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  • What does the Number 888 signify, Prophetically?
  • Will Israel's 74 Birth Day be any different than prior ones?
  • What is Gematria and have to do with Name of Jesus?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Before She was in Labor, She gave Birth; before She was in Pain, She Delivered a Boy. Who has heard of such as this? Who has seen such things? Can a Country be Born in a Day or a Nation be Delivered in an Instant? Yet as soon as Zion was in Labor, She gave Birth to her Children. Shall I bring a Baby to the point of Birth and not Deliver it?” says the YHVH. Or will I who Deliver close the Womb?” says your GOD’. -Isaiah 66:7-9

The purpose of this study is to comment on this Year’s Israeli Independence Day. Israel has reached a Prophetic Milestone, as many have ascertained that there are 888 Months that Israel has attained since May 14, 1948. Those who study Sacred Gematria have taken note of this 888 Numerical Coefficient. Why? It is the Sum Value of the Name, Jesus in Greek. Sacred Gematria is how Numbers are ascribed to Letters and in so doing, ‘Hidden Codes’ as in Words are construed. That is, if one puts stock in such correlations that are said to be found in the Bible. There have been, for example, Bible Codes and the like. Others do criticize the Study of Numbers, as being ‘Numerology’ and verging on the Occult and is to be avoided.

However, there is plain evidence that as YHVH is the GOD of Mathematics and Numbers, such Numerical Constructs, both hidden and in plain sight are found all throughout the Scriptures of the Bible. Pythagoras even caught light of this Sacred Gematria and exclaimed, ‘All is Numbers’. He surmised that every ‘Form’ can be reduced to Numbers. It is all a factor of combining them that becomes a Language and Structures come from them, etc. It is said that YHVH, with the 1st Numbers from 1 to ( created all that exists. And each Number has an Attribute to it. For example, the Number 1 is associated with Singularity. The Number 2 is associated with Division and Polarity. Then Number 3 is associated with Unity and Strength. The Number 4 denotes a Space and Quadrant. The Number 5 is associated with Reproduction as it is the only Number that can be Mathematically computed for all eternity, etc.

Then there are Numbers throughout the Bible that deal with People, Places and Events. There is that 153 Numerical Factor, for example, that is attributed to the ‘Catching of the Fish’, wherein the Net did not break. It is a clear Numerical Coefficient of how many ‘Fish’ or Souls will be Harvested during the Church Age, etc. And why the Precise Number 153? It has to do with Multiplication and the Vesica Pescis or Pisces in Sacred Geometry too. This area of study has to do with the Platonian Forms that correlated to Numbers. For example, there is the Circle, the Square, the Triangle, the Pentagram and so on. These are the ‘Building Blocks’ of Creation. As to 153? It has to do with the Vesica Pisces.

Happy Birth Day

It is a Geometric Euphemism for the Womb Motif and how it is tied to Multiplication and Reproduction. But what is significant about the 74th year since Israel’s Birth in 2022 concerning Biblical Prophecy? It seems Israel and Prophecy are fast converging with each other. And is that not what Prophecy is purposed for? Jesus? In Revelation 19:10, it states, ‘The Aim and Purpose of Prophecy is to Testify about Jesus’. Jesus is Prophecy. Israel is Jesus, the Prince with GOD, etc.

It is about a ‘Birth’ and Re-Birth, a Resurrection and how Israel has a Prophetic Rendezvous with Jesus. This is what this 888-Month Sign on coattails of the Blood Moon is perhaps conveying. Realize that Israel’s true Independence Day occurs on 5 Iyar in the Rabbinical Calendar. It is when one translates the Date to the Gregorian Calendar that things get interesting. And why? Consider that since this is the Church Age, Jesus, as the Great Fisherman has gone out to bring-in or ‘Go out Fishing’ for the Gentiles.

It has been a ‘Pentecostal Intermission’ as one call it, as Israel has had a Prophetic ‘Time Out’ for ‘Bad Behavior’ and Unbelief, etc. Pentecost is not over, it is ‘In Progress’. This is the time, Gentiles and Believing Jews are being Grafted into the Stock of Israel. As the Apostle Paul illustrated Metaphorically, Israel is currently ‘Chopped-off’ at the base of the Proverbial Fig Tree but has been sprouting Buds since 1948. Here is why this time around, in 2022, the Month is unique and perhaps a Sign unto Israel.

1. The Time from May 14, 1948 to May 14, 2022 is exactly 888 Months.
2. The Number 888 is equal to the Sacred Gematria of the Name of Jesus in Greek.
3. The Day after will be accented Astronomically with a Total Blood Moon over North America.
4. The Point of Maximum Eclipse will occur at 9:11 PM, PST or 4:11 UTC.
5. The Eclipse alludes to a Birthing as 9-11 is suggested by some to be the Date of Jesus’ Birth.
6. The Astronomical Sign occurs in Libra-Scorpio. In Ancient Times, the Red Dragon.

