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What is the Revelation 12 Sign all about anyway? Why is it being attributed to be the Rapture Event? The purpose of this study is to ‘Delve Deep’ into what it is, Astronomically and Prophetically, based on one’s Assessment and Interpretation. One not saying, ‘One is Right’ or all others have to agree with one’s Assessment. But as to Definite and Absolute Declarations of those that have said the Rapture will occur because of some Floating Rocks in Space starting on Rosh HaShanah of 2023? Then that brings the Debate to a higher level of Scrutiny. Can we all agree to that?

One is thus just asking Questions. One is just ‘Testing the Spirits’. One is just showing you from Sound Astronomy and Biblical Hermeneutics that what is being presented as the Rapture Event on September 15, 2023 or is it the 19th? Or is it the 23rd, will be a Rapture Non-Event. Sure, YHVH can do anything and the Rapture can occur at any Time. But if ‘Prophecy is Pattern’, which it is, then the Doctrine of the Rapture being Imminent is not Valid, etc. Here is the Summation of what is considered the ‘Revelation 12’ Sign Phenomena. Please read carefully.

Astronomically, the Alignment approximately occurs every Year. The Sun is each Sign or Constellation for 1 Month, thus 12 Signs, 12 Months, etc. Virgo is the Beginning of the Constellation as Delineated by Ancient Astronomy, and Leo is its Conclusion, etc. Thus, each September, the Sun, being in Virgo will also be ‘visited by the Moon, that in most cases then will approximate, again Astronomically the minimum Motif or Depiction of what the Book of Revelation Chapter 12, is shown to be in the Sun, Moon and the Stars.

The Sun will be in the area of the Head and Shoulder of Virgo, depending on the Software Art Rendering. Then the Moon will be in the Feet Area. This is the baseline of the ‘Sign’. What the Sign also involves is the Man-Child that is ‘Raptured’ as the Scriptures portrays a Woman in Labor, giving Birth to the Man-Child that is then Raptured to the Throne. The 2nd Sign, independent of this 1st one, is the coming of the Red Dragon with 7 Heads. It seeks to Devour or Destroy this Man-Child and then as it ‘Escapes’ up to the Throne of YHVH, decide to then pursue the Woman, etc.

Now, as the Sun and the Moon converge at the Sign in September, there may be Planets, Comets or Asteroids there also. In the Iteration for 2023, a particular Comet and Asteroid(s) were identified. Brother Paul Dawson from the UK demonstrated that there are over 1 Million Identified Near Earth Objects. At any given Year when the Sun is in Virgo along with the Moon, you will have a Myriad of Asteroids to choose from and Interpret. Also, realize that Virgo is the only Female in the 12 Major Constellations.

Along the Ecliptic
And due to Virgo’s Artistic Orientation, running Parallel to the Ecliptic, being depicted longways, it appears that as the Planets traverse the Sign, along the Ecliptic, it appears that she gives ‘Birth’ to such Planets. So, in any given Year, whatever Planets are in its ‘Womb’ area could be interpreted as a ‘Birthing’ of the Planet, Comet or Asteroid, etc. The Celestial Array would then convey a possible Celestial ‘Sign’. Now, the Head Area of Virgo has already 12 Stars designated Astronomically. So, to the Question, how often does the Revelation 12 Sign occur? It occurs Yearly, approximately, Astronomically.

Now to the next Question, what made the September 23, 2017 Revelation Sign of that Year so Unique or Spectacular? It is the following. It was the Planet Jupiter mixed-in with the Celestial Alignment along with the 3 Planets, Venus, Mars and Mercury, etc. In one’s Research, the following Dates are when the Astronomical Array approximately depicted ALL of the Factors described in the 12th Chapter of the Book of Revelation, Sun, Moon, Stars, and Jupiter, as the Man-Child ‘Birthed’.

