A Study of their Cosmic and Prophetic Significance

  • What are the Golden and Silver Gates of the Cosmos?
  • What does the Bible have to say about such 'Gates' or Doors?
  • Is there a Portal or Entry Point that connects Heaven to Earth?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And to the Angel of the Church in Philadelphia write: He who is Holy, who is True, who has the Key of David, who opens, and no one will shut, and who shuts, and no one opens, says this: I know your Deeds. Behold, I have put before you an Open Door [Gate] which no one can shut, because you have a Little Power, and have kept My Word, and have not Denied My Name.’ – Revelation 3:7-8

The purpose of this study is to consider the Concepts of the Golden Gate and Silver Gate of the Cosmos. In light of the many assertions pertaining to the opening of ‘Gates’ or Doors by CERN, for example, one has to appreciate the Conceptualization of what the Golden Gate and Silver Gate alludes to. The Ancients knew that Gates or Portals existed into other Dimensions. One such Knowledge is the Concept of what the Golden Gate and Silver Gate are apparently, in relation to the Known Universe from Earth’s Perspective. This Conceptualization of such Portals or Gates goes back to the pre-Flood Annals of History. It is well Documented that the Ancient Civilizations were keener to Celestial Observations. Such were more in-tune with their Significance and Meaning in the Cosmos.

In the known Cosmos from Earth’s perspective there are only 2 Nodes or Points of Time, Matter and Space references that are known as ‘meeting places’. Such points in Time and Space are where a convergence occurs. This pertains to when and where the Sun and the Cosmic Meridians of the Universe converge on the Solstices. It was said that such were the Time and Place where and when one could ‘Pass’ through such a ‘Gate’ into other Realms. In this aspect of Matter, Space and Time, what is needed to enter such Portals or Gates is to know how to acquire the Energy required and how to operate its Keys; this is what CERN is all about. Such realize that it takes Levels of Energy never before harnessed by Humanity to even attempt this feat. This is one of the main purposes why the Hadron Collider is fused with Meta-Physics and Sorcery.
If the Cosmos is Configured as a Sphere, it would correspond to the North and South Poles for a more familiar Conceptualization. Earth’s Axis, with respect to the Galactic Plane has a 120˚ Tilt. The Ecliptic is the Plane on which the Sun appears to Traverse the Constellations from Earth’s Vantage Point. The Planets also approximately travel near this Ecliptic as they Oscillate above and below this Line in various degrees of Light, Speed and Frequency. There are 12 Recognized Constellations along this ‘Ring’ with each having Subsets. What is unique about the Constellations that configure the Cosmos is that the Golden Gate and Silver Gate correspond to the possible Portals or ‘Gates’ that are said to lead into other Dimensions such as Heaven itself.

Guardians of the Galaxy
These 2 Gates have Sentinels guarding the way where the Creator resides perhaps. The 2 Gates of the Cosmos are depicted in the Zodiac or Mazzaroth as a ‘Man’. These Celestial Anthropomorphic Constellations are Orion and Ophiuchus on the opposite sides of the Cosmos. These can be seen as the Sentinels or ‘Guardians of the Gates’. This is Biblical as the Book of Revelation describes the Bottomless Pit as having a ‘Gate’ or Portal with a Sentinel, Abaddon and a corresponding Star and ‘Key’.

There are also 2 Corresponding Stars that act as the Keepers and are associated with the respective Gates. Antares, the Super-Giant Red Sun is the Keeper of the Golden Gate. The other Giant Sun, Aldebaran in Taurus, is the Keeper of the Silver Gate. What this amounts to is like a ‘Front’ and ‘Back’ Door to Heaven or a Beginning and an End. What is astonishing to Ancient Peoples is that such Stars or Suns also functioned as Entry and Exit Points.

