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  • Why were the 1st and 2nd Temples destroyed on the 9th of Av?
  • What is the significance of the Jewish month of Av?
  • Will there be a future desolation of 3rd Temple on the 9th of Av?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Go and tell my servant David, Thus says the LORD: Would you build me a house to dwell in?’ – 2 Samuel 7:5

The purpose of this study is to present several points of interest that gives credence to the anticipated construction of the 3rd Temple in this generation and perhaps this very decade. Of particular interest will be the configuration of a timeline of the solar and lunar eclipse patterns that will be displayed leading up to the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD. In an astronomical and mathematical analysis of the timeframe of the Blood Moons can perhaps provide a prophetic clue as to when the 3rd Temple is to be rebuilt.

This study suggests that such patterns can be superimposed on the Tetrad eclipse pattern of 2014-15 that might reveal some possible time references directly related to when possibly the edification of the 3rd Temple will either commence or be completed. Based on the astronomical eclipse and phi ratio pattern of when the 2nd Temple was destroyed in 70 AD, it appears that such a similar pattern might be reoccurring that will dictate the timing of the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple in this generation.

The last Passover and the last national Feast of YHVH for Israel was celebrated on Pentecost in 70 AD. Interestingly, the year 1948 was the 1st year national Israel celebrated Passover in the Land after declaring independence in 1948 and on the eve of Pentecost, per some who calculate this occurrence. A summation of 70 years from that date of 1948 mirrored to the year 70 AD would result in the year 2018. Moreover, by some accounts, it was at Pentecost during the 6 Day War of 1967 that the very Temple Mount was liberated from the Muslim occupation.

If a Passover-Pentecost pattern associated with the Temple of YHVH is in play, then perhaps at a future Passover and/or Pentecost timeframe will be the period that will determine the timing of the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple in some prophetic way. The consecration and presentations thereof might coincide with a total different Feast altogether. This study shows that all the solar and lunar eclipses are in mathematical proportions to each other. Based on the phi ratio proportion estimates, it would appear that the Passover Feast of 2016 will be extremely significant as it directly relates astronomically and geometrically to the possible affairs of the 3rd Temple related to the Blood Moon lunar cycles.

Prophetic Patterns and Astronomical Cycles

Many believe the Tetrad sequence of 1949-1967-2014 has a direct link to this prognostication of Biblical proportions. If the timeframe of approximately 7 years is considered from the start of the 2014-2015 Tetrad to the beginning of the 3rd Blood Moon cluster of 2022, the phi ratio would pinpoint the month that is extremely significant to the 3rd Temple’s timing. Specifically this pinpoint corresponds to the Passover of 2016. This study strongly suggests that the ‘Temple Zone’ encompasses the time from 2016 to the sometime in 2018. With regards to the Blood Moon count from 65 to 72 AD, there were 3 Blood Moon Dyads just over a 7 year period. A Dyad is a pair of something.

The same years, 65 and 72 AD also have a ‘bookend’ Tetrad of 4 partial solar eclipses that were directly associated with the Dyad Blood Moons and also spanned just over a 7 year period. If one incorporates these 2 time-spans, the start of the Blood Moon Dyad in 65 AD to the end of the partial solar eclipse in 72 AD, the fulcrum of the phi ratio geometric spiral precisely squares off with the month of August in which the 2nd Temple was destroyed. Again this is ascertained when the phi ratio spiral is geometrically imposed by the meshing of both the lunar and solar timeframes of their respective eclipses.

Based on the phi ratio pattern and the 7 year eclipse period, it would appear that the coming 3rd Temple could likewise also see its timing tied to a similar phi ratio pattern and a 7 year prophetic period factor of time. The prophetic time markers of a 7 year period could validate the duration of the Tribulation period spoken of in the books of Revelation and Daniel. Such timeframes specifically have the markings of how such patterns directly were related to the timing of the destruction of the 1st and 2nd Temples, why not the 3rd? This study suggests then that such similar patterns could also be incorporated within the events surrounding the duration of the Tribulation period, the 3rd Temple and its Abomination of Desolation to occur.

