Is the Enochian Calendar more Reliable?

  • What is the Enoch Calendar and why the big controversy?
  • Why is this calendar 364 days and not a 365 day one?
  • When was this Enoch Calendar used and why not anymore?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Enoch, the 7th from Adam, also prophesied about them: Behold, the LORD is coming with myriads of His Holy Ones to execute Judgment on everyone, and to convict all the Ungodly of every ungodly Act of Wickedness and every Harsh Word spoken against Him by Ungodly Sinners.’ -Jude 1:14-15

The purpose of this study is to illustrate the Enoch Calendar as it is incorporated into the Astronomical and Western Calendar year cycle. The calendar will depict the incorporation of what the Bible says time is delineated with, the Sun, Moon and the Stars. The reason being that if one examines the construct of the Enochian Calendar, once could have a better sense of when the true day counts are to have taken place in any given year based on the Spring Equinox. This study seeks to possibly determine the better timing for when ‘Pentecost fully came’. And this theory is predicated on further hypotheses that Pentecost has a ‘Double-Count’ of an additional 50 days from the 49th-day of the Feast of Weeks. This to say that ‘Pentecost’ is not the Feast of Weeks.

And as it has been shown in the Scrolls of the Essenes, there are 3 Feast of Summer, for the most part that would help designate when true Pentecost was to have occurred. In what way? The 3 Feasts following the Spring Feast of YHVH, to start with Passover were 1) Feast of New Grains, then 2) Feast of New Wine, and then with 3) Feast of New Oil. Each were 50-days apart. The reason why these 3 Feasts become significant is that it lends credibility to the Double-Count Theory. Then it would corroborate with how on the day that ‘Pentecost had fully come’, coincided with the Feast of New Wine. This is on account that the Holy Spirit came down that day on the 120 Disciples in the Temple Precinct. Consider that in terms of Sacred Gematria of the 360-day circle, that day corresponded to the 120th degree and thus 120th-day count.

And this is another clue or confirmation of how Jesus gave the same clue about there being ‘4 Months and then the Harvest’. That is, 4 months x 30 days each is 120 days. Mere coincidence? No. What does all then suggest? Well, with all these hypotheses on top of the ones already made, is that if one is attempted to consider a more accurate calculation of Pentecost, when the Church Age began, will such a similar anniversary and day also commemorate its conclusion? And what year? This is an unknown but well worth considering, especially if one then overlaps the Enochian Calendar as an alternative day count. The illustration provided will be such that, an overlap of both the present modern Western Calendar along with the Enochian one incorporates the stations delineated by the Sun, Moon and the Stars, perhaps as YHVH had intended. And this in turn could suggest a more accurate calculation of the Feasts of YHVH.

Start Time?

There is much confusion. How does one determine then when the Enochian Calendar starts? There is even debate about this even within the Community that espouses the Enochian Calendar as being the long-lost and correct one. One camp believes that the 1st Day of the Enoch Calendar starts on the actual day of the Spring Equinox. The other camp believes that the 1st day of the 1st Month is determined by the Spring Equinox but based on the 1st New Moon from it. Nonetheless, there has been a resurgence of the Enoch Calendar. It is attributed to coming from Enoch. More interest came with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It was complemented by the Essenes Calendar, also based on the 364-day cycle pegged to the Solstices and Equinoxes. The reason one is investigating this possible true rendering of the calendar year is that the Essenes kept records or Scrolls that were purported to have been from the Zadok Priest clans.

What is significant about this is that they state that they were the true Guardians of Time, pertinent to determining the correct observances of the Moedim of YHVH. They were based in the Temple in Jerusalem and had custodial rights to the Sacrificial Ordinances and so on. They record that they were ousted by a conspiracy around the time of the incoming Roman conquest. The conspiracy came between the new Jewish Sects called the Pharisees and the Sadducees that took over the Temple and the Jewish Religion. The Essenes took all the Temple Scrolls and lived, up in the Qumran area in enclosed communities. But amazingly, it was not until 1947, the year Israel became a de facto Nation with the U.N. Partition Plan and the re-invention of Hebrew that the Scrolls were also re-discovered. Before then, the book of Enoch was relegated as a possible myth even though it is part of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Cannon.

And in fact, the translations came from it as it was discovered that such a book existed. After all, it was also quoted by the Apostles in the New Testament, among other ‘Lost Books’ that are mentioned also in the Old Testament. And the Enochian Calendar was 1 such item. In Genesis 1:14, YHVH makes the Luminaries in the Sky for such a purpose. The main purpose of them was to delineate Times and Seasons but also to know more precisely when were the ‘Appointed Times’ or Moedim/Feasts of YHVH. And if this was and is the case, then consider when did the counting of time really begin? Did it start on that Wednesday of Creation Week or from Day 1? As one can sense, this study is asking more questions than it will be providing possible answers.

