Testimonies to Jesus

  • Are there astronomical motifs tied to the Body of Christ?
  • Does Star Cluster like the Pleiades allude to the 7 Churches of Asia?
  • Is there a connection to the Martian Motif found in Cydonia?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Therefore write down the things you have seen, and the things that are, and the things that will happen after this. This is the mystery of the 7 Stars you saw in My right hand and of the 7 Golden Lampstands: The 7 Stars are the Angels of the 7 Churches, and the 7 Lampstands are the 7 Churches.’ -Revelation 1:19-20

The purpose of this in-depth study is to examine the 7 Churches of Asia as depicted in the book of Revelation from an astronomical point of view. One will be using Astro-Archeology as a method to see if the various layouts of the cities wherein the ‘Testimony’ or Assembly to Jesus had the same Cydonia, Mars motif that was so prevalent in all ancient cities of the world, and the modern ones now for that matter. The other aspect of the study will focus on the peculiarities of the astronomical inferences Jesus directly made in relation to the ‘Stars’ as being the Head Pastor, and the City in which the Testimonies for Jesus began. It will bring the Assemblies of where the 1st century Followers of Jesus met come alive, astronomically. Such findings should foster a deeper appreciation of the various nuances that envelopes even the topographical locality of where the Faithful of Jesus assembled in His Name as ‘Lights’ on Earth.

Jesus apparently takes great measure for detail, symmetry, mathematics, Sacred Geometry and astronomical configurations related to the ‘Stars’, the present Church Age and the Age to come. Why? Such serve as ‘motifs’ that tell a story, His story of redemption, of a war and a victory. Based on the observation of each city layout using Google Earth, it does appear that all of the 7 Churches of Asia had this same ‘template’ incorporated in the core of the cites that mirrored the triangulation of the Cydonia, Mars pyramids to one degree or another. Thus, each of the 7 Churches of Asia will be evaluated and commented on, based on their version of the Martian Motif. How is such a notion of there being a ‘Martian Connection’ and a ‘Savior’ dealing with the revelation of Jesus Christ given to the Churches through the last Apostle exiled at Patmos?

It is about the narrative. Is the Martian Motif something that is of Jesus, of Christ, of YHVH? Is the Face of Mars then that of the Savior, Jesus? This study is not concluding that Jesus is behind the Martian Motif layout, on the contrary. This study will attempt to show and reveal that in fact, it is of Lucifer that is disguising himself as the false savior, Ala-lu, the Rebel King. It has been Lucifer in incognito that has carefully orchestrated and disseminated a false and parallel astronomical ‘Gospel’ narrative through such motifs on Mars since before Adam and on Earth. Lucifer has sought to beguile Humanity since Adam into thinking and believing that he is the true God and Savior of Humanity and to return, accompanied by the soon to be revealed ‘Saviors from Mars’.

The Rebel Alliance
Based on the false Luciferian ‘Gospel’, he and his ‘Martian Saviors’ or Fallen Angels will return to rescue Humanity. From what or whom? From Jesus and His Bride. The revelation of Jesus and to Jesus depicts this spiritual contention presently occurring but has and will still occur in the future to conclude at the end of the Tribulation Period. When did the Fall of Lucifer happened? Some believe it took place in Eternity Past before time. Others believe the Fall of Satan took place in-between Genesis 1 and 2, thus the Gap Theory. This contention nonetheless is seen in how Jesus supplanted such locales of the 7 Churches of Asia as a foretaste of how He is to reclaim His true Testimony on Earth and eventually all of the Universe. As it was before Lucifer’s rebellion, all will be now Jesus’ to possess and rule, and as a human no less.

It is Jesus that is returning to rule as the Rightful King to squelch the ‘Rebel Alliance’.  This Luciferian Alliance has in part ‘tagged’ their domains with such temples, ziggurats, pyramids as motifs from where they fell from and abide still and now on Earth as well. Such motifs are mirrored astronomically as those found on Mars that are based on the layout of the Pleiades, Orion, etc. Perhaps such were and are the places they still possess, territorially. In the case of Earth, the Fall of Humanity made it possible for such motifs to be incorporated into the human psyche from that time forward. It was due to the sin and the fall of Adam and Eve, that the current legal and judicial right to rule and govern the nations of the world on Earth came under the dominion of Lucifer.