According to the Theories of Quantum Physics, it requires an inordinate amount of Energy to travel though such Gates into different Dimensions and Time. Such Hypotheses were proven in theory by Einstein. As noted, the Silver Gate has Orion as the ‘Sentinel Guardian’. What is unique about Orion is that on the Winter Solstice, usually on December 22, the Sun exactly intersects this Gate. Only twice per Year, the Solstices will have the Shortest and Largest span of Light for the Day. Orion is South of the Silver Gate and has one of his Arms extended up to this Gate Intersection.

It is a Depiction of a Light-Bearer. Orion’s Depiction thus has a ‘Torch’ on his Hand, corresponding to when the Sun literally Intersects this Silver Gate of Man. In Biblical Interpretations, Orion is a Depiction of Jesus Christ at His 1st and 2nd Coming. This will be when the Overcomer comes in the Bright Radiance of His Light that will destroy His Enemies at His Appearing. Esoterically, many attribute this Imagery as a Depiction of Lucifer, on one hand, that sought and seeks to ‘Illuminate’ and grant Humanity the ‘Forbidden Secrets’ of Heaven’s Fire, Eternal Life of Immortality and Sacred Rites.

At the Golden Gate of God, there is Ophiuchus. What is unique about Ophiuchus is that on the Summer Solstice, usually on June 20, the Sun exactly intersects this Cosmic Gate. He is the Man wrestling with the Serpent that is attempting to usurp the Crown of Heaven. Ophiuchus is not considered part of the Zodiac conventionally but considered by many to be the 13th Sign of the Constellations. The Discrepancy comes into play as the 13 Zodiac Signs are connected to the Lunar Cycles. Why is this the case?

The Moon goes around the Earth 13 Times during the Time it takes the Earth to revolve around the Sun once; a 1 to 13 ratio. This is why in most Ancient Calendars, there were 13 Months in a Solar Year. This Constellation is above the Silver Gate and alludes to the 1st Coming of Jesus as the Last Adam to wrestle and overcome the Serpent of the Garden of Eden by taking the Sting of Scorpio in His Heel, Metaphorically Speaking.
This amounted to being subjected to the ‘Sting of Death’ that the Apostle Paul speaks about now because of Jesus, this ‘Sting of Death’ will never visit a Believer in Jesus Christ.

As Above So Below
On 1 level, the Bible attributes Jesus to being the Creator and knows the ‘End from the Beginning’. Orion is the ‘End’ as much as Ophiuchus is the ‘Beginning’ of the Cosmos. In a Biblical Interpretation, Jesus was able to Declare Himself, the Alpha and the Omega. This is the Duality of the Risen Jesus Christ, the True Light of the World. Jesus came to overcome the False Light-Bearer, Lucifer along with Sin and its Consequences of Eternal Death and Separation from the Creator YHVH.

When one studies the Esoteric Knowledge of the Ancients in tandem to the Bible, one quickly realizes that there is present the concept of a Duality of Being and Law of Opposites clearly operating in the laws of the Universe. Conversely, the Sun reaches the halfway mark at the Equinoxes or its ‘balance’. As Ancient Civilizations know of such knowledge, they attributed such an understanding to Beings, i.e., Fallen Angels that in some cases divulged such information to Humanity. Many Monuments throughout the World have been built to correspond to these 2 Gates and their Corresponding Colors.

For example, the most prominent landmark in San Francisco would be its ‘Golden Gate’ Bridge that acts as a ‘Gate’ to the City and Nation for that matter. Its corresponding Silver Gate is thus situated in New York with the Brooklyn Bridge that is Silver in Color and completes the Symmetry and Nodes of the Nation. This Pattern is also seen in Europe with a similar pattern of Lisbon having a ‘Golden Gate’ Color Bridge and Istanbul having a Silver Colored Bridge spanning the Bosporus as the Silver Gate. This Esoteric Principle is in keeping with the ‘As Above, So Below’ Mantra of the Ancient Knowledge the Rulers of this Fallen World seek to tap into such Cosmic Energies.