Many Bible scholars purport that the Tribulation period is an all-encompassing period, 7 years long, consisting of a first part called the Tribulation and the 2nd part considered to be the Great Tribulation. There are those that emphatically insist that the Tribulation period is only 3.5 years. Regardless, it would follow that such similar and consistent patterns of a 2520 day cycle solely based on eclipse and mathematical patterns of prior Temple periods could be incorporated in the last generation that will witness the 3rd Temple timeline as it is tied directly to the last vestiges of prophetic prophecy not yet fulfilled.

This could mean that the Tribulation and the return of Jesus Christ as the Son of David, Lion King to rule the nations from Israel will be witnessed by this present generation. It will witness amazing spectacles such as the reconstruction of the 3rd Temple and the Rapture of the Church. Such a time will be dealing directly with national Israel once again and the 3rd Temple will be center stage as the 2 Witnesses will come on the Temple scene after the Rapture.

The Passover Code
The 2 Witnesses will testify against the evils of the false Messiah AntiChrist, the False Prophet and of the coming Desolation spoken by Daniel and reiterated by Jesus through His Olivet Discourse. This study suggests that the Blood Moon factors are important to stress and study is that such patterns led-up to the destruction of the 2nd Temple. Perhaps such a similar Blood Moon pattern will lead to the 3rd Temple. Such could also be directly tied to the timing of the Rapture of the Christian Church, i.e., the Body of Christ as well. This study is in agreement that the advent of the false Messiah that Israel will accept as the famed AntiChrist cannot occur until then. The 3rd Temple will be for the Tribulation period, as it is also referred to as the Tribulation Temple. The reason is that such a prophetic center piece will be ground zero for the world after the Rapture occurs.

The Golden Ratio  is the geometric ‘spiral’ is said to be the ’Signature of the Creator’. It is when 2 quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one. Following is the list from NASA of the particular lunar and solar eclipses leading up to the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem on the 9th of Av, 70 AD. An emphasis will be noted for those eclipses in that same year. According to this data, a total solar eclipse occurred just prior to Passover in 70 AD. What is very interesting is that a penumbral lunar eclipse occurred on April 14, 70 AD. Why this is extremely significant is that the Passover of 70 AD was the last Passover ever celebrated by national Israel.

If this is the case, it mirrors the same date of April 14, 32 AD in which this study suggests Jesus Christ was crucified. Perhaps the April 14, 70 AD lunar eclipse on Passover was a completion of a prophetic time. Thereafter, the nation of Israel like with the Diaspora to Babylon was to be exiled into their last Diaspora by Rome for 1878 years (70 AD to 1948). The Passover, as a nation was not to be celebrated as a nation until 1949. Amazingly the last Tetrad of the sequence since 1949 occurred on the same April 14 date. This April 14 date that coincided with the start of the Tetrad of 2014-15 also matched the one on April 14, 32 AD that also occurred near the mid-night hours. Perhaps it is a resuming a prophetic count where the LORD left off from 70 AD and 32 AD. If this lunar Passover date pattern cycle is valid based on the 2 prior Tetrads of 1949-50 and 1967-68, then the end of the Tetrad of 2014-15 perhaps set in motion some amazing prophetic countdown of sorts. Will it lead to the reconstruction efforts of the 3rd Temple?

Another amazing coincidence was that the start of the 2014-15 Tetrad converged on the same celebration of Passover as observed by the Christians and Jews. It is rather rare that the Jewish and western calendars synchronized on the Passover date but it does occur. What is also amazing is that this correspondence will not occur for quite some time in the near future as with the Tetrads that specifically fall on a the LORD’s High Holy Feasts. The point being is that this April 14 Passover date appears to correspond to the most monumental prophetic occurrences known to mankind, the death of the SON of GOD and the prelude to the destruction of the Holy Temple in 70 AD. And to reiterated, the Passover of 2016 is mathematically square with the approximate 7 year time-span of the Tetrad to the Blood Moon of 2021 that this study suggests will be of some profound prophetic significance directly related to the 3rd Temple.