For example, it was he, Lucifer that had the power and authority to offer the Kingdoms of the Nations back to Jesus at His temptation in the wilderness. However, Jesus came so that ‘He might destroy the works of the Devil’. And by dying on the Cross of Calvary, Jesus defeated Lucifer as 1 of the objectives to His mission to Earth. Jesus took back the dominion over Earth and that of Humanity that was forfeited to Lucifer. This plan was done through Jesus’ humanity, body and blood as a means of payment. It is only a matter of time that the actual acquisition of such dominions of all the Nations and all the ‘Stars’ are to be realized at the return of Jesus, along with His Bride. Until that time, the ‘Rebel Alliance’ led by Lucifer will take on an ‘Alien Savior’ facade as it will part of the explanation given after the Rapture occurs. As the Restrainer is set aside, Lucifer will be able to reveal the full manifestation of such ‘Beings of Light’ that will be said come from Mars as the long awaited ‘Creators’ and ‘Saviors’ for a traumatized Humanity.

The ‘Empire’ of the Elohim is set out to destroy the Rebel Forces of Lucifer that has now also enlisted the support, faith and trust of many humans on Earth. To the Luciferians, YHVH is the ‘Dark Father’, Darth Vader who has a Son but is not known and it is the Rebel Alliance that seeks to possess the Universe on behalf of their Rebel King, Ala-Lu or Lucifer. As Albert Pike, the Grand Master of the Luciferian Religion stated, ‘it is Adoni that is evil and Lucifer, whom they worship as the true and good God’. At the core of the deception of Lucifer is that he convinced many of the other Angels and is also convincing a large portion of Humanity that he has a ‘better deal ‘than what Jesus is offering.

Enemies at the Gates
The study of the 7 Churches of Asia will also serve as an example to Tribulation Saints of the coming parallel persecution, apostasy and pending ‘Alien Savior’ deception that will concur with the Rapture of the Bride of Christ as typified by the 7 Churches of Asia and in particular that of Philadelphia. In modern times, this ‘apostasy’ in that region has now progressed into an Islamic counterfeit and occupation of such ‘Testimonies’. Although such ‘battles’ have been presently lost, the war is in fact already won by Jesus. Jesus promised that ‘the Gates of Hell would not prevail’ over the Church and that is the case. Despite severe persecution of authentic ‘Christians’ all over the world, the Testimony or ‘Light’ to Jesus on Earth will never be fully extinguished by the efforts of the ‘Builders’, Wizards and ‘Martian Saviors’ of Lucifer. Herein lies a key as to the constitution of why a Testimony or Assembly is ‘lit’ by Christ.

The ‘Testimonies’ speaks of the commission to take the ‘Witness of Jesus Christ’, the true Gospel narrative to the Nation and ‘reclaim’ the Earth with. It is one of an ‘offensive’ stance as one advances to the Gates of the Enemy. Followers of Jesus are to be advancing and ‘knocking down the stronghold and gates of the Enemy’, spiritually speaking. This is done by prayer, fasting and by then actually going and evangelizing.. However, what did this battle look like then during the initial birth of the Church Age? It was in the form of severe persecution and apostasy the Jesus exposed through the revelation given to John. Apostasy crept-in and how ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ infiltrated the Assemblies, as they do now. One reason why Jesus personally came to John was that John was a euphemism of the Bride, the Church, the City, etc. The Body of Christ, through John was warned of such ‘Doctrine of the Nicolaitans’ and the that of the Jezebel’s in the ranks.

Then both Paul and John warned that this was to be the case. It is in keeping with the Parable of the Weeds in that Christ is letting both ‘grow’ together until its fruit will be ready to ‘harvest’ and clearly distinguishable. What does it look like now? It is the same now as it was then. Sadly, at least half of what is called ‘Christendom’ today is being assaulted and possessed by the Workers of Inequity, by the Ministers of Unrighteousness that are at the Gates of the Church. As Jesus warned the Followers then in that there was going to be severe persecution, so too did Christ warn the Church of what that will look like for the Church Age. Likewise, Jesus warned that such conditions would also befall the Tribulation Saints.