September 24, 1827
September 6, 1483
September 5, 1293
September 14, 1056
August 5, -3915 BC

The Uniqueness of the 2017 Iteration of the Sign was the Planet Jupiter. Like the Sun, it too has a 12 Year Cycle. This means that the King Planet of the Messiah, as it is called and considered by the Jews, is in each of the 12 Signs for approximately 1 Month. And the Planet has, thus, 12 Motions of Retrograde. This is the Optical Effect from Earth’s Perspective of seeing a Planet along the Ecliptic, when it suddenly ‘Stops’, and then goes ‘Backwards’. This is what exactly happened during the Visitation of the Magi and how they surmised the Retrograde of Jupiter, being in Virgo at precisely December 25, -2 BC. It strongly suggests the September 11, -3 BC Birth-Day of Jesus, etc.

Essentially, Jupiter appearing to ‘Stand Still’ was the Bethlehem Star, etc. Now what made it Amazing is that the Retrograde which lasts 9 Months when it starts, regardless of what Constellation it is in, happened to be in the Womb Motif of the Constellation of Virgo. What distinguishes it from all the other Near Approximations is that this particular Retrograde of 2017 was ‘Dead Center’ in the ‘Womb’ Area. No other Approximate ‘Sign’ has been that Precise. Back when one was initially Researching this, a Brother from Australia, YouTube ‘Chisza7’ confirmed that the exact Precision of the September 23, 2017 Revelation 12 Sign Iteration did not occur but in 1/7000 Years.

The closest one was that one from the List, in -3915 BC. This is the one that perhaps started the 1st Prophecy of Genesis 3:15 as mentioned Prior. This is why despite Brother Patrick at Hourly Watch’s Excitement and Insistence that ‘This is the Sign’ now completed, is not the case. In fact, one has already presented, that in fact in the year 2029, which is exactly the Mid-Point of one’s 2025-2032, 7-Year Tribulation Period, guess what shows-up again? The Planet Jupiter in Virgo. And it is one’s Assertion, that it will be at this Place and Time, that the 2nd Sign will occur, Astronomically.

7 Headed Red Dragon
This will be the 7-Headed Red Dragon or Planet X, i.e., Nemesis, the Black Sun, the Death Star, Vulcan with its 7 Satellites, of whom 1 is Planet Nibiru. But it is Pure Prognostication, but Prophetic ones at that. One is not wanting to diminish the Excitement and possible Rapture Timing Watch that could be had, and especially starting with the Rabbinical start of the Civil New Year, Rosh HaShanah on September 15-16, 2023. It is the Day the Asteroid, ‘Child’ was ‘Birthed’ out of Virgo. However, one did believe it was a Clear Celestial Sign, but that of a 1 Year Warning.

Eventually a ‘Birthing’ will 1 Day occur as in the Rapture. It will occur on this Side of the 7-Year Tribulation Period, specifically from its Mid-Point. After all, that is what the Revelation 12 Sign is all about. It is a case of Prophetic ‘Apples and Oranges’, in one’s Assessment. How so? The Revelation 12 Sign mainly pertains to Israel, There-and-Then, at the precise Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation. One is of the Opinion that the Revelation 12 Sign that occurred Astronomically in 2017 was the Shadow of the Book of Revelation Chapter 12 being cast, Retro-Actively from the Tribulation Mid-Point.

This is to say that in 2017, the Sign, Astronomically and Prophetically ‘Echoed’ the Sign of the Rapture for the Church. And that is how it will End 1 Day. Thus, it was ‘The Rapture Sign’ but not of the Rapture Event, at that Place-and-Time, etc. That is what one said then and is now having to say again. And upon further Observations, one is of the Conviction, as of now, that it is a 7-Year Countdown Warning to the Rapture Year.

In one’s Estimation, it is in2024. Why? But not necessarily on the September 23rd Anniversary Date. One believes that this Iteration in 2023 of the Sign is rather the 1 Year Warning. One has already written-up an Article presenting one’s Rationale why the Rapture ‘Cannot’ happen during this Time-Frame. Again, one is not wanting to take away from the Contributions to the Revelation 12 Sign Phenomena, especially from our Brother Patrick at Hourly Watch that has Identified these Particular Asteroid Names.