1. April 14, 32 AD
crucifixion of Chris?
(same date as start of Tetrad of 2014-15)

2. April 14, 70 AD
Last Passover national Israel celebrated in the Land.

3. April 14, 2014
Start of last Tetrad cluster related to Israel since 1949.

Year and TYPE

65 Jan 11              T+
65 Jul 06               T-
65 Dec 31              P
66 Jun 26              P
66 Dec 20              N
67 May 17             P
67 Jun 15              Nb
67 Nov 09              P
68 May 06             T+
68 Oct 29               T-
69 Apr 25               P
69 Oct 18               P
70 Apr 14               N (Passover)
70 Sep 09              N
70 Oct 08              N
71 Mar 04              P
71 Aug 29              P
72 Feb 22              T+
72 Aug 17              T-

Year and TYPE

64 Dec 26              P
65 Jan 25              P
65 Jun 22              P
65 Jul 22                P
65 Dec 16              T
66 Jun 11              A
66 Dec 05              T
67 May 31             A
67 Nov 25              H
68 May 19             P
68 Nov 13              P
69 Apr 10               T
69 Oct 04               A
70 Mar 30              T
70 Sep 23             A
71 Mar 20              H
71 Sep 12              H2
72 Feb 08              P
72 Mar 08              P
72 Aug 02              P
72 Sep 01              P

T = Total, P=Penumbral, N=Umbral, A=Annular, P=Partial, H=Hybrid

Many Christians firmly believe that the Rapture will take place before the 3rd Temple is operational or perhaps even during its physical construction; that would be a marvel to see. If such a speculation of the presented timeline patterns is plausible for the End of Days, then realize that perhaps the Rapture is that much closer. Based on the astronomical and phi ratio mathematical patterns, the Passover of 2016 is anticipated to being extremely Biblically prophetic. What is also amazing to contemplate is that the 3rd Temple corresponds to the advent of the Prophet Elijah national Israel has also been waiting for.

The Last Generation
Elijah is expected to appear on a Passover. However, the last Feast of Moedim of YHVH that Israel observed as a nation was Pentecost before the 2nd Temple was destroyed. Perhaps this is in conjunction of how the Church of Messiah started and was birthed on Pentecost, the end of the Church Age will be consummated at a Pentecost Feast perhaps. As it can be sensed, the coming few years from the end of the Tetrad sequence since 1949 will possibly see some amazing Signs from the LORD concerning the final stages of prophecy being fulfilled in this Last Generation.

National Israel forsook the righteousness of YHVH and His Commandments, thus the national divine protection was removed as it was in the 1st Diaspora to Babylon that lasted 70 years. According to Christian theology, this 2nd national judgment by the Romans was a direct result of national Israel having rejected Jesus Christ as the long-awaited Messiah. The nation was blind-sided in not being able to see and reconcile the concept of the Son of Joseph, the Servant-Lamb with the Son of David, the Lion-King typology of the Messiah in 1 person. In the psyche of the Jew, the 2 cannot exist or be as one as much as they reject the notion of the Trinity; 1 YHVH, but 3 Elohim.

Jesus was thus disqualified based on this faulty rationalization. In essence Jesus was to be one in the same and having 2 separate visitations to Israel. Like Joseph, Jesus was misunderstood, rejected, sold by His very brethren, falsely accused and as a type, died in the pit of a prison. As a type of a resurrection, GOD raised him up out of the prison to rule a kingdom and save the world. This study has presented a scenario based on astronomical and mathematical patterns to suggest that the same prophetic and divine pattern occurring within the 7 year timeframe leading up to the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD is set to reoccur that will lead to the construction of the 3rd Temple.

Perhaps in this Last Generation will see the 3rd Temple rebuilt, the Rapture, the advent of the AntiChrist, Elijah as 1 of the 2 Witnesses and the return of Jesus within some sort of a 7 year period as well. The Lion-King is coming and with His co-heir, the Bride of Christ. She was raptured out spotless from the Church as Jesus promised her to be spared from the hour of Tribulation that is to befall a Christ-rejecting world.

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