Why stress Pentecost? It is because the Feast is associated also with a Birthing Process, a New Age or Order. This occurred at Mount Sinai and on the Temple Mount where the 120 Disciples were accustomed to gather after the Resurrection of Jesus. And how on May 14, 1948, it was Pentecost, as calculated by Alternative Jewish Calendar reckoning to Time. But in actuality, that was the Feast of Weeks, or Shavuot. If you all have read one’s studies, they show how one determined when the Israelites left Egypt. See Article #609 Sinai Pentecost study.

You can calculate how long it took them to reach Mount Sinai, and that was not Shavuot as it took more time than just 50 Days to get there from the Passover ‘Evacuation’. The Jews attribute the arrival to Sinai as being the celebration of Shavuot or what we call ‘Pentecost’. Which here lies a Discrepancy and Evidence of how Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks, that being 49 Days or 7x7 is not Pentecost. Scripture states to count then 50 Days, not count the 50th Day. This is the difference. I am ‘Splitting Hairs’ here but I think this is important because in my calculation, the 99th Day is when Pentecost truly comes. And in the Sinai Study, that 99th Day corresponds to the Golden Calf incident where Moses came down with the Tablets and 3000 Died.

Return of Israel

That Day Count then corresponds to the Pentecost of Acts 2 where 3000 got saved. And the Law of Tablets came into the Heart, via the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit. So, in one’s Estimation, it is why one is convinced about a Double-Count and a July Pentecost Rapture, perhaps. So, as to these Celestial Signs? I believe they also are pointing to a Summer ‘Rapture’. What is amazing about the May 15, 2022 Blood Moon. As it is known, it occurs the Day after Israel starts its 74th Year Anniversary. And, that the 4-Year Probationary Period of the Parable of the Unfruitful Fig Tree is up or has expired. So, a ‘chopping-down’ Israel, of sorts is to occur. And is not what the Tribulation Period is all about, concerning Israel?

What is also unique about May 15, is that it is officially the Start of the Wheat Harvest, that is the Early Summer Type in Israel. It is to conclude in mid-July, the 15th, some 60 Days later. Now, those who read one’s Articles know that there is that July 23 or 723 Date that one believes might be Prophetically Significant. Not sure, but that is when one has calculated the 99th Day occurs and corresponds to the Golden Calf incident at Sinai. And how one believes that it is when True Pentecost was. If one reads the Sign, accurately as possible, the Blood Moon occurs in Libra, as that was the Ancient Motif of an Altar. And the Depiction is a throw-back to Revelation 12 Sign, in how the Red Dragon approaches to devour.

It is an issue of Prophetic Timing. Once the Man-Child or ‘Israel’ or Jesus or the Bride is about to be Birthed, the Red Dragon approaches and seeks to devour it, but the Man-Child is Raptured to Heaven. Thus, as Date and Celestial Signs go, realize that the Event is not the Sign, but one can be wrong of course. Nonetheless the Heavens are declaring the Glory of Christ and how perhaps it is a dry-run of what is happening presently, behind the Spiritual Curtain, in the Heavenlies. War is coming to Israel as Blood Moons are Ominous Signs against Israel. As noted, the Blood Moon occurs in-between the 2 Pinchers of Scorpio, based on its Ancient Depiction, as in a Death-Grip. Not Good.

But as those that are Watching the Events of the Last Days know, Israel is on the verge of a well-Orchestrated and Unified Muslim Attack. And this thanks to an Islamic Prophecy based Numbers Calculation also. Based on certain Muslim Cleric’s Calculations, Israel is to cease to exist after July 8. This is why Prophecy to some is taken seriously. This Assertion alone, regardless if it is value, but mostly will come to not, has Fueled the Fire of the latest iteration of the Jewish-Muslim Conflict.

And what has been the Center-Piece of the Contention? The Temple Mount. The Muslim Dooms Day Prophecy that seeks to Destroy Israel by July 8 will not come to pass. If it would, then the Promises of YHVH would have been a ‘Lie’, the Greatest Lie. Why? YHVH promised to Abraham, unconditionally, that he would have Descendants, as the Stars above and as the Sands below. And his physical Bloodline, confirmed through Isaac and Jacob, later Name Israel would inherit the Promised Land, from River to River. And thus the 2 Blue Bars in the Modern Israeli Flag, etc. Also, YHVH stated to Jeremiah that if Israel ceased to exist, so would the Sun, Moon and the Stars.

A Count-Down

It is that the Muslims are the ones that are to be destroyed. Once the Rapture occurs and Damascus is annihilated by the IDF, the Psalm 83 will ensue. The planned all-out Muslim Assault will not be carried-out by the Nation States bordering Israel, that is the Inner-Ring of Muslim Nation, but by the various Muslim Para-Military Factions that are armed to the teeth, as they say. This is in reference to Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc. In fact, there are at least 4 Major Wars yet to occur against Israel. They will take place, up until the end of the Millennial Kingdom, with that Gog-Magog World War 2.

