Prophetic Bull's Eye Lunar Eclipses

  • What is the prophetic significance of the Blood Moons?
  • What is the difference between a central Blood Moon?
  • Is such a pattern a possible indication of the Last Days?

by Luis B. Vega

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'Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades? Can you loosen Orion's Belt? Can you bring forth the constellations in their seasons or lead out the Bear with its cubs? Do you know the laws of the heavens? - Job 38:31-33

The purpose of this study is to ascertain the prophetic blueprint or pattern of the ‘Bull's Eye’ Blood Moon 7-year interval of time. Is this a time marker heralding how long the duration of the Tribulation Period is to be? The timeline illustrated in the study will focus exclusively on the Bull's Eye 7-year interval and its possible prophetic significance. The start of the approximate 7-year interval begins on the Jewish feast of Pentecost in June of 2011. If this correlation is possible, then Pentecost could be a pivotal point of reference in considering its possible prophetic significance in time and meaning as it related to the possible conclusion of the Church Age that started on a Pentecost. Perhaps this could allude to the Rapture timing and subsequent start of the Tribulation Period around 2018. It is in the year 2018 that is the 2nd ‘Bull's Eye’ Blood Moon occurs, almost exactly 7-year timespan on July 27,2018. A timeline will plot the 7-year interval of the 2 Central Blood Moons that rarely occur, much less nearly 7-years apart and in the same constellation and in direct line with Jerusalem.

The Zodiac or the Mazzaroth will be plotted onto the Earth geographically to show how it reflects the heavenlies with the emphases on the Taurus and its locality on Earth which corresponds to Turkey. It corresponds to the 7 Churches of Asia as the Pleiades with the Taurus Mountains in modern day Asia Minor. Taurus has thus a reversed or mirrored relationship to Earth of its Heavenly patterns. The Heavenly and Earthly types of the Bull with 7 Stars reveal that the Pleiades of 7 Stars mirrors the Taurus Mountains in eastern Turkey. In reversed order, the Taurus V-shaped head mirrors the V-shaped order of the 7 Churches of Asia geographically. This V-shaped head consists of the Virgins of the Hyades. Christ speaks in the book of Revelation that the 7 Churches of Asia are as 'Stars' in His hand and that His grip on them is so strong, as strong as a bull that 'no man can pluck them out of His hand'.

This is according to the description of the risen and glorified Jesus Christ in the book of Revelation. To reiterate, both ‘Bull's Eye’ Blood Moons will be direct line, seen from Jerusalem and in-between the 2 horns of the Taurus constellation and 7-years apart. The 2 Blood Moons of 2011 and 2018 are associated with a Pentecost Feast wheat harvest that occur when the Sun is in Taurus as it was in the giving of the Law at Mt. Sinai and the birth of the Church Age in the Temple Courts, by some interpretation. The June 15, 2011 ‘Bull's Eye’ Blood Moon took place exactly in-between the Horns of Taurus making 2015 a sort of start points in time and perhaps a prophetic ‘countdown of sorts. The Sun is in the Sign of Taurus during the season of Pentecost as it was in Sinai and 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus Christs. Will such a Central Blood Moon of 2018, likewise, have a Pentecost connection that converges on some amazing Biblical timelines. Most notably, 2018 will see the 70th year anniversary of Israel’s birth in 1948. By other estimates, it will also be the end of the Jubilee Year Cycle.

The Witness of the Sky
If the year 2015 is to herald the countdown to the end of the Church Age and the countdown event of the 3rd Temple, then 3.5 years form 2015 around Pentecost will be 2018 around the time of the Central Blood Moon of July 27, 2018. This in turn could possibly make 2018 the start of the Tribulation Period perhaps or a short intermission. Why are the Central Blood Moons associated with the Bull, Taurus, and the Pleiades? What is their Biblical connection? The 12 constellations in the Heavens can be mapped out on Earth as they mirror their positions with key geographic latitudes and longitudes. They are the ‘Silent Witness’ of the Gospel as inferred by the Apostle Paul in Romans. Symbols and numbers play a significant role in all things spiritually as YHVH is the author of mathematics and design.