Then with the Comet associated with the Name, ‘Man-Child’, that will Traverse through it, one is 100% convinced they are Celestial Signs. But as one stipulates about the Rules of Eschatology, at least in one’s Parameters, the ‘Sign is not the Event’. This is why one is mostly of the Opinion that the Rapture, being insinuated at this Time and Place, did not occur. One hoped one was ‘Wrong’ and it is not about being ‘Right’ either. It is about keeping to Scripture and avoiding Sensationalism that one does, sadly see has been the case. It is all about the Rapture.

As it was for 2017, perhaps the Holy Spirit did use it to ‘Wake-Up’ a Sleeping Church. Perhaps this 1 Year Warning will have that same Effect in preparation for the Summer White Wheat Wedding Rapture, ala Boaz and Ruth Style. See Calendar in the End-Notes for this ‘Prophetic’ Proposition. And perhaps, now in this 5th Year, going into its 6th Year on September 23, 2023, it has wanted another Wake-Up Call due to its Resurgence of just how Relevant and Pertinent the Sign still is. And you all know how one has championed that Summer White Wheat Wedding New Wine aspect and has continued to Monitor it and Write about it.

It is about a Warning
If there is any ‘Take-Away’ for why the Holy Spirit has allowed the Revelation 12 Sign ‘Iteration’ to surface at this Time, in 2023 it is the following. After much Thought and Consideration, like it was back in 2017, one believes that at this Point and Time has to do with the following Assertions.

1- Christ Jesus is giving His Bride a 1 Year Warning Countdown.

2- If the 1st Premise is True, then it suggests that in the Year 2024, leading to its 7th Year Anniversary, will indeed be the Sign of a 7-Year Warning as a whole.

3- However, one is not convinced just yet that the Rapture Sign will occur on that Date specifically, of a September 23 Date. Rather, it will coincide with one’s Acts 2 Pentecost of New Wine, and on July 23, 2024. Refer to Essene Calendar Calculation Link.

4- One still holds the Strong Convincing that the Rapture, based on the Acts 2 Pentecost that one has introduced was/is a Double-Count from Leviticus 23, coincides with the Feast of the First Fruits of the Wine, i.e., Acts 2.

One has provided such Date Estimations based off of the Essene Calendar for 2024, which is what one is going by, the Spring Equinox. Now to be fair, one is not yet convinced as to when the actual Start Date. There is still much Debate about this. Is the Solar Year that determines the 1st Month based from the New Moon or New Moon nearest the Spring Equinox? There are those that regardless of that Notion, the 1st Day defaults to the Wednesday of the Week, etc. But one’s Day Count will show or demonstrate that if one bases the initial Day Count from the Essene Calendar, some Amazing Day Correspondence occurs.

Yet, like with one’s Critique of Brother Patrick at Hourly Watch, just because there are some Amazing and Apparent Prophetic Correlations, another Rule of one’s Eschatology is that ‘Perception is not Reality’. Thus, based on what one has been shown for over 4-5 Years, for 2024, it now pertains to the Day Count based on the ‘723’ Numerical Factor that one has been shown. For those ‘Regular Readers of one’s Work and Research’ that are familiar with such Topics, what is rather ‘Peculiar’ on a Personal Level is how for 2024, it would appear the Numerical Factor of 723 appears to match the Day one has Postulated would be and is the Feast of New Wine, July 23rd (723).