Now there is much debate on this highly contested topic. The main knowledge of this type of calendar that is set to a 364-day year is primarily found in the books of Enoch and Jubilees. There is the argument that since the Creation of the Heavens and the Earth in Genesis up to the Flood of Noah, such a 364-day calendar was used. The supposition is that the Earth then was not as it is now. There were no ‘Seasons’ as the Earth did not wobble. It had a ‘canopy’ of sorts that watered the atmosphere. And it did not rain. As a result of the Barometric Pressure being different and the actual size of the Earth being smaller, the oxygen levels were different. It is 1 theory as to why humans and animals lived longer and were able to be taller. The Enoch Calendar is really construed after the degrees of a Circle, that being 360 degrees. And it thus follows the laws of Mathematics, Sacred Gematria and even Resonance or Frequency.

Delineating Time

The mystery of knowing how to properly delineate time is yet to be fully understood, at least as the ordinary Laity is concerned. And as how it worked but what is known and is key is that the Enochian Calendar was set to the Solstices and Equinoxes. This could only happen if the Earth is round or has a ‘globe’ shape. Then the other reason would be that the Earth tilts. This is how the 4 Seasons are construed as the wobble of the Earth does not pass beyond the 23.5-degree Latitude, North or South of the Equator. These days, 4 of them in which the Solstices and Equinoxes occur are thus the 4 additional days added to the 360-day degree calendar of time to make a total of 364 days or the Enochian Calendar. It is believed by some People that after the Flood of Noah, all such constant variables once experienced on Earth and in play were perturbed.

The key is that the Spring Equinox recalibrates the day counts as such celestial bodies are constants and place in the Heavens to precisely delineate time. This type of recalibration is seen with every ancient civilization that pegged its timing to such a cycle. They even constructed elaborate stone monuments like Stonehenge that kept tract of the Solstices and Equinoxes for such a purpose. As the ‘Flood Gates’ opened-up from the Heavens or sky and from the Earth below, the atmosphere of Earth changed and that ‘Canopy’ collapsed to have what is now the Atmosphere that borders on Space instead. And now a measure of Radiation of various types penetrates the barrier that then affects one’s DNA and has further accelerated the aging process, for example. Then with the degrees of Latitude, the protection of the human skin has led to its degree of pigmentation required and thus shades of color in the various races for example.

In terms of determining Times or ‘Ages’ and Seasons, the 4 Seasons actually started to occur after the Flood of Noah due to the Earth’s wobble. It is believed by some People that this discrepancy has now led to the Solar Year of 365 days. So, there is that 1 day discrepancy to still figure out based on the prior Enochian Calendar. And the question is asked, due to the cataclysmic changes that have occurred on Earth, is the Enochian Calendar still to be used? And if so, how is that incorporated and reconciled with the Solar Calendar presently used? So, for the year 2021, it is the 6th of the 7-year Sabbatical Cycle. The 7th year begin in the Fall of 2021 to end in Fall 2022. For this present year, it would thus appear that the more correct day of when ‘Pentecost full came’ would be June 19/20.

The following calculation is an approximation if, according to the Enoch Calendar, the spring Equinox is the 1st day of the 1st Month and thus year. For this year, this would mean that March 20 would have been the New Year. March 21 would have been the start of the new calendar year. And from that point, the 14th day to determine Passover would have been then March 3. Then to calculate Pentecost, one would start on the ‘day after the Sabbath’ from that Passover Week, which would be April 11. One would then count the 7 Sabbaths or 49 days that constitute the Feast of Weeks. This day would be May 30. Then counting 50 more days would be the Feast of New Wine or ‘Pentecost’ on July 19/20. Then 50 more days would be around October 7 for the Feast of New Oil and the Start of the Fall Feasts.

End of the Church Time?

As it is, for this current year, the Fall Feast occur before the Fall Equinox. This is evidence that the calendar is off because the Feast occur or are supposed to occur in the ‘Fall’, after the Equinox and they do not. They are technically still ‘Summer Feasts then’. If at least, one will get a sense of just how intricate but confusing is all these calendar coefficients and constructs are and yet to be fully understood by the Laity, at least. No doubt the Secret Societies and those that are in the know, the Powers-That-Be are well aware and know exactly that their ‘time is short’.

The ultimate hypothesis is thus that if the Church Age is to end on such a day, as it began, then such a ‘Time Zone’ is to be more intently examined. And this is if Christ Jesus elects to then Rapture the Bride of Christ during this 6th year of the Sabbatical Cycle or wait till the 7th, which as noted would be from Fall 2021 to Fall 2022. Regardless, one can sense that the end of the Church Age is fast approaching and the ‘Departure’ of the Believers of Jesus from off this ‘sinking’ World is but a year or so off, at the most based on these assertions.

