality, a degenerate one will set-in that is humanistic, totalitarian, and of the likes of the Brave New World. This demonic spirit has now dissected or divided the land on many levels, racially, economically, politically, morally, socially, etc. This has been brought about by design as the end-game for America. America’s new morality, by design, appears to directly correlate to the influence of the Spirit of Isis. In what way? This Spirit of Egypt has a spirit of perversion that has been allowed to creep in over the decades and replace the once worship of the GOD of the Bible in America. This in part, occurred because the American Church of Jesus went to sleep with all the acquired prosperity false Gospels. It left the door open for the Spirit of Egypt, to come in and ‘change’ the nation and perhaps will be judged like Egypt in the Bible because of it.

What does this ‘new morality’ look like in America? There are after school ‘Satanic’ club meetings now in elementary schools. There are now public library readings to children from transvestites. All the while Christian businesses are forced to close for not being politically correct or bending to the LBGT Gay Agenda. Christianity in the USA is under attack. The attack on the family has to do with the redefinition of what marriage is and the legalization of same sex marriage. Across the heartland of America, literal Baphomet statutes are publicly going up as the 10 Commandments are coming down and being ‘run-over’ literally. Spiritually, in America her new morality and ‘change’ especially since 9-11 has not made America grow closer to the Creator GOD YHVH. Instead, America has redefined marriage and denies the culpability of harvesting baby parts and feels no shame for the over 70 million murdered babies since 1973. It is called ‘good’ evil now and evil, ‘good’.

New Immorality

Many believe that America has been double-crossed and has been set-up to be X’d-out as a nation for judgment. Many believe that America is in her last hour, the last chapter as she has blatantly turned to idolatry in the land. This Spirit of Isis is very anti-Christ, anti-Christian. America, since its inception embodied the world’s spirit of hope, morality and a new beginning. It has now, like the nations of the world, accepted a new morality based on perversion. For example, the former CIA and Defense Minister has lifted the protective ban against gay men being part of the Boy Scouts of America. In the Southern Baptist Convention, liberals disguised as ‘Christians’ are petitioning to have homosexuality be stricken-out as a sin that the Bible clearly teaches is sin.

In rural Iowa, middle schools are now subjected to student assemblies were the Gay Agenda is forced upon impressionable children indoctrinating them on how to use strap-ons, perform oral and anal sex in the guise of stopping bullying. In the U.S. Army, men are forced to wear women’s high heel shoes as part of ‘sensitivity training’. Service men and women cannot even display a Bible verse in their immediate surroundings publicly. Congressional committees run by the Elders of Zion oppose Christians. In one case, Bernie Sanders opposed and rejected Christians from holding public office because their Christianity is ‘not what this country is all about.’ America has turned a corner spiritually like Balthazar of Babylon and mock and profane the articles of YHVH”s holy vessels, His People, etc.

One such example of this American ‘change in morality’ even incorporates the Great American Eclipse official posters. In one poster, the eclipse is depicted in the red-white-blue colors in a mid-western farm setting. There is a farmer in overalls that gazes at the marvel in the sky. However, upon closer examination of the graphic, it is hard to distinguish whether the person is a male or female. The person depicted has overalls, which is usually worn by men. However, the person has a long blond ponytail. Thus if this is a man, most mid-westerners would not fashion a long ponytail although of course some men do have long hair. If the graphic was to portray a woman, then the overalls would not be the most appropriate all though of course again, some women do wear overalls. The point is that the depiction of this ‘American’ at the heart of the nation has become trans-gendered, as the nation has also been coaxed. The point is that America has reached a state of ‘confusion’ between the sexes. Why is this such a big deal?

It is because according to the Bible the case is that man or the male was made in the image of the Creator, woman was made in the image of Man, etc. There is a universal order and hierarchy of design, purpose and responsibility. To have this divine design marred defaces the Creation, and by design as that is, what the Luciferians want. Thus, the feminization of man has been achieved. Yet ironically it is nations like Sweden that have abandoned Christianity where the liberals support Islam, the religion of misogynistic treatment of women and downplay the plight of women being systematically raped by Muslims. Why would America’s Liberal do and want the same for the USA? America, in general has become an agent of evil and terror in the world that is inducing ‘chaos’ to bring about the Luciferian New World Order. The Elders of Zion construe ‘terror’ false flags in the nations to bring this about incrementally.

A House Divided Will Fall

The tactics to bring down a nation like America and foment a ‘new morality’ are the results of key time-markers like 9-11. Such tactics are designed to induce fear to have any remaining civil liberties and the U.S. Constitution nullified. The age-old Machiavellian dialectic of ‘divide and conquer’ has been implemented very well as the USA is now divided in almost all levels, polarized, by design. Divide and conquer has been the signature of the Luciferians that currently rule the world. Jesus stated a pertinent spiritual law to this effect, ‘a house divided cannot stand.’ Meaning that the workers or ‘Builders’ of Lucifer are not going to preach Jesus of the New Testament because it divides their Kingdom. Perhaps this solar eclipse phenomenon can speak to the possible prophetic implications due to the place and time of the Great American Eclipses that appear to hint at clues and tell an America ‘historical’ story. It is about an attempt to ‘divide and conquer’ by way of the American Civil War.