For example, there will be the infamous Mark of the Beast grid that will be in place. If anyone will not buy-in, it will spell the certain death as that is how goods and services will be only dispensed. Ultimately as it was during the Roman Emperor days, if one would not burn incense in Caesar Worship, to the ‘Anti-Christ’ meaning instead of Christ, such were crucified, made sport of for wild animals to devour in the arenas and thrown into prison. This is another reason why such a study in the 7 Churches of Asia is pertinent to today and what is to come during the Tribulation Period as this ‘End Time’ will mirror the ‘beginning time’. In fact, it will be the same ‘Roman Religious System’ that will be the major agent of this coming persecution against those that ‘keep the commandments of GOD and the Testimony to Jesus’.

A Matter of Time
As to the coming persecutions, for example, Jesus even mentions Polycarp from Smyrna by name. He was a disciple of John and appointed Bishop over the Testimony there. Because he refused to burn incense to Caesar, the State tried to burn him at the stake publicly in the arena. It is eye-witnessed that the flames would not engulf him. He had to be stabbed for him to die. This challenge will no different for those that come to Jesus Christ during the Tribulation Period as they will face a similar choice. It will be a certain death sentence for refusing to pledge allegiance to the coming ‘Caesar’ from the Stars, from Mars, etc. However, what will be the difference compared to then? There will not be the Body of Christ on Earth as it is now retraining full-on evil on one hand.

In part, the ‘Testimony’ of the 7 Churches of Asia typified the agent on Earth that retrains presently the full-on onslaught of demonic and ‘Alien’ activity that seeks to manifest such ‘Savior Gods’ that are being currently restrained. Until the Restrainer is set aside by the Rapture event, Lucifer has had a measure of free rule on Earth. However, since Pentecost, the Church Age, that being typified by the 7 Churches of Asia is what now ‘restrains’ the full force of Lucifer’s power and authority. The Holy spirit is the one that is retraining specifically as He is ‘sealed’ in the Believers. It is He that has prevented a full-on manifestation of these ‘Alien Saviors’ or ‘Maritain God’ that are waiting for the day the Restrainer will be set aside so they can attempt to change their destiny. Their destiny? The Lake of Fire. In what way?

Consider that Lucifer had a vantage point as being the Anointed or ‘Christ’ Cherub that covered the very Throne Room and Chair of YHVH. However, after the Fall and rebellion of Lucifer, he was cast out, much like the narrative of Ala-Lu that seeks sympathy as for the Devil. He persuaded some of the Angels to join the ‘Rebel Cause’. Now they are convincing many humans to take sides with him. Why? Lucifer offers a ‘better deal’, according to him. In reality, Lucifer cannot offer anything. Lucifer promised Eve than what she and Adam already possessed. What some suggest is that YHVH took Lucifer and his Angles and bound them in the realm of the mortals pegged to Earth. How and in what way? YHVH bound Lucifer to the same dimension of ‘Time and Space’ with limited access still to the Judicial throne of Heaven where he is the Satan’ or the Accuser of the Brother.

Thus, being bound or restricted in time and space continuum, has limited Lucifer’s ability to foresee YHVH’s actions it its entirety. How can Lucifer not know or see or read what is in the Word? Lucifer knows the Bible. He knows what is says in the end will happen to him. In fact, he heard it directly from YHVH in the Garden of Edin of his ‘Death Sentence’, i.e., Genesis 3:15. Then what is this deal? Lucifer is hoping to change time and space to alter the reality of this decreed outcome. Thus, such apparatuses like CERN and the quest for possible morphing through genetic manipulation in which they can possess such host ‘souls’ for all eternity to bypass their certain doom. Also, Lucifer in part is ‘blinded’ by his ego and pride as he is in denial and still thinks he can defeat Jesus Christ. Also, YHVH does ‘blind’. Has YHVH blind Lucifer in part and is there evidence or precedence that such a notion has and does occur? Yes.

The Great Apostasy
YHVH blinded the Jailers when Peter was in prison. Then YHVH has blinded in part, Israel as judgment for rejecting Jesus as Messiah. Thus, Lucifer to a degree is blinded from seeing how the Cross of Calvary was going to be his own demise. This is why Lucifer was blinded to the fact that by thinking he was going to destroy Jesus on the Cross of Calvary; it would have thwarted the Genesis 3:15 prophecy of how the Seed of the Woman was to destroy him. Yet, by Jesus dying literally and in a human body, as a human, yet GOD the Son, Lucifer was defeated by Jesus’ death. Thus, this is why the Bible teaches that if Lucifer would have known this, he would have not allowed it to happen. It is the prime example of how Lucifer is not all-knowing and all-seeing as he and his minions, Elders and ‘Builders’ purport him to be, the all ‘Illuminated One’.