These Nodes are Portals, Gates that go beyond the Physical but the Supernatural that involves the Spiritual Dimensions that are disclosed in the Bible, for example. This Principle of a Door or ‘Gate’ of Entry and an Exit on Earth is seen in the Dimensions of Paradise study where the Golden Gate corresponds to the Pillars of Hercules in Spain with the Rock of Gibraltar and Ceuta on one side of the Strait.  The ‘Backdoor’ would be the Strait of Hormuz that would thus then correspond to the Silver Gate.

This Order is Heavenly that North America Bridge-Gates as well as on Europe itself; follow a Beginning and End Pattern. This Pattern is also seen in Jerusalem where there is the Golden Gate on the Temple Mount. It was this Gate that Jesus entered on a Donkey. Corresponding to the opposite side is the Silver Gate by the Tower of David which is now called the Joppa Gate, etc.

Of interest, on September 25, 2015, for the 1st Time in Modern History, a White Bridal Dress was stationed on this Tower. It signaled the Desire of Israel for the Messiah, the Groom to come take His City, His Bride. On another level of Meaning and Interpretation of these Celestial ‘Gates’ is that they have been attributed to not only a Geographical Location in Time and Space in the Cosmos, but they have been elevated to have a corresponding Divine Significance. The Bible teaches that Heaven itself has Gates or Portals.  Ancient Civilizations also understood that these Celestial Points of References not only had Divine Beings such as Angels traverse Back-and-Forth from Heaven.

Coming Opening of Portals
Imagine Jacob’s Ladder. The Angels could Transport to Earth, but such Heavenly Beings took the Souls and Spirits of the Dead on Earth. One such Civilization that highlighted this Concept were the Egyptians. They attributed the Great Pyramid with such Coordinates to Orion, in one case where the Soul of the Pharaoh would ascend through the Silver Gate that corresponds to the Gate of Man, near Orion that many consider is a Gate to Heaven. This is where Humans would enter the Realm of Mortality on Earth and at the Point of Death, that is the separation of the Body from the Soul and Spirit would enter Heaven by way of the Golden Gate.

Later on, this Religious Notion was incorporated in the very Emblems of the Roman Catholic Papal seals. These 2 Gates are currently Symbolized by the Golden Key and Silver Key of the Shield of the Vatican. Biblically speaking the Gospels do depict Jesus Christ as a ‘Door’ or Gate. In fact, Jesus Himself attributed that part of His Mission was to be that ‘Gate’ or Door by which Humanity could Enter into and be Saved only. He came to Rescue and Lead the Sheep to Heaven, Metaphorically but perhaps also Metaphysically. This Concept alone would negate that there are not ‘Many Ways to Get to Heaven’, as even Celestially, there is one Gate to enter Heaven.

The Luciferians believe that they can ‘Pierce’ these Gates or Portals from Earth to invade Heaven. This is what CERN is really all about. Lucifer will attempt to scale the Gate of Heaven 1 Last Time before he is thrust down to the Earth. His Minions on Earth seek to release the Titans that are Bound to later aid Lucifer in his Army against Jesus in a Final Assault into Heaven at the 2nd Coming of Jesus. They seek to Release or make a ‘Jail-Break for Apollyon to come-up before his time. Such refuse to accept that it will actually be the LORD that will send the Angel with the Key to open their ‘Gate’.

YHVH is Sovereign and has reserved these Fallen Ones to be part of the Agents to incur the Wrath upon the Earth as they are let loose from their Imprisoned Dimension.  In part, this will be the coming Deception that will be part of the ‘Lie that will be Believed’. This ‘Lie’ may indeed involve the Alien Equation of the Disclosure that now even the Roman Catholic Church is at the forefront of anticipating their Arrival. They will be welcoming their Presence, as part of a coming Revised Plan to Alter the Gospel. The Bible teaches that on the contrary, these Unholy or Fallen Angels that were led by Lucifer in an attempt to overthrow YHVH, were cast down to the 2nd Heaven. This realm is the Atmosphere around the Earth, the Clouds, etc.