The entry point of the 2017 total solar eclipse is at Government Point in Oregon near Lincoln Beach. This has a connotation of Abraham Lincoln and the prior U.S. Civil War. The exit point of the solar eclipse is just north of Charleston, were Ft. Sumter is situated and was the place where the first shot of the Civil War was fired. It was at Ft. Sumter that the Civil War started and Lincoln who ended it. Conversely, this Great American Eclipse is portraying the reverse of this attempt to divide the Union then. Is the USA in a similar ‘rebellion’ pattern and a division to come with a judgment? This rebellion, the LORD has gradually been touching America’s ‘diamonds’ metaphorically.

The path of the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse intersection will be near Makanda. According to research, Makanda means ‘the Star of Egypt’. Thus, it can be seen that there is possibly a confirmation of the prophetic and esoteric kind implicating such places and times. On another level of metaphorical interpretation, Carbon-dale can be seen as how America has reverted back to the basic element of common coal, of carbon from the glorious state of having been a ‘diamond’. In the USA, the reverse has occurred. This is from the stipulation that metaphorically America before was once a ‘diamond’. Diamonds are made from carbon, from coal that is subjected to great pressure and heat or fire over time. Diamonds are the hardest elements known on Earth. Diamonds are used to adorn crowns and scepters, etc.

Could it be that America, by allowing this Spirit of Isis over the Land, this ‘Spirit of Egypt’, allowed this ‘change’ that has embodied the psyche of Americans is bringing a slow and gradual divine judgment upon the land? The world has literally seen America degenerate into a coal-colored wasteland, socially, morally, economically and now politically. The eclipse will traverse 10 states that alludes to the 10 Commandments perhaps that the USA has violated and is being called to judgment. Why such a possible prophetic correlation is suggested is that the prophecy of Isaiah 13 rings true of how during the total solar eclipse, the Sun will be rising in darkness for America in the east that morning. This is profound and not one’s ordinary bright and spectacular sunrise. Many are suspecting that America is being given its last warning. It is as if the ‘handwriting is on the wall’, the celestial wall. Will America do a soul-searching introspection?

X Marks the Spot

As noted, the entry and exit points only occur in 1 nation, the USA. The entry and exit points are from the sea in 2017. In 2024, the eclipse entrance-exit points occur by land. The 2nd Great American Eclipse starts in Mexico near Torreon in the area of Nazas where it will have its maximum on April 8, 2014, almost 7 years from the 2017 one. This eclipse enters the USA from the southwest, precisely over Radar Base north of Eagle Pass, Texas and exits in Maine in-between the small locals of Montecello and Littleton. It coincidentally also travels throughout 10 states. The astronomical occurrence happens in the constellation of Pisces. The ‘X’ conjunction the 2 total solar eclipses produce is striking at the heart of America like a ‘double witness’.

What this study further seeks to correlate is the sequence of where on a timeline the Great American Eclipse occurs. Given the timeline of solar and lunar eclipses based off of NASA’s data, the total solar eclipse of August in 2017 occurs just before the Triad of total lunar eclipses or 3 consecutive Blood Moons. What is unique about this timeline is that it appears to have started with a 3-2-1 countdown of total solar eclipses since 2008. Each were oddly enough on the 9th of Av, the bad omen day for Israel. The 3-2-1 total solar eclipse apparent countdown started just before the Triad of Blood Moons in 2011-12. It was in-between these 2 Blood Moon Triads that the 2014-15 Tetrad occurred.

What is unique about the Triads is that each is spaced out nearly 7 years apart. They are also centered on the Central Blood Moon that are called ‘Bull’s Eyes’ and seen directly over Jerusalem. Many End-Time Bible scholars speculated that the Tetrad was going to be the start of the Tribulation period. However, perhaps a more accurate supposition could be that the timing of the Tribulation could be pegged to the 2018-19 Triad in some fashion, either during or after. It is also interesting that the Great Sign of Virgo that occurs 33 days after the Great American Eclipse occurs also in 2017, just prior to this same Blood Moon Triad. To reiterate, the following is the short list of the numerical factors of 33 found associated with this 2017 Great American Eclipse.

-Eclipse enters through the 33rd state, Oregon.
-Eclipse exits at the 33rd latitude just north of Charleston.
-Eclipse occurs 33 days out from the Great Sign of Revelation 12
-Eclipse last occurred 99 years prior, a factor of 33+33+33.

-Sun rises to darkness with a ‘Black Moon’ that occurs only every 33 months.
-Venus will be 33 degrees at an angle from the eclipse of the Sun
-August 21 is the 233rd day, 2-33.

-Trump’s 1st day in Office Jan 21, 2017 to Aug 21, 2017 = 7 months or 30 weeks, 3 days (33)
(end day included)

-Eclipse last 2min:39sec duration (9-23) inference (?) excluding start second.
-33 in Gematria means to ‘Balk’ as in to hesitate, unwilling to accept, to draw a line.

-August 21st is Elul 1, which means ‘Harvest’
-April 8, 2024 crossing eclipse is on Nissan 1, Jewish New Year

Does the factor of the numerical value of 33 associated numerous times with the Great American Eclipse of 2017 signify a ‘judgment’ on one level of meaning? Perhaps it is giving a pivotal clue as to the prophetic nature of the signs and what they are possibly signaling? It is as if it is a ‘Handwriting on the Wall’; of an empire found to be lacking and thus to be divided like Babylon, like Egypt. The question will and can thus be, will YHVH”s People be evacuated as they were in the case of the Exodus? As with the Exodus, will water be the major agent of judgment befall the mighty empire of Egypt, of ‘America’ to some measure and/or capacity?

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