A Correlation of Year-To-Meaning Study 2022-2029

  • Is there a correlation between Strong's Numbers and Years?
  • Does a Year-to-Meaning study suggest the Year of the Rapture?
  • If so, what does the timeline 2022-2029 suggest is conveying?

by Luis B. Vega
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Eventually, just on the Law of Probability, one day, a proposed Rapture Date will coincide. Not one to judge any other’s predictions or calculations about the Rapture date, but it is unknowable. What is the difference between such and one like myself and/or that seeks to study the Rapture time sequence?

I for one, only suggest a possible ‘Season’ and do not go beyond Scripture and only what is given as pieces of the puzzle. But one can never say with 100% certainty. No one can. That is why is hesitated in even sharing this Dream about the 723 that could possibly be tied to the Rapture. It is the only time I have ever shared this, and do feel uncomfortable because in my boo, in doing so, then one has crossed over onto the ‘Wild Side’! Thanks Bob. But maybe sometimes a ‘walk on the wild side’ is needed? Nope. Lol Just to say to be careful of the teachings coming from that channel.

It is very interesting though as around this time of the Feast Cycles, the Watchers do start to pick-up on the prophetic type of Tu B’Av or the Jewish ‘Valentines Day’. And that it occurs on the Full Moon. Did not Gary or Jeff at Unsealed.org write-up that if and when the Rapture does take place, that it would be at a Full Moon? Well, as mentioned, the ‘dream’/vision did/does seem interesting and perhaps a prompting but maybe it is a dress rehearsal run-through or to suggest the Season or Time is near.

This time last year, precisely we had also discussed the Prophetic implications and types of the Minor Feast. It is a type of the Rapture, for sure… literally as the Maidens dancing in the Vineyards were ‘snatched’ away, etc. We’ll have to see what pans-out on the 23rd. The Feast does start on that 23rd Sunset, if one counts and goes by the Jewish day count. I read the article about Tu B’Av, the 15 of Av and how it officially starts the Grape Harvest to end on the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. It lends credence to how then ‘when Pentecost fully came’ was then the Feast of New Wine. So, I really like all the prophetic correlations as you mentioned.


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Defying Unlawful Order to Take the
Anthrax Injection

​Transcription by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this report is to reiterate the transcription of the Statement given and sworn by a US Marine, Lance Corporal Jared Schwartz. It was given on the occasion of his Sentencing Hearing after his Court Martial for refusing to take the Anthrax Vaccine in 1998. LCP Schwartz was the 1st Member of the US Military to be Court Martialed for refusing to take the Non-FDA Approved Experimental Anthrax Injection.

In light of the subsequent Order to Inoculate the entire US Military with a Parallel Poison of the new Non-FDA Approved COVID-19 Injections by the current round of Secretary of Defense and US President, it is a great example and reminder of how LCP Jared Schwartz exemplified who are really the Few, the Proud, the Marines.
He joined the Marines in hopes of serving his Country and become a Better Man. He joined when he was only 17 from Kentucky. He was stationed in 29 Palms in the Mojave Desert of California when the orders came down to have all deployable US Military Personnel be injected with the Experimental Anthrax Injection. This despite testimony and research from the US Pentagon that it had Adverse Reactions and would not be effective in countering any Airborne Anthrax Attack.

In reading the details of Schwartz’s Statement, it is evident that he did his research and the deeper he dug, the more corrupt things were discovered to be. He connected the dots in how the US Government made Corporate Business Deals with less than standard ‘Vaccine’ Manufacturers whose only motif was and is monetary profit. They could care less of the dead and damaged US Military Servicemen and Servicewomen.

He discovered that the Anthrax Injection was Experimental and not approved by the FDA. Furthermore, that the Injection had Severe Side Effects that would be passed-on to Offspring. And this was the case as many Couples suffered debilitating reproductive effects and birthed Children with Physical and Mental Defects. LCP Schwartz also discovered in his research that the Anthrax Injections had Squalene in them.

Squalene is a petroleum-based solvent that is toxic and should not be introduced into a human body. Yet, this is what is in not only the Anthrax Injections but the COVID-19 ones now as well. During the Court Martial Proceeding, LCP Schwartz's was not allowed to have his Defense Team present nor have any Witnesses. All his research and evidence was not admissible. He rather chose a Bad Conduct Discharge and Court Marshal so that his Statement could be part of the US Military Permanent Record for future generation to testify of his courage and resolve. Semper Fi.