This study strongly suggests that based on several years of studying the ‘Maritain Motif’ on Earth and Mars, it is Luciferian in origin. It is the Fallen Angels that are the builders of the massive Martian pyramids and the Face of Ala-Lu that is of their Rebel King, Lucifer. It is they that have taught this ‘template’ of building and configuration to those humans in league with them on Earth. The motif is construed with Sacred Geometry that with ‘magic’, operates an ‘interfacing’ of dimensions that allows such ‘Martian Gods’ to traverse realms, etc. However, there is another ‘Savior’ that came from the Stars, but beyond the Stars, Jesus. He is also a builder and built all that exists as Philippians teachers. Jesus came to ‘interface’ directly with the Humanity He created, to rescue it.

How Jesus comes into play in the 7 Churches of Asia is that He, as the true Savior and King of the Universe has embarked on reclaiming from the ‘Enemy’, such locales that are a euphemism of the entirety of the work of Christ and within the various Testimonies on Earth. Thus, this study attempts also to reclaim the celestial motifs and narrative of the Mazzaroth to its rightful character, Jesus Christ, not Lucifer. Thus, one of the main reasons for such a study is to help those not fall for the coming ‘Martian Saviors’ deception. This study seeks to expose the falsity of the Luciferian narrative that has permeated down through Humanity’s psyche and history of an alternative Gospel and worship of Lucifer instead of YHVH. Lucifer’s ‘Gospel’ comes from the Stars and from a ‘Savior’ who had his face fashioned into a massive mausoleum on Mars. Why is this important to write about and warn the true Followers of Jesus and those that are not?

The last book of the Bible, in Western tradition is a blue print of what is to occur after the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. The 7-Church Lampstand that Jesus likened to the Church, is thus also a blueprint of how it became the periods of Church History and how spiritually, such conditions are existing and need to be addressed, etc. The revelation also gives the circumstance of how it will be for the Last Generation. It will be at time when the ‘Alien Deception’ will come to fruition as the Restrainer will be set aside and such ‘Saviors from Mars’, will manifest in their full glory, their full ‘shining armor’ to possess Earth and human souls. It will be a time of miracles and power displayed that will seem like ‘magic’ to most. It will help convince that such ‘Celestial Saviors’ have returned to save Humanity from the elements that would impede its ascension to be like the Gods of Mars and Heaven, i.e., ‘Jesus’ and ‘Christians’. However, Jesus warned of this coming time that will be horrific with nothing but war, famine, pestilences, and death.

The Stars of the Savior
In part, such circumstance will be a judgment on the Last Generation for its wickedness and out-right rejection of what is true, good and holy. But it will also be a judgment for the Fallen Angels and Lucifer ultimately. Thus, in part, the study is to warn the readers to not be deceived when upon the disappearance of millions around the world, that being the Rapture Event. The ‘Saviors from Mars’ will take advantage and use that as a springboard to launch their final plan through deception as being the cause of it and for Humanity’s ‘good’. It will be seen as a ‘purification’ process that the Earth and Humanity need to have expunged so that the return of the ‘Golden Age’ and of their ‘God’, Ala-Lu can accomplish what they set out in the beginning.

Jesus referred to the 7 Churches of Asia as ‘Stars’ and His revelation to John the Apostle at Patmos is one in which the whole book of Revelation is enveloped with fantastic astronomical imagery. With such imagery and iconography suggested, one can then link the 7 Churches of Asia with the Pleiades as Jesus, then becomes a type of Orion as He holds the 7 Stars in His hand. Which by the way signals that Jesus is in intimate contact and possession of such ‘Testimonies’ and nothing can pluck them from His hands. Thus, the study of the 7 Churches of Asia has an astronomical inference and it is prophetic. How so? Jesus comes to rescue the Maidens in distress that the beast of the Bull, Taurus has captured as the Pleiades is found in Taurus. As it has been shown in other studies, it is rather amazing that the whole of Anatolian Plain or that of modern-day Turkey is configures as a ‘Bull’ and it even has the Taurus Mountains, etc.