What is odd still, is that on the Day of Passover, according to the Essene Calendar Count, Nisan 14, it will occur on April 9, 2024. And? It happens that one was Born Again on April 9, 1980. That Date will then Mark the 44th Year of one’s Salvation. The 44th Book in most Modern Translations is the Book of Acts where in Chapter 2 the Holy Spirit was ‘Poured’ as New Wine in the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit. One’s Primary Premise for the Rapture is that in such a Same Time and Place, as YHVH works in Prophetic Parenthesis, the Snatching-Up of the Holy Spirit that now is as a ‘Deposit’ in one’s Body, will be Snatched-Up, i.e., the Rapture Event. This is ‘Prophecy is Pattern’, etc. One can be totally off and will be a ‘Nothing Burger’. Perhaps, but this one’s Running Thesis until the other Rule of Eschatology kicks-in, Time. Time will always Tell the Truth.

Calendar Calculations
Further, that Date of Passover will see a Total Solar Eclipse on April 9, 2024, as if to highlight Passover like a Light Bulb, in effect. And from there, assuming and using the ‘Marrow after the Sabbath’, that being the Sunday following the Weekly Sabbath, 100 Days later falls on guess what Date? July 23, 2024 (723). Here is the Link to the Calendar Months with Remarks.

Possible Rapture Year-Month-Day Calculation
Based on the Essene Calendar – Full Moon closest to the Spring Equinox

As noted, realize that the Calendar Calculation is based only on 1 of several Alternative Calendar Day Counts that is not the current Conventional one being used, i.e., the Rabbinical and the Gregorian Calendars. One will also note in the Months showing the Lunar Cycles that the Torah Calendar is also dramatically different. Thus, one cannot be 100% sure nor confident of this Alternative Day Count and Rapture Theory.

It is only an Estimation and one’s best ‘Prophetic’ Educated Guess. Now, this next Segment is where one will Dissect what Brother Patrick at Hourly Watch as Declared the Rapture is to take place because of the following Assertions and based on his Interpretation. Let us ask the Questions and Weigh-In the Evidence. As one states, ‘Extraordinary Claims require Extraordinary Evidence’, etc.  

-September 15:
On Rosh HaShanah, the Kabbalist’s New Year is when the identified ‘Child’ Asteroid was ‘Birthed’ out of Virgo. Also, Comet C/2023 P1 Nishimura entered Virgo from Leo.

-September 18-19:
This is when the closest Depiction of the Revelation 12 Sign occurred with the Moon at the Feet and the Sun at the Head was portrayed. However, the Asteroid ‘Child’ was now 4 Days ‘Birthed-Out’. This was the same case in the 2017 Iteration as Jupiter had already been ‘Birthed’ out of the Pregnant Woman Motif since September 9th of that Year, so it was a 14 Day Difference. This is why, as to the ‘Approximation’ being depicted of the Revelation 12 Sign? It is/will be a ‘Nothing Burger’ Astronomically as it was just the Sun and Moon but with no ‘Man-Child Factor. 

-September 23:
This was the 6th Year Anniversary of the Great Sign in the Heavens, Astronomically. The Comet C/2013 P1 Nishimura did Triangulate with Mars and Spica. And most Importantly for this Iteration of the Sign, Mars entered Virgo, i.e., Israel Primarily, the Body of Christ, Secondary as a Prophetic Echo. Most assuredly, War is coming to Israel…and tacitly to the Body of Christ. But in one’s Humble Opinion, there was No Rapture of the Bride of Christ. Sorry.


Note that the Last Day of Summer was September 22, 2023. This meant that technically, the Revelation 12 Sign occurs after Summer. And? Thus, the Summer Rapture Typology is Null and Void. And? One has always held to the Notion that the present Pentecostal Age has to do with a Summer Wheat Harvest Typology, a Marriage, etc. The Fall Feasts, as commented before, are not the Season of Joy, Marriage, but the Opposite. It is of Introspection, Repentance and needing Atonement and Covering.

Feasts Pertain to Israel
These Feasts do not pertain to the Bride of Christ, Prophetically. It pertains to Israel. Thus, the Rapture, where one is summoned to a Wedding Chamber cannot occur after the Fall Equinox. This was the same Circumstance back in 2017. This is to suggest that Prophetically Speaking the Summer Anticipation of a White Wheat Harvest will have passed.