He was sentenced to 30 Days in the Brig and a Dad Conduct Discharge. His story and Statement was featured in the Documentary entitled ‘Vaccine Syndrome’. It came out in January of 2017. It was produced by Oscar-Nominated Filmmaker Scott Miller. The film also mentions how Pharmaceutical Companies obtained Legal Immunity of any Injuries or Deaths resulting from vaccines thanks to bought-out Politicians in Congress. Or how former Secretaries of Defense enriched themselves with Stockholder Shares in such Bio-Tech Companies that produced the Anthrax Injections after leaving Office.

This is no different than what is occurring with COVID-19. It is the same Play Book but different Actors or Agents. Take Dr. Fauci for example. He banned the Treatment for COVID-19 with Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Over 510,000 lives of the 600,000 lost initially to the 1st wave of COVID could have been saved by this Treatment. Instead, right after the Emergency Use Authorization was given to rollout the COVID-19 Injections, a new drug, Remdesivir was only then allowed for COVID-19 Treatment. Coincidentally, it was Fauci who has his name to the Patent and Stocks.

This drug for Treatment only authorized in Hospitals has proven not only to be essentially useless but causes Kidney Failure. As to ‘Vaccines’ in the Military? The Civilian Population only has recourse to sue the Federal Government in a Special Vaccine Court. However, Military Personnel are prohibited from suing even this Court, being part of the National Vaccine Compensation Program. Ask, why is there such a need for a ‘Special Vaccine Court’ and a ‘National Vaccine Compensation Program’?

Sadly, the Anthrax Vaccination Program has not be withdrawn by either the Secretary of Defense or the Commander in Chief. Countless within the US Military are still being injected with this Toxic Poison as they now face another Experimental Lethal Injection, COVID-19 disguised as a ‘vaccine’. For the purposes of the transcription, certain portions will be emphasized by capitalization, numeration and/or punctuation.

Your Honor, having been found guilty of the offense of Disobeying a Lawful Order to take the Anthrax Vaccine, I stand before you willing to accept my Punishment. Before I do, I believe it is important that you find out who I am and why I chose to refuse what I still consider an Unlawful Order. I am now 20 years old and I grew up in Henderson, Kentucky. I chose to join the Marine Corps because it was the hardest challenge I knew of. And I thought it would help develop myself into a better person for the future.

I enlisted when I was 18 years old for a 5 Year Tour. I never thought I would not complete my full Tour. I was trained to be a Ground Radio Repairman, and first came to 29 Palms on January 30, 1998. After school, I was assigned to Combat Service Support Group-1, where I am still today. I have never had any Disciplinary Problems while I have been a Marine. Nor had I ever been in trouble before that. I was a Good Marine and the experiences were great. I have learned a lot while I have proudly and willingly served my Country. How then did I get into this situation?

I first found out that we were to receive the Anthrax Vaccine when I read a newspaper at home in December 1998. I was then involved in an NBC Course and started asking questions about the vaccine. I turned to the Internet as an initial source of information. I read about the problems of Gulf War Syndrome GWS and how the origin of the disease was a mystery. Eventually, I also learned that the Anthrax Vaccine was thought by some, including a Congressional Committee, to be a contributing cause of GWS.

I started to ask more questions. I was counseled by Master Chief Fernandez, but he was only able to tell me the little that he had been told. I was then sent to a Lt. Commander at the Regimental Aids Station. He could not guarantee that the vaccine would not have long-term health effects. I asked my XO to obtain information for me concerning the vaccine. He provided me with FDA Documents. Later, I learned of the many problems with the manufacturing process of the vaccine that were discovered at Michigan Biologic Products Institute.

I was shocked to find that the Government's own Studies revealed that the Adverse Reaction Rates were far greater than what the Manufacturer and the FDA had stated it should be. And no one seemed to care. I was troubled to learn that few Studies existed showing the Safety of the vaccine. No Studies at all examined the Long-Term Effects and absolutely no proof existed that it would even work against Inhalation Anthrax; the very threat we were allegedly facing.