It is not to be confused with the Gog-Magog World War 1, as described in Ezekiel 38-39. One believes this Russia-Led Muslim Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations will take place after the New World Order is established, Post-Rapture, but before the mid-point of the 7-Year Tribulation Period. Thus, what will occur on May 14, 2022 is that it has been 888-Months since Israel was ‘Birthed’, in a Day as Isaiah predicted. And how on the Day after, an Ominous Blood Moon Appears. And whose Maximum Eclipse occurs at 9:11 PM PST. It has been argued that 9-11 is code for a Controlled Demolition as was the case with the Twin Towers in 2001.

That year was a Sabbath Year. So were the Years following in 2008, 2015 and now in 2022. One believes that in 2015, in particular, there were some amazing Celestial Signs also, mainly the end of the 4 Total Blood Moon Series, called the Tetrad. The last occurred on Sukkot and it was a Super Moon. It was as though it signaled the last 7-Year Countdown of a Sabbath Cycle that ends and begins in the Civil New Year of the Jews. It involves a ‘Reset’ and that is why with all the Talk and Chatter of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum’s ‘Reset’, a Transition is forthcoming. And Israel is the ‘Clock’ that is ‘Telling Time’, Prophetic Time at that.

Civil Year
In a generalization, the Ancient Jewish Belief is that Creation Week and that of Adam, in particular occurred or started on Tishri 1, that being the on the Feast of Trumpets. This is also attributed to be then the ‘Head of the Year’ or Rosh HaShanah, Rosh = Head and Shanah = Year. It is when, Astronomically, the 1st Month is calculated based on the 1st New Moon after the Fall Equinox. Thus, this is considered the Civil New Year. This means that it is not pegged to any Agricultural Cycles other than it is/was time to plant Seed, if anything.

Religious Year
Since Creation and the Fall of Mankind, every People Group then started to ‘Clock’ Time based on their own various interpretations. Most main Ancient Cultures, however, kept to the Astronomical Time Markers based on the 2 Equinoxes and 2 Solstices that delineated the Year. This is tied to the Agricultural Cycles. But it was not until the Exodus and YHVH forged a Nation that He then instructed Moses to keep ‘Time’ by designating April as the Head of the Year from now on.

This second one would also be pegged to the first New Moon after the Spring Equinox. All this is of course, subject to debate and varying degrees of Agreement and Calculations. As it is, the current Jewish Rabbinical Calendar is only set to Mathematical Calculations and solely on the Lunar Cycles. This was due to the Diaspora as there was no longer a Temple and the Jews were scattered around the World.

Last Generation

There needed to be an approximate Timing to have the Jews then know when to celebrate the Feasts outside of Israel. It was as close as they could get it. In reality, there needs to be a Solar-Lunar Calibration to keep the True Calendars in sync with the Celestial Bodies. This is why the Jewish Calendar will be off by a Month in its Cycles and has to add a 13th Month every so often. Otherwise, you have the effect of having the ‘Fall Feasts’ still technically in Summer, occurring before the Fall Equinox of September 20th of each year. It is about an End of one Age, that of the Church Age and how Israel’s ‘Time Out’ has expired and will be brought back onto the Court as the Bride of Christ exits the Stadium altogether.

It is about a Transient of a Death and  Birth of a New Order. It will most likely be triggered by the Rapture event as that will foment the worldwide Economic Collapse. Nonetheless, one believes the Blood Moon Eclipse of May 15, 2022, coming-off the 888-Month Anniversary of Israel’s Birth is significant. What is unique about it, as there is the Numerical Factor of ‘8’ and 888 is that this up-coming Rapture event will also be a type of ‘Birth’. And as this Last Generation has been given knowledge and understanding, it is related to the true counting of how Prophetic Time is counted, and this based on the Sabbath Cycles. And if that starts in September, to suggest the start of 70th Week of Daniel, then it necessitates the Rapture beforehand.

It is that close, if all such Conjecture, Speculations and Calculations are to come to pass, finally. This Last Generation will not pass away until Jesus returns, it made one think that as it is specifically tied to the Rebirth of Israel. Realize that all the Holocaust Survivors are now dying-off, and fast, in record Numbers. They are in their 80s and 90s. It is precisely also then a telling Sign-Post of just how, perhaps Prophecy has to occur, like now. So, do agree with the inference that the 2014-15 Tetrad as well as the Revelation 12 Sign were Super-Celestial Markers.

That in fact, the Tetrad was but a Triad since 1949 and corresponds to the Restoration of Israel, as foretold by Jesus, but in the Reverse Order they were destroyed. In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus foretold that the Temple, the City and the Nation would be Destroyed. But that He was going to regather the Nation, then the City and then the Temple before His 2nd Coming. Tetrads: 1949-50 Nation.1967-68 Jerusalem. 2014-15 Temple in 202X-XX?. This is why, although now a few years after, the 3rd Series in the Tetrad, will be tied to the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple.

 In Hindsight, one is now convinced that 2015 was indeed a Shemitah Year and thus providing a 7-Year Countdown to the Temple and Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. When? After the Fall Feasts in 2022, perhaps. The 74th Year Anniversary, being 888-Months is unique and no doubt is significant in Storyline that is being unfolded before one’s very own eyes, at least those that are Watching such things.



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