In fact, Astronomically for 2023, the Comet discovered by the Japanese Amateur Astronomer, whose Name means ‘Exalted Man-Child’ was in Conjunction to the Main Star of Virgo, Spica, precisely on that Star, on September 23, 2023, (923). And? Spica means Wheat as in a Summer Wheat End-Gathering. Here are the Main Tenets of Eschatology based on Personal Axioms derived over 40 Years of Studying the End Times.

1-Prophecy is Pattern (Chuck Missler)
2-Signs are not the Event
3-Context, Context, Context
4-Perception is not Reality
5-Time will always Tell the Truth

The following is one’s Personal Thought about such ‘High Rapture Watch Days’, especially using the Revelation 12 Sign. One is very Critical, as you can tell. One’s Point, or 1 of them is that all these Revelation 12 Signs, to determine the Rapture of the Bride, is ALL about the Rapture, not Jesus or Scripture. Yes, the Sign is exactly based on Scripture, Revelation Chapter 12 and the Motifs of Jupiter and the Asteroid and Comet ‘Child’’ and Man-Child, receptivity. But it has gotten to a Point of ‘Rapture Worship’ forcing it exclusively because of the Sign, not the Savior with one’s total Focus and Energy and Expectation. That is, one’s Opinion. 

All one is saying is that End Time Watchers who are looking at and expecting the Blessed Hope, as one is also, just needs a dose of ‘Heathy Skepticism’. Brethren should not get a ‘Free Pass’, just because it ‘Tickles your Rapture Ears' or you need the next ‘Rapture Fix’ to get by the next 2-3 Months. The Church Body should  not be relying solely on ‘Astronomical’ Nomenclature to prove the Rapture. So, in that regard, one would not agree because the Revelation 12 Sign is just that.

For example, the Magi ‘Saw’ His Star in the Sky, initially. It was the ‘Kiss’ or Conjunction of the Planets, Jupiter with Venus in Leo. They saw it from Babylon. Based on that Knowledge, they then Acquired Understanding and acted on that. So much so, that they trekked to Israel. Ann?. Yet, it was not until they got to Jerusalem and the High Priest confirmed that, in Scripture, the Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem. This is one’s Point. Presently, the Church has veered-off course into Astrology, in one’s Harsh Criticism. One realizes that most of the End Times Watching Community had Great Anticipation for the Rapture to have occurred because of a floating Rock in Space that happened to be named ‘Child’ and the Comet, named ‘Man-Child’. Wow. A ‘Double-Witness’ no less. But 1 of the Rules of Eschatology is ‘Perception is not Reality’.

And so, when Brother Patrick declares that miraculously, the Comet can turn Red and there it is the Red Dragon that swoops the .33 Stars of the Heaven, down to Earth? In one’s Honest Assessment, that is a suspension of Reality. And? It is causing Great Damage to the Body of Christ and its Authority and Witness to the World. So, one has been Sensitive, as much as possible. And all that one writes in this Article is what one sincerely has assessed, using Sound Astronomy and Biblical Hermeneutics.

It is just as Valid. Yet, it seems from the Criticism one has received, it has not been directed at the Astronomy or the Hermeneutic, but one’s Character. In fact, as I had written all that one did in Response to the ‘Frenzy’ of the Sign for this Year, it was just a Dress Rehearsal for sure. It was to get the Sleeping Church Awake to its 1 Year Warning to the Countdown of the actual Rapture Event. This is what one Perceives in one’s Spirit. Perhaps.

All one is saying is that this too will be just that. And that is why one does sincerely support you all and are with you in Spirit, but as mentioned one ‘Ran the Rapture Gauntlet’ with the Sign, ‘Get Knowledge, but above all else, Get Understanding’. Anyone is welcome to down one’s Book on the Revelation 12 Sign Attribution and Research of it. It tracks one’s Journey of Discovery, before, during, and after the Great Rapture Sign in the Heavens.



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