Each Zodiac or Mazzaroth symbol has meaning ascribed to the redemptive work of Christ. The 12 Constellations tell the story of the King's 1st Coming and His triumphant return at His 2nd Coming. The constellation Taurus with the Pleiades mirrors its opposite geographic positions with the Pleiades as the 7 Churches of Asia are adjacent the Taurus Mountains of Turkey that are also in a V-shape. They are distanced apart in a similar pattern from the mountains opposite their positions as are the Pleiades from the head of Taurus. To reiterate, the 7 Churches of Asia from Revelation are geographical in a 'V' shape like the horns of a Bull in the constellation Taurus.

The Gospel story of Humanity’s redemption starts in Virgo and end with Leo. For example, the Sphinx of the Great Pyramids of Giza is a composition of the entire Mazzaroth in one structure having the head of a woman with a body of lion. What is amazing is that only on Earth can this storyline be viewed from, as if it was made to be seen from Earth and for mankind to read and comprehend. As the Apostle Paul states in the letter to the Romans, the Signs in the Heavens are the Silent Witness to the LORD's Plan of Redemption. The following are but some of the signs as they correspond to particular geographic locations on Earth.

This sign portrays the 3 Pillars of Hercules at the entrance to the Mediterranean. It is the Gate to Eden in the ancient layout.

A cluster of a fold of the many peoples going to the New World. The star cluster called the Bee Hive is situated there that connotes a sheep pen.

Bridging the gap from the Old World to the New continent of the Americas. It geographically corresponds to England and is the national symbol.

This representation is indicative of America, in particular the USA. Other symbols of the nation relate to the Statue of Liberty, Mary-land, Virgin-ia, Anna-polis, etc.

This sign portrays the balance of justice and equity that America idealistically represents.

This sign portrays the geographic outline of the entire North American continent with the stinger of the scorpion being the Panamanian Isthmus.

The Mazzaroth (Zodiac)
According to the research of EW Bullinger, the constellations proclaim the Plan of Redemption of Humanity through the star arraignment and name order. The central theme is the main character of the Redeemer, Jesus Christ and His nemesis, Lucifer, the Serpent-Dragon. Each constellation displays a facet of description of an attribute of the Messiah. Likewise, the configuration of the stars can be superimposed onto the Earth and many locations are specifically copied or mirrored as such. Throughout human history, most if not all of the major populations were developed based on such astronomical and astrological connections to the Heavenly Signs. Most pyramids, temples were built on sacred lay-lines of Earth's energy points. Following are just a few examples of such astronomical associations.

New Mexico
Latitude at 33 degrees

Aztec capital
Prophecy of eagle with serpent (Corvus and Hydra-Serpent) as with the Mexican flag.
Latitude: 19.47'

Mount Hermon
Latitude at 33 degrees
Where 120 Fallen Angels descended (Genesis 6:6) according to the book of Enoch.

According to the Bible, the Scriptures uses a metaphor for Believers and Followers as the ‘Bride’ of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Jesus is presented as the Groom that has redeemed or paid for His Wife. In this case a 7-fold composition that highlights 7 conditions and time dispensations according to the book of Revelation and teachings by the Apostle Paul. Others ascribe through mythology such similar associations with the Pleiades to the Church as a Bride of Christ symbolically. In this case Christ is as Taurus the Bull has captured the Church and is subject to the fierce Wrath of YHVH. There is also a reverse dichotomy in the symbolism that in the dark or negative aspect of the symbology, it is the Bull that has captured the 7 Sisters or the ‘Congregation of the Judge’.