According to the Book of Enoch, there were other Fallen Angels called The Watchers that made a Pact to Defile themselves and Humanity by mingling their Seed. Why? It was an attempt to Deface the Image of YHVH in Humanity, out of Spite. These are the so-called Titans that waged War against the Olympians. The Titans were cast into Prisons below the Earth. This Scenario will be repeated. They await to be released in the End of Days before finally being cast into the Lake of Fire. This Notion is Echoed in the Mythology of Tartarus. Amazingly the Bible teaches that in Heaven, there is no Matter, Space nor Time. When one Dies, the Acceleration of Time is completed, and one is able to delineate the Beginning from the End, instantaneously.

Star Vessels
Some studies have even suggested that the Body that Jesus has now is constituted by a Spiritual Tetrahedron type of Constitution that can Transcend Time, Matter and Space. If one only knows how to harness its Energies, this would be the Key to Travel through such ‘Gates’ at certain Places and Times. Now, many purport to do this as they ‘Tap’ into the Energy required to operate this Endeavor. How? This Energy is provided by the Fallen Angels, Demons, etc. In fact, Schools of Magic purport to Understand this. Such espouse Bodily Astro-Travel and contact with the Spiritual Realm.

In part, this can be done through Drugs for one, and through Sorcery is another way. On the other Hand, this Transcendence can be done, for example at the Point and Time of the Rapture. The Bible is nonetheless replete in instances where such a Transportation and Transformation occurs with the Energy provided by the Creator YVHV Himself. The Difference and Signature are seen in the Purpose for such an Endeavor. The Purposes of YVHV will always be Holy.

As far as the Celestial Gates are concerned, the Luciferians have also incorporated Masculine and Feminine attributes to the Gates and the Constellation attributed to them. For example, regarding the Silver Gate of Man, it is Orion the Masculine that is paired with Taurus the Feminine. In 1 Mundane Aspect, it is the Celestial ‘Bull Fight’ in progress that depicts the Celestial Battle between ‘Good and Evil’, Wickedness and Righteousness, etc. More than that, the Ruling Planet of the Silver Gate is Venus found in Taurus. In ancient Egypt, this is why Isis, another version of Venus is often depicted with the Horns of a Bull, i.e., Taurus and the Sun in-between them.

Silver Gate                  Feminine        
Orion/Osiris                 Masculine
Taurus                         Feminine

Golden Gate               Masculine
Ophiuchus/Isis            Feminine 
Scorpio                        Masculine

Celestially, the 2 Gates are a Perfect Mirror of each other. They represent the Cosmic End Nodes of the Sun reaching its ‘Balance’ during the 2 Equinoxes of a given Year. In terms of the Cosmic Coordinates, the Silver Gate of Man corresponds with the Crossing of the Milky Way Plane or the Galactic Plane which it is also called. As noted, what is amazing to ascertain is that in order for Entities to travel through these Gates, it requires a Vessel and Extreme Amounts of Energy.

In recent Observations from the SOHO Telescopes, there have been unusual Anomalies that appear to be objects coming in-and-out of the Sun, perhaps for such purposes. Some have gone as far as to attribute these Anomalies to ‘Massive Spaceships’. There are those that believe that the UFO Space Crafts are what the ‘Aliens’ use to traverse such Portals with. The Ancient Egyptians typified this assertion of traversing the Cosmos by a Barge or Sky Boat.

As in the Days of Noah
Many in the Esoteric Crowd call these Vessels the Merkavah’s or the ‘Chariots of the Gods’ in another sense.  Pertaining to the Human Beings, the Body can be likened to it being a Merkavah to travel to and from in this Mortal Dimension. There is a Concept of a ‘Beginning and an End’ that requires Space, Matter and Time, at least on this Side of the Gates. Recognize then that the Essence and Requirement to be able to Live or be sustained in such a Dimension on either Side of these Gates still requires a Body. On this Side, it is the Physical Body. In the case of Human Beings, that is required to live in the Mortal State, constituted by Matter, Space and Time.

