Identity of the Gog-Magog Invader of Israel

  • Who is Gog and will he be Vladimir Putin of Russia and why?
  • Does Putin's Presidency until 2036 assure that he will be Gog?
  • What will Gog's role be to lead a Muslim Invasion of Israel?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘The word of YHVH came to me: Son of Man, set your face against Gog, of the Land of Magog, the Chief Prince of Meshek and Tubal; prophesy against him and say: This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am against you, Gog, Chief Prince of Meshek and Tubal. I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your whole army—your horses, your horsemen fully armed, and a Great Horde with large and small Shields, all of them brandishing their Swords. Persia, Cush and Put will be with them, all with Shields and Helmets, also Gomer with all its troops, and Beth Togarmah from the far North with all its troops—the many Nations with you.’ -Ezekiel 38:1-6

The purpose of this study is to bring attention to those that study the End Times of a key piece of End Time Prophecy that is now most assuredly been met and able to be identified. This pertains to the lifelong appointment of Vladimir Putin to be President of Russia, until 2036 when he will be 84 Years Old. Pertaining to the End of Days, barring any health issue that might limit his life expectancy, Putin will be and fulfill the Biblical Character or Personage of Gog-Magog. It is understood that Gog is the Title of the Man and Magog is from where he is to come from. What this means is that this fulfillment is not 10-16 Years away.

One has witnessed a piece of the Prophetic Puzzle that can now be placed in the tapestry of what and who will be the players of Ezekiel 38-39 that will fulfill Prophecy. This ‘Prophetic Piece’ is something that is not being considered thoroughly. A reason for this Lifelong Appointment is to of course retain Power as long as possible. However, the Russian Peoples are behind this Man, or Gog as they resonate with the ‘Strong Man’. The Russians have it ingrained in their historic DNA and are more comfortable with such a Personage that they now have come to support and forgive all that is not agreeable to many in the West. The Russian People also understand that in such times of uncertainty, the Russian People are willing to sacrifice Politics for stability.

After 70 Years of failed Communism, the Russians are once again asserting their National Pride in leading Russia to Grandeur and recuperate Russia’s lost Glory, be it Soviet but more so when it was a Czarist Empire. A brief background of Putin will be presented that this study has a measure of confidence to affirm, is Gog, the Prince. Vladimir V. Putin - Владимир В. Путин was born on October 7, 1952. According to one of his public profiles, he is a Russian Politician and a former Intelligence Officer of the KGB who has served as President of Russia since 2012. He previously held the position from 1999 until 2008. He was also the Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 to 2000 and again from 2008 to 2012. As to his background, Putin was born in Leningrad, in the former Soviet Union but now Saint Petersburg.

Soviet Spy
He studied Law at Leningrad State University and graduated in 1975. Putin worked as a KGB Foreign Intelligence Officer for 16 Years. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, before resigning in 1991 to begin a Political Career in Saint Petersburg after the fall of the USSR. He later on moved to Moscow in 1996 to join the Administration of President Boris Yeltsin. He served as Director of the Federal Security Service (FSB), the successor of the KGB. He was Head of the Agency before being appointed as Prime Minister in August of 1999. After the Resignation of Yeltsin, Putin became Acting President.

Thanks to an overwhelming Vote of Confidence from about 3/4 of the Russian And less than 4 Months later, he was elected to his 1st Term as President and has been reelected ever since. Fast forward to the ‘Plandemic’ of COVID-19, in July of 2020. Electorate, supposedly, Vladimir Putin is to remain President of Russia until 2036. He will be 84 Years Old when he completes the 2nd of the 2 additional 6-Year Terms. The Russian Voters awarded him this provision or ‘Mandate’ in a Referendum that ended on June 30, 2020. It should be noted that the Tenure Proposal was buried among the plethora of Amendments. The tactic rendered the scheme almost impossible for Putin’s extensions to be rejected.

If Putin lives to the year 2036, he will have outlasted at least 3 American Presidents, if there is a USA left to consider and a minimum of 4, assuming Donald Trump was not re-elected in 2020. If one includes his 4 Years as Prime Minister, when he was the real Power behind then-President Dmitry Medvedev, Putin will have had a total of nearly 37 years in Power ruling the Russias. As it is, Putin is now the longest-serving Russian Leader since Peter the Great. Putin embodies the Spirit and Cause of raising Russia out of the devastation of Soviet Communism that bankrupted the ‘Evil Empire’, as then President Reagan called it.