However, it is Orion that is confronting the fierce wrath of Taurus as it where a Matador in a quest to rescue them from the grip of Taurus's wrath. Orion is the hero or Redeemer, the knight in shining armor come to deliver the day that takes the ‘Wrath of the Judge’ upon Himself. It is to be mentioned that there are alternate assertions that the Pleiades are actually inhabited by a noble race of Angelic being that come to Earth to help Humanity evolve. However, some rebelled and left their ‘First Estate’ to mate with human women according to Genesis 6. Perhaps Biblically speaking such could be but no more than Angelic Being stationed throughout the Universe of YHVH and part of the Creation and under YHVH's authority. The following are the 7 stars of the Pleiades.

1 Alcyone
2 Celaene
3 Taygete
4 Maia
5 Merope
6 Electra
7 Atlas

Mt. Sinai and the Upper Room
The following is a direct parallel of Mt. Sinai with the 1st Pentecost of the Church Age. On Pentecost Israel gathered up to the foot of the Mt. Sinai as YHVH came down and Moses went up with to receive the Tablets of the Law. Outwardly, Mt. Sinai was full of fire, trumpet blasts and thereafter the people got restless and made the Golden Calf or 'Bull' with the Sun Disk in the Middle. Ironically, astronomically this is the Sign that Pentecost fell on and where the Sun was stationed in the Mazzaroth. Because of such a rebellion and insurrection that followed, it is stated in the Old Testament that nearly 3000 Rebels perished as the Earth swallowed them up for objecting to YHVH's precepts. In the New Testament, the Apostles and Followers of Christ in like manner assembled in the Temple Courts, as was their custom. During Pentecost, the 120 Disciples along with those gathered went up as if to a ‘stone’ mountain, in this case Mt. Zion in Jerusalem as the Holy Spirit came down upon them. Astonishingly there were 3000 added that day that got saved after Peter’s open-air preaching.

Thus here is a direct correlation between Pentecost, a Marriage Covenant and astronomical Signs in the Heavens. As it was in Mt. Sinai, the narrative describes the probably Temple Mount scene where there was power, fire as in the tongues that rested on each Disciple. There were the sounds of rushing wind as if a blast of the Silver Trumpet, etc. It is also interesting that according to the book of Enoch, there were 120 Fallen Angels that left their '1st Estate' and mingled with the seed or DNA of women in the days of Enoch. Such illicit interactions are also recorded in other Bible narratives but most noticeable in Genesis 6. In a same parallel occurrence on Pentecost, it was 120 Disciples of Christ Jesus that met on Mt. Zion where GOD the Holy Spirit came down as well on the Disciples to bestow 'Power from on High' to start the Church Age and receive power from on High to be Jesus’ Witnesses. Pentecost is the 50th day after the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the 3rd Day after being crucified. This power was to enable the Disciples of Jesus Christ to be witnesses of the redeeming work of Christ to the world. In this case of Pentecost, the divine pattern or blueprint of YHVH's Glory was sanctioned to intertwine with a fallen Humanity to complete the Great Commission of the Church Age. Will such a similar time mark its end?

The Great Commission was and is about a spiritual harvest of human souls. Pentecost is a time of an end-gathering or harvest of barley but the beginning of the wheat first-fruits that is to culminate in the end harvest that is celebrated on Tabernacles. The theme of harvest is also memorialized by a time of courtship, redemption and marriage. This is seen in the story of Boaz and Ruth in that a Gentile bride was grafted in and married by a Jewish nobleman during the wheat harvest. Pentecost is associated also with Mt. Sinai in that was an event that mirrored much like what happened at the 1st Church Age Pentecost as it has been noted. The 7-year Blood Moon interval of the Bull's Eye may or may not necessary be corresponding to the coming Tribulation Period countdown but perhaps it is casting its shadow as a precursor marking off that time span or the overlap with the actual one as perhaps there will be a spiritual harvesting of souls during a Pentecost season perhaps when a Bride of Christ like Ruth will marry her Boaz, Jesus Christ.

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