Moreover, taking liberty based on the astronomical motifs, there a notion of the symmetry of being and union that comprises this set of motifs that for some reason out of all the 12 constellations of the Mazzaroth, it is Orion in particular that is singled-out as being of prime importance. It is in consort with the Bull, Taurus and the Pleiades. Why? In all the ancient archeological ruins, one can detect that the layout of the major temples incorporated the Orion Belt Stars and the Pleiades. However, what the sties also construe is that they incorporate the Face of Mars motif in a triangulation. As to the Orion-Pleiades association, is an astronomical depiction of the union of the male-to-female relationship that configures a unity, a completeness, a oneness, etc. As to the iconography of the Orion-to-Taurus astronomical motif, it is a ‘dual to the death’ as it is a type of ‘celestial bullfight’ in the Stars that speaks of the present Cosmic War occurring. 

What are the stakes? The stakes are the Throne of the Universe, all power and authority, whose ‘Christ’ will prevail, the ability to create and who will possess the souls of Humanity, etc. Consider that when YHVH decided to create Humanity, it was something that never existed before. As ‘They’, being the Triune Godhead took the dirt from the Earth and fashioned the flesh, blood and bones of Adam, He breathed the ‘Breath of Life’ into the body. Thus, such a combination produced a ‘Living Soul’ and a mirror ‘image’ as a ‘triune-being’ with spirit, soul and a body. Thus, Lucifer seeks to possess the 7 Churches of Asia on Earth for his triumph. Interestingly, a recurring themes occurs topographically. The ‘Face of Mars’ motif appears to depicts a ‘Devil Face’ and that having horns on more than one locale as they have not in all others found around the world. It is indicative that this Ala-Lu is indeed Lucifer incognito.

The 7 Churches of Asia
The following section will delineate the 7 ‘Stars’ of the Savior and how they become a template, prophetically of what the Church Age consists of and more or less, last in terms of historical periods. A brief commentary will be given of as it pertains to their respective ‘Martian Motif’ found in their locales. As other studies have alluded to, the composition, topographically of the 7 Churches, to include Patmos where the Apostle John was configures a ‘Menorah’. It is also a ‘pyramid’ with Ephesus-Pergamon-Laodicea that this study strongly suggests involves a much greater aspect of Sacred Geometry, the ‘Universal Template’ of YHVH Himself.

1. EPHESUS:             Apostolic 
What is notable about this site is that the entire core of the center is overplayed with the Orion Belt Star alignment. Also, the inland harbor was positioned where the Dragon Nebula is in Orion and it depicts a serpentine course as is the ‘Red Dragon’, etc.

2. SMYRNA:               Persecuted
What is very interesting here is that there are only outlining remnants of where the ancient theater and stadium were that one was the place where Polycarp was martyred.

3. PERGAMUM:         Compromised
Pergamon being the ‘Center Stem’. It is befitting its position as it constituted a ‘halves’ in a spiritual sense that it only what ‘half-way’. It is also the ‘pinnacle’ of the ‘pyramid’. It is here where Jesus declared that ‘Satan has his throne’. Interestingly, the Face of Mars motif has the ‘All-Seeing Eye’ to compliment the ‘pyramid’ depiction and association with the ‘Eye of Lucifer’.

4. THYATIRA:            Legal 
The Martian Motif here has the Pleiadian City now taken over by several mosques that used to be churches. At the center of the hexagram configured by the triangulation of the motif is the ancient church with its cemetery. What is unique bout this Martian Motif is that the ‘Face of Ala-Lu is construed with tree edges that also configures ‘horns’ to portray a ‘Devil Face’ from a top view.
5. SARDIS:                 Dead
What is rather interesting about this site in relation to the Martian Motif is that the ancient Greek Temple has a small ‘chapel’ to the southeast corner that amazingly has the same outline as the Face of Mas and is red in color. Also, amazingly, the D&M Pyramid corresponds to a great Jewish Synagogue that dominated the area. This is the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ that Jesus referred to of there being ‘Fake Jews’ that persecuted the Followers of Yeshua, of the Way, etc.