So, to reiterate and summarize. The more one digs deeper, the more there is disagreement and contention about the Enoch Calendar. The main question, if one is using it is based on 2 interpretations of when the year starts, that is what is the 1st day of the 1st month. But with that, if one could know for sure, one could then pinpoint the Feasts of YHVH more accurately. Perhaps. One method of determining the 1st day is the one already discussed and from other’s studies.

The start of the year, using the Enochian or Essenes’ Calendar would be based on the Start of the Spring Equinox. But that determining the 1st month would be using the age-old Jewish method of sighting the Sliver of the 1st Month after the Spring Equinox. So, for the current year, all that calculated to the June 20 Summer Solstice Feast of Weeks ‘Pentecost’. But then if one incorporates the Double-Count Theory, as one has suggested that being an additional 50 days later, the true Pentecost would be around then August 8/9 as the Feast of New Wine.

It has been now brought to one’s attention that there were/are in fact 3 Feasts spanning most of the Summer that occurred after the Passover Spring Feasts. These are Feasts that have appeared to be ‘Lost’ and not really understood by the Church, perhaps on purpose. They are the Feasts of Weeks, or the 7 Sabbaths which is the 49 days. Then the 50 additional days that is then Pentecost and would be the 2nd Feast, that of New Wine. And from there, 50 more days that would be the Feast of New Oil just in time for the Fall Feasts, but after the Fall Equinox then.

 As it is, the current Rabbinical Calendar will have in the current year the ‘Fall Feasts’ occur before the Fall Equinox, which technically then are still ‘Summer Feast’ times. So, that is evidence that the current Jewish Calendar is off, and so are the Feast days then. Not good. Well, if one then uses the 2nd method, that others do argue about the Enoch Calendar in that one starts the 1st day of the 1st calendar month right after the Spring Equinox, then the following will occur based on the Enochian Calendar calculations.

-March 20 would have been the calibration of the Calendar. 

-March 21 would have been the start of the New Year Calendar. 

-The 14th day to determine Passover would have been then March 3. 

-Then to calculate Pentecost, one would start on the ‘day after the Sabbath’ from that Passover Week, which would have been on April 11. 

-One would then count the 7 Sabbaths or 49 days that constitutes the Feast of Weeks. This day would have been May 30. 

-Then counting 50 more days would be the Feast of New Wine or ‘Pentecost’ on July 19/20. This is if one subscribes to the Double Count Theory but that the 3 additional Feasts of Grain, Wine and Oil, in that order suggest.

-Then 50 more days would be around October 7 and in time for the Feast of New Oil and the Start of the Fall Feasts and after the Fall Equinox. 

So, based on this approximation and calculation, if one believes that in a given year, it could be the Rapture year, and this due to the fact that the Feast of New Wine is the actual Pentecost date and when the Church started that perhaps might end…assuming the current year is the possible year of the end of the Church Age, then a more precise High Rapture Watch Date would be around June 19/20. What is interesting is that this was the same date determined from last year’s calculations. It might be the case that this year is not the Rapture year, if one subscribes to the 7-year Sabbatical Cycle Theory as well. 

As one can sense, there are a lot of moving parts. All this remains to be seen, but the lockdowns are coming now for this next and last of the 3-step initiation worldwide Spell, the ‘3rd Wave’. The excuse this time around is against Science and the Papers published showing that Variants are less potent than the original virus. As it is, the COVID-19 Injections are not ‘programmed’ for any other type as in Europe, many are coming down with the Variants despite being ‘promised’ that the COVID-19 Injections are ‘Safe and Effective’. The idea is how if one makes a copy of a copy, the 50th copy will not be as clear nor crisp as the original. This is also the same principle of one’s very DNA. As it replicates each cell in one’s body, there a schedule of 7 days and 7 years, which is amazing. But with each ‘replication’ and replacement of the DNA Master Copy, it breaks down. This is called ‘Aging’.

So, the ‘Monster Variants’ are now going to be used as the excuse to Lockdown the World again, and it has started. The Politicians are lying as there is no ‘Science’ behind such an assertion. But the masses are not all the wiser to ask or know. If there is a Variant that is stronger than COVID-19, it is because it’s a totally Bio-Engineered one as COVID-19 has been now confirmed be through the emails of Fauci. And one would suspect that Variants have been all lined-up in a row to release, according to their timetable. It is truly Medical Martial Law in the coming COVID World Order.

Remember that by this coming timeline since the Winter of 2019, the 3rd Wave was predicted. It is about Culling, Contaminating and Controlling the masses from this point on. Their Reset is about to then be implemented. But this is why perhaps the culmination of the Church Age to occur with the Rapture, if it is this year would be just in time, according to how one calculates from the Enochian Calendar.

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