I also learned that the Pentagon was providing us with Misleading Information concerning the past uses of the vaccine. It was never used routinely or regularly by anyone. These facts created a sense of distrust in me. It did not help that I was aware of the Military's history of conducting Medical Experiments on People without their Consent. I soon came to think that perhaps the Anthrax Vaccine could also be part of an Experiment. And I had no desire to become an Unwilling Participant.

In my opinion, the Pentagon has turned its backs on the Service Members it is supposed to protect. If the government was so concerned about Individual's Concerns, as it says, it would have examined many of the Concerns my Attorneys have expressed in my Court-Martial Proceedings. I do not believe there was any reason to set in place such a Massive Vaccine Program with so little Data to support it. This Trial has only led me to believe that Barriers to the Truth have been erected.

I am proud to have served as a Marine. It was never my intention to leave the Marines until my full Tour of Duty had been served. If necessary, I would gladly Die for My Country. At the same time I have been taught to stand by my beliefs, no matter the consequences. In my opinion, there is something significantly wrong with the vaccine.

The many problems surrounding the vaccine's Safety and Efficacy, as well as issues surrounding its necessity, led me to refuse the vaccine. I know that many Service Members, despite their beliefs, have decided not to refuse the vaccine because of their Seniority or Family Situations. I know my concerns are shared throughout the U.S. Military. In many ways, My Challenge was Their Challenge.

Your Honor, I stand before you today as an example, though perhaps not the one the Government wanted to create through an Anthrax Court-Martial. The Government wants to break our Morale, but it has not. I remain Defiant and firm in my Beliefs. While I respect the Authority of this Court, I still believe the Order to take the vaccine is Unlawful. I also believe that the Pentagon has placed Service Members who can offer positive contributions to the Security of the United States in a terrible situation.

On the one hand, it says, ‘the vaccine is for our own protection’ despite the many significant Safety Issues. On the other hand, we are not permitted to exercise our Constitutional and Individual Rights to control the Substances placed in our bodies. And when we try, we find ourselves being prosecuted alongside Drug Users, Thieves and Rapists. Thus, I find myself before you facing a Federal Criminal Prosecution for a Military Offense that, in my mind, is highly questionable.

This Court-Martial placed me in a terrible situation. Every defense we attempted to use in Court has been rejected. If I agreed to a Conditional Plea or received anything less than a Bad Conduct Discharge, I would be placed right back into the same situation as before this whole ordeal started several months ago. I would still be facing the prospects of taking the vaccine again when the next Shot Series started. And I will refuse again. No matter what, I will refuse.

Yet, when that time comes about, I will have already suffered the stigma of a Court-Martial, Brig Time and Reduction in Rank. I will have to face my Friends, Peers and Superior Officers knowing that I will again refuse the vaccine when ordered. I am not willing to wait for that time to come. I am not looking for sympathy, your Honor, nor am I looking to gain the Court's approval for my decision. I made this choice, and I will make it again. I will under no circumstances take the vaccine. That is why I respectfully request you grant me a Bad Conduct Discharge so that I may separate from the Marines forever.

The issues that my Attorneys argued before this Court are ones that must be heard. The Safety, Efficacy and Necessity of this vaccine must be challenged. And Evidence concerning the Possible Illegal Modification of the vaccine with Squalene must be heard in a Public forum. While I respect the Court's decisions, I disagree with them. Although it has been an honor to serve with the Marines in CSSG-1 and at 29 Palms, I have lost respect for the Armed Services.

More importantly, I believe the arguments that have been raised during the last week must go forward to a Higher Court as soon as possible. By my requesting a Bad Conduct Discharge, an Appeal is guaranteed. The Record that has been created in my case must be preserved. This case is bigger than just myself. I stand here today representing every Member of the Service who wishes to challenge the Anthrax Vaccine Program, and if my actions may lead to a change in what has been deemed, a Decision of Policy then my Personal Sacrifice will have been worth it.

I want to thank GOD, my Family and my Friends for the strength and support they provided to me throughout this ordeal.

Thank you.

Lance Corporal Jared Schwartz
U.S. Marine Corps
June 1999


LCP Schwartz's Statement is a matter of Public Record, an Un-Sealed Court Document. It has been released multiple times, world-wide as a Press Release for republication. Un-Sealed Court Documents are legally in the Public Domain.

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