6. PHILADELPHIA:   Missionary
What is unique about the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ is at the center of the hexagram construed by the triangulation of the Martian Motif, has the Church of Saint John in the center of it.

7. LAODICEA:           Apostate
This local incorporates the Orion Belt Stars at the core of the city center with the 3 prominent Temples, etc. Upon further analysis and study, this study strongly suggests that the entire environ is a motif of the actual ‘Face of Mars’. What is astonishing is that the same exact dimensions exist for both. Also, some of the temple and structures construe the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, chin, forehead and most astonishing, the horns. As subsequent occurrence, it is confirming that indeed the ‘unmasking’ of the Ala-Lu is none other than the Devil, Lucifer.

The Unmasking

The topographical evidence thus does give circumstantial evidence that the Face of Mars, that of the Rebel King was and is indeed Lucifer, not Jesus Christ. Thus, one can reasonable conclude that the entire Martian Motif that was and is construed in the capitals of the Nations on Earth as it was in Mars was and is not the work of YHVH, nor Jesus. It is human nature to erect monuments of faces of oneself, or other famous people. For example, there is Mount Rushmore in the USA with the various faces of the former U.S. Presidents, etc. Then there are numerous famous leaders from all over the world that have their ‘face’ carved-out on sides of mountains and such. So why would it not be case if other ‘Beings’ did the same and on other planets?

The other reason for the study of the 7 Churches of Asia in relation to its astronomical significance and correlation by Jesus even is to ‘unmask’ the works of darkness and evil plans of these ‘Martian Saviors’. Why? They have, are and will push a counterfeit narrative of the Creation, of the origins of Humanity and the final agenda of who is God, Jesus and what will become of Humanity. In terms of the astronomical aspects dealing with the Stars like the Pleiades and Orion, Lucifer has used the very motifs of YHVH originally for his deception. In what ways? In the very notion of how he engraved the false narrative into the very topography and layout of the ruling powers on Mars and on Earth. For example, Rome and Constantinople having 7 hills. Each had a temple and/or structure there that burned incense to the ‘Gods’ as lights.

Astronomically, the Red Dragon possess the ‘Testimony’ of the 7 Stars or as Taurus, the horned beast that has captured the 7 Maidens and need rescuing from the Mighty Orion. On an aside note, consider that many believe the constellation of Orion is perhaps where the Throne Room of YHVH is situated at and/or is some form. Perhaps it was from there and the Pleiades primarily that Lucifer and the other Fallen Angeles came from or presently had their abode in. Is there any evidence to support this? Yes, although circumstantial and astronomical in comparison. One of the peculiar attributes of Orion is that there is a ‘River’, Eridanus flowing out of its side. This has Biblical connotations as in the first case, it was Jesus on the Cross that had His blood and water run down the cross as if a ‘river’, thus an ‘Orion’ typology. In another case, during the Millennial Kingdom, the 4thh Temple will have Jesus crowned as ‘Victor’ triumphing over the Beast as is Orion with Taurus, etc.

What is rather amazing is that there will a river that will flow out of the side of the Throne of Jesus as depicted by Orion with Eridanus. Thus, one can reasonably correlate that Jesus is the true ‘Orion’ and perhaps it is where in that region of the Cosmos is where one can perceive, from this side of time and space the imprint of the dimensions of Haven perhaps. Realize that when Lucifer rebelled, he was there in the center of the Throne of YHVH. He had this prior station to attend to as assigned by YHVH. This goes for the Watchers, for example that are spoken about in the book of Daniel also. Thus, Lucifer perhaps uses this Orion motif to ascribe to himself the supremacy that it conveys instead of YHVH and more so as he still has judicial access there, mysteriously. The other Angels that fell, still also possess such places from where they were stationed at, which most like would be centered near the vicinity of the Throne of YHVH.

Alien Deceptions
This notion is astronomical, aside from the fact that YHVH cast out Lucifer to Earth, but in successive stages to be eventually condemned to the Lake of Fire. Presently, the Bible teaches that Lucifer and his Fallen Angels live and abide in the ‘Air’ as they are the ‘Princes of the Power of the Air’, etc. What is Lucifer ‘transmitting’ there in his airwaves? Propaganda. How so? There exists a duality of the Gospel narrative as mentioned prior. Lucifer has reversed who is the divine Protagonist and Antagonist. Since he has had the dominion of Earth taken away from Adam and Eve, Lucifer has controlled the narrative as best can be disseminated from this superior form of knowledge and means of controlling information. It is Lucifer that invented the ‘Cave Allegory’ of Plato which seeks to keep Humanity enslaved in the mind, foremost. However.