Those within the Heavenly Realms have a Spiritual Body, but a Body, nonetheless. In terms of the Incarnation of the Son of GOD, it is said of Jesus the Messiah that ‘a Body was Prepared’ for Him when He traversed Heaven to come to Earth in His Hypostatic Union and Essence. As it is, there are now Various Levels of Altercations done by the Fallen Angels since the 1st Humans were created. They have sought to Interfere with the ‘Prime Directive’ of YHVH concerning Humanity, mainly that they were to be left alone Genetically. The Fallen Angels mixed with Humans according to Genesis 6 to produce the Nephilim. One of the purposes of the Flood of Noah was to Destroy these Interdimensional Beings, and Hybridized Humans who the Giants of Old, etc.

The Spirits of the Giants, however, became the Remphan or Demons that wander around and seek a Body. Other Genetic Manipulation of Humans by these Fallen Angels has produced various types of ‘Greys’ that Abduct Humans for further DNA Experimentations. These Alien Grays are the ones that use Vessels or UFO ‘Disks’ for Travel as they are Interdimensional Beings. To reiterate, according to the Bible, beyond the ‘Cosmic Gates’ lies the 3rd Heaven where the Creator YHVH resides with all the Holy Angels and the Souls/Spirits of the Departed Righteous.

The Bible from the onset, reveals that Lucifer has sought, currently seeks and will seek to overtake this place beyond the Gates leading to Heaven. All the while he has done the same in defacing the Creation and Humanity in the Cosmos and here on Earth away from the true intent and purpose of Humanity’s Calling. Their Plans and the Concepts of the Golden Gate and Silver Gate are etched in Stone in various Monuments, Buildings and Writings. Orchestrated Events are Timed to the Convergence of Celestial Time-Keeping, as the Sun, Moon and the Stars were and are Designed to convey. Why this Information is Important is that it is Biblical to study the Enemy’s Schemes.

The Bible states in 2 Corinthians 2:11, ‘Lest Satan should get an Advantage of us: for we are not Ignorant of his Devices’. Sadly, the Church of Jesus Christ in these Last Days has neglected to teach such Schemes of how the Enemy works in such Realms. Does the Bible speak of such ‘Gates’ for Portals? The Bible does speak of ‘Piercing’ the Dimension of Heaven. The Prophets Daniel and Ezekiel, for example, were Transcended to see the King of Glory, etc., as the Veil or Portal was drawn back. There is Jacob’s Ladder and the Prophetic Promise of an ‘Open Door’ for the Church of Philadelphia for all those that will be kept from the Time of the World’s Testing. There is also how the Apostle John in Revelation was ushered into the Throne Room of YHVH.

It was a Portal or Gate to a Time and Place when he was called-up or ‘Raptured’. It is as a Typology to be shown the breaking of the Seals Judgment that would constitute such a Time of Testing for the World, Israel and Lucifer. Based on the Activities of what is transpiring at CERN, it would appear that ‘Gates’ or Portals are perhaps being opened in Anticipation for the one of the Bottomless Pit to be opened. Until such a Time, the Door that will be opened 1st is that of the Rapture ‘Door’.

The Door to the Ark was opened for all those Decades and none but Noah and his Family entered. Similarly, it is now only through Jesus, the only ‘Door to Heaven’ that is now Open. More than the importance of such an Opening to YHVH’s Door, is the Closure of such a Door. The Church Age of Grace and Mercy is about to Close. Once the Ark Door closed, it meant Doom-and-Gloom for the Inhabitants of the World. In a Typology, likewise, once the Rapture Door is shut, it will mean that the Wrath of the Lamb commences.

The Church Age has been a Time of Testing, for the Bride through much Suffering and Tribulation. The End of such a Dispensational Gate will be an Agent of Judgment upon the World thereafter. In essence, the Rapture, yet to be determined, will be a Door closing of the ‘Ark’. When the Rapture of the Bride of Christ does happen, it will be a Sign to the Jews, the AntiChrist and Lucifer that their Time is short and as it will be the beginning of their Judgment and their Testing. 

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