Since Yeltsin, Putin and those of his Generation that saw the decay of Communism have taken Russia from the literal ‘rubble’ to a Military Power to contend with once again. Worse is that with the decline and decay now so evident in the U.S. Empire, Russia and Putin have rushed in to fill in the void. This is true when it comes to the Middle East and thus, how Russia or the Land of Magog with Gog as its ‘Prince’ will be ‘hooked’ down by YHVH. Putin will invade the ‘Beautiful Land’ only to be decimated on the Mountains of Israel. This Apocalyptic Scenario is outlined with specific details in the Book of Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39. And this is where the Abraham Accord comes into view. How so?

The Accord is delineating the Middle East now that will basically ensure that Putin, at some point within the Tribulation Period will invade Israel. Israel has been bestowed the rank of the 8th most Powerful Nation on Earth, in only 70+ Years. It has a phenomenal Military and Intelligence Apparatus. Yet 2 grave errors will intersect Israel with Russia. Russia will miscalculate Israel’s capitulation to a false sense of ‘Peace and Security’. And Israel will miscalculate the false ‘Covenant with the Many’ in thinking none dare invade it.

War Paths
Presently, vast portions of Israel’s Borders are sectioned-off by Walls. The Security Walls have been erected to prevent the massive bombings that took place especially in the 1990s that traumatized the Population. And it has worked aside from the Rockets being lobbed from Gaza, on a daily basis. However, the Abraham Accord has laid the foundation for the eventual False Peace given to Israel and the invasion by the Putin Prince. Ezekiel 38:1-11 states, ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: On that Day thoughts will come into your Mind and you will devise an Evil Scheme. You will say, I will invade a Land of Unwalled Villages; I will attack a Peaceful and Unsuspecting People—all of them living without Walls and without Gates and Bars.’ 

The ‘Peace’ Israel is forging now with the Arab Gulf States has introduced a major Paradigm shift in the Geo-Political Landscape of the Middle East, especially concerning the Israeli-Arab Conflict, and not the Palestinian Conflict. And at this juncture, Gog or Putin has sided with Iran and Turkey. Many believe that the Land of Magog is Turkey, or the Caucasus and the People of Gog were the Ancient Scythians or the Goths. However, the Bible is very clear. Turkey is not directly North nor at the ‘Extreme Parts’ of the North as the context renders it. In Ezekiel 38:15 and 39:2 the ‘Parts’ means ‘Extreme or Uttermost Parts.’

And only Moscow is directly on the same Longitude as Jerusalem.  Thus, the Land of Gog is Russia. It has been noted that due to the Radicalization of the Shi’ites from Iran, Yemen and Lebanon, the Sunni Arab states have seen this as a direct threat, more so than that of the ‘Existence of Israel’. To the Gulf States, they now rather side with Israel, the ‘Zionist State’ against Shi’ite Muslim Radicalism. It is somewhat ironic in that it is from Saudi Arabia that the Wahabi version of Islam comes from and is just as Radical. It has been shown to be just as bad as the Shi’ite Radicalization of Islam.

This to say that during the Ezekiel Invasion of Israel, it will not be because of the Israel-Arab Abraham Accord necessarily or the taking-on of the Palestinian Cause by the Putin-Iran-Turkey Alliance. No, the issue will be Israel’s Natural Resources and the ‘Spoils’ that the Bible says, YHVH will lead Gog to ‘Imagine and Evil Thought’, against Israel. In essence, it is a trap. YHVH is orchestrating this from Eternity to judge Gog and Magog. For Israel, the defeat of Putin and Muslims Companies will be a Divine Sign of their Deliverance as it was in the Days of the Prophets. It will be in times when Israel is back in the Land and in Times of ‘Tribulation’. In this case, it will be during the Tribulation Period.

It is this timing that this study can suggest that the Russian Invasion of the Ezekiel 38-39 against Israel will occur sometime during the Tribulation Period. More so towards the middle part as the Gulf States will only protest. This would have been unheard of prior to the Abraham Accord. Thus, the Supernatural Defeat of Gog or ‘Prince Putin’, that will lead the Muslim Cohort of what this study calls the Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations against Israel, will have caught Israel with its guard down. Why? One has to realize that the Abraham Accord has set the condition to then have the coming AntiChrist figure ‘Confirm’ or sweeten the Deal for Israel. How so?

When Putin’s Armies Parish
This study conjectures that it will be as a result from the advantage Israel will have attained. This advantage will be due to the defeat of a prior Inner-Ring war with its Muslim enemies that immediately border Israel. It will be around this time that the Tribulation Period will have commenced, and the Rapture having occurred prior. This will be as a reaction to the Abraham Accord that is rejected by the Palestinians and is supported by all the Anti-Arab Shi’ite factions, mainly led by Iran and supported by Putin.

Ezekiel 38:9-9 states, ‘Get ready; be prepared, you and all the hordes gathered about you, and take command of them. After many days you will be called to arms. In future years you will invade a Land that has recovered from war, whose people were gathered from many Nations to the Mountains of Israel, which had long been desolate. They had been brought out from the Nations, and now all of them live in safety. You and all your troops and the many nations with you will go up, advancing like a storm; you will be like a cloud covering the land.’ Since Israel will believe and accept the AntiChrist Personage that the Bible foretells will be coming, he will promise Israel total ‘Peace and Security’. Thus, there will be no need for Israel to be on high alert as it has been since its Independence in 1948.

On one hand, one can understand the longing for peace and normalcy the Israelites desire. But it will cost them their Soul. Israel also desperately seeks legitimacy, especially from the Arabs who are the custodians of Islam, and the Temple Mount, that is the Saudis. And with the newly found support of the Saudis, the construction of the 3rd Temple will be assured, without a fight. Since Israel will leave the military defense to the AntiChrist, its resources and funds will focus even more so on their technology and innovation that Israel is famous for. Israel will be the envy of the Nations. No wonder then that the coming AntiChrist will headquarter his New World Order from Israel?

The technology to surveil and ‘Mark’ every Human will come and be managed from Israel. With A.I., is it any wonder that the ‘Image’ that will be set up by the False Prophet will be given ‘breath’ to speak? This will be Lucifer’s Counterfeit Creation of YHVH’s Adam. Thus, Gog will seek to take such Technological Spoils also. It will be at this time that Gog, will miscalculate the appearance of Apathy and a weakened state of Israel’ Military Alertness, thus the Invasion by the Putin Prince. Putin is said by some estimates to be one of the richest Men on Earth.

He stands to lose a lot of revenue due to Israel’s newfound Wealth in Energy offshore and is cutting-in on Russia’s business with Europe. His cavalier Invasion by Russia and the Muslims will attempt to stop this. It will also help to funnel the Muslim ire as the Inner-Ring of Muslim Nations were humiliatingly defeated by Israel prior. They will seek to settle the score as well. In Ezekiel, the Bible vividly describes the horrific outcome of Putin’s invasion as 2/3’s of his Military Forces will be decimated, ‘on the Mountains of Israel’. It will take 7 Years for Israel to burn Putin’s Weapons that will be used for fuel by Israel and it will take 7 Months to bury all the Dead of Gog and his Cohorts.

Apparently, there is a factor of Radiation or some sort of Contaminant that will be present that needs to be cleaned-up when bones and/or fragments of machinery are found and tagged. It is rather interesting that with the advent of new Russian Supersonic Weaponry, this might very well fit the bill of details of the type of weapons to be harnessed after the Failed Invasion. YHVH will use this event to demonstrate to the Jews during the Tribulation Period that He alone is their ‘Shield and Defender’. It will not be their own ‘Prince come in Peace on a White Horse’.

It is YHVH that will protect Israel and will also show the Nations, that YHVH is GOD; not Allah or Buddha, Krishna, and especially, not the Antichrist whom the Religious Leaders of Israel will have put their faith and trust in. Why? To the Religious Jews, their notion of the Messiah figure is not one that dies and rides on a Donkey to turn the other cheek. To them, they want a ‘Lion’, a Geo-Political figure on a White Horse that will strike down the Enemies of Israel and set up Israel as the Head of the Nations, etc. What they do not realize is that Messiah is 1 person; Jesus with 2 advents, that of a ‘Lamb’ to be ‘cut off’ or die for the Sins of the World, but then to come as a Lion to execute Justice and Vengeance.

The Religious Jews want the 2nd one 1st but the issue is that in doing so, the Great Usurper, Lucifer will fill in the void, much like Gog will and has filled in the void. Putin now has a direct hand in World Politics concerning the Middle East. As it is, Putin is in Syria and there are now several Military Bases all over Syria. Specific to Ezekiel 38-39, Putin has forged a Military Alliance with Iran and was instrumental in saving the life of Erdogan of Turkey during the attempted Coup by Obama. It should be noted that this too is unprecedented as Turkey and Iran have been Russia’s Arch Enemies. There are Russian Soldiers now on the Israeli Northern Border in the Golan.

It will not take a major effort for Putin to bring down masses of troops from the Crimea or Caucuses, although that will occur, but that Gog is already at Israel’s doorstep. And this will all be possible due to the implementation of the Abraham Accords that will lead to such a scenario in one’s opinion. However, many are suggesting that the Abraham Accord is not technically a ‘Peace Deal’ or that it is not pertaining to the Danial 9:27 ‘Covenant’. Daniel 9:27 may not be a ‘Peace Deal’ as one knows it or understands it in modern terms, but it actually is or will be. Consider that the word Covenant actually means a ‘Deal’. For example, in Latin/Spanish, it is ‘Acuerdo’, which means, an Agreement, an ‘Accord’ or Deal.

Covenant, as it is known from the Old Testament, comes from Ancient Times and the practice of the Middle East. The word Covenant comes from and has a connotation of to ‘Cut’. It would be when 2 Parties involved coming together to make a ‘Deal’ or Agreement would ‘Cut a Sacrifice’. It would be either a Bull, Ram, or Goat cut in half and both Parties making the Deal. Both would walk up and down, hand in hand upon the Blood, down the middle of the 2 Cut Portions of the Sacrifices. They would recite the conditions of their Deal to Seal and Witness to it in Blood. It was a Blood Oath. This is what occurred with the true ‘Abraham Accord’ or Covenant YHVH made with Abraham.

The Prince that will Come
In that case it was unilateral as YHVH walked up-and-down the ‘Cut’ or Deal by Himself as He Proclaimed the Conditions of the ‘Deal’. And technically, the Trinity being involved, it was done with more than 1 Witness to validate it and ratify it unconditionally. Meaning that it can never be broken even if Abraham himself or his Descendants do not hold-up to their End or the Blood Oath. There are those also that believe that this Covenant with the Many will not be done in a worldwide fanfare but done in secret or not made public. Perhaps. But it would be hard to believe that one of the main causes or cause of the World always wanting to start World War 3 is the Middle East and the issue of Israel, at the core needing to make peace due to the Land issue.

So, any dealings would be center stage in one’s Geo-Political assessment. And with the modern notion of Social Media, video, hacking, it is bound to be leaked in some fashion perhaps if the ‘Covenant’ was to be done in ‘secret’. The ‘Many’ is not really known who they are specifically. Some point out that the ‘Many’ are the ‘Jews’ but that is for sure ½ of the Parties at stake. It is presumed that the Covenant is between the Jews already in mind as the Covenant deals with them and the Many are those that are associated with that ‘Deal’. It could be the 22 Arab States and even to include the European Union, Russia or even China as most Modern Treaties have such Supporters and/or as Witnesses. One would agree wholeheartedly that the strengthening or to ‘Sweeten the Deal’ will be the 3rd Temple and that is based on a war that will shortly break-out.

This will be among the Inner-Ring of Muslim Nations bordering Israel. Realize that to the Religious Jews, whomever gives the 3rd Temple authorization for them will be the Messiah. Consider that the Tribulation Period of that 70th Week of Years per Daniel is not initiated by the Rapture, nor the Covenant with the Many. It will be when that 1st Day of the Daily Sacrifices are made in the newly rebuilt 3rd Temple. That is when the ‘Stopwatch’ starts the 2520-Day Countdown and 1260-1260 sections, respectively. The Revelation 12 Sign events are to then literally be fulfilled at the 1260th Day. Thus, this study asserts that the Gog-Magog War will occur after the Covenant with the AntiChrist but before the 1260th Halfway Marker of the Tribulation Period. It will be at this point in time that the AntiChrist will solidify his Power once Putin, the Prince Gog of Magog’s Forces will be annihilated.

Thus, many do see that the Abraham Accord has laid the foundation and framework that will be in place to then have it be broken by the AntiChrist false Messiah of Israel at that 1260th day. As many an IDF Soldier has stated, Israel is always ‘at war, in-between wars’. The issue? The Land. Realize that the Covenant made by YHVH with Abraham that was over the Promised Land, is one in the same with what the AntiChrist to come will be centered on as well, the Promised Land. Even so, the Abraham Accord was agreed to because of the issue of the Land regarding the Palestinians. Although it was a backend and underlying factor of which both sides differ on what the other meant by it. The issue is that the Bible clearly teaches that the coming AntiChrist is said to deceive the entire world through ‘Peace’ and with all those amazing Supernatural Signs and Wonder to be seen. And these Signs, by the way will be required of the Jews as it will ‘Authenticate’ the false Messiah.

After the Rapture of the Bride of Christ from off the Earth, the AntiChrist will be revealed and fill in the void caused by the event worldwide. He will initially use the condition of the world to ‘strengthen’ the Accord that will involve the Many by that time, whomever they will be. And which at that time, it will be a ‘Peace Deal’. The guarantee of Peace to Israel made by the coming AntiChrist will be securing it. This will in turn lead to Israel fully trusting in this Figure because to them, he will be the long awaited Political, Military Leader on a ‘White Horse’ whom they will accept as their Messiah.

This, by the way, will correspond precisely to the 1st Seal Judgment that Jesus opens 1st after the Rapture. So, from that point on, no walled cities will exist in Israel and a false sense of ‘Peace and Security’ will prevail. This situation will be noticed by Putin and that will set up the coming Gog-Magog War 1 in which YHVH will once again directly interview in Time and Space to rescue Israel and demonstrate that YHVH alone is the GOD of Israel and Sovereign over all the Nations and Earth.


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