The truth is that only in the Revelation of Jesus given to John at Patmos, in the end to the Body of Christ does it infer that the Gospel is ‘cosmic’ in that ‘before the foundation of the worlds were laid, the Lamb was slain.’ This is profound as this means that all the Angels and whomever existed before Humanity was created on Earth knew of this supposition and plan. There was to be decreed a redemption to be underway and that for humans who had not even been created yet. This Plan of Redemption was not for Angels as the book of Hebrews explains. What is also at play is just how ingrained in the psyche of Humanity of the fall of not only Adam and Eve but of this ‘Shining Being’, The ‘Christ’ Angel, Lucifer. He is the one that claimed to Eve to be the Savior of Humanity, Lucifer or in this context of the returning ‘Martian Saviors’, Ala-Lu.

Many have asked the theological question; how many human souls will be saved? There is an assertion that perhaps the quantity will match those of the Fallen Angels that rebelled and abandoned their stations. It would make sense as that could be one of the primary reason why in Revelation 12, Lucifer and his Fallen Angels attempt to breach Heaven to reposes their estates or ‘territory’ lost. They are repelled and cast down to Earth, literally as they will no longer have a place in Heaven or access. Consider the ‘trauma’ that will occur to such mighty ‘Light Beings’ that were accustomed to existing in such majesty and splendor of the very ‘Dimensions of Heaven’. They are now confined to Earth with mere morals. This in part will be why such a time has never existed nor will according to Jesus.

The rage and wrath they will unleash upon the world will be as a result of them trying to escape the domain of where they are bound, in time and space. Like the proverbial ‘chicken running around with its head cut off’, the last death throes of Lucifer as with a snake is seeking to prevent the spiral downward judgment as he and his Fallen Angels will terminate in the Lake of Fire. Many would argue that such a quest to divulge the ‘Secrets of the Universe’ and suspect that the Martian Motif is of any significance or ‘Luciferian’, Biblically speaking is far-fetches. Perhaps, but consider that the study of the subject is ‘scientific’. The Scientific Method stipulated an observable event, thing or construct. It has to be measurable and calculable. Foremost, it has to be repeatable. Thus, the concept and study of this Martian Motif phenomena is ‘scientific’ and not some conspiracy theory or ‘pseudo-science’.

Since human civilization began, the template of the Cydonian triangulation has been a standard for all works of masonry that ruled basically all aspect of a society, religious, social and political aspects on Earth. Every civilization, culture and on opposing continents, from the Americas, North and South; from Africa, Asia and Aeuropa have and do venerate this ‘God’ come from the Stars as a ‘Savior’ Why? He promises a redemption, Lucifer’s. The return of the ‘Martian Saviors’ will not be to rescue Humanity from extinction but will help to exterminate it, especially the Testimonies for and to Jesus Christ as were the 7 Churches in Asia. It is currently the situation for the Church Age now to varying degrees and localities.

Perhaps the Tribulation Saints reading this study will be encouraged by the examples of faithfulness and perseverance of some of the Churches in Asia. Moreover, that such will not be deceived by the ‘revelation’ of some supposed ‘Martian Saviors’ that will show up explaining-away the true Gospel narrative of Jesus Christ. May they realize that their persecution will be no different than it is now during the Church Age and will be during the Tribulation Period. As there was apostasy in the churches since the times of the 7 Churches that Jesus addressed, so has it been during the Church Age. However, the ‘Apostasy’ that Paul alludes to occurring first before this ‘Rebel King’ returns is in reference to an evacuation or ‘retreat’ as the Rapture will be. It is not in reference to doctrinal error, for such had occurred since the beginning and still is. However, not only a ‘departure’ from the Faith, but a ‘departure’ from the Earth.

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1. Ephesus

2. Smyrna

3. Pergamon


4. Thyatira

5. Sardis

6. Philadelphia

7